Tabletop RPG Club

If you love collaborative storytelling and role-playing, join the Tabletop RPG Club! | Central | Teens & Adults

Tabletop RPG Club

Central Library – Community Room
Some Saturdays: See Club Schedule Below | 1:00 – 3:30 PM | Ages 16+

If you love collaborative storytelling and role-playing, join the Tabletop RPG Club! We’ll be playing Dungeons & Dragons, Blades in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse games, and more. A little something for everyone – drop in once or stick around and learn how to run a game.

Beginners and experienced players welcome. For adults and teens 16 and older.

Registration is optional, but encouraged. Register via our online calendar!

Club schedule: Summer 2023

  • May 13: No meeting
  • May 20: Ongoing D&D campaign
  • May 27: No meeting
  • June 3-17: Ongoing D&D campaign
  • June 24: High-level game in Amedir
  • July 1: Please call ahead – (413) 263-6828 ext. 395
  • July 8: High-level game in Amedir
  • July 15: Ongoing D&D campaign

The summer session will begin on May 20, and run every Saturday until August 19.

What is a tabletop RPG?

A tabletop RPG is a game where the players sit around a table and use a shared set of rules to help make it easy and fun to tell a story. It’s about performance, tactics and strategy, solving mysteries, and adventure. Games can be as short as one club meeting or can tell an ongoing story across several months–decisions like that are up to the players.

In our club, we organize into groups of 3-6 players. Library staff and experienced facilitators help guide their table toward the kind of story everyone wants to tell. The goal is to enjoy creating a diverse world, where players take the leading roles in a series of action and adventure dramas.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! We provide everything you need. If you end up really loving the hobby, you might find yourself wanting your own tools–dice, notebooks, pencils, and rule books–but you can always play for free.