Print | Fax | Scan

Printing in black and white is available at all Springfield City Library locations. Please check your local branch library for specific details.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is available at five of our branch libraries during library hours from your phone, laptop, home computer, or other device. You don’t have to be in the Central Library to print but you must pick up the print job on the same day. Ask a staff member for assistance.

Printing is available in black and white only, and costs 15 cents per page


  • Visit
  • Enter the six-digit Printer ID from the table below
  • Follow the instructions to upload your document. Remember to check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your email address. This will be used to identify you at the print release station
  • When you’re finished uploading files, click “Done”
  • Your printing will be added to our queue, and will be released when you visit the print release station or reference desk to pay for the printing


BranchPrinter IDAddress
Central Library – Wellman Hall109262220 State Street
Central Library – Children’s Room109881220 State Street
East Forest Park109283136 Surrey Road
East Springfield10926521 Osborne Terrace
Forest Park109297380 Belmont Avenue
Mason Square109291765 State Street

Printing is available in black and white only, and costs 15 cents per page. 

Faxing or Scanning

Self-service faxing and scanning stations are available at the Central Library and the following branch locations: East Forest Park, Forest Park, Indian Orchard, Mason Square and Sixteen Acres.

Faxing and scanning is available during open hours.

There is a $1 per job charge for a traditional fax (in black and white only). Scanning is free, with options to send your documents to an e-mail address or to save them to a USB drive, tablet or smartphone.

Ask a staff member for assistance.

Please note that our libraries are unable to receive fax transmissions.