Books About Anti-Racism and Marginalized Voices

A selection of books and audiobooks on anti-racism and marginalized voices from the Springfield City Library.

This is a list of anti-racism books held at the Springfield City Library as of June 27, 2020, with links to our catalog.

Those books available as electronic items (eBooks and eAudiobooks) in Hoopla have links as well.

We also have an extensive curated collection of electronic items (eBooks and eAudiobooks) available on Overdrive and through the Libby app.

Here are some top choices, alphabetical by author, with a more extensive list below.

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (2011) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

El color de la justicia: la nueva segregación racial en Estados Unidos por Michelle Alexander (2017) (también en Hoopla como audiolibro electrónico)

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin (1963)

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2015)

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin J. DeAngelo (2018)

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge (2017)

Policing Black Bodies: How Black Lives Are Surveilled and How to Work for Change by Angela Hattery and Earl Smith (2018)

Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot by Mikki Kendall (2020)

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi (2019)

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi (2016) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele (2018) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde (1984) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Monique W. Morris (2018) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo (2018) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds (2020)

Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla F. Saad (2020) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks about Race by Jesmyn Ward, editor (2016)

Charleston Syllabus: Readings on Race, Racism, and Racial Violence by Chad Louis Williams, Kidada E. Williams, and Keisha N. Blain (2016)



Black Lotus: A Woman’s Search for Racial Identity by Sil Lai Abrams (2016)

Cuz: Or, the Life and Times of Michael A. by Danielle S. Allen (2017)

We Are Not Yet Equal: Understanding Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson and Tonya Bolden (2018)

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou (1969)

Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldua (1987)

Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting in America by Nefertiti Austin (2019) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

Malaya: Essays on Freedom by Cinelle Barnes (2019)

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable by Michael Bennett and Dave Zirin (2018) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

Black is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine by Emily Bernard (2019)

A Black Women’s History of the United States by Daina Ramey Berry and Kali N. Gross (2020)

Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon (2008)

Black Detroit: A People’s History of Self-Determination by Herb Boyd (2017)

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics by Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry, Minyon Moore, and Veronica Chambers (2018) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown (2018)

The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me by Keah Brown (2019)

The Heritage: Black Athletes, A Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism by Howard Bryant (2018)

Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women by Susan Burton and Cari Lynn (2017) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Chokehold: Policing Black Men by Paul Butler (2017) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

This Stops Today: Eric Garner’s Mother Seeks Justice After Losing Her Son by Gwen Carr and Dave Smitherman (2018) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements by Charlene A. Carruthers (2018)

We Gon’ Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation by Jeff Chang (2016)

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2017)

Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower by Brittney C. Cooper (2018) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education by Jennine Capo Crucet (2019)

Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom, Tressie McMillan (2019) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

A Drop of Midnight: A Memoir by Jason Timbuktu Diakite (2020)

Ordinary Girls: A Memoir by Jaquira Diaz (2019) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

“All the Real Indians Died Off”: And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker (2016) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson (2016) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson (2017)

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer L. Eberhardt (2019)

How to Make White People Laugh by Negin Farsad (2016)

How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide by Crystal M. Fleming (2018)

Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin (2017)

Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2019)

Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay (2014) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay (2017) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Inherently Unequal: The Betrayal of Equal Rights by the Supreme Court, 1865-1903 by Lawrence Goldstone (2011)

On Account of Race: The Supreme Court, White Supremacy, and the Ravaging of African American Voting Rights by Lawrence Goldstone (2020) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Conversations in Black: On Power, Politics, and Leadership by Ed Gordon (2020)

In the Country We Love: My Family Divided by Diane Guerrero and Michelle Burford (2016)

En el país que amamos: mi familia dividida por Diane Guerrero y Michelle Burford (2016)

The Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer: To Tell it Like It Is by Fannie Lou Hamer (2011)

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Melissa V. Harris-Perry (2011) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

A Colony in a Nation by Chris Hayes 2017

A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir by Daisy Hernandez (2017)

Children of the Land by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo (2020) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing: The Incarceration of African American Women from Harriet Tubman to Sandra Bland by DaMaris B. Hill (2019)

Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond by Marc Lamont Hill (2016) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton and Lara Love Hardin (2018)

Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong (2020)

The Black and the Blue: A Cop Reveals the Crimes, Racism, and Injustice in America’s Law Enforcement by Matthew Horace and Ron Harris (2018)

Making Our Way Home: The Great Migration and the Black American Dream [graphic novel] written by Blair Imani and illustrated by Rachelle Baker (2020)

Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving (2014) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

We Too Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Sikh Immigrants Shape our Multiracial Future by Deepa Iyer (2015) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family by Mitchell S. Jackson (2019)

This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins (2018) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets by Feminista Jones (2019)

How We Fight for Our Lives: A Memoir by Saeed Jones (2019)

Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives by Kaolin (2010)

Black Indians: A Heritage by William Loren Katz (2012) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Whiter: Asian American Women on Skin Color and Colorism by Nikki Khanna (2020)

Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time by James William Kilgore (2015) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

Heavy: An American Memoir by Kiese Laymon (2018)

The Making of Asian America: A History by Erika Lee (2015)

My Sister: How One Sibling’s Transition Changed Us Both by Selenis Leyva, Marizol Leyva, and Emily Chammah (2020)

The Turtle’s Beating Heart: One Family’s Story of Lenape Survival by Denise Low (2017)

The War on Neighborhoods: Policing, Prison, and Punishment in a Divided City by Ryan Lugalia-Hollon and Daniel Cooper (2018)

Real American: a Memoir by Julie Lythcott-Haims (2017) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance—A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power by Danielle L. McGuire (2010)

Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown by Lezley McSpadden and Lyah Beth LeFlore (2016) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem (2017)

My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children by Denene Millner (2017)

Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me by Janet Mock (2017)

Latinas and Latinos on TV: Colorblind Comedy in the Post-racial Network Era by Isabel Molina-Guzman (2018)

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore (2011)

Brown, White, Black: An American Family at the Intersection of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion by Mehra Nishta (2019) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama (1995)

Becoming by Michelle Obama (2018)

An African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz (2018)

Breathe: A Letter to My Sons by Imani Perry (2019)

Excessive Use of Force: A Mother’s Continuing Fight Against Police Misconduct by Loretta P. Prater (2018)

Invisible No More: Police Violence against Black Women and Women of Color by Andrea J. Ritchie (2017)

You Can’t Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have to Explain by Phoebe Robinson (2016)

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein (2017)

Barrio America: How Latino Immigrants Saved the American City by A.K. Sandoval-Strausz (2019)

Not Quite Not White: Losing and Finding Race in America by Sharmila Sen (2018)

Toxic Inequality: How America’s Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, & Threatens Our Future by Thomas M. Shaprio (2017) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America by Nikesh Shukla and Chimene Suleyman, editors (2019)

Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man’s Education by Mychal Denzel Smith (2016)

All Eyes Are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn by Jason Sokol (2014)

How We Fight White Supremacy: A Field Guide to Black Resistance by Akiba Solomon and Kenrya Rankin (2019)

Handcuffed: What Holds Policing Back, and the Keys to Reform by Malcolm K. Sparrow (2016) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

To Protect and Serve: How to Fix America’s Police by Norm Stamper (2016)

Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia by Sabrina Strings (2019) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

I Can’t Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street by Matt Taibbi (2017)

Can We Talk About Race?: And Other Conversations in an Era of School Resegregation by Beverly Daniel Tatum (2007)

Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (2019) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (2017) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

Black Fathers: A Call for Healing by Kristin Clark Taylor (2003)

A More Beautiful and Terrible History: The Uses and Misuses of Civil Rights History by Jeanne Theoharis (2018)

We Matter: Athletes and Activism by Etan Thomas (2018) (also on Hoopla as eBook)

The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism by Jemar Tisby (2019) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee: Native America from 1890 to the Present by David Treuer (2019)

Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life by David Treuer (2012) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

The Good the Bad and the Blue by M. Triplett and H. Triplett (2018)

Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor’s Reflections on Race and Medicine by Damon Tweedy (2015)

America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America by Jim Wallis (2016)

Men We Reaped: A Memoir by Jesmyn Ward (2013)

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Washington (2006) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

A Terrible Thing to Waste: Environmental Racism and Its Assault on the American Mind by Harriet A. Washington (2019)

Under Our Skin: Getting Real about Race – And Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations that Divide Us by Benjamin Watson (2015) (also on Hoopla as eBook and eAudiobook)

Well-read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves: An Anthology by Glory Edim, editor (2018)

The autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley (1965)

Our Black Sons Matter: Mothers Talk about Fears, Sorrows, and Hopes by George Yancy, Maria del Gaudalupe Davidson, and Susan Joan Hadley, editors (2016)

The Souls of Yellow Folk: Essays by Wesley Yang (2018) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker: A Memoir in Essays by Damon Young (2019) (also on Hoopla as eAudiobook)

Statement on Racial Justice

Statement from the Library Director and the Springfield Library Commission on Racial Justice

June 5, 2020

On behalf of the Springfield Library Commission and the Library Administration, we are writing to share our personal sense of heartbreak and devastation at the events surrounding the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis. And we join you and the Springfield Community in your grief and justified anger. As we witness repeated episodes of violence and killings perpetrated against our Black Community by rogue police officers, it is impossible not to experience a deep sense of outrage, disbelief and grief. We honor the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others. We are reaching out to you to share the grief and anger that we know you also feel, but also to reaffirm our common resolve. Both as private citizens and as members of this great institution, we must all do what we can to ensure that we foster a culture of inclusion, equity, and respect for one another. We promise to keep our resolve and strengthen our combined efforts against systemic racism until we can all see that this time justice will prevail and endure. We need to look to each other for strength and hope, and recommit ourselves to our shared goals of making the world a better place for all, especially black and brown people. Now is the time for us to come together as we serve together. Our work has never been more critical. Our concern for each other has never been more important.

We saw a young woman at a recent protest holding a sign with a quote from Angela Davis. It reads, “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept” This quote is a perfect nest of powerful words to reflect about George Floyd’s death and a call to justice. These words beg people and organizations to change this unacceptable and systemic racism.

The Springfield Library Commission cherishes the work that library staff perform to address literacy challenges, the digital divide, to provide a place where everyone can share ideas and gain knowledge. We believe the incredible mission of the Springfield City Library serves as a powerful force to counter many inequities including racism.

The Springfield City Library is proud to have signed the Urban Library Council’s Statement on Race and Social Equity through which we, along with 167 other Urban Libraries have steadfastly committed to:

  • Eliminating racial and social equity barriers in library programs, services, policies and practices.
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity , inclusion and respect both in our library system and in all aspects of our community role.
  • Ensuring that we are reaching and engaging disenfranchised people in the community and helping them express their voice.
  • Serving as a convener and facilitator of conversations and partnerships to address community challenges.
  • Being forthright on tough issues that are important to our communities.

It is our collective responsibility to examine what we are doing now in light of our commitments that we signed onto, to reevaluate our services and internal culture and to constantly improve and stand with our communities of color.

In the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


Stephen Cary: Chair, Springfield Library Commission

Molly Fogarty: Library Director

Molly Fogarty, Director
Springfield City Library – All Yours, Just Ask
220 State St.
Springfield, MA 01103
413-263-6828 ext. 290

Stephen Cary

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup of materials available at all Springfield City Library locations.

NEW – Sundays added only at Central Library starting November 1!

(En español.)

We miss you! And although we can’t open our doors just yet, we want you to safely get the library items you want. Beginning Monday, June 8, we’ll start curbside pickup. Our contactless curbside pickup is as easy as A, B, C!

Curbside Procedure
A. Request items you’d like to borrow. (See methods to request below.)

B. We’ll let you know when the items are ready for pickup, and schedule an appointment with you to get them.

C. When it’s your turn to pick up your items, follow the signs at your library, call the number provided, and we’ll bring your items out for you to pick up.

You can use one of the following to reserve books, movies, video games, and music, as well as Summer Reading Club materials (only one method is necessary):

  • Our online catalog
  • The CW/MARS app for mobile (Android or iPhone)
  • Call us for library staff help (we are happy to make recommendations!)
  • An online form (below)

Please review the following information:

  • You may only book a pickup appointment after receiving a notice from the Library that your items are ready. Staff will assist you with this service.
  • Our employees wear face masks for everyone’s safety. We require that all of our patrons also wear face masks while they come for curbside pickup.
  • For the safety of our staff and patrons, we will not be opening our doors for any reason. If you need help, please call us at the number on the sign outside the location you are visiting.
  • Please follow the instructions on the signs outside the library: remain in your car until signaled to approach the materials transfer table and do not approach staff while they are outside.
  • Items such as puzzles, puppets, and kits are not available at this time.
  • We are ONLY accepting returns in our drop boxes, NOT at the pickup table. Items are being quarantined for 4 days before being checked in. If you are concerned about the check-in status of an item, please call us.
  • Please note that fines will be waived during this pandemic time – if you have accrued fines, please call us to adjust.

We also can print some documents for you for curbside pickup. Contact your nearest branch by phone or email for details.

Call-In and Appointment Times for Curbside Orders
LOCATIONSCall to Place
Curbside Orders
Appointments to
Pick Up Curbside
220 State Street Springfield MA 01103
9 a.m. -3 p.m.

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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
East Forest Park
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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
East Springfield
21 Osborne Terrace Springfield MA 01104
9 a.m. -3 p.m.
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Forest Park
380 Belmont Avenue Springfield MA 01108
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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Indian Orchard
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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Library Express
at Pine Point

204 Boston Road Springfield MA 01109
Mon, Wed, Fri
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Mon, Fri
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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Mason Square
765 State Street Springfield MA 01109
9 a.m. -3 p.m.
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2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sixteen Acres
1187 Parker Street Springfield MA 01129
9 a.m. -3 p.m.
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Resources for Adults During Coronavirus Closures

Links and information about resources for adults during this period of Coronavirus closures and service changes.

Emergency Resources / Recursos de Emergencia
Addiction / Adicción
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Addiction CampusesInforms people about the seriousness of addiction in our community and provides any information they might need to get help.Informa a las personas sobre la gravedad de la adicción en nuestra comunidad y proporciona cualquier información que puedan necesitar para obtener ayuda.
Alcoholics AnonymousWestern MA AA Online Meeting ListLista de Reuniones Semanales AA de Massachusetts Occidental
Cocaine AnonymousOffers online support and services.Ofrece apoyo y servicios en línea.
Gandara CenterA list of residential recovery homes.Una lista de casas de recuperación residenciales.
The Massachusetts Substance Use HelplineThe Helpline is the only statewide, public resource for finding substance use treatment and recovery services. Helpline services are free and confidential. Our caring, trained Specialists will help you understand the treatment system and your options.The Helpline es el único recurso público en todo el estado, que puede encontrar tratamiento para personas que sufren abuso de sustancias. Los servicios de la línea de ayuda son gratuitos y confidenciales. Nuestros especialistas capacitados y atentos lo ayudarán a comprender el sistema de tratamiento y sus opciones.
Narcotics AnonymousNarcotics Anonymous is a 12 Step Recovery Program helping addicts find recovery from the disease of addiction. Originally based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, they have broadened their approach from alcohol to the disease of addiction to obsession and compulsion. This is a spiritual, not religious, program.

Phone meetings: or Online meetings:
Narcóticos Anónimos es un programa de recuperación de 12 pasos que ayuda a los adictos a recuperarse de la enfermedad de la adicción. Originalmente basado en los 12 Pasos y las 12 Tradiciones de Alcohólicos Anónimos, han ampliado su enfoque del alcohol a la enfermedad de la adicción a la obsesión y la compulsión. Este es un programa espiritual, no religioso.

Reuniones telefónicas: o reuniones en línea:
Nicotine AnonymousOnline and telephone meetings available.Se ofrecen reuniones en línea y por teléfono.
Phoenix HouseProvides residential substance use disorder treatment for men and women. Clients receive drug or alcohol addiction treatment – including treatment for co-occurring mental health needs – in a highly structured setting where they can develop the social and emotional capital required to live positive and independent, drug-free lives.Esta organización brinda tratamiento residencial para hombres y mujeres que sufren abuso de sustancias. Los clientes reciben tratamiento de adicción a las drogas o al alcohol - incluyendo tratamiento para necesidades de enfermedades mental - en un entorno altamente estructurado donde puedan desarrollarse el capital social y emocional requerido para vivir una vida independiente, positiva, y libre de drogas.
Recovery SpeakersListen to recovery speakers from many different 12 step groups.Escuche a los oradores de recuperación de muchos grupos diferentes de 12 pasos.
Sober MommiesOnline support group for moms in recovery.Grupo de apoyo en línea para madres en recuperación.
Sunshine Behavioral HealthA list of telehealth and mental health resources that address addiction recovery. Use this resource to find helplines, online groups, phone applications, and references.Una lista de recursos de telesalud y salud mental que abordan la recuperación de adicciones. Use este recurso para buscar líneas de ayuda, grupos en línea, aplicaciones telefónicas y referencias.
Women for SobrietyHelps women gain hope and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances.Ayuda a las mujeres a ganar esperanza y aliento con otras mujeres en circunstancias similares.
Businesses / Los Negocios
OrganizationEnglish InformationSpanish Information
Disaster Loan AssistanceThe U.S. Small Business Administration is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital for small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Hampden County has been identified as an eligible region.La Administración de Pequeñas Empresas de EE. UU. Ofrece préstamos federales por desastre a bajo interés para capital de trabajo para pequeñas empresas que sufren daños económicos sustanciales como resultado del Coronavirus (Covid-19). El condado de Hampden ha sido identificado como una región elegible.
Small Business Recovery Loan FundA loan fund of $10 million has been created to provide financial relief to Massachusetts businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will receive and process all applications for this fund.Se ha creado un fondo de préstamos de $ 10 millones para proporcionar ayuda financiera a las empresas de Massachusetts que han sido afectadas por COVID-19. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) recibirá y procesará todas las solicitudes para este fondo.
Careers & Employment/ Carreras y Empleo
Organization English Information Spanish Information
MassHire Springfield Career Center and YouthWorks Assists youth and adults in finding jobs and building their skill sets to meet the needs of local businesses. Jobseekers, advance your job search and career through job listings and through workshops and career training options. Business owners, MassHire works as your workforce partner to help you with recruitment, hiring, and retention.
Ayuda a jóvenes y adultos a encontrar trabajo y desarrollar sus habilidades para satisfacer las necesidades de las empresas locales. Solicitantes de empleo, avance su búsqueda de empleo y carrera a través de listados de trabajo y a través de talleres y opciones de capacitación profesional. Propietarios de negocios, MassHire trabaja como su socio laboral para ayudarlo con el reclutamiento, la contratación y la retención.
Tech FoundryDo you want to break into the Information Technology (IT) field? Tech Foundry, a non-profit technical school based in Springfield, offers a free, 16-week training program to get you ready for an entry-level IT position. The fall training session is already under way, but applications will be accepted again in October for the spring round of training.

¿Quiere incursionar en el campo de las tecnologías de la información (TI)? Tech Foundry, una escuela técnica sin fines de lucro con sede en Springfield, ofrece un programa de capacitación gratuito de 16 semanas para prepararlo para un puesto de TI de nivel de entrada. La sesión de capacitación de otoño ya está en marcha, pero se aceptarán solicitudes nuevamente en octubre para la ronda de capacitación de primavera.
Tradeswoman TuesdayLearn about careers in in the trades from tradeswomen who are doing it.Aprenda sobre las carreras en los oficios de las mujeres comerciantes que lo están haciendo.
Clothing / Ropa
OrganizationEnglish Information Spanish Information
Essential Thrift StoreDistributes clothes, shoes and toilet articles to those in need. Open  Monday-Friday 9 A.M.-12 P.M. Operated by Friends of the Homeless in partnership with Bay Path University.Distribuye ropa, zapatos y artículos de tocador a todos aquellos que lo necesitan. Abierto de  Lunes a Viernes de 9 A.M. a 12 P.M.  Operado por Friends of the Homeless en colaboración con la Universidad de Bay Path.
Community Meals / Comidas Comunitarias
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Christ Church Cathedral
Lunch 12-1 P.M. and Dinner 5-6 P.M
35 Chestnut Street

Almuerzo 12-1 P.M. y Cena 5-6 P.M
35 Chestnut Street
Clinical Support Options (Friends of the Homeless) Daily: 
Breakfast - 8-9 a.m.
Lunch 12-1 p.m.
Dinner 4:30- 5:30 pm.
755 Worthington Street
Desayuno - 8-9 a.m.
Almuerzo - 12-1 p.m.
Cena - 4: 30- 5:30 pm.
755 Worthington Street
The Community Survival Center Food PantryAt 240 Main Street, Indian Orchard will be open  Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9 A.M. –3 PM and Thursday 9 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.  They serve Ludlow, Wilbraham, Hampden, Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard and Pine Point. Please contact (413) 543-3930.Esta despensa de alimentos está en 240 Main Street, Indian Orchard estará abierto los  Lunes, Martes y Viernes de 9 A.M. a 3 P.M. y los Jueves de 9 A.M. a 4:30 P.M.  Sirven a Ludlow, Wilbraham, Hampden, Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard y Pine Point. Comuníquese con (413) 543-3930.

The Food Bank's Emergency Feeding Program Network
Find a food pantry or free meal during Covid-19 crisis.Encuentre una despensa de alimentos o comida gratis durante la crisis de Covid-19.
The Gray House Food PantryAt 22 Sheldon Street, Springfield will be open  Thursdays, 9 AM-12 PM; 2nd & 4th Friday of the month from 4 PM-6 PM (ID, proof of income and address needed-intake form to complete).  Please contact (413) 734-669

Click here for information about the Grab and Go Lunch program for Seniors.
Esta despensa de alimentos está en 240 Main Street, 22 Sheldon Street, Springfield y estará abierta los  Jueves, de 9 A.M. a 12 P.M.; y el segundo y cuarto Viernes del mes de 4 P.M. a 6 P.M. (Identificación, comprobante de ingresos y dirección del formulario de ingreso necesario para completar).  Por favor, póngase en contacto con (413) 734-669.

Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre el programa Grab and Go Lunch para personas mayores.
Lorraine’s Soup KitchenIn efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 Lorraine’s Kitchen will not serve dinner inside their dining room area. They will be providing “To Go Meals” at the door. Pantry intake will take place at the door and a Lorraine’s staff member will deliver groceries to you at the door. En los esfuerzos por frenar la difusión de COVID-19 Lorraine's Kitchen no servirá la cena dentro de su comedor. Estarán proporcionando "To Go Meals" en la puerta. La entrada de la dispensa se realizada en la puerta y un miembro del personal de Lorraine’s le entregará comestibles en la puerta.
MLK Food PantryThe MLK Food Pantry is on 3 Rutland Street in Springfield and it will be open on  Thursdays from 6 A.M. – 11 A.M.  Please contact (413) 746-3655.La despensa de alimentos MLK está en 3 Rutland Street en Springfield y estará abierta los  Jueves de 6 A.M. a 11 A.M.  Por favor contacte al (413) 746-3655.
Open PantryCurrently providing take-out meals at our Loaves & Fishes Kitchen at  noon and 5 P.M  They are also providing groceries at their Emergency Food Pantry from  9 A.M. -3 P.M. (M, T, W and F)  with a limited number of people allowed into the pantry at one time. If you have any questions please call at (413) 737-5354.
Actualmente ofrece comidas para llevar en nuestra Cocina Loaves & Fishes al  mediodía y a las 5 P.M.   También están proporcionando comestibles en su despensa de alimentos de emergencia de  9 A.M.- 3 P.M. (Lunes, Martes, Miércoles y Viernes) con un número limitado de personas permitidas en la despensa a la vez. Si tiene alguna pregunta, llámenos al (413) 737-5354.
The Salvation Army Emergency Food PantryAt 170 Pearl Street in Springfield. This pantry will be open  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 A.M. - Noon.  Please call (413) 733-1518.En 170 Pearl Street en Springfield. Esta despensa estará abierta los  Martes, Miércoles y Jueves de 9 A.M. al mediodía. Por favor llame al (413) 733-1518.
South Congregational Church Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 
 Lunch 12-1 p.m. and Dinner 5-6 p.m. 
45 Maple Street
 Lunes, Martes, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado 
 Almuerzo 12-1 p.m. y Cena 5-6 p.m. 
45 Maple Street
Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church Sunday 
 Lunch 1-2 P.M. and Dinner 5-6 P.M 
797 State Street
 Almuerzo 1-2 P.M. y Cena 5-6 P.M. 
797 State Street
Covid-19 Information / Información Sobre Covid-19
OrganizationEnglish Information Spanish Information
Centers for Disease Control & PreventionHandouts in various languages.Folletos en varios idiomas.
Covid-19 Printable Fact SheetsMaterials related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Available in various languages.Materiales relacionados con la enfermedad por coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Disponible en varios idiomas.
Masshealth and Covid-19Guidance for patients and applicants, including info for those lacking insurance; note that Connector enrollment has been reopened through April 25.Orientación para pacientes y solicitantes, incluida información para quienes carecen de seguro; tenga en cuenta que la inscripción de Conector se ha reabierto hasta el 25 de Abril.
Switchboard Roundup of Multilingual ResourcesThis blog post contains fact sheets, posters, multimedia resources, and links to live updates in multiple languages about COVID-19, its symptoms, and how to prevent it; and about handwashing.Esta publicación contiene hojas informativas, carteles, recursos multimedia y enlaces a actualizaciones en vivo en varios idiomas sobre COVID-19, sus síntomas y cómo prevenirlo; y sobre el lavado de manos.
Domestic Violence / La Violencia Doméstica
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Harassment Prevention

Request a restraining order. Solicitar una orden de restricción.
Springfield Police Department Emergency Number911
Police Department Domestic Violence Coordinator413-735-1519
Police Department Domestic Violence Advocate413-735-1520
Domestic Violence Shelter ServicesYWCA ARCH
(Abuse & Rape Crisis Hotline), Springfield: 413-733-7100
(Línea directa de crisis de abuso y violación) , Springfield: 413-733-7100
The National Domestic Violence Hotline800-799-7233
National Sexual Assault HotlinePlease call all 800-656-HOPE (4673) to connect with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area that offers access to a range of free services. Crisis chat support is available at Online Hotline. Free help, 24/7.Llame al 800-656-HOPE (4673) para comunicarse con un miembro del personal capacitado de un proveedor de servicios de agresión sexual en su área que ofrezca acceso a una gama de servicios gratuitos. El soporte de chat de crisis está disponible en la línea directa en línea.
Womenshelter CompanerasHolyoke
As of Friday, March 13, 2020 anyone who wishes to access domestic violence services will first need to call our emergency hotline number at 413-536-1628. A domestic violence Advocate will be available by phone to conduct an intake assessment and determine the next steps for services.
A partir de Viernes 13, de Marzo de 2020, cualquier persona que desee acceder a los servicios de violencia doméstica primero deberá llamar a nuestra línea directa de emergencias al 413-536-1628. Un defensor de violencia doméstica estará disponible por teléfono para realizar una evaluación de admisión y determinar los próximos pasos para los servicios.
Emergency Assistance / Asistencia de Emergencia
Organization English Information Spanish Information

Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)
Eating fruits and vegetables each day is important for your health. The Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) helps you buy more fruits and vegetables for your household. Comer frutas y verduras todos los días es importante para su salud. El Programa de Incentivos Saludables (HIP) lo ayuda a comprar más frutas y verduras para su hogar.

Springfield Partners for Community Action
Staff are committed to the community and want to be able to help if they can, which would include referring you to local community resources. They will be available by phone at 413-263-6500 x6500 or x6501.El personal está comprometido con la comunidad y quiere ser capaz de ayudar si puede, lo que incluiría referirse a los recursos de la comunidad local. Estarán disponibles por teléfono al 413-263-6500 x6500 o x6501.
ThriveThrive, a program of United Way of Pioneer Valley, provides one-to-one free and confidential financial coaching. Our highly trained financial coaches work with clients by appointment on a monthly basis and help them identify financial goals and take the necessary steps toward financial wellness. All services at Thrive are free and confidential.Thrive, un programa de United Way of Pioneer Valley, proporciona asesoramiento financiero gratuito y confidencial de uno a uno. Nuestros entrenadores financieros altamente capacitados trabajan con los clientes con cita mensual y les ayudan a identificar objetivos financieros y tomar a tomar los pasos necesarios hacia el bienestar financiero. Todos los servicios de Thrive son gratuitos y confidenciales.
Mass 2-1-1A free referral hotline providing access to services such as emergency assistance and real-time COVID-19 information.Una línea directa gratuita de referencia que proporciona acceso a servicios como asistencia de emergencia e información COVID-19 en tiempo real.
Western Massachusetts Community Mutual Aid NetworkWestern Massachusetts Community Mutual Aid Network helps Western Massachusetts residents connect to each other to provide direct assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We provide:

- Support network of local residents requesting and offering aid

- Neighborhood pods: local text groups for support

If you are in need, please add your information directly to the spreadsheet found on our website. If you would like to remain anonymous, please email us instead, or have a friend put in the request for you. If you can offer any assistance to the community, please add those offerings the same way.
La Red de Ayuda Mutua de la Comunidad del Oeste de Massachusetts ayuda a los residentes del oeste de Massachusetts a conectarse entre sí para proporcionar asistencia directa durante el brote de COVID-19.


- Red de apoyo de residentes locales que solicitan y ofrecen ayuda.

- Grupos de vecinos: grupos de texto locales para apoyo

Si lo necesita, agregue su información directamente a la hoja de cálculo que se encuentra en nuestra página de red. Si desea permanecer en el anonimato, envíenos un correo electrónico o solicite a un amigo que lo solicite. Si puede ofrecer asistencia a la comunidad, agregue esas ofertas de la misma manera.
Health / La Salud
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Behavioral Health Network 24/7 Crisis Services 413-733-6661

Or walk-in to 417 Liberty Street, Entrance B

O entrar a 417 Liberty Street, entrada B
Caring Health CenterProvides primary, preventive care, and dental. Help with WIC, medication, refugee services and more, for children and adults on a sliding fee scale or for free if you qualify. Urgent care is provided at the Main Street clinic. For locations and hours call 413-739-1100.Proporciona atención primaria, preventiva y dental. Ayuda con WIC, medicamentos, servicios para refugiados y más, para niños y adultos en una escala móvil de tarifas o de forma gratuita si califica. Se brinda atención urgente en la clínica de Main Street. Para ubicaciones y horas llame al 413-739-1100.
Clearway ClinicProvides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, nurse consultation and STD testing for women. Parental consent or insurance not required. At this time they are only accepting appointments via phone. They will not be seeing any STI patients at this time. Please call the clinic to speak with a nurse today, they will be scheduling appointments on a case by case basis.Proporciona pruebas de embarazo gratuitas, ultrasonidos, consulta de enfermería y pruebas de ETS para mujeres. No se requiere el consentimiento de los padres o seguro médico. En este momento sólo están aceptando citas por teléfono. En estos momentos, no se verán a ningún paciente con STI. Por favor llame a la clínica para hablar con una enfermera hoy, estarán programando citas caso por caso.
Clinical Support Options130 Maple Street
Springfield, MA

Still open for same-day walk-in Intakes for mental health.

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
130 Maple Street
Springfield, MA

Todavía abierto para el mismo día de entradas sin cita previa para la salud mental.

Lunes – Viernes 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Familywize Prescription CardFamilyWize, a partner of United Way Worldwide, offers a free prescription drug savings card. When getting a prescription filled or refilled, you can ask your pharmacist to apply the FamilyWize discount and present them with a printed card or by using the FamilyWize app.FamilyWize, socio de United Way Worldwide, ofrece una tarjeta de ahorro para medicamentos recetados gratuita. Cuando surta o reponga una receta, puede pedirle a su farmacéutico que aplique el descuento de FamilyWize y que le presente una tarjeta impresa o mediante la aplicación FamilyWize.
Medline PlusMedlinePlus is an online information service produced by the United States National Library of Medicine. The service provides curated consumer health information in English and Spanish with select content in additional languages.MedlinePlus es un servicio de información en línea producido por la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina de los Estados Unidos. El servicio proporciona información curativa de salud del consumidor en inglés y español con contenido selecto en idiomas adicionales.
The National Alliance on Mental IllnessOffers a 24/7 Crisis Textline. Text NAMI to 741741. For mental health resources that are not urgent, contact the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-6264.Ofrece una línea de texto de crisis 24/7. Envíe un mensaje de texto a NAMI al 741741. Para obtener recursos de salud mental que no sean urgentes, comuníquese con la línea de ayuda de NAMI al 800-950-6264.
National Suicide Prevention LifelineIf you or someone you know is in crisis—whether they are considering suicide or not—please call the toll-free Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) to speak with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.Si usted o alguien que conoce está en crisis, ya sea que estén considerando suicidarse o no, llame a la línea gratuita Lifeline al 800-273-TALK (8255) para hablar con un asesor de crisis capacitado las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana.
Housing / Alojamiento
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Covid-19 and EvictionsYour landlord should not try to evict you. Use this resource to know what to do if they try.Su arrendador no debe tratar de desalojarlo. Use este recurso para saber qué hacer si lo intentan.
Mental Health AssociationIn Western Mass, MHA was the first provider of housing services to use a Housing First model in our approach to chronic homelessness. We also created the first Tenancy Preservation Program, now a statewide model, to serve eligible individuals with a disability who are at risk of eviction.

MHA combines rental assistance that gets people housed with supportive services that keep people housed. It works: 95% of chronically homeless individuals we place remain housed after a year.

For more information, please call 413-734-5376.
En Western Mass, MHA fue el primer proveedor de servicios de vivienda en utilizar un modelo Housing First en nuestro enfoque de la falta de vivienda crónica. También creamos el primer Programa de Preservación de Tenencia, ahora un modelo estatal, para atender a las personas elegibles con una discapacidad que están en riesgo de desalojo.

MHA combina la asistencia de alquiler que brinda alojamiento a las personas con servicios de apoyo que mantienen a las personas alojadas. Funciona: el 95% de las personas crónicamente sin hogar que ubicamos permanecen alojadas después de un año.

Para obtener más información, llame al 413-734-5376.
Springfield Rescue Mission Regarding the Covid-19 virus, the Springfield Rescue Mission is open and will continue its services to the homeless population in Greater Springfield.En cuanto al virus Covid-19, la Misión de Rescate de Springfield está abierta y continuará sus servicios a la población sin hogar en Springfield.
Mental Health AssociationIn Western Mass, MHA was the first provider of housing services to use a Housing First model in our approach to chronic homelessness. We also created the first Tenancy Preservation Program, now a statewide model, to serve eligible individuals with a disability who are at risk of eviction.

MHA combines rental assistance that gets people housed with supportive services that keep people housed. It works: 95% of chronically homeless individuals we place remain housed after a year.

For more information, please call 413-734-5376.
En Western Mass, MHA fue el primer proveedor de servicios de vivienda en utilizar un modelo Housing First en nuestro enfoque de la falta de vivienda crónica. También creamos el primer Programa de Preservación de Tenencia, ahora un modelo estatal, para atender a las personas elegibles con una discapacidad que están en riesgo de desalojo.

MHA combina la asistencia de alquiler que brinda alojamiento a las personas con servicios de apoyo que mantienen a las personas alojadas. Funciona: el 95% de las personas crónicamente sin hogar que ubicamos permanecen alojadas después de un año.

Para obtener más información, llame al 413-734-5376.
Immigrants & Refugees / Inmigrantes y Refugiados
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Covid-19 and EvictionsYour landlord should not try to evict you. Use this resource to know what to do if they try.Su arrendador no debe tratar de desalojarlo. Use este recurso para saber qué hacer si lo intentan.
Mental Health AssociationIn Western Mass, MHA was the first provider of housing services to use a Housing First model in our approach to chronic homelessness. We also created the first Tenancy Preservation Program, now a statewide model, to serve eligible individuals with a disability who are at risk of eviction.

MHA combines rental assistance that gets people housed with supportive services that keep people housed. It works: 95% of chronically homeless individuals we place remain housed after a year.

For more information, please call 413-734-5376.
En Western Mass, MHA fue el primer proveedor de servicios de vivienda en utilizar un modelo Housing First en nuestro enfoque de la falta de vivienda crónica. También creamos el primer Programa de Preservación de Tenencia, ahora un modelo estatal, para atender a las personas elegibles con una discapacidad que están en riesgo de desalojo.

MHA combina la asistencia de alquiler que brinda alojamiento a las personas con servicios de apoyo que mantienen a las personas alojadas. Funciona: el 95% de las personas crónicamente sin hogar que ubicamos permanecen alojadas después de un año.

Para obtener más información, llame al 413-734-5376.
Springfield Rescue Mission Regarding the Covid-19 virus, the Springfield Rescue Mission is open and will continue its services to the homeless population in Greater Springfield.En cuanto al virus Covid-19, la Misión de Rescate de Springfield está abierta y continuará sus servicios a la población sin hogar en Springfield.
Mental Health AssociationIn Western Mass, MHA was the first provider of housing services to use a Housing First model in our approach to chronic homelessness. We also created the first Tenancy Preservation Program, now a statewide model, to serve eligible individuals with a disability who are at risk of eviction.

MHA combines rental assistance that gets people housed with supportive services that keep people housed. It works: 95% of chronically homeless individuals we place remain housed after a year.

For more information, please call 413-734-5376.
En Western Mass, MHA fue el primer proveedor de servicios de vivienda en utilizar un modelo Housing First en nuestro enfoque de la falta de vivienda crónica. También creamos el primer Programa de Preservación de Tenencia, ahora un modelo estatal, para atender a las personas elegibles con una discapacidad que están en riesgo de desalojo.

MHA combina la asistencia de alquiler que brinda alojamiento a las personas con servicios de apoyo que mantienen a las personas alojadas. Funciona: el 95% de las personas crónicamente sin hogar que ubicamos permanecen alojadas después de un año.

Para obtener más información, llame al 413-734-5376.
Legal Help / Ayuda Legal
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Community Legal AidCan assist with state benefits (TAFDC, EAEDC, food stamps, MassHealth, unemployment), federal disability benefits, elder law (for those above 60), family law in cases of DV, eviction defense and homelessness prevention, education law, civil legal aid for victims of crime and more. To apply by phone, call 855-CLA-LEGAL (855-252-5342) during the following hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30-12:15; Wednesday 1:30-4:15. Because of the large number of calls we receive, the caller may be on hold for longer than 15 minutes.Puede ayudar con los beneficios estatales (TAFDC, EAEDC, cupones de alimentos, MassHealth, desempleo), beneficios federales por discapacidad, ley de ancianos (para los mayores de 60 años), derecho de familia en casos de DV, defensa de desalojo y prevención de la falta de vivienda, ley de educación, asistencia jurídica civil para víctimas de delitos y más. Para presentar la solicitud por teléfono, llame al 855-CLA-LEGAL (855-252-5342) durante las siguientes horas: Lunes, Martes, Jueves, Viernes 9:30 A.M. -12:15 P.M. ; Miércoles 1:30 P.M. - 4: 15 P.M. Debido a la gran cantidad de llamadas que recibimos, la persona que llama puede estar en espera por más de 15 minutos.
Mass Legal ServicesThis section focuses on legal issues related to COVID-19 that are of particular relevance to lower income people in Massachusetts.

Need legal help? Find it here:  Legal Resource Finder 
Esta sección se enfoca en asuntos legales relacionados con COVID-19 que son de particular relevancia para las personas de bajos ingresos en Massachusetts.

¿Necesitas ayuda legal? Encuéntralo aquí:  Buscador de Recursos Legales 
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Family EqualityActivities from toddler dance parties to creative writing workshops for teens.Actividades desde fiestas de baile para niños pequeños hasta talleres de escritura creativa para adolescentes.
Gender SpectrumHelp for Coping with Social Isolation – Staying connected and providing spaces for you to connect with others is our foundation, and has never been more important than now.Ayuda para hacer frente al aislamiento social: mantenerse conectado y proporcionar espacios para que se conecte con los demás es nuestra base, y nunca ha sido más importante que ahora.

Transgender Law Center
TLC Launches Virtual Community Gatherings to Address Coronavirus Pandemic – Using this opportunity to provide a space of solace, political education, and resource sharing.TLC lanza reuniones de la comunidad virtual para abordar la pandemia de coronavirus - Aprovechando esta oportunidad para proporcionar un espacio de consuelo, educación política e intercambio de recursos.

What Trans Looks Like
The What Trans Looks Like COVID-19 Trans/Queer Relief Form is an effort to try and identify members of our Rainbow Family who are in need due to the COVID-19 epidemic and to identify resources available to those folks and then link the two together. People who need help and people who can offer help are asked to complete the form.El formulario Trans / Queer de COVID-19 es un esfuerzo para tratar de identificar a los miembros de nuestra familia Rainbow que están en necesidad debido a la epidemia de COVID-19 e identificar los recursos disponibles para esas personas y luego vincularlos . Las personas que necesitan ayuda y las personas que pueden ofrecer ayuda deben completar el formulario.
Seniors / Personas Mayores
Organization English Information Spanish Information
CostcoCostco is opening its doors for it's members that are 60 years and older every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 A.M. to 9 A.M.Costco abre sus puertas para sus miembros que tienen 60 años o más todos los martes y jueves de 8 A.M. a 9 A.M.
Dollar GeneralDollar General's senior store hours are designed to allow some of our most vulnerable neighbors the ability to shop during the first hour that our stores are open to avoid busier and more crowded shopping periods. Los horarios de las tiendas para personas mayores de Dollar General están diseñados para permitir a algunos de nuestros vecinos más vulnerables la posibilidad de comprar durante la primera hora en que nuestras tiendas están abiertas para evitar períodos de compras más concurridos y más concurridos.

Greater Springfield Senior Services
Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc. offers a wide range of services for people 60 years of age and older and for caregivers. Eligibility requirements vary.Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc. ofrece una amplia gama de servicios para personas de 60 años de edad y mayores y para cuidadores. Los requisitos de elegibilidad varían.
Meals on WheelsThe "meals on wheels" program deliver well-balanced, lunchtime meals to homebound individuals who are at least 60 years. Various food options are available. Meals are delivered Monday-Friday. Suggested donation of $2.00 is appreciated to offset the cost of the meal.El programa "comidas sobre ruedas" ofrece comidas bien equilibradas a la hora del almuerzo a las personas que tienen al menos 60 años. También hay variedades de comida. Las comidas se entregan de lunes a viernes. Se agradece la donación sugerida de $2.00 para compensar el costo de la comida.
RiverMills CafeRiverMills Cafe will be offering take-out meals for dinner and weekend meals, prepared by the Senior Center staff, available for $2.00, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those who wish to purchase a meal should call the Senior Center at (413) 301-8125. RiverMills Cafe ofrecerá comidas para llevar para la cena y comidas para el fin de semana, preparadas por el personal del Centro para Mayores, disponibles por $ 2.00, Lunes, Miércoles y Viernes. Aquellos que deseen comprar una comida deben llamar al Centro para Mayores al (413) 301-8125.
Unemployment / El Desempleo
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Virtual Town HallsSign up for a town hall presentation on applying for unemployment assistance.Regístrese para una presentación del ayuntamiento sobre cómo solicitar asistencia por desempleo.

 Visite esta página de red en Español
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice Compiled by Massachusetts Jobs with Justice for workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers should apply for these funds regardless of immigration status. Please research, apply, and share. This is a work in progress! If you find new funds, please let us know! And please reach out if you would like to volunteer to help workers, particularly ones who are not fluent in English or need help with technology, por Massachusetts Jobs with Justice para trabajadores afectados por la pandemia COVID-19. Los trabajadores deben solicitar estos fondos independientemente del estado de inmigración. Por favor, investigue, solicite y comparta. Este es un trabajo en progreso! Si encuentra nuevos fondos, ¡háganoslo saber! Y comuníquese si desea ser voluntario para ayudar a los trabajadores, especialmente a aquellos que no dominan el inglés o que necesitan ayuda con la tecnología,
Mass.govFiling for unemployment in Massachusetts.

CLICK THIS LINK FOR  Massachusetts COVID-19 Unemployment Information 

CLICK THIS LINK FOR  COVID-19: Department of Unemployment Assistance Contact Request  
Solicitud de desempleo en Massachusetts.

HAGA CLIC EN ESTA PAGINA DE RED PARA  Massachusetts COVID-19 Información de Desempleo 

HAGA CLIC EN ESTA PAGINA DE RED PARA COVID-19:  Solicitud de contacto del Departamento de Asistencia de Desempleo  
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Massachusetts Military Support Foundation The Western Mass Empowerment Center is located at 104 Ramah Circle South, in Agawam. To register with them you will need to bring your Military ID card, DD-124, or VA ID card. You can contact them at 413-301-8125. El Western Mass Empowerment Center está ubicado en 104 Ramah Circle South, en Agawam. Para registrarse con ellos, deberá traer su tarjeta de identificación militar, DD-124 o tarjeta de identificación VA. Puede contactarlos al 413-301-8125.
Project New HopeIf you are affiliated with the military, and fall into one of these categories; not working/getting limited income, running low/out of food, or times are just tough, please contact PNH’s Westfield office at (413) 315-3873.Si está afiliado a las fuerzas armadas y cae en una de estas categorías; no trabaja / obtiene ingresos limitados, se está quedando sin comida / los tiempos son difíciles, comuníquese con la oficina de Westfield de PNH al (413) 315-3873.
Educational Resources / Recursos Educativos
Coding / La Codificación
Organization English Information Spanish Information® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. The vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer® es una organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a ampliar el acceso a la informática y aumentar la participación de mujeres y estudiantes de color con baja representación. La visión es que cada estudiante en cada escuela debería tener la oportunidad de aprender ciencias de la computación.
CodecademyCodecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.Codecademy es una plataforma interactiva que ofrece clases de codificación gratuitas en 12 lenguajes de programación diferentes, incluidos Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, Sass, HTML y CSS.
Languages / Aprender un Idioma
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Mango LanguagesUse your public library card to learn a new language.
Usa tu tarjeta de biblioteca pública para aprender un nuevo idioma.
MemriseMemrise is a language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. Memrise offers user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects. Memrise has courses in 16 languages and its combinations.Memrise es una plataforma de lenguaje que utiliza la repetición espaciada de tarjetas para aumentar la tasa de aprendizaje. Memrise ofrece contenido generado por el usuario en una amplia gama de otros temas. Memrise tiene cursos en 16 idiomas y sus combinaciones.
WeSpeakNYCWe Speak NYC videos tell the stories of New Yorkers who have come from all over the world to make New York City their home. The show helps English language learners improve their language skills, and learn about their rights.Hablamos NYC cuentan las historias de neoyorquinos que han venido de todo el mundo para hacer de la ciudad de Nueva York su hogar. El programa ayuda a los estudiantes de inglés a mejorar sus habilidades en el idioma, y aprender acerca de sus derechos.
Literature / La Literatura
Organization English Information Spanish Information
GoodreadsGoodreads is a social cataloging website that allows individuals to freely search its database of books, annotations, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists. They can also create their own groups of book suggestions, surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions. Goodreads es una página de red de catalogación social que permite a las personas buscar libremente en su base de datos de libros, anotaciones y reseñas. Los usuarios pueden registrarse y registrar libros para generar catálogos de bibliotecas y listas de lectura. También pueden crear sus propios grupos de sugerencias de libros, encuestas, encuestas, blogs y discusiones.
LibriVoxFree public domain audiobooks.Audiolibros gratuitos de dominio público.
Organization English Information Spanish Information
Big ThinkThe website is a collection of interviews, presentations, and roundtable discussions with experts from a wide range of fields.La página de red es una colección de entrevistas, presentaciones y mesas redondas con expertos de una amplia gama de campos.
Brain PumpLearn something new with random educational videos.Aprende algo nuevo con videos educativos aleatorios.
Crash CourseAt Crash Course, high quality educational videos are available to everyone for free. The Crash Course team has produced more than 15 courses to date, and these videos accompany high school and college level classes ranging from the humanities to the sciences. Crash Course transforms the traditional textbook model by presenting information in a fast-paced format, enhancing the learning experience. En Crash Course, los videos educativos de alta calidad están disponibles para todos de forma gratuita. El equipo de Crash Course ha producido más de 15 cursos hasta la fecha, y estos videos acompañan a las clases de nivel secundario y universitario que van desde las humanidades hasta las ciencias. Crash Course transforma el modelo de libro de texto tradicional presentando información en un formato acelerado, mejorando la experiencia de aprendizaje.
Day at Work VideosCurious what a Robotics Engineer does? Looking for information about the skills necessary to become a Superior Court Judge? Explore our Day at Work videos and learn from a variety of professionals - what they do, how they do it, and the path that took them there.¿Curioso qué hace un ingeniero de robótica? ¿Busca información sobre las habilidades necesarias para convertirse en Juez de la Corte Superior? Explore nuestros videos del Día en el Trabajo y aprenda de una variedad de profesionales: qué hacen, cómo lo hacen y el camino que los llevó hasta allí.
Ted-EdTedEd aims to spark and celebrate the ideas and knowledge-sharing of teachers and students around the world.TedEd tiene como objetivo despertar y celebrar las ideas y el intercambio de conocimientos de profesores y estudiantes de todo el mundo.
The Kennedy Center:
Interactive Media

Featured content and media for students of all ages.Contenido destacado y medios para estudiantes de todas las edades.
Online Education / Educación en Línea
Organization English Information Spanish Information is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the world. This brings a wide variety of topics and perspectives to one searchable database. Coursera is a powerful tool for free online education and includes courses from many top universities, museums, and es una pagina de red que se asocia con universidades y organizaciones de todo el mundo. Esto trae una amplia variedad de temas y perspectivas a una base de datos de búsqueda. Coursera es una herramienta poderosa para la educación en línea gratuita e incluye cursos de muchas universidades, museos y fideicomisos de primer nivel.
Khan AcademyOffers free online courses in a wide variety of subjects. It offers the most content in math, but also has courses in science, economics, test prep, and more.Ofrece cursos en línea gratuitos en una amplia variedad de temas. Ofrece la mayor cantidad de contenido en matemáticas, pero también tiene cursos en ciencias, economía, preparación para exámenes y más.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Allows you to search for open courses around the world. It also provides news on the open courseware movement.Le permite buscar cursos abiertos en todo el mundo. También proporciona noticias sobre el movimiento de cursos abiertos.
Open CultureGet 1,500 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 45,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now.Le permite buscar cursos abiertos en todo el mundo. También proporciona noticias sobre el movimiento de cursos abiertos.
Obtenga 1.500 cursos gratuitos en línea de las principales universidades del mundo: Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford y más. Puede descargar estos cursos de audio y video (a menudo desde iTunes, YouTube o sitios web de la universidad) directamente a su computadora o reproductor de mp3. Le esperan más de 45,000 horas de conferencias gratuitas de audio y video.
Open Education ConsortiumAllows you to search for open courses around the world. It also provides news on the open courseware movement.Le permite buscar cursos abiertos en todo el mundo. También proporciona noticias sobre el movimiento de cursos abiertos.
edXedX is a massive open online course provider. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge.edX es un proveedor masivo de cursos en línea abierta. Alberga cursos en línea de nivel universitario en una amplia gama de disciplinas para un cuerpo estudiantil mundial, incluidos algunos cursos sin cargo.
Toolkits / Juego de Herramientas
OrganizationEnglish Information Spanish Information
Learn to Earn ToolkitThe Learn to Earn Toolkit is a free resource for adults working to increase their employability skills – ideal for intermediate and advanced English language learners and beginning and intermediate adult basic education students.The Learn to Earn Toolkit es un recurso gratuito para adultos que trabajan para aumentar sus habilidades de empleabilidad, ideal para estudiantes de inglés intermedio y avanzado y estudiantes de educación básica para adultos principiantes e intermedios.
Reentry Education ToolkitThis toolkit provides guidance to educators to support a successful reentry system for formerly incarcerated youth and adults. It highlights the five critical components of an effective reentry system: program infrastructure, strategic partnerships, education services, transition processes, and sustainability.Este juego de herramientas proporciona orientación a los educadores para apoyar un sistema de reingreso exitoso para jóvenes y adultos anteriormente encarcelados. Destaca los cinco componentes críticos de un sistema de reentrada efectivo: infraestructura de programas, asociaciones estratégicas, servicios educativos, procesos de transición y sostenibilidad.
Entertainment Resources / Recursos de Entretenimiento
Do-It-Yourself Projects / Proyectos de Bricolaje
Organization English Information Spanish Information
diy.orgHuge library of hands-on projects, how-to videos, and an awesome kid community. TRY FOR FREE FOR 14 DAYS!Enorme biblioteca de proyectos prácticos, videos prácticos y una increíble comunidad infantil. ¡Prueba GRATIS DURANTE 14 DÍAS!
Instructables Instructables is a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects.Instructables es una página de red especializada en proyectos de bricolaje creado y cargados por el usuario.
MakeZine ProjectsFrom electronics to crafts to robots with a side of drones, the Make: edit team picks the latest products, projects and tools to make you a better maker.Desde productos electrónicos hasta artesanías y robots con un lado de drones, el equipo Make: selecciona los últimos productos, proyectos y herramientas para hacerte un mejor creador.
DIY How to GuidesProyectos DIY
Free Software / Software Libre
Organization English Information Spanish Information

Audacity is the best open-source audio editing software. It is stuffed up with features, accessibility, and plugins. It can record live audio, record your computer’s playback, convert tapes into mp3 and other formats, edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files and much more. It can also do other basic tasks such as effects, reduce noise, change pitch and tempo, isolate vocals, generate tones, etc.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Audacity es el mejor software gratuito de edición de audio. Se ha rellenado con funciones, accesibilidad y complementos. Puede grabar audio en vivo, grabar la reproducción de su computadora, convertir cintas a mp3 y otros formatos, editar archivos de sonido WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 u Ogg Vorbis y mucho más. También puede realizar otras tareas básicas como efectos, reducir el ruido, cambiar el tono y el tempo, aislar voces, generar tonos, etc.

Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux
BlenderBlender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite. It includes the use of creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games. There’s 3D modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Blender es una suite de creación 3D gratuita.
Incluye el uso de la creación de películas animadas, efectos visuales, arte, modelos impresos en 3D, gráficos en movimiento, aplicaciones 3D interactivas y juegos de computadora. Hay modelado 3D, aparejo, animación, simulación, renderizado, composición y seguimiento de movimiento, edición de video y canalización de animación 2D.

Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux

Free alternative to Adobe Photoshop

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Alternativa gratuita a Adobe Photoshop

Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux
KritaKrita is a professional free and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Krita es un programa de pintura profesional gratuito y de código abierto. Está hecho por artistas que desean ver herramientas de arte asequibles para todos.

Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite, a project of The Document Foundation.

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
LibreOffice es una suite ofimática gratuita y de código abierto, un proyecto de The Document Foundation.

Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux
Open Shot VideoOpen Shot Video Editor allows you to quickly slice your footage into multiple parts, and add as many tracks and effects as you want. You can even add audio as waveforms, and control the speed of your footage as well. To add more videos, all you have to do is simply drag and drop. Its user interface is really nice and intuitive.

Platform: Windows, Mac
Open Shot Video Editor le permite cortar rápidamente su metraje en varias partes y agregar tantas pistas y efectos como desee. Incluso puede agregar audio como formas de onda y controlar la velocidad de su metraje también. Para agregar más videos, todo lo que tiene que hacer es simplemente arrastrar y soltar. Su interfaz de usuario es realmente agradable e intuitiva.

Plataformas: Windows, Mac

Steam is not open-source but it is regarded as the ultimate online gaming platform, is an online community where you can easily search, install, and manage game collections for different OS platforms.

Platform: Windows, Mac
Steam no es de código abierto, pero se considera la mejor plataforma de juegos en línea, es una comunidad en línea donde puede buscar, instalar y administrar fácilmente colecciones de juegos para diferentes plataformas de sistema operativo.

Plataforma: Windows, Mac
StudioStudio is a LEGO-building software. It’s incredibly intuitive and will have you digitally constructing models from your wildest imaginings immediately.

Platform: Windows, Mac
Studio es un software de construcción de LEGO. Es increíblemente intuitivo y te hará construir digitalmente modelos a partir de tus imaginaciones más salvajes de inmediato.

Plataforma: Windows, Mac
Organization English Information Spanish Information
BBC PodcastsDiscover world history, culture and ideas with today’s leading experts.Descubra la historia mundial, la cultura y las ideas con los principales expertos de hoy.

StoryCorps is an American non-profit organization whose mission is to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs. StoryCorps es una organización estadounidense sin fines de lucro cuya misión es registrar, preservar y compartir las historias de Americanos de todos los orígenes y creencias.
Recreational / Recreativo
Organization English Information Spanish Information

The largest collection of hand-curated trail guides, so you can explore the outdoors with confidence.La mayor colección de guías de senderos curadas a mano, para que pueda explorar el aire libre con confianza.
DarebeeFitness blueprints. No equipment necessary.Programas de fitness. No se necesidad equipo.
Fitness BlenderWorkout videos for every fitness level. Absolutely free.Vídeos de entrenamiento para cada nivel de ejercicio. Absolutamente gratis.
MyFitnessPalYour 10-Minute, no-equipment, total-body workout.
Rails to Trails Conservancy As the situation with Covid-19 rapidly evolves, RTC will be offering insights and information about ways to be physically active and well during this time of social distancing.A medida que la situación con Covid-19 evoluciona rápidamente, RTC ofrecerá ideas e información sobre formas de estar físicamente activo y bien durante este tiempo de distanciamiento social.
Springfield ParksThe city of Springfield boasts nineteen parks, thirteen pools, two swimming ponds and two public golf courses.La ciudad de Springfield cuenta con diecinueve parques, trece piscinas, dos estanques de natación y dos campos de golf públicos.
Additional Resources / Recursos Adicionales

* más recursos bibliotecarios 

  1. 11 Library Hacks for Riding Out the Coronavirus
  2. 150+ Educational Websites For Lifelong Learners
  4. Check Your Census Return Rates
  6. State Resources Provided by State Senator Eric P. Lesser
  7. Ten Ways to Be Super-Productive While at Home with (Digital) Help From the Library

Library Services During Coronavirus Closure

Available services from Springfield City Library during the coronavirus closure.

Curbside Pickup  Begins June 8!

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How You Can Reach Us

At this time, all library locations have staff available for phone support, and you can still email us at Ask A Librarian for help.

Staff are available for phone and email support during the following times:

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You can find a world of resources at your fingertips in our eLibrary! Ebooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, Movies, TV, Music, Language learning, Newspapers – all available 24/7. Check it out, and call or email us with questions.

If for some reason your card doesn’t work for the eLibrary, please call us and we will do our best to solve the problem. Please note that some resources depend on having a card specifically from Springfield, and they indicate that in the description.

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  • All late fees accrued during our closure will be waived.
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Forest Park Branch: “Gun violence, equality: The raw concerns of Springfield’s youth” (WWLP)

Outside the Forest Park Library are dozens of lawn signs with the raw concerns of Springfield’s youth.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – They can’t vote yet, but Springfield’s youth has a good handle on what issues face their community and their country.

Outside the Forest Park Library are dozens of lawn signs that look like the ones you typically see during election season. If you look closer, however, you’ll see the raw concerns of Springfield’s youth: gun violence, racism, and sexual harassment.

The project was spearheaded by Forest Park Library’s supervisor Alex Remy and allowed Springfield middle and high schoolers to fill in what they wanted ‘Freedom From’ and ‘Freedom For.’ It was inspired by a similar project at Waltham Public Library.

Click through for article and picture gallery.

Springfield Central Library Celebrates Completion of $4 Million Renovation Project

The Springfield City Library hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today at the Central Library located at 220 State Street to celebrate the completion of a $4 million renovation and historic restoration project.

10/09/2019 – The Springfield City Library hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today at the Central Library located at 220 State Street  to celebrate the completion of a $4 million renovation and historic restoration project.  The ceremony featured a number of speakers including Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Helen Caulton-Harris, Health and Human Services Commissioner, Stephen Cary, Chair of the Springfield Library Commission, Peter Garvey, Director of Capital Asset and Kay Simpson, President of the Springfield Museums.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “This is my administration’s continued efforts to improve the physical plan of our municipal buildings.  This effort will also enhance accessibility and the welcoming experience to our Andrew Carnegie Central Library and Quadrangle Museum complex.”

Library Director Molly Fogarty expressed her enthusiasm. “The Central Library is an information and cultural resource for the entire city and is one of Springfield’s most historically significant and heavily used public buildings. The completed renovations provide increased accessibility and enhance the experience for more than 400,000 visitors every year and for generations of visitors.”

The Central Library was built in 1912 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.  It is among four Springfield libraries and 17,00 around the United States that were funded in part by donations from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Read more at the city website – click here



Springfield Central Library unveils new ramp and plaza (WWLP)

Improved access to a historical library branch in downtown Springfield.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Improved access to a historical library branch in downtown Springfield.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and City Library Director Molly Fogarty cut the ribbon, unveiling the new ramp and plaza at the library Wednesday morning.

A disabled Springfield woman was also invited to help open the newly upgraded entrance-way.

A proud moment for Goldie Clark, who loves coming to the Springfield Central library branch several times a week from her home on nearby Chestnut Street.

Read more – click here.

Springfield Central Library unveils new ramp and plaza


Fiction On Order

This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month.

If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our Ask-a-Librarian service.

October 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, Lyssa KayCrazy Stupid BromanceRomance - Bromance Book Club #3
Alam, RumaanLeave the World BehindA magnetic novel about two families, strangers to each other, who are forced together on a long weekend gone terribly wrong.
Alpsten, EllenTsarinaA narrative tale based on the true story of Peter the Great’s second wife, Catherine Alexeyevna, recounts how she used her extraordinary intelligence to escape poverty and assume her unstable husband’s responsibilities in 18th-century Russia.
Amis, MartinInside storyFiction
Andrews, DonnaThe Gift of the MagpieMystery - Meg Langslow #28
Andrews, V. C. Whispering HeartsThriller - House of Secrets #3
Baker, A. DeborahOver the Woodward WallTwo exceptional children, one precision-oriented and the other absolutely unpredictable, embark on an unplanned detour that finds them in a fantastical world of talking trees, sarcastic owls, and dangerous magical locals.
Banville, JohnSnowInvestigating the murder of a County Wexford priest in 1957, Detective Inspector St. John Strafford navigates harsh winter weather and the community's culture of silence to expose an aristocratic family's dangerous secrets.
Bear, ElizabethMachineScience Fiction - White Space #2
Beatty, PeteCuyahogaA proto-superhero’s efforts to secure a marriage-worthy fortune in 1837 Ohio place him at the center of a madcap city rivalry involving elderly terrorists, steamboat races, wild pigs and ruined weddings.
Bellefleur, AlexandriaWritten in the StarsRomance
Belli, KateDeception by GaslightMystery - Gilded Gotham #1
Bradford, Barbara TaylorIn the Lion's DenHistorical Fiction - House of Falconer #2
Brody, FrancesMurder is in the AirMystery - Kate Shackleton #12
Brooks, TerryThe Last DruidFantasy - Fall of Shannara #4
Brunstetter, Jean/ Brunstetter, Wanda E.The Blended QuiltInspirational
Buchanan, Cathy MarieDaughter of Black LakeGrowing up on an iron-age settlement far from the reach of Roman conquerors, a young woman who envisions a life of peace draws on the power of an extraordinary gift to save her community from famine and invaders.
Budewitz, LeslieThe Solace of Bay LeavesMystery - Spice Shop #5
Cameron, W. BruceA Dog's Perfect ChristmasHoliday
Carlyle, RoseThe Girl in the MirrorTaking her successful identical twin’s place in the aftermath of a suspicious accident, cynical Iris endeavors to conceive a child with her twin’s unknowing husband to secure a multi-million-dollar inheritance.
Carr, RobynReturn to Virgin RiverRomance - Virgin River #21
Chambers, ChristopherScavenger: A MysteryIn the lively, but desperate world of D.C.'s underbelly, a Black homeless man must quickly learn the ropes of being a detective after a wealthy ex-government official sets him up to take the fall for a brutal crime he didn’t commit.
Chang, KristinBestiaryTransforming into a manifestation of a tiger character from her Taiwanese heritage, Daughter falls in love with an equally remarkable girl while translating mysterious letters from female relatives who embody mythical archetypes.
Child, LeeThe Sentinel: A Jack Reacher NovelThriller - Jack Reacher #25
Clark, Mary Higgins/ Burke, AlafairPiece of My HeartThriller - Under Suspicion #7
Clark, P. DjeliRing ShoutA dark-fantasy, historical novella from the award-winning author of The Black God’s Drums follows a group of Black women as they fight a supernatural Ku Klux Klan in Macon, Georgia in the early 20th century.
Cline, ErnestReady Player TwoScience Fiction - Ready Player #2
Coates, DarcySilence in the ShadowsHorror
Coleman, JaQuavisCubanaSeeking a Cuban voodoo doctor to request a spiritual advantage for an upcoming court case, a man torn between his wife and mistress becomes embroiled in a gambling operation that threatens everything he has worked to achieve.
Colgan, JennyChristmas at the Island HotelHoliday
Dade, OliviaSpoiler AlertWhen her viral fan-fiction leads to a disastrous publicity-stunt date with her celebrity crush, a talented plus-sized writer discovers that the actor secretly writes his own popular fan-fiction against studio rules.
Danforth, Emily M.Plain Bad HeroinesA century after the macabre deaths of several students at a New England girls' boarding school, the release of a sensational book on the school's history inspires a horror film adaptation that renews suspicions of a curse when the cast and crew arrive at the long-abandoned building.
Delillo, DonThe SilenceFiction
DeLuca, JenWell PlayedRomance
Evanovich, JanetFortune and GloryMystery - Stephanie Plum #27
Evans, Richard PaulThe Noel LettersHoliday
Flagg, FannieThe Wonder Boy of Whistle StopTaking a final visit to the ghost town where his mother Ruth’s Whistle Stop Café made its famous fried green tomatoes, Bud Threadgoode discovers new friends and surprises about the community’s women while triggering unexpected changes in his daughters’ lives.
Franklin, ArianaDeath and the MaidenMystery - Mistress of the Art of Death #5
French, NicciHouse of CorrectionMystery
Gaiman, NeilThe Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected FictionFiction
Givney, RachelJane in LoveSearching for a radical solution to a lifetime of spinsterhood, Jane Austen is accidentally transported 200 years into the future onto a Hollywood film set of Northanger Abbey.
Goines, DonaldBlack GangsterUrban
Goodman, JoannaThe Forgotten DaughterHistorical Fiction
Gross, MaxThe Lost ShtetlA tiny Jewish shtetl that has peacefully escaped the devastations of the Holocaust and Cold War is wrenchingly forced into the 21st century by a marriage dispute that spins out of control.
Hackwith, A. J.The Archive of the ForgottenFantasy - Hell's Library #2
Haines, CarolynA Garland of BonesMystery - Sarah Booth Delaney #22
Hand, ElizabethThe Book of Lamps and BannersMystery - Cass Neary #4
Hannon, IrenePoint of DangerRadio show host Eve Reilly is used to backlash for her on-air commentary. But when angry online posts escalate to menacing harassment, it will be up to Detective Brent Lange to track down a dangerous foe who wants to silence the fearless woman now stealing his heart.
Hardt, HelenFollow Me DarklyRomance
Harris, RobertV2A World War II German rocket engineer under orders to launch V2 rockets at London from Occupied Holland and an actress-turned-English Intelligence officer who would neutralize the bombings land on opposite sides in a desperate hunt for a saboteur.
Harrow, Alix E.The Once and Future WitchesIn the late 1800s, three sisters use witchcraft to change the course of history in a Hugo award-winning author's powerful novel of magic amid the suffragette movement.
Hausmann, RomyDear ChildThriller
Henderson, AliceA Solitude of Wolverines of SuspenseTargeted by aggressive locals who would sabotage her research on a Montana endangered wildlife sanctuary, biologist Alex Carter reports evidence of an injured person to indifferent authorities before uncovering the activities of a serial killer.
Herbert, BrianDune: The Duke of CaladanScience Fiction - Caladan #1
Igharo, JaneTies that TetherUnexpectedly falling in love with a white man after her mother’s latest disastrous matchmaking effort, a young Nigerian woman struggles to follow her heart without breaking her mother’s or compromising her own identity.
IndiaDetroit City MafiaUrban
Jackson, LisaYou Betrayed MeThriller - San Francisco #4
Jenkins, Jerry B.Dead Sea ConspiracyInspirational - Dead Sea Chronicles #2
Jewell, LisaInvisible Girl Thriller
Kingfisher, T.The Hollow PlacesA young woman discovers a strange portal in her uncle's house, leading to madness and terror.
Kingsbury, KarenTruly, Madly, DeeplyDividing his family with his decision to become a police officer, 18-year-old Tommy Baxter falls in love with a girl fighting for her life at the same time he uncovers devastating truths about his late grandfather.
Kinsella, SophieLove Your LifeRomance
Klay, PhilMissionariesFiction
Koontz, DeanElsewhereHorror
K'WanThe VowAfter the death of a police officer, assassin Kahllah (a.k.a. the Black Lotus) is forced out of retirement in an attempt to clear her name while outrunning a mysterious enemy.
Lauren, ChristinaIn a HolidazeRomance
Leavitt, DavidShelter in PlaceFiction
Lethem, JonathanThe ArrestWorking as an organic farmer in a post-apocalypse world devoid of technology, a former Los Angeles screenwriter unexpectedly reconnects with his once-famous partner, who has retrofitted a nuclear-powered digger to launch an unknown agenda.
Liu, CixinTo Hold Up the SkyScience Fiction, Short Stories
Maguire, GregoryA Wild Winter Swan The story of an Italian-American rebel who encounters a handsome swan boy during the Christmas season in 1960s New York.
Martin, AlexaSnappedRomance - Playbook #4
McDermid, ValStill LifeMystery - Karen Pirie #6
Meier, Leslie/ Hollis, Lee/ Ehrhart, PeggyChristmas Card MurderMystery
Molloy, AimeeGoodnight BeautifulEavesdropping on the therapy sessions her husband conducts for clients in a downstairs office, a lonely young bride finds her life and marriage turned upside down when her husband goes missing after welcoming a sophisticated new patient.
Murata, SayakaEarthlingsA spellbinding and otherworldly novel about a woman who believes she is an alien.
Oates, Joyce CarolCardiff, by the SeaThriller
O'Connor, CarleneMurder at an Irish ChristmasMystery - Irish Village #6
O'Connor, ScottZero Zone Fiction
Patterson, JamesThree Women DisappearThriller
Peterson, TracieForever by Your SideChristian Historical
Polk, C. L.The Midnight BargainA sweeping, romantic new fantasy set in a world reminiscent of Regency England, where women's magic is taken from them when they marry. A sorceress must balance her desire to become the first great female magician against her duty to her family.
Powner, KatieThe Sowing SeasonChristian Fiction
Rankin, IanA Song for the Dark TimesMystery - Inspector Rebus #23
Roanhorse, RebeccaBlack SunThe first book in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, inspired by the civilizations of the Pre-Columbian Americas and woven into a tale of celestial prophecies, political intrigue, and forbidden magic.
Robinson, Kim StanleyThe Ministry for the FutureScience Fiction
Rosenfelt, DavidSilent BiteMystery - Andy Carpenter #22
Ruddy, ErinTell Me My NameWhen a woman is snatched by an obsessed stranger claiming to be her soulmate, the consequences could be deadly in this suspenseful and darkly twisted psychological thriller … unless she can remember his name.
Ruiz, RudyThe Resurrection of Fulgencio RamirezFiction
Sanderson, BrandonRhythm of WarFantasy - Stormlight Archive #4
Sapkowski, AndrzejThe Tower of FoolsFantasy - Hussite Trilogy #1
Schalansky, JudithAn Inventory of LossesShort Stories
Schwab, V. E.The Invisible Life of Addie LarueMaking a Faustian bargain to live forever but never be remembered, a woman from early 18th-century France endures unacknowledged centuries before meeting a man who remembers her name.
Shaffer, AndrewSecret SantaHorror
Sinclair, ShaunDirty MusicUrban
Sinha, MadiThe White Coat Diaries Struggling through the realities of her hard-won residency and cultural family expectations, a brilliant young doctor follows the example of a respected chief resident before risking everything to expose the cover-up of a fatal mistake.
Slayton, David R.White Trash WarlockFantasy
Smith, IanThe UnspokenMystery - Ashe Cayne #1
Taylor, PatrickAn Irish Country WelcomeFiction - Irish Country #15
Tedrowe, Emily GrayThe Talented Miss FarwellA seemingly unassuming and sensible community treasurer uses embezzled funds to finance a spiraling art habit that immerses her in the identity of a wealthy collector and renders her increasingly indebted to her unsuspecting neighbors.
Thayne, RaeAnneChristmas at Holiday HouseHoliday
Thomas, SherryMurder on Cold StreetMystery - Lady Sherlock #5
Turton, StuartThe Devil and the Dark WaterSailing back to Amsterdam as a prisoner accused of an unknown crime, Detective Pipps relies on his faithful sidekick to help solve an onboard mystery in the new novel from the author of The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.
Unger, LisaConfessions on the 7:45Thriller
Vanliere, DonnaThe Christmas TableHoliday
Villoso, K. S.The Ikessar FalconFantasy
Von Ziegesar, CecilyCobble HillNavigating private spats and embarrassing secrets in their upscale Brooklyn neighborhood, four families seek purpose and meaningful relationships until a raucous party combusts in a maelstrom of ego clashes, taboo desires and hidden cameras.
Walker, WendyDon't Look for MeThriller
Walschots, Natalie ZinaHenchTemping for people on the wrong side of the law, Anna becomes unfairly unemployed before using her talents for manipulating data to expose how the heroes of her world do more harm than good.
Walter, JessThe Cold Millions Enduring the corruption of their union employment, two young day laborers are respectively drawn to a feminist activist and a vaudeville singer whose experiences reflect an unjust world on the brink of upheaval.
Washington, BryanMemorialA Japanese-American chef and a Black daycare teacher begin reevaluating their stale relationship in the wake of a father’s death and the arrival of an acerbic mother-in-law who becomes an unconventional roommate.
Yang, SusieWhite IvyYears after she is sent away from Boston to China for shoplifting, a conflicted Chinese-American woman reconnects with her golden-boy childhood crush before a ghost from the past threatens her ambitions.
September 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abulhawa, SusanAgainst the Loveless WorldA sweeping and lyrical novel that follows a young Palestinian refugee as she slowly becomes radicalized while searching for a better life for her family throughout the Middle East.
Akers, W. M.Westside SaintsEarly 1920s Manhattan detective Gilda Carr is cynical about a family of eccentric street preachers who believe in “electric resurrection,” until her long-dead mother walks in her front door. - Westside #2
Akhtar, AyadHomeland ElegiesA deeply personal work about identity and belonging in a nation coming apart at the seams, Homeland Elegies blends fact and fiction to tell an epic story of longing and dispossession in the world that 9/11 made.
Allain, SuzanneMr. Malcolm's ListHistorical Romance
AshleyMoney Devils 1Urban
Bailey, TessaTools of EngagementRomance - Hot & Hammered #3
Balson, Ronald H.Eli's PromiseHistorical
Barnes, JonathanDracula's ChildHorror
Bateman, DaisyMurder Goes to MarketCozy Mystery
Benn, James R.The Red HorseMystery - Billy Boyle World War II #15
Berman, EllaThe ComebackReturning mostly sober to Los Angeles after a year of self-imposed exile, a teen star decides she can no longer stay silent when she is asked to present a lifetime achievement award to the man responsible for her trauma.
Billingsley, Reshonda TateA Little Bit of KarmaThree years into their marriage, a couple who host a wildly successful call-in radio show find the romance dying after a combination of infidelity, deceit and the mysterious death of the other woman.
Black, Laura GailFor Whom the Book TollsCozy Mystery - Antique Bookshop #1
Blackburn, MaggieLittle Bookshop of MurderCozy Mystery - Beach Reads #1
Blooms, AshleyEvery Bone a PrayerThe Lovely Bones meets Where the Crawdads Sing in this remarkable, magical debut set in Appalachia.
Bruno, AnnaOrdinary HazardsLiterary
Buelens, StephanieAn Inconvenient WomanThriller
Butcher, JimBattle GroundFantasy
Byler, LindaLove in Unlikely PlacesAmish
Campbell, LisbethThe Vanished QueenJoining a resistance group to overthrow the king who successfully framed her father for the queen's disappearance, Anza finds unexpected support from the kingdom's prince, who navigates dangerous court politics to secure freedom for their people.
Clarke, SusannaPiranesiLiving in a labyrinthine house of endless corridors, flooded staircases and thousands of statues, Piranesi assists the dreamlike dwelling’s only other resident throughout a mysterious research project before evidence emerges of an astonishing alternate world.
Clegg, BillThe End of the DayLiterary
Cline, EmmaDaddyShort Stories
Coble, ColleenTwo Reasons to RunRomantic Suspense
Cole, AlyssaWhen No One Is WatchingFinding unexpected support from a new friend while collecting stories from her rapidly vanishing Brooklyn community, Sydney uncovers sinister truths about a regional gentrification project and why her neighbors are moving away.
Connolly, JohnThe Dirty SouthThriller
Cook, DianeThe New WildernessA mother desperate to save her dying daughter in a world ravaged by climate change joins a hunter-gatherer initiative to test humanity's capacity to survive in the wilderness without destroying it.
Cooney, Caroline B.Before She Was HelenMystery
Dailey, JanetParadise PeakRomance - New Americana #5
Dailey, JanetWhirlwindRomance - Champions #1
Dyer, K. C.Eighty Days to ElsewhereThe Amazing Race meets Around the World in 80 Days as a woman desperate to save her family bookstore falls for her competition.
Feehan, ChristineDark SongParanormal Romance
Fforde, JasperThe Constant RabbitFantasy
Fields, JennieAtomic LoveRecruited by the FBI to spy on her former lover, a guilt-riddled Manhattan Project physicist becomes torn between lingering feelings for her ex and her growing attraction to a special agent, a former prisoner of war.
Flower, AmandaMums and MayhemMystery - Magic Garden #3
Fluke, JoanneChristmas Cupcake MurderMystery - Hannah Swenson #26
Flynn, VinceTotal PowerThriller - Mitch Rapp #19
French, TanaThe SearcherLooking to start a new life in a small Irish village, former Chicago police officer Cal Hooper comes out of retirement to help find a missing kid and uncovers layers of darkness beneath his picturesque retreat.
Galbraith, RobertTroubled BloodMystery - Cormoran Strike #5
Gordon, MaryPaybackA vengeful reality television star reconnects with a former teacher who she blames for her sexual assault years earlier.
Graham, HeatherDreaming DeathThriller - Krewe of Hunters #32
Grisham, JohnA Time for MercyThriller - Jake Brigance #3
Haig, MattThe Midnight LibraryScience Fiction
Hall, AramintaImperfect WomenThriller
Hannah, SophieThe Killings at Kingfisher HillHired to discretely investigate murder allegations against a wealthy client's wife, Hercule Poirot swaps seats with a nervous train passenger before a second killing is complicated by a series of impossible confessions. - Hercule Poirot #4
Hazen, MichelleBreathe the SkyRomance
Hearne, KevinInk & SigilA spin-off to the best-selling Iron Druid Chronicles follows the adventures of an eccentric magical defender who is cursed to be hated by anyone who hears his voice, a challenge that is complicated by his apprentices' fatal freak accidents.
Henderson, SmithMake Them CryThriller
Hernandez, TreasureIdlewildWhen the death of her father compels her return to a beloved childhood home after a long absence, Desiree navigates dysfunctional sibling hostility while reconnecting with the man who broke her heart years earlier.
Hiaasen, CarlSqueeze MeMystery
Hilderbrand, ElinTroubles in ParadiseFiction
Hoffman, AliceMagic LessonsA prequel to the movie-inspiring novel unveils the origin story of Maria Owens, who after being discovered as an abandoned baby in rural 17th-century Salem is taught in the “Unnamed Arts” before cursing her own family in love.
Holden, WendyThe Royal GovernessHistorical
Huang, S. L.Burning RosesA wolf-weary Red Riding Hood and a middle-aged Hou Yi the Archer join forces when deadly sunbirds begin to ravage the countryside, threatening everything the pair have grown to love.
Hudson, C. J.Street BanditzUrban
Hunter, Kristi AnnVying for the ViscountHistorical Romance
Johansen, IrisChaosMystery
Johnson, Alaya DawnTrouble the SaintsForced to give up her identity and the man she loves after a decade in the glittering underworld of Manhattan, a Harlem assassin fights the ghosts of her past at the dawn of World War II.
Johnson, CraigNext to Last StandMystery - Walt Longmire #16
Johnson, DaisySistersMoving in the aftermath of a school bullying incident to an abandoned family home near the shore, two fiercely loyal siblings find the nature of their bond changing in the wake of a series of revelatory encounters.
Johnson, Jeremy RobertThe LoopA biotech experiment gone wrong renders a small western Oregon tourist town the epicenter of an inexplicable outbreak that causes infected patients to turn murderous, challenging a small group of outcasts to survive a violent night.
Johnson, MarvisGods & GangstersUrban
Johnson, MarvisGods of EgyptUrban
Johnson, MicaiahThe Space Between WorldsA cross-dimensional examination of identity, privilege and belonging follows the adventures of a rare survivor whose counterparts in other realities have died and who stumbles on a dangerous secret threatening her new home and fragile place in it.
Jones, Stephen GrahamNight of the MannequinsHorror
Katz, EricaThe Boys' ClubThriller
Kenan, RandallIf I Had Two WingsShort Stories
Kim, Nancy JooyounThe Last Story of Mina LeeSuspecting foul play in the wake of her mother’s accidental death, Margot Lee investigates her mother’s past as a Korean War orphan and undocumented immigrant before uncovering profound secrets.
Kline, Christina BakerThe ExilesSent to a Tasmanian penal colony after conceiving her employer’s grandchild, a young governess befriends a talented midwife and an orphaned Aboriginal chief’s daughter while confronting the harsh realities of British colonialism and oppression in 19th-century Australia.
Kope, SpencerShadows of the DeadMystery - Special Tracking Unit #3
Laurie, VictoriaTo Coach a KillerCozy Mystery - Cat Cooper #2
Leavitt, CarolineWith or Without YouA rock musician longing for stardom makes a difficult choice when his wife falls into a coma on the eve of his tour, before she wakes up with an incredible talent of her own.
Lemberg, R. B.The Four Profound WeavesFantasy
Lemmie, AshaFifty Words for RainHistorical
Lester, NatashaThe Paris SecretHistorical
Lewis, BeverlyThe Stone WallAmish
Lim, RoselleVanessa Yu's Magical Paris Tea ShopFiction
Loskutoff, MaximRuthie FearIn this haunting parable of the American West, a young woman faces the violent past of her remote Montana valley.
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's Fool's ParadiseMystery - Jessie Stone #19
Macmillan, GillyTo Tell You the TruthThriller
Macomber, DebbieJingle All the WayRomance
Makumbi, Jennifer NansubugaA Girl Is a Body of WaterComing of age with the support of the women in her Ugandan village, a girl struggling with abandonment seeks answers at the side of a local witch who shares stories about their culture’s heritage of female strength.
Mallery, SusanHappily This ChristmasRomance - Happily Inc. #6
Manning, KirstyThe Lost JewelsAn American jewelry historian discovers her unexpected ties to a fortune in jewels discovered under the floor of a London tenement house where an impoverished Irish immigrant once attempted to change her family's fortunes.
Mason, Bobbie AnnDear AnnLiterary
Mayor, ArcherThe Orphan's GuiltMystery - Joe Gunther #31
Medie, Peace AdzoHis Only WifeEnduring a life of minimal prospects among her uncles many wives, a young seamstress relocates to Accra when she is married in absentia to a wealthy man whose family would separate him from the woman he loves.
Michaels, FernBitter PillRomantic Suspense - Sisterhood #32
Michaels, FernThe Brightest StarRomance
Monroe, MaryThe Gift of FamilyA middle-aged couple who has never been able to have children and an elderly widow who maintains a grueling schedule to support her grandkids come up with a solution to help both families during the holiday season, with unexpected results.
Moore, NiyahThe Queen's DiamondWorking in a gentleman’s club to support herself until turning 21, Desirae discovers her talent for rap music and becomes famous overnight, before her success is threatened by a rival newcomer and a friend’s brutal murder.
Mosley, WalterThe Awkward Black ManShort Stories
Nesbo, JoThe KingdomMystery
Novik, NaomiA Deadly EducationAn unwilling dark sorceress destined to rewrite the rules of magic clashes with a popular combat sorcerer while resolving to spare the lives of innocents.
N'tyseOutlaw MamisUrban
Nunez, SigridWhat Are You Going ThroughFiction
O'Leary, BethThe SwitchAfter Leena and Eileen, her seventy-nine year old grandmother, decide to switch homes for two months, they each discover that love can be found in the most unlikely places.
Osman, RichardThe Thursday Murder ClubMeeting weekly in their retirement village’s Jigsaw Room to exchange theories about unsolved crimes, four savvy septuagenarians propose a daring but unorthodox plan to help a woman rookie cop solve her first big murder case.
Palahniuk, ChuckThe Invention of SoundHorror
Park, SuzanneLoathe at First SightRomance
Parks, BradInterferenceThriller
Parrish, RoanBetter Than PeopleRomance
Patterson, JamesThe Coast-to-coast MurdersThriller
Paul, GillJackie and MariaFiction
Perks, HeidiThree Perfect LiarsThree ambitious women have their lives turned upside down after a horrifying fire destroys a successful advertising agency and threatens to expose a tangled web of lies.
Perry, AnneA Question of BetrayalMystery - Elena Standish #2
Phillips, C. N.The Nightmare on Trap StreetUrban
Philyaw, DeeshaThe Secret Lives of Church LadiesThe Secret Lives of Church Ladies explores the raw and tender places where black women and girls dare to follow their desires and pursue a momentary reprieve from being good. The nine stories in this collection feature four generations of characters grappling with who they want to be in the world, caught as they are between the church's double standards and their own needs and passions.
Robb, J. D.Shadows in DeathMystery - In Death #51
Robinson, MarilynneJackA new Gilead novel that tells the story of John Ames Boughton, the beloved, erratic, and grieved-over prodigal son of a Presbyterian minister from Gilead, Iowa.
Ryan, MadeleineA Room Called EarthLiterary
SlmnGods & Gangsters 2Urban
Smith, AliSummerFiction - Seasonal Quartet #4
Stephenson, SimonSet My Heart to FiveA first novel by a former Pixar screenwriter follows the emotional awakening of a human-like bot, a small-town dentist who, in the wake of an inexplicable response to a classic movie, endeavors to forge real connections.
Stine, AlisonRoad Out of WinterScience Fiction
Strahan, JonathanThe Year's Best Science FictionScience Fiction
Sullivan, LeoThe Coldest Love She's Ever KnownUrban
Swinson, KikiThe DeadlineDesperate to break a major exclusive to secure a coveted anchor desk slot, an off-air TV news reporter risks her family’s safety to investigate a murder in her Southern home town.
Tidhar, LavieBy Force AloneFantasy
Tobar, HectorThe Last Great Road BumLiterary
Tunstall, SherrodHardheartedUrban
Walsh, M. O.The Big Door PrizeWhen an unassuming DNA machine is installed at their local grocery store, Douglas and his wife, Cherilyn, are swept up by their community’s efforts to transform lives by reconnecting with their ancestry.
Warburton, SarahOnce Two SistersThriller
Ware, RuthOne by OneWhen an offsite company retreat is upended by an avalanche that strands them in a remote mountain chalet, eight coworkers are forced to set aside their corporate rankings and mutual distrust in order to survive.
Weaver, AshleyA Deception at ThornecrestMystery - Amory Ames #7
Weiden, David Heska WanbliWinter CountsA vigilante enforcer on South Dakota's Rosebud Indian Reservation enlists the help of an ex to investigate the activities of an expanding drug cartel, while a new tribal council initiative raises controversial questions.
Whitaker, Tu-Shonda L.Role PlayA powerful governor begins losing control of his white-collar crime organization in the wake of two affairs, a new security officer and an ambitious reporter who is tracking his every move.
White, EdmundA Saint from TexasLiterary
Williams, RacquelFinessed a Dope Boy's HeartUrban
Woods, StuartShakeupMystery - Stone Barrington #55
Yong, JinA Snake Lies WaitingFantasy - Condor Heroes #3
Zahn, TimothyChaos RisingScience Fiction - Thrawn Ascendancy #1
August 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, AlinaThe Nesting DollsHistorical
Addison, KatherineThe Angel of the CrowsIn an alternate-world 1880s London populated by supernatural and human beings, an angel triggers chaos by falling in his resolve to end the murder spree of Jack the Ripper.
Andrews, DonnaThe Falcon Always Wings TwiceMystery - Meg Langslow #27
Appanah, NathachaTropic of ViolenceLiterary
Backman, FredrikAnxious PeopleFiction
Balogh, MarySomeone to RomanceRomance - Westcott #8
Bannister, JoDangerous PursuitsMystery - Hazel Best & Gabriel Ash #7
Bender, AimeeThe Butterfly LampshadeThe first novel in ten years from the author of the beloved New York Times bestseller The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake, a luminous, poignant tale of a mother, a daughter, mental illness, and the fluctuating barrier between the mind and the world.
Beukes, LaurenAfterlandFleeing west to find a safe haven in a world vastly transformed by a pandemic that has killed nearly all men, a mother disguises her son as a girl to escape dangerous adversaries, including her own sister.
Billingham, MarkCry BabyMystery - Tom Thorne #17
Binder, L. AnnetteThe Vanishing Sky A mother in a rural 1945 German community protects her traumatized soldier son from her husband’s escalating nationalism, while her younger son flees the Hitler Youth to embark on a perilous journey home.
Black, LisaEvery Kind of WickedMystery - Gardiner and Renner #6
Bowen, RhysThe Last Mrs. SummersCozy Mystery - Royal Spyness #14
Brennan, MarieDriftwoodScience Fiction
Brown, SandraThick As ThievesRomantic Suspense
Buckley, FionaThe Scent of DangerHistorical Mystery - Ursula Blanchard #18
Burke, James LeeA Private CathedralMystery - Dave Robicheaux #23
Butcher, JimPeace TalksFantasy - Dresden Files #16
Bybee, CatherineHome to MeRomance - Creek Canyon #2
Cabot, MegNo OffenseRomance - Little Bridge Island #2
Carrey, JimMemoirs and MisinformationFiction
Chase, EveThe Daughters of Foxcote ManorMoving to 1970 Foxcote Manor when their London home burns down, a woman and her children take in an abandoned baby girl who is forced to investigate a murder and her own origin story 40 years later.
Cleeves, AnnThe Darkest EveningMystery - Vera Stanhope #9
Clipston, AmyThe Farm StandInspirational - Amish Marketplace #2
Cocks, HeatherThe Heir AffairRomance - Royal We #2
Cooper, EllisonCut to the BoneMystery - Agent Sayer Altair #3
Cosby, S. A.Blacktop WastelandCompelled by poverty to agree to a lucrative final heist that will allow him to go straight, a skilled getaway driver finds his efforts complicated by racial dynamics and the ghosts of his past.
Coulter, CatherineDeadlockMystery - FBI Thriller #24
Dams, Jeanne M.Death Comes to DurhamMystery - Dorothy Martin #23
Daria, AlexisYou Had Me at HolaRendered the subject of tabloid gossip by a messy public breakup, soap star Jasmine takes a part in a new bilingual comedy at the side of a telenovela costar who would revitalize his career.
Davis, FionaThe Lions of Fifth AvenueHistorical
Davis, LindseyThe Grove of the CaesarsHistorical Mystery - Flavia Albia #8
Dazieri, SandroneKill the KingMystery - Caselli and Torre #3
Del Toro, GuillermoThe Hollow OnesHorror - The Blackwood Tapes #1
Delaney, J. P.Playing NiceMystery
Deutermann, Peter T.The HooligansHistorical - WWII #7
Deveraux, JudeChance of a LifetimeParanormal Romance
Dimaline, CherieEmpire of WildInspired by the Canadian Métis legend of the Rogarou, a U.S. debut finds a woman reconnecting with her heritage when her missing husband reappears in the form of a charismatic preacher who does not recognize her.
Donlea, CharlieThe Suicide HouseMystery - Moore and Phillips #2
Donoghue, EmmaThe Pull of the StarsHistorical
Doore, K. A.The Unconquered CityFantasy - Chronicles of Ghadid #3
Downes, AnnaThe Safe Place Losing her job and agent on the same miserable day, Emily accepts a nanny position on a remote French estate before discovering that her employer, a successful CEO, and his wife are hiding dangerous secrets.
Downing, SamanthaHe Started ItMystery
Duffy, KimberlyA Mosaic of WingsInspirational
Eason, LynetteAcceptable RiskInspirational - Danger Never Sleeps #2
Elliott, KateUnconquerable SunA high-adventure space opera inspired by Alexander the Great follows the coming of age of Princess Sun, a legendary queen-marshal’s daughter who navigates a plot by conniving nobles to prevent her ascent to the throne.
Emezi, AkwaekeThe Death of Vivek OjiIn the wake of a southeastern Nigerian mother's discovery of her son's body on her doorstep, a family struggles to understand the enigmatic nature of a youth shaped by disorienting blackouts, diverse friendships and a cousin's worldly influence.
Endicott, MarinaThe Voyage of the Morning LightLiterary
Estleman, Loren D.IndigoMystery - Valentino #6
Feeney, AliceHis & HersThriller
Feist, Raymond E.Queen of StormsFantasy - Firemane #2
Feldman, EllenParis Never Leaves YouHistorical
Ferrante, ElenaThe Lying Life of AdultsLiterary
Fogelson, AlizaThe Lending LibraryWhen the Chatsworth library closes indefinitely, small-town art teacher Dodie Fairisle turns her sunroom into her very own little lending library, which leads to both new friendships and romance, as well as an unexpected chance to realize her secret dream.
Follett, KenThe Evening and the MorningHistorical - Kingsbridge #4
Ford, Kelli JoCrooked HallelujahA first collection by an award-winning Cherokee writer traces four generations of Native American women as they navigate cultural dynamics, religious beliefs, the 1980s oil bust, devastating storms, and unreliable men to connect with their ideas about home.
Freeman, BrianRobert Ludlum's the Bourne EvolutionThriller
Friedland, JacquelineThat's Not a ThingRomance
Galligan, JohnDead Man DancingMystery - Bad Axe County #2
George, NelsonThe Darkest HeartsMystery - D Hunter #5
Geye, PeterNorthernmostLiterary
Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Handsome AntonioMystery - Auntie Poldi #3
Goldin, MeganThe Night SwimThriller
Goldman, MattDead WestMystery - Nils Shapiro #4
Green, HankA Beautifully Foolish EndeavorScience Fiction - An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #2
Griffin, NealThe Burden of TruthMystery
Griffiths, EllyThe Lantern MenMystery - Ruth Galloway #12
Gyasi, YaaTranscendent KingdomA sixth-year PhD candidate grapples with the childhood faith of the evangelical church in which she was raised while researching the science behind the suffering that has devastated her Ghanaian immigrant family.
Haines, CarolynThe Devil's BonesCozy Mystery - Sarah Booth Delaney #21
Hall, AlexisBoyfriend MaterialFabricating a respectable relationship with a man with whom he shares nothing in common when his rock-star father’s comeback leads to unwanted attention, Luc stages publicity-friendly dates that become complicated by all-too-real feelings.
Hamilton, Laurell K.Sucker PunchFantasy - Anita Blake #27
Harmel, KristinThe Book of Lost NamesEscaping from Paris in 1942 after the arrest of her father, a Polish Jew, a graduate student finds refuge in a small mountain town, where she forges identity documents to help hundreds of Jewish children flee the Nazis.
Harrison, CoraDeath of a Prominent CitizenMystery - Reverend Mother #7
Hart, CarolynGhost Ups Her GameMystery - Bailey Ruth Ghost #9
Hart, ElsaThe Cabinets of Barnaby MayneVisiting a formidable science-book collector’s home in the hopes of identifying plant specimens, 18th-century herbalist Cecily Kay finds herself investigating her host’s untimely murder when she observes unsettling inconsistencies.
Hatcher, Robin LeeHow Sweet It IsInspirational - Legacy of Faith #3
Heaberlin, JuliaWe Are All the Same in the DarkMystery
Henderson, AlexisThe Year of the WitchingObserving a life of strict submission to minimize discrimination for her mixed heritage, Immanuelle discovers dark truths about her community’s church and her late mother’s secret relationship with the spirits of four witches.
Hession, RonanLeonard and Hungry PaulFiction
Hofmann, JenniferThe Standardization of Demoralization ProceduresLiterary
Hooper, EliseFast GirlsHistorical
Hornby, NickJust Like YouRomance
Hozar, NazanineAriaAbandoned as an infant in a corrupt and divided Iran, Aria is raised by three mother figures of disparate class levels and temperaments before becoming a mother herself against a backdrop of the 1979 revolution.
J., AnnaFull Figured 15Urban
Jennings, KathleenFlyawayA debut novella by an award-winning writer and fantasy illustrator finds a reserved young woman from a Western Queensland town receiving a mysterious note from a long-missing brother that raises supernatural questions about other family disappearances.
Jones, Stephen GrahamThe Only Good IndiansSeamlessly blending classic horror and a dramatic narrative with sharp social commentary, the novel follows four American Indian men after a disturbing event from their youth puts them in a desperate struggle for their lives.
Kaufman, CharlieAntkindLiterary
Kellerman, JonathanHalf Moon BayMystery - Clay Edison #3
Keyes, MarianGrown UpsFiction
Kiernan, Stephen P.Universe of TwoHistorical
Kincaid, HarperTo Kill a Mocking GirlBookbinder Quinn finds herself in trouble when her ex's fiance turns up dead -- if she's not careful, her days might be numbered in this debut series perfect for fans of Kate Carlisle and Eva Gates.
Knecht, RosalieVera Kelly Is Not a MysteryMystery - Vera Kelly #2
Knowles, MikeRunning from the DeadMystery
Ko-eun, YunThe Disaster TouristLiterary
Kowal, Mary RobinetteThe Relentless MoonScience Fiction - Lady Astronaut #3
Kress, NancySea ChangeScience Fiction
Lacey, CatherinePewOffered shelter in a series of homes upon being discovered genderless, racially ambiguous, and nonverbal in a Southern church, Pew hears the secrets and confessions of locals before the community’s fear overtakes its generosity.
Lackberg, CamillaThe Golden CageMystery
Landragin, AlexCrossingsHistorical
Lapena, ShariThe End of HerMystery
Laukkanen, OwenLone Jack TrailThriller - Winslow and Burke #2
Lawson, MikeHouse PrivilegeThriller - Joe De Marco #14
Leilani, RavenLusterA young black artist falls into an affair with a man in an open marriage before gradually befriending his wife and adopted daughter against a backdrop of dynamic racial politics.
Lepionka, KristenOnce You Go This FarMystery - Roxane Weary #4
Lewis, LindenThe First SisterA Sisterhood priestess whose soldiers own the rights to her body confronts a difficult choice between duty and her heart, while an elite Venus soldier questions his allegiances when he is ordered to kill his former partner; for fans of James S.A. Corey, Chuck Wendig, and Margaret Atwood.
Livesey, MargotThe Boy in the FieldLiterary
Lovesey, PeterThe FinisherMystery - Peter Diamond #19
Lustbader, EricThe Nemesis ManifestoThriller
Malerman, JoshMalorieHorror - Bird Box #2
Mallery, SusanThe Friendship ListRomance
Mandelbaum, BeckyThe Bright Side Sanctuary for AnimalsThe award-winning author of Bad Kansas traces an emotionally charged weekend at an animal sanctuary in Western Kansas, where personal and community bonds are tested in the wake of an estranged daughter's homecoming.
Manning, CorinneWe Had No Rules A defiant, beautifully realized story collection about the messy complications of contemporary queer life.
Marcom, Micheline AharonianThe New AmericanLiterary
Martin, Emily B.SunshieldFantasy
Martin, ValerieI Give It to YouLiterary
Maxwell, AlyssaMurder at KingscoteHistorical Mystery - Gilded Newport #8
Mcconaghy, CharlotteMigrationsA woman who has dedicated her life to protecting the environment convinces a fishing captain and his salty crew to follow the world's last flock of Arctic terns on a migration of dark revelations.
McCorkle, JillHieroglyphicsLiterary
McKinlay, JennParis Is Always a Good IdeaRomance
MiashaAll We Ask Is TrustUrban - Secret Society #4
Miller, SueMonogamyDerailed by the sudden passing of her husband of 30 years, an artist on the brink of a gallery opening struggles to pick up the pieces of her life before discovering harrowing evidence of her husband’s affair.
Mina, DeniseThe Less DeadMystery
Montclair, AllisonA Royal AffairMystery - Sparks & Bainbridge #2
Moore, LorrieCollected StoriesFiction
Muir, TamsynHarrow the NinthScience Fiction - Ninth House #2
Nicholls, DavidSweet SorrowFiction
North, AlexThe ShadowsThriller
O'Farrell, MaggieHamnetThe award-winning author of I Am, I Am, I Am presents the evocative story of a young Shakespeare’s marriage to a talented herbalist before the ravaging death of their 11-year-old son shapes the production of his greatest play.
Page, NoraRead or AliveCozy Mystery - Bookmobile #3
Paolini, ChristopherTo Sleep in a Sea of StarsA space voyager living her dream of exploring new worlds lands on a distant planet ripe for colonization before her discovery of a mysterious relic transforms her life and threatens the entire human race.
Paretsky, SaraLove & Other CrimesMystery
Parker, T. JeffersonThen She VanishedThriller - Roland Ford #4
Parry, H. G.A Declaration of the Rights of MagiciansAn alternate-world tale of revolution and wonder follows necromancer Robespierre’s revolutionary outcry and weather mage Toussaint L’Ouverture’s slave revolt before newly elected Prime Minister William Pitt considers the legalization of magic for commoners.
Patterson, James1st CaseMystery
Patterson, JamesThe Midwife MurdersMystery
Pavesi, AlexThe Eighth DetectiveA young editor travels to a remote Mediterranean village to convince a reclusive writer to republish his classic detective stories, before discovering that the books hide even greater mysteries.
Penny, LouiseAll the Devils Are HereMystery - Chief Inspector Gamache #16
Perkins, S. C.Lineage Most LethalCozy Mystery - Ancestry Detective #2
Persaud, IngridLove After LoveAn award-winning Trinidadian author offers a novel that looks at a complicated marriage, an unconventional family and the shocking secrets that unite them.
Petty, Kate ReedTrue Story Haunted by the roles they played in covering up the sexual assault and attempted suicide of a student 15 years earlier, reclusive ghostwriter Alice and her former schoolmate, Nick, explore memories from different viewpoints that eventually reveal what really happened.
Picoult, JodiThe Book of Two WaysFiction
Poeppel, AmyMusical ChairsFiction
Prior, HazelHow the Penguins Saved VeronicaDetermined to find a worthy cause where she can dedicate her millions, octogenarian Veronica rediscovers love, family and connection while bonding with an unknown grandson and infiltrating a scientific team on behalf of endangered penguins in Antarctica.
Putney, Mary JoOnce DishonoredRomance - Rogues Redeemed #5
Quinn, SpencerOf Mutts and MenMystery - Chet and Bernie #10
Randall, AliceBlack Bottom SaintsA celebrated columnist, nightclub emcee and fine arts philanthropist draws inspiration from the Catholic Saints Day books while reflecting on his encounters with legendary black artists from the Great Depression through the post-World War II years.
Reich, ChristopherThe PalaceThriller - Simon Riske #3
Rice, ChristopherBlood VictoryThriller - Burning Girl #3
Robotham, MichaelWhen She Was GoodThriller - Cyrus Haven #2
Rocha, KitDeal With the DevilAn information broker whose librarian team uses knowledge to protect a crumbling America and a battle-weary supersoldier who is fighting for survival after refusing to target innocents become rivals and then unlikely partners in a quest to save the world.
Romero, George A.The Living DeadHorror
Rose, KarenSay No MoreRomantic Suspense - Sacramento #2
Ryan, Hank PhillippiThe First to LieThriller
Sáenz, Eva GarciaThe Silence of the White CityMystery
Salvatore, R. A.RelentlessFantasy - Drizzt: Generations #3
Slaughter, KarinThe Silent WifeThriller - Will Trent #10
SlmnThe Infamous One of the most respected hustlers on the streets of QueensBoro, Power creates a super group that sets out to take the streets and hip-hop world by storm until he is caught in the middle of a love triangle gone-wrong, threatening everything and everyone involved.
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Geometry of Holding HandsMystery - Isabel Dalhousie #13
SolomonAlibi IslandUrban
SolomonThe Purple DonUrban
Sparks, NicholasThe ReturnRomance
Spencer, SallyDaughters of DarknessMystery - Jennie Redhead #3
Stage, ZojeWonderlandMoving to a rural farmhouse in far upstate New York, Orla, a retired dancer, must protect her family from an unknown entity that is calling to them from the land, in the earth, beneath the trees — and in their minds.
Stayman-London, KateOne to WatchFrustrated by a lack of body diversity on her favorite reality show, a plus-sized fashion blogger uses an unexpected invitation to star in the show to bolster her career, before unexpected romance complicates her prospects.
Steel, DanielleRoyalRomance
Stein, LeighSelf CareThe CEO of a woman’s wellness start up must deal innumerable stresses, including her COO having tweeted something terrible about the president’s daughter while their top influencer, a former reality show contestant, becomes embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal.
Stivers, CaroleThe Mother CodeScience Fiction
Strahan, JonathanThe Book of DragonsFantasy anthology
Sykes, SamTen Arrows of IronFantasy - Grave of Empires #2
Tallo, KatieDark AugustThriller
Temple, EmilyThe LightnessOne year after her father leaves home for a meditation retreat and never returns, Olivia, yearning to make sense of his departure and to escape her overbearing mother, runs away and retraces his path to a place known as the Levitation Center.
Thor, BradNear DarkThriller - Scot Horvath #20
Van Den Berg, LauraI Hold a Wolf by the EarsLiterary
Walton, JoOr What You WillA fictional hero who has assumed the roles of gods, warriors, scholars and lovers in award-winning novels discovers that his author is dying and orchestrates a daring plan to catapult writer and character into immortality.
Warren, Susan MayThe Heart of a HeroInspirational - Global Search and Rescue #2
Watson, S. J.Final CutThriller
Williams, SheilaThe Secret WomenThree new friends, women all with mothers who have recently died, find long buried secrets when they help each other sort through their mothers’ belongings.
Wiseman, Ellen MarieThe Orphan CollectorHistorical - 1918 Pandemic
Woods, StuartChoppy WaterMystery - Stone Barrington #54
Zimmerman, VickyMiss Cecily's Recipes for Exceptional LadiesFiction
July 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abbott, JeffNever Ask MeThriller
Albert, AnnabethConventionally YoursRomance
Andrews, V. C.Shadows of FoxworthSagas- Dollanganger series
Antoinette, AshleyButterflyUrban
Atkins, AceThe RevelatorsCrime - Quinn Colson series
Auci, StefaniaThe Florios of SicilyHistorical
Barry, JessicaDon't Turn AroundThriller
Beanland, RachelFlorence Adler Swims ForeverRenting out their 1934 Atlantic City home and crowding into the apartment above their bakery with their daughters and a mysterious emigrée, a family constructs an elaborate web of lies to cover up a devastating tragedy.
Benford, GregoryGloriousScience Fiction
Brooks, MaxDevolutionA modern retelling of the Bigfoot legend is presented as a gripping journal by a woman from a high-tech Pacific Northwest community who becomes cut off from civilization by a volcanic eruption before witnessing the flight of starving humanoid beings.
Brooks, NitaThe Essence of PerfectionWhen pop superstar Nicola King enlists an elite and sought-after fragrance maker to design her a new scent, a list of very personal information is accidentally put on social media, resulting in some surprising results.
Brown, CarolynThe Banty HouseRomance
Burns, Amy JoShinerGrowing up in a cloistered mountain cabin cut off from everyone in the outside world except her mother's best friend, a fanatical snake handler's daughter risks everything to defy her father and pursue a different future.
Burton, Jeffrey B.The FindersAfter losing his beloved springer spaniel, Mace Reid, who specializes in human remains detection, adopts a new cadaver dog trainee, a rescue dog named Vira with a mysterious past, who helps him find a serial killer.
Carlisle, KateThe Grim ReaderMystery - Bibliophile series
Castillo, LindaOutsiderMystery - Kate Burkholder series
Center, KatherineWhat You Wish forWhen the new principal turns out to be the former, unrequited crush of her teen years, elementary school librarian Samantha Casey discovers that he is a changed man, determined to destroy everything she loves about the school, which forces her to take action.
Chakraborty, S. A.The Empire of GoldFantasy - Daevabad series
Clark, JulieThe Last FlightThriller
Clark, TracyWhat You Don't SeeMystery - Chicago series
Cleeton, ChanelThe Last Train to Key WestWomen
Coetzee, J. M.The Death of JesusLiterary
Colgan, Jenny500 Miles from YouWomen
Denton, Lauren K.The Summer HouseInvestigating four Army Rangers who have been implicated in the destruction of a luxurious summer lake resort, Army Major and former NYPD cop Jeremiah Cook is stonewalled by local law enforcement and dangerous secrets.
Doiron, PaulOne Last LieMystery - Mike Bowdtich series
Farrell, RichardThe Falling WomanA young National Transportation Safety Board investigator struggles with ethics challenges while interviewing a lone survivor of a tragic plane crash, a woman facing terminal cancer who would live out her final days in peace.
Fein, LouiseDaughter of the ReichHistorical
Fletcher, JessicaThe Murder of TwelveMysery - Murder She Wrote series
Ford, RichardSorry for Your TroubleA new short-story collection by the award-winning author of Independence Day.
Foster, LoriThe Somerset GirlsRomance
Francis-Sharma, LaurenBook of the Little AxeQuietly but purposefully rebelling against the life others expect of her in late-18th-century Trinidad, Rosa loses her family’s farm when her homeland transitions to British rule, before her half-Crow son finds his coming-of-age challenged by decades-old secrets.
Glass, JennaQueen of the UnwantedFantasy - Women's War series
Goldberg, LeonardThe Art of DeceptionMystery - Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
Harrison, KimAmerican DemonWhen the magical acts her friends and she committed to save the world inadvertently unleash a zombie epidemic, witch-demon Rachel Mariana Morgan considers a wrenching sacrifice in the wake of baffling murders and the arrival of a new demon.
Hedlund, JodyThe Runaway BrideChristian - Bride Ships series
Higgins, KristanAlways the Last to KnowWhen John Frost has a stroke, his family, including his two daughters – perfect Julie and free-spirited Sadie, and his wife of 50 years, are forced to confront the truth about their lives, in this new novel of about what family really means.
Hogan, RuthQueenie Malone's Paradise HotelFriendship
Hogle, SarahYou Deserve Each OtherRomance
Jackson, KwanaReal Men KnitDetermined to keep his late adoptive mother’s Harlem knitting shop open, one of four brothers accepts the help of a craft-savvy businesswoman who is hiding her secret crush on him.
Kealey, ImogenLiberationHistorical
King, Laurie R.Riviera GoldMystery - Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series
Kwan, KevinSex and VanityWhen George, the man with whom she had brief fling several years earlier, unexpectedly appears in East Hampton, newly engaged Lucie Churchill is drawn to him again and spins a web of deceit in an attempt to block him from her life – and her heart.
Lackey, MercedesSpy, Spy AgainFantasy - Family Spies series
Lawrence, MarkThe Girl and the StarsFantasy - Book of the Ice series
Logan, KylieThe Secrets of BonesMystery - Jazz Ramsey series
Mackintosh, SophieBlue TicketA pregnant woman in a society where females are assigned their life stations through a lottery system contends with how the system will inevitably shape her child’s life.
Macomber, DebbieA Walk Along the BeachRomance
Masad, IlanaAll My Mother's LoversShattered by revelations about the recently deceased mother who never entirely accepted her sexuality, a gay woman tracks down the men in her mother’s hidden second life while coming to terms with new understandings about monogamy.
Miller, HollyThe Sight of YouUnable to help falling in love with a woman who offers him a second chance, a man who secretly experiences dreams about the future makes a difficult choice in the face of a daunting premonition about their future together.
Mitchell, DavidUtopia AvenueThe members of a music band in 1967 London navigate the era’s parties, drugs and politics as well as their own egos and tragedies while exploring transformative perspectives about youth, art and fame.
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaMexican GothicA reimagining of the classic gothic suspense novel follows the experiences of a courageous socialite in 1950s Mexico who is drawn into the treacherous secrets of an isolated mansion.
Morley, IslaThe Last BlueWomen
Moshfegh, OttessaDeath in Her HandsDiscovering a note and grave while walking her dog in the woods, an elderly widow becomes obsessed with learning the victim’s story before her grip on reality is shaken by what she uncovers.
Mukherjee, AbirDeath in the EastMystery
Panowich, BrianHard Cash ValleyThriller
Patterson, JamesCajun JusticeThriller
Peterson, TracieThe Way of LoveChristian - Willamette brides series
Ricciardi, DavidBlack FlagThriller - Jake Keller series
Rochon, FarrahThe Boyfriend ProjectWhen a live tweet of a horrific date reveals the unscrupulous dealings of an internet catfisher, three duped women make a pact to invest in themselves for six months, prompting one to pursue a dream career.
Rosenfelt, DavidMuzzledMystery - Andy Carpenter series
Sager, RileyHome Before DarkTwenty-five years after her father published a wildly popular nonfiction book based on her family’s rushed exit from a haunted Victorian estate, naysayer Maggie inherits the house and begins renovations, only to make a number of disturbing discoveries.
Schultz, ConnieThe Daughters of ErietownExplores the impact of forfeited dreams, long-kept secrets and evolving gender roles on a small family throughout the latter half of the 20th century.
Sickels, CarterThe Prettiest StarA young, gay man who left small-town Appalachia for New York City in 1980 returns home to die six years later after contracting AIDS, in a novel about love, family and redemption.
Silva, DanielThe OrderThriller - Gabriel Allon series
Singh, NaliniAlpha NightParanormal Romace - Psy-Changeling Trinity series
St. John, KatherineThe Lion's DenThriller
Steiner, SusieRemain SilentMystery - Marion Bradshaw series
Sullivan, J. CourtneyFriends and StrangersStruggling to adjust to small-town life after having a baby, an accomplished New York City journalist immerses herself in social media before bonding with a babysitter from a very different walk of life.
Swarup, ShubhangiLatitudes of LongingAn award-winning debut from India explores the love and longing between humanity and the earth through the stories of a botanist, a clairvoyant, a geologist, a revolutionary's mother, a shapeshifting turtle and other protagonists.
Tremblay, PaulSurvivor SongWhen Massachusetts is overrun by a rabies-like virus that is incurable an hour after infection, a soft-spoken pediatrician navigates apocalyptic obstacles to get a vaccine to her eight-months pregnant friend.
Tsukiyama, GailThe Color of AirA young doctor finds his arrival home to Hawai’i coinciding with the awakening of the Mauna Loa volcano and its dangerous path toward their village, unearthing long-held secrets simmering below the surface that meld past and present.
Vera, MariselThe Taste of SugarRelocating to the sugar plantations of Hawaii when their Caribbean farm is decimated by the Spanish-American War and the San Ciriaco Hurricane, two Puerto Ricans join thousands of fellow refugees in confronting the realities of American prosperity.
West, Catherine AdelSaving Ruby KingHistorical
Wiggs, SusanThe Lost and Found BookshopInheriting her mother’s San Francisco bookshop in the wake of a tragedy, Natalie bonds with her ailing grandfather and hires a contractor to perform repairs before unexpected discoveries connect her to the community and family secrets.
Young, HeatherThe Distant DeadMystery
June 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Ackerman, ElliotRed Dress in Black and WhiteThe author of Waiting for Eden presents a timely novel set in the course of a single day in Istanbul that depicts how an American woman’s efforts to leave her influential Turkish husband become complicated by political corruption.
Austin, LynnIf I Were YouChristian
Bennett, BritThe Vanishing HalfSeparated by their embrace of different racial identities, two mixed-race identical twins reevaluate their choices as one raises a black daughter in their southern hometown while the other passes for white with a husband who is unaware of her heritage.
Clancy, ChristinaThe Second HomeInheriting their family’s Cape Cod summer home years after long-term estrangement, two sisters are reunited by a man with a legitimate claim to the property who would set the record straight.
Dailey, JanetHolding Out for ChristmasRomance
Deroux, MargauxThe Lost Diary of VeniceHistorical
Dev, SonaliRecipe for PersuasionThe author of Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors adapts Jane Austen’s Persuasion in the story of a chef who partners with her celebrity first love during a reality-show competition she hopes will save her restaurant.
Foley, LucyThe Guest ListThriller
Gear, Kathleen O'NealPeople of the CanyonsHistorical
George, AlexThe Paris HoursFour individuals share an extraordinary day in Paris between the wars, including a maid in possession of a lone surviving Marcel Proust manuscript and a lovesick artist who would repay an impossible debt through a partnership with Gertrude Stein.
Giffin, EmilyThe Lies That BindWomen
Guillory, JasmineParty of TwoRomance
Hankin, LauraHappy and You Know ItWomen
Harper, KarenThe Queen's SecretHistorical
Henry, EmilyBeach ReadAn acclaimed but blocked literary master and a best-selling novelist who has stopped believing in true love agree to a summer-long writing project that challenges them write well in each others’ styles.
Hibbert, TaliaTake a Hint, Dani BrownA young woman who agrees to fake-date her friend after a video of him “rescuing” her from their office building goes viral.
Higgins, KristanAlways the Last to KnowWomen
Hilderbrand, Elin28 SummersThe best-selling author of Summer of ‘69 presents a tale inspired by the film, Same Time Next Year, that follows a man’s discovery of his mother’s long-term relationship with the husband of a Presidential frontrunner.
Ignatius, DavidThe PaladinThriller
Jenner, NatalieThe Jane Austen SocietyA group of disparate bibliophiles bands together in the small English village of Chawton in the hopes of restoring the final home of Jane Austen, revealing their respective losses along the way.
Jonasson, RagnarThe MistIn the conclusion of the critically acclaimed Hidden Iceland series, Detective Hulda is haunted forever by the events that occurred in an isolated farm house on the east of Iceland that opened its doors to a killer.
Jones, SandieThe Half SisterThriller
Maden, MikeTom Clancy Firing PointThriller
Majumdar, MeghaA BurningAn opportunistic gym teacher and a starry-eyed misfit find the realization of their ambitions tied to the downfall of an innocent Muslim girl who has been wrongly implicated in a terrorist attack.
Martin, CharlesThe Water KeeperTending the grounds of an island church with no parishioners, retired priest Murphy Shepherd voyages down the Intracoastal waterway to scatter a friend's ashes before agreeing to help a woman whose daughter has been abducted into the world of trafficking.
Meyerson, AmyThe ImperfectsFamily Life
Millet, LydiaA Children's BibleContemptuous of the equally neglectful and suffocating parents who would pass the summer in a stupor of drugs and sex, one dozen eerily mature children run away as a dangerous storm descends and subjects them to apocalyptic chaos.
Miranda, MeganThe Girl from Widow HillsThriller
Oates, Joyce CarolNight. Sleep. Death. the StarsAn intimate exploration of race, class warfare and healing follows the unexpected reactions of a wife and her adult children to a powerful patriarch’s death.
Oke, JanetteUnyielding HopeChristian
Paris, B. A.The DilemmaOrganizing a lavish birthday party after decades of hardship, a woman hiding a secret about a daughter who cannot attend is forced to confront a devastating truth when her husband arranges a surprise.
Patterson, JamesThe Summer HouseThriller
Phillips, Susan ElizabethDance Away With MeSeeking refuge in a Tennessee mountain town to recover from heartbreak, a young widow and midwife bonds with an enigmatic artist, a helpless infant and a passel of curious teens in a small and suspicious community.
Riley, LucindaThe Sun SisterFamily Life
Robards, KarenThe Black Swan of ParisA celebrated singer in World War II occupied France joins the Resistance to save her estranged family from being killed in a German prison.
Scott, StephanieWhat's Left of Me Is YoursLiterary
Shalvis, JillThe Summer DealWomen
Shriver, LionelThe Motion of the Body Through SpaceDeciding in the face of an ignominious early retirement to enter a triathlon, a once-sedentary narcissist embarks on an obsessive fitness regime while his surgery-debilitated wife is treated with contempt by his sexy personal trainer.
Solomon, AnnaThe Book of V.A modern family woman grappling with sexual and intellectual desires, a Watergate-era political wife confronting a life-changing choice and an independent-minded sacrifice to an ancient Persian king explore enduring women’s realities that have not changed for millennia.
Steel, DanielleDaddy's GirlsWomen
Steil, JenniferExile MusicThe daughter of respected Jewish music artists finds her culturally rich life in 1938 Vienna shattered by the Nazi invasion and a devastating secret that threatens her efforts to start over in a Bolivian Andes refugee community.
Swinson, KikiHis Rebound BitchUrban
Thomas, ElisabethCatherine HouseA dangerously curious, rebellious undergraduate uncovers a shocking secret about an exclusive circle of students and the dark truths beneath their school’s promises of prestige.
Weir, AlisonKatheryn Howard, the Scandalous QueenHistorical
Williams, BeatrizHer Last FlightInvestigating the fate of a forgotten aviation pioneer, a 1947 war correspondent tracks down the pilot’s former student before learning the remarkable story of their complicated and passionate relationship.
Wilsner, MerylSomething to Talk AboutWhen her career is threatened by a red-carpet photo that appears to have romantic undertones, a Hollywood showrunner and her female assistant are targeted by paparazzi before realizing their actual feelings for each other.
Wright, LawrenceThe End of October Investigating dozens of mysterious deaths in an Indonesian internment camp, a World Health Organization doctor finds himself on a race to uncover the origins of a mysterious killer virus and find a cure before it decimates world populations.
May 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Brown, DaleEagle StationMilitary Thriller
Brown, Rita MaeFurmidable FoesMystery
Chiaverini, JenniferMrs. Lincoln's SistersHistorical
Constantine, LivThe Wife StalkerThriller
De Los Santos, MarisaI'd Give AnythingFamly Life
Delinsky, BarbaraA Week at the ShoreReturning to her family’s Rhode Island beach home after a 20-year estrangement, a real estate photographer navigates painful family secrets that test her bonds with her sisters, while her 13-year-old daughter pursues desperately wanted family ties.
Godwin, GailOld Lovegood GirlsSeparated by a devastating loss, two estranged college roommates reach out to each other years later in the face of unpredictable hardships before discovering the power of their unbreakable bond to transform their lives.
Graham, HeatherSeeing DarknessRomantic Suspense
Gudenkauf, HeatherThis Is How I LiedA pregnant detective, still haunted by the cold case murder of her best friend decades earlier is forced to relive the past and finally understand what happened when new evidence comes to light and the case is reopened.
Jance, Judith A.Credible ThreatThriller
Johansen, IrisThe PersuasionThriller
McCreight, KimberlyA Good MarriageBegged for help by an old friend, an overworked lawyer investigates a suspicious death in a Brooklyn brownstone before she is confronted by a close-knit circle of parents who would protect an exclusive school.
Michaels, FernTruth and JusticeWomen
Monroe, Mary AliceOn Ocean BoulevardWomen
Morrison, Mary B.Careful What You Click forFour single female friends living in Atlanta easily find career success, but not romantic success and decide together that online dating might be the answer as long as they take certain precautions, follow their plan and have each others’ backs.
Patterson, JamesHushThriller (Harriet Blue series)
Serritella, FrancescaThe Ghosts of HarvardDefying her family to investigate the suspicious suicide of her schizophrenic genius brother, a Harvard freshman begins to hear the voices of three paranoia-inducing ghosts from different eras in American history.
Shaara, JeffTo Wake the GiantThe best-selling author of The Frozen Hours draws on extensive research and unprecedented access to the Pearl Harbor memorial and museum archives in a high-suspense, historically accurate thriller inspired by the 1941 attack.
Sittenfeld, CurtisRodhamA novel of what-might-have-been follows Hillary Rodham as she takes a different path, blazing her own trail — one that unfolds in public as well as in private — and one that crosses paths again and again with Bill Clinton.
Thayer, NancyGirls of SummerWomen
April 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adimi, KaoutherOur RichesKirkus Reviews: "An understated, lyrical story of reading and resistance over the tumultuous generations."
Allan, BarbaraAntiques Fire SaleMystery
Altschul, AndrewThe GringaA novel about the slippery nature of truth and the tragic consequences of American idealism .
Andrews, Mary KayHello, SummerWomen
Ayim, Nana OforiattaThe God ChildWhen her mother adopts her god child, Kojo, Maya, the only child of an expat Ghanaian couple based in Germany, finds her life forever changed by his arrival, in this coming-of-age story about a young girl finding her freedom in the midst of familial, cultural and political constraints.
Barry, SebastianA Thousand MoonsLiterary
Bartz, AndreaThe HerdThriller
Beah, IshmaelLittle FamilyStruggling to replace the homes they have lost in their conflict-scarred homeland, five young people improvise a home together in an abandoned airplane before an irresistible opportunity tests their bond.
Begley, LouisThe New Life of Hugo GardnerFamily life
Bell, DarceySomething She's Not Telling UsThriller
Bennett, Robert JacksonShorefallFantasy
Bentley, DonWithout SanctionAn operative struggling with PTSD in the aftermath of a mission gone wrong is forced to confront his biggest failure to prevent an ISIS splinter cell from creating a weapon of mass destruction.
Bolton, SharonThe SplitThriller
Boyle, WilliamCity of MarginsThe lives of several lost souls intersect in gritty 1990s south Brooklyn, from a disgraced ex-cop with blood on his hands to the grieving mother of a suicide victim.
Brenner, JamieSummer LongingWomen
Brooks, MaxDevolutionA modern retelling of the Bigfoot legend is presented as a gripping journal by a woman from a high-tech Pacific Northwest community who becomes cut off from civilization by a volcanic eruption before witnessing the flight of starving humanoid beings.
Brown, JanellePretty ThingsTo save her mother, a con artist who hustled to give her a decent childhood, Nina must run her most audacious, dangerous scam yet that involves a privileged young heiress as they both try to survive the greatest game of deceit and destruction they will ever play.
Brown, TaylorPride of EdenLiterary
Bruce, CamillaYou Let Me inAfter notorious recluse and eccentric best-selling author Cassandra Tipp disappears, and his assumed dead, she leaves behind her massive fortune and one final manuscript, which plunges the town into her deepest, darkest secrets.
Burgess, BenDefining MomentsUrban
Campbell, RamseyThe Wise FriendThriller
Campisi, MeganSin EaterHistorical
Carey, M. R.The Book of KoliScience Fiction
Carlson, MelodyThe Happy CamperChristian
Carr, JackSavage SonThriller
Carson, RaeThe Rise of SkywalkerScience Fiction
Cha, FrancesIf I Had Your FaceIn Seoul, South Korea, four young women make their way in a world defined by impossibly high standards of beauty, secret salons catering to wealthy men, strict social hierarchies and K-pop fan mania.
Chekhov, Anton PavlovichFifty-two StoriesShort Stories
Chung, Maxine Mei-FungThe Eighth GirlThriller
Ciesielski, J'nellThe SocialiteAssigned to watch over two English debutantes in Nazi-occupied Paris, Barrett Anderson, who secretly trains Resistance fighters, must win the trust of Kat, who is trying to tear her sister away from her Nazi boyfriend and bring her back home.
Coates, DarcyThe Haunting of Ashburn HouseHorror
Coble, ColleenOne Little LieChristian
Cole, MykeSixteenth WatchScience Fiction
Connelly, MichaelFair WarningThriller
Cussler, CliveWrath of PoseidonAction
Dalcher, ChristinaMaster ClassTransferring from an elite post to the state boarding school where her daughter has been placed, a teacher is horrified to discover that the students are secretly being put to work as child laborers and subjected to involuntary lab experiments.
Dalglish, DavidRavencallerFantasy
Davila, April142 OstrichesSagas
Deaver, JefferyThe Goodbye ManThriller
Dolan, LianThe Sweeney SistersWomen
Durst, Sarah BethRace the SandsFantasy
Flynn, Katie M.The CompanionsDystopian
Fossey, BrookeThe Big FinishA curmudgeonly senior who would avoid a nursing home forges an unexpected bond with his estranged granddaughter, an abused child who is rapidly succumbing to the alcoholism that once painfully overshadowed his own life.
Gounelle, LaurentAlice Asks the Big QuestionsWomen
Harvey, Kristy WoodsonFeels Like FallingWomen
Hellenga, RobertLove, Death & Rare BooksRisking everything to keep the family bookstore in business, Gabe Johnson restarts his life in a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan where he is faced with an even more difficult challenge that threatens his business as well as the fate of a rekindled romance.
Hope, AnnaExpectationWomen
IndiaGangstress 2Urban
Irvine, AlexAnthropocene RagScience Fiction
J., AnnaFull Figured 15Urban
Jacobsen, RoyThe UnseenCaught between their lives and their dreams, a family on an isolated Norwegian island must face the changing modern world.
James, RebeccaThe Woman in the MirrorInvestigating her birth family upon inheriting a centuries-old English manor, an adopted art gallery curator uncovers the story of a mid-20th-century governess who was cruelly treated by the curator’s unknown ancestors.
Jedrowski, TomaszSwimming in the DarkIn early 1980s Poland during the violent decline of communism, two young men fall in love but eventually find themselves on opposite sides of the political divide.
Johnson, MarvisGods & GangstersUrban
KattThe Secret Lives of Baltimore Girls 2Urban
Kealey, ImogenLiberationHistorical
King, StephenIf It BleedsThriller
Kingsbury, KarenSomeone Like YouShattered by the discovery that she is not the biological daughter of her parents, Maddie abruptly ends an engagement and moves away before connecting with the grieving friend of a sister and family she never knew existed.
Kozloff, SarahThe Cerulean QueenFantasy
Kress, NancySea ChangeScience Fiction
K'WanThe VowTaking a break from exposing the crimes of high-ranking city officials, Kahliah, known as the Black Lotus, meets Magic, the charismatic owner of a new Midtown club and must decide whether or not to take on another case.
Leichter, HilaryTemporaryEighteen boyfriends, twenty-three jobs, and one ghost who occasionally pops in to give advice: Temporary casts a hilarious and tender eye toward the struggle for happiness under late capitalism.
L'Engle, MadeleineThe Moment of TendernessA collection of short stories by the late author of the Newbery Award-winning A Wrinkle in Time draws on L’Engle’s early life, career and faith to convey uplifting messages about the power of hope.
Levin, AdamBubblegum In an alternate present-day word in which the Internet doesn’t exist, one of the first owners of a popular interactive “flesh and bone” robot called Curio grapples with the outside world as he attempts to write his memoir.
Lodge, GythaWatching from the DarkMystery
Lourey, JessUnspeakable ThingsThriller
Lowry, Mary PaulineThe Roxy LettersWomen
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's Grudge MatchMystery
Mathews, FrancineDeath on TuckernuckMystery
McCormick, ChrisThe GimmicksA novel set in the waning years of the Cold War follows a trio of young Armenians from the Soviet Union, across Europe, to Southern California, looking at the Armenian Genocide, whose traumatic reverberations will have unexpected consequences on all three lives.
Mcfarland, JeniThe House of Deep WaterWomen
Meeropol, EllenHer Sister's TattooFamily Life
Mejia, MindyStrike Me DownHired by a feminist athletic empire to track down a fortune in stolen prize money, a forensic accountant with a secret connection to the client is pressured to investigate, only to encounter shocking and deadly truths.
Milliken, KateKept AnimalsComing of Age
Moore, ChristopherShakespeare for SquirrelsFantasy
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaUntamed ShoreFacing limited prospects in 1979 Baja California, a young woman from a poor fishing village becomes entwined in the lives of three wealthy American tourists before the death of one is complicated by revelations about their true identities.
Nam-Joo, ChoKim Jiyoung, Born 1982A U.S. release of a feminist best-seller from Korea follows the experiences of a millennial from Seoul who suddenly manifests the bizarre symptom of being able to flawlessly impersonate and then become any woman, alive or dead.
Nunn, KayteThe Forgotten Letters of Esther DurrantFamily Life
Oke, JanetteUnyielding HopeChristian
Palmer, D. J.The New HusbandThriller
Pochoda, IvyThese WomenConnected by the deadly obsessions of a single man, five very different women endure lives of danger and anguish, including a mother whose daughter's murder remains unsolved.
Quick, AmandaClose UpRomance
Quinn, JuliaFirst Comes ScandalRomance
Redfearn, SuzanneIn an InstantWomen
Riley, LucindaThe Sun SisterHistorical
Rimmer, KellyTruths I Never Told YouFamily Life
Roberts, NoraHideawayRomance
Scalzi, JohnThe Last EmperoxThis conclusion to the best-selling Interdependency series follows Emperox Grayland II as she fights a desperate final battle for her crown and empire while striving to save her citizens from eternal intergalactic isolation.
Schade, VictoriaWho Rescued WhoWhen the discovery of an abandoned puppy leads to an extended stay in England, Elizabeth Barnes, while settling an unexpected inheritance, is drawn into a tight-knit community of new friends and, along the way, makes some life choices that bring about much-needed change and a possible romance.
Scott, AnikaThe German HeiressHistorical
Shelton, PaigeThe Stolen LetterMystery
Shipman, ViolaThe Heirloom GardenWomen
Sickels, CarterThe Prettiest StarA novel about the bounds of family and redemption, shines light on an overlooked part of the AIDs epidemic when men returned to their rural communities to die
Skrutskie, EmilyBonds of BrassScience Fiction
Sligar, SaraTake Me ApartA young archivist’s obsession with her subject’s mysterious death threatens to destroy her fragile grasp on sanity, in a novel of psychological suspense.
SlmnGods of EgyptUrban
Smith, Jill EileenStar of PersiaEsther is poised to save her people from annihilation. Relying on a fragile trust in a silent God, can she pit her wisdom against a vicious enemy and win?
Sofer, DaliaMan of My TimeFrom the best-selling author of The Septembers of Shiraz comes the story of an Iranian man reckoning with his capacity for love and evil.
Stivers, CaroleThe Mother CodeRacing to protect human survival in the wake of a bio-warfare attack gone wrong, a team of scientists creates a generation of genetically engineered children who struggle to survive when their robot protectors are slated for demolition.
Stout, DanTitan's DayFantasy
Straub, EmmaAll Adults HereA matriarch confronts the legacy of her parenting mistakes while her adult children navigate respective challenges in high standards and immaturity, before a teen granddaughter makes a courageous decision to tell the truth.
Takhar, Helen MonksPrecious YouGeneration conflicts, paranoia and ambition shape an increasingly obsessive and toxic relationship between an exacting magazine editor-in-chief and a privileged, politically correct millennial intern who seems to be undermining her boss’s career.
Thammavongsa, SouvankhamHow to Pronounce KnifeShort Stories
Thorpe, RufiThe Knockout QueenIn a novel of love, violence and friendship in the California suburbs, privileged teen Bunny Lampert befriends in-the-closet rebel Michael, who lives on the other side of the tracks.
Trollope, JoannaMum & DadFamily Life
Trussoni, DanielleThe AncestorLiterary
Turow, ScottThe Last TrialLegal
Twardoch, SzczepanThe King of WarsawHistorical
Vo, NghiThe Empress of Salt and FortuneWith the heart of an Atwood tale and the visuals of a classic Asian period drama, this is a narrative about empire, storytelling, and the anger of women.
Walker, Adrian J.The Human SonScience Fiction
Ward, MatthewLegacy of AshThis debut is an epic tale of intrigue and revolution, soldiers and assassins, ancient magic and the eternal clash of empires.
Waters, MarthaTo Have and to HoaxAfter their marriage has become cold and detached, a Lady and Lord in Regency England each fake accidents and illness in an escalating game of manipulation that includes sanitariums, fake affairs and possibly a rekindled flirtation.
Weiner, JenniferBig SummerWomen
Wells, MarthaNetwork EffectScience Fiction
Wood, Tracey EnersonThe Engineer's WifeHistorical
Woods, StuartBombshellAction
Woodsmall, CindyThe Englisch DaughterOld Order Amish wife and mother Jemima has a crises of faith when she finds out that her life savings is gone—and her husband, Roy, has a secret child with another woman.
Wright, StevenThe Coyotes of CarthageIn a small South Carolina town, a political operative runs a dark-money campaign for his corporate clients.
March 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Adams, Lyssa KayUndercover BromanceRomance
Alvarez, JuliaAfterlifeReeling from her beloved husband's sudden death in the wake of her retirement, an immigrant writer is further derailed by the reappearance of her unstable sister and an entreaty for help by a pregnant undocumented teen.
Anthony, JessicaEnter the AardvarkLGBTQ
Aragi, AliThe Immortals of TehranLearning the story of a centuries-old family curse upon his father's death, young Ahmad struggles to protect his loved ones through decades of famine, loss and political turmoil before unexpected life changes converge at the height of the Iranian Revolution.
Arian, Amir AhmadiThen the Fish Swallowed HimArrested for political dissidence in the violent aftermath of Iran’s driver’s strike, a once-apolitical man develops an unsettling but interdependent relationship with his interrogator that exposes the oppressive power of the state to control individual lives.
Arnold, LukeThe Last Smile in Sunder CityFantasy
Bailey, Samantha M.Woman on the EdgeThriller
Baldacci, DavidWalk the WireThriller
Barry, MaxProvidenceA four-person crew aboard Earth’s first warship prepares to defend the planet from hostile aliens only to find their communications disrupted by a sudden and devastatingly real space battle.
Barry, QuanWe Ride upon SticksNearly three centuries after their coastal community’s witch trials, the women athletes of the 1989 Danvers Falcons hockey team combine individual and collective talents with 1980s iconography to storm their way to the state finals.
Bieker, ChelseaGodshotEnduring appalling treatment in a Central Valley agricultural community under the orders of an unscrupulous cult leader, Lacey receives support by women friends who help her search for the mother who abandoned her.
Black, CaraThree Hours in ParisThriller
Boyce, EricaLost at SeaSmall Town (Massachusetts)
Bybee, CatherineMy Way to YouRomance
Caldwell, ChristiIn Bed With the EarlRomance
Cameron, MarcStone CrossMystery
Carr, RobynSunrise on Half Moon BayWomen
Carson, ScottThe ChillA century after an early 20th-century New York community is intentionally flooded to redistribute water downstate, an inspector overseeing a dangerously neglected dam uncovers a prophecy that warns of additional sacrifices.
Chandler, LatoyaUnspoken WordsUrban
Clark, MarciaFinal JudgmentBreaking her personal rule about avoiding relationships when she falls for an ambitious entrepreneur, defense attorney Samantha Brinkman is challenged to prove her lover's innocence of murder when his alibi and past are thrown into question.
Coble, ColleenOne Little LieChristian Romantic Suspense
Colgan, JennyDiamonds Are a Girl's Best FriendWomen
Cross-Smith, LeesaSo We Can GlowShort Stories
Dickey, Eric JeromeThe Business of LoversAfrican American
Dillon, AlenaMercy HouseWomen
Doyle, RobThresholdLiterary
Engel, AmyThe Familiar DarkSeeking answers in the wake of her daughter’s murder, a woman from a small Missouri Ozarks community is forced to confront the truth about her own brutal childhood.
Ferrari, K.Like Flies from AfarMr. Luis Machi, an unforgettably loathsome and hilarious Argentinian oligarch who made his fortune collaborating with the worst elements of society, has a body in his trunk and must solve the mystery of who committed the murder.
Fredericks, MariahDeath of an American BeautyMystery
Gaige, AmitySea WifeA young family who escapes suburbia for a year-long sailing trip that upends all of their lives.
Gear, Kathleen O'NealCries from the Lost IslandFantasy
Goldberg, LeeFake TruthThriller
Goodman, CarolThe Sea of Lost GirlsThriller
Green, JocelynVeiled in SmokeChristian Historical
Grisham, JohnCamino WindsThriller
Hadlow, JaniceThe Other Bennet SisterA reimagining of the story of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice spinster, Mary Bennet, finds her navigating limited cultural expectations before embracing her intellectual identity and making her own choices about her future.
Hall, TarquinThe Case of the Reincarnated ClientMystery
Hannon, IreneStarfish PierChristian Romance
Harper, KarenDeep in the Alaskan WoodsRomantic Suspense
Harris, C. S.Who Speaks for the DamnedMystery
Harrison, RachelThe ReturnHorror
Hendrix, GradyThe Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying VampiresWhen her hectic but predictable life is upended by a vicious attack by an elderly local, Patricia unexpectedly bonds with a well-read neighbor who her senile mother-in-law claims to have known herself when she was a girl.
Hill, SusanThe Benefit of HindsightMystery
Hillier, JenniferLittle SecretsThriller
Hooper, KayHidden SalemThriller
Jiles, PauletteSimon the FiddlerConscripted into the Confederate Army after nearly escaping the American Civil War, an itinerant fiddle player joins a ragtag regimental band playing for both sides of the conflict before falling in love with an indentured Irish governess.
Jimenez, AbbyThe Happy Ever After PlaylistRomance
Jones, DaryndaA Bad Day for SunshineMystery
Joshi, AlkaThe Henna ArtistWomen
Kane, AndreaNo Stone UnturnedThriller
Katsu, AlmaThe DeepSurviving the sinking of the Titanic, Annie takes a job as a nurse on the Britannic before encountering a fellow survivor who forces her to reckon with past demons.
Kemp, MarinaMargueriteA young live-in nurse forges an unlikely connection with her once-powerful elderly charge before the influential people of their village begin targeting the relationship with gossip and a scheme to get the nurse fired.
Kent, SerenaDeath in AvignonMystery
Kidd, Sue MonkThe Book of LongingsA first-century intellectual fights the limitations imposed on women before an encounter with an 18-year-old Jesus leads to their marriage, his dangerous public ministry and her flight to safety in Alexandria.
Klune, T. J.The House in the Cerulean SeaFantasy
Kluwe, ChrisOtakuThis debut novel from a former NFL player and tech enthusiast follows a young woman, who, longing to escape reality, loses herself in a virtual world where she is loved, feared, and watched by millions across the globe until she stumbles upon a deadly conspiracy.
Kozloff, SarahA Broken QueenFantasy
Kozloff, SarahThe Queen of RaidersFantasy
Lalli, SonyaGrown-up PoseForced by cultural expectations to marry young, an Indian-American woman upsets her tight-knit community by getting divorced and investing all of her savings in a career path against her parents’ wishes.
Lawhon, ArielCode Name HeleneA novel based on the real-life story of socialite-spy Nancy Wake features the astonishing woman who killed a Nazi with her bare hands and went on to become one of the most decorated women in WWII.
Lawton, JohnHammer to FallPosted in disgrace to remote northern Finland under the guise of a cultural exchange representative, 1960s MI6 spy Joe Wilderness earns money on the side as a vodka smuggler before uncovering a mining operation with possible atomic ties.
Ledwidge, MichaelStop at NothingThriller
Lopera, Juliana DelgadoFiebre TropicalLit by the hormonal neon glow of Miami, this heady, multilingual debut novel follows a Colombian teenager's coming-of-age and coming out as she plunges headfirst into lust and evangelism.
MacColl, Mary-RoseLost AutumnHistorical
Maher, KerriThe Girl in White Gloves: A Novel of Grace KellyHistorical
Maxwell, AlyssaMurder at CrosswaysMystery
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Talented Mr. VargHumorous
McFarlane, MhairiIf I Never Met YouHumiliated when her long-time boyfriend breaks up with her amid rumors of an illicit pregnancy, Laurie agrees to pretend she is seriously dating the office playboy, who needs a steady girlfriend to protect his professional integrity.
McKevett, G. A.And the Killer IsMystery
Meyer, DeonThe Last HuntThriller
Morgan, LouisaThe Age of WitchesMagical Realism
Morrey, BethThe Love Story of Missy CarmichaelReevaluating her past upon finding herself alone at age 79, Missy forges unexpected ties with two strangers and their spirited dog, discovering the power of friendship, family and self-forgiveness along the way.
Nemens, EmilyThe Cactus LeagueBeginning spring training in the unforgiving Arizona desert, a star outfielder navigates the secrets of the coaches, writers, wives, girlfriends, criminals and fans who watch his every move.
Norman, MatthewLast Couple StandingDetermined not to end up like their divorced friends, Jessica and Mitch outline careful rules for an open marriage before finding themselves in way over their heads.
Novak, BrendaOne Perfect SummerWomen
Okri, BenThe Freedom ArtistAn impassioned plea for freedom and justice, set in a world uncomfortably like our own.
Pagan, CamilleThis Won't End WellAnnie Mercer breaks her vow of not letting new people into her life when she teams up with Mo, a maddeningly optimistic amateur detective, to keep an eye on her new neighbor, Harper, a glamorous yet fragile young woman.
Paretsky, SaraDead LandMystery
Patrick, PhaedraThe Secrets of Love Story BridgeA single father's brave act of saving a woman's life sparks an unexpected journey that helps him find a second chance at love.
Patterson, JamesRevengeThriller
Patterson, JamesThe 20th VictimThriller
Pattison, EliotThe King's BeastMystery
Perry, AnneOne Fatal FlawMystery
Pink, SamThe Ice Cream Man and Other StoriesShort Stories
Pronzini, BillThe Stolen Gold AffairMystery
Queally, JamesLine of SightThis debut novel from an award-winning crime reporter follows a former crime reporter-turned-private investigator who, for the first time in his life, finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he comes into possession of a controversial, inflammatory video of police brutality.
Rai, AlishaGirl Gone ViralRomance
Robinson, TammyPhotos of YouWomen
Robson, EddieHearts of OakScience Fiction
Rorick, KateLittle WondersA seemingly perfect mom becomes Internet-famous after her epic meltdown video goes viral and she is forced to team up with the posting culprit in a fight against the other moms at Little Wonders Preschool.
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Knows a Thing or TwoWomen
Roth, VeronicaChosen OnesOn the 10th anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat, one of the Chosen Ones—who brought the Dark One down—dies and the remaining four discover the Dark One’s ultimate goal was much bigger than they, the government or even prophecy could have foretold.
Ruggero, EdBlame the DeadThriller
Sandford, JohnMasked PreyCrime
SlmnThe Infamous 2Urban
Smith, Katy SimpsonThe EverlastingTraces the lives of four individuals from different times in Roman history, from an early Christian child martyr and a medieval monk on crypt duty to a Medici princess of Moorish descent and a contemporary field biologist.
Smith, Wilbur A.Call of the RavenAction
Staples, Dennis EThis Town SleepsLiterary
Steel, DanielleThe Wedding DressWomen
Szpara, K.M.DocileTo erase family debt, Elisha Wilder has his contract purchased by the man whose wealthy family is the brains behind a drug that turns people into Dociles, or people kept, body and soul, for the uses of their owners.
Szymiczkowa, MarylaMrs. Mohr Goes MissingMystery
Tanabe, KarinA Hundred SunsHistorical
Thompson, VictoriaMurder on Pleasant AvenueMystery
Thornton, Stephanie MarieAnd They Called It CamelotUsing her charm and intelligence to carve a place for herself among the men of history, Jackie Kennedy is forced to reassemble the fragments of her life after her husband’s assassination.
Tyler, AnneRedhead by the Side of the RoadA tech expert and building superintendent finds his circumscribed routines upended by his significant other's eviction and the appearance of a teen at his doorstep who claims to be his son.
Unferth, Deb OlinBarn 8Two auditors for the U.S. egg industry go rogue and conceive a plot to steal a million chickens in the middle of the night—an entire egg farm’s worth of animals.
Van Praag, MennaThe Sisters GrimmFantasy
Wagers, K. B.A Pale Light in the BlackMax and her Jupiter Station team must learn to work together when their routine mission to retrieve a missing ship turns dangerous.
Washburn, Kawai StrongSharks in the Time of SaviorsFolds the legends of Hawai’ian gods into an engrossing family saga; a story of exile and the pursuit of salvation.
Webb, BettyThe Panda of DeathMystery
Weber, CarlInfluenceAfrican American
Wetmore, ElizabethValentineLiterary
White, KateHave You Seen Me?Mystery
Wingate, LisaThe Book of Lost FriendsA modern-day teacher discovers the story of three Reconstruction-era women and how it connects to her own students’ lives.
Winslow, DonBrokenThriller
Wrobel, StephanieDarling Rose GoldThriller
Yong, JinA Bond UndoneFantasy
Zhang, C. PamHow Much of These Hills Is GoldTwo orphaned Chinese immigrant siblings flee the threats of their gold rush mining town across an unforgiving landscape where their survival is tested by family secrets, sibling rivalry and disparate goals.
February 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Abriel, AnitaThe Light After the WarHistorical - World War II
Adams, SeanThe HeapLiterary
Adkins, MaryPrivilegeComing of Age
Adler-Olsen, JussiVictim 2117A Department Q Mystery
Andrews, V. C.Out of the AtticDollanganger Saga
Armstrong, KelleyAlone in the WildThriller - a Rockton Novel
Barber, KathleenFollow MeThriller
Beyda, EmilyThe Body DoubleThriller
Bohjalian, Christopher A.The Red LotusFalling in love with a wounded former patient and accompanying him on a cycling trip to Vietnam, an emergency-room doctor uncovers a bizarre series of deceptions that culminate in her boyfriend’s unexplained disappearance.
Bowen, RhysAbove the Bay of AngelsMystery
Brennan, AllisonThe Third to DieThriller
Briggs, PatriciaSmoke BittenFantasy - a Mercy Thompson Novel
Brittney, LynnA Death in ChelseaA Mayfair 100 Mystery
Bunn, T. DavisTranquility FallsChristian Romance
Burns, AnnaLittle ConstructionsIn the small town of Tiptoe Floorboard, the Doe clan, a close-knit family of criminals and victims, has the run of the place, until one violent act leads to a day that just may change everything.
Cameron, W. H.CrossroadMystery
Card, MaisyThese Ghosts Are FamilyA man on his deathbed reveals that he stole another man’s identity decades earlier, traces the family’s history from colonial Jamaica to present-day Harlem and reconnects with the firstborn daughter he never knew.
Chang, AlexandraDays of DistractionA marginalized Silicon Valley staff writer moves with her boyfriend to a quiet upstate New York town where she confronts the challenges of their interracial relationship and the questions it raises about her heritage.
Childs, LauraLavender Blue MurderTea Shop Mysteries
Christie, MichaelGreenwoodA metaphorical tale tracing multiple generations of a once-wealthy family finds its members navigating secrets and crimes linked to the trees that have made and broken their fortunes.
Chute, CarolynThe Recipe for RevolutionAn incendiary revolutionary document written by a teen militia group leads to an insidious plot by a ruthless corporate CEO and a cult leader.
Coben, HarlanThe Boy from the WoodsThriller
Collins, Max AllanDo No HarmNathan Heller takes on the Sam Sheppard case, in which a young doctor, after being startled from sleep and discovering his wife brutally murdered, claims that a mysterious intruder killed his wife; but the evidence points to otherwise.
Cussler, CliveJourney of the PharaohsAction
Daugherty, ChristiRevolver RoadA Harper McClain Mystery
Davidson, HilaryDon't Look DownMystery
Deveraux, JudeA Forgotten MurderA Medlar Mystery
Dunnett, KaitlynA View to a KiltA Liss MacCrimmon Svottish Mystery
Eason, LynetteCollateral DamageA former military psychologist spends her days helping vets overcome PTSD--and her nights fighting her own nightmares. Now, on the run with a client who has already saved her life twice, she must uncover powerful secrets before they both end up dead.
Enright, AnneActressWhen her Irish-theater-legend mother succumbs to alcohol and instability, Norah draws on her experiences of surviving a crime and growing up in the wings of her mother’s career to rediscover herself as a wife, mother and writer.
Everhart, DonnaThe Moonshiner's DaughterHistorical
Feehan, ChristineLethal GameRomance
Finch, CharlesThe Last PassengerA Charles Lenox Mystery
Fink, JosephThe Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your HomeFantasy
Fox, CandiceGone by MidnightDistrustful of the police, Sara Farrow turns to Crimson Lake’s unlikeliest private investigators—disgraced cop Ted Conkaffey and convicted killer Amanda Pharrell—to help find her missing son.
Frantz, LauraAn Uncommon WomanChristian Historical
Freeman, BrianThief River FallsThriller
Gailey, SarahUpright Women WantedA near-future exploration of queer identity, written in the style of a pulp western, finds a woman stowing away to escape her arranged marriage to a man who was once engaged to the late best friend she secretly loved.
Gardiner, MegThe Dark Corners of the NightThriller
Graham, HeatherThe Final DeceptionRomantic Suspense
Graves, SarahDeath by Chocolate Frosted DoughnutA Death by Chocolate Mystery
Greaney, MarkOne Minute OutUncovering a human trafficking operation while in Croatia, Court Gentry follows its ringleader to Hollywood before encountering unexpected interference by his CIA handlers.
Hanover, SaraThe New Improved SorceressThe second book in this contemporary fantasy series returns to the life of Tessa Andrews as she balances the magical and mundane worlds.
Harris, CharlaineSmall Kingdoms & Other StoriesMystery
Hauck, RachelThe Fifth Avenue Story SocietyFrom the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a captivating new novel about the healing power of story, community, and love.
Healey, JaneThe Animals at Lockwood ManorHistorical - World War II
Hendricks, GreerYou Are Not AloneThriller
Karlsson, JonasThe CircusAn obsessive baker finds his quiet life upended when he goes to the circus with a childhood friend who disappears after volunteering to participate in a magician’s act.
Kent, KathleenThe BurnA Dallas detective struggles to adjust at work and home after a run-in with an apocalyptic cult while trying to track down crooked cops and the cult leader who had taken her hostage.
Kingman, PegThe Great UnknownHistorical
Kispert, PeterI Know You Know Who I AmShort stories explore deception and performance, the uneasiness of reconciling a queer identity with the wider world, and creates a sympathetic, often darkly humorous, portrait of characters searching for paths to intimacy.
Koontz, Dean R.DevotedA Jane Hawk thriller
Kramer, LarryThe American PeopleA writer and his two friends, one a doctor, the other a Nazi concentration camp survivor, track a terrible plague that grows and spreads as the government ignores it and set out to shock the nation’s conscious into action.
Larkwood, A. K.The Unspoken Name Destined to become a sacrifice on behalf of her superstitious people, Csorwe accepts a powerful mage’s alternate offer to become his bodyguard and spy to help him reclaim his power in the land from where he was exiled.
Lauren, ChristinaThe Honey-don't ListRomance
Leon, DonnaTrace ElementsA Comissario Guido Brunetti Mystery
Little, ElizabethPretty As a PictureMystery
Maas, Sarah J.House of Earth and BloodFantasy
MacNeal, Susan EliaThe King's JusticeA Maggie Hope Mystery
Mandel, Emily St. JohnThe Glass HotelThe award-winning author of Station Eleven presents a tale of crisis and survival in the hidden landscapes of homeless campgrounds, luxury hotels, private clubs and federal prisons, where a massive Ponzi scheme is tied to a woman’s disappearance at sea.
Mankell, HenningThe Rock BlasterThis is the author's first novel, originally published in 1973.
Mantel, HilaryThe Mirror & the LightHistorical - Renaissance
Margolin, PhillipA Reasonable DoubtA Robin Lockwood Mystery
Maxwell, AlyssaA Silent StabbingA Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery
May, PeterA Silent DeathA new suspense novel unites a strong, independent Spaniard with a socially inept Scotsman; a senseless vendetta with a sense-deprived victim; and a red-hot Costa Del Sol with an ice-cold killer.
McBride, JamesDeacon King KongIn the aftermath of a 1969 Brooklyn church deacon’s public shooting of a local drug dealer, the community’s African-American and Latinx witnesses find unexpected support from each other when they are targeted by violent mobsters.
Mcinnis, S. L.FramedDriving home from a dinner party after a disastrous revelation about her husband’s spending, Beth is enmeshed in a police case involving a mysterious blonde, a botched drug deal and a quadruple homicide.
Michaels, FernFearlessWomen
Monroe, MaryAcross the WayAfrican American - A Neighbors Novel
Montimore, MargaritaOona Out of OrderA young woman destined to wake up on her birthday to a random year in her life struggles through an out-of-order existence to reconcile her inner youth with the realities of shifting external identities, appearances and period norms.
Moore, GrahamThe HoldoutA woman is wrongly implicated in a murder one decade after convincing the members of a deadlocked jury to return a not-guilty verdict.
Murray, Andrew HunterThe Last DayIn a near-future world where a solar catastrophe has stopped the planet’s rotation, a scientist on a frostbitten rig uncovers a secret that the government will go to any length to keep hidden.
Nesbit, TarasheaBeheldThe best-selling author of The Wives of Los Alamos retraces the story of the Pilgrims from the perspectives of the rebel Billington family, whose disputes with Puritan neighbors under the influence of a newcomer escalate into Plymouth’s first murder.
Neubauer, Erica RuthMurder at the Mena HouseWell-heeled travelers from around the world flock to the Mena House Hotel—an exotic gem in the heart of Cairo where cocktails flow, adventure dispels the aftershocks of World War I and deadly dangers wait in the shadows.
Nguyen, Que Mai PhanThe Mountains SingYears after a family is forced by Vietnam’s Communist Land Reforms to abandon their farm, a granddaughter comes of age as her loved ones depart for the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Nicholls, OwenLove, UnscriptedRomance
O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish CottageAn Irish Village Mystery
Pataki, AllisonThe Queen's FortuneHistorical
Patterson, JamesTexas OutlawA Rory Yates thriller
Peterson, TracieSecrets of My HeartChristian Romance
Phillips, ArthurThe King at the Edge of the WorldA secret Muslim warrior from the height of England’s religious battles is sent to Scotland to uncover the true nature of James VI’s actual religious beliefs while an heirless Elizabeth I lies on her deathbed.
Popkey, MirandaTopics of ConversationLiterary
Quirk, MatthewHour of the AssassinThriller
Rader-Day, LoriThe Lucky OneThriller
Rankin, IanWestwindCrime. This is a stand-alone from 1990.
Raybourn, DeannaA Murderous RelationA Veronica Speedwell Mystery
Reichs, KathyA Conspiracy of BonesForensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan struggles to identify a faceless murder victim in possession of her cell number, a mystery that is entangled with a decade-old missing-child case.
Rollins, JamesThe Last OdysseyA Sigma Force thriller
Rosenberg, Joel C.The Jerusalem AssassinA Marcus Ryker thriller
Rosenfelt, DavidThe K TeamAnimals
Rosner, JenniferThe Yellow Bird SingsA mother who goes into hiding when Nazis begin arresting Jewish citizens in Poland considers an impossible choice while struggling to keep her 5-year-old daughter, a musical prodigy, from being overheard.
Ruff, Matt88 NamesA romantic cyberthriller set in a world of fluid identities follows the experiences of a paid guide to online role-playing games who comes to believe that an anonymous wealthy new client is actually a violent dictator.
Sayers, ConstanceA Witch in TimeSupernatural
Schaitkin, AlexisSaint XWhen a brief but fateful encounter brings her together with one of the men originally suspected of killing her sister, Claire, hoping to gain his trust and learn the truth, forms an unlikely attachment with this man whose life is forever marked by the same tragedy.
Seo, Mi-aeThe Only ChildThriller
Silver, JosieThe Two Lives of Lydia BirdA woman grieving the loss of her fiancé finds herself swapping back and forth between parallel lives, including one in which her first love has survived and another involving a new person who is asking her to move on.
Skelton, DouglasThunder BayWhen a suspected murderer returns to the island of Stoirm, reporter Rebecca Connolly smells a story and teams up with a local reporter to dig up the truth, which sets in motion a chain of violent events.
Smith, Michael FarrisBlackwoodIn this timeless, mythical tale of unforgiving justice and elusive grace, rural Mississippi townsfolk shoulder the pain of generations as something dangerous lurks in the enigmatic kudzu of the woods.
SolomonAlibi IslandUrban- an Illuminati Novel
Sosa, MiaThe Worst Best ManThe top wedding coordinator in Washington, D.C., Carolina Santos is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, but there is just one hitch—she has to collaborate with the best man from her own failed nuptials—and decides to dish out a little payback of her own until the unexpected happens.
Spencer-Fleming, JuliaHid from Our EyesA Clare Fergusson / Russ Van Alstyne Mystery
St. James, SimoneThe Sun Down MotelA young woman takes a night-clerk job at the same roadside motel from where her aunt went missing decades earlier before uncovering the work of a serial killer.
Steinhauer, OlenThe Last TouristThriller
Stratford, Sarah-JaneRed Letter DaysAfter being caught in the web of hysteria stemming from the hate-mongering Senator McCarthy, a female television writer leaves Hollywood for post-war London where she befriends other exiled Americans including a successful producer who hires blacklisted writers.
Sundin, SarahThe Land Beneath UsWhen an Army Ranger and a librarian are bound together by a marriage of convenience, neither suspects it might lead to love. Will D-day--and a foreboding dream--tear them apart?
Swanson, PeterEight Perfect MurdersYears after establishing a literary career through his compilation of the mystery genre’s most unsolvable classics, an unsuspecting bookseller is tapped by the FBI for help solving murders that eerily mimic the books on his list.
Taylor, BrandonReal LifeKeeping his head down at a lakeside Midwestern university where the culture is in sharp contrast to his Alabama upbringing, an introverted African-American biochem student endures unexpected encounters that bring his orientation and defenses into question.
Thayne, RaeAnneThe Sea Glass CottageRomance
Thomas, RussFirewatchingSouth Yorkshire Detective Sergeant and cold-case reviewer Adam Tyler teams up with ambitious fellow outsider, Muslim constable Amina Rabbani, to investigate a high-profile murder in which the main suspect is the victim’s son, Adam’s recent one-night stand.
Tobey, DannyThe God GameThriller
Villoso, K. S.The Wolf of Oren-yaroFantasy
Vollmann, William T.The Lucky StarLiterary
Ward, Amanda EyreThe JetsettersWomen
Ward, J. R.The SinnerParanormal Romance - a Black Dagger Brotherhood novel
Warren, Susan MayThe Way of the BraveChristian Romantic Suspense
Wegert, TessaDeath in the FamilyA Shan Merchant Mystery
Wolfe, PaulThe Lost Diary of MA reimagining of the life of Georgetown socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer traces her marriage to a CIA chief, presidential affair and LSD experiments before her baffling murder a year after JFK’s assassination.
Woods, StuartHit ListAction - A Stone Barrington Novel
Yuknavitch, LidiaVergeIn her first collection of short fiction, the award-winning author, and one of the most galvanizing voices in American fiction, presents a powerfully empathetic group portrait of the marginalized and outcast in moments of crisis.
Zigman, LauraSeparation AnxietyHumorous
January 2020
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Aboulela, LeilaBird SummonsLiterary
Abraham, Tola RotimiBlack SundayJoining a new church in 1996 Lagos in the face of impoverishing losses, twins Bibike and Riyike find their bond challenged by wrenching hardships, a father’s reckless choice and their respective views on independence.
Adiga, AravindAmnestyA young illegal immigrant in Sydney, Australia is forced to choose between risking deportation and reporting the murder of a female client.
Ahern, CeceliaPostscriptWomen - PS, I Love You series
Anappara, DeepaDjinn Patrol on the Purple LineA 9-year-old reality-television enthusiast in India uses crime-show approaches to investigate the disappearance of a classmate, before additional abductions shatter life in his sprawling city home.
Anstruther, EleanorA Perfect ExplanationFamily Life
Atakora, AfiaConjure WomenHistorical
Bailey, TessaLove Her or Lose HerRomance
Bannalec, Jean-LucThe Killing TideOn an island off the west coast of Brittany shrouded in superstition, Commissaire Dupin and his team follow a puzzling case that pushes them to their very limits.
Berry, SteveThe Warsaw ProtocolThriller - Cotton Malone series
Bonnaffons, AmyThe RegretsIn order to “cross over” to the afterlife, Thomas must complete a 90-day stint on earth during which he is forbidden to get involved with a member of the living until he falls in love with Rachel, setting in motion a series of strange, troubling consequences.
Box, C. J.Long RangeCrime - Joe Pickett series
Braffet, KellyThe UnwillingAn orphan girl raised alongside the heirs of Lord Elban in the great house beyond the wall discovers from a Magus that there is more to her story than she ever thought possible.
Bujold, Lois McMasterKnife ChildrenFantasy
Cain, AminaIndelicacyLiterary
Carr, RobynThe Country GuesthouseWomen - Sullivan's Crossing series
Chavez, HeatherNo Bad DeedAfter coming to the rescue of a woman left for dead, veterinarian Cassie Larkin becomes the target of a deadly stalker who knows too much about her own dark family history— and who could be linked to the recent disappearance of her husband.
Cherryh, C. J.ResurgenceScience Fiction - Foreigner series
Child, Lee and Slaughter, KarinCleaning the Gold:A Jack Reacher and Will Trent Short StoryMystery
Cogman, GenevieveThe Secret ChapterScience Fiction - Invisible Library series
Curtis, RyeKingdomtideLiterary
Dams, Jeanne M.Death in the Garden CityMystery - Dorothy Martin series
Dare, AbiThe Girl With the Louding VoiceAdunni, a 14-year-old Nigerian girl who longs for an education, must find a way for her voice to be heard loud and clear in a world where she and other girls like her are taught to believe, through words and deeds, that they are nothing.
Elden, RoxannaAdequate Yearly ProgressWomen
Engberg, KatrineThe TenantCrime
Erdrich, LouiseThe Night WatchmanLiterary
Estep, JenniferCrush the KingFantasy - Crown of Shards series
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford ScandalMystery
Finder, JosephHouse on FireEagerly accepting a job investigating whistleblower claims about the manufacturer of an opioid that contributed to an army buddy’s death, Nick Heller uncovers dangerous secrets implicating a powerful family.
Fisher, TarrynThe WivesThriller
Fluke, JoanneCoconut Layer Cake MurderMystery - Hannah Swensen series
Fowler, Therese AnneA Good NeighborhoodThe single mother of a mixed-race college student and a thriving business owner with a troubled daughter clash over a historic oak tree on their property line and the blossoming romance between their children.
Fuller, KathleenThe Innkeeper's BrideAmish - Amish Brides of Birch Creek series
Gardner, LisaWhen You See MeThriller
Goodkind, TerryHeart of Black IceFantasy - Sisters of Darkness: the Nicci Chronicles series
Grant, AndrewToo Close to HomeThriller - Paul McGrath series
Greenwell, GarthCleannessIn Sofia, Bulgaria—a landlocked city in Southern Europe—an American teacher grapples with the intimate encounters that have marked his years abroad as he prepares to leave the place he’s come to call home.
Hannah, SophiePerfect Little ChildrenThriller
Hauty, ChrisDeep StateThriller
Hood, JoshuaRobert Ludlum's the Treadstone ResurrectionThriller - Jason Bourne series
Howard, LindaAfter SundownRomantic Suspense
Huie, M.SpitfireHired by the notorious Ian Fleming to find the World War II traitor behind the execution of the man she loved, former spy Livy Nash finds the case complicated by shifting alliances and new intelligence strategies.
Hulse, S. M.Eden MineAfter the state seizes through eminent domain the home near Den Mine that she and her brother, Samuel, inherited, she is packing up her things when a tragedy rocks the town—and the lives of those she loves.
Hurston, Zora NealeHitting a Straight Lick With a Crooked StickFeaturing eight lesser-known stories, a collection of Harlem Renaissance tales by the revered folklorist and author explores subjects ranging from class and migration to racism and sexism.
Jackson, LisaLast Girl StandingThriller
Jemisin, N. K.The City We BecameFive New Yorkers must come together in order to defend their city from an ancient evil in the new novel by Hugo Award-winning and bestselling author.
Jen, GishThe ResistersEnduring life on the margins in a near-future world ruthlessly divided between the employed and unemployed, a once-professional couple give birth to an athletically gifted child, whose attention by the government compels her mother to challenge society’s foundations.
Jenkins, BeverlyOn the Corner of Hope and MainAfrican American - a Blessings novel
Kellerman, JonathanThe Museum of DesireThriller - an Alex Delaware novel
Kelly, JuliaThe Whispers of WarHistorical
King, LilyWriters & LoversA novel of art, love, and ambition from Lily King, the New York Times bestselling author of Euphoria.
Kleypas, LisaChasing CassandraRomance - Ravenels series
Layne, LaurenMarriage on Madison AvenueFriendship - Central Park Pact series
Mallery, SusanSisters by ChoiceWomen - Blackberry Island series
McCann, ColumApeirogonTwo fathers, a Palestinian and an Israeli, navigate the physical and emotional checkpoints of their conflicted world before devastating losses compel them to work together to use their grief as a weapon for peace.
McMillan, TerryIt's Not All Downhill from HereWomen
Miller, Linda LaelCountry StrongRomance - Painted Pony Creek series
Mullen, CaitlinPlease See UsNoir
Nguyen, KevinNew WavesHumorous
Offill, JennyWeatherHired by her famous podcaster mentor to answer letters from increasingly polarized fans, a librarian who has acquired her education from a lifetime spent reading struggles between the limits of her knowledge and growing crises in the outside world.
Onyebuchi, TochiRiot BabyThe author of the award-winning young-adult novel Beasts Made of Night tackles youth, race and the carceral state in his adult-science-fiction debut.
Patterson, JamesBlindsideMystery - Michael Bennett series
Patterson, JamesLostThriller - Tom Moon series
Penman, Sharon KayThe Land Beyond the SeaHistorical
Peterson, TracieForever HiddenChristian - Treasures of Nome series
Petrie, NickThe Wild OneThriller - Peter Ash series
Phillips, C. N.Carl Weber's Kingpins HarlemUrban
Pinter, JasonHide AwayThriller- Rachel Marin series
Polek, NicoletteImaginary Museums: StoriesShort Stories
Pooley, ClareThe Authenticity ProjectWhen Julian Jessup, an eccentric, lonely artist who believes that most people aren’t really honest with each other, writes the truth about his own life in a green journal and leaves it behind, others start writing in their own truth, which leads to unexpected friendship and love.
Porter, ChanaThe SeepLiving in a utopian world shaped by alien invaders who make any dream possible, a 50-year-old trans woman is devastated by the end of her marriage before an unexpected quest pits her against the aliens’ most avid supporters.
Preston, DouglasCrooked RiverMystery - Agent Pendergast series
Rice, LuanneLast DayThriller
Robb, J. D.Golden in DeathMystery
Robinson, PeterMany Rivers to CrossThriller - Inspector Banks series
Salvatore, R. A.Song of the Risen GodFantasy
Sayles, JohnYellow EarthRich layers of shale oil are discovered under Yellow Earth, North Dakota and the neighboring Three Nations Indian reservation. All hell breaks loose.
Schaffhausen, JoannaAll the Best LiesMystery - Ellery Hathaway series
Serle, RebeccaIn Five YearsWomen
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe AbsolutionDetective Huldar and a child psychologist investigate an Icelandic serial killer who is posting the last moments of his numbered, teenage victims on social media.
SolomonThe Purple DonUrban - An Illuminati Novel
St. John, MadeleineThe Women in BlackWomen
Stabenow, DanaNo Fixed LineMystery - Kate Shugak series
Steel, DanielleThe Numbers GameWomen
Stuart, DouglasShuggie BainA young boy growing up in a rundown 1980s Glasgow public housing facility pursues some semblance of a normal life as his older siblings move on and his mother increasingly succumbs to alcoholism.
Swinson, KikiProperty of the StateUrban - Black Market seriesd
Todd, CharlesA Divided LoyaltyMystery - Inspector Ian Rutledge series
Trentham, LauraAn Everyday HeroWomen - Heart of a Hero series
Tudor, C. J.The Other PeopleThriller
Valerie, JulieHolly Banks Full of AngstWomen
Van Meter, CrissyCreaturesA bride explores the complexities of love, abandonment and forgiveness when her California wedding is upended by a trapped whale carcass, the groom’s disappearance at sea and the unexpected return of her long-absent mother.
Vidich, PaulThe Coldest WarriorWhen the release of the Rockefeller Commission report implicates the CIA in the death of a bioweapons scientist decades earlier, agent Jack Gabriel confronts a life-threatening cover-up at the highest levels of government.
Vyleta, DanSootFantasy - sequel to Smoke
Warren, Tiffany L.All the Things I Should Have KnownAfrican American
Weber, CarlThe Family Business 5Urban
West, KathleenMinor Dramas & Other CatastrophesTargeted by privileged families for her progressive educational approaches, a beloved teacher discovers unexpected common ground with a meddling parent whose inadvertent encounter with a drama student has had dangerous consequences for her family.
White, ChristianThe Wife and the WidowThriller
White, Randy WayneSalt RiverCrime - Doc Ford series
Williams, BeatrizAll the Ways We Said Goodbye: A Novel of the Ritz ParisWomen
Yoon, PaulRun Me to EarthThree children orphaned in 1960s Laos meet a dedicated doctor who enlists them as motorcycle couriers in his effort to rescue civilians and find medical supplies.
December 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Airth, RennieThe Decent Inn of DeathMystery
Alexander, TashaIn the Shadow of VesuviusMystery
Angelo, MeganFollowersA story of two ambitious friends, the dark choices they make and the profound moment that changes the meaning of privacy forever.
Appelfeld, AharonTo the Edge of SorrowA group of brave Jewish partisans escapes from a ghetto and establishes a hiding place in the Ukrainian forest to survive World War II, sabotage German forces and rescue Jewish prisoners from trains heading toward concentration camps.
Beams, ClareThe Illness LessonDebut novel set at an all-girl school in 19th century Massachusetts probes the timeless question: who gets to control a woman's body and why.
Benedict, MarieLady ClementineA historical tale inspired by the life of Clementine Churchill traces her unflinching role in protecting the life and wartime agendas of her husband, Winston Churchill.
Black, BenjaminThe Secret GuestsHistorical
Bollen, ChristopherA Beautiful CrimeLiterary
Brown, KarmaRecipe for a Perfect WifeWomen
Bump, GabrielEverywhere You Don't BelongA darkly funny and heartfelt debut novel about what it means to grow up young and black on the south side of Chicago when it feels like your choices are slim to none.
Burdick, SerenaThe Girls With No NamesHistorical
Chamberlain, DianeBig Lies in a Small TownWomen
Charyn, JeromeCesareA spy navigates the labyrinthine horrors of Nazi Germany, on a mission to save the woman he loves.
Chen, MikeA Beginning at the EndFour survivors try to rebuild their personal lives six years after a global pandemic brings about a literal apocalypse.
Clayborn, KateLove LetteringWomen
Colfer, EoinHighfireFantasy
Comensal, JorgeThe MutationsLiterary
Connolly, SheilaFatal RootsMystery
Coulson, ChristineMetropolitan StoriesIn a novel, a writer who worked at the Metropolitan Museum for more than 25 years takes readers into the inner sanctum of the museum, which is home to a staff of 2,200 people along with a few ghosts.
Coyle, CleoBrewed AwakeningMystery
Creel, Ann HowardMercy RoadHistorical
Cummins, JeanineAmerican DirtSelling two favorite books to an unexpectedly erudite drug-cartel boss, a bookstore manager is forced to flee Mexico in the wake of her journalist husband’s tell-all profile and finds her family among thousands of migrants seeking hope in America.
Curtis, RosieWe Met in DecemberRomance
Dallas, SandraWestering WomenHistorical
Day, SylviaThe ArrangementRomance
Delany, VickiThere's a Murder AfootMystery
Dicks, MatthewTwenty-One Truths About LoveFamily Life
Dorsey, TimNaked Came the Florida ManEnjoying a cemetery road trip with his brother, Serge A. Storms investigates an urban myth about a boogeyman that haunts an old sugar field before uncovering possible links between the story and the Naked Florida Killer.
Doshi, TishaniSmall Days and NightsLiterary
Dovalpage, TeresaQueen of BonesMystery
Drake, TempleNVKThriller
Dundas, ChadThe BlazeOne man knows the connection between two extraordinary acts of arson, 15 years apart, in his Montana hometown—if only he could remember it.
Edwards, K. D.The Hanged ManFantasy
Eggers, DaveThe Captain and the GlorySatire
Eldridge, ToriThe Ninja DaughterKill Bill meets the Joy Luck Club in The Ninja Daughter, an edge-of-your-seat debut novel about Lily Wong, a modern-day female ninja, dedicated to rescuing women from abusive relationships while trying to hide the truth about her real life from her overprotective family.
Elgar, EmilyGrace Is GoneThriller
Ellison, J. T.Good Girls LieThriller
Elon, EmunaHouse on Endless WatersA writer embarks on a transformative journey in Amsterdam, where he discovers the shocking truth about his mother’s wartime experience—unearthing a remarkable story that becomes the subject of his magnum opus.
Fleischmann, RaymondHow Quickly She DisappearsThriller
Flint, EricCouncil of FireFantasy
Gaitskill, MaryThis Is PleasureLiterary
Gala, MarcialThe Black CathedralAfter the Stuart family moves to Cienfuegos, Cuba, Arturo Stuart—a charismatic, visionary preacher—discovers soon after arriving that God has given him a mission: to build a temple that surpasses any before seen in Cuba, and to make of Cienfuegos a new Jerusalem.
Geddes, LukeHeart of JunkEccentric merchants at a Kansas antiques mall fervently prepare for a visit by their favorite television reality stars, only to become implicated in the kidnapping of a toddler beauty-pageant princess.
Gibson, WilliamAgencyScience Fiction
Goldberg, LeeLost HillsMystery
Goodwin, Bobi GentryRevelationAfrican-American
Gratton, TessaLady HotspurA gender-swapped fantasy homage to Shakespeare's Henry IV is set in the world of Gratton's The Queens of Innis Lear and finds the three daughters of Aremoria waging battle over the fate of the kingdom.
Greeley, MollyThe Clergyman's WifeHistorical
Grippando, JamesThe Big LieThriller
Hambly, BarbaraLady of PerditionMystery
Hargrave, Kiran MillwoodThe MerciesInspired by the real events of the Vardø storm and the 1621 witch trials, this is a story of love, evil, and obsession, set at the edge of civilization.
Harris, CharlaineA Longer FallFantasy
Harrison, CoraWinter of DespairIn November of 1853, when one of his brother Charley’s artist friends is found brutally murdered, Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens set out to uncover the truth—especially when Charley falls under suspicion.
Hoover, ColleenRegretting YouWomen
Huber, Anna LeePenny for Your SecretsA former Secret Service agent investigates two murders in post-World War I England: the first of a friend’s husband and the other the sister of a colleague in this latest Verity Kent Mystery.
Hurwitz, GreggInto the FireThriller
Hyde, Catherine RyanStayComing of Age
Ide, JoeHi FiveGenius private investigator Isaiah Quintabe’s efforts to build a quiet life with Grace are challenged by unexpected new threats.
Jennings, ReginaThe Major's DaughterChristian Historical
Jimenez, SimonThe Vanished BirdsAn out-of-time space traveler who only aged months while decades passed back home navigates the loss of everyone she knew before finding new purpose caring for a mysterious broken child who communicates through a wooden flute.
Jin, MengLittle GodsA new novel explores the complex web of grief, memory, time, physics, history and selfhood in the immigrant experience, and the complicated bond between daughters and mothers. 
Johansen, IrisHindsightMystery
Jones, TanenThe Better LiarDesperate to safeguard a much-needed inheritance that is dependent on the legacy of a long-estranged runaway sibling, Leslie orchestrates a reckless bargain with an imposter who hides her own dangerous secrets.
Kavenna, JoannaZedIn an identity-challenged world dominated by a global media and tech corporation that anticipates every human need, a murder-by-robot case reveals either a deadly human error or the work of a paradigm-changing hacker.
Kepler, LarsThe Rabbit HunterThriller
Kidd, JessThings in JarsA Gothic mystery that collapses the boundary between fact and fairy tale and explores what it means to be human in inhumane times.
Klassen, JulieThe Bridge to Belle IslandChristian Historical
Kling, Marc-UweQualitylandA U.S. release of an international best-seller imagines a country where a universal ranking system determines its citizens' statuses, careers and romantic partners, where a machine scrapper becomes the unwitting leader of a band of misfit robots.
Kozloff, SarahA Queen in HidingFantasy
Krentz, Jayne AnnThe VanishingDecades after a mysterious explosion causes the members of their community to develop strange otherworldly symptoms, local investigator Cat teams up with an enigmatic scientist to stop a killer who may be behind a partner’s disappearance.
Krivak, AndrewThe BearA fable of Earth’s last two human inhabitants, and a girl’s journey home.
Kubica, MaryThe Other Mrs.Thriller
Lackey, MercedesThe Case of the Spellbound ChildFantasy
Littlejohn, EmilyShatter the NightMystery
Luna, LouisaThe JanesMystery
Lunde, MajaThe End of the OceanExplores the threat of a devastating worldwide drought, witnessed through the lives of a father, a daughter and a woman who will risk her life to save the future.
Macdonald, Andrew DavidWhen We Were VikingsWhen 21-year-old Viking enthusiast Zelda finds out that her older brother, Gert, has resorted to some questionable—and dangerous—methods to make enough money to keep them afloat, Zelda decides to launch her own quest.
Maclaughlin, NinaWake, SirenA feminist retelling of Ovid’s Metamorphoses is told through the textured voices of its seductresses, she-monsters, nymphs and demi-goddesses, who convey key events from the perspectives of love, loss, rape and revenge.
MacRae, MollyThistles and ThievesMystery
Mann, DonHunt the LeopardMilitary Thriller
Marwood, AlexThe Poison GardenThriller
McEwan, IanThe CockroachPolitical
Melinek, Judy, M.d.First CutMystery
Montgomery, JessThe HollowsHistorical Mystery
Moore, LizLong Bright RiverA policewoman races to find her missing sister, a homeless addict, amid a vicious killing spree in a Philadelphia neighborhood, in a story that alternates between the investigation and memories of their shared childhood.
Mosley, WalterTrouble Is What I DoMystery
Napolitano, AnnDear EdwardA 12-year-old lone survivor of a plane crash investigates the stories of his less-fortunate fellow passengers before making a profound discovery about his life purpose in the face of transcendent losses.
Nellums, ElizaAll That's Bright and GoneMystery
Nickson, ChrisThe Hocus GirlHistorical Mystery
Older, Daniel JoséThe Book of Lost SaintsVisited by an ancestral spirit who would have him unearth family secrets from the Cuban Revolution, a young Cuban-American embarks on an investigation marked by ghostly helpers, a new love, a murderous gangster and changes in his sense of identity.
Paralkar, VikramNight TheaterAn anti-establishment doctor in a village clinic is approached by the ghosts of a murdered family, who offer him redemption if he can mend their wounds using otherworldly skills over the course of one transformative night.
Parry, AmbroseThe Art of DyingIn 1850 Edinburgh, a whispering campaign seeks to blame Dr. James Simpson for the death of a patient in suspicious circumstances, and Simpson’s protégé Will Raven and former housemaid Sarah Fisher are determined to clear their patron’s name.
Patrick, ReneeScript for ScandalHistorical Mystery
Patterson, JamesThe River MurdersThriller
Perry, ThomasA Small TownThriller
Pinborough, SarahDead to HerPsychological Thriller
Pittman, RayneshaCarl Weber's Kingpins MemphisUrban
Polk, C. L.StormsongFantasy
Pulley, NatashaThe Lost Future of PepperharrowHistorical Fantasy
Quartey, KweiThe Missing AmericanTurning private detective when her ambition to be a police officer is dashed, Emma Djan teams up with a first client to search for a man whose disappearance is linked to the email scams and fetish priests of Ghana.
Quincy, D. M.Murder at the OperaMystery
Rainsford, SueFollow Me to GroundA novel about an otherworldly young woman, her father and her lover culminates in a shocking moment of betrayal—one that upends our understanding of power, predation and agency.
Rose, M. J.Cartier's HopeDetermined to make her mark in Gilded Age New York, a woman journalist investigates rumors and curses swirling around Pierre Cartier’s recently acquired Hope Diamond, before attracting the attention of the blackmailer behind her father’s death.
Rowland, Laura JohThe Woman in the VeilMystery
Shemilt, JaneThe PlaygroundThriller
Simon, CleaAn Incantation of CatsMystery
Singh, NaliniA Madness of SunshineThriller
Spindler, EricaThe Look-alikeThriller
Steadman, CatherineMr. NobodyTreating a man found on the beach with no memory of his identity, a neuropsychologist who would hide her own past is confronted by her patient’s mysterious knowledge of her secrets.
Steel, DanielleMoral CompassWomen
Taylor, BradHunter KillerMilitary Thriller
Thomas, ScarlettOligarchyArriving at her English boarding school, the daughter of a Russian oligarch is enmeshed in her classmates’ thin-obsessed world of pecking orders, eating disorders and online drama, before a friend goes missing amid rumors of a dormitory ghost.
Thynne, JaneThe Words I Never WroteHistorical
UntamedNever Again, No MoreUrban
Williams, BeatrizThe Wicked RedheadWomen
Woods, RitaRemembranceAfrican-American Historical
Woods, StuartTreasonAction
Wright, StephenProcessed CheeseWhen a bag of cash literally falls out of the sky and into the path of Graveyard, who is desperate for money, he and his wife embark on the adventure of their lives while the owner of the bag will do whatever it takes to get it back.
Yu, CharlesInterior ChinatownA stereotyped character actor stumbles into the spotlight before uncovering surprising links between his family and the secret history of Chinatown.
Zapata, MichaelThe Lost Book of Adana MoreauHispanic & Latino
November 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Akers, ZackLimetownMystery
Alexander, Poppy25 Days 'Til ChristmasRomance
Allende, IsabelA Long Petal of the SeaLiterary
Antoinette, AshleyButterfly“Run away from the boy that gives you butterflies, he's going to break your heart.” Morgan Atkins had been told that phrase ever since she was a little girl and still she allowed herself to fall for the boy that made her heart flutter. 
Arlen, TessaPoppy Redfern and the Midnight MurdersMystery
Arnopp, JasonGhosterHorror
Atkins, AceRobert B. Parker's Angel EyesMystery
Baldacci, DavidA Minute to MidnightThriller
Balogh, MarySomeone to RememberRomance
Beaton, M. C.Beating About the BushMystery
Bivald, KatarinaWelcome to the Pine Away Motel and CabinsFrom New York Times bestselling author Katarina Bivald comes a tale of a ramshackle roadside motel: a story of love, friendship, community, and the art of living, even when it's already too late.
Blackstock, TerriSmoke ScreenChristian Suspense
Blanchard, AliceTrace of EvilMystery
Bolender, MirahThe Monstrous CitadelFantasy
Boroson, M. H.The Girl With No FaceFantasy
Bradby, TomSecret ServiceThe best-selling author of Blood Money presents a headline-inspired thriller that follows a senior MI6 agent’s race to unmask a Russian mole in the U.K. government while proving the innocence of her team in a young woman’s murder.
Brody, FrancesThe Body on the TrainMystery
Brown, Rita MaeScarlet FeverMystery
Bruen, KenGalway GirlFrom “the Godfather of the modern Irish crime novel” (Irish Independent), the latest installment in Bruen’s addictive series finds ex-cop turned private eye Jack Taylor on the hunt for a psychotic assassin who has been killing Galway police officers, one by one.
Bunn, T. DavisUnscriptedChristian Suspense
Butland, StephanieThe Curious Heart of Ailsa RaeWomen
Callender, KacenQueen of the ConqueredAn ambitious young woman with the power to control minds seeks vengeance against the royals who murdered her family, in a Caribbean-inspired fantasy world embattled by colonial oppression.
Cameron, MarcTom Clancy Code of HonorThriller
Casey, ElizaLady Takes the CaseMystery
Clare, AlysCity of PearlMystery
Clipston, AmyThe Bake ShopAmish and Mennonite
Colvin, JeffreyAfricavilleHistorical
Cook, RobinGenesisThriller
Cornwell, BernardSword of KingsHistorical
Crichton, MichaelThe Andromeda EvolutionA 50th-anniversary sequel to The Andromeda Strain finds a Brazilian drone detecting a bizarre anomaly in the middle of the jungle with the same chemical signature of the microparticle that nearly ended all life on Earth.
Crummey, MichaelThe InnocentsTwo orphans forage for survival on an isolated Newfoundland cove during years marked by storms and ravaging illness, before the mystery of their nature tests the limits of their bond.
Doore, K. A.The Impossible ContractThe second book in K. A. Doore's high fantasy adventure series the Chronicles of Ghadid, where a determined assassin travels to the heart of the Empire in pursuit of a powerful mark
Ellicott, JessicaMurder Cuts the MustardMystery
Ellison, J. T.Good Girls LieThriller
Eskens, AllenNothing More DangerousA high school boy growing up in the Ozark hills rethinks his understanding of the world, race and class when he befriends a black family that moves in across the street.
Estelman, Loren D.When Old Midnight Comes AlongHired to prove the death of an influential politician’s missing wife, Amos Walker is embroiled in a case involving questions about the woman’s disappearance, the death of an investigating officer and his client’s upcoming nuptials.
Evaristo, BernardineGirl, Woman, OtherFrom one of Britain’s most celebrated writers of color, a portrayal of the intersections of identity among an interconnected group of Black British women. Booker Prize co-winner.
Feret-Fleury, ChristineThe Girl Who Reads on the MetroWomen
Fernandez, NonaSpace InvadersA dreamlike evocation of a generation that grew up in the shadow of a dictatorship in 1980s Chile. Longlisted for the National Book Award for Translated Literature.
Fletcher, JessicaA Time for MurderMystery
Fowler, ChristopherThe Lonely HourTangled in a cat-and-mouse hunt with a killer who has been performing ritual murders at 4 A.M., Bryant and May explore technological and academic leads that are bizarrely connected by arson, kidnapping and blackmail.
Francis, FelixGuilty Not GuiltyThriller
Furst, AlanUnder OccupationThriller
Gray, Shelley ShepardAn Amish Second ChristmasFor the Amish, the day after Christmas is for family, feasting, and exchanging simple gifts. And for three different couples, it will bring another precious chance for love.
Griffiths, EllyNow You See ThemDetective Edgar Stephens is enmeshed in an investigation involving a string of kidnappings that have pitted his wife, Emma, against a police force rival, while an increasingly famous Max Mephisto embarks on a search of his own.
Gritton, J. P.WyomingA newly divorced former construction worker reluctantly accepts a drug delivery job to make ends meet before confronting painful resentments that make him question if a life without self-acceptance is worth living.
Harris, RobertThe Second SleepArriving in a remote mid-15th-century Exmoor village, a young priest discovers his late predecessor’s possibly fatal obsession with the ancient coins, glass and human bones strewn throughout the region.
Hayes-McCoy, FelicityThe Mistletoe MatchmakerWomen
Hess, AnnetteThe German HouseHistorical
Higashino, KeigoThe Miracles of the Namiya General StoreMagical Realism
Islington, JamesThe Light of All That FallsFantasy
James, StevenSynapseThirty years in the future, when AI is so advanced that humans live side by side with cognizant robots called Artificials, Kestrel Hathaway must come to terms not just with what machines know, but with what they believe.
Kanon, JosephThe AccompliceThriller
Kantra, VirginiaMeg and JoWhen their mother falls ill, the March sisters—reliable Meg, independent Jo, stylish Amy and shy Beth, return home to North Carolina for the holidays where they’ll rediscover what really matters.
Keneally, ThomasThe Book of Science and AntiquitiesLiterary
Laurie, VictoriaCoached to DeathMystery
Lindsay, Jeffry P.Just Watch MeTargeting a crown jewel collection that is protected by airtight security, a Robin Hood-type master thief finds his efforts complicated by an equally skilled nemesis cop and an expert forger with dubious loyalties.
Maberry, JonathanRageThriller
Martin, AlexaBlitzedRomance
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Peppermint Tea ChroniclesFamily Life
McClellan, BrianBlood of EmpireAs the final battle approaches, a sellsword, a spy and a general must find unlikely and dangerous allies in order to turn the tides of war.
McDermid, ValHow the Dead SpeakWhen skeletal remains are found on the site of an orphanage renovation, imprisoned psychological profiler Tony Hill painfully reunites with ex-DCI Carol Jordan to investigate the discovery of a victim who is believed to be behind bars.
McGuire, SeananCome Tumbling DownFantasy
Meier, LeslieInvitation Only MurderMystery
Miller, ZoeThe VisitorThriller
Mizushima, MargaretTracking GameMystery
Moniz, TomasBig FamiliaFollows Juan Gutiérrez, a self-employed single father, as he navigates a tumultuous year of inescapable change.
Moody, DavidChokeholdDystopian
Morais, MatheaThere You AreA wise novel of love, loss, and the power of community, backed by a phenomenal soundtrack of hip hop, soul, and jazz.
Munier, PaulaBlind SearchFormer MP Mercy Carr and her retired bomb-sniffing dog investigates a murder to which the only witness is a 10-year-old boy on the autism spectrum.
Neill, ChloeWicked HourFantasy
Noble, ShelleyTell Me No LiesMystery
North, ClaireThe Pursuit of William AbbeyThriller
Oakley, ColleenYou Were There TooA woman must choose between the man she loves and the man fate has chosen for her, in a novel that reminds us that the best life is one led by the heart.
Olafsson, OlafThe SacramentLiterary
Onetti, Juan CarlosA Dream Come TrueThe complete stories of Juan Carlos Onetti, presenting his existentialist, complex, and ironic style over the course of his writing career.
Palmer, DexterMary Toft, Or, the Rabbit QueenA novel based on true events depicts a young woman who baffles the medical community of early 18th-century England when she begins giving birth to dead rabbits.
Parris, S. J.TreacheryHistorical
Patterson, JamesCriss CrossMystery
Peterson, TracieServing Up LoveChristian Romance
Poyer, DavidOverthrowSea Stories
Pressfield, Steven36 Righteous MenTwo New York homicide detectives make an apocalyptic discovery before racing to prevent the murder of a last surviving guardian who would protect the world from destruction.
Rajaniemi, HannuThe New Voices of Science FictionScience Fiction
Reid, KileySuch a Fun AgeA story about race and privilege is centered around a young black babysitter, her well-intentioned employer and a surprising connection that threatens to undo them both.
Rosenstiel, TomOppoThriller
Russell, Kate ElizabethMy Dark VanessaExplores the psychological dynamics of the relationship between a precocious yet naïve teenage girl and her magnetic and manipulative teacher.
Ryan, W. C.A House of GhostsShortlisted for the Irish Book Award, a classic cozy big-house mystery is haunted by the specters of World War I.
Saunders, KateLaetitia Rodd and the Case of the Wandering ScholarMystery
Scott, CarolineThe Poppy WifeHired by other families looking for MIA soldiers, a grieving man searches for his own missing brother along the Western Front, where he photographs soldier graves while making life-changing discoveries.
Sexton, Margaret WilkersonThe RevisionersExplores the impact of racism and interracial relationships between women through the story of an early 20th-century farmer and her unemployed single mother descendant.
Shalvis, JillAlmost Just FriendsWomen
Shelton, PaigeThin IceMystery
Shem, SamuelMan's 4th Best HospitalThe satirical sequel to the bestselling and acclaimed The House of God explores how the health-care industry, and especially doctors, have evolved over the past thirty years.
Shepard, SaraReputationTold in multiple points of view, a story of intrigue, sabotage and secrets follows a tight-knit college community as it is rocked to its core when a hacker dumps 40,000 people’s emails onto an easily searchable database, which results in murder.
Simpson, RosemaryDeath Brings a ShadowMystery
Solomon, BurtThe Attempted Muder of Teddy RooseveltMystery
Soule, CharlesAnyoneScience Fiction
Steel, DanielleSpyHistorical
Suri, TashaRealm of AshArwa and a disgraced prince must walk the path of their shared past to find the cause of the Empire’s suffering but what they find makes them wonder if the Empire is worth saving at all.
Taylor, PatrickAn Irish Country FamilyMedical
Thayne, RaeAnneComing Home for ChristmasRomance
Thomas, SherryThe Art of TheftWhen Mrs. Watson resolves to uncover long-kept secrets on behalf of a friend, Charlotte Holmes infiltrates a glamorous Yuletide ball to prevent the sale of a priceless work of art.
Thompson, VictoriaCity of ScoundrelsMystery
Turner, Nancy E.Light Changes EverythingHistorical
Vandermeer, JeffDead AstronautsLives human and otherwise, from a demon-haunted homeless woman to a messianic blue fox, converge in terrifying and miraculous ways in a nameless city that is overshadowed by a brutally powerful company.
Wagers, K. B.Down Among the DeadScience Fiction
Weinberg, KateThe TruantsA debut novel of literary suspense perfect for lovers of Agatha Christie and The Secret History.
Williams, NiallThis Is HappinessA young Irish man’s first experiences of falling in and out of love are shaped by the arrival of electricity in his small western seaboard village, an enigmatic woman and a mysterious drought.
Wilson, SusanThe Dog I LovedAnimals
Winters, RachelWould Like to MeetOrdered by her film agency to acquire a romantic-comedy screenplay by a jaded writer, Evie relies on the assistance of her friends during a haphazard summer spent trying to prove that true love is real.
October 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abercrombie, JoeA Little HatredA battlefield hero, a ruthless socialite and a woman with the ability to glimpse into the future find their world and prospects transformed by escalating tensions among the disparate supporters of magic and machine development.
Aciman, AndreFind MeThe author of the worldwide best-seller Call Me by Your Name revisits that novel’s complex and beguiling characters decades after their first meeting.
Adams, John JosephThe Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019Science Fiction
Adams, Lyssa KayThe Bromance Book ClubRomance
Alharthi, JokhaCelestial BodiesA tense novel tells of Oman’s coming-of-age through the prism of one family’s losses and loves. Winner of the Man Booker International Prize.
Andrews, DonnaOwl Be Home for ChristmasMystery
Attenberg, JamiAll This Could Be YoursFrom a critically acclaimed New York Times best-selling author of The Middlesteins comes a novel of family secrets revealed in the heat of a New Orleans summer.
Ball, JesseThe Divers' GameThe award-winning author of Census depicts an unsettlingly familiar society that has renounced equality, where state-sanctioned abuses shape the final moments of a woman’s life against a backdrop of two violent festivals.
Barker, R. J.The Bone ShipsFantasy
Barry, KevinNight Boat to TangierTwo Irish drug-smuggling partners reevaluate a career marked by violence, betrayal and exile during a nocturnal vigil in a sketchy Spanish ferry terminal where one of them would reconnect with an estranged daughter.
Belden, EmilyHusband MaterialRomance
Berg, ElizabethThe Confession ClubLiterary
Bernhard, EmiliaThe Books of the DeadMystery
Berry, ConnieA Legacy of MurderMystery
Black, LisaLet Justice DescendThriller
Black, SaulAnything for YouThriller
Borgo, Karina SainzIt Would Be Night in CaracasA woman tests the limits of what she is willing to do to secure her future in turbulent modern Venezuela overrun by violent revolutionaries.
Brackston, PaulaSecrets of the Chocolate HouseHistorical
Cambron, KristyThe Painted Castle Christian
Camden, ElizabethThe Spice KingTasked with gaining access to the private Delacroix plant collection, Smithsonian botanist Annabelle Larkin unwittingly steps into a web of dangerous political intrigue and will ultimately choose between her heart and national loyalty.
Cameron, StellaTrap LaneMystery
Cameron, W. BruceA Dog's PromiseFamily Life
Campbell, KarenThe Sound of the Hours In September 1943, when the German and Italian fascist occupation of the Tuscan town of Barga is challenged by the arrival of the U.S. Army, a 17-year-old Scottish-Italian girl falls for a young, black Buffalo soldier and wonders if their love can defy the times and troubles that brought them together.
Carl, JoannaThe Chocolate Shark ShenanigansMystery
Carr, Brian AllenOpioid, IndianaA recently orphaned teen in rural Indiana finds himself suspended from school and searching for both a job and his drug-addled uncle, now his legal guardian, to get the rent paid in five days.
Cha, StephYour House Will PayTwo teenagers in Los Angeles, one Korean-American and the other African-American, deal with the ripple effects of a shooting from decades ago after a new incident brings their families’ painful memories hurtling back.
Christopher, Andie J.Not the Girl You MarryRomance
Clark, CassandraMurder at Whitby AbbeyMystery
Clinch, JonMarleyFrom the acclaimed author of Finn comes a reimagining of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, with a moving exploration of the twisted relationship between Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley.
Cockram, JaneThe House of BridesWomen
Colgan, JennyChristmas at Rosie Hopkins' SweetshopWomen
Connolly, JohnA Book of BonesThree murders in different regions of England reveal the work of a sinister killer who is sacrificing victims for an evil agenda, compelling Charlie Parker’s gripping search for clues in multiple countries
Crawford, IsisA Catered New Year's EveMystery
Crosby, EllenThe Angels' ShareMystery
Cullen, LynnThe Sisters of Summit AvenueRaising four daughters and running her family’s Depression-era Indiana farm for eight years after her husband is infected by a devastating sleeping sickness, a woman reconnects with her estranged, childless sister amid dark family secrets.
Cussler, CliveFinal OptionAction
Dahl, Kjell OlaThe CourierThriller
Deluca, JenWell MetRomance
Eason, K.How Rory Thorne Destroyed the MultiverseThis first ina duology is a feminist reimagining of familiar fairytale tropes and a story of resistance and self-determination—how small acts of rebellion can lead a princess to not just save herself, but change the course of history.
Edwards, MartinGallows CourtMystery
Evanovich, JanetTwisted Twenty-sixMystery
Evans, Richard PaulNoel StreetHolidays
Fishman, ZoeInvisible As AirAfter repressing her grief over her stillborn daughter, a hard-working wife and mother discovers the miraculous release of her husband’s discarded Oxycontin and falls into the downward spiral of addiction.
Fluke, JoanneChristmas SweetsMystery
Flynn, JackBlood in the WaterMystery
Forbes, CurdellaA Tall History of SugarTells the story of Moshe Fisher, a man who was “born without skin,” so that no one is able to tell what race he belongs to; and Arrienne Christie, his quixotic soul mate who makes it her duty in life to protect Moshe from the social and emotional consequences of his strange appearance.
French, JonathanThe True BastardsFetching—the female leader of her own hoof, a loyal group of orcs sworn to her—fights off famine, desertions, other orcs and humans who are plotting against her, in the second novel of the series following The Grey Bastards.
Future TenseFuture Tense FictionScience Fiction
Gates, EvaRead and BuriedMystery
Givhan, JenniferTrinity SightPoet Givhan blends Puebloan, Zuni, and Mexican American cultures in this postapocalyptic rumination on motherhood, genocide, and environmentalism.
Goldbloom, GoldieOn DivisionAnticipating the birth of her first great-grandchild, a 57-year-old Chasidic woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, feels exposed and ashamed by a late-in-life pregnancy that slowly separates her from her community.
Goodkind, TerryWastelandFantasy
Grimes, MarthaThe Old SuccessMystery
Guillory, JasmineRoyal HolidayAccompanying her daughter to England to help style a royal family member during the Christmas season, Vivian finds herself in an unexpected holiday romance with the queen’s charming private secretary.
Gundar-Goshen, AyeletThe LiarDesperate to escape a near-invisible life, an ice cream shop worker tells a terrible lie that renders her the center of public and media attention, before she is blackmailed by a neighbor who knows the truth.
Hackwith, A. J.The Library of the UnwrittenAssigned to watch the restless characters of books left unfinished by their authors, a head librarian of Hell’s neutral Unwritten Wing tracks an escaped Hero before an angel attack reveals the existence of a powerful literary weapon.
Haley, James L.The Devil in ParadiseSea Stories
Hamill, ShaunA Cosmology of MonstersHorror
Hand, ElizabethCurious ToysJoining a gang near the famous Riverview amusement park in 1915 Chicago, the daughter of a fortune teller teams up with a reclusive artist to track down a serial killer responsible for a child’s disappearance.
Hardinger, ElizabethAll the ForgivenessesHistorical
Hernandez, TreasureBelleUrban
Hibbert, TaliaGet a Life, Chloe BrownEmerging from a life-threatening illness, a fiercely organized but unfulfilled computer geek recruits a mysterious artist to help her establish meaning in her life, before finding herself engaged in reckless but thrilling activities.
Hunt, La JillFull Figured 14Urban
Jacobs, John HornorA Lush and Seething HellThe award-winning master of horror presents two chilling stories—The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky and My Heart Struck Sorrow—that blend together the psychological and the supernatural while examining the violence and depravity of the human condition.
Jacobson, HowardLive a LittleTwo London nonagenarians including a once-domineering man eater and a germophobic fortune-teller meet at the funeral of an estranged sibling before embarking on a shared journey of love and redemption.
Jewell, LisaThe Family UpstairsThriller
Jordan, RobertWarrior of the AltaiiFantasy
Khoury, RaymondEmpire of Liesn a groundbreaking thriller set in an alternate future where Europe has been conquered by the Ottoman Empire, a feted officer in the sultan’s secret police begins questioning his violent orders.
Kinsella, SophieChristmas ShopaholicHumorous
Kirkpatrick, JaneOne More River to CrossShares the true events of the Stevens-Murphy party, a California-bound wagon team that became stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the winter of 1844.
Krueger, PaulSteel Crow SagaA band of rogues and royals that should be enemies join forces for a common purpose—to defeat an unstoppable killer who defies the laws of magic in a battle that forges bonds of friendship and love that will change their lives and the world.
Lamanna, GinaPretty Guilty WomenThriller
Lauren, ChristinaTwice in a Blue MoonRomance
Le Carre, JohnAgent Running in the FieldThriller
Lee, StanA Trick of LightScience Fiction
Lerner, BenThe Topeka SchoolA popular high-school senior in 1997 Kansas elevates a loner classmate into the social scene with unexpected consequences, while his famous parents reckon with an abusive childhood and marital transgressions against a backdrop of New Right toxic masculinity.
Lester, NatashaThe Paris OrphanHistorical
Levy, DeborahThe Man Who Saw EverythingStaging a photograph in tribute to a Beatles album cover as a gift to his hosts in Communist East Berlin, a narcissistic young historian endures a near-miss that changes his life trajectory.
Liu, CixinSupernova EraScience Fiction
Lyons, JennThe Name of All ThingsFantasy
Macomber, DebbieA Mrs. Miracle ChristmasRomance
Mallery, SusanMeant to Be YoursRomance
McCall Smith, AlexanderTo the Land of Long Lost FriendsMystery
Mclaughlin, RhettThe Lost Causes of Bleak CreekHumorous
McPherson, CatrionaStrangers at the GateThriller
Morris, HeatherCilka's JourneyA novel based on a true story follows a Russian woman who is forced by a concentration-camp commandant to become his lover and is subsquently sent to Siberia after being found guilty of collaborating with the enemy.
Nixon, RosieThe Stylist Takes ManhattanRomance
Ocampo, SilvinaThe PromiseA dying woman’s attempt to recount the story of her life reveals the fragility of memory and the illusion of identity.
O'Connor, CarleneChristmas Cocoa MurderMystery
Palmer, DianaWyoming HeartRomance
Peikoff, KiraMother Knows BestThriller
Perry, AnneA Christmas GatheringMystery
Peterson, TracieWhat Comes My WayChristian
Pufahl, ShannonOn Swift HorsesA lonely newlywed and her wayward brother-in-law follow divergent and dangerous paths through the postwar American West.
Putney, Mary JoSeduction on a Snowy NightRomance
Racculia, KateTuesday Mooney Talks to GhostsA dying billionaire sends one woman and a cast of dreamers and rivals on a citywide treasure hunt.
Ragen, NaomiAn Unorthodox MatchStruggling financially and spiritually in the aftermath of his wife’s death, a Talmud scholar enters a marriage of convenience with a secular woman who would overcome personal tragedy by joining Brooklyn’s Orthodox community.
Roberts, NoraThe Rise of MagicksFantasy
Rosenfelt, DavidDachshund Through the SnowMystery
Sallis, JamesSarah JaneHammett Prize-winning author offers a novel about one woman’s journey to becoming a police officer.
Salvatore, R. A.BoundlessFantasy
Shafak, Elif10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange WorldA moving novel, shortlisted for the 2019 Booker Prize, on the power of friendship in our darkest times.
Shalvis, JillWrapped Up in YouRomance
Smith, Martin CruzThe Siberian DilemmaThriller
Solomon, RiversThe DeepThe historian of the water-dwelling descendants of pregnant African slaves thrown overboard by slavers keeps all the memories of her people both painful and miraculous, until she discovers that their future lies in returning to the past.
Thayer, NancyLet It SnowWomen
Thompson, TadeThe Rosewater RedemptionScience Fiction
Tillyard, StellaCall Upon the WaterHistorical
Todd, CharlesA Cruel DeceptionMystery
Truss, LynneThe Man That Got AwayMystery
Upson, NicolaSorry for the DeadMystery
Valdes, ValerieChilling EffectAfter her sister is kidnapped by a shadowy syndicate known as The Fridge, the foul-mouthed Captain Eva Innocente and her motley crew aboard La Sirena Negra must pay the ransom through a series of dangerous missions.
Vapnyar, LaraDivide Me by ZeroAfter learning that her renowned mathematician mother is dying, Katya turns to the unfinished notes of her last textbook in the hopes of finding guidance in the mathematical concepts there.
Vercher, JohnThree-FifthsA biracial black man who passes for white becomes unwittingly involved in the aftermath of a hate crime committed by his best friend which unleashes racial tension and violence in 1990s Pittsburgh.
White, KarenThe Christmas Spirits on Tradd StreetHolidays
Wilson, KevinNothing to See HereAgreeing to help her former college roommate care for two stepchildren who possess the ability to spontaneously combust when agitated, Lillian endeavors to keep her young charges cool in the face of an astonishing revelation.
Wingate, MartyThe Bodies in the LibraryMystery
Woodsmall, CindyA Christmas HavenAmish and Mennonite
Wright, JulieGlass Slippers, Ever After, and MeA modern Cinderella story by the author of Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s finds a writer reinventing herself to promote her self-help book at the same time her long-time secret crush ends his engagement.
Yong, JinA Hero BornA U.S. release of an epic Chinese classic is set in the years between the Song Empire and the rise of Genghis Khan and traces the story of a murdered patriot’s son who fulfills his destiny in a divided China.
September 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Alexander, EllieBeyond a Reasonable StoutMystery
Andrews, V. C.Beneath the AtticGothic
Anshaw, CarolRight After the WeatherThe author of the New York Times bestseller Carry the One presents a novel exploring what happens when untested people are put to a difficult time, and in its aftermath, find themselves in a newly uncertain world.
Atwood, Margaret EleanorThe TestamentsA long-anticipated sequel to the best-selling The Handmaid’s Tale is set 15 years after Offred stepped into an unknown fate and interweaves the experiences of three female narrators from Gilead.
Aw, TashWe, the SurvivorsA man from a Malaysian fishing village who has completed a sentence for murder and a privileged young journalist whose life has taken an unexpected turn confront the systems of power, race and class that drove the former into violence.
A'zaylerIn Love With My EnemyUrban
Barclay, LinwoodElevator PitchThriller
Bardugo, LeighNinth HouseSurviving a horrific multiple homicide, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks is unexpectedly offered a full scholarship to Yale, where her mysterious benefactors task her with monitoring the university’s secret societies.
Beckett, L. X.GamechangerScience Fiction
Berenson, LaurienHere Comes Santa PawsMystery
Billingsley, Reshonda TateMore to LifeFamily Life
Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the AngelMystery
Cabot, MegNo JudgmentsWomen
Camilleri, AndreaThe Other End of the LineThriller
Card, Orson ScottLost and FoundFantasy
Chambers, BeckyTo Be Taught, If FortunateWhile on a mission to ecologically survey four habitable worlds, Ariadne O’Neill and a team of explorers, shifting through space and time, discover that the culture back on Earth has been transformed and must make a difficult decision.
Chbosky, StephenImaginary FriendHorror
Chevalier, TracyA Single ThreadHistorical
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Christmas BoutiqueHolidays
Child, LeeBlue MoonThriller
Childs, LauraMumbo Gumbo MurderMystery
Clark, Mary HigginsKiss the Girls and Make Them CryThriller
Clarke, BrockWho Are You, Calvin Bledsoe?After forty-nine-year-old Calvin Bledsoe's mother dies, a stranger claiming to be his aunt Beatrice leads him across Europe in an adventure full of a comic menagerie of antiquities thieves, secret agents, religious fanatics, and a stalker ex-wife.
Clayton, Meg WaiteThe Last Train to LondonA tale inspired by the Kindertransports of World War II finds a Jewish teen’s life shattered by the Nazi takeover before he joins a member of the Dutch resistance in a life-risking effort to escape Germany.
Coble, ColleenStrands of TruthChristian
Coleman, Reed FarrelRobert B. Parker's The Bitterest PillMystery
Connelly, MichaelThe Night FireCrime
Cornwell, Patricia DanielsQuantumCrime
Crombie, DeborahA Bitter FeastInvited to spend a weekend at a tranquil Cotswolds village, husband-and-wife Scotland Yard detectives Kincaid and James are drawn into a dangerous web of secrets involving an up-and-coming star chef and a series of mysterious deaths.
Cruz, AngieDominicanaThe award-winning author of Soledad draws on her mother’s story in a tale set in a turbulent 1960s Dominican Republic, where a young teen agrees to marry a man twice her age to help her family’s immigration to America.
Cussler, CliveThe Titanic SecretAction
Dailey, JanetHart's Hollow FarmRomance
Dailey, JanetTexas ForeverRomance
Daly, PaulaClear My NameThriller
De Robertis, CarolinaCantorasEnduring the rampant violence against women and the LGBTQ community in the decades of the Uruguayan dictatorship, five women heartbreakingly unite as lovers, friends and family.
Dekker, TedThe Girl Behind the Red RopeChristian Suspense
DeMille, NelsonThe DeserterThriller
Denfeld, ReneThe Butterfly GirlThriller
Deutermann, Peter T.The NuggetThriller
Deveraux, JudeMet Her MatchRomance
Dodd, ChristinaStrangers She KnowsThriller
Donati, SaraWhere the Light EntersA black obstetrician returns to Manhattan in 1884 to move in with her best friend and fellow physician after the tragic loss of her family.
Duncan, Elizabeth J.Remembering the DeadMystery
Dunmore, EvieBringing Down the DukeRecruiting men of influence to champion the rising women’s suffrage movement of 1879 England, a daring Oxford rebel targets a cold and calculating duke before their unexpected romance threatens to upend the British social order.
Ellis, BellaThe Vanished BrideIn 1845 Yorkshire, a young wife and mother has gone missing from her home, leaving behind two small children and a large pool of blood, and it is up to the Brontë sisters to investigate.
Ellmann, LucyDucks, NewburyportA form-breaking torrent of consciousness, narrated by an Ohio mother besieged by MAGA hats and mountain lions.
Englehardt, JohnBloomlandWhen, during finals week at a southern university, a student opens fire in the library, killing 12 people, three survivors grapple with the fallout, in a debut novel that interrogates social and cultural dysfunction in a nation where mass violence has become all too familiar.
Flynn, VinceLethal AgentThriller
French, NicciThe Lying RoomThriller
Gappah, PetinaOut of Darkness, Shining LightA sharp-tongued cook and a rigidly pious freed slave confront complicated race dynamics to join the followers of the late Dr. Livingstone on a 19th-century voyage from Africa to the doctor’s home in England.
Gerritsen, TessThe Shape of NightThriller
Ghosh, AmitavGun IslandCultural Heritage
Graham, HeatherThe StalkingParanormal Romance
Greenwood, BrynThe Reckless Oath We MadeWhen an abduction tears her family apart, Zee, a tough Kansas woman on a path to redemption, turns to Gentry, an unlikely champion with a code of honor, and sets in motion a chain of events that will change their lives.
Greenwood, KerryThe Spotted DogMystery
Grisham, JohnThe GuardiansThriller
Gross, AndrewThe Fifth ColumnThriller
Harrow, Alix E.The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryA woman navigating the out-of-place artifacts in her caretaker’s sprawling early 20th-century mansion discovers a mysterious book that reveals impossible truths about the world and her own past.
Hedlund, JodyA Reluctant BrideChristian Historical
Hilderbrand, ElinWhat Happens in ParadiseWomen
Hill, EdwinThe Missing OnesSummoned to a rugged, remote island of the coast of Maine by a cryptic text, Hester Thursby discovers a community cleaning up from a devastating storm—and uncovers a murder.
Hill, JoeFull ThrottleShort Stories
Hirsch, PaddyHudson's KillThriller
Howard, Catherine RyanRewindThriller
Isaacs, SusanTakes One to Know OneThriller
Jance, Judith A.Sins of the FathersThriller
Jimenez, StephanieThey Could Have Named Her AnythingLiterary
Jio, SarahAll the Flowers in ParisWomen
KattThe Secret Lives of Baltimore GirlsUrban
Kauffman, DonnaThe Bakeshop at Pumpkin and SpiceRomance
Keller, JuliaThe Cold Way HomeDiscovering a body at the ruins of a psychiatric hospital that burned down decades earlier, Bell and her partners confront private torments as well as the site's dark history.
Kenyon, SherrilynAt Death's DoorFantasy
Koepp, DavidCold StorageThriller
K'WanThe InfamousUrban
Levine, LauraDeath of a GigoloMystery
Lewis, BeverlyThe TimepieceAmish and Mennonite
Locke, AtticaHeaven, My HomeIn a follow-up to the award-winning Bluebird, Bluebird, Texas Ranger Darren Matthews must battle centuries-old suspicions and prejudices, as well as threats that have been reignited in the current political climate, to find a missing boy and save himself.
Logan, T. M.29 SecondsThriller
Macmillan, GillyThe NannyLeaving her home after the mysterious disappearance of her beloved nanny, an embittered woman is forced to return decades later when the discovery of human remains forces her to question everything she thought she knew.
Marillier, JulietThe Harp of KingsFantasy
Marrs, JohnThe PassengersThriller
Martin, KatThe DeceptionRomantic Suspense
Mayor, ArcherBomber's MoonAn investigative reporter and a private investigator reluctantly team up to connect a double homicide under investigation by Joe Gunther to the crimes of a small-town drug dealer.
McFarlane, MhairiDon't You Forget About MeFired and dumped on the same night, Georgina takes a new job before realizing that her boss is her first love, and does not recognize her.
McGuire, SeananThe Unkindest TideUrban Fantasy
McKevett, G. A.Murder in the Corn MazeMystery
McKinlay, JennWord to the WiseMystery
Mengiste, MaazaThe Shadow KingTending the wounded when her nation is invaded by Mussolini, an orphaned servant in 1935 Ethiopia helps disguise a gentle peasant as their exiled emperor to rally her fellow women in the fight against fascism.
MiashaAll We Ask Is TrustUrban
Michaels, FernSpirit of the SeasonHolidays
Monroe, MaryRight Beside YouHolidays
Montag, KassandraAfter the FloodA tale set in an anarchic near-future America of mountaintop colonies surrounded by rising oceans finds an independent woman trading for supplies and information about the daughter who was stolen from her eight years earlier.
Morgenstern, ErinThe Starless SeaFrom the New York Times bestselling author of The Night Circus, a love story set in a secret underground world--a place of pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that sail upon a starless sea.
Moyes, JojoThe Giver of StarsVolunteering for Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library in small-town Kentucky, an English bride joins a group of independent women whose commitment to their job transforms the community and their relationships.
Muir, TamsynGideon the NinthRaised in a hostile undead world where she would escape servitude and a zombie afterlife, a lesbian necromancer becomes a bodyguard to an emperor to secure her freedom in a solar system of swordplay and cutthroat politics.
Neggers, CarlaRival's BreakRomantic Suspense
Newitz, AnnaleeThe Future of Another TimelineA geologist desperate to change the past and a teen rebel who has witnessed a history-changing murder are swept up in a secret historical war in a parallel-world America where time travel is possible.
Oates, Joyce CarolPursuitThriller
O'Brien, EdnaGirlAbducted by Boko Haram, a young woman makes a hair-raising escape from her northeast Nigerian prison before confronting the hostility and bureaucracy of being the mother of a child fathered by enemies.
Parnell, SeanAll Out WarThriller
Patchett, AnnThe Dutch HouseA tale set over the course of five decades traces a young man’s rise from poverty to wealth and back again as his prospects center around his family’s lavish Philadelphia estate.
Patterson, JamesKiller InstinctMystery
Patterson, JamesThe 19th ChristmasMystery
Penelope, L.Whispers of Shadow & FlameFantasy
Perry, AnneDeath in FocusMystery
Pinsker, SarahA Song for a New DayPublic gatherings are illegal, making concerts impossible, except for those willing to break the law for the love of music, and for one chance at human connection.
Prescott, LaraThe Secrets We KeptA tale of spycraft, love and sacrifice inspired by the true story of Doctor Zhivago follows the efforts of two CIA agents to help publish Boris Pasternak’s censored masterpiece against a backdrop of Cold War politics in Moscow.
Pronzini, BillThe Peaceful Valley Crime WaveWestern Mystery
Quinonez, ErnestoTainaJulio, a young boy in Spanish Harlem, becomes fervently devoted to a 15-year-old girl who claims she is a pregnant virgin and provides her with financial support as dictated by the girl’s ex-con uncle.
Ramzipoor, E. R.The VentriloquistsA tale based on true events finds a misfit journalist, a forger and a street urchin joining a band of resistance fighters who risk their lives to publish a satiric newspaper mocking the Nazis.
Sandford, JohnBloody GeniusCrime
Schine, CathleenThe GrammariansA comic love letter to sibling rivalry and the English language by the author of The Three Weissmanns of Westport follows the experiences of identical twins whose respective literary careers are upended by their battle to claim an heirloom dictionary.
Smith, Wilbur A.Ghost FireHistorical
Smith, ZadieGrand UnionShort Stories
Steel, DanielleChild's PlayWomen
Steinberg, SusanMachineA debut novel follows a group of teens during a seaside summer and the efforts of a guilt-driven girl to piece together the events that led to a drowning.
Stewart, AmyKopp Sisters on the MarchMystery
Strout, ElizabethOlive, AgainA sequel to Olive Kitteridge finds Olive struggling to understand herself while bonding with a teen suffering from loss, a woman who gives birth unexpectedly, a nurse harboring a longtime crush and a lawyer who resists an unwanted inheritance.
Sveistrup, SorenThe Chestnut ManThriller
Tracy, P. J.Ice Cold HeartMystery
Tucker, K. A.Say You Still Love MeA young VP at her father’s real-estate-development firm deals with the disdain of her male colleagues, but finds a new goal in a handsome new security guard.
Unger, LisaThe Stranger InsideWomen
Waldman, AmyA Door in the EarthAn Afghan-American college student in California travels to a remote village in Afghanistan to work for a professor's charitable foundation and after surviving a horrific bombing must side with either the villagers or the American soldiers.
Winterson, JeanetteFrankisssteinA transgender doctor falls in love with a celebrated professor who is leading the debate about artificial intelligence and conducting controversial experiments impacting cryogenics and the sex trade.
Woods, StuartStealthAction
Woodson, JacquelineRed at the BoneAs Melody celebrates a coming of age ceremony at her grandparents’ house in 2001 Brooklyn, her family remembers 1985, when Melody’s own mother prepared for a similar party that never took place in this novel about different social classes.
August 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Andrews, DonnaTerns of EndearmentMystery
Archer, JeffreyNothing VenturedSagas
Baldacci, DavidOne Good DeedThriller
BaoshuThe Redemption of TimeScience Fiction
Barr, NevadaWhat Rose ForgotThriller
Beck, HaylenLost YouThriller
Bell, DavidLayoverThriller
Benn, James R.When Hell Struck TwelveMystery
Betley, MatthewRules of WarThriller
Bobotis, AndreaThe Last List of Miss Judith KrattWomen
Booth, NaomiSealedHaunted by rumors of a skin sealing epidemic infecting the urban population, heavily pregnant Alice and her partner Pete find refuge in a remote mountain house where, instead, they are forced to fight for their survival when they are faced with a different kind of danger.
Bowen, RhysLove and Death Among the CheetahsMystery
Box, C. J.The BitterrootsPrivate investigator Cassie Dewell agrees to take a case involving the assault of a young woman, but as she tries to uncover the truth, Cassie finds herself fighting an influential family as well as ghosts from her own past.
Brockman, CambriaTell Me EverythingA college senior on the cusp of graduation uses her extraordinary insights to uncover her friends' closest-held secrets before a devastating chain of events culminates in a murder that tests the limits of her capabilities.
Brown, PierceDark AgeScience Fiction
Brown, SandraOutfoxThriller
Brunstetter, Wanda E.The Healing JarAmish and Mennonite
Buckhanon, KalishaSpeaking of SummerA woman's desperate search for her missing twin is complicated by their mother's recent death, police indifference, her relationship with her twin's boyfriend and a growing obsession that tests the limits of her sanity.
Buxton Kira JaneHollow KingdomSensing something is wrong with his owner, a domesticated crow abandons the only life he ever knew to discover that humans are turning into zombies and must use knowledge gleaned from his TV-viewing to save them.
Cantor, MelanieDeath and Other Happy EndingsWomen
Caputo, PhilipHunter's MoonA collection of short stories set in the same Michigan Upper Peninsula town, including tales of old high-school buddies on a hunting trip, once-a-year lovers and a middle-age man and his grief-stricken father, combine together to form a novel.
Carr, JackTrue BelieverThriller
Carriger, GailReticenceFantasy
Center, KatherineThings You Save in a FireWhen her estranged, ailing mother asks her to move to Boston, firefighter Cassie Hanwell becomes the only woman in her new firehouse, where she faces discrimination, low funding, and her unwanted attraction to a fellow firefighter.
Cleeves, AnnThe Long CallMystery
Coates, Ta-NehisiThe Water DancerA Virginia slave narrowly escapes a drowning death through the intervention of a mysterious force that compels his escape and personal underground war against slavery. By the National Book Award-winning author of Between the World and Me.
Coe, JonathanMiddle EnglandSatire
Coes, BenThe RussianThriller
Cole, BrianaThe Vows We BreakRomantic Suspense
Coonts, StephenThe Russia AccountThriller
Cooper, EllisonBuriedReturning to the field after six months of desk duty, FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair investigates the grisly discovery of a serial killer's uncovered body-dump site, reopening a decades-old case with ties to a recent abduction.
Cotterill, ColinThe Second Biggest NothingMystery
Coulter, CatherineLabyrinthThriller
Crais, RobertA Dangerous ManRescuing a bank teller from an abduction attempt, Joe Pike tackles the most perilous case of his career when the would-be kidnappers are found murdered and the bank teller goes missing.
Dahl, AlexThe Heart KeeperThriller
Danticat, EdwidgeEverything InsideA single-volume collection of short stories by the National Book Critics Circle Award winner explores the forces that unite and divide.
Davis, FionaThe Chelsea GirlsHistorical
Davis, LindseyA Capitol DeathMystery
De La Cruz, MelissaThe Birthday GirlWomen
Delaney, J. P.The Perfect WifeThriller
Donoghue, EmmaAkinA retired New York professor's life is thrown into chaos when he takes a young great-nephew to the French Riviera in hopes of uncovering his own mother's wartime secrets. By the best-selling author of Room.
El-mohtar, AmalThis is How You Lose the Time WarTwo time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past, begin to exchange letters—and soon fall in love, even though the discovery of their bond could mean death for each of them.
Ephron, HallieCareful What You Wish forThriller
Feehan, ChristineDark IllusionParanormal Romance
Folarin, TopeA Particular Kind of Black ManStruggling with his family's uncomfortable assimilation to American life, Tunde Akinola, the son of Nigerian immigrants, spends his childhood and young adulthood searching for connection after his mother returns to Nigeria and his father remarries.
Fossum, KarinThe WhispererMysterty
Gaynor, HazelMeet Me in MonacoWomen
Gelman, LaurieYou've Been VolunteeredWomen
Goldin, MeganThe Escape RoomOrdered to participate in a corporate team-building exercise that requires them to escape from a locked elevator, four ruthless Wall Street high-flyers struggle to put aside rivalries shaped by workplace intimidation, deception, and sexual harassment.
Gould, Howard MichaelBelow the LineThriller
Graham, HeatherThe SeekersParanormal Romance
Gregory, PhilippaTidelandsDuring England's seventeenth-century civil war a woman without a husband and skilled with herbs helps a young man on the run and unwittingly brings disaster into the heart of her life.
Handler, DanielBottle GroveLiterary
Hart, EllenTwisted at the RootMystery
Hart, RobThe WarehouseA darkly satirical thriller set in a near-future America wracked by violence, unemployment and climate change finds two employees of a world-saving global giant discovering their employers' true agenda.
Hartsuyker, LinneaThe Golden WolfSagas
Hassib, RajiaA Pure HeartFollows the divergent fates of two Egyptian sisters--Rose, married to an American journalist and living in New York City, and Gameela, a devout Muslim who remained in Cairo--when Rose returns to Egypt after Gameela is killed in a suicide bombing.
Hauser, C. J.Family of OriginWhen a controversial scientist drowns while investigating his theories about evolution moving in reverse, his estranged adult children reunite to settle their late father's affairs while trying to understand the research he abandoned them to pursue.
Hawkins, KarenThe Book CharmerWomen
Hazen, MichelleUnbreak MeTwo trauma survivors find love and acceptance in Hazen’s contemporary multicultural romance.
Herron, R. H.Stolen ThingsThriller
Higgins, KristanLife and Other InconveniencesA blue-blood grandmother and her black-sheep granddaughter discover they are truly two sides of the same coin.
Hoffman, AliceThe World That We KnewSent away to 1941 Paris when Berlin becomes too dangerous for Jewish families, a young girl bonds with her protective mystical golem; while her friend, a rabbi's daughter, rises to become a defender of their people.
Horrocks, CaitlinThe VexationsHistorical
Hunt, La JillPrivate PropertyUrban
Hunter, StephenGame of SnipersAction
Jackson, JoshilynNever Have I EverWhen her loved ones are put in danger by a blackmailer who threatens to expose dangerous secrets, a devoted family woman struggles to keep the upper hand in an escalating war of betrayal.
Johansen, IrisSmokescreenThriller
Johnson, CraigLand of WolvesMystery
Kibler, JulieHome for Erring and Outcast GirlsHistorical
King, StephenThe InstituteThriller
Kristoff, JayDarkdawnFantasy
Krueger, William KentThis Tender LandFleeing the Depression-era school for Native American children who have been taken from their parents, four orphans share a life-changing journey marked by struggling farmers, faith healers, and lost souls.
Kuang, R. F.The Dragon RepublicFantasy
Lagercrantz, DavidThe Girl Who Lived TwiceMystery
Lapena, ShariSomeone We KnowThriller
Lee, FondaJade WarFantasy
Lefteri, ChristyThe Beekeeper of AleppoA beekeeper and his artist wife have their lives upended and must flee after war destroys their home in Aleppo, Syria, and they set off on a dangerous journey through Turkey and Greece, towards an uncertain future in England.
Lippman, LauraLady in the LakeA divorced reporter in racially torn 1966 Baltimore triggers unanticipated consequences for vulnerable community members while investigating the murder of an African-American party girl.
Lovestam, SaraThe Truth Behind the LieMystery
Lutz, LisaThe SwallowsWhen one of her creative writing assignment generates some disturbing responses from students, new teacher Alexandra Witt ignites a gender war, with deeply personal--and potentially fatal--consequences for everyone involved.
Macneal, ElizabethThe Doll FactoryIn 1850s London beautiful young aspiring artist Iris is asked to model for Pre-Raphaelite artist Louis Frost, whose dark obsession may destroy her world forever.
Maum, CourtneyCostalegreA historical novel inspired by the relationship between Peggy and Pegeen Guggenheim finds an American heiress offering safe passage to Nazi-threatened artists, while her emotionally unstable daughter chronicles their wartime experiences.
McHugh, LauraThe Wolf Wants inThriller
Meier, LeslieHaunted House MurderMystery
Michaels, FernCut and RunThriller
Miller, TomThe Philosopher's WarRobert Canderelli Weekes is a rookie Rescue and Evacuation flier on the front lines of World War I in France, where he came to save lives, but has no idea how far he will have to go to win the war.
Modesitt, L. E.The Mage-Fire WarFantasy
Moore, MichelCarl Weber's Kingpins - DetroitUrban
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaGods of Jade and ShadowA dark fairy tale inspired by Mexican folklore is set against the backdrop of the Jazz Age in Mexico's underworld, where a young dreamer is sent by the Mayan God of Death on a life-changing journey.
Moriarty, JaclynGravity Is the ThingFamily Life
Morrison, Mary B.I Do Love You StillA power couple famed for their talents and passion-driven clashes face an ultimate test when one is given a rare chance to move her fashion brand to New York City at the same time the other secures an Olympic spot.
Naslund, BrianBlood of an ExileFantasy
North, AlexThe Whisper ManMourning the death of his wife, a father and his young son move to Featherbank for a fresh start but find their new town has a dark past involving a serial killer named "The Whisper Man."
Obreht, TeaInlandAn unexpected relationship between a frontierswoman riding out the Arizona Territory drought of 1893 and a former outlaw, who has the ability to see ghosts, inspires an epic journey across the West.
O'Dell, ClaireThe Hound of JusticeDystopian
Ogawa, YokoThe Memory PoliceAn Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance finds a young novelist hiding her editor from mysterious authorities who would erase all memories of people who once existed.
Orenstein, HannahLove at First LikeWomen
Parker, T. JeffersonThe Last Good GuyWhile searching for a missing teenager, private investigator Roland Ford uncovers a dark conspiracy involving an American Nazi compound and a celebrity evangelist.
Parry, H. G.The Unlikely Escape of Uriah HeepA young scholar with a secret uncontrollable magical ability to bring literary characters into the world is overseen by a protective older sibling before an unknown stranger unleashes literary characters throughout their city.
Patterson, JamesThe InnThriller
Penny, LouiseA Better ManSearching for a missing woman amid a catastrophic flood and blistering social media attacks, a demoted Armand Gamache bonds with the victim's distraught father, who contemplates a murder of his own.
Pobi, RobertCity of WindowsThriller
Preston, DouglasOld BonesThriller
Priest, CherieThe TollHorror
Putney, Mary JoOnce a SpyRegency Romance
Rai, AlishaThe Right SwipeCynical dating app creator Rhiannon Hunter must decide whether or not to give former pro-football player Samson Lima, who wooed her during one magical night and then disappeared, a second chance despite the fact that his in league with a business rival.
Robb, J. D.Vendetta in DeathMystery
Robotham, MichaelGood Girl, Bad GirlA dangerous young woman with a unique ability to detect lies sues for her emancipation from a secure children's home, while the psychologist on her case finds himself in a battle of wits for survival.
Rockaway, KristinHow to Hack a HeartbreakWomen
Rushdie, SalmanQuichotteIn a modern adaptation of "Don Quixote," a courtly, addled salesman embarks on a cross-country journey with his imaginary son Sancho to find and convince a television star of his love for her.
Russell, Mary DoriaThe Women of the Copper CountryHistorical
Russo, RichardChances AreOne beautiful September day, three 66-year-old men convene on Martha’s Vineyard, friends ever since meeting in college, and must puzzle out a lingering mystery from the summer of 1971.
Ryan, Hank PhillippiThe Murder ListThriller
Scott, Rion AmilcarThe World Doesn't Require YouThis collection of short stories, set in fictional Cross River, Maryland, includes the tales of a struggling musician who is God's last son and a Ph.D. candidate whose dissertation about a childhood game sparks a riot in a once-segregated town.
Slaughter, KarinThe Last WidowMystery
Steel, DanielleThe Dark SideWomen
Stradal, J. RyanThe Lager Queen of MinnesotaA talented baker running a business out of her nursing home reconnects with her master brewer sister at the same time her pregnant granddaughter launches an IPA brewpub.
Szalay, DavidTurbulenceLiterary
Tokarczuk, OlgaDrive Your Plow over the Bones of the DeadCrime
Vargas, FredThis Poison Will RemainMystery
Wall, CaraThe Dearly BelovedIn a novel that spans decades, two young couples' lives become intertwined when the husbands are appointed co-ministers of a venerable New York City church in the 1960s.
Walters, MinetteThe Turn of MidnightMystery
Ward, J. R.Blood TruthParanormal Romance
Ware, RuthThe Turn of the KeyWhen a high-paying nanny job at a luxurious Scottish Highlands home culminates in her imprisonment for a child's murder, a young woman struggles to untangle what really happened.
Wellington, DavidThe Last AstronautHorror
White, Susan RebeccaWe Are All Good People HereTwo roommates at Belmont College in 1962 become close friends until their growing awareness of the South's caste system causes them to question everything and one of them veers towards radicalism.
Wiggs, SusanThe Oysterville Sewing CircleWomen
Williams, LaraSupper ClubA woman confronts her personal limits and repressed past after forming a nighttime collective of women who gorge themselves passionately and embrace their bodies.
Woods, StuartContrabandAction
Yongo, MicahPale KingsFantasy
Zahn, TimothyThrawnScience Fiction
Zeran, Alia TrabuccoThe RemainderA coffin, a camera, a bottle of pisco: three friends embark on a road trip through the Andes to confront a history they can neither remember nor forget.
July 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Alger, CristinaGirls Like UsInvestigating a pair of grisly murders on Long Island, FBI agent Nell Flynn is horrified to discover that the primary suspect is her own recently deceased father, a former homicide detective.
Atkins, AceThe ShamelessCrime
Baker, ChandlerWhisper NetworkFollows four women who speak out when their ill-reputed boss is slated to become CEO, a decision that triggers catastrophic shifts throughout every department of their company.
Balogh, MarySomeone to HonorRomance
Barr, LisaThe UnbreakablesWomen
Belle, KimberlyDear WifeThriller
Card, Orson ScottThe HiveScience Fiction
Castillo, LindaShamedMystery
Chase, BethanyOne Night at the LakeA complicated tragedy on a hot summer night at a lake house forever alters the lives of two best friends and the man they both love.
Clark, MartinThe Substitution OrderDisbarred attorney Kevin Moore takes a job in a run-down sandwich shop before an offer by a gang of con artists challenges the extent of his legal savvy.
Clarke, NeilThe Best Science Fiction of the YearScience Fiction
Cohen, Leah HagerStrangers and Cousins
Connolly, SheilaKiller in the Carriage HouseMystery
Davidson, CraigThe Saturday Night Ghost ClubA group of misfit kids shares an unforgettable summer investigating ghost stories, conspiracy theories and urban legends in their 1980s Niagara Falls community, uncovering unexpected local secrets along the way.
Davies, KateIn at the Deep EndWomen
De Maria, FiorellaA Most Dangerous InnocenceHistorical
Dermansky, MarcyVery NiceA darkly humorous tale of privilege, race and bad behavior find a wealthy Connecticut divorcée and her college-age daughter becoming unlikely rivals in a romantic triangle involving the latter's creative writing professor.
Dimberg, Kelsey RaeGirl in the Rearview MirrorThriller
Disher, GarryUnder the Cold Bright LightsA cold case investigator looks into a possible murder that the coroner pegged as a suicide and a doctor who killed three women and left no evidence.
Doiron, PaulAlmost MidnightMystery
Donaldson, Stephen R.The War WithinFantasy
Dukess, KarenThe Last Book PartyAttending an early summer gathering at a famed journalist's Cape Cod home, Eve Rosen, an aspiring writer stuck in a low-level job, discovers uncomfortable truths about the literary world she has been so desperate to join.
Edvardsson, M. T.A Nearly Normal FamilyThriller
Edwards, EldonnaClover BlueHistorical
Eisele, KimiThe Lightest Object in the UniverseIn a powerless world after a global economy collapse, an East Coast man desperate to reunite with the woman he loves encounters a menagerie of lost souls, opportunists and would-be rebuilders on a cross-country railroad journey.
Estep, JenniferProtect the PrinceFantasy
Ffitch, MadelineStay and FightAbandoned on her boyfriend's Appalachian living-off-the-land farm initiative, Helen builds a cooperative family with a young couple before educational needs and a boundary dispute challenge their independence.
Fitch, JanetChimes of a Lost CathedralHistorical
Foulds, AdamDream SequenceTelevision actor Henry finds himself stalked by a recently divorced fan, Kristin, who feels like she already knows him personally through his character and social media feed.
Frear, CazStone Cold HeartMystery
Freedman, MikeKing of the MississippiA cutthroat power war at a prestigious Houston consulting firm is spearheaded by an old-money jock who uses downsizing to control his clients and a dishonorable veteran who would exploit the respect of others.
Freeman, DianneA Lady's Guide to Gossip and MurderMystery
Galligan, JohnBad Axe CountyThe first female sheriff in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin, searches for a missing girl, battles local drug dealers, and seeks the truth about the death of her parents 20 years ago—all as a winter storm rages.
Gaylin, AlisonNever Look BackThriller
Giolito, Malin PerssonBeyond all reasonable doubtLawyer Sophia Weber dedicates herself to exonerating Ahlin, a man wrongly convicted of murder thirteen years ago, but her determination arouses many people's disgust, and the more she learns, the more difficult her job becomes.
Greaney, MarkRed MetalThriller
Guillory, JasmineThe Wedding PartyThe rival best friends of bride-to-be Alexa share wedding responsibilities that transform their hostility into attraction, prompting a "friends with benefits" arrangement over an agreement not to fall in love.
Hardt, HelenUndefeatedParanormal Romance
Harris, JoanneThe Strawberry ThiefLong-awaited new Chocolat novel.
Harrison, CoraSeason of DarknessMystery
Hlad, AlanThe Long Flight HomeHistorical
Hogan, RuthThe Wisdom of Sally Red ShoesWomen
Holsinger, BruceThe Gifted SchoolThe students and parents of a tight-knit community find their bonds nearly destroyed by competitiveness when an exclusive school for gifted children opens nearby, in a story told from both adult and child perspectives.
Huang, S. L.Null SetScience Fiction
Jimenez, AbbyThe Friend ZoneRomance
Kadrey, RichardThe Grand DarkAfter the end of the Great War, the city of Lower Proszawa celebrates the peace with a period of extreme decadence, while Largo, an ambitious addict and bike messenger, uses an elite contact to lift himself up out of the city's slums.
Koch, HermanThe DitchLiterary
Lackey, MercedesEye SpyFantasy
Lee Koe, AmandaDelayed Rays of a StarA novel inspired by a 1928 Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph depicts the lives of Hollywood icon Marlene Dietrich, Chinese-American star Anna May Wong, and maligned director Leni Riefenstahl.
Lepionka, KristenThe Stories You TellMystery
Lindsey, JohannaTemptation's DarlingRomance
Lovesey, PeterKilling With ConfettiMystery
Lustbader, EricThe Sum of All ShadowsThriller
Macomber, DebbieWindow on the BayRomance
Mancusi, NicholasA Philosophy of RuinA young philosophy professor finds himself in the middle of a drug-running operation after his personal life derails.
Manning, KirstyThe Song of the Jade LilyHistorical
Marlantes, KarlDeep RiverForced from their home by Russian imperialism, three Finnish siblings find their new lives in the Pacific Northwest challenged by the rapid development and labor movements of the early 20th-century logging industry.
Martineau, Maxym M.Kingdom of ExilesParanormal Romance
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Second-worst Restaurant in FranceHumorous
McKinty, AdrianThe ChainA parent receives a panicked phone call from a stranger who reveals that both of their children have been kidnapped by someone who demands that they abduct another child to prevent the murders of their own.
Meacham, LeilaDragonflyThriller
Nesbo, JoKnifeMystery
Norfleet, Celeste O.One Night in GeorgiaIn the summer of 1968 three Manhattan co-eds embark on a road trip to Atlanta and find tensions running high as they make their way south via racially friendly locations for gas, rest and food.
O'keefe, Megan E.Velocity WeaponScience Fiction
Patterson, JamesSophia, Princess Among BeastsFantasy
Phillips, HelenThe NeedA woman grapples with the complex dualities of motherhood—joy and dread, tenderness and anxiety—after confronting a masked intruder in her home.
Porter, ReginaThe TravelersFollows the experiences of two American families, one black and one white, against a backdrop of historical events from the 1950s through the first year of Barack Obama's presidency.
Quinn, SpencerHeart of BarknessMystery
Regan, LisaFinding Claire FletcherThriller
Rhys, RachelFatal InheritanceMystery
Roberts, NoraUnder CurrentsReturning to his hometown of Lakeview where his father's abuse made his childhood a nightmare, Zane Bigelow begins a relationship with Darby McCray, a landscape designer, but his dark past comes back to haunt Zane and threatens their happiness.
Rosenfelt, DavidBark of NightMystery
Rovin, JeffSting of the WaspThriller
Rozan, S. J.Paper SonInformed that an unknown cousin is in jail, Chinese-American private detective Lydia Chin and her partner, Bill Smith, travel to the Mississippi Delta, where they confront river-levee disputes, computer scams, and questions about her cousin's innocence.
Ryan, JenniferThe Me I Used to BeWomen
Sager, RileyLock Every DoorThriller
Savage, LilaSay Say SayWorking as a caregiver in the home of a retired carpenter and his accident-disabled wife, an aspiring artist is deeply moved by the couple's devotion, which unconsciously impacts her relationship with her girlfriend.
Silva, DanielThe New GirlThriller
Sinclair, ShaunKing ReeseUrban
Stone, JeanVineyard SummerWomen
Stringer, JayMarah Chase and the Conqueror's TombRogue archeologist Marah Chase is approached by MI6 with an impossible mission: to help them recover a dangerous treasure lost after the death of Alexander the Great.
Thayer, NancySurfside SistersWomen
Tremblay, PaulGrowing Things and Other StoriesAn anthology of psychological suspense tales by the award-winning author of A Head Full of Ghosts.
Turtledove, HarryAlpha and OmegaAlternative History
Waxman, AbbiThe Bookish Life of Nina HillA confirmed introvert finds her simple life upended when the father she never knew passes away, revealing an enormous extended family that overwhelms her budding relationship with a fellow trivia buff.
Wendig, ChuckWanderersWhen her little sister is afflicted by a bizarre sleepwalking disorder that begins to affect people all across the country, Shana is embroiled in an apocalyptic epidemic involving a decadent rock star, a religious radio host, and a disgraced scientist.
White, Roseanna M.The Number of LoveChristian Historical
Whitehead, ColsonThe Nickel BoysFollows the harrowing experiences of two African-American teens at an abusive reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida.
Williams, BeatrizThe Golden HourTraveling to World War II Nassau to interview the infamous Duke and Duchess of Windsor, an investigator for a New York society magazine uncovers a treasonous plot that is complicated by her romance with an unscrupulous scientist.
Winter, EvanThe Rage of DragonsFantasy
June 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Allan, BarbaraAntiques Ravin'Mystery
Banker, Ashok K.Upon a Burning ThroneFirst of a new epic fantasy series inspired by an ancient Sanskrit epic and Indian mythology.
Bannister, JoSilent FootstepsMystery
Berry, ConnieA Dream of DeathMystery
Blake, SarahThe Guest BookThe bereaved matriarch of a powerful early-20th-century American family makes a fateful decision that reverberates throughout two subsequent generations further impacted by racism, reversed circumstances and disturbing revelations.
Blake, SarahNaamahImagines the life of Noah's wife, Naamah, the matriarch who lends strength to her family, cares for Noah's menagerie, and mourns the lover she left behind.
Brenner, JamieDrawing HomeWomen
Brooks, TerryThe Stiehl AssassinFantasy
Brown, Rita MaeWhiskers in the DarkMystery
Carr, RobynThe View from Alameda IslandRomance
Cheek, ChipCape MaySouthern newlyweds honeymooning in 1957 Cape May are pulled into the dramas of a trio of sophisticated New England urbanites who render the deserted beach community an intimate playground of corruptive recklessness.
Chiang, TedExhalationA long-awaited latest collection by the author of "The Story of Your Life" explores revelatory ideas and second chances.
Chiaverini, JenniferResistance WomenHistorical
Cleeton, ChanelWhen We Left CubaWomen
Cobbs, ElizabethThe Tubman CommandTells the story of Harriet Tubman at the height of her powers, when she devises the largest plantation raid of the Civil War after General David Hunter places her in charge of a team of black scouts even though skeptical of what one woman can accomplish.
Collins, BridgetThe BindingIn a magical world where books are repositories of individual lives, a reviled Bookbinder's apprentice crafts elegant memory volumes to help troubled customers before discovering that others in his profession use their skills for dark ends.
Collins, SaraThe Confessions of Frannie LangtonA servant and former slave enduring a sensational trial for her employers' murders reflects on her Jamaican childhood and her apprenticeship under a debauched scientist whose questionable ethics set the stage for a forbidden affair.
Dawson, Delilah S.No Country for Old GnomesFantasy
de Kerangal, MaylisThe CookFollows the coming-of-age of a self-taught Parisian chef who endures setbacks in his career, relationships, and mental stability before rediscovering his passions, a journey witnessed by a nameless narrator who might be in love with him.
Deaver, JefferyThe Never GameThriller
Downing, DavidDiary of a Dead Man on LeaveStumbling across the hidden diary of a boarder who had been a father figure to him half a century earlier, Walter discovers the man's life-risking undercover work as an anti-Nazi Moscow spy.
Ehirim, NnamdiThe Prince of MonkeysLiterary
Ellis, ShellyKnow Your PlaceUrban
Epstein, Jennifer CodyWunderlandA German-American woman in 1989 New York City evaluates her relationship with her late mother, whose childhood best friendship was shattered in the wake of a betrayal involving the Hitler Youth movement and a family secret.
Feeney, AliceI Know Who You AreThriller
Fitzpatrick, LydiaLights All Night LongWith the help of his American host family's daughter, Sadie, who has secrets of her own, Russian exchange student Ilya embarks on a mission to prove his brother Vladimir’s innocence in the murders of three girls back in Russia.
Fletcher, C. A.A Boy and His Dog at the End of the WorldWhen a beloved family dog is stolen, her boy owner sets out on a life-changing journey through the ruins of a dystopian world to bring her back.
Frank, Dorothea BentonQueen BeeWomen
Fremantle, ElizabethThe Poison BedHistorical
Furst, JoshuaRevolutionariesThe poster child for his father’s revolution in the 1960s, Fred, who can no longer ignore his psychedelically bizarre childhood, recollects his experiences with a man who preached love but treated his family with almost reflexive cruelty.
Gibson, ClaireBeyond the PointWomen
Golden, ChristopherThe Pandora RoomThriller
Golding, MelanieLittle DarlingsDiscounted by everyone when after the traumatizing birth of her twins she is threatened by a mysterious being, an exhausted mother risks the unthinkable when she becomes convinced that her infants have been replaced by changelings.
Grady, JamesCondorThriller
Graham, HeatherThe SummoningRomance
Grames, JulietThe Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella FortunaBelieved cursed in her rugged Italian village, a tough, intelligent teen protects her younger sister during World War II, enduring challenges that transform her views about survival and independence.
Gray, Shelley ShepardThe Patient OneAmish
Green, JaneThe Friends We KeepWomen
Groen, HendrikOn the Bright SideOctogenarian curmudgeon Hendrik emerges from a year of mourning the death of his beloved friend Eefje to help the Old-But-Not-Dead Club save their home from demolition plans.
Gudenkauf, HeatherBefore She Was FoundThriller
Hamilton, Glen ErikMercy RiverAfter traveling to a remote Oregon location to help a fellow veteran falsely accused of murder, Van Shaw finds himself drawn into a small town dominated by the drug trade, violent white supremacists, and dark family secrets.
Handler, JessicaThe Magnetic GirlHistorical
Hannon, IreneDriftwood BayChristian
Harris, ThomasCari MoraThriller
Hauck, RachelThe Memory HouseChristian
Hilton, EricaRed CharlieUrban
Hinger, CharlotteThe Healer's DaughterHinger, a Western Kansas historian fictionalizes the town of Nicodemus, the first all-black settlement in Kansas.
Hunt, La JillMidlife CrisisUrban
Jackson, LisaWilling to DieThriller
Jaswal, Balli KaurThe Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill SistersMaking an obligatory pilgrimage to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to carry out their mother's final rites, three estranged British-Punjabi sisters make unexpected discoveries about why their mother was forced to leave India.
Karst, LeslieMurder from ScratchMystery
Knott, RobertRobert B. Parker's BuckskinWestern
Koontz, Dean R.The Night WindowThriller
Koryta, MichaelIf She WakesAn insurance investigator finds herself on the run from a mysterious young hit man while examining the case of a young college student who has been rendered a locked-in syndrome patient by a suspicious accident.
Landvik, LornaChronicles of a Radical HagWhen beloved columnist Haze Evans falls into a coma, Susan McGrath, filling the void with Haze's past columns, stumbles upon secrets that have been locked in the files for decades.
Langsdorf, JulieWhite ElephantWhen the owner of a gaudy monstrosity of a house compromises suburban aesthetics to sell the property, his fed-up neighbors stumble over private challenges to orchestrate an increasingly hostile turf war.
Laurens, StephanieThe Pursuits of Lord Kit CavanaughRomance
Lee, PatrickDark SiteThriller
Leithauser, BradThe Promise of ElsewhereAfter his second marriage fails, Louie Hake undertakes a world tour and ends up in the Arctic, as he reminisces about the failures of his romantic past.
Malerman, JoshInspectionA genius boy and girl raised unaware of gender in remote, separate schools far from the rest of the world encounter each other's differences for the first time while making unsettling discoveries about their schools' enigmatic founder.
Martin, AlexaFumbledRomance
Massey, SujataThe Satapur MoonstoneIndia's only female lawyer in 1922 helps the royal ladies of Satapur by getting involved in the power plays and ancient vendettas of the palace.
McEwan, IanMachines Like MePresents the story of two lovers in an alternative 1980s London who construct a perfect synthetic human before finding themselves in a morally complex love triangle.
McGuinness, PatrickThrow Me to the WolvesMystery
Mcquiston, CaseyRed, White & Royal BlueRomantic comedy in which the First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales after an incident of international proportions forces them to pretend to be best friends.
Meyer, DeonThe Woman in the Blue CloakThriller
Michaels, FernHot ShotThriller
N'tyseOutlaw MamisUrban
O'Leary, BethThe FlatshareEntering a flatshare arrangement with a man on an opposite work shift, a heartbroken woman begins exchanging notes with the roommate she has never met and becomes his best friend, and possibly soulmate, through their correspondence.
Palmer, D. J.Saving MeghanThriller
Palmer, SuzanneFinderScience Fiction
Panowich, BrianLike LionsSheriff and new father Clayton Burroughs struggles to recover from the shooting that ended his brothers' lives before violent rivals compel his return to the criminal past he is desperately trying to leave behind.
Parini, JayThe Damascus RoadHistorical novel inspired by the Apostle Paul, who at the side of gospel writer Luke becomes Christianity's most influential messenger in an ancient world on the brink of epochal change.
Patterson, JamesUnsolvedCrime
Pavone, ChrisThe Paris DiversionAfter a leisurely start to a normal day, American expat Kate Moore finds herself partnered with a French agent to investigate a bombing threat in Paris.
Phillips, JuliaDisappearing EarthThe shattering disappearance of two young girls from Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula compounds the isolation and fears of a tight-woven community, connecting the lives of neighbors, witnesses, family members and a detective throughout an ensuing year of tension.
Qiufan, ChenWaste TideAn exploited lowest-caste factory worker, her ruthless employer, an American corporate representative and his heritage-seeking translator intersect when a dark futuristic virus is unleashed on a major Chinese technological site, triggering a war between the poor and wealthy classes.
Ramos, JoanneThe FarmLiterary
Reisz, TiffanyThe RoseWhen she receives a rare cup, which is rumored to have the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life, as a gift, Lia soon discovers that the rumors are true and gets tangled up with a collector who wants it for himself.
Reynolds, AlastairPermafrostScience Fiction
Roanhorse, RebeccaStorm of LocustsScience Fiction
Robinson, RoxanaDawson's FallWhen she receives a rare cup, which is rumored to have the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life, as a gift, Lia soon discovers that the rumors are true and gets tangled up with a collector who wants it for himself.
Rothman, AndreaThe DNA of You and MeHired by an employer who does not reveal the competitive nature of the job, graduate student Emily is forced to choose between her career and her heart when she falls for an unsuspected rival.
Rouda, KairaThe Favorite DaughterThriller
Santiago, NisaHead GamesUrban
Savas, AysegulWalking on the CeilingA novel set in Paris and a changing Istanbul follows a young Turkish woman grappling with her past—her country’s and her own—and her complicated relationship with the famous British writer who longs for her memories.
Sawyer, Kim VogelA Silken ThreadA young loom worker who dreams of a family is courted by an unscrupulous playboy who would marry to secure his inheritance, compelling a lovelorn but humble security guard to try to make her a better offer.
Schwartz, John BurnhamThe Red DaughterLiterary
Shelton, PaigeThe Loch Ness PapersScrambling to find a last-minute pastor for her wedding, bookseller Delaney Nichols befriends an elderly Loch Ness monster enthusiast whose influence she staunchly defends and investigates when he is wrongly accused of murdering his own nephew.
Shipman, ViolaThe Summer CottageWomen
Simison, GraemeThe Rosie ResultThe final installment of the Australian series beloved around the world.
Smith, AliSpringLiterary
Somers, ErinStay Up With Hugo BestA young writers' assistant on a late-night comedy show finds her life and perspectives transformed when she accepts an invitation from the program's enigmatic host to spend a long weekend at his Connecticut mansion.
Starling, CaitlinThe Luminous DeadLying her way into an expedition with a big payout, caver Gyre Price, while on a foreign planet, must embark on a terrifying psychological and emotional journey into the darkness and unknown in order to survive.
Stewart, MariahThe Goodbye CaféWomen
Stout, DanTitanshadeFantasy
Swyler, ErikaLight from Other StarsDecades after her grieving father, a laid-off NASA scientist, triggers chaotic changes in his pursuit of life-extending technology, an astronaut confronts dangerous family secrets to stop a world-threatening crisis.
Thomas, BevA Good Enough MotherWomen
Thompson, TadeThe Rosewater InsurrectionScience Fiction
Thompson, VictoriaMurder on Trinity PlaceMystery
Thornton, Stephanie MarieAmerican PrincessHistorical
Tilghman, ChristopherThomas and Beal in the MidiLiterary
Walker, WendyThe Night BeforeThriller
Weir, AlisonAnna of KleveArranged in a doomed marriage to England's infamous Henry VIII, a princess from a small German duchy hides a desperate secret in a hostile foreign court.
Welsh, KaiteThe Unquiet HeartMystery
White, KateSuch a Perfect WifeMystery
Yellin, JessicaSavage NewsA first novel by former CNN Chief White House correspondent follows the career of a woman cable news journalist who navigates ratings wars, sexual harassment and impossible standards throughout a precarious diplomatic and political incident.
May 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Albert, Susan WittigA Plain Vanilla Murder
Anderson, Kevin J.Spine of the Dragon
Aramburu, FernandoHomelandDescribes the story of two Basque families, who were friends for generations, but who became bitter enemies after the father of one is killed by ETA militants during the violent insurgency that plagued the region from the 1980s to 2011.
Asher, NealThe Warship
Barenbaum, RachelA Bend in the Stars
Bates, CallieThe Soul of Power
Bauermeister, EricaThe Scent KeeperA young woman raised on a remote island with a father who identifies the scents of the natural world makes illuminating discoveries about her identity and a mysterious cache of fragrances.
Benjamin, MelanieMistress of the RitzThe director of the luxurious Hotel Ritz in occupied Paris and his courageous American wife, Blanche Auzello, risk their marriage and lives to support the French Resistance during World War II.
Boyce, EricaThe Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green
Brandman, MichaelWild Card
Brandreth, BenetThe Assassin of Verona
Briggs, PatriciaStorm Cursed
Buckley, FionaA Web of Silk
Casares, OscarWhere We Come fromMoving to his godmother's volatile Texas border town after his mother's sudden death, a 12-year-old Mexican-American boy discovers a young illegal immigrant taking shelter in his godmother's home before their shared desire for independence puts all of them at risk.
Campbell, JackTriumphant
Clare, AlysWoman Who Spoke to Spirits
Cleveland, KarenKeep You Close
Constantine, LivThe Last Time I Saw You
Correa, Armando LucasThe Daughter's TaleA tale of love and redemption based on the 1944 Oradour-Sur-Glane massacre follows an octogenarian's receipt of a cache of letters, written by her mother during World War II, that uncover decades of secrets.
Cussler, CliveThe Oracle
Dailey, JanetIt's a Christmas Thing
Dams, Jeanne M.The Dagger Before Me
Darke, MinnieStar-crossed
Dev, SonaliPride, Prejudice, and Other FlavorsA neurosurgeon from a politically ambitious immigrant family clashes with a talented dessert chef who would prove he is more than his pedigree.
Donlea, CharlieSome Choose Darkness
Donnelly, Lara ElenaAmnesty
Egan, GregPerihelion Summer
Ellroy, JamesThis StormWhen torrential rains unearth a body in Griffith Park, a corrupt vice cop, a Japanese crime-lab whiz facing internment, a fascist police consultant, and a rogue profiteer become obsessed with solving the murder and finding the gold from an unsolved gold heist in 1931.
Fajardo-anstine, KaliSabrina & CorinaA debut story collection about female relationships and the deep-rooted truths of our homelands features Latina protagonists of indigenous descent who cautiously navigate the violence and changes in a Denver, Colorado community.
Ferencik, EricaInto the Jungle
Gilbert, ElizabethCity of GirlsEighty-nine-year-old Vivian recounts her life after being kicked out of Vassar College, living in Manhattan with her Aunt Peg and the personal mistake that resulted in a professional scandal.
Goldberg, LeonardThe Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth
Gray, ClaudiaStar Wars
Haines, CarolynGame of Bones
Hanif, MohammedRed BirdsWhen an American pilot crash lands on the outskirts of the very camp he was supposed to bomb, he is rescued by one of the camp's residents, a teenager named Momo, who aims to help his struggling family by finding his missing brother.
Harper, KarenDark Storm
Horowitz, AnthonyThe Sentence Is DeathDetective Daniel Hawthorne and his literary sidekick risk their lives to expose dangerous secrets while investigating the murder of a celebrity divorce lawyer and teetotaler who was bludgeoned to death with an expensive bottle of wine.
Hunter, DeniseSummer by the Tides
Hyde, Catherine RyanHave You Seen Luis Velez?
Ives, LucyLoudermilkA handsome, charismatic con artist and his socially anxious friend scam their way into a poetry fellowship at one of America's most prestigious creative writing programs.
Jonasson, RagnarThe Island
Kane, Jessica FrancisRules for VisitingA talented but reclusive gardener is inspired by her love of classic literature to embark on a female odyssey to reconnect with her four once-close friends through simple activities and digital encounters that unexpectedly catapult her into viral fame.
Kay, Guy GavrielA Brightness Long Ago
Keane, Mary BethAsk Again, YesWhen a violent event forcibly ends their romance, the son and daughter of two NYPD rookies reconnect years later and struggle to prevent the past from triggering another separation.
Kiefer, ChristianPhantomsVietnam veteran John Frazier witnesses the confrontation between his aunt, Evelyn Wilson, and her former neighbor, Kimiko Takahashi, who had been sent to a World War II internment camp and whose son, Ray, returned from service and disappeared.
Kwok, JeanSearching for Sylvie LeeThe best-selling author of Girl in Translation draws on a personal family tragedy in the story of three women from a Chinese immigrant family who navigate complicated secrets when an elder daughter goes missing.
Larkin, AllieSwimming for Sunlight
Laukkanen, OwenDeception CoveA recently widowed marine suffering PTSD from her time in Afghanistan has her service dog kidnapped by a corrupt deputy sheriff who wants to blackmail her into delivering goods allegedly stolen by her husband before his death.
Lauren, ChristinaThe UnhoneymoonersPartnered with a nemesis best man on a paradise honeymoon when her bride twin gets food poisoning, a chronically unlucky maid of honor assumes the role of a newlywed before unexpectedly falling for her companion.
Lawrence, MarkHoly Sister
Layne, LaurenPassion on Park Avenue
Lee, Jing-JingHow We DisappearedSix decades after a young woman from Singapore is forced into sexual slavery during World War II, a twelve-year-old boy's effort to investigate his ailing grandmother's mumbled confession triggers a fateful chain of events.
Logan, KylieThe Scent of Murder
Mallery, SusanThe Summer of Sunshine and Margot
McGuire, SeananMiddlegameIn an alternate-reality world under the shadow of a magical government bent on transmuting the fabric of reality, two alchemical twins, one skilled with language and the other with math, become catalysts in their creator's grab for power.
Meyers, Randy SusanWaisted
Miller, Linda LaelThe Yankee WidowProtecting her child and Gettysburg farm at the height of the Civil War, a widow faces difficult choices when she offers shelter to a dedicated Union soldier, a passionate Southern rebel and a pregnant fugitive slave.
Miller, MaryBiloxiNewly single, retired, and waiting for an inheritance that may never come, sixty-three-year-old Louis McDonald makes the impulsive, life-changing decision to adopt a dog.
Mina, DeniseConvictionAn upper-class Edinburgh housewife who enjoys listening to the sordid details of true-crime podcasts has her world turned upside down when a new podcast turns out to have connections to her own dark past.
Montclair, AllisonThe Right Sort of Man
Moore, Meg MitchellThe Islanders
Murphy, TimCorrespondentsAn Irish-Lebanese American leaves Boston to work as a journalist in Beirut and is assigned to Baghdad in 2003 to cover the post-9-11 invasion where her safety becomes dependent on her talented interpreter who harbors a dangerous secret.
Oates, Joyce CarolMy Life As a Rat
Orringer, JulieThe Flight PortfolioPresents a fictionalized account of American journalist Varian Fry's 1940 trip to France to save the lives and work of Jewish artists fleeing the Holocaust.
Page, NoraRead on Arrival
Pitoniak, AnnaNecessary PeopleIn a novel set against the fast-paced backdrop of TV news, the author of The Futures offers a work of psychological suspense about ambition and privilege and the thin line between friendship and rivalry.
Porter, MaxLannyA follow-up to the prizewinning Grief Is the Thing with Feathers follows the awakening of a mythical being in a London village, where he observes the domestic dramas and creative energies surrounding a mischievous, ethereal young newcomer.
Richardson, Kim MicheleThe Book Woman of Troublesome CreekA last-of-her-kind outcast and member of the Pack Horse Library Project braves the hardships of Kentucky's Great Depression and hostile community discrimination to bring the near-magical perspectives of books to her neighbors.
Riley, LucindaThe Royal Secret
Roper, RichardHow Not to Die AloneTelling a white lie that makes his coworkers believe he has a loving family at home, a lonely man stuck in a thankless public-health job falls in love with a new coworker who challenges his secrets.
Runcie, JamesThe Road to Grantchester
Russell, KarenOrange World and Other StoriesA collection of short fiction includes the title story, in which a desperate new mother strikes a bargain to breastfeed the devil in exchange for his protection over her baby.
Shalvis, JillThe Lemon Sisters
Smith, DominicThe Electric HotelA French pioneer of silent films who has lived for half a century in a Hollywood hotel is forced to reckon with the reappearance of the lost movie masterpiece that left him bankrupt.
Smith, Timothy JayThe Fourth Courier
Stephenson, NealFall, or Dodge in HellWhen a routine procedure gone wrong renders a gaming billionaire brain dead, his stunned family and friends cryopreserve and digitally transfer his consciousness into an immortal tech-driven existence.
Swinson, KikiThe Safe House
Sykes, SamSeven Blades in Black
Tuti, IlariaFlowers over the InfernoWhen superintendent Teresa Battaglia investigates a string of gruesome murders in a quiet and remote village in the Italian Alps, she discovers it is no ordinary case and uncovers possible ties between the killer and a group of eight-year-olds.
Velton, SoniaBlackberry and Wild Rose
Vuong, OceanOn Earth We're Briefly GorgeousA first novel by the award-winning author of Night Sky with Exit Wounds is written in the form of a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read about the impact of the Vietnam War on their family.
Walton, JoLentPossessing the supernatural ability to see and cast out demons, Girolamo Savanarola of 15th-century Florence organizes seemingly miraculous peace initiatives and delivers soul-transforming sermons before enthralled crowds, inciting the wrath of the pope.
Weber, DavidThe Gordian Protocol
Weiner, JenniferMrs. EverythingTwo sisters struggle to find their places as America changes over the course of their lives.
Wheaton, MarkEmily Eternal
White, KateSuch a Perfect Wife
Wilkins, JoeFall Back Down When I DieA young, orphaned Montana ranch hand takes in the mute, emotionally damaged 7-year-old son of an incarcerated cousin and learns to love him as old grievances involving land and family come back to haunt them.
Williams, TadEmpire of Grass
Woods, StuartSkin Game
April 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Allan, BarbaraAntiques Ravin'Mystery
Banker, Ashok K.Upon a Burning ThroneFirst of a new epic fantasy series inspired by an ancient Sanskrit epic and Indian mythology.
Bannister, JoSilent FootstepsMystery
Berry, ConnieA Dream of DeathMystery
Blake, SarahThe Guest BookThe bereaved matriarch of a powerful early-20th-century American family makes a fateful decision that reverberates throughout two subsequent generations further impacted by racism, reversed circumstances and disturbing revelations.
Blake, SarahNaamahImagines the life of Noah's wife, Naamah, the matriarch who lends strength to her family, cares for Noah's menagerie, and mourns the lover she left behind.
Brenner, JamieDrawing HomeWomen
Brooks, TerryThe Stiehl AssassinFantasy
Brown, Rita MaeWhiskers in the DarkMystery
Carr, RobynThe View from Alameda IslandRomance
Cheek, ChipCape MaySouthern newlyweds honeymooning in 1957 Cape May are pulled into the dramas of a trio of sophisticated New England urbanites who render the deserted beach community an intimate playground of corruptive recklessness.
Chiang, TedExhalationA long-awaited latest collection by the author of "The Story of Your Life" explores revelatory ideas and second chances.
Chiaverini, JenniferResistance WomenHistorical
Cleeton, ChanelWhen We Left CubaWomen
Cobbs, ElizabethThe Tubman CommandTells the story of Harriet Tubman at the height of her powers, when she devises the largest plantation raid of the Civil War after General David Hunter places her in charge of a team of black scouts even though skeptical of what one woman can accomplish.
Collins, BridgetThe BindingIn a magical world where books are repositories of individual lives, a reviled Bookbinder's apprentice crafts elegant memory volumes to help troubled customers before discovering that others in his profession use their skills for dark ends.
Collins, SaraThe Confessions of Frannie LangtonA servant and former slave enduring a sensational trial for her employers' murders reflects on her Jamaican childhood and her apprenticeship under a debauched scientist whose questionable ethics set the stage for a forbidden affair.
Dawson, Delilah S.No Country for Old GnomesFantasy
de Kerangal, MaylisThe CookFollows the coming-of-age of a self-taught Parisian chef who endures setbacks in his career, relationships, and mental stability before rediscovering his passions, a journey witnessed by a nameless narrator who might be in love with him.
Deaver, JefferyThe Never GameThriller
Downing, DavidDiary of a Dead Man on LeaveStumbling across the hidden diary of a boarder who had been a father figure to him half a century earlier, Walter discovers the man's life-risking undercover work as an anti-Nazi Moscow spy.
Ehirim, NnamdiThe Prince of MonkeysLiterary
Ellis, ShellyKnow Your PlaceUrban
Epstein, Jennifer CodyWunderlandA German-American woman in 1989 New York City evaluates her relationship with her late mother, whose childhood best friendship was shattered in the wake of a betrayal involving the Hitler Youth movement and a family secret.
Feeney, AliceI Know Who You AreThriller
Fitzpatrick, LydiaLights All Night LongWith the help of his American host family's daughter, Sadie, who has secrets of her own, Russian exchange student Ilya embarks on a mission to prove his brother Vladimir’s innocence in the murders of three girls back in Russia.
Fletcher, C. A.A Boy and His Dog at the End of the WorldWhen a beloved family dog is stolen, her boy owner sets out on a life-changing journey through the ruins of a dystopian world to bring her back.
Frank, Dorothea BentonQueen BeeWomen
Fremantle, ElizabethThe Poison BedHistorical
Furst, JoshuaRevolutionariesThe poster child for his father’s revolution in the 1960s, Fred, who can no longer ignore his psychedelically bizarre childhood, recollects his experiences with a man who preached love but treated his family with almost reflexive cruelty.
Gibson, ClaireBeyond the PointWomen
Golden, ChristopherThe Pandora RoomThriller
Golding, MelanieLittle DarlingsDiscounted by everyone when after the traumatizing birth of her twins she is threatened by a mysterious being, an exhausted mother risks the unthinkable when she becomes convinced that her infants have been replaced by changelings.
Grady, JamesCondorThriller
Graham, HeatherThe SummoningRomance
Grames, JulietThe Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella FortunaBelieved cursed in her rugged Italian village, a tough, intelligent teen protects her younger sister during World War II, enduring challenges that transform her views about survival and independence.
Gray, Shelley ShepardThe Patient OneAmish
Green, JaneThe Friends We KeepWomen
Groen, HendrikOn the Bright SideOctogenarian curmudgeon Hendrik emerges from a year of mourning the death of his beloved friend Eefje to help the Old-But-Not-Dead Club save their home from demolition plans.
Gudenkauf, HeatherBefore She Was FoundThriller
Hamilton, Glen ErikMercy RiverAfter traveling to a remote Oregon location to help a fellow veteran falsely accused of murder, Van Shaw finds himself drawn into a small town dominated by the drug trade, violent white supremacists, and dark family secrets.
Handler, JessicaThe Magnetic GirlHistorical
Hannon, IreneDriftwood BayChristian
Harris, ThomasCari MoraThriller
Hauck, RachelThe Memory HouseChristian
Hilton, EricaRed CharlieUrban
Hinger, CharlotteThe Healer's DaughterHinger, a Western Kansas historian fictionalizes the town of Nicodemus, the first all-black settlement in Kansas.
Hunt, La JillMidlife CrisisUrban
Jackson, LisaWilling to DieThriller
Jaswal, Balli KaurThe Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill SistersMaking an obligatory pilgrimage to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to carry out their mother's final rites, three estranged British-Punjabi sisters make unexpected discoveries about why their mother was forced to leave India.
Karst, LeslieMurder from ScratchMystery
Knott, RobertRobert B. Parker's BuckskinWestern
Koontz, Dean R.The Night WindowThriller
Koryta, MichaelIf She WakesAn insurance investigator finds herself on the run from a mysterious young hit man while examining the case of a young college student who has been rendered a locked-in syndrome patient by a suspicious accident.
Landvik, LornaChronicles of a Radical HagWhen beloved columnist Haze Evans falls into a coma, Susan McGrath, filling the void with Haze's past columns, stumbles upon secrets that have been locked in the files for decades.
Langsdorf, JulieWhite ElephantWhen the owner of a gaudy monstrosity of a house compromises suburban aesthetics to sell the property, his fed-up neighbors stumble over private challenges to orchestrate an increasingly hostile turf war.
Laurens, StephanieThe Pursuits of Lord Kit CavanaughRomance
Lee, PatrickDark SiteThriller
Leithauser, BradThe Promise of ElsewhereAfter his second marriage fails, Louie Hake undertakes a world tour and ends up in the Arctic, as he reminisces about the failures of his romantic past.
Malerman, JoshInspectionA genius boy and girl raised unaware of gender in remote, separate schools far from the rest of the world encounter each other's differences for the first time while making unsettling discoveries about their schools' enigmatic founder.
Martin, AlexaFumbledRomance
Massey, SujataThe Satapur MoonstoneIndia's only female lawyer in 1922 helps the royal ladies of Satapur by getting involved in the power plays and ancient vendettas of the palace.
McEwan, IanMachines Like MePresents the story of two lovers in an alternative 1980s London who construct a perfect synthetic human before finding themselves in a morally complex love triangle.
McGuinness, PatrickThrow Me to the WolvesMystery
Mcquiston, CaseyRed, White & Royal BlueRomantic comedy in which the First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales after an incident of international proportions forces them to pretend to be best friends.
Meyer, DeonThe Woman in the Blue CloakThriller
Michaels, FernHot ShotThriller
N'tyseOutlaw MamisUrban
O'Leary, BethThe FlatshareEntering a flatshare arrangement with a man on an opposite work shift, a heartbroken woman begins exchanging notes with the roommate she has never met and becomes his best friend, and possibly soulmate, through their correspondence.
Palmer, D. J.Saving MeghanThriller
Palmer, SuzanneFinderScience Fiction
Panowich, BrianLike LionsSheriff and new father Clayton Burroughs struggles to recover from the shooting that ended his brothers' lives before violent rivals compel his return to the criminal past he is desperately trying to leave behind.
Parini, JayThe Damascus RoadHistorical novel inspired by the Apostle Paul, who at the side of gospel writer Luke becomes Christianity's most influential messenger in an ancient world on the brink of epochal change.
Patterson, JamesUnsolvedCrime
Pavone, ChrisThe Paris DiversionAfter a leisurely start to a normal day, American expat Kate Moore finds herself partnered with a French agent to investigate a bombing threat in Paris.
Phillips, JuliaDisappearing EarthThe shattering disappearance of two young girls from Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula compounds the isolation and fears of a tight-woven community, connecting the lives of neighbors, witnesses, family members and a detective throughout an ensuing year of tension.
Qiufan, ChenWaste TideAn exploited lowest-caste factory worker, her ruthless employer, an American corporate representative and his heritage-seeking translator intersect when a dark futuristic virus is unleashed on a major Chinese technological site, triggering a war between the poor and wealthy classes.
Ramos, JoanneThe FarmLiterary
Reisz, TiffanyThe RoseWhen she receives a rare cup, which is rumored to have the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life, as a gift, Lia soon discovers that the rumors are true and gets tangled up with a collector who wants it for himself.
Reynolds, AlastairPermafrostScience Fiction
Roanhorse, RebeccaStorm of LocustsScience Fiction
Robinson, RoxanaDawson's FallWhen she receives a rare cup, which is rumored to have the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life, as a gift, Lia soon discovers that the rumors are true and gets tangled up with a collector who wants it for himself.
Rothman, AndreaThe DNA of You and MeHired by an employer who does not reveal the competitive nature of the job, graduate student Emily is forced to choose between her career and her heart when she falls for an unsuspected rival.
Rouda, KairaThe Favorite DaughterThriller
Santiago, NisaHead GamesUrban
Savas, AysegulWalking on the CeilingA novel set in Paris and a changing Istanbul follows a young Turkish woman grappling with her past—her country’s and her own—and her complicated relationship with the famous British writer who longs for her memories.
Sawyer, Kim VogelA Silken ThreadA young loom worker who dreams of a family is courted by an unscrupulous playboy who would marry to secure his inheritance, compelling a lovelorn but humble security guard to try to make her a better offer.
Schwartz, John BurnhamThe Red DaughterLiterary
Shelton, PaigeThe Loch Ness PapersScrambling to find a last-minute pastor for her wedding, bookseller Delaney Nichols befriends an elderly Loch Ness monster enthusiast whose influence she staunchly defends and investigates when he is wrongly accused of murdering his own nephew.
Shipman, ViolaThe Summer CottageWomen
Simison, GraemeThe Rosie ResultThe final installment of the Australian series beloved around the world.
Smith, AliSpringLiterary
Somers, ErinStay Up With Hugo BestA young writers' assistant on a late-night comedy show finds her life and perspectives transformed when she accepts an invitation from the program's enigmatic host to spend a long weekend at his Connecticut mansion.
Starling, CaitlinThe Luminous DeadLying her way into an expedition with a big payout, caver Gyre Price, while on a foreign planet, must embark on a terrifying psychological and emotional journey into the darkness and unknown in order to survive.
Stewart, MariahThe Goodbye CaféWomen
Stout, DanTitanshadeFantasy
Swyler, ErikaLight from Other StarsDecades after her grieving father, a laid-off NASA scientist, triggers chaotic changes in his pursuit of life-extending technology, an astronaut confronts dangerous family secrets to stop a world-threatening crisis.
Thomas, BevA Good Enough MotherWomen
Thompson, TadeThe Rosewater InsurrectionScience Fiction
Thompson, VictoriaMurder on Trinity PlaceMystery
Thornton, Stephanie MarieAmerican PrincessHistorical
Tilghman, ChristopherThomas and Beal in the MidiLiterary
Walker, WendyThe Night BeforeThriller
Weir, AlisonAnna of KleveArranged in a doomed marriage to England's infamous Henry VIII, a princess from a small German duchy hides a desperate secret in a hostile foreign court.
Welsh, KaiteThe Unquiet HeartMystery
White, KateSuch a Perfect WifeMystery
Yellin, JessicaSavage NewsA first novel by former CNN Chief White House correspondent follows the career of a woman cable news journalist who navigates ratings wars, sexual harassment and impossible standards throughout a precarious diplomatic and political incident.
March 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Ahern, CeceliaRoarShort Stories
Alexander, V. S.The Irishman's DaughterHistorical
Andrews, Mary KaySunset BeachWomen
Balasubramanyam, RajeevProfessor Chandra Follows His BlissAn internationally renowned economist and divorced father of three survives an accident before whimsically trading in his high-stress Nobel Prize ambitions to pursue elusive happiness.
Bannalec, Jean-LucThe Missing CorpseMystery
Bayard, LouisCourting Mr. LincolnHistorical
Benedict, LauraThe Stranger InsideA woman arrives home to discover a stranger living in her house, claiming he has legally leased her property before revealing he knows a secret from her past involving the death of her sister.
Bond, GwendaSuspicious MindsThriller (Stranger Things)
Bourdeaut, OlivierWaiting for BojanglesLiving in a Parisian apartment with his eccentric parents and an exotic bird, a young boy must keep his unpredictable mother safe as she descends deeper into madness, in a darkly humorous novel about dealing with the realities of mental illness in unique ways.
Boyle, T. CoraghessanOutside Looking InA novel inspired by the controversial psychedelic drug experiments of Timothy Leary traces the impact of LSD and communal living on a 1960s Harvard grad student and his wife.
Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries Delivers the GoodsMystery
Brittney, LynnMurder in BelgraviaMystery
Brodsky, Jordanna MaxThe Wolf in the WhaleFaced with starvation, young Inuit shaman Omat journeys across the icy landscape in search of food but instead finds a Viking warrior and his strange gods, a meeting that could either save or shatter her world.
Brody, FrancesA Snapshot of MurderMystery
Brown, DaleThe Kremlin StrikeThriller
Burke, AlafairThe Better SisterThriller
Butler, NickolasLittle FaithA Wisconsin family grapples with the power and limitations of faith when an adult daughter falls under the influence of a radical church that threatens a grandchild's safety.
Cabot, AmandaA Tender HopeChristian
Calvi, MaryDear George, Dear MaryA novel based on hundreds of historical accounts, letters, and personal journals reimagines the unrequited love affair between a young George Washington and controversial New York heiress Mary Philipse as a catalyst for the American Revolution.
Cantor, JillianIn Another TimeHistorical
Castle, RichardCrashing HeatMystery
Cho, ZenThe True QueenFantasy
Cole, AlyssaAn Unconditional FreedomRescued from slavery after his dreams of becoming a lawyer are shattered, Daniel is offered a position with a covert organization of African-American spies, unaware that his new partner is a double agent intent on betraying him.
Corey, James S. A.Tiamat's WrathScience Fiction
Cumming, CharlesThe Moroccan GirlA simple assignment for MI6 during a literary festival lands successful novelist Kit Carradine on the trail of Lara Bartok, a dangerous fugitive and revolutionary leader who is being targeted by the world's competing intelligence services.
Dalglish, DavidSoulKeeperFantasy
Dalton, TrentBoy Swallows UniverseExiled in a drug-oppressed refugee suburb in 1980s Australia, a 12-year-old boy dreams of a career in journalism while fending off the local criminal element to protect his imprisoned mother. 
Day, Kate HopeIf, ThenKate Hope Day’s debut novel is about the choices we make that shape our lives and determine our destinies—the moments that alter us so profoundly that it feels as if we've entered another reality.
De Muriel, OscarLoch of the DeadEdinburgh's most famed detective duo—"Nine-Nails" McGray and Inspector Ian Frey—face their most metaphysical mystery yet, as they investigate a series of crimes surrounding the miraculous waters in the remote Loch Maree.
Dektar, MollyThe Ash FamilyDrawn by a mysterious stranger to a remote farming community that lives off the fertile mountain lands, a North Carolina teen is seduced by their high ideals before new friends begin to disappear.
Doctorow, CoryRadicalizedScience Fiction
Dow, David R.Confessions of an Innocent ManThriller
Downing, SamanthaMy Lovely WifeA seemingly typical suburban husband discloses the secret ways that his wife of 15 years and he keep their marriage alive and chase away domestic boredom by orchestrating creative ways to get away with murder. LibraryReads #1 pick for March.
Dubois, JenniferThe SpectatorsA controversial talk-show host who has made his living by exposing bizarre societal secrets on live television finds his own past brought into question when the young perpetrators of a mass shooting declare themselves his devoted fans.
Dugoni, RobertThe Eigth SisterThriller
Ellis, KarenLast NightMystery
Elo, ElisabethFinding Katarina M.A successful, busy Washington, D.C. surgeon is drawn into a web of long-held family secrets and Russian espionage after a long-lost cousin turns up and tries to make inroads with her and her mother.
Evans, Richard PaulThe Road HomeChristian
Fox, CandiceRedemption PointWhen the father of a kidnapped girl launches a plan to kill those he holds responsible, Ted Conkaffey races to identify the real abductor, while private detective Amanda Pharrel and Pip Sweeney conduct the latter's first homicide investigation.
Fredericks, MariahDeath of a New AmericanMystery
Freudenberger, NellLost and WantedReceiving an unsettling phone call from her late college roommate, a rationally minded MIT professor reflects on their once-close friendship, her friend's tragic death and her own rediscovered feelings for a fellow scientist.
George, NinaThe Book of DreamsLiterary
Glass, JennaThe Women's WarWhen a world-altering spell gives women the ability to control their own fertility, a disinherited princess and a powerless queen trigger changes in their patriarchal kingdoms before a caravan of exiles stumbles on a new source of women's magic.
Goldberg, MylaFeast Your EyesThe life of a controversial mid-20th-century photographer is chronicled through her daughter's memories, interviews with her intimates and excerpts from journals and letters documenting her quest for artistic legitimacy in the face of public notoriety.
Graves, Tracey GarvisThe Girl He Used to KnowWomen
Griffiths, EllyThe Stone CircleMystery
Hall, ParnellLights! Camera! Puzzles!Mystery
Hammad, IsabellaThe ParisianStudying medicine and falling in love in 1914 France, the son of a wealthy Palestinian textile merchant finds his loyalties tested by conflicts between the British government and the independence-minded nationalists of his community.
Harris, C. S.Who Slays the WickedMystery
Healey, JaneThe Beantown GirlsA novel of love, courage, and danger unfolds as World War II’s brightest heroines—the best of friends—take on the front lines.
Hempel, AmySing To ItFinely tuned and brilliantly written, a heartbreaking new collection of 15 stories introduces characters, lonely and adrift, searching for connection.
Hepworth, SallyThe Mother-in-LawWomen
Hillerman, AnneThe Tale TellerMystery
Hillman, RobertThe Bookshop of the Broken In 1960s Australia, a lonely farmer finds his life turned upside down by the arrival of a vibrant librarian.
Hoang, HelenThe Bride TestRomance
James, E. L.The MisterRomance
Jennings, LukeNo TomorrowThriller
Kelly, ErinStone MothersDecades after fleeing her home and the body she helped bury, Marianne resolves to do anything to protect the life she has built against an ex's threats about coming forward.
Kelly, Martha HallLost RosesBased on true events, a tale set a generation before Lilac Girls traces the stories of three women, including Caroline Ferriday's mother, a Romanov cousin and a fortune-teller's daughter, against a backdrop of the Russian revolution and World War I.
Kiernan, Caitlin R.The Very Best of Caitlin R. Fantasy
Kim, AngieMiracle CreekThriller
Kistler, BonnieHouse on FireThriller
Kuznetsova, MariaOksana, Behave!Enduring a hand-to-mouth existence after emigrating from Ukraine to Florida, trouble-prone Oksana romanticizes memories of her early life in Russia before a visit to her grandmother helps her discover how to love life without doing harm.
Lalami, LailaThe Other AmericansThe suspicious death of a Moroccan immigrant impacts the lives of a diverse cast of characters including his jazz-composer daughter, an undocumented witness and an Iraqi War veteran.
Lansdale, Joe R.The Elephant of SurpriseCrime
Lasdun, JamesAfternoon of a FaunTaut, stylish, and psychologically acute novel dramatizes the search for truth as an accusation of sexual assault plunges a journalist into a series of deepening crises.
Lelchuk, S. A.Save Me from Dangerous MenOperating a private investigator business from an office above her bookstore, bibliophile and part-time vigilante Nikki Griffin becomes the target of dangerous adversaries when she breaks cover to save a woman's life.
Les Becquets, DianeThe Last Woman in the ForestThriller
Li, YiyunWhere Reasons EndDraws on the author's experiences of losing a child to suicide in a tribute to the love and complexities of parent-child bonds that reimagines an urgent conversation between a mother and teenage son.
Macallister, GreerWoman 99Thriller
McKevett, G. A.Bitter BrewMystery
McMahon, JenniferThe InvitedWhen an inspired effort to build her dream home is overshadowed by discoveries about her rural property's violent past, a former history teacher becomes obsessed with the stories of three generations of local women who died under suspicious circumstances.
McPherson, CatrionaScot & SodaMystery
Means, DavidInstructions for a FuneralA collection of 14 stories from the O. Henry Prize-winning author includes the story of a woman whose seemingly natural death was in fact a murder, and an FBI raid which goes spectacularly wrong.
Michaels, FernFar and AwayWomen
Monroe, MaryOver the FenceDepression-era Southern bootleggers Milton and Yvonne Hamilton discover their neighbors are involved in dubious businesses themselves and threaten to blackmail them in order to hide their own dirty secrets.
Morgan, SarahOne Summer in ParisRomance
Mukherjee, AbirSmoke and AshesMystery
Naqvi, H. M.The Selected Works of Abdullah the CossackLiterary
O'Nan, StewartHenry, HimselfA 75-year-old retired engineer looks out on 1998 and sees a world he suspects has passed him by, and weighs his life's dreams against his regrets, in this prequel to Emily, Alone.
Page, Katherine HallThe Body in the WakeMystery
Patrick, PhaedraThe Library of Lost and FoundA shy librarian whose kind heart is often exploited receives a mysterious book of fairy tales from the beloved grandmother she believed dead and embarks on a perspective-changing journey of astonishing family secrets.
Patterson, JamesThe 13-minute MurderThriller
Patterson, JamesThe 18th AbductionMystery
Pattison, EliotBones of the EarthInspector Shan realizes he is being caught in the middle of a dangerous power struggle after a Tibetan monk is accused of using Buddhist magic to murder Chinese soldiers.
Peterson, TracieWhen You Are NearChristian
Pinsker, SarahSooner or Later Everything Falls into the SeaFantasy
Pyper, AndrewThe HomecomingLiterary
Quick, AmandaTightropeRomance
Ridker, AndrewThe AltruistsA professor at a Midwestern college invites his estranged children to reconcile with him at his St. Louis home, but he is also after the large fortune his ex-wife left the children.
Rooney, SallyNormal PeopleThe unconventional secret childhood bond between a popular boy and a lonely, intensely private girl is tested by character reversals in their first year at a Dublin college that render one introspective and the other social, but self-destructive.
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Takes the WheelWomen
Rowley, StevenThe EditorLiterary
Russell, CraigThe Devil AspectA brilliant young psychologist in 1935 Czechoslovakia begins his job at an asylum housing the country's six most depraved murderers, while a detective tries to identify the mindset of a brutal serial killer in Prague.
Sandford, JohnNeon PreyCrime
Sansom, C. J.TomblandMystery
Scibona, SalvatoreThe VolunteerThe abandonment of a child at an international airport is tied to the Vietnam War experiences of a restless recruit into a clandestine branch of the U.S. government.
Serpell, NamwaliThe Old DriftThree generations of a cursed family traverse from India and Italy to England and ultimately a fantastical Zambia of the near future, where an interstitial Greek chorus of mosquitoes traces their vibrant human experiences as children, parents and grandparents.
Smith, J. P.The DrowningThriller
Smith, Wilbur A.King of KingsAction
Snelling, LauraineHalf FinishedChristian
Steel, DanielleBlessing in DisguiseWomen
Swanson, PeterBefore She Knew HimA Boston artist with bipolar disorder, while she is in a new neighbor's home, spots an item that once belonged to the victim of an unsolved murder.
Swinson, KikiHis Rebound BitchUrban
Tanen, SloaneThere's a Word for ThatA wildly flawed family comes together—in rehab, of all places—even as each member is on the verge of falling apart.
Thayne, RaeAnneThe Cliff HouseRomance
Thiong'o, Ngugi WaMinutes of GloryPublished for the first time in the United States, a story collection celebrates the works of a noted African writer.
Verble, MargaretCherokee AmericaIn the Spring of 1875 in the Cherokee Nation, Check, a wealthy farmer and mother of five boys, must protect her mixed-race family and tight-knit community at all costs when violence erupts.
Ward, J. R.The SaviorRomance
Winston, LollyMe for YouFamily Life
February 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adkins, MaryWhen You Read ThisLiterary
Andrews, MesuOf Fire and LionsChristian
A'zaylerHeart of the HustleUrban
Baldacci, DavidRedemptionThriller
Beattie, AnnA Wonderful Stroke of LuckBeattie's twenty-first novel explores the complicated relationship between a charismatic teacher and his students, and the secrets we keep from those we love.
Berry, SteveThe Malta ExchangeThriller
Blackadder, JesseIn the Blink of an EyeMoving from chilly Tasmania to subtropical Murwillumbah in New South Wales, the Brennan family is placed under suspicion in the wake of a devastating tragedy that shatters their senses of normalcy.
Box, C. J.Wolf PackCrime
Boyle, WilliamA Friend Is a Gift You Give YourselfGoodfellas meets Thelma and Louise when an unlikely trio of women in New York find themselves banding together to escape the clutches of violent figures from their pasts.
Brunstetter, Wanda E.The Forgiving JarAmish
Cameron, MarcOpen CarrySkilled tracker U.S. Marshal Arliss Cutter must leave his comfort zone in the Florida swamplands to investigate the murder of a Tlingit Indian girl in the wilds of southeast Alaska.
Castellani, ChristopherLeading MenA life-changing encounter among Tennessee Williams, his lover Frank Merlo and a taciturn Swedish beauty at a 1953 Truman Capote party culminates in deathbed revelations about Williams's final play a decade later.
Childs, LauraBroken Bone ChinaMystery
Choi, SusanTrust ExerciseIn the early 1980s, two first-year students at a high-powered performing arts high school fall in love and, like their peers, circle around their acting teacher.
Clark, Mary HigginsKiss the Girls and Make Them CryThriller
Coben, HarlanRun AwayThriller
Collins, MeganThe Winter SisterThriller
Cussler, CliveCeltic EmpireAction
Daugherty, ChristiA Beautiful CorpseMystery
Davis, KathrynThe Silk RoadKirkus Reviews: "A book that stuns, almost literally, with its force and its humility. A tender book. A savage book. A once-in-a-lifetime story."
Dickey, Eric JeromeBefore We Were WickedAfrican-American
Dodd, ChristinaWhat Doesn't Kill HerThriller
Durst, Sarah BethThe Deepest BlueFantasy
Eggers, DaveThe ParadeLiterary
Englander, NathanKaddish.comAn atheist son in an Orthodox Jewish family refuses to recite the Kaddish for his father after he dies, horrifying his mother and sisters, but then decides to hire a stranger through the Internet to recite the daily prayer.
Evanovich, StephanieUnder the TableRomance
Fairstein, Linda A.Blood OathMystery
Feehan, ChristineToxic GameRomance
Fielding, JoyAll the Wrong PlacesThriller
Frances, MichelleThe TempBusiness-mogul Carrie is at the top of her game, but as an ambitious woman named Emma fills in for her as she prepares to have her baby, Carrie finds her life quickly falling apart. An international best-seller.
Gates, EvaSomething Read, Something DeadMystery
Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Vineyards of EtnaProsecco-loving Auntie Poldi defends her community when a dog is poisoned and a respected handyman goes missing amid a rise in local Mafia activities.
Goodman, CarolThe Night VisitorsThriller
Graham, HeatherA Lethal LegacyRomantic Suspense
Gray, AnissaThe Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry GirlsWhen their formidably strong-willed eldest sister is arrested, abruptly transitioning their family from respectability to disgrace, two younger sisters confront complicated dynamics in their family and identities to uncover what really happened.
Grebe, CamillaAfter She's GoneThriller
Griffin, AnneWhen All Is SaidAn 84-year-old loner, sitting at a grand hotel bar in Ireland, toasts the five people who have meant the most to him while recalling unspoken losses and joys, a tragic secret and a fierce love.
Haseldine, JaneYou Fit the PatternMystery
Hines, Jim C.Terminal UprisingScience Fiction
Holmberg, Charlie N.Smoke and SummonsFantasy
Hustvedt, SiriMemories of the FutureAn author rediscovers a decades-old notebook from her first year in New York that reflects how her literary perceptions were shaped by her obsession with a mysterious neighbor.
Ingalls, RachelBinstead's SafariThe fractured fairy tale of the rebirth of a drab, insecure woman as a fiercely alive, fearless beauty.
Jance, Judith A.The A ListThriller
Jhabvala, Ruth PrawerAt the End of the CenturyCollects seventeen stories that deal with the experiences faced by men and women across three cultures.
Jonasson, JonasThe Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old ManWhen a hot air balloon ride ends with a sea landing and an unexpected rescue from a North Korean ship, one hundred-year-old Allan Karlsson and his sidekick Julius find themselves in the middle of a diplomatic crisis of epic proportions.
Kane, AndreaDead in a WeekThriller
Kang, HanThe White BookA lyrical exploration of personal grief, conveyed through the prism of the color white, finds a nameless writer grappling with a haunting family tragedy involving the death of her older sister in infancy. Shortlisted for the 2018 Man Booker International Prize.
Kent, SerenaDeath in ProvenceMystery
Kerr, PhilipMetropolisThriller
Kim, Un-suThe PlottersIn an alternate-reality Seoul, South Korea, assassination guilds compete for market dominance.
Kingsbury, KarenTwo WeeksChristian
Kochai, Jamil Jan99 Nights in LogarA trepidatious return visit to a family compound in Afghanistan finds a disastrous encounter with a terrifying but beloved guard dog leading to a twelve-year-old boy's mythology-laced search through the landscape of contemporary Logar.
Lalli, SonyaThe Matchmaker's ListRaina Anand navigates a series of disastrous blind dates in her efforts to balance her tight-knit Indian-immigrant community's traditional expectations with her own ideas of what modern romance is.
Lavalle, VictorA People's Future of the United StatesEach of 25 speculative stories imagines the future of America, with the collection featuring tales of both dystopias and utopias.
Lewis, BeverlyThe TinderboxAmish
Liardet, FrancesWe Must Be BraveCaring for a lost child during the chaotic 1940 evacuation of her once-quiet Southampton village, a woman who never believed she wanted children finds herself unexpectedly at a loss when the child is taken away.
Malpas, Jodi EllenGentleman SinnerWomen
Martine, ArkadyA Memory Called EmpireScience Fiction
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Department of Sensitive CrimesHumorous (a gentle parody of Scandinavian noir)
McDonald, ChristinaThe Night Olivia FellWhen her pregnant daughter is rendered brain dead from a fall and placed on life support to help the baby survive, a grieving mother notices suspicious injuries and resolves to uncover the truth.
McGraw, ErinJoyShort Stories
Meijer, MaryseRagShort Stories
Meissner, SusanThe Last Year of the WarHistorical
Moody, DavidAll Roads End HereDystopian
Moore, Scott AlanYour Favorite Band Cannot Save YouHorror
Moyes, JojoThe Peacock EmporiumWomen
Neggers, CarlaStone BridgesRomance
Och Dag, Niklas NattThe Wolf and the WatchmanA U.S. release of an award-winning first novel finds a disabled ex-soldier and a lawyer with tuberculosis combing the underworld of 18th-century Stockholm to unmask a ruthless murderer before a young workhouse laborer becomes a next victim.
O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish PubMystery
Owuor, Yvonne AdhiamboThe Dragonfly SeaLiterary
Oyeyemi, HelenGingerbreadThe award-winning author of Boy, Snow, Bird draws on the classic fairy-tale element of gingerbread in the story of a British family whose surprising legacy and secret past are tied to a favorite recipe.
Palmer, Lindsey J.Otherwise EngagedWomen
Patterson, JamesMiracle at St. AndrewsSports
Patterson, JamesThe Cornwalls Are GoneThriller
Perkins, S. C.Murder Once RemovedMystery
Perks, HeidiHer One MistakeThriller
Perry, AnneTriple JeopardyMystery
Pomare, J. P.Call Me EvieIsolated in a remote beach-town cabin by a man who is either a captor or benefactor, a 17-year-old girl struggles with her fragmented memory to uncover why she is accused of committing an unspeakable act.
Pope, M. T.Trouble in RioUrban
Postorino, RosellaAt the Wolf's TableForced to risk her life every day as a taster at Hitler's secret headquarters, Rosa and a growing sisterhood of involuntary women conscripts navigate Nazi fanatics, an SS guard's unwanted attentions, and the escalating war.
Raybourn, DeannaA Dangerous CollaborationAttending a party in remote Cornwall as a favor to a colleague, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell races to uncover her host's true agenda when suspicious accidents plague the guests.
Reich, ChristopherCrown JewelCrime
Reyn, IrinaMother CountryStruggling with demeaning work and racism in her Brooklyn community, Russian immigrant Nadia takes matters into her own hands when the daughter she unwillingly left behind is denied life-saving medicine.
Richman, AlysonThe Secret of CloudsLiterary
Rivero, MelissaThe Affairs of the FalconsA young undocumented Peruvian woman fights to keep her family afloat in New York City.
Rosenberg, Joel C.The Persian GambleThriller
Rosenfelt, DavidBlack and BlueThriller
Rosenstiel, TomThe Good LieThriller
Rum, EtafA Woman Is No ManThree generations of Palestinian-American women in contemporary Brooklyn are torn by individual desire, educational ambitions, a devastating tragedy and the strict mores of traditional Arab culture.
Scottoline, LisaSomeone KnowsThriller
See, LisaThe Island of Sea WomenWhile working as divers with the all-female diving collective on a small Korean island, Mi-ja and Young-sook find their friendship challenged by their differences and forces outside their control.
Shawl, NisiNew Suns; Original Speculative Fiction by People of ColorAnthology
Shields, SharmaThe CassandraA woman takes a job at a top-secret research facility during World War II, only to become tormented by visions of what the mission will mean for humankind.
Sinclair, ShaunBlood TiesUrban
Skillingstead, JackThe Chaos FunctionScience Fiction
Steel, DanielleSilent NightWomen
Strawser, JessicaForget You Know MeHoping to end an estrangement with her best friend, Liza panics when their video call is interrupted by a masked invader before her friend calls back later, pretending nothing has happened.
Sundin, SarahThe Sky Above UsChristian
Toews, MiriamWomen TalkingBased on real events, Women Talking is the story of eight women in a remote Mennonite colony who face an agonizing decision in the aftermath of a series of unspeakable sexual crimes.
Tyce, HarrietBlood OrangeThriller
Ullmann, LinnUnquietA genre-bending novel about time, memory, and the author's extraordinary childhood as the daughter of a genius filmmaker and his muse.
Ward, AnnieBeautiful BadThriller
Washington, BryanLotComing of age in his family's Houston restaurant, a mixed-heritage teen navigates bullying, his newly discovered sexual orientation and the ripple effects of a disadvantaged community impacted by an affair, a youth baseball season and displaced hurricane survivors.
Welsh, IrvineDead Men's TrousersSomewhat matured, international jet-setter Mark Renton and psychotic artist Frank Begbie accidentally reunite with Sick Boy and Spud in Scotland for one last scheme involving organ harvesting, in the final installment of the Trainspotting series.
Wilson, G. WillowThe Bird KingA concubine in the royal court of Granada at the height of the Spanish Inquisition and her mapmaker friend risk their lives to escape when the latter is accused of sorcery.
Winspear, JacquelineThe American AgentMystery
Wright, SnowdenAmerican PopLiterary
Yarros, RebeccaThe Last LetterBeckett, a solider in Afghanistan, falls in love with Ryan's sister through her letters to him and, despite feeling guilty over his friend's death, seeks her out to fulfill his promise to watch over her.
Zgheib, YaraThe Girls at 17 Swann StreetA French ballerina with self-perception challenges descends into anorexia when an injury sidelines her career, landing her in a support home for women with life-threatening eating disorders.
January 2019
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Aboulela, LeilaElsewhere HomeShort stories
Adam, ClaireGolden ChildWorking exhausting hours in their rural Trinidad home, the family of a petroleum-plant worker is shattered by the disappearance of a troubled twin son whose fate forces his father to make a devastating choice. A first novel.
Anders, Charlie JaneThe City in the Middle of the NightA reluctant revolutionary survives exile by forging an unusual, world-changing bond with a family of ice creatures that live outside the human confines of their dying planet.
Armstrong, KelleyWatcher in the WoodsMystery
Bartz, AndreaThe Lost NightA chance discovery of a 10-year-old video shares disturbing insights into the suicide of a college classmate who may have been murdered on a hazy drunken night, a revelation that compels one woman to determine her own role.
Bear, ElizabethAncestral NightScience fiction
Black, AnnaThe Perfect Love StormUrban
Bowen, RhysThe Victory GardenHistorical
Bowman, DavidBig BangA darkly humorous epic by the late author of Bunny Modern imagines the postwar transformations of celebrities from Jackie Onassis and Lucille Ball to Arthur Miller and Frank Sinatra in the years before the Kennedy assassination.
Brabazon, JamesThe Break LineDispatched to Sierra Leone to help combat rebel forces who are slaughtering innocent villagers, British intelligence operative and hardened assassin Max McLean searches for the monster behind the attacks only to be confronted by a deadly mistake from the past.
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Intimate RevueCrime
Bunn, DavisMoondust LakeA disillusioned business executive seeking to escape from his tyrannical father's shadow and a psychotherapist with a tragic past discover unexpected healing, freedom, and love in the solitude of a Miramar Bay retreat.
Camilleri, AndreaThe Overnight KidnapperMystery
Carty-Williams, CandiceQueenieBridget Jones's Diary meets Americanah in this disarmingly honest, boldly political, and truly inclusive novel that will speak to anyone who has gone looking for love and found something very different in its place.
Choo, YangszeThe Night TigerA vivacious dance-hall girl in 1930s colonial Malaysia is drawn into unexpected danger by the discovery of a severed finger that is being sought by a young houseboy who would protect his late master's soul.
Clipston, AmySeasons of an Amish GardenAmish
Coble, ColleenSecrets at Cedar CabinChristian
Conley, SusanElsey Come HomeAgreeing to attend a mountain retreat with her estranged husband, an alcoholic artist living in China rediscovers herself through new friendships that help her confront the deep-rooted ghosts of her childhood.
Correia, LarryHouse of AssassinsFantasy
Coulter, CatherineThe Last SecondThriller
Crider, BillThat Old Scoundrel DeathMystery - final case for Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes.
Deveraux, JudeA Justified MurderMystery
Dozois, Gardner R.The Very Best of the BestScience fiction
Eisler, BarryThe Killer CollectiveThriller
Evanovich, JanetThe Big KahunaMystery - Fox and O'Hare series
Feltman, AmyWilla & HesperLGBT
Finch, CharlesThe Vanishing ManMystery
Fluke, JoanneChocolate Cream Pie MurderMystery
Foley, LucyThe Hunting PartyThriller
Freeman, BrianCrooked StreetThriller
Galland, N. D.On the Same PageRomance
Ghaffari, RabeahTo Keep the Sun AliveA cinematic novel about an Iranian family and their fruit orchard, caught up in the Revolution of 1979.
Grant, AndrewInvisibleAn army veteran and intelligence agent goes undercover as a janitor at a federal courthouse to pursue his own brand of justice when the trial of his father's killer becomes subject to jury tampering.
Greaney, MarkMission CriticalThriller
Griffiths, EllyThe Stranger DiariesMystery
Halls, StaceyThe FamiliarsHistorical
Hamilton, VictoriaA Gentlewoman's Guide to MurderMystery
Hampton, BrendaJaylinUrban
Hannah, SophieThe Next to DieThriller
Harper, JaneThe Lost ManWhen their middle brother Cameron, who went missing the week before Christmas, is found dead, Nathan and Bub are forced to confront devastating secrets.
Harper, KarenAmerican DuchessThe best-selling author of Dark Angel reimagines the life of American heiress Consuelo Vanderbilt as the reluctant and bullied bride of the Duke of Marlborough before she finds the inner strength to fight for women's equality.
Heller, PeterThe RiverAction
Hurley, KameronThe Light BrigadeScience fiction
Iggulden, ConnThe Falcon of SpartaHistorical
Iles, GregCemetery RoadThriller
Jenoff, PamThe Lost Girls of ParisHistorical
Johansen, IrisDark TributeThriller
Kendrick, BethIn Dog We TrustWomen
Kenney, JohnTalk to MeLosing his job and reputation in the wake of an ill-timed live tirade, a disgraced television anchor finds himself reconnecting with his family and the man he used to be.
Kepler, LarsStalkerTwo sadistic murders by a killer who would play games with the police prompt Swedish detective Joona Linna and trauma hypnotherapist Erik Maria Bark for a case with disturbing ties to a years-old conviction.
Khalifa, KhaledDeath Is Hard WorkA dogged, absurd quest through the nightmare of the Syrian civil war.
Kinsella, SophieI Owe You OneWomen
Kleypas, LisaDevil's DaughterRomance
Knight, ReneeThe SecretaryThriller
Knox, JosephThe Smiling ManA follow-up to Sirens finds damaged Manchester PD detective Aidan Waits investigating the murder of a man with no identifying marks except an unsettling smile, a case that is complicated by all-too-personal attacks.
Lanchester, JohnThe WallKirkus Reviews: "Dystopian fiction done just right, with a scenario that's all too real. "
Laureano, CarlaBrunch at Bittersweet CafeChristian
Lawson, MikeHouse ArrestA fixer for a congressman is framed for the murder of the House Majority Whip and must rely on his friend, an ex-DIA agent, to find the real killer.
Leckie, AnnThe Raven TowerThe Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning author of the Ancillary series presents a debut work of fantasy involving gods that speak to mortals, usurped thrones and world-changing stakes.
Leon, DonnaUnto Us a Son Is GivenMystery
Letts, ElizabethFinding DorothyReimagines the story behind the creation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from the perspective of L. Frank Baum's intrepid wife, whose hardscrabble life on the Dakota prairie inspires her husband's masterpiece and her advocacy of an exploited Judy Garland.
Love, Melissa ScrivnerAmerican HeroinThriller
Lovegrove, JamesBig Damn HeroScience fiction - Firefly tie-in
Lundberg, SofiaThe Red Address BookLiving alone in her Stockholm apartment, a ninety-six-year-old woman reminisces through the pages of a long-kept address book before starting to write down stories from her past, unlocking family secrets in unexpectedly beneficial ways.
Lyons, JennThe Ruin of KingsRaised on storybook tales of royal adventure, Kihrin discovers his identity as the illegitimate son of a treasonous prince and is rendered a pawn in the royal family's power schemes before embracing his anti-hero destiny.
Mallery, SusanCalifornia GirlsWomen
Maren, MeshaSugar RunReleased after serving 18 years for manslaughter, Jodi McCarty finds her efforts to track down a friend and move on with the woman she loves challenged by the insular values of their rural West Virginia community.
Margolin, PhillipThe Perfect AlibiMystery
McGuire, SeananIn an Absent DreamFantasy
Medearis, WilRestoration HeightsA young white artist living in a historically black Brooklyn neighborhood besieged by gentrification, Reddick investigates the disappearance of his friend, Hannah, which draws him into a many-layered mystery that lays bare the complicated machinations of money and power.
Michaelides, AlexThe Silent PatientThriller
Michaels, FernDeep HarborWomen
Miller, EmmaThe Amish Sweet ShopAmish
Modesitt, L. E.EndgamesFantasy
Moss, SarahGhost WallSpending time with her family at an Iron Age reenactment field site in northern England that requires participants to use prehistoric tools and knowledge to survive, Silvie begins to envision her own future before a spiritual ritual involving human sacrifice raises disturbing questions.
Noblin, Annie EnglandThe Sisters HemingwayWomen
Palmer, DianaAny Man of MineRomance
Parks, BradThe Last ActThriller
Patterson, JamesThe ChefMystery
Patterson, JamesThe First LadyThriller
Quinn, KateThe HuntressStranded behind enemy lines, brave bomber pilot Nina Markova becomes the prey of a lethal Nazi murderess known as the Huntress and joins forces with a Nazi hunter and British war correspondent to find her before she finds them.
Reid, Taylor JenkinsDaisy Jones & the SixWomen
Reynolds, AlastairShadow CaptainScience fiction
Rice, ChristopherBlood EchoThriller
Riley, LucindaThe Moon SisterWomen
Robards, KarenThe Fifth DoctrineThriller
Robinson, PeterCareless LoveMystery
Rose, KarenSay You're SorryThriller
Rous, EmmaThe Au PairBorn years earlier amid her mother's suicide, the flight of an au pair and village whispers about changelings, Seraphine, a twin, uncovers a photograph from the day of her birth that suggests her parents only had one baby.
Salvatore, R. A.Reckoning of Fallen GodsFantasy
Scott, E. G.The Woman InsideThriller
Shannon, SamanthaThe Priory of the Orange TreeA queen who would survive assassination attempts to continue her ruling line is protected with forbidden magic by a court outsider, while a secret society works to prevent a dragon war.
Simon, CleaA Spell of MurderMystery
Sims, LauraLookerA woman's obsession with the beautiful actress on her block drives her to the edge. A first novel.
Sthers, AmandaHoly LandsLeaving a thriving medical practice in Paris to raise pigs in Israel, a Jewish cardiologist disconnects himself from modern technology, forcing his gay playwright son, heartbroken daughter, and cancer-stricken wife to correspond strictly through written letters.
Sudbanthad, PitchayaBangkok Wakes to RainA house in flooded Bangkok reflects a confluence of lives shaped by upheaval, from a homesick missionary doctor to a haunted jazz pianist in the age of rock, to a woman who would escape her political past.
Todd, CharlesThe Black AscotMystery
Tshuma, Novuyo RosaHouse of StoneAfter their son, Bukhosi, disappears in the chronic turmoil of modern Zimbabwe, Abednego and Agnes Mlambo receive help from their enigmatic lodger, Zamani.
Tsushima, YukoTerritory of LightFollows a year in the life of a recently divorced woman in Tokyo who struggles to care for her young daughter while confronting growing inner darkness, painful losses and the changes she is forced to make to survive.
Tudor, C. J.The Hiding PlaceThriller
Tursten, HeleneHunting GameMystery
Weber, DavidThrough Fiery TrialsScience fiction
Weisgarber, AnnThe GlovemakerHistorical
White, ChristianThe Nowhere ChildA young woman's life is turned upside down when she discovers that she may have been abducted in early childhood by her recently deceased mother.
Wilkinson, LaurenAmerican SpyA Cold War FBI intelligence officer joins an undercover task force to seduce a revolutionary African Communist president she secretly admires and comes to love, in a debut novel inspired by true events. A first novel.
Wilson, F. PaulThe Void ProtocolThriller
Winslow, DonThe BorderThriller
Winters, BenGolden StateA veteran of the Speculative Service in an alternate-world California where the law and truth are valued above all else uses his rare authority to question the facts when truth enforcement is manipulated for corrupt purposes.
Woods, StuartWild CardAction

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Music October 2020
AliciaAlicia KeysR&B9/18/2020
Everything Means NothingBlackbearPop/Rock8/21/2020
Letter To YouBruce SpringsteenPop/Rock10/23/2020
Blame It On BabyDaBabyRap/Hip-Hop10/2/2020
Holly Dolly Christmas, ADolly PartonHoliday10/2/2020
Hey ClockfaceElvis CostelloPop/Rock10/30/2020
Decade Of Destruction, A: Vol. 2Five Finger Death PunchPop/Rock10/9/2020
RazzmatazzI DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND MEPop/Rock10/23/2020
Legends Never DieJuice WRLDRap/Hip-Hop10/9/2020
Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, TheKacey MusgravesHoliday10/9/2020
Tickets To My DownfallMachine Gun KellyRap/Hip-Hop9/25/2020
Rarities, TheMariah CareyR&B10/2/2020
Serpentine PrisonMatt BerningerPop/Rock10/16/2020
Very Trainor Christmas, AMeghan TrainorHoliday10/30/2020
Melanie CMelanie CPop/Rock10/2/2020
If I Know MeMorgan WallenCountry6/7/2019
King'S DiseaseNasRap/Hip-Hop10/16/2020
Times, TheNeil YoungPop/Rock9/18/2020
What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes DownPublic EnemyRap/Hip-Hop9/25/2020
Us + ThemRoger WatersPop/Rock10/2/2020
Love GoesSam SmithPop/Rock10/30/2020
More Love: Songs From Little Voice Season 1Sara BareillesPop/Rock11/6/2020
It'S Christmas All OverThe Goo Goo DollsHoliday10/30/2020
Steel Wheels Live (Live From Atlantic City, NJ, 1989)The Rolling StonesPop/Rock9/25/2020
Def Jam ForwardVarious ArtistsRap/Hip-Hop10/16/2020
Sozo Playlists: Top Christian Hits Volume 2Various ArtistsReligious9/4/2020
Music September 2020
Such Pretty Forks In The RoadAlanis MorissettePop/Rock9/18/2020
Bon Jovi 2020Bon JoviPop/Rock10/2/2020
Non-Secure ConnectionBruce HornsbyPop/Rock8/14/2020
Minecraft Volume BetaC418Pop/Rock8/14/2020
Dedicated Side BCarly Rae JepsenPop/Rock6/12/2020
My GiftCarrie UnderwoodHoliday9/25/2020
Ceelo Green Is Thomas CallawayCeelo GreenR&B8/7/2020
PlaysChick CoreaJazz9/11/2020
Chris Tomlin & FriendsChris TomlinReligious8/28/2020
Whoosh!Deep PurplePop/Rock8/7/2020
Neon, TheErasurePop/Rock8/21/2020
Fetch The Bolt CuttersFiona ApplePop/Rock7/15/2020
High Off LifeFutureRap/Hip-Hop8/21/2020
DreamlandGlass AnimalsPop/Rock8/7/2020
Look For The GoodJason MrazPop/Rock8/28/2020
New Day Now, AJoe BonamassaBlues8/7/2020
John Williams In ViennaJohn Williams & Anne-Sophie MutterClassical8/14/2020
SmileKaty PerryPop/Rock8/28/2020
Speed Of Now Part 1, TheKeith UrbanCountry9/18/2020
IconKenny RogersCountry3/11/2014
Wild WorldKip MooreCountry5/29/2020
Violet Bent Backwards Over The GrassLana Del ReyPop/Rock10/2/2020
Lil Boat 3Lil YachtyRap/Hip-Hop7/10/2020
No PressureLogicRap/Hip-Hop9/11/2020
We Are ChaosMarilyn MansonPop/Rock9/11/2020
Dirt And The Stars, TheMary Chapin CarpenterFolk8/7/2020
S&M2Metallica & San Francisco SymphonyPop/Rock8/28/2020
KiwanukaMichael KiwanukaR&B11/1/2019
Waterfall II, TheMy Morning JacketPop/Rock8/28/2020
2nd Album 'Nct #127 Neo Zone', TheNCT 127Pop/Rock3/6/2020
Out Of BodyNEEDTOBREATHEReligious8/28/2020
Heart To HeartNorman BrownJazz8/7/2020
Shoot For The Stars Aim For The MoonPop SmokeRap/Hip-Hop7/24/2020
Queen Latifah And The Original Flavor UnitQueen LatifahRap/Hip-Hop4/9/2020
RTJ4Run the JewelsRap/Hip-Hop9/18/2020
SouthsideSam HuntCountry4/3/2020
Copy ThatSara EvansCountry9/4/2020
Steady Drip, Drip, Drip, ASparksPop/Rock7/3/2020
FolkloreTaylor SwiftPop/Rock8/7/2020
TranslationThe Black Eyed PeasR&B6/19/2020
American HeadThe Flaming LipsPop/Rock9/11/2020
Songs For The General PublicThe Lemon TwigsPop/Rock8/21/2020
Sun RacketThrowing MusesPop/Rock9/4/2020
Here On EarthTim McGrawCountry8/21/2020
Spell My NameToni BraxtonR&B8/28/2020
Now That'S What I Call Music 74Various ArtistsPop/Rock5/1/2020
Now That'S What I Call Music 75Various ArtistsPop/Rock8/7/2020
Now That'S What I Call Music A Decade 2010'SVarious ArtistsPop/Rock8/7/2020
Prince Of Egypt Original Cast Recording, TheVarious ArtistsSoundtracks8/14/2020
Putumayo: Acoustic WomenVarious ArtistsWorld4/5/2019
Putumayo: World PeaceVarious ArtistsWorld6/14/2019
Music July-August 2020
Calm5 Seconds of SummerPop/Rock3/27/2020
Angel Miners & The Lightning RidersAwolnationPop/Rock4/24/2020
Black PumasBlack PumasPop/Rock6/21/2019
Rough And Rowdy WaysBob DylanPop/Rock6/19/2020
Kingdom, TheBushPop/Rock7/17/2020
Deap LipsDeap LipsPop/Rock3/13/2020
Blues With FriendsDionBlues6/5/2020
Future NostalgiaDua LipaPop/Rock3/27/2020
FlamagraFlying LotusPop/Rock5/24/2019
Women In Music Pt. IIIHaimPop/Rock6/26/2020
Petals For ArmorHayley WilliamsPop/Rock5/8/2020
Look LongIndigo GirlsPop/Rock5/22/2020
Love & LiberationJazzmeia HornJazz8/23/2019
Before Love Came To Kill UsJessie ReyezR&B3/27/2020
ChilomboJhene AikoR&B3/6/2020
Life On The FlipsideJimmy BuffettPop/Rock5/29/2020
ShapeshiftingJoe SatrianiPop/Rock4/10/2020
Absence Of Presence, TheKansasPop/Rock7/17/2020
Jesus Is KingKanye WestReligious3/20/2020
Here And NowKenny ChesneyCountry5/1/2020
ChromaticaLady GagaPop/Rock5/29/2020
Lamb Of GodLamb of GodPop/Rock6/19/2020
My TurnLil BabyRap/Hip-Hop2/28/2020
Good Souls Better AngelsLucinda WilliamsPop/Rock4/24/2020
Born Here Live Here Die HereLuke BryanCountry8/7/2020
All Visible ObjectsMobyPop/Rock5/15/2020
HomegrownNeil YoungPop/Rock6/19/2020
Heartbreak WeatherNiall HoranPop/Rock3/13/2020
Pick Me Up Off The FloorNorah JonesJazz6/12/2020
On SunsetPaul WellerPop/Rock7/3/2020
GigatonPearl JamPop/Rock3/27/2020
Ritual Begins At Sundown, TheRobby KriegerJazz4/24/2020
Unfollow The RulesRufus WainwrightPop/Rock7/10/2020
Project Regeneration Volume 1Static-XPop/Rock7/10/2020
Ghosts Of West VirginiaSteve Earle & The DukesCountry5/22/2020
Love IsSteve HowePop/Rock7/31/2020
Sound & FurySturgill SimpsonPop/Rock9/27/2019
Notes On A Conditional FormThe 1975Pop/Rock5/22/2020
GaslighterThe ChicksCountry7/17/2020
Born 2 RapThe GameRap/Hip-Hop3/6/2020
XOXOThe JayhawksPop/Rock7/10/2020
Imploding The MirageThe KillersPop/Rock8/21/2020
Made Of RainThe Psychedelic FursPop/Rock5/1/2020
New Abnormal, TheThe StrokesPop/Rock4/10/2020
After HoursThe WeekndR&B3/20/2020
Now That'S What I Call Music 20th AnniversaryVarious ArtistsPop/Rock10/26/2018
Now That'S What I Call Music 72Various ArtistsPop/Rock10/25/2019
Now That'S What I Call Music 73Various ArtistsPop/Rock1/24/2020
Now That'S What I Call The 80s Hits And RemixesVarious ArtistsPop/Rock10/25/2019
Saint CloudWaxahatcheePop/Rock3/27/2020
First Rose Of SpringWillie NelsonCountry7/3/2020
Music March 2020
Adam LambertVelvet: Side APop/Rock9/27/2019
Alexandre DesplatLittle Women Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks12/13/2019
Alicia KeysAliciaR&B3/20/2020
Catherine RussellAlone TogetherJazz3/1/2019
Dua LipaFuture NostalgiaPop/Rock4/3/2020
Esperanza Spalding12 Little SpellsJazz5/10/2019
Five Finger Death PunchF8Pop/Rock2/28/2020
Gordon LightfootSoloPop/Rock3/20/2020
James TaylorAmerican StandardFolk2/28/2020
Jazzmeia HornLove & LiberationJazz8/23/2019
Joe SatrianiShapeshiftingPop/Rock4/10/2020
Justin BieberChangesPop/Rock2/14/2020
Lil WayneFuneralRap/Hip-Hop1/31/2020
Matthew WhitakerNow Hear ThisJazz8/9/2019
Monsta XAll About LuvPop/Rock2/14/2020
MorrisseyI Am Not A Dog On A ChainPop/Rock3/20/2020
Pat MethenyFrom This PlaceJazz2/21/2020
Pearl JamGigatonPop/Rock3/27/2020
Pop SmokeMeet The Woo V. 2Rap/Hip-Hop2/7/2020
Roddy RicchPlease Excuse Me For Being AntisocialRap/Hip-Hop1/31/2020
Roger Eno & Brian EnoMixing ColoursPop/Rock3/20/2020
Sara GazarekThirsty GhostJazz8/23/2019
SQURLDead Don't Die Original Score, TheSoundtracks6/21/2019
SQURLEP #260Pop/Rock7/14/2017
Tame ImpalaSlow Rush, ThePop/Rock2/14/2020
The Boomtown RatsCitizens Of BoomtownPop/Rock3/13/2020
The StrokesNew Abnormal, ThePop/Rock4/10/2020
The WeekndAfter HoursR&B3/20/2020
Thomas Newman1917 Original Motion Picture ScoreSoundtracks12/20/2019
Tierney Sutton BandScreenplayJazz5/17/2019
Various Artists2020 Grammy NomineesPop/Rock1/17/2020
Various ArtistsBlues: GoldBlues1/10/2006
Various ArtistsHouse Club 2020 Volume 1Pop/Rock1/17/2020
Music February 2020
BTSMap Of The Soul: 7Pop/Rock2/21/2020
Daniel LopatinUncut Gems Original Motion Picture ScoreSoundtracks12/13/2019
EminemMusic To Be Murdered ByRap/Hip-Hop1/31/2020
Greg DulliRandom DesirePop/Rock2/21/2020
GrimesMiss AnthropocenePop/Rock2/21/2020
Lewis CapaldiDivinely Uninspired To A Hellish ExtentPop/Rock11/22/2019
Lisa LoebSimple Trick To Happiness, APop/Rock2/7/2020
Mac MillerCirclesRap/Hip-Hop3/6/2020
Mandy MooreSilver LandingsPop/Rock3/6/2020
Miles DavisMusic From And Inspired By Birth Of The Cool SoundtrackSoundtracks2/21/2020
MobyAll Visible ObjectsPop/Rock3/6/2020
Nathaniel RateliffAnd It'S Still AlrightPop/Rock2/14/2020
Ozzy OsbourneOrdinary ManPop/Rock2/21/2020
Randy NewmanMarriage Story Original ScoreSoundtracks12/13/2019
Real EstateMain Thing, ThePop/Rock2/28/2020
Various ArtistsApollo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, TheSoundtracks12/20/2019
Various ArtistsSound Of Music, The: Original Broadway Cast RecordingSoundtracks12/6/2019
Music January 2020
Andrew Lloyd WebberCats: Highlights From The Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks12/20/2019
Breaking BenjaminAuroraPop/Rock1/24/2020
Casting CrownsVoice Of Truth: The Ultimate CollectionReligious11/1/2019
Daniel CaesarCase Study 01R&B12/13/2019
EchosmithLonely GenerationPop/Rock1/10/2020
Fall Out BoyBelievers Never Die Volume 2Pop/Rock11/15/2019
Green DayFather Of AllPop/Rock2/7/2020
Huey Lewis & The NewsWeatherPop/Rock2/14/2020
Jason Aldean9Country11/22/2019
John WilliamsStar Wars The Rise Of SkywalkerSoundtracks12/20/2019
Kevin GatesI'm HimRap/Hip-Hop11/8/2019
La RouxSupervisionPop/Rock2/7/2020
Little Big TownNightfallCountry1/17/2020
Mary J. BligeHerstory Vol. 1R&B12/6/2019
Meghan TrainorTreat MyselfPop/Rock1/31/2020
Pet Shop BoysHotspotPop/Rock1/24/2020
Pink FloydLater Years 1987-2019, ThePop/Rock11/29/2019
PitbullLibertad 548Latin12/6/2019
Renee ZellwegerJudy Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks12/6/2019
Richard MarxLimitlessPop/Rock2/7/2020
Rod Stewart & The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraYou're In My HeartPop/Rock11/22/2019
RussShake The Snow GlobeRap/Hip-Hop1/31/2020
Stone Temple PilotsPerdidaPop/Rock2/7/2020
Terence BlanchardHarriet Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks11/1/2019
Theory of a DeadmanSay NothingPop/Rock1/31/2020
Trippie ReddLove Letter To You 4, ARap/Hip-Hop11/22/2019
Various ArtistsImagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday ConcertPop/Rock1/18/2019
Various ArtistsMotherless Brooklyn Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks10/25/2019
William Patrick CorganCotillionsPop/Rock1/31/2020
XXXTENTACIONBad Vibes ForeverRap/Hip-Hop12/6/2019
YBN CordaeLost Boy, TheRap/Hip-Hop11/22/2019
Music December 2019
PentatonixBest Of Pentatonix Christmas, TheHoliday10/25/2019
Blake SheltonFully Loaded: God's CountryCountry12/13/2019
Harry StylesFine LinePop/Rock12/13/2019
KeshaHigh RoadPop/Rock1/10/2020
Juliana HatfieldJuliana Hatfield Sings The PolicePop/Rock11/15/2019
JacqueesKing Of R&BR&B12/20/2019
Camila CabelloRomancePop/Rock12/6/2019
Selena GomezSG2Pop/Rock1/10/2020
Gucci ManeWoptober IIRap/Hip-Hop11/15/2019
Music November 2019
Alter BridgeWalk The SkyPop/Rock10/18/2019
BabymetalMetal GalaxyPop/Rock10/11/2019
Bee GeesUltimate Bee Gees, ThePop/Rock2/10/2017
Brantley GilbertFire & BrimstoneCountry10/4/2019
Brittany HowardJaimePop/Rock9/20/2019
Celine DionCouragePop/Rock11/15/2019
Cold War KidsNew Age Norms 1Pop/Rock11/1/2019
ColdplayEveryday LifePop/Rock11/22/2019
Harry NilssonLosst And FounndPop/Rock11/22/2019
Hildur GuonadottirJoker: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks10/2/2019
Jeff Lynne's ELOFrom Out Of NowherePop/Rock11/1/2019
Jimmy Eat WorldSurvivingPop/Rock10/18/2019
John LunnDownton Abbey Original Motion Picture SoundtrackSoundtracks9/20/2019
Jon PardiHeartache MedicationCountry9/27/2019
Lady AntebellumOceanCountry11/15/2019
Leonard CohenThanks For The DancePop/Rock11/22/2019
Lil TeccaWe Love You TeccaRap/Hip-Hop12/6/2019
Luke CombsWhat You See Is What You GetCountry11/8/2019
Miranda LambertWildcardCountry11/1/2019
Summer WalkerOver ItR&B11/15/2019
Van MorrisonThree Chords And The TruthPop/Rock10/25/2019
Various Artists2019 Grammy NomineesPop/Rock1/25/2019
Music October 2019
Atlantic StarrUltimate Collection: Atlantic StarrR&B9/26/00
Benny GoodmanLive At Carnegie Hall 1938 Jazz ConcertJazz11/2/99
Cars, TheMoving In Stereo: The Best Of The CarsPop/Rock5/6/16
Eddie MoneyComplete Hits And More!, ThePop/Rock10/7/16
Hootie & The BlowfishImperfect CirclePop/Rock11/1/19
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer OrchestraI Shouldn'T Be Telling You ThisJazz11/1/19
Melanie MartinezK-12Pop/Rock9/6/19
Neil Young & Crazy HorseColoradoPop/Rock10/25/19
Peter Green Splinter GroupVery Best Of Peter Green's Splinter Group, ThePop/Rock5/10/19
Ray CharlesAnthologyBlues3/10/17
Various Artists100 Hits: The Best Country AlbumCountry5/10/19
Various Artists100 Hits: The Best Disco AlbumPop/Rock5/10/19
Who, TheWhoPop/Rock11/22/19
Wilder WoodsWilder WoodsPop/Rock8/9/19
Music September 2019
Beatles, TheAbbey Road: The Anniversary EditionsPop/Rock9/27/19
Beatles, TheSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandPop/Rock5/26/17
Hot TunaLive At New Orleans House Berkeley, CA 9/69Pop/Rock12/4/12
Lionel RichieHello From Las VegasR&B8/16/19
Michael RiesmanPhilip Glass Soundtracks Vol. IISoundtracks6/7/19
MidlandLet It RollCountry8/23/19
Philip GlassGlass: Samurai Marathon Original ScoreSoundtracks9/20/19
Post MaloneHollywood's BleedingRap/HipHop9/6/19
Third Eye BlindScreamerPop/Rock10/18/19
Trippie ReddExclamation PointRap/HipHop10/11/19
Various ArtistsCountry Music: A Film By Ken Burns SoundtrackCountry9/13/19
Various ArtistsQuality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2Rap/HipHop9/20/19
Various ArtistsYankee Doodle Dandy! Studio Cast RecordingSoundtracks9/6/19
WilcoOde To JoyPop/Rock10/4/19
Music August 2019
Artist GenreDate
Andy GrammerNaïvePop/Rock7/26/19
BTSBTS World Original SoundtrackPop/Rock8/2/19
Calexico & Iron and WineYears To BurnPop/Rock6/14/19
Chris BrownIndigoR&B6/28/19
Chris Robinson BrotherhoodServants Of The SunPop/Rock6/14/19
Collective SoulBloodPop/Rock6/21/19
Ed SheeranNo. 6 Collaborations ProjectPop/Rock7/12/19
Elton John & Taron EgertonRocketman (Music From The Motion Picture)Soundtracks5/31/19
Frank TurnerNo Man's LandPop/Rock8/16/19
Jonas BrothersHappiness BeginsPop/Rock6/7/19
Killswitch EngageAtonementPop/Rock8/16/19
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardInfest The Rats' NestPop/Rock8/16/19
LizzoCuz I Love YouR&B5/24/19
Machine Gun KellyHotel DiabloRap/Hip-Hop8/16/19
New Order & Liam Gillick(No,12K,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So It Goes..Pop/Rock7/12/19
Of Monsters and MenFever DreamPop/Rock7/26/19
Peter Frampton BandAll BluesBlues6/7/19
Sleater-KinneyCenter Won'T Hold, ThePop/Rock8/16/19
SlipknotWe Are Not Your KindPop/Rock8/9/19
SoundgardenSoundgarden Live From The Artists DenPop/Rock7/26/19
Sugar RayLittle YachtyPop/Rock7/26/19
Taylor SwiftLoverPop/Rock8/23/19
The Allman Betts BandDown To The RiverPop/Rock6/28/19
Thom YorkeAnimaPop/Rock7/19/19
Ty SegallFirst TastePop/Rock8/2/19
Various ArtistsAladdin SoundtrackSoundtracks5/24/19
Various ArtistsNow That's What I Call Hits & Remixes 2019Pop/Rock5/3/19
Violent FemmesHotel Last ResortPop/Rock7/26/19
Music July 2019
BastilleDoom DaysPop/Rock
Bruce SpringsteenWestern StarsPop/Rock
Dionne WarwickShe's BackR&B
DJ KhaledFather Of AsahdRap/hip-hop
Gloria GaynorTestimonyGospel
Mac DemarcoHere Comes The CowboyPop/Rock
MadonnaMadame XPop/Rock
Mark RonsonLate Night Feelings Pop/Rock
Neil Young & The Stray GatorsTuscaloosaPop/Rock
SantanaAfrica SpeaksPop/Rock
Schoolboy QCrash Talk Rap/Hip-Hop
The Black KeysLet's RockPop/Rock
The RaconteursHelp Us StrangerPop/Rock
WhitesnakeFlesh & BloodPop/Rock
Willie NelsonRide Me Back HomeCountry
X AmbassadorsOrionPop/Rock
Music March 2019
Billie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?Pop/Rock3/29/19
DrakeSO FAR GONERap/hip-hop3/8/19
Dua LipaDUA LIPAPop/Rock6/2/17
George StraitHONKY TONK TIME MACHINECountry3/29/19
HozierWASTELAND, BABY!Pop/Rock3/1/19
L.A. GunsDEVIL YOU KNOW, THEPop/Rock3/29/19
Luis FonsiVIDALatin2/1/19
Maren MorrisGIRLCountry3/8/19
Motley CrueDIRT SOUNDTRACK, THEPop/Rock3/22/19
Sara BareillesAMIDST THE CHAOSPop/Rock4/5/19
The Chemical BrothersNO GEOGRAPHYElectronic4/12/19
The CranberriesIN THE ENDPop/Rock4/26/19
The O'JaysLAST WORD, THER&B4/19/19
Wayne ShorterEMANONJazz8/24/18
Music February 2019
Artist TitleGenreDate
21 SavageI AM > I WASRap/Hip-Hop12/11/18
American AuthorsSEASONSPop/Rock2/1/19
Ariana GrandeTHANK U, NEXT Pop/Rock2/8/19
Cardi BINVASION OF PRIVACYRap/Hip-Hop2/22/19
Cody JohnsonAIN'T NOTHIN' TO ITCountry1/18/19
DidoSTILL ON MY MINDPop/Rock3/8/19
Dream TheaterDISTANCE OVER TIMEPop/Rock2/22/19
Flight of the ConchordsLIVE IN LONDONPop/Rock3/8/19
Florida Georgia LineCAN'T SAY I AIN'T COUNTRYCountry2/15/19
HozierWASTELAND, BABY!Pop/Rock3/1/19
Juliana HatfieldWEIRDPop/Rock1/8/19
Lil Baby STREET GOSSIPRap/Hip-Hop1/25/19
Meat PuppetsDUSTY NOTESPop/Rock3/8/19
QueensrycheVERDICT, THEPop/Rock3/1/19
Steve Earle & The DukesGUYCountry3/29/19
Steve HackettAT THE EDGE OF LIGHTPop/Rock1/25/19
Tedeschi Trucks BandSIGNSPop/Rock2/15/19
Ty Segall & Freedom BandDEFORMING LOBES LIVEPop/Rock3/29/19
WeezerWEEZER (BLACK ALBUM)Pop/Rock3/1/19
Music January 2019
Alessia CaraPAINS OF GROWING, THER&B11/30/18
Avril LavigneHEAD ABOVE WATERPop/Rock2/5/19
Backstreet BoysDNAPop/Rock1/25/19
Charles Jenkins & Fellowship ChicagoANY GIVEN SUNDAYReligious1/4/00
Ice Cube CORRUPTRap/Hip-Hop12/7/18
Joe JacksonFOOLPop/Rock1/18/19
Jon BellionGLORY SOUND PREPPop/Rock11/30/18
Jungle FireJAMBULatin2/3/17
Lupe FiascoDROGAS WAVERap/Hip-Hop10/12/18
Meek MillCHAMPIONSHIPSRap/Hip-Hop12/1/18
Nat King Cole CHRISTMAS SONG, THEHoliday9/21/18
Papa RoachWHO DO YOU TRUST?Pop/Rock1/18/19
Rupert Gregson-WilliamsAQUAMAN ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORESoundtrack12/14/18
SellingON REFLECTIONElectronic12/14/18
The DecemberistsTRAVELING ONPop/Rock12/14/18
The LemonheadsVARSHONS 2Pop/Rock2/8/19
Troy SneedTAKING IT BACKReligious10/6/17
Various ArtistsCHRISTMAS STORY LIVE! SOUNDTRACK, ASoundtrack12/14/18
Zayn Malik ICARUS FALLSPop/Rock12/21/18