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Vamos a conversar sobre la equidad digital en Springfield

En una serie de conversaciones (en persona y por computadora) con la comunidad, para asegurarse de que todos los residentes de Springfield tengan acceso a una conección rápida, accesible y confiable al internet en el futuro.

Contribuya sus ideas y experiencias a la planeación de la equidad digital de la ciudad en las reuniones comunitarias organizadas por Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (Comisión de Planificación del Pioneer Valley).

Jueves, Octubre 26, 5:45-7 Biblioteca Brightwood, 359 Plainfield St
Lunes, Noviembre 13, 5:45-7Biblioteca East Forest Park, 136 Surrey Rd
Miércoles, Noviembre 29, 5:45-7East Springfield Neighborhood Council, 1437 Carew St
Jueves, Noviembre 30, 5:45-7Biblioteca Mason Square, 765 State St
Lunes, Diciembre 4, 5:45-7por Zoom: https://bit.ly/3tWwvH5

English / Español

Springfield high school yearbooks available online (WWLP)

The free catalog offers Springfield high school yearbooks dating back as far as the 1900s. Since August 2022, the library has collected more than 400 yearbook donations.

Check out the story from WWLP

July 18, 2023:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield City Library launched its high school yearbooks online.

The free catalog offers Springfield high school yearbooks dating back as far as the 1900s. Since August 2022, the library has collected more than 400 yearbook donations.

If you have a yearbook from Springfield, consider donating it to be digitalized in the library’s archive. According to the Springfield City Library’s website, the following high school yearbooks have not yet been donated:

Conservatory of the Arts
John J. Duggan Academy
Liberty Preparatory Academy
Pope Francis Catholic School
Springfield High School (1828-1840)
Springfield High School of Science and Technology (1996-present)
Springfield Public Day High School
The Springfield Renaissance School

Reference Librarian Maggie Keane said, “We’ve received over 400 yearbook donations, with around 250 unique items – the response has been tremendous! But it won’t end there – we’re still actively seeking donations, especially from later decades and missing years. We’ve also learned a lot about digitizing collections with Digital Commonwealth, and look forward to adding more local Springfield materials over time.”

Collecting the yearbooks from members of the community has proven to be a very heartwarming and nostalgic experience for everyone involved and the librarians working on the project have enjoyed hearing the stories behind why people chose to donate either their own yearbooks or yearbooks of loved ones.

Deborah Smith of Springfield donated to the library’s collecting stating, “As someone who has done a lot of genealogy research over the years, I know how helpful, and interesting, high school yearbooks can be. I was most pleased to donate two books from the 1940’s that belonged to my late husband’s aunts, and hope they prove useful to someone.”

Candyce Carlon, of Rochester NH, sent the library her mother’s yearbooks in the mail. “My mom loved her time at Technical High School, and she would be thrilled to know that the yearbooks she treasured could contribute to your project.”

Robert Sarnacki, of West Springfield, donated the 1963 Tech Tiger yearbook that belonged to his brother Tom. “I was happy to hear I could donate the yearbook, rather than it ending up chopped up somewhere. I always figured someone somewhere could get some use out of it. I would be a terrible waste not to do what the library is doing.”

A man in France was looking for his mother’s 1931 graduation photo from her senior yearbook from the High School of Commerce, he said, “Seeing my mother’s image, as well as her many school activities, brought tears to my eyes.”

Additional high school memorabilia is on display at the Central Library located at 220 State Street in Springfield including early edition yearbooks, class photos, newspaper articles, varsity letters, class superlatives, and more.

Visit Springfield MA High School Yearbooks to see the collection

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