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Don’t know what to read next? Your Next Great Story is a service designed to connect you with suggested books (ebooks, audiobooks, and print), television shows, and movies based on your preferences. Just fill out a quick form and we will send you a customized list by mail, email, or you can pick it up in person at your local library.

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Librarians create curated lists on a theme each month – and you can click through to put items on hold directly in our catalog. You can get these sent directly to your email every month in our email newsletter.

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Looking for more recommendations? Read reviews written by Springfield City Library staff and members of the Springfield community!

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Book Recommendations from Our Instagram

Fans of #OuterBanks should check these out! #SCLRecs ...

The world has been watching in deep concern while the Taliban has retaken the nation of Afghanistan and while thousands of Afghans have tried to flee their own country. What has led to this grim situation? Find out more from these books, available through your library. #SCLRecs ...

Make Your Mark. Unleash your child’s, or your, inner creativity. Don’t be afraid. Join thousands of other schools, libraries, and families who are making their mark on September 15th-ish. These books will give you inspiration. Paint, draw, create! #SCLRecs ...

There is a movement in this country to not only reform our criminal justice system, but also to transform it completely. Supporters of transformative justice argue that prisons should be abolished and that the prevention of crimes--and justice for those who have been harmed by them--should occur within each affected community. To learn more about reforming and transforming criminal justice, check out these books, available through your library. #SCLRecs #CriminalJustuceReform #JusticeReform ...

On September 9, 1971, around 1,300 incarcerated men led an uprising at the overcrowded Attica Correctional Facility, demanding humane living conditions and taking 42 staff members hostage. On September 13th, heavily armed state police officers opened fire on the protestors, killing 10 hostages and 29 prisoners. Following the Attica uprising, the number of people incarcerated in U.S. prisons began to soar. See the book list link in bio for a full list of resources, curated by a librarian, that you can request directly from our catalog. #Attica #AtticaRiots #SCLRecs ...

Do your tweens have questions about 9/11, with all the emphasis in the news for the 20th anniversary? Grab some books recommended by our children's librarian to help talk about the event. #SCLrecs ...

This Saturday is the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001, when the terrorist group al-Qaeda carried out several coordinated attacks on the United States, causing the deaths of 2,996 people in New York City, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. First responders and everyday people displayed great heroism on September 11th, but fears about future attacks led the US government to engage in the torture of terror suspects and prompted some US residents to unfairly suspect all Muslim people of being terrorists. Learn more in these books, available through your library. #SCLRecs ...

Fan of the White Lotus tv series? Try these books! #WhiteLotus #Readalikes #SCLRecs ...

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