Fiction On Order

This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month.

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March 2024
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Ackerman, Elliot2054Thriller - Admiral James Stavridis #2
Acton, HellyBegin AgainHave you ever wanted to change the past and discover the result of choices not taken?
Adams, JennyA Deadly EndeavorIn this historical mystery debut, a serial killer is on the loose in Jazz Age Philadelphia.
Adams, ParkerThe Lock BoxWhen an army-vet-turned-safecracker is forcibly recruited to be part of a dangerous heist, she'll need all her skills to get out alive.
Adams, SarahThe Rule BookRomance
Alexander, Neely TubatiIn A Not So Perfect WorldAn ambitious designer of apocalyptic video games with a strategy for (almost) everything discovers what happens when her best-laid plans go off course.
Alvarez, JuliaThe Cemetery Of Untold StoriesWhen celebrated writer Alma Cruz inherits a small plot of land in the Dominican Republic, she turns it into a place to bury her untold stories--literally.
Anastacia-ReneeHere In The (Middle) Of NowhereA bold collection of poetry, flash fiction, and Afrofuturist science fiction.
Angel-Ajani, AsaleA Country You Can LeaveA debut novel following the turbulent relationship of a Black biracial teen and her ferocious Russian mother, struggling to survive in the California desert.
Baldacci, DavidA Calamity Of SoulsSet in the tumultuous year of 1968 in southern Virginia, a racially-charged murder case sets a duo of white and Black lawyers against a deeply unfair system as they work to defend their wrongfully-accused Black defendants.
Bardugo, LeighThe FamiliarLowly kitchen servant Luzia uses a bit of magic to get through her days, but when her ability to produce small miracles is discovered, it launches her into a dangerous world.
Barrett, ColinWild HousesFiction
Barrios Vélez, María AlejandraThe Waves Take You HomeWhen the death of her grandmother brings a young woman home, she must face the past in order to become the heir of not just the family restaurant, but her own destiny.
Beaird, RowanThe DivorcéesIn this debut novel set at a 1950s Reno divorce ranch, two women dare to imagine a different future.
Bird, KristenWatch It BurnThree women work to uncover the scorching lies and scandal behind a self-help movement, igniting a powder keg of secrets that could blow their town apart.
Blake, AudreyThe Woman With No NameOn a warm night in September, Yvonne Rudellat's house is bombed.
Boryga, AndrewVictimA hustler from the Bronx sees through the veneer of diversity initiatives and decides to cash in on the odd currency of identity.
Bowen, RhysIn Sunshine Or In ShadowHistorical Mystery - Molly Murphy #20
Brandy, MeaganSay You SwearRomance - Boys of Avix #1
Bratton, AllenHenry HenryFiction
Braunstein, SarahBad AnimalsFiction
Brooks, ElizabethThe Woman In The Sable CoatHistorical Fiction
Bullwinkel, RitaHeadshotFiction
Cabiya, PedroReinbouIn the Time of the Butterflies meets Woman of Light in this work of historical fiction about U.S. intervention and corruption in the Dominican Republic.
Callaway, JoyWhat The Mountains RememberAt a wondrous resort, secrets can easily be hidden in plain sight when the eye is trained on beauty.
Campos, SimoneNothing Can Hurt You NowThriller
Carlson, MelodyJust For The SummerIf you lived in a different place and had a different job, couldn't you have a different life?
Carson, ScottLost Man's LaneThriller
Casale, AlexiaThe Best Way To Bury Your HusbandA dark comedy about four women coming together to heal the damage their husbands have done--and hide their bodies once they've killed them.
Cavanagh, SteveKill For Me, Kill For YouAfter being pushed to the brink, two ordinary women who make a dangerous pact to take revenge for each other.
Chancy, Myriam J. A.Village WeaversThe story of two families, forever joined by country, long-held secrets, and two girls with a bond that refuses to be broken.
Chapman, RyanThe AudacityA bracing satire about the implosion of a Theranos-like company, a collapsing marriage, and a billionaires' "philanthropy summit."
Cherry, Brittainy C.The Air He BreathesRomance - Elements #1
Chung, GinaGreen FrogShort Stories
Chupeco, RinCourt Of WanderersFantasy - Reaper #2
Clark, Mary HigginsIt Had To Be YouMystery - Under Suspicion #8
Clayborn, KateThe Other Side Of DisappearingRomance
Cleeton, ChanelThe House On Biscayne BayAs death stalks a gothic mansion in Miami, the lives of two women intertwine as the past and present collide.
Cochrun, AlisonHere We Go AgainA queer rom-com following once childhood best friends forced together to drive their former teacher across the country.
Cole, AlyssaOne Of Us KnowsA thriller about the new caretaker of a historic estate who finds herself trapped on an island with a murderer--and the ghosts of her past.
Colgan, JennyStudies At The School By The SeaFiction - School by the Sea #4
Conley, GarrardAll The World BesideHistorical Fiction
Corinne, PeytonUnsteadyRomance
Cornwell, BernardSharpe's CommandHistorical Fiction - Sharpe #23
Cunningham, VinsonGreat ExpectationsA historic presidential campaign changes the trajectory of a young Black man's life.
Curtis, GraceFloating HotelWelcome to the Grand Abeona Hotel: home of the finest food, the sweetest service, and the very best views the galaxy has to offer.
Davies, CarysClearA minister is dispatched to a remote island off of Scotland to "clear" the last remaining inhabitant, who has no intention of leaving.
De Guzman, CarlaManila Takes ManhattanHow do you follow your heart when it's in two places?
Dean, AbigailDay OneThriller
Denfeld, ReneSleeping GiantsThriller
Deveraux, JudeAn Unfinished MurderMystery - Medlar #5
Diaka, Ama AsantewaSomeone Birthed Them BrokenShort Stories
Dolidon, AnnabelleContinuum: French Science Fiction Short StoriesSpeculative Anthology
Donati, SaraThe Sweet Blue DistanceA young midwife travels west to the New Mexico Territory to care for women in need and faces dangers more harrowing than the ones she's fleeing.
Douaihy, MargotBlessed WaterMystery - Sister Holiday #2
Douglas, PenelopeKill SwitchRomance - Devil's Night #3
Douglas, PenelopeTryst Six VenomRomance
Dray, StephanieBecoming Madam SecretaryHistorical Fiction
Dudley, Christina HwangPride & Preston LinIn this modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, the quick-witted and contrarian Lissie Cheng must navigate societal pressures and her growing attraction to the rich and enigmatic Preston Lin.
Elsbai, HadeerThe Weavers Of AlamaxaFantasy - Almaxa #2
Enger, LeifI Cheerfully RefuseFiction
Estes, ChristinaOff The AirA debut mystery featuring TV reporter Jolene Garcia.
Everett, PercivalJamesA brilliant, action-packed reimagining of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, both harrowing and darkly humorous, told from the enslaved Jim's point of view.
Ferguson, MelissaHow To Plot A PaybackShe's been muddling his plans for years---now he's the writer for the beloved character she plays on television, and it's time for payback.
Fisher, TarrynGood Half GoneThriller
Fletcher, SusanThe Night In QuestionFlorrie Butterfield--eighty-seven, one-legged, and of cheerful disposition--believes there can't be any more surprises in life.
Flower, AmandaTo Slip The Bonds Of EarthNew historical mystery series featuring Katharine Wright, lesser-known sister of the Wright Brothers.
Fox, HesterThe Book Of ThornsHistorical Fantasy
French, NicciHas Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?Mystery
García Márquez, GabrielUntil AugustThe rediscovered novel from the Nobel Prize-winning author of Love in the Time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude--a moving tale of female desire and abandon.
Garvis Graves, TraceyThe Trail Of Lost HeartsRomance
George, NicholasA Deadly Walk In DevonFor fans of M.C. Beaton, Martha Grimes, and Alexander McCall Smith, the first in a new mystery series set in the English countryside, as a retired San Diego police detective embarks upon group walking tours in England's most scenic counties.
Gómez-Jurado, JuanBlack WolfMystery - Antonia Scott #2
Goodhand, JamesThe Day TripperThe right guy, the right place, the wrong time.
Gowda, Shilpi SomayaA Great CountryPacific Hills, California: Gated communities, ocean views, well-tended lawns, serene pools, and now the new home of the Shah family.
Graham, HeatherThe Reaper FollowsRomantic Suspense - Larson & Forrest FBI #4
Gramazio, HollyThe HusbandsA woman comes home one day to find her attic is magic and producing an endless supply of interchangeable husbands.
Gray, AnissaLife And Other Love SongsA father's sudden disappearance exposes the private fears, dreams, longings, and joys of a Black American family in the late decades of the twentieth century.
Gray, Erick S.Butter SoftUrban Fiction
Greer, SierraAnnie BotAnnie Bot was created to be the perfect girlfriend for her human owner Doug.
Gudenkauf, HeatherEveryone Is WatchingThriller
Hall, TamronWatch Where They HideMystery - Jordan Manning #2
Hanna, RaniaThe Jinn DaughterFantasy
Hannon, IreneSandcastle InnChristian Fiction - Hope Harbor #10
Hansbury, GriffinSome Strange Music Draws Me InFiction
Harwood-Jones, MarkusReally Cute PeopleRomance
Hazell, LottiePigletFiction
Henry, EmilyFunny StoryDaphne is jilted almost at the altar in a town she moved to just for her now ex-fiancé; he abandoned her for Petra, who left Miles brokenhearted in her wake. Knowing no one else, Daphne moves in with Miles, just to have a roof over her head.
Hogle, SarahOld Flames And New FortunesParanormal Romance - Moonville #1
Holland, LucySong of the HuntressHistorical Fiction
Huang, JustinianThe Emperor And The Endless Palace"What if I told you that the feeling we call love is actually the feeling of metaphysical recognition, when your soul remembers someone from a previous life?"
Huguley, PiperAmerican DaughtersA historical novel about the remarkable friendship of Portia Washington and Alice Roosevelt, the daughters of educator Booker T. Washington and President Teddy Roosevelt.
Hunter, DeniseLove, UnscriptedChristian Fiction
IndiaDishonorableA young woman's plans for revenge and survival mode mentality force her to make desperate decisions that might flip friends into foes and leave her at the mercy of her enemies.
Jacobs, NovaThe Stars Turned Inside OutThe discovery of a suspicious death at a famous Swiss physics laboratory sparks a mystery that merges science, philosophy, and the high-stakes race to unlock the fundamental nature of our universe.
James, TateFakeRomance - Madison Kate #3
James, TateHateRomance - Madison Kate #1
James, TateKateRomance - Madison Kate #4
James, TateLiarRomance - Madison Kate #2
Jatoria, C.Alexa, Play I Need A Rich Thug Husband 2Urban Fiction
Jimenez, AbbyJust For The SummerRomance
Johnson, MicaiahThose Beyond The WallFaced with a coming apocalypse, a woman must reckon with her past to solve a series of sudden and inexplicable deaths.
Jones, Stephen GrahamThe Angel Of Indian LakeHorror - Indian Lake #3
Kaner, HannahSunbringerFantasy - Fallen Gods #2
Karst, LeslieMolten DeathCozy Mystery - Orchid Isle #1
Kennedy, RavenGildThe fae abandoned this world to us. And the ones with power rule.
Khawaja, AlinaMaya's Laws Of LoveA bride-to-be convinced she's cursed in romance finds her luck changing--at exactly the wrong time.
Kiley, AlexandraKilt TripRomance
Kim, A. H.Relative StrangersA timely spin on Sense and Sensibility.
Kim, Crystal HanaThe Stone HomeA dual-timeline coming-of-age story that begins in the 1980s with a young girl and her mother in a South Korean reformatory center.
Kingsley, ClaireFalling For My EnemyRomance - Dirty Martini Running Club #2
Ko, LisaMemory PieceWhat is the value of a meaningful life?
Kristoff, JayEmpire of the DamnedFantasy - Empire of the Vampire #2
Kubica, MaryShe's Not SorryThriller
Kuku, DamilareNearly All The Men In Lagos Are MadShort Stories
K'wanPromise KeptUrban Fiction - Promises #2
Labuskes, BriannaThe Lost Book of BonnHistorical Fiction
Lapid, LihieOn Her OwnFiction
LaRocca, EricThis Skin Was Once Mine And Other DisturbancesHorror Short Stories
Lattimore, AshtonAll We Were PromisedA housemaid with a dangerous family secret conspires with a wealthy young abolitionist to help an enslaved girl escape in volatile pre-Civil War Philadelphia.
Leckie, AnnLake Of SoulsSpeculative Short Fiction
Lee, ElaJadedJade thought she was everything she ever wanted to be. But now she feels like nothing at all.
Leigh, LoraPlay DirtyRomance - Tempting Seals: Triton #1
Leigh, SydneyPeril In PinkEverything is coming up rosé for innkeeper Jess Byrne until a murder on opening weekend gives her B&B's killer vibe a whole new meaning.
Lennon, FerdiaGlorious ExploitsAn utterly original celebration of that which binds humanity across battle lines and history.
Lepe, JessicaFlirty Little SecretYou've Got Mail meets Abbott Elementary in this romantic comedy where a meet disaster between a shy guidance counselor and the hot new history teacher leads an unexpected connection.
Lillie, Vanessa, et. al Young Rich WidowsThriller
Liu, CixinA View From The StarsScience Fiction Collection
Lloyd, TobyFervorFiction
Mandelo, LeeThe Woods All BlackEqual parts historical horror, trans romance, and blood-soaked revenge, all set in 1920s Appalachia.
McAvoy, J. J.Hathor And The PrinceHistorical Romance - DuBells #3
McFadden, FreidaOne By OneThriller
McIntosh, PhoebeDominoesFiction
McNeal, LauraThe Swan's NestA historical novel about the unlikely love affair between two great nineteenth-century poets, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett. =
Medlock, NoahA Botanical DaughterA captivating tale of two Victorian gentlemen hiding their relationship away in a botanical garden who embark on a Frankenstein-style experiment with unexpected consequences.
Michaels, FernThe Wild SideMystery
Mockett, Marie MutsukiThe Tree DoctorFiction
Monks Takhar, HelenNothing Without MeThriller
Monroe, MaryDouble LivesHistorical Fiction - Lexington, Alabama #4
Morris, Joel H.All Our YesterdaysA novel of Lady Macbeth.
Mukherjee, NeelChoiceFiction
Nee, John Shen Yen and S. J. RozanThe Murder Of Mr. MaHistorical Msytery
Neubauer, Erica RuthSecrets Of A Scottish IsleHistorical Mystery - Jane Wunderly #5
Novak, BrendaTourist SeasonA summer by the ocean promises new beginnings -- until old secrets resurface.
Olson, Karen E.An Inconvenient WifeThis crime novel--inspired by the Tudor era--takes the reader into the world of Kate Parker, who has just married billionaire Hank Tudor when a headless body is discovered near their summer home . . .
Onomé, LouisaPride And JoyFiction
O'Riley, JeneaneHow Does It Feel?Fantasy Romance - Infatuated Fae #1
Painter, LynnHappily Never AfterRomance
Pandian, GigiA Midnight PuzzleMystery - Secret Staircase #3
Paretsky, SaraPay DirtMystery - V.I. Warshawski #23
Pataki, AllisonFinding Margaret FullerAn epic reimagining of the life of Margaret Fuller: America's first feminist and the pioneering journalist who inspired a generation of writers and activists.
Patterson, JamesThe Murder InnThriller
Peguero, RobinOne In The ChamberOn Capitol Hill, they work you to death.
Pelayo, CynthiaForgotten SistersA city's haunted history and fairy-tale horrors converge for two women.
Perrin, KristenHow To Solve Your Own MurderA mystery about a woman who spends her entire life trying to prevent her foretold murder only to be proven right sixty years later, when she is found dead in her sprawling country estate. Now it's up to her great-niece to catch the killer.
Phillips, GaryAsh Dark As NightHistorical Msytery - Harry Ingram #2
Preston, Douglas J.ExtinctionThriller
Pulley, NatashaThe Mars HouseA marriage of convenience between a Mars politician and an Earth refugee.
Pynn, AubreéOne Final ShotWhen their love is put to the ultimate test and their foundation is cracked, can they repair the damages to their covenant, or will their life together be over as quickly as it began?
Rapp, AdamWolf At The TableA multigenerational saga about a family harboring a serial killer in their midst.
Rath, EmilyPucking WildRomance - Jacksonville Rays #2
Raybourn, DeannaA Grave RobberyHistorical Romance - Veronica Speedwell #9
Reich, ChristopherMatterhornThriller - Mac Dekker #1
Rose, KarenCheaterRomantic Suspense - San Diego Case Files #2
Rueckert, RachelIf The Tide TurnsHistorical Fiction
Ryan, JenniferThe Underground LibraryWhen the Blitz imperils the heart of a London neighborhood, three young women must use their fighting spirit to save the community's beloved library.
Sagas, L.M.Cascade FailureScience Fiction - Ambit's Run #1
Sage, LylaSwift And SaddledRomance - Rebel Blue Ranch #2
Salvatore, StevenThe Boyfriend SubscriptionWhat happens when a simple deal gets...complicated?
Sampson, FreyaNosy NeighborsNothing brings neighbors together like someone else's secrets... At Shelley House, the walls have ears, and they're attached to a ragtag duo of busybodies ready to pry, snoop, and generally annoy their neighbors into solving a crime.
Sandford, JohnToxic PreyMystery - Prey #34
Schaffert, TimothyThe Titanic Survivors Book ClubHistorical Fiction
Score, LucyThe Dead Guy Next DoorMystery - Riley Thorn #1
Selene, LyraA Feather So BlackFantasy Romance - Fair Folk #1
Serle, RebeccaExpiration DatesBeing single is like playing the lottery. There's always the chance that with one piece of paper you could win it all.
Shames, TerryPerilous WatersMystery - Jessie Madison #1
Sherri, JohnniHeartbreak U: Freshman YearFour diverse young women, each at a crossroads in their lives, meet at a very popular HBCU.
Sikes, AdamThe UnderhandedEurope's last line of defense against neofascism--a history professor?
Smiley, JaneLuckyMystery
Starck, LindsayMonsters We Have MadeMystery
Stark, RachelPerris, CaliforniaFiction
Steel, DanielleOnly The BraveHistorical Fiction
Susberry, EmbassieCode Name ButterflyInspired by the incredible true story of Josephine Baker's role in the French Resistance.
Sutanto, Jesse Q.The Good, The Bad, And The AuntiesRomance - Aunties #3
Swinarski, ClaireThe Funeral Ladies Of Ellerie CountyFiction
Tanner, AlexandraWorryFiction
Taylor, Phoebe AtwoodThe Mystery Of The Cape Cod PlayersClassic Mystery - Asey Mayo #3
Thorne, JenniferDiavolaHorror
Thrash, MaggieRainbow BlackThriller
Topp, BlaccTainted TooUrban Fiction - Tainted #2
Towles, AmorTable For TwoShort Stories
Villarreal-Moura, UrsulaLike HappinessFiction
Wallace, JoannaYou'd Look Better As A GhostA comic thriller following the trials and tribulations of Claire, a part-time serial killer who is keen to keep her favorite hobby a secret--despite the efforts of a determined blackmailer.
Westerbeke, DouglasA Short Walk Through A Wide WorldHistorical Fantasy
Wilson, C. L.Lady Of Light And ShadowsFantasy Romance - Tairen Soul #2
Winslow, DonCity In RuinsThriller - Danny Ryan #3
Xaviere, Musih TedjiThese Letters End In TearsFiction
Yablon, HillarySylvia's Second ActWhen sixty-three-year-old Sylvia finds her husband in bed with the floozy of their Boca retirement community, she's shocked and furious . . . at first. By the time her head stops spinning, Sylvia realizes that actually, this isn't what she wants anymore anyway.
Della's House Of StyleRomance Anthology
The Inhumans And Other Stories: A Selection Of Bengali Science FictionSpeculative Anthology
Through The Night Like A Snake: Latin American Horror StoriesHorror Anthology
February 2024
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, TranayMoney Hungry DemonsUrban Fiction
Akhtar, AminaAlmost Surely DeadThriller
Arden, KatherineThe Warm Hands Of GhostsDuring the Great War, a combat nurse searches for her brother, believed dead in the trenches despite eerie signs that suggest otherwise.
Armentrout, Jennifer L.Visions Of Flesh And BloodParanormal Romance - Blood of Ash/Flesh and Fire
Armstrong, KelleyThe Boy Who Cried BearMystery - Haven's Rock #2
Asher, AprilNot Your Crush's CauldronParanormal Romance - Supernatural Singles #3
Ashley, JenniferSpeculations In SinHistorical Mystery - Below Stairs #7
Bailey, TessaFangirl DownRomance - Big Shots #1
Baker, EllenThe Hidden Life Of Cecily LarsonHistorical Fiction
Bakis, KirstenKing NyxMystery
Ballard, FalonRight On CueRomance
Banks, RussellAmerican SpiritsFiction
Baragwanath, TomPaper CageMystery
Barker-White, EleanorMy Name Was EdenOne twin vanished. The other twin remained. Until now...
Beaton, M. C.Death Of A SpyMystery - Hamish Macbeth #36
Bell, AngelaA Lady's Guide To Marvels And MisadventureChristian Historical
Black, CaraMurder At La VilletteMystery - Aimée Leduc #21
Black, LisaThe Deepest KillMystery - Locard Institute #3
Bohjalian, ChrisThe Princess Of Las VegasA Princess Diana impersonator and her estranged sister find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of money and murder.
Bond, GwendaThe Frame-UpA magically gifted con artist must gather her estranged mother's old crew for a once-in-a-lifetime heist.
Bo-Reum, HwangWelcome To The Hyunam-Dong BookshopA slice-of-life novel for readers of Matt Haig's The Midnight Library and Gabrielle Zevin's The Storied Life of AJ Fikry.
Brade, Scarlett G.The HiveShould he live or die? You decide.
Brayden, MelissaYou Had Me At MerlotRomance
Brown, GarethThe Book Of DoorsCassie Andrews, a mild-mannered bookseller in New York City, inherits the mysterious eponymous volume from a deceased customer.
Brown, TracyBrooklynThe question isn't who murdered her; the question is who wouldn't?
Bruen, KenGalway ConfidentialMystery - Jack Taylor #17
Brunstetter, Wanda E.Letters Of WisdomChristian Fiction - Friendship Letters #3
Bryce, Denny S., and Eliza KnightCan't We Be FriendsUncovers the boundary-breaking, genuine friendship between Ella Fitzgerald, the Queen of Jazz, and iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe.
Bull, JessicaThe Hapless MillinerHistorical Mystery - Miss Austen Investigates #1
C., JatoriaAlexa, Play I Need A Rich Thug HusbandUrban Fiction
Camden, ElizabethWhile The City SleepsChristian Historical
Carlsson, ChristofferUnder The StormMystery
Carr, FloraThe TowerA reimagining Mary, Queen of Scots's darkest hour, when she was held hostage in a remote Scottish castle with a handful of loyal women while plotting a daring escape to reclaim her country and her freedom.
Carr, LakieshaAn Autobiography Of SkinFollows three women whose various traumas haunt them literally and metaphorically, as it explores what it means to be a Black woman in America today.
Chan, ElizaFathomfolkFantasy
Cheeks, MauraActs Of ForgivenessHow much of their lineage is one family willing to unearth in order to participate in the nation's first federal reparations program?
Childs, LauraMurder In The Tea LeavesCozy Mystery - Tea Shop #27
Church, MeaganThe Girls We Sent AwayHistorical Fiction
Church, WendyKnife SkillsMystery - Shadows of Chicago #1
Churchill, AmandaThe Turtle HouseFiction
Clifton, AshTwice The TroubleA private investigator follows a trail of blood and bodies to find his latest target-or die trying-in this riveting thriller for fans of Jeffery Deaver and Mick Herron.
Coelho, PauloMaktubAn essential companion to the inspirational classic The Alchemist, filled with timeless stories of reflection and rediscovery.
Connealy, MaryChasing The HorizonChristian Historical - A Western Light #1
Cosimano, ElleFinlay Donovan Rolls The DiceMystery - Finlay Donovan #4
Crawford, IsisA Catered Quilting BeeCozy Mystery - Mystery with Recipes #18
Croft, JenniferThe Extinction Of Irena ReyEight translators search for a world-renowned author who goes missing in a primeval Polish forest.
Croucher, LexTroubleHistorical Romance
Crucet, Jennine CapóSay Hello To My Little FriendScarface meets Moby Dick in this darkly comic novel about a young man's attempt to capitalize on his mother's murky legacy.
Dade, OliviaAt First SpiteA woman buys the town's famous Spite House, only to realize the infuriating man she can't stand lives right next door.
Deibel, JenniferThe Irish MatchmakerChristian Historical
Dodd, ChristinaEvery Single SecretRomantic Suspense
Elliott, JessiThe Devil's WaltzWhat happens when a young woman from a family of demon hunters falls in love with the prince of hell?
Estep, Jennifer.Only Hard ProblemsScience Fiction Romance - Galactic Bonds #3
Evans, JaqWhat Grows In The DarkA phony spiritualist returns to her hometown to assist in an investigation that eerily mirrors her sister's death, forcing her to confront the secrets she's been running from.
Ferguson, IanI Only Read MurderA once-famous TV sleuth. An amateur theater production. An onstage murder. A town full of suspects…
FlameA Gangsta's Karma 4Urban Fiction
Forest, KristinaThe Partner PlotTwo former high school sweethearts get a second chance in this marriage of convenience romance.
Frick, KitThe SplitThriller
Gallagher, MattDaybreakA disillusioned American veteran volunteers for the war in Ukraine to reconnect with a woman from his past.
Gallon, MichaelThe Murder Queens 5Urban Fiction
Gardner, LisaStill See You EverywhereMystery - Frankie Elkin #3
Gentill, SulariThe Mystery WriterThere's nothing easier to dismiss than a conspiracy theory--until it turns out to be true.
Gibson, S. T.An Education In MaliceA dark academia tale of blood, secrets and insatiable hungers.
Gonzalez, XochitlAnita De Monte Laughs LastA first-generation Ivy League student uncovers the genius work of a female artist decades after her suspicious death.
Gracia, AnnaThe Break-Up VacationRomance
Gray, MadeleineGreen DotAn irresistible and messy love story about the terrible allure of wanting something that promises nothing.
Greenwood, T.The Still PointWhen the opportunity for a full scholarship to the Ballet de Paris Academie arrives, three mothers reveal the sacrifices they've made for their children, for friendship, and for art.
Ham, Yeji Y.The Invisible HotelI know this place. The room is too dim to see clearly. It smells like the bones.
Hameroff, LindsayTill There Was YouRomance
Harrison, KimThree Kinds Of LuckyLuck is its own kind of magic, in this first book in an electrifying new contemporary fantasy series.
Hartong, Mary LizaLove And Hot ChickenFiction
Henríquez, CristinaThe Great DivideA novel about the construction of the Panama Canal, casting light on the unsung people who lived, loved, and labored there.
Holohan, KevinSo You Wanna Run A Country?Science Fiction
Hosein, Kevin JaredHungry GhostsTwo families collide in 1940s Trinidad, and a chilling mystery shows how interconnected their lives truly are.
Howard, Scott AlexanderThe Other ValleyScience Fiction
Huber, Anna LeeSisters Of FortuneBased on the true story of the Fortune sisters, three young women each at a crossroads when they boarded the RMS Titanic in the spring of 1912.
Humphreys, HelenFollowed By The LarkBiographical Fiction
Jayatissa, AmandaIsland WitchSet in 19th century Sri Lanka and inspired by local folklore, the daughter of a traditional demon-priest tries to solve the mysterious attacks that have been terrorizing her coastal village.
J-BluntChurch In These StreetsUrban Fiction
Jensen, Danielle L.A Fate Inked In BloodA shield maiden blessed by the gods battles to unite a nation under a power-hungry king while fighting her growing desire for his fiery son.
Johnson, JaneThe Black CrescentA historical novel set in post-war Casablanca about a young man marked by djinns who must decide where his loyalties lie as the fight for Moroccan independence erupts.
Kapur, ParulInside The MirrorVisionary twin sisters aspire to become artists in 1950s India, confronting a society hostile to women claiming their place in the world.
Kashiwai, HisashiThe Kamogawa Food DetectivesWhat's the one dish you'd do anything to taste just one more time?
Kaswell, CrystalThe Neighbor WagerRomance
Kelly, AnitaHow You Get The GirlRomance - Nashville Love #3
Kennedy, ElleGirl AbroadRomance
King, Laurie R.The Lantern's DanceHistorical Mystery - Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #18
Kiste, GwendolynThe Haunting Of VelkwoodThree childhood friends miraculously survive the night everyone in their suburban hometown turned into ghosts.
Kumar, AmitavaMy Beloved LifeHistorical Fiction
Kurian, VeraA Step Past DarknessSix classmates. One terrifying night. A murder twenty years in the making…
Kurkov, AndreĭThe Silver BoneThis debut mystery introduces rookie detective Samson Kolechko in Kyiv as he is tackling his first case, set against real life details of the tumultuous early twentieth century.
Landau, A. J.Leave No TraceThe Statue of Liberty is the target of a terrorist attack, the first in a possible series of attacks, in this new series featuring Special Agent Michael Walker of the National Park Service.
Lares, MarielySun Of Blood And RuinThis reimagining of Zorro--featuring a heroic warrior sorceress--weaves Mesoamerican mythology and Mexican history two decades after the Spanish conquest.
Laroux, HarleyHer Soul To TakeThe demon didn't just want my body. He wanted my soul.
Larsen, SamanthaOnce Upon A MurderCozy Mystery - Lady Librarian #2
Lawrence, VanessaEllipsesA young woman caught in a toxic mentorship with an older, powerful executive grapples with career, belonging, and the complexity of modern relationships in the digital age.
Le Guin, Ursula K.Five NovelsScience Fiction
Lea, AmyThe CatchRomance - Influencer #3
Lebbon, TimAmong The LivingHorror
Lee, Laura PiperHannah Tate, Beyond RepairRomance
Lefferts, DanielWays And MeansThriller
Lemming, KimberlyThat Time I Got Drunk And Saved A HumanFantasy Romance - Mead Mishaps #3
Lewis, GerriThe Last WordAn obituary writer finds one of her neighbors dead before her time in this debut cozy mystery for fans of Jenn McKinlay and Eva Gates.
Lim, RoselleNight For DayTwo American ex-lovers working in London are unexpectedly caught up in a war between immortal gods.
Link, KellyThe Book Of LoveThree teenagers become pawns in a supernatural power struggle.
Love, B.The Loyal WifePerfect wife... Perfect life... until you can't remember either.
Love, RyanArthur And Teddy Are Coming OutFiction
Lovering, CarolaBye, BabyFiction
Lyon, RachelFruit Of The DeadFiction
Mahmood, ImranFinding SophieTwo parents, desperate to find their missing daughter, stand accused of murder. How far will they go to find the truth?
Malye, JuliaPelican GirlsDebut captures the journey of the Baleine Brides: a ship full of young women plucked from a Paris asylum and sent to marry settlers in North America's Louisiana Territory.
Marley, TayMeant For MeRomance
Marr, MelissaRemedial MagicFantasy Romance
Marsh, VioletLady Charlotte Always Gets Her ManA woman escapes an arranged marriage to a dastardly viscount and falls for his brother instead in this romantic historical mystery.
Maupin, ArmisteadMona Of The ManorFiction - Tales of the City #10
May, ElizabethTo Cage A GodFantasy
McDonough, PatriceMurder By LamplightAs a deadly cholera pandemic burns its way through Victorian London in the winter of 1866, a trailblazing female physician and a skeptical Scotland Yard detective reluctantly team up to stop a sadistic killer.
McFadden, FreidaThe InmateThe guiltiest people aren't always the ones behind bars...
McGuire, SeananAftermarket AfterlifeUrban Fantasy - InCryptid #13
McKinlay, JennFatal First EditionCozy Mystery - Library Lover's #14
McTiernan, DervlaWhat Happened To Nina?Nina and Simon are the perfect couple. Until they leave for a weekend at his family's cabin in Vermont, and only Simon comes home.
Mendoza, ClyoFuryDystopian Fiction
Mitchell, JamelFor The Love Of Blood 4Urban Fiction
MZThe Moorings Of Mackerel SkyIn this close-knit town famous for its infamous mermaids, community is built through love and lore--willful elements that the townsfolk will have to harness if Mackerel Sky is to endure for another three hundred years.
Nickson, ChrisThe Scream Of SinsHistorical Mystery - Simon Westow #6
Novak, BrendaThe Messy Life Of Jane TannerRomance - Coyote Canyon #3
Obreht, TéaThe MorningsideThere's the world you can see. And then there's the one you can't. Welcome to the Morningside.
Odden, KarenDown A Dark RiverHistorical Mystery - Inspector Michael Corravan #1
O'Farrell, MaggieThe Distance Between UsFiction
Okri, BenThe Age Of MagicA group of world-weary travelers discover the meaning of life in a mysterious Swiss mountain village.
Older, MalkaThe Imposition Of Unnecessary ObstaclesScience Fiction Mystery - Investigations of Mossa and Pleiti #2
Olivas, Daniel A.Chicano FrankensteinAn unnamed paralegal, brought back to life through a controversial process, maneuvers through a near-future world that both needs and resents him.
Oliveira, RobinA Wild And Heavenly PlaceHistorical Fiction
Oliver, DianeNeighbors And Other StoriesShort Stories
Osler, RobCirque Du SlayIn this mystery for fans of Steven Rowley and Elle Cosimano, the circus becomes the stage for a high-profile murder investigation.
Oyeyemi, HelenParasol Against The AxeA novel about competitive friendship, the elastic boundaries of storytelling, and the meddling influence of a city called Prague.
Patterson, James 1947-The #1 LawyerThriller
Payne, NikkiSex, Lies And SensibilityTwo sisters roll up their sleeves to run a dilapidated inn but must learn to work with the locals in this spicy novel inspired by Sense and Sensibility.
Peikoff, KiraBaby XIn a world where any biological matter can be used to create life, stolen celebrity DNA sells to the highest bidder.
Peterson, TracieA Love DiscoveredThe heart finds its way when one least expects it--even in the most unforgiving frontiers.
Phillips, C. N.ManhattanUrban Fiction - Carl Weber's Five Families of New York #5
Phillips, Susan ElizabethSimply The BestRomance - Chicago Stars #10
Porter, SarahProjectionsLove may last a lifetime, but in this dark historical fantasy, the bitterness of rejection endures for centuries.
Rashad, Rae GianaThe BlueprintIn the vein of Octavia E. Butler and Margaret Atwood, a harrowing novel set in an alternate United States--a world of injustice and bondage in which a young Black woman becomes the concubine of a powerful white government official and must face the dangerous consequences.
Reay, KatherineThe Berlin LettersA CIA code breaker risks everything to free her father from an East German prison.
Reid-Benta, ZalikaRiver MummaA young Black woman who navigates her quarter-life-crisis while embarking on a mythical quest through the streets of Toronto.
Reilly, GraceFirst DownRomance - Beyond the Play #1
Rice, WaubgeshigMoon Of The Turning LeavesScience Fiction - Moon #2
Richards, Jeffrey L.We Are Only GhostsHistorical Fiction
Rio, KingSuper Gremlin 4Urban Fiction
Ritchie, Krista and BeccaSome Kind Of PerfectRomance - Calloway Sisters #4.5
Robinson, RoxanaLeavingWhat risks would you be willing to take to fall in love again?
Roper, RichardThis Disaster Loves YouTwenty years of love. Seven years of absence. One journey to find out what happened.
Ruffin, Maurice CarlosThe American DaughtersA novel of hope and triumph that reminds us what is possible when a community bands together to fight for their freedom.
Ruggle, KatieFish Out Of WaterClimb Every Mountain Man!
Ruiz-Grossman, SarahA Fire So WildWhen a wildfire creeps toward Berkeley, California, it ignites tensions as characters from all walks of life confront the injustices lying beneath the city's surface.
Runyan, Aimie K.The Memory Of Lavender And SageFiction
Ryan, KennedyThis Could Be UsRomance - Skyland #2
Saintcrow, LilithA Flame In The NorthThe first book in a Norse-inspired epic trilogy about ancient myth and magical destiny.
Santorella, TonyBored Gay WerewolfA directionless college-dropout deals with sexuality, minimum-wage jobs, lunar cycles, toxic masculinity and the everyday perils of life as a modern werewolf.
SaynomoreThe Black Diamond Cartel 3Urban Fiction
Sbrana, AnaleighLore Of The WildsA library with a deadly enchantment. A Fae lord who wants in. A human woman willing to risk it all for a taste of power.
Schillace, BrandyThe Framed Women Of Ardemore HouseAn abandoned English manor. A peculiar missing portrait. A cozy, deviously clever murder mystery, perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz.
Scottoline, LisaThe Truth About The DevlinsThriller
Siegel, NatashaThe Phoenix BrideHistorical Romance
Slatter, AngelaThe Briar Book Of The DeadFantasy
Smith, Jill EileenThe Ark And The Dove: The Story Of Noah's WifeChristian Historical
Smith, TianaThe Spy And IAfter a case of mistaken identity, one woman must work with her sister's sexy spy partner to save the world.
Spalding, AmyAt Her ServiceRomance - Out in Hollywood #2
Spence, Ken-KenThe Lane 2Urban Fiction
St Clair, ScarlettA Touch Of ChaosFantasy Romance - Hades X Persephone #7
St. James, SimoneMurder RoadThriller
St. John, YahrahFrenemy Fix-UpFree-spirited yoga guru Shay Davis has only ninety days to get her workaholic former classmate Colin Anderson from work all day to namaste.
Stimpson, MichelleSisters With A Side Of GreensFiction
Stoker, SusanThe HeroRomance - Game of Chance #3
Stovall, MariahI Love You So Much It's Killing Us BothFiction
Styles, T.An Ugly Girl's Diary 3Urban Fiction
Talabi, WoleConvergence ProblemsSpeculative Short Stories
Tauhid, Prince A.Bloodline Of A Savage 2Urban Fiction
Tauhid, Prince A.Relentless GoonUrban Fiction
Tavares, NathanWelcome To ForeverA sweeping, psychedelic romance of two men caught in a looping world of artificial realities, edited memories, secretive cabals and conspiracies to push humanity to the next step in its evolution.
Tchaikovsky, AdrianHouse Of Open WoundsFantasy - Tyrant Philosophers #2
Tintera, AmyListen For The LieWhat would you do if you thought you murdered your best friend? And if everyone else thinks so too? What if the truth doesn't matter?
Tomlinson, SarahThe Last Days Of The Midnight RamblersThree Rock & Roll icons. Two explosive tell-all memoirs. One ghostwriter caught in the middle.
Toshiko Simpson, LeanneNever Been BetterA bipolar woman travels to Turks and Caicos to break up the wedding of her best friends.
Unger, LisaThe New Couple In 5BThriller
Utomi, Moses OseThe Truth Of The AlekeFantasy - Forever Desert #2
Waidner, IsabelCorey Fah Does Social MobilityFiction
Wallace, SarahBreeze Spells And BridegroomsHistorical Fantasy
Walters, MonicaYou Make Me FeelA socialite and a cautious introvert try to make a love connection, but their differences might be more than they can overcome.
Wan, SophieWomen Of Good FortuneA reluctant bride and her two best friends, each with their own motives and fed up with the way society treats women, forge a plan to steal all the gift money on the big day.
Warren, Susan MayOne Last ShotFind. Save. Protect. Meet the heroes of the last frontier.
Weatherspoon, RebekahMeegan: A Holidate For HireRomance - Loose Ends #3
White, Loreth AnneThe Unquiet BonesMystery
Williams, Phillip B.OursAn enigmatic woman named Saint annihilates plantations all over Arkansas in the 1830s and brings those she has freed to a haven of her own creation: a town magically concealed from outsiders named Ours.
Williams, SheilaNo Better TimeA historical novel about the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, the only Black WACs to serve overseas during World War II
WjuanaeLover's IslandLove and loss aren't unfamiliar territory to Nyimah Deveraux.
Yamashita, IrisVillage In The DarkMystery - Cara Kennedy #2
Young, IleandraBlood RageParanormal Romance - Spear Mission Files #3
Yu, Jessica Zhan MeiBut The GirlShortly after flight MAS370 goes missing, scholarship student Girl boards her own mysterious flight from Australia to London to work on a dissertation on Sylvia Plath.
Yuszczuk, MarinaThirstAcross two different time periods, two women confront fear, loneliness, mortality, and a haunting yearning that will not let them rest.
Zahn, TimothyThe Icarus JobScience Fiction - Icarus Saga #3
Zambra, AlejandroMy DocumentsShort Stories
Penny Bloods: Gothic Tales of Dangerous WomenSpeculative Short Stories
January 2024
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Aaronovitch, BenMoon Over SohoParanormal Mystery - Rivers of London #2
Aaronovitch, BenRivers Of LondonParanormal Mystery - Rivers of London #1
Aaronovitch, BenWhispers UndergroundParanormal Mystery - Rivers of London #3
Ackerman, SaraThe Uncharted Flight Of Olivia WestThe story of a female aviator who defies the odds to embark on a daring air race across the Pacific.
Akbar, KavehMartyr!A newly sober, orphaned son of Iranian immigrants, guided by the voices of artists, poets, and kings, embarks on a search that leads him to a terminally ill painter living out her final days in the Brooklyn Museum.
Alderton, DollyGood MaterialA story of heartbreak and friendship and how to survive both.
Atangana Bekono, SimoneConfrontationsFiction
Austin, Emily R.Interesting Facts About SpaceAt the end of the day there's only one person Enid can't outrun--herself.
Austin, Lynn N.All My SecretsChristian Historical
Avery, AmyThe Longest AutumnUnder the right circumstances, would even a god fall?
Axelrod, XioGirls With Bad ReputationsRomance - The Lillys #2
Balogh, MaryAlways RememberHistorical Romance - Ravenswood #3
Barbery, MurielOne Hour Of FervorFiction
Bearup, JillJust Stab Me NowA desperate mother. A dubious escort. And a deranged author who won't leave them alone.
Bennett, Robert JacksonThe Tainted CupAn eccentric detective and her long-suffering assistant untangle a web of magic, deceit, and murder.
Bennett, RonanJaq: A Top Boy StoryCrime
Berry, SteveThe Atlas ManeuverMystery - Cotton Malone #18
Bertino, Marie-HeleneBeautylandA novel about a young woman who doesn't feel at home on this earth.
Blackburn, VenitaDead In Long Beach, CaliforniaA debut novel following one woman's fraying connection to reality.
Blair, MelissaA Vicious GameFantasy - Halfling Saga #3
Bonam-Young, HannahNext Of KinTwo bickering strangers trying to foster their younger siblings team up to create a stable home, but the chemistry between them threatens to undo their plans.
Box, C. J.Three-Inch TeethMystery - Joe Pickett #24
Brennan, AllisonThe Missing WitnessMystery - Quinn & Costa #5
Bunn, T. DavisNo Man's LandUrban Fantasy - Rowan #2
Carpenter, LeaIliumEspionage thriller
Charles, PaulaHammers And HomicideFirst in a new mystery series: when a body is found in a hardware store, will Dawna Carpenter's sleuthing measure up to find the killer?
Chen, MikeA Quantum Love StoryThe only thing harder than finding someone in a time loop is losing them.
Choo, YangszeThe Fox WifeSome people think foxes are similar to ghosts because we go around collecting qi, but nothing could be further than the truth. We are living creatures, just like you, only usually better looking . . .
Chung, BoraYour UtopiaSpeculative Short Stories
Clayborn, KateLuck Of The DrawRomance - Chance of a Lifetime #2
Clipston, AmyThe Heart's ShelterChristian Fiction - Amish Legacy #4
Colanzi Serrate, LilianaYou Glow In The DarkHorror Short Stories
Collins, Sarah-JaneRadiant HeatMystery
Cooke, ChristinaBroughtupsyDebut novel about a young Jamaican woman grappling with grief as she discovers her family, her home, is always just out of reach.
Correa, Armando LucasThe Silence In Her EyesThriller
Crown, ZaireSilent JudgementUrban Fiction
Cunningham, AveryThe Mayor Of Maxwell StreetAn epic love story that explores the American Dream between the monolith of Jim Crow, the inflexible world of the original Black upper class, and the violence of 1920s Chicago.
Dailey, JanetOne In A MillionRomance
Dameron, DéLana R. A.Redwood CourtA debut about one unforgettable Southern Black family and its youngest daughter's coming of age in the 1990s.
Darraj, Susan MuaddiBehind You Is The SeaA debut that gives voice to the diverse residents of a Palestinian American community in Baltimore.
Dickinson, SethExordiaScience Fiction
Donovan, KemperThe Busy BodyA ghostwriter is chosen to collaborate on a presidential candidate's memoir, only to discover just how much trouble a smart woman with time on her hands can get up to . . .
Doom, ErinThe TearsmithRomance
Dovalpage, TeresaLast Seen In HavanaMystery - Havana #4
Eisenberg, ZoeSignificant OthersTwo women test how much weight their friendship can hold.
El-Arifi, SaaraFaeboundTwo elven sisters become imprisoned in the intoxicating world of the fae, where danger and love lie in wait.
Everhart, DonnaWhen The Jessamine GrowsHistorical Fiction
Fein, LouiseThe London Bookshop AffairHistorical Fiction
Ferraro, NicolásMy Favorite ScarThriller
Finn, A. J.End Of Story"I'll be dead in three months. Come tell my story."
Fletcher, JessicaFit For MurderCozy Mystery - Murder, She Wrote #57
Ford, OliviaMrs. Quinn's Rise To FameFiction
Frankel, LaurieFamily Family​"Not all stories of adoption are stories of pain and regret. Not even most of them. Why don't we ever get that movie?"
Fredericks, MariahThe Wharton PlotFollows renowned novelist Edith Wharton in the twilight years of the Gilded Age in New York as she tracks a killer.
French, TanaThe HunterMystery - Cal Hooper #2
Fruchter, TemimCity Of LaughterA debut spanning four generations of Eastern European Jewish women bound by blood, half-hidden secrets, and the fantastical visitation of a shapeshifting stranger over the course of 100 years.
Gautier, AminaThe Best That You Can DoStories primarily told from the perspective of women and children in the Northeast who are tethered to fathers and families in Puerto Rico.
Golden, ChristopherThe House Of Last ResortHorror
Gonzalez Asendorf, AracelisDressing The SaintsShort Stories
Gonzalez James, ElizabethThe Bullet SwallowerA Mexican bandido sets off for Texas to save his family, only to encounter a mysterious figure who has come to collect a cosmic debt generations in the making.
Goodwin, DaisyDivaA story of the scandalous love affair between the most celebrated opera singer of all time and one of the richest men in the world.
Graff, Andrew J.True NorthFiction
Greaney, MarkThe Chaos AgentThriller - Gray Man #13
Green, Amy LynnThe Foxhole Victory TourChristian Historical
Hallett, JaniceThe Mysterious Case Of The Alperton AngelsA true crime journalist revives a long-buried case about a cult--and finds herself too close to the story.
Hardy, MinaLike A MotherThriller
Hastings, AnastasiaOf Hoaxes And HomicideHistorical Mystery - Dear Miss Hermione #2
Hayes, TerryThe Year Of The LocustThriller
Hazelwood, AliBrideA dangerous alliance between a Vampyre bride and an Alpha Werewolf becomes a love deep enough to sink your teeth into.
Helfer, MonikaLibrary For The War-WoundedA daughter's portrait of her WWII veteran father, assembled from shards of memory.
Hemans, DonnaThe House Of Plain TruthAfter living in Brooklyn for more than 30 years, a woman returns to her childhood home in Jamaica.
Holiday, JennyCanadian BoyfriendFate brings together a ballet teacher and a hockey player.
Hollander, JennyEveryone Who Can Forgive Me Is DeadA debut thriller about a woman who is trying to escape the past and the horrific event she witnessed at the prestigious journalism school she attended.
Holm, SvenTermushScience Fiction
Hunt, LairdFloat Up, Sing DownShort Stories
Hunter, StephenFront SightThriller - Earl Swagger
Hunter, TravisA Dark PlaceWhen poor babies wind up missing, no one seems to care.
Hurwitz, GreggLone WolfThriller - Orphan X #9
Janovsky, TimothyThe (Fake) Dating GameReady. Set. Faux.
Johansson, HannaAntiquityFiction
KadyanLost In The WildRomantic Suspense
Kahler, AbbottWhere You EndAn unusual form of amnesia upends the lives of identical twins, forcing them to face the indelible, dangerous shadow of the past.
Kaufman, HeatherUp From Dust: Martha's StoryChristian Historical
Kellen, AliceAll That We Are TogetherRomance - Let it Be #2
Kiefer, JennyThis Wretched ValleyFour climbers hike into the Kentucky wilderness to climb a newly discovered cliff face. But things start going wrong as soon as their expedition begins, suggesting something sinister may be present in the valley with them.
Kingfisher, T.What Feasts At NightHorror - Sworn Soldier #2
Klune, TJHeartsongParanormal Romance - Green Creek #3
Kumar, NainaSay You'll Be MineA teacher with big dreams joins forces with a no-nonsense engineer to survive an ex's wedding and escape matchmaking pressure from their Indian families.
Lemming, KimberlyThat Time I Got Drunk And Yeeted A Love Potion At A WerewolfParanormal Romance - Mead Mishaps #2
Lester, NatashaThe Disappearance Of Astrid BricardIn 1973, fashion icon Astrid Bricard disappeared at the legendary Versailles designer show-down. All that remained was a scrap of fabric...and a family unraveled.
Levy, HeatherHurt For MeRomantic Suspense
Lindström, JonHollywood HustleMystery
Livesey, MargotThe Road From BelhavenA novel about a young woman whose gift of second sight complicates her coming of age in late-nineteenth-century Scotland.
Lovise, LindsayNever Blow A KissHistorical Romance - Secret Society of Governess Spies #1
Mallery, SusanThe Summer Book ClubRomance
Marshall, Kate AliceNo One Can KnowThree sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count.
Matthews, MimiThe Lily Of Ludgate HillHistorical Romance - Belles of London #3
Mayfield, JahmalSmoke KingsThriller
McCaulsky, MarlonI'm Not SuperwomanNia Scott, a gifted pre-med student at Clark Atlanta University, is focused on one goal: becoming a doctor. With her Superwoman mentality, she believes she can do it all. But challenges come along with dreams.
Michaels, AnneHeldFiction
Miller, C. L.The Antique Hunter's Guide To MurderWhat antique would you kill for?
Miller, Derek B.The Curse Of Pietro HoudiniHistorical Fiction
Miller, VanessaThe American QueenThere is only one known queen who truly ruled a kingdom on American soil.
Modesitt, L. E. Jr.From The ForestFantasy - Saga of Recluce #23
Moorman, JenniferThe Magic All AroundSometimes a family treasure hunt unfurls new paths in life.
Moraine, SunnyYour Shadow Half RemainsOne look can kill.
Murphy, MonicaCrave And TornRomance - Billionaire Bachelors Club
Myerson, JulieNonfictionFiction
Nayler, RayThe Tusks Of ExtinctionWhen you bring back a long-extinct species, there's more to success than the DNA.
Nethercott, GennaRoseFifty Beasts To Break Your HeartFantasy Short Stories
Nolan, MeganOrdinary Human FailingsWhen a 10-year-old child is suspected of a violent crime, her family must face the truth about their past.
Ogle, JamieOf Love And TreasonChristian Historical
Orange, TommyWandering StarsTraces the legacies of the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School through three generations of a family.
Ordorica, Andrés N.How We Named The StarsA first-generation Mexican-American college student is altered by love.
Outen, KarenDixon, DescendingA debut novel about ambition, survival, and our responsibility toward one another.
Parekh, NishitaThe Night Of The StormA multigenerational Indian American family is marooned in a house with a murderer during Hurricane Harvey.
Paris, B. A.The GuestThriller
Parker, Sarah A.When The Moon HatchedFantasy Romance
Patterson, JamesCrosshairsMystery - Michael Bennett #16
Pearson, Robin W.Dysfunction JunctionWhen three women receive an unexpected phone call that leaves them reeling, they have no other choice but to reckon with a lifetime of memories they've long tried to bury.
Pelecanos, George P.Owning UpMystery Short Stories
Penrose, AndreaThe Diamond Of LondonA historical novel based on the real life of Lady Hester Stanhope, a British aristocrat born into an illustrious family of swashbuckling war heroes and brilliant political leaders.
Pérez, Elba IrisThe Things We Didn't KnowThis debut explores a young girl's childhood between 1950s Puerto Rico and a small Massachusetts factory town.
Perry, ThomasHeroThriller
Petrie, NicholasThe Price You PayMystery - Peter Ash #8
Pettrey, DaniOne Wrong MoveChristian Suspense - Jeopardy Falls #1
Pham, Andrew X. Twilight TerritoryA sweeping first novel of love, war, and resistance in post-World War II Vietnam.
Pokwatka, AimeeThe ParliamentWhen tens of thousands of angry owls descend on the town library, Madigan Purdy is trapped there with her students, whom she tries desperately to distract.
Pook, LizzieMaude Horton's Glorious RevengeA young woman searches for the truth about her sister, who boarded a ship headed to the frozen Arctic and never returned.
Quindlen, AnnaAfter AnnieFiction
Quinn, CateThe ClinicThriller
Quinn, Kate, and Janie ChangThe Phoenix CrownHistorical Fiction
Read, SaraPrinciples Of (E)MotionFiction
Reilly, Rebecca K.Greta & ValdinFor fans of Schitt's Creek and Sally Rooney's Normal People.
Reynolds, AlastairMachine VendettaScience Fiction - Prefect Dreyfus Emergencies #3
Rice, LuanneLast NightMystery
Ritchie, KristaLong Way DownRomance - Calloway Sisters #4
Robert, KateeMidnight RuinRomance - Dark Olympus #6
Rue, GretchenA Pie To Die ForTit's the end of the tourist season in Split Pine, but a murder at the Lucky Pie Diner stirs up trouble for the sleepy town in this series debut.
RuNyxGothikanaAn unusual girl. An enigmatic man. An ancient castle. What could go wrong?
Ryan, Hank PhillippiOne Wrong WordThriller
Sanderson, BrandonThe Sunlit ManFantasy - Secret Projects #4
Saunders, JessicaLove, MeSome old flames can't be snuffed out, no matter how many years go by.
Scott, KylieThe Last Days Of Lilah GoodluckRomance
Shalvis, JillThe Bright SpotRomance - Sunrise Cove #5
Shawl, NisiKinningScience Fiction - Everfair #2
Sierra, TracyNightwatchingThriller
Silver, ElsieHopelessRomance - Chestnut Springs #5
Snelling, LauraineA Season Of HarvestChristian Fiction - Leah's Garden #4
Steel, DanielleNever Too LateFiction
Stein, CharlotteWhen Grumpy Met SunshineA steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter.
Summers, GeorgiaThe City Of StardustEveryone knows the Everly descendants are cursed: in each generation, a family member with special talents and a golden aura is taken and never seen again.
Sundin, SarahEmbers In The London SkyChristian Historical
Swan, RichardThe Trials Of EmpireFantasy - Empire of the Wolf #3
Tan, Sue LynnTales Of The Celestial KingdomFantasy - Celestial Kingdom #3
Tanamachi, CaraThe TakeoverSometimes, when you ask the universe for your soulmate, you wind up with your hate mate instead.
Tate, AshleyTwenty-Seven MinutesThriller
Tate, ReShondaThe Queen Of Sugar HillA fictional portrait of Hattie McDaniel, one of Hollywood's most prolific but woefully underappreciated stars.
Taylor, BradDead Man's HandThriller - Pike Logan #18
Tremel, JoyceDeadly To The CoreIn this mystery series starter, when Kate Mulligan inherits her great uncle's fruit orchard, she quickly realizes that apples aren't the only thing that can have rotten cores.
Tsamaase, TlotloWomb CityBlends The Handmaid's Tale with Get Out in an adrenaline-packed, cyberpunk body-hopping ghost story exploring motherhood, memory, and a woman's right to her own body.
Vardiashvili, LeoHard By A Great ForestAmid rubble and rebuilding in a former Soviet land, one family must rescue one another and put the past to rest.
Verona, Emily RuthMidnight On Beacon StreetA teenager must overcome her own anxiety to protect the two children she's babysitting when strangers come knocking at the door.
Walsh, JaneThe Secret DuchessHistorical Romance - Spinsters of Inverley #3
Webb, HeatherQueens Of LondonHistorical Fiction
Weber, DavidTo Challenge HeavenScience Fiction - Out of the Dark #3
Wei, OpalWild LifeRomance
Wells, BrandiThe CleanerAn unnamed cleaner cares for an office building and the people who work there in this quiet thriller.
Wibberley, EmilyThe Breakup TourA rising star musician has a second chance at love with an old flame she remembers all too well.
Wijeyeratne, SubodhanaTriangulum : An Epic Of The Nine Worlds Of SuryaScience Fiction
Williams, TiaA Love Song For Ricki WildeA free-spirited florist and an enigmatic musician are irreversibly linked through the history, art, and magic of Harlem.
Wilson, C. L.Lord Of The Fading LandsFantasy Romance
Wray, C. J.The ExcitementsArriving in Paris to receive and award for their part in the liberation of France, the 90-something Williamson sisters use this opportunity to settle scores, avenge lost friends, and pull off one last daring heist before their illustrious careers are over.
Wright, AlexisPraiseworthyFiction
Zapata, MarianaAll Rhodes Lead HereThe people we lose take a part of us with them...but they leave a part of themselves with us too.
Zhao, KylaValley VerifiedWhen a fashion writer dives headfirst into the cutthroat Silicon Valley tech world, her future threatens to unravel.
Easter Basket MurderMystery Anthology
Fourteen Days : A Literary Project Of The Authors Guild Of AmericaEach character in this diverse, eccentric cast of New York neighbors has been secretly written by a different, major literary voice--from Margaret Atwood and Douglas Preston to Tommy Orange and Celeste Ng.
Shook!: A Black Horror AnthologyHorror Short Stories
December 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Ailes, KatThe Expectant DetectivesFirst in a new mystery series following a group of pregnant women who meet at a prenatal class and team up to solve the murder of someone in their village.
Alban, Emma R.Don't Want You Like A Best FriendTwo debutantes distract themselves from having to seek husbands by setting up their widowed parents, and instead find their perfect match in each other.
Allain, SuzanneThe Ladies Rewrite The RulesHistorical Romance
AryannaImma Die Bout MineWhoever said love was pain knew how difficult relationships are, but they left out the part about love being savage. It can make you and destroy you in the same breath. So, beware!
AryannaImma Die Bout Mine 2Urban Fiction
Ascher, AuroraSanctuary Of The ShadowSome follow their destiny. Others fall for it.
AshleyDirty Money: 20th Anniversary EditionUrban Fiction
Atrek, İnciHoliday CountryFiction
Ayatsuji, YukitoThe Mill House MurdersMystery
Beers, GeorgiaPlaying With MatchesRomance
Blake, MatthewAnna OA young woman commits a double murder while sleepwalking, then never opens her eyes again.
Blake, OlivieThe Atlas ComplexFantasy - Atlas #3
Bliss, AnnaBonfire NightHistorical Fiction
Bolden, Martell TroublesomeCartel MoneyUrban Fiction
Brody, KateRabbit HoleA grieving woman becomes obsessed with solving her sister's cold-case disappearance via the true crime fandom.
Brown, AmberPerfect Little LivesOn Asher Lane, some secrets are worth killing for…
Burke, James LeeHarbor Lights : StoriesCrime Short Stories
Burns, Amy JoMercuryFiction
Burton, JaciHousebrokeA millionaire and a woman who thinks he's a house flipper are stuck living in a house together with a menagerie of rescue dogs as roommates.
Campbell, Bonnie JoThe WatersOn an island in Michigan's Great Massasauga Swamp, herbalist Hermine "Herself" Zook tends to 11-year-old granddaughter Dorothy, nicknamed Donkey, who was abandoned by a mother.
Campbell, NanLike They Do In The MoviesCelebrity gossip writer Fran Underhill becomes Chelsea Cartwright's personal assistant with the aim of taking the popular actress down, but neither of them anticipates the clash of their attraction.
Carr, John DicksonThe Problem Of The Wire CageClassic Mystery - Gideon Fell
Carr, RobynThe Friendship ClubFiction
Celeste, B.Lose You To Find MeRomance - Lindon U #3
Chan, VanessaThe Storm We MadeHistorical Fiction
Cleeton, ChanelI See LondonRomance - International School #1
Coble, ColleenFragile DesignsChristian Suspense
Connelly, LucyDeath At A Scottish WeddingCozy Mystery - Scottish Isle #2
Conway, EllyArgylleChronicles Aubrey Argylle's journey from hard-drinking, rough-around-the-edges everyman, living off the grid in the jungles of Thailand, to a debonaire secret agent.
Cox, Mollie AnnThe Lace WidowCould Alexander Hamilton be at the center of a vast murder plot engulfing Old New York? As his widow, Eliza, pieces together the puzzle, she unearths a heartbreaking secret that threatens to tear her family apart.
Dailey, JanetLone Oaks CrossingRomance - New Americana #8
Delany, VickiThe Sign Of Four SpiritsCozy Mystery - Sherlock Holmes Bookshop #9
Douglas, PenelopeHideawayRomantic Suspense - Devil's Night #2
Eason, LynetteDouble TakeLainie Jackson survived her fiancé's murder plot and her attacker is dead--isn't he?
Elston, AshleyFirst Lie WinsEvie Porter has everything a nice, Southern girl could want: a perfect, doting boyfriend, a house with a white picket fence and a garden, a fancy group of friends. The only catch: Evie Porter doesn't exist.
Enrigue, AlvaroYou Dreamed Of EmpiresA colonial revenge story.
Fawcett, HeatherEmily Wilde's Map Of The OtherlandsFantasy - Emily Wilde #2
Force, MarieState Of BlissRomantic Suspense - First Family #6
Foster, LoriThe Fearless OneRomantic Suspense - Osborn Brothers #2
Glass, SeressiaGame OnWhen an unexpected Player Two enters her life, a gamer must decide if their relationship is worth leveling up.
Glenn, RoyA Motive For MurderConvinced that the American partner of an Albanian mafia organization has murdered her friend, Shy enlists the aid of Ryder to maintain the fragile peace while she delves further into her investigation.
Grippando, JamesGoodbye GirlThriller - Jack Swyteck #18
Grumley, Michael C.Deep FreezeThriller
Hall, AramintaOne Of The Good GuysThriller
Hannah, KristinThe WomenHistorical Fiction
Hansen, JosephNightworkMystery - Dave Brandstetter #7
Hansen, JosephThe Little Dog LaughedMystery - Dave Brandstetter #8
Hansen, JosephEarly GravesMystery - Dave Brandstetter #9
Hansen, JosephObedienceMystery - Dave Brandstetter #10
Hansen, JosephThe Boy Who Was Buried This MorningMystery - Dave Brandstetter #11
Hansen, JosephA Country Of Old MenMystery - Dave Brandstetter #12
Hartnett, AnaCoasting And CrashingRomance
Hawkins, RachelThe HeiressGothic Thriller
Holladay, MaelanThe Storm GathersFantasy - Stormfall #1
Howe, Jenny L.On The Plus SideRomance
J-BluntBeautiful Lies And Ugly TruthsUrban Fiction
Jessen, Lauren KungRed String TheoryJust a date . . . or a twist of fate?
Johnson, Candice Y.Every Black Girl DancesFiction
Kantra, VirginiaThe Fairytale Life of Dorothy GaleFiction
KeeseNo Time For ErrorUrban Fiction
Kellerman, JonathanThe Ghost OrchidThriller - Alex Delaware #39
Khan, ShubnumThe Djinn Waits A Hundred YearsA gothic thriller about a ruined mansion by the sea, the djinn that haunts it, and a curious girl who unearths the tragedy that happened there a hundred years previous.
Klassen, JulieA Winter By The SeaChristian Historical - On Devonshire Shores #2
Koontz, Dean R.The Bad Weather FriendScience Fiction
Krentz, Jayne AnnThe Night IslandRomantic Suspense - Lost Night Files #2
Labuskes, BriannaThe Lies You WroteThe double murder of a married couple in a small Washington town draws FBI forensic linguist Raisa Susanto into an investigation that mirrors a decades-old crime in which the perpetrator supposedly took his own life.
Larner, AnnaInvisibleRomance
Lee, RoseyThe Gardins Of EdinWhen the bonds in their family begin to fray, four Black women fight to preserve their legacy, heal their wounds, and move forward together.
Lefteri, ChristyThe Book Of FireThe wildfire that will consume their home, and their lives as they know it, races toward them.
Lemming, KimberlyThat Time I Got Drunk And Saved A DemonSpice trader Cinnamon's quiet life is turned upside down when she ends up on a quest with a fiery demon.
Lescure, Aube ReyRiver East, River WestFiction
Lief, KatiaInvisible WomanMystery
Linden, RachelRecipe For A Charmed LifeAfter a day of unrivaled disappointments, a promising young chef finds every bite of food suddenly tastes bitter. To save her career, she travels to the Pacific Northwest to reconnect with her estranged mom, and discovers a family legacy she never suspected.
Lister, SherylNo ReservationsFour friends, three struggling relationships, and one final wish: find your happiness.
Locke, A. J.Magic Corrupts, Magic ConquersWhat if the world changed overnight...and it was all because of you?
Maas, Sarah J.House Of Flame And ShadowParanormal Romance - Crescent City #3
Marlantes, KarlCold VictoryHistorical Fiction
Marrs, JohnThe VacationThriller
Matar, HishamMy FriendsA novel of friendship, family, and the unthinkable realities of exile.
McCauley, StephenYou Only Call When You're In TroubleIs it ever okay to stop caring for others and start living for yourself?
McCorkle, JillOld CrimesShort Stories
McCulloch, AmyMidnightThriller
McFadden, FreidaThe TeacherThriller
McGuire, SeananMislaid In Parts Half-KnownFantasy - Wayward Children #9
MeeshaA Thug's Street PrincessAfter serving ten years in a Seattle women's detention center for a crime meant for her man, Honey Love is about to return to Chicago with a different mindset than when she went away.
Michaelides, AlexThe FuryThriller
Min, KatherineThe FetishistA grieving daughter's revenge on the man who caused her mother's death sets off a series of unexpected reckonings.
Mohanty, GouravSons Of DarknessA grimdark fantasy reimagining of the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata.
O'Connor, CarleneIrish Milkshake MurderMystery
Parks, AdeleTwo Dead WivesThriller
Parlato, TerriWhat Waits In The WoodsThriller
Patterson, JamesHolmes, Marple & PoeMystery
Patterson, JamesMissing PersonsThriller - Private #16
Payne, FumiyaThe Butterfly Mafia 2Urban Fiction
Pease, AmyNorthwoodsThriller
Plantinga, AdamThe AscentThriller
Pope, M. T.Boys In The ClubLosing themselves in their club personas to escape the pressures of life, four Black gay men and hard-working professionals find their excessive partying leading to bad decisions that could ruin their lives.
Poyer, DavidThe AcademyMilitary - Dan Lenson #22
RadclyffeFire In The SkyRomance
Reid, KileyCome And Get ItA fresh and provocative story about a residential assistant and her messy entanglement with a professor and three unruly students.
Rico, Lauren E.FamiliaA baffling genealogy test connects two young women across cultures and class and sets in motion the events that might unravel a decades-old crime at last.
Riley, LiaMister HockeyRomance - Hellions Hockey #1
Rio, KingSteppers 2Urban Fiction
Robb, J. D.Random In DeathMystery - Eve Dallas #58
Roberts, Tara KarrWild And Distant SeasHistorical Fiction
Robinson, CoreyLove In The Trenches 2Urban Fiction
Robinson, CoreyThug Of Spades 2Urban Fiction
Ruiz, Sarah GrunderLast Call At The LocalOpposites attract when a free-spirited American singer-songwriter with ADHD teams up with a charming Irishman to revitalize his family's pub.
Ryan, AnneliseDeath In The Dark WoodsMystery - Monster Hunter #2
Saintclare, CelineSugar, BabyAn unflinching portrayal of high-paid sex work in the age of the internet.
Santlofer, JonathanThe Lost Van GoghHistorical Fiction
Shemilt, JaneThe Vacation HouseThriller
Shiblī, ʻAdanīyahMinor DetailHistorical Fiction
Siyāmak Haravī

Tali GirlsAn intimate look at the lives, loves, horrors, and dreams of girls and women in an Afghan mountain village under Taliban rule.
Spence, Ken-KenThe LaneUrban Fiction
Stevenson, BenjaminEveryone On This Train Is A SuspectMystery - Ernest Cunningham #2
Swierczynski, DuaneCalifornia BearFour people--teen detective Matilda, her ex-con dad, and a retired cop and his genealogist wife--form an unofficial vigilante committee with the goal of bringing elusive criminals to justice.
Swinson, KikiWifey's Next Twisted FateUrban Fiction - Wifey's Next Hustle #4
Talabi, WoleMothersound: The Sauutiverse AnthologySpeculative Short Stories
Walsh, Jenni L.UnsinkableThe Titanic was only the beginning. What she survived has become legend.
Weaver, BrynneButcher & BlackbirdA viral TikTok friends-to-lovers dark romantic comedy full of murder, chaos, and sizzling chemistry.
Willingham, StacyOnly If You're LuckyThriller
Woolf, MaudThirteen Ways To Kill Lulabelle RockA washed up star creates a clone tasked with eliminating other clones of herself.
Yarros, RebeccaBeyond What Is GivenRomance - Flight & Glory #3
Yarros, RebeccaHallowed GroundRomance - Flight & Glory #4
ZariDouble LifeA successful real estate agent by day and drug queenpin by night, Alexis Fox's worlds collide when her right-hand man is murdered and she must take a more hands-on role in her illicit side hustle.
November 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, Katharine J.Tonight, I BurnFantasy - Thorn Witch #1
Afshar, TessaThe Peasant KingChristian Historical
Alexander, T. J.Second Chances In New Port StephenRomance
Anderson, Justin LeeThe Bitter CrownFantasy - Eidyn Saga #2
Armstrong, JessThe Curse Of Penryth HallWinner of the Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award
Arthur, A. C.Leave It To UsAn inheritance forces three estranged sisters to face past hurts and painful memories.
Auster, PaulBaumgartnerFiction
Awad, AmalCourting SamiraA twenty-seven-year-old Palestinian woman who finds herself in an unexpected love triangle.
Bah, ValerieThe Rage LettersFiction
Baljeet Basra, CelinaHappyThe story of a starry-eyed cinephile who leaves his rural village in Punjab to pursue his dreams.
Beaulieu, Bradley P.The Dragons Of Deepwood FenFirst in a new fantasy series that follows an unlikely pair as they expose the secrets at the heart of the mountain city of Ancris.
Blædel, Sara, and Mads Peder NordboDissolvedMystery
Blakley-Cartwright, SarahAlice Sadie CelineFiction
Bradford, Barbara TaylorThe Wonder Of It AllHistorical Fiction - House of Falconer #3
Bridgewater, BaileyCome Find Me In The Midnight SunIn Alaska, disappearing is the easy part. When two men go missing, state trooper Louisa Linebach must solve the case, and when she thinks she's coming close, she's wrong.
Broadbent, CarissaThe Serpent & The Wings Of NightFor humans and vampires, the rules of survival are the same: never trust, never yield, and always - always - guard your heart.
Brooks, TerrySister Of Starlit SeasFantasy - Viridian Deep #3
Bump, GabrielThe New NaturalsAfter losing her child and seeing the world as an increasingly dangerous place, a young Black woman from Boston decides to construct a separate society at an abandoned restaurant in Western Massachusetts.
Burke, AnnaIn The Roses Of PieriaWhen Clara Eden is offered a job as an archivist working for eccentric estate owner Agatha Montague, she thinks her prayers have been answered.
Butcher, James J.Long Past DuesFantasy - Unorthodox Chronicles #2
Cameron, MarcCommand And ControlThriller - Jack Ryan #23
Cantor, JillianThe Fiction WriterA writer hired by a handsome billionaire to write about his family history with Daphne du Maurier finds herself drawn into a tangled web of obsession, marital secrets, and stolen manuscripts.
Cate, SaraMercyRomance - Salacious Players' Club #4
Christensen, KateWelcome Home, StrangerCan you ever truly go home again?
ChunichiA Gangster's Girl: 20th Year Anniversary EditionUrban Fiction
Clark, TracyFallMystery - Harriet Foster #2
Clinch, JonThe General And JuliaUlysses S. Grant reflects on the crucial moments of his life as a husband, a father, a general, and a president while writing his memoirs and reckoning with his complicated legacy.
Clipston, AmyStarstruckRomance
Cole, CourtneyA Wish For ChristmasHoliday Romance
Connally, CelesteAct Like A Lady, Think Like A LordBridgerton meets Agatha Christie in this first entry in a new Regency-era mystery series.
Cook, RobinManner Of DeathThriller - Stapleton/Montgomery #14
Cooper, HelenThe Couple In The PhotoThriller
Cooper, TeaThe Butterfly CollectorWhat connects a botanical illustration of a butterfly with a missing baby and an enigma fifty years in the making?
Cornwell, BernardUhtred's Feast : Inside The World Of The Last KingdomHistorical Short Stories
Cousens, SophieThe Good PartIs living the life you've wished for really a dream come true?
Coyle, CleoBulletproof BaristaCozy Mystery - Coffeehouse #20
Cunningham, MichaelDayFiction
Danan, RosieDo Your WorstSparks fly when an occult expert and a disgraced archeologist become rivals with benefits.
Daniels, DevonThe Rom ConRomance
Denny, EmmaOne Night In HartswoodWhen his sister's betrothed vanishes the night before her politically arranged marriage, Raff Barden must track and return the elusive groom to restore his family's honour.
Deutermann, P. T.Iwo, 26 CharlieHistorical Fiction - WWII #10
Dolan, NaoiseThe Happy CoupleA novel about a couple heading toward their wedding, and the three friends who may draw them apart.
Douglas, PenelopeFalling AwayRomance - Fall Away #4
Douglas, PenelopeCorruptRomantic Suspense - Devil's Night #1
Douglas, PenelopePunk 57Romance
Ductan, MonicDaughters Of Muscadine: StoriesFiction
Dunmore, EvieThe Gentleman's GambitHistorical Romance - League of Extraordinary Women #4
Edwards, Emily J.Viviana Valentine And The Ticking ClockHistorical Mystery - Girl Friday #3
Ekpeki, Oghenechovwe DonaldThe Year's Best African Speculative FictionSpeculative Anthology
Emanuel, JakeThe Edge Of SleepWhat if the whole world fell asleep...and didn't wake up again?
Emelụmadụ, ChịkọdịlịDazzlingFiction
Evison, JonathanAgain And AgainFiction
Fair, Ronald L.Many Thousand Gone: An American FableReprint of a 1965 classic.
Falero, JoséPedro And Marques Take StockA modern picaresque novel and vivid satire on social mobility where the lives of two Brazilian supermarket stock clerks are upturned after their small-time marijuana business takes off.
Faulkner, KatherineThe Other MothersThriller
Fay, ConstanceCalamityThe captain of a ragtag mercenary ship is given an offer she can't refuse by the ruthless head of an intergalactic noble family. The only catch? She'll have to team up with his son--an upsettingly competent hardbody with his own agenda--to get her reward.
Feeney, ElaineHow To Build A BoatFiction
Ferguson, LanaThe Fake MateParanormal Romance
Flower, AmandaI Heard A Fly Buzz When I DiedHistorical Mystery - Emily Dickinson #2
Frear, CazFive Bad DeedsThriller
Gardel, StênioThe Words That RemainNational Book Award winner.
Gilbert, VictoriaMurder Checks OutCozy Mystery - Blue Ridge Library #8
Gould, LeslieThis Passing HourChristian Fiction - Amish Memories #2
Gray, Shelley ShepardHer Secret HopeChristian Fiction - Season in Pinecraft #3
Greer, HelenaFor Never & AlwaysOne surprise inheritance, two best friends (now bitter exes), and three months to prove he loves her, forever and always.
Grey, EmmaThe Last Love NoteYou may never stop loving the one you lost. But you can still find love again.
Griffin, LauraThe Last Close CallA talented genetic analyst teams up with a detective who's haunted by an elusive cold case.
Grodstein, LaurenWe Must Not Think Of OurselvesHistorical Fiction
Hanks, DianeThe Woman With A Purple HeartBased on the real life of Lieutenant Annie Fox, Chief Nurse of Hickam Hospital.
Harper, ElodieThe Temple Of FortunaHistorical Fiction - Wolf Den #3
Harvey, SamanthaOrbitalSnapshots one day in the lives of six women and men hurtling through space--not towards the moon or the vast unknown, but around our planet.
Hawley, SarahA Demon's Guide To Wooing A WitchCalladia Cunnington curses the day she met Astaroth the demon, but when he shows up memoryless, why does she find him so helpless . . . and sort of hot?
Hedlund, JodyCalling On The MatchmakerWhen a St. Louis Irish matchmaker pairs a shy young woman who spends her time caring for immigrants with a wealthy, flirtatious man whose father wants him to settle down, they can't imagine a more opposite pairing.
Henry, ChristinaGood Girls Don't DieThriller
Higashino, KeigoThe Final CurtainMystery - Kyoichiro Kaga #4
House, AlexandriaGoalRomance
Howe, KatherineA True Account : Hannah Masury's Sojourn Amongst The Pyrates, Written By HerselfA daring first-hand account of one young woman's unbelievable adventure as one of the most terrifying sea rovers of all time.
Irvin, KellyThe Year Of Goodbyes And HellosTwo sisters seek a new balance in work, family, and love when one receives a diagnosis that sets the clock ticking.
Jefferies, DinahNight Train To MarrakechHistorical Fiction - Daughters of War #3
Jennings, James W.Wings Of RedFiction
Jha, SonoraThe LaughterA white male college professor develops a dangerous obsession with his new Pakistani colleague.
Jin, HaThe Woman Back From Moscow: In Pursuit Of BeautyHistorical Fiction
Johansen, ErikaThe Kingdom Of SweetsThis reimagining of The Nutcracker tells the tale of twin sisters, divided by envy and magic, set against each another one fateful Christmas Eve.
Johnson, Chantal V.Post-TraumaticA young lawyer finally confronts her dark past so she can live in a more peaceful future.
Kane, DarbyThe Engagement PartyThriller
Kawabata, YasunariThe RainbowA 1955 classic translated into English for the first time.
Kawaguchi, ToshikazuBefore We Say GoodbyeFiction - Before the Coffee Gets Cold #4
Kayode, FemiGaslightMystery - Philip Taiwo #2
Keegan, ClaireSo Late In The DayShort Stories
Kellen, AliceAll That We Never WereHe'll do anything to bring the light back into her eyes.
Kennedy, LouiseThe End Of The World Is A Cul De SacShort Stories
Kingsbury, KarenJust OnceChristian Historical
Korn, GabrielleYours For The TakingDystopian Science Fiction
La Rosa, ErinPlot TwistRomance - Hollywood #2
Lackey, MercedesAnything With NothingFantasy - Valdemar Anthology
Lawhon, ArielThe Frozen RiverA historical mystery based on the real-life diary entries of Martha Ballard, an 18th-century midwife who found herself at the center of a murder trial.
Lemmie, AshaThe Wildest SunA determined young woman searches for the larger-than-life literary figure she believes to be her father.
Lindsay, Jeffry P.The Fourth RuleMystery - Riley Wolfe #4
Lispector, ClariceThe Apple In The DarkClassic Fiction
Littles, T. C.The Laws Of LoyaltyIntrigued by danger, attracted to the thrill, and feenin' for life in the fast lane, Morgan gives up everything she's ever known to go on the ride of her life with Javon.
Lloyd-Barlow, ViktoriaAll The Little Bird-HeartsI lived for and loved a bird-heart that summer; I only knew it afterwards.
Lynch, PaulProphet SongWinner of 2023 Booker Prize.
Mann, GeorgeThe Eye Of DarknessScience Fiction - Star Wars: The High Republic
Marcus, DanielleJack GirlzBest friends Sophie, Diamond, and Angel find themselves with their backs against the wall and owing an extremely dangerous man.
Martin, AlexaNext-Door NemesisTwo rival candidates for a homeowner's association presidency are about to find out how dirty suburbanites fight in this romantic comedy.
McDermid, ValPast LyingMystery - Karen Pirie #7
McFadden, FreidaNever LieSometimes the truth kills...
McMillan, ClaireAlchemy Of A BlackbirdBased on the true story of the 20th-century painters and tarot devotees Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington.
Meadows, FozAll The Hidden PathsFantasy - Tithenai Chronicles #2
Mitchard, JacquelynA Very Inconvenient ScandalFiction
Monroe, MaryLost DaughtersFiction - Mama Ruby #3
Mulford, A. K.A River Of Golden BonesA sleeping curse. A fallen court. A secret twin.
Nossett, LaurenThe ProfessorFor fans of Tana French, The Professor investigates the darkest corners of academic life: ambition, lies, and obsession.
Novak, BrendaThe Talk Of Coyote CanyonRomance - Coyote Canyon #2
Noyes, E. J.IntegrityRomantic Suspense - Division #1
Noyes, E. J.LeverageRomantic Suspense - Division #2
Nunez, SigridThe VulnerablesSet against the early days of New York City's Covid lockdowns, a woman finds unlikely--and uneasy--companionship in a troubled college student and his parents' friends' parrot.
Okorafor, NnediLike ThunderScience Fiction - Desert Magician #2
Okungbowa, Suyi DaviesWarrior Of The WindFantasy - Nameless Republic #2
Park, EdSame Bed Different DreamsA novel that imagines an alternate secret history of Korea and the traces it leaves on the present.
Peterson, TracieKnowing YouChristian Historical - Pictures of the Heart #3
Pitoniak, AnnaThe Helsinki AffairThriller
Platt, Christine A.Rebecca, Not BeckyTwo upper-class stay-at-home mothers--one white, one Black--live in a 'perfect' suburb in this novel that explores motherhood, friendship, and the true meaning of sisterhood amidst the backdrop of America's all-too-familiar racial reckoning.
Qian, CleoLet's Go Let's Go Let's GoShort Stories
Rath, EmilyPucking AroundRomance - Jacksonville Rays #1
Ridley, EricaDefying The EarlHistorical Romance
Rivero, MelissaFlores And Miss PaulaA novel about a Peruvian immigrant mother and a millennial daughter who have one final chance to find common ground.
Robb, KateThis Spells LoveParanormal Romance
Rocha, KitConsort Of FireWhile fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Sachielle is sent to be the mortal consort of an ancient dragon god, but she and her handmaid, who is a trained assassin, plot to murder the dragon and break the curse.
Rozan, S. J.The Mayors Of New YorkMystery - Lydia Chin/Bill Smith #15
Sagara, MichelleShards Of GlassFantasy
Schulman, HelenLucky DogsFiction
Segura, JoRaiders Of The Lost HeartRival archaeologists must team up on a secret Aztec expedition, or it could leave their careers--and hearts--in ruins.
Shelton, PaigeLost HoursMystery - Alaska Wild #5
Sheridan, MiaArcher's VoiceAn emotional, slow burn romance about a woman desperate to hide and the man who sees through her walls, for fans of Colleen Hoover and Lucy Score.
Silver, ElsieRecklessRomance - Chestnut Springs #4
Singh, NaliniThere Should Have Been EightSeven friends. One sprawling mansion half in ruins. One last long weekend together. No more lies. Someone is going to confess. Because there should've been eight.
Snelling, LauraineFields Of BountyChristian Historical - Leah's Garden #3
Soloski, AlexisHere In The DarkA young theater critic is drawn into a dangerous game that blurs the lines between reality and performance.
Spark, Anna SmithA Woman Of The SwordAn epic fantasy seen through the eyes of an ordinary woman.
Spark, Anna SmithA Sword Of Bronze And AshesFantasy
Spotswood, StephenMurder Crossed Her MindHistorical Mystery - Pentecost and Parker #4
Steel, DanielleUpside DownFiction
Stoker, SusanDeserving ReeseRomance - Refuge #3
Stoker, SusanDeserving CoraRomance - Refuge #4
Thompson, VictoriaCity Of BetrayalHistorical Mystery - Counterfeit Lady #7
Toon, PaigeFive Years From NowBest friends. First kiss. First love. Five years from now, what will they be?
Traunfeld, SamanthaThe LegionnaireFantasy
Turano, JenTo Spark A MatchChristian Historical - Matchmakers #2
Upson, NicolaShot With CrimsonHistorical Mystery - Josephine Tey #11
Urbanski, DebbieAfter WorldThe story of the last human--and of the AI writing her life story.
Urszenyi, StevePerfect ShotA former Army sniper must fall back on her Special Ops skills when a friend's death uncovers a global nuclear threat.
Vali, AliRivals For LoveRomance
Vassell, CharlotteThe Other HalfRupert's 30th birthday party is a black-tie dinner at the Kentish Town McDonald's--catered with cocaine and expensive champagne. The morning after, his girlfriend Clemmie is found murdered on Hampstead Heath, a single stiletto heel jutting from under a bush.
Vaz, KatherineAbove The SaltA love story that follows two Portuguese refugees who flee religious violence and reignite their budding romance in Civil-War America.
Wiesner, MelissaThe Second Chance YearRomance
Wilkes, AllyWhere The Dead WaitHistorical Thriller
Williams, DeniseTechnically YoursEight years ago, he fell in love with a stranger he couldn't have--today, she's back in his life and the sparks between them threaten to set her career on fire.
Yardley, CathyRole PlayingAn romantic comedy about two middle-aged gamers who grow their online connection into an IRL love story.
Yarros, RebeccaFull MeasuresRomance - Flight & Glory #1
Yarros, RebeccaEyes Turned SkywardRomance - Flight & Glory #2
Zahn, TimothyThe Icarus TwinScience Fiction - Icarus #2
The Penguin Book Of Murder MysteriesCrime Anthology
October 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abdoh, SalarA Nearby Country Called LoveA novel about the families we are born into and the families we make for ourselves, in which a man struggles to find his place in an Iran on the brink of combusting.
Akinmade-Akerström, LolaEverything Is Not EnoughCan a career woman truly have it all?
Albert, Susan WittigSomeone Always NearbyHistorical Fiction
Albom, MitchThe Little LiarHistorical Fiction
Alderman, NaomiThe FutureA handful of friends plan a daring heist to save the world from the tech giants whose greed threatens life as we know it.
Alers, RochelleTake The Long Way HomeOne woman's remarkable journey through some of history's most turbulent eras--and the four men who impact her life along the way.
Andrews, DonnaLet It Crow! Let It Crow! Let It Crow!Cozy Mystery - Meg Langslow #34
Angoe, YasminIt Ends With KnightThriller - Nena Knight #3
Arikawa, HiroThe Goodbye Cat: Seven Cat StoriesIn this follow-up to The Travelling Cat Chronicles, seven cats weave their way through their owners' lives, climbing, comforting, nestling, and sometimes just tripping everyone up.
Armentrout, Jennifer L.A Fire In The FleshParanormal Romance - Flesh and Fire #3
Armitage, RichardGenevaThriller
Arsén, IsaShoot The MoonHow far would you travel for love?
AryannaTil Death 3Urban Fiction
Asher, LaurenLove RedesignedThree entrepreneurial brothers who can't buy love.
Ashley, KristenToo Good To Be TrueRomantic Suspense
Baird, GinnyThe Holiday Mix-UpA diner waitress agrees to be her patron's fake date...only for him to land in a coma and her to be stuck playing his sweetheart with his family all week long.
Baker, A. DeborahUnder The Smokestrewn SkyFantasy - Up-and-Under #4
Baker, LaceySnow Place Like HomeRomance
Baldacci, DavidThe EdgeMystery - 6:20 Man #2
Baldree, TravisBookshops & BonedustWhen an injury throws a young, battle-hungry orc off her chosen path, she may find that what we need isn't always what we seek.
Barratt, AmandaThe Warsaw SistersHistorical Fiction
Barron, StephanieJane And The Final MysteryHistorical Mysteries - Jane Austen #15
Biller, AnnaBluebeard's CastleBluebeard gets a feminist Gothic makeover.
Blakemore, A. K.The GluttonHistorical Fiction
Bowen, RhysThe Proof Of The PuddingHistorical Mystery - Royal Spyness #17
Brinkley, JamelWitnessShort Stories
Britain, KristenSpirit Of The WoodFantasy - Green Rider #8
Brown, KarmaWhat Wild Women DoTwo women's lives unexpectedly intertwine in this dual timeline novel.
Brown, Rita MaeLost & HoundCozy Mystery - Jane Arnold #15
Bryn, D. N.How To Sell Your Blood And Fall In LoveParanormal Romance - Guides for Dating Vampires #2
Butcher, JimThe Olympian AffairFantasy - Cinder Spires #2
Callender, KacenStars In Your EyesThe story of two grumpy/sunshine, fake-dating actors navigating their love story both on and offscreen.
Caña, NatalieA Dish Best Served HotRomance - Vega Family #2
Carlisle, KateThe Twelve Books Of ChristmasCozy Mystery - Bibliophile #17
Carr, CharleneHold My GirlTwo women. Two eggs. One life-altering mistake.
Carriger, GailDivinity 36A warm and unique science fiction novel about the power of art, celebrity, and found family.
Carriger, GailDemigod 12Science Fiction - Tinkered Starsong #2
Carriger, GailDome 6Science Fiction - Tinkered Starsong #3
Cassidy, NatNestlingsHorror
Cate, SaraGive Me MoreRomance - Salacious Players' Club #3
Chang, K-MingOrgan MeatsTwo friends are bound by a red string, dog bloodlines, and the violence that is being a girl.
Chante, TequillaSatin & StoneA chance encounter in Forte Green, Brooklyn seemingly sets off a chain of events that lead to the resurfacing of unaddressed trauma, long withheld secrets, and desires for vengeance.
Chao, A. Y.Shanghai ImmortalHalf vampire. Half fox-spirit. All trouble.
Chizmar, RichardBecoming The BoogeymanHorror - Boogeyman #2
Chu, WesleyThe Art Of DestinyFantasy - War Arts Saga #2
Claire, AnnLast Word To The WiseCozy Mystery - Christie Bookshop #2
Cole, BrianaIn Their ShadowsRaised to be the ultimate scam artist, April has been many women to many people.
Cole, TejuTremorWhat constitutes a meaningful life in a violent world?
Colgan, JennyMidnight At The Christmas BookshopRomance - Christmas Bookshop #2
Connealy, MaryMarshaling Her HeartChristian Historical - Wyoming Sunrise #3
Cornwell, Patricia DanielsUnnatural DeathMystery - Kay Scarpetta #27
Cussler, DirkThe Corsican ShadowAdventure - Dirk Pitt #27
Dawson, Delilah S.BloomHorror
Day, SylviaToo FarRomantic Suspense - Blacklist #2
Deaver, JefferyThe Watchmaker's HandMystery - Lincoln Rhyme #16
Djanikian, ArielThe ProspectorsHistorical Fiction
Due, TananariveThe ReformatoryA novel set in Jim Crow Florida that follows Robert Stephens Jr. as he's sent to a segregated reform school that is a chamber of terrors.
Dumas, LukeThe PaleontologistA haunted paleontologist returns to the museum where his sister was abducted years earlier and is faced with a terrifying and murderous spirit.
Epstein, AllisonLet The Dead Bury The DeadHistorical Fiction
Fadipe, KehindeThe Sun Sets In SingaporeBasking in Singapore's nonstop sunshine, Dara, Amaka, and Lillian are living the glamorous expat dream--until a mysterious and handsome new arrival infiltrates their tight-knit community and ruins everything.
Farmer, KellyIt's A Fabulous LifeHoliday Romance
Firkins, JacquelineThe Predictable Heartbreaks Of Imogen FinchRomance
Fosse, JonA ShiningA walk in the forest leads to an inexplicable supernatural experience.
Freeman, Elijah R.Murda Was The Case 3Urban Fiction
Freeman, Kimi'Tis The Damn SeasonA Hollywood starlet caught in a scandal. The boy she never got over. A Christmas season they'll never forget...
Freethy, SarahThe Porcelain MakerTwo lovers caught at the crossroads of history. A daughter's search for the truth.
Gauz'Standing HeavyAll over the city, they are watching: Black men paid to stand guard, invisible amongst the rich white fâlneurs--and yet the only ones who truly see.
Gillig, RachelTwo Twisted CrownsFantasy Romance - Shepherd King #2
Gilmore, ClareLove InterestRomance
Glenn, RoyIs It A Crime: 20th Anniversary EditionUrban Fiction
Goddard, ElizabethCold Light Of DayPolice Chief Autumn Long is fighting to keep her job when an unexpected wave of violent crime sweeps through her small Alaskan town.
Goddard, ElizabethShadows At DuskRomantic Suspense - Missing in Alaska #2
Goldberg, LeeCalicoThriller
Golden, KateA Dawn Of OnyxFantasy Romance - Sacred Stones #1
Grace, HannahIcebreakerSparks fly when a competitive figure skater and hockey team captain are forced to share a rink.
Gray, Erick S.GunOmar will soon take advantage of his right to bear arms--even though it might cost him his soul.
Gray, Shelley ShepardHer Secret HopeChristian Fiction - Season in Pinecraft #3
Greenberg, Alison RoseMaybe Once, Maybe TwiceRomance
Greenwood, KerryMurder In WilliamstownHistorical Mystery - Miss Fisher #22
Guel, M. B.They Ain't ProperWhen the past comes back to haunt the Lou and Florence, the fight for their independence--and their love--may become more deadly than either of them ever expected.
Haddon, SethRebornFantasy Romance
Hall, Alexis J.10 Things That Never HappenedFake amnesia. Real feelings? Real problems.
Hannah, SophieHercule Poirot's Silent NightMystery - Hercule Poirot #5
Hannon, IreneInto The FireInstinct only takes you so far. After that, you need proof.
Heath, VirginiaNever Wager With A WallflowerHistorical Romance - Merriwell Sisters #3
Helprin, MarkThe Oceans and the StarsFiction
Hernandez, TreasureGirls From Da Hood 15Urban Fiction
Herod, SheenaFinding DestinyUrban Fiction
Hogarth, AinslieNormal WomenA new mother becomes embroiled in danger when her friend, a controversial entrepreneur, goes missing.
Huang, AnaKing Of GreedRomance - Kings of Sin #3
Hughes, LorenaThe Queen Of The ValleyAgainst the backdrop of 1925 Columbia, this story plunges three strangers - a photographer, a young Spanish chocolatier in disguise, and a Palestinian-Colombian nun - into a perilous search for the missing owner of a coveted hacienda amidst an emerging cholera epidemic.
Hunter, LindsayHot Springs DriveJackie Newsome's best friend is dead, and everyone knows who killed her.
Isaka, KōtarōThe MantisKabuto is a highly skilled assassin eager to escape his dangerous profession and the hold his handler, the sinister Doctor, has over him.
J, TallahMama, I'm In Love With A Thug: A Hood Love StoryA Harlem Kingpin meets a struggling, single mother. Hood love is in the air.
Jacka, BenedictAn Inheritance Of MagicThe super-rich control everything--including magic.
Jackson-Brown, AngelaHomewardThe country is changing, and her own world is being turned upside down. Nothing--and no one--will ever be the same.
Jacobs, BethanyThese Burning StarsA dangerous cat-and-mouse quest for revenge. An empire that spans star systems, built on the bones of a genocide. A carefully hidden secret that could collapse worlds, hunted by three women with secrets of their own.
James, SarahLast Night At The Hollywood CanteenWhen despised film critic Fiona Farris is found dead in the Canteen kitchen, murder mystery playwright Annie realizes any one of the Canteen's luminous volunteers could be guilty of the crime.
Jenkins, BeverlyA Christmas To RememberRomance - Blessings #11
Johnson, KijThe Privilege Of The Happy Ending: Small, Medium, And Large StoriesSpeculative Short Stories
Johnston, TimDistant SonsThe actions of two young working men with secrets ignite the passions and violence of a small Wisconsin town still haunted by the unsolved disappearance of three boys in the 1970s.
Jones, Stephen MackDeus XMystery - August Snow #4
Kadrey, RichardThe Pale House DevilFord and Neuland are paranormal mercenaries--one living, one undead; one of them kills the undead, the other kills the living.
Karrington, KaylhaThe Side Effects Of Loving YouUrban Fiction
Kelly, SimoneJourney's RevengeUrban Fiction - #1544 #2
Kennedy, ElleThe Graham EffectRomance
Khan, Ausma ZehanatBlood BetrayalMystery - Blackwater Falls #2
Khaw, Cassandra, and Richard KadreyThe Dead Take The A TrainHorror - Carrion City #1
Kim, Nancy JooyounWhat We Kept To OurselvesA novel about a family's search for answers following the disappearance of their mother.
Klavan, AndrewThe House Of Love And DeathMystery - Cameron Winter #3
Koh, EJThe LiberatorsSpanning two continents and four generations, this debut novel captures two Korean families forever changed by fateful decisions made in love and war.
Labatut, BenjamínThe ManiacHistorical Fiction
Lafferty, MurChaos TerminalScience Fiction - Midsolar Murders #2
Lark, SophieThere Are No SaintsShe knows he's no saint, but she has no idea she's dancing with the devil.
Ledwidge, MichaelThe Girl In The VaultThriller
Liese, ChloeBetter Hate Than NeverRomance - Wilmot Sisters #2
Lillie, VanessaBlood SistersA Cherokee archeologist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs is summoned to rural Oklahoma to investigate the disappearance of two of them her sister.
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's Broken TrustMystery - Spenser #50
Macmillan, GillyThe Manor HouseHaving won the lottery, childhood sweethearts Nicole and Tom live luxuriously in a custom-built Glass Barn on the grounds of a Gloucestershire Manor House, and all's well until Tom is found floating dead in the pool.
Maguire, GregoryThe Witch Of MaracoorFantasy - Another Day #3
Margolin, PhillipBetrayalMystery - Robin Lockwood #7
Marmery, NikkiLilithRetelling
Marske, FreyaA Power UnboundHistorical Fantasy - Last Binding #3
Martin, CharlesThe Last ExchangeHow far would you go---really---to save someone you love?
McCall Smith, AlexanderFrom A Far And Lovely CountryMystery - No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #24
McDermott, AliceAbsolutionHistorical Fiction
McDonald, EdTraitor Of RedwinterFantasy - Redwinter Chronicles #2
McDorman, DannWest Heart KillA murder mystery set at a remote hunting lodge where everyone is a suspect, including the erratic detective on the scene.
McGuire, SeananThe Innocent SleepUrban Fantasy - October Daye #18
McKenna, ClaraMurder On Mistletoe LaneHistorical Mystery - Stella and Lyndy #5
Miller, Linda LaelChristmas In Painted Pony CreekRomance - Painted Pony Creek #4
Millet, RebekahJulia Monroe Begins AgainChristian Romance
Milligan, A. RoyWomen Lie Men Lie 4Urban Fiction
Moreau, KhaliaThe Princess Of Thornwood DriveTwo sisters are trapped on opposite sides of reality.
Morrissey, HannahWhen I'm DeadThriller - Black Harbor #3
Mukerji, RituMurder By DegreesFor fans of Jacqueline Winspear and Charles Todd: a historical mystery set in 19th-century Philadelphia, following a pioneering woman doctor as she investigates the disappearance of a young patient who is presumed dead.
Munier, PaulaHome At NightMystery - Mercy Carr #5
Murphy, Emily BainEnchanted HillHistorical Mystery
Murphy, Julie, and Sierra SimoneA Holly Jolly Ever AfterAn actress and a perpetually single former boy-band member are reunited as costars on a steamy holiday film.
Nascosta, C. M.How To Marry A Marble MarquisParanormal Romance
Norris, KelseyHouse Gone Quiet: StoriesA debut story collection about the bonds and bounds of community and what it means to call a place home.
Noyes, EmmaGuy's GirlGinny isn't sure which came first-the bad habit or the boy.
O'Brien, TimAmerica FantasticaFiction
Ojeda, MonicaNefandoA techno-horror portrait of the fears and desires of six young artists whose lives are upended by a controversial video game.
Mitchell, CarolWhat Start Bad A Mornin'Amaya Lin has few memories of the years before she turned eighteen. Now in her forties, she has compensated by carefully cultivating a satisfying life as a wife, mother, and business professional.
Palmer, DianaWyoming ProudRomance - Wyoming Men #12
Partee, S. L.Plan B Drama & Baby Mama'sUrban Fiction
Patterson, JamesAlex Cross Must DieThriller - Alex Cross #30
Peers, LisaLove At 350 DegreesFood is their love language, but can they follow a recipe for romance?
Perry, AnneA Christmas VanishingHistorical Mystery - Christmas #21
Peters, AmandaThe Berry PickersA four-year-old girl goes missing from the blueberry fields of Maine, sparking a tragic mystery that will remain unsolved for nearly fifty years.
Phillips, GaryThe Unvarnished Gary Phillips: A Mondo Pulp CollectionSpeculative Short Stories
Piper, HaileyA Light Most HatefulA runaway working a dead-end job in Pennsylvania must fight to return home when an intense, otherworldly summer storm arrives bringing a mind-bending monster that enslaves the residents.
Player, DelmontThe Birth Of A Gangster 4Urban Fiction
Porter, MichelleA Grandmother Begins The StoryThe story of the unrivaled desire for healing and the power of familial bonds across five generations of Métis women and the land and bison that surround them.
Pratchett, TerryA Stroke Of The Pen: The Lost StoriesSpeculative Short Stories
Prose, NitaThe Mystery GuestMystery - Molly the Maid #2
Pung, AliceOne Hundred DaysFiction
Quinn, SpencerUp On The Woof TopCozy Mystery - Chet and Bernie #14
Rader-Day, LoriThe Death Of UsThriller
Rather, LinaA Season Of Monstrous ConceptionsHistorical Fantasy
Rebelein, SamEdenvilleHorror
Reyes, Raquel V.Barbacoa, Bomba, And BetrayalCozy Mystery - Caribbean Kitchen #3
Ridley, EricaTaming the RakeHistorical Romance - Lords in Love #1
Riley, VanessaMurder In Drury LaneHistorical Mystery - Lady Worthing #2
Rio, KingSuper Gremlin 3Urban Fiction
Robert, KateeHunt On Dark WatersA stern captain meets his witchy match in this first fantasy romance novel in the Crimson Sails series.
Roberts, NoraInheritanceParanormal Romance - Lost Bride #1
Robinson, CoreyThug Of SpadesDaymion Myers has been locked up for seventeen long years. When he is finally set free, the only thing on his mind is finding his son.
Rosen, AliRecipe For Second ChancesRomance
Rosen, Lev ACThe Bell In The FogHistorical Mystery - Evander Mills #2
Rosenfelt, David'Twas The Bite Before ChristmasCozy Mystery - Andy Carpenter #28
Rothfuss, PatrickThe Narrow Road Between DesiresFantasy - Kingkiller Chronicle
Rumfitt, AlisonBrainwyrmsHorror
Ryan, KennedyHook ShotRomance - Hoops #3
Sage, LylaDone And DustedShe's off-limits, but he's never been good at following the rules.
Salam, AnbaraHazardous SpiritsIn 1920s Edinburgh, Scotland, Evelyn Hazard is a young, middle-class housewife living the life she's always expected--until her husband, Robert, upends everything with a startling announcement: he can communicate with the dead.
Salazar, NoelleThe Roaring Days Of Zora LilyThe discovery of a hidden label on a famous gown unearths the story of a talented young seamstress.
Samuels, TaliaThe Christmas SwapA woman fake dates her friend...only to fall for his sister.
Sanders, ShannonCompany: StoriesFollow the Collins family through a series of stories in which they meet, bicker, compete, celebrate, worry, keep and reveal secrets, build lives and careers, and endure with different guests in each story.
Sheridan, MiaAll The Little RaindropsRomantic Suspense
Shipman, ViolaThe Wishing BridgeHoliday Romance
Silver, ElsiePowerlessRomance - Chestnut Springs #3
Simone, SierraSalt KissRomance - Lyonesse #1
Skye, AriesLove On The Ninth FloorTrending on TikTok takes on an entirely new meaning when the 'for you' becomes a viral love story in the making.
Smith, Wilbur A.TestamentHistorical Fiction - Ancient Egypt #9
Snowe, JaquelineSnowed In For ChristmasHoliday Romance
Sobh, AlawiyaThis Thing Called LoveFiction
Starling, CaitlinLast To Leave The RoomThe city of San Siroco is sinking. The basement of Dr. Tamsin Rivers, the arrogant, selfish head of the research team assigned to find the source of the subsidence, is sinking faster.
Steel, DanielleThe Ball At VersaillesHistorical Fiction
Stoker, SusanThe RoyalRomance - Game of Chance #2
Swanson, PeterThe Christmas GuestAn American art student in London is invited to join a classmate for the holidays at Starvewood Hall, her family's Cotswold manor house.
Sweren-Becker, DanielKill ShowThriller
Tan, Twan EngThe House Of DoorsHistorical Fiction
Taylor, ClementineSomething About HerFiction
Taylor, JodiThe Good, The Bad And The HistoryScience Fiction - Chronicles of St. Mary's #14
Thayne, RaeAnneChristmas At The Shelter InnHoliday Romance
Thirlwell, AdamThe Future FutureFiction
Thorne, RebeccaThis Gilded AbyssA soldier is forced to guard her ex-girlfriend, a cunning princess, on a trip to an undersea city. But their relationship complicates when passengers aboard the luxury submarine start murdering each other.
Tieu, JulieFancy Meeting You HereEvery single one of Elise Ngo's close girlfriends--Rebecca, Jesse, and Beth--is getting married within the same few months, and every single one of them has asked her to be both bridesmaid and florist.
Torres, JustinBlackoutsWinner of the National Book Award for Fiction.
Toutonghi, PaulsThe Refugee OceanTwo refugees find that their lives are inextricably linked--over time and distance--by the perils of history and a single haunting piece of music.
Trujillo, DaniLizards Hold The SunArchaeology has historically been a field for white men only.
Turnbull, CadwellWe Are The CrisisUrban Fantasy - Convergence Saga #2
Unger, LisaChristmas PresentsThriller
Vernon, LeahThe DissentScience Fiction - Union #2
Vidich, PaulBeirut Station: Two Lives Of A SpyThriller
Wardell, M. A.Teacher Of The YearLove: Not as easy as ABC.
Wells, MarthaSystem CollapseScience Fiction - Murderbot Diaries #7
Wiggs, SusanThe Twelve Dogs Of ChristmasFiction
Winterson, JeanetteNight Side Of The RiverGhost Stories
Wright, Jaime JoThe Lost Boys Of Barlowe TheaterChristian Suspense
Yarros, RebeccaIron FlameFantasy Romance - Empyrean #2
Yoon, PaulThe Hive And The HoneyShort Stories
Yoshimoto, BananaThe PremonitionFiction
Young, AdrienneThe Unmaking Of June FarrowA woman risks everything to end her family's centuries-old curse, solve her mother's disappearance, and find love.
Christmas And Other Horrors: An Anthology of Solstice HorrorHoliday Anthology
September 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abdullah, KiaPerfectly Nice NeighborsWhen your dream home comes with nightmare neighbors, how far will you go to keep your family safe?
Adegoke, YomiThe ListA high-profile female journalist's world is upended when her fiancé's name turns up in a viral social media post.
Alexander, TashaA Cold Highland WindHistorical Mystery - Lady Emily #17
Anderson, Demond MoneyProduct Of The StreetsSworn to the streets, Young Mack has to do what he does to survive while murder, treachery, and betrayal lurks around every corner of the game.
Arceneaux, DanielleGlory BeThe first in a crime series set in the Louisiana bayou, introducing the hilariously uncensored amateur sleuth Glory Broussard.
Archer, JeffreyTraitors GateMystery - William Warwick #6
Armentrout, Jennifer L.Fall Of Ruin And WrathRomantic Fantasy - Awakening #1
Armstrong, KelleyHemlock IslandHorror
AryannaTil Death 2Urban Fiction
Ashe, LucyThe Dance Of The DollsThe story of identical twin ballerinas rehearsing for the ballet Coppélia in London.
Atkinson, KateNormal Rules Don't ApplyShort Stories
Awad, MonaRougeA lonely young woman is drawn to a cult-like spa in the wake of her mother's mysterious death.
Bailey, Maggie BlakeSeams DeadlyWhen sewist Lydia Barnes finds a dead body soon after moving to a new town, she will need more than shear luck to find the killer.
Bailey, TessaWreck The HallsHoliday Romance
Bancroft, JosiahThe HexologistsMagical mysteries abound and only one team can solve them: The Hexologists.
Basu, SamitThe Jinn-Bot Of ShantiportShantiport was supposed to be a gateway to the stars. But the city is sinking, and its colonist rulers aren't helping anyone but themselves.
Beaton, M. C.Dead On TargetMystery - Agatha Raising #34
Bell, AliceGrave ExpectationsA burnt-out Millennial medium must utilize her ability to see ghosts and team-up with a band of oddball investigators to figure out which member(s) of a posh English family are guilty of murder.
Bennett, S. J.Murder Most RoyalMystery - Her Majesty the Queen Investigates #3
Berney, LouisDark RideThriller
Blake, Ashley HerringIris Kelly Doesn't DateRomance - Bright Falls #3
Broder, MelissaDeath ValleyFiction
Brown, Millie BobbyNineteen StepsLove blooms in the darkest days…
Bryce, Denny S.The Other Princess Historical Fiction
Cárdenas, Juan SebastiánThe Devil Of The ProvincesAfter a series of failures, a biologist returns to his hometown to live with his grieving mother.
Carrick, M. A.Labyrinth's HeartFantasy - Rook & Rose #3
Chaarani, JamesBetween The Head And The HandsThe story of a young man abandoned by his family and religion and left searching for identity in an unfamiliar world.
Charles, KJA Nobleman's Guide To Seducing A ScoundrelHistorical Romance - Doomsday Books #2
Child, LeeThe SecretThriller - Jack Reacher #28
Christopher, Andie J.Unrealistic ExpectationsRomance
Chua, AmyThe Golden GateA historical thriller that paints a vibrant portrait of a California buffeted by the turbulent crosswinds of a world at war and a society about to undergo massive change.
Clare, CassandraSword CatcherTwo outcasts find themselves caught in a web of forbidden love, dangerous magic, and dark secrets that could change the world forever in the start of an epic fantasy series.
Connelly, MichaelResurrection WalkMystery - Lincoln Lawyer #7
Connolly, JohnThe Land Of Lost ThingsThriller - Book of Lost Things #2
Crichton, MichaelThe Venom BusinessMystery
Critchley, EmilyOne Puzzling AfternoonMystery
Cross, JulietteWolf Gone WildWhat's the worst thing that can happen to a werewolf?
Cussler, DirkClive Cussler The Corsican ShadowThriller - Dirk Pitt #27
Dams, Jeanne M.Music And MurderHistorical Mystery - Oak Park Village #2
Davis, LydiaOur Strangers Short Stories
DeMille, NelsonBlood LinesMystery - Brodie & Taylor #2
Deniro, Anya JohannaOkpsycheFiction
Dey, ClaudiaDaughterA woman long caught in her father's web strives to make a life--and art--of her own.
Diop, DavidBeyond The Door Of No ReturnA historical novel about a French botanist's search for a mysterious woman who escaped from slavery in Senegal.
Dorfman, ArielThe Suicide MuseumA billionaire Holocaust survivor hires a writer to uncover the truth of Salvador Allende's death, and they must confront their own dark histories to find a path forward--for themselves and for our ravaged planet.
Douglas, PenelopeBirthday GirlRomance
Dunbar, CarolA Winter's RimeFiction
Eekhout, AnneMary And The Birth Of FrankensteinHistorical Fiction
Elliott, AliciaAnd Then She FellFollows a young Indigenous woman who discovers the picture-perfect life she always hoped for may have horrifying consequences.
Ellroy, JamesThe EnchantersHistorical Fiction
Enoch, SuzanneEvery Duke Has His DayBrain meets Beauty in this take on the classic Bringing Up Baby by way of Jane Austen.
Enright, AnneThe Wren, The WrenFiction
Eskens, AllenSaving EmmaA lawyer's race to reveal a wrongful conviction collides with the dark shadow of a murder in his own home.
Evanovich, JanetDirty ThirtyMystery - Stephanie Plum #30
Evans, DianaA House For AliceFiction
Fisher, Suzanne WoodsLost And FoundChristian Romance
Fountain, BenDevil Makes ThreeHistorical Fiction
Francis, FelixNo ReserveMystery - Dick Francis Novels #12
Friend, WilliamLet Him In"Daddy, there's a man in our room..."
Fussner, NoraThe Invisible WorldA gothic, ghostly horror novel set on a paranormal investigations TV show.
Galbraith, RobertThe Running GraveMystery - Cormoran Strike #7
Gerritsen, TessThe Spy CoastA retired CIA operative in small-town Maine tackles the ghosts of her past.
Godfrey, SierraThe Second Chance HotelIt's all fun and games until you accidentally marry a stranger in Greece and inherit a hotel.
Goldbeck, KateYou, AgainA commitment-phobe and a hopeless romantic clash over and over again--until heartbreak and unexpected chemistry bring them together.
Grace, HannahWildfireRomance - Maple Hills #2
Gran, SaraCome CloserDemonic possession or psychic break?
Griffith, NicolaMenewoodHistorical Fiction - Light of the World #2
Grisham, JohnThe ExchangeMystery - Firm #2
Guanzon, TheaThe Hurricane WarsThe fates of two bitter enemies with opposing magical abilities are swept together.
Hall, CodiAlong Came HollyRomance - Mistletoe #3
Hamm, JenniferOne Friday In NapaFiction
Hand, ElizabethA Haunting On The HillA struggling playwright, her musician girlfriend, and a few friends find a creepy old mansion on an isolated hill from which to rehearse her most ambitious play. Ignoring the red flags about the house and setting, the friends soon find themselves fighting each other--and the house itself.
Harris, CharlaineAll The Dead Shall WeepFantasy - Gunnie Rose #5
Harrison, RachelBlack SheepHorror
Harrow, Alix E.Starling HouseI dream sometimes about a house I've never seen … I should be scared, but in the dream I don't hesitate. In my dream, I'm home.
Herbert, BrianPrincess Of DuneScience Fiction - Heroes of Dune
Herron, MickThe Secret HoursA standalone spy thriller from the author of the Slough House series.
Hill, HalleGood WomenDelves into the lives of twelve Black women across the Appalachian South.
Hill, NathanWellnessFiction
Hunt, La JillAround The Way Girls: 20th Anniversary EditionUrban Fiction
Hunt, La JillDrama Queen: 20th Anniversary EditionUrban Fiction
Hunter, CaraMurder In The FamilyThriller
Hunter, DeniseWildflower FallsHe's here to train her horses and then skip town. She's keeping her true identity a secret. But their spark complicates both of their plans.
Jackson, DanielleAccidentally In LoveWhen Sam is stuck sharing the streets for Chicago's summer festivals with a man she can't stand, she'll find it's often a bumpy road that leads to love…
Jalaluddin, UzmaThree Holidays And A WeddingHoliday Romance
Jance, Judith A.Blessing Of The Lost GirlsMystery - Joanna Brady #20
Jiles, PauletteChennevilleConsumed with grief, driven by vengeance, a man undertakes an unrelenting odyssey across the lawless post-Civil War frontier.
Kaner, HannahGodkillerEnter a land of gods and monsters, soldiers and mercenaries, secrets and wishes.
Kaplan, A. E.The Pomegranate GateThe first adventure in the Mirror Realm Cycle, a Spanish Inquisition-era fantasy trilogy inspired by Jewish folklore.
Kelly, JuliaA Traitor In WhitehallHistorical Mystery - Parisian Orphan #1
Key, Justin C.The World Wasn't Ready For YouSpeculative Short Stories
Kinsella, SophieThe BurnoutRomance
Knoll, JessicaBright Young WomenTwo women from opposite sides of the country are brought together by violent acts of the same man, and become allies and sisters in arms as they pursue the justice that would otherwise elude them.
Kwok, JeanThe Leftover WomanFleeing a controlling husband and searching for the daughter taken from her at birth, Jasmine Yang arrives in New York City from a small village in China. Meanwhile, publishing executive Rebecca Whitney, whose contented life includes a newly adopted Chinese daughter, suddenly faces an industry scandal.
Kyles, CedricFlipping BoxcarsThe first novel from Cedric "The Entertainer," an engaging and entertaining historical crime caper.
Lahiri, JhumpaRoman StoriesShort Stories
Lai, ChristineLandscapesFiction
Lakghomi, BabakSouthA hallucinatory reimagination of life in a world under totalitarianism, and an individual's quest for truth, agency, and understanding.
Lamar, JakeViper's DreamHistorical Mystery
Lennox, LisaThe AddictUrban Fiction
Lewis, BeverlyThe HeirloomChristian Fiction - Heritage of Lancaster County
Liu, Em X.The Death I Gave HimA sci-fi retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet as a locked-room thriller.
Lopez, Angelina M.Full Moon Over FreedomRomance - Milagro Street #2
Lozada-Oliva, MelissaCandelariaA mystical, intergenerational novel about mothers, daughters, and unsettled pasts.
Manansala, Mia P.Murder And MamonMystery - Tita Rosie's Kitchen #4
Maniscalco, KerriThrone Of The FallenDeception is the most wicked game of all.
Mansbach, AdamThe Golem Of BrooklynFiction
March, NevThe Spanish Diplomat's SecretHistorical Mystery - Captain Jim and Lady Diana #3
Martin, CelestineKiss And SpellParanormal Romance - Elemental Love #2
Martin, DomoniqueBroken...But Not ShatteredDeena will have to take more risks than ever before to put the shattered pieces of her life back together and truly find happiness.
Martin, Tori AnneThis Spells DisasterA witch worries that the real feelings brewing between her and her crush were sparked by an accidental love potion, and the only way out of the disastrous spell is a healthy dose of the truth.
Mason, DanielNorth WoodsA sweeping novel about a single house in the woods of New England, told through the lives of those who inhabit it across the centuries.
Mathis, AyanaThe UnsettledA multi-generational novel--set in the 1980s in racially and politically turbulent Philadelphia and in the tiny town of Bonaparte, Alabama--about a mother fighting for her sanity and survival.
Matlin, LisaThe Stranger UpstairsMost people wouldn't buy an infamous murder house to renovate for fun . . . but Sarah Slade is not most people.
McElroy, AlexPeople CollideFiction
McFadden, FreidaThe CoworkerThriller
McMahon, JenniferMy Darling GirlHorror
MeeshaBaby, I'm Wintertime Cold 3Urban Fiction
Méndez, Yamile SaiedLove Of My LivesRomance
Michaels, FernSanta & CompanyRomance - Santa's Crew #2
Michaels, SeanDo You Remember Being Born?An aging poet laureate "sells out" by agreeing to collaborate with a Big Tech company's poetry AI.
Milligan, A. RoyFifty Shades Of SnowUrban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyFifty Shades Of Snow 2Urban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyFifty Shades Of Snow 3Urban Fiction
MolottiCity Of Smoke 2Urban Fiction
Morris, HeatherSisters Under The Rising SunHistorical Fiction
Mosley, WalterTouchedIntergalactic visions, deadly threats, and explosive standoffs between mostly good and completely evil converge in this dystopian fantasy.
Nesbø, JoThe Night HouseWhen the voices call, don't answer.
Norton, GrahamForever HomeFiction
O'Keefe, Megan E.The Fractured DarkScience Fiction - Devoured Worlds #2
Okorafor, NnediShadow SpeakerIn West Africa in 2074, after fifteen-year-old "shadow speaker" Ejii witnesses her father's beheading, she embarks on a dangerous journey across the Sahara to find her father's killer.
O'Leary, BethThe Wake-Up CallRomance
Orlando, CarissaThe September HouseA woman is determined to stay in her dream home even after it becomes a haunted nightmare.
Ouologuem, YamboBound To ViolenceA critical edition of the epic 1968 Malian novel.
Palahniuk, ChuckNot Forever, But For NowFiction
Palma, RaulA Haunting In Hialeah GardensFiction
Percy, BenjaminThe Sky VaultScience Fiction - Comet Cycle #3
Perry, AnneThe Traitor Among UsHistorical Mystery - Elena Standish #5
Phillips, C. N.Libra PrincessesThe death of their father sent twins Nori and Nadia "Nadi" Porter on two different paths in life. Nori found solace in furthering her life through education, while Nadi found peace in the streets with her longtime boyfriend, Kelz.
Phillips, Jayne AnneNight WatchA story about a mother and daughter seeking refuge in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War.
Powner, KatieThe Wind Blows In Sleeping GrassFor the first time in his life, Pete has everything to lose.
PyrpleFantasy Island: Carl Weber PresentsUrban Fiction
Ramunno, OrianaAshes In The SnowHistorical Mystery
Randall, BreanneThe Unfortunate Side Effects Of Heartbreak And MagicSadie Revelare has always believed that the curse of four heartbreaks that accompanies her magic would be worth the price.
Ray, PlayaCrime Boss 2Urban Fiction
Raynor, NatishaFallin' For A Hustler Like MeThe number one rule that her father instilled in Khelani was to choose money over love. She has always done just what he wanted--until she meets Malachi and falls for him.
Rio, KingSteppersUrban Fiction
Rock, FlyHere Today Gone TomorrowUrban Fiction
Rogerson, PhoeniciaHercThis should be the story of Hercules: his twelve labours, his endless adventures... everyone's favorite hero, right? Well, it's not.
Rouda, Kaira SturdivantBeneath The SurfaceOn a weekend voyage, the power-hungry children of an aging billionaire are unprepared for a storm of deceptions.
Runya Katz, RachelThank You For SharingChildhood friends. To enemies. To lovers.
Runyan, Aimie K.A Bakery In ParisTwo women from different generations of the same family fiercely fight for their futures while running a small bakery in Montmartre.
Ryan, KennedyBlock ShotRomance - Hoops #2
Ryan, KennedyThe KingmakerIn a world of haves and have-nots, Maxim Cade's family and their oil empire have it all...and he wants nothing to do with it.
Ryan, KennedyThe Rebel KingRomance - All the King's Men #2
Sanderson, BrandonYumi And The Nightmare PainterFantasy - Secret Projects #3
Sarr, Mohamed MbougarThe Most Secret Memory Of MenA gripping literary mystery in the vein of Bolaño's Savage Detectives, this coming-of-age novel unravels the fascinating life of a maligned Black author, based on Yambo Ouologuem.
SaynomoreThe Black Diamond Cartel 2Urban Fiction
Scalzi, JohnStarter VillainInheriting your uncle's supervillain business is more complicated than you might think.
Schwab, VictoriaThe Fragile Threads Of PowerHistorical Fantasy
Shepherd, MeganMidnight ShowingHorror - Malice Compendium #2
Shepherd-Robinson, LauraThe Square Of SevensAn orphaned fortune teller in 18th-century England searches for answers about her deceased mother and uncovers shocking secrets about her family.
Sheridan, MiaBecoming CalderRomance - Acadia #1
Sheridan, MiaFinding EdenRomance - Acadia #2
Shiloh, ToniYou Make It Feel Like ChristmasIt's the most wonderful time of the year--for everyone except Starr Lewis.
Shreve, CraigThe African SamuraiHistorical Fiction
Silver, ElsieFlawlessRomance - Chestnut Springs #1
Silver, ElsieHeartlessRomance - Chestnut Springs #2
Silver, JosieA Winter In New YorkA young chef stumbles on a secret family recipe that might lead her to the love--and life--she's been looking for.
Simon, NinaMother-Daughter Murder NightThink: Gilmore Girls, but with murder.
Smyth, CourtneyThe UndetectablesBe gay, solve crime, take naps.
Solomons, NatashaFair RosalineA subversive, powerful untelling of Romeo and Juliet.
Stone, EmilyLove, HollyHoliday Romance
Taub, MelindaThe Scandalous Confessions Of Lydia Bennet, WitchA reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, told from the perspective of the troublesome and--according to her--much-maligned youngest Bennet sister, Lydia.
Tauhid, Prince A.These Vicious StreetsUrban Fiction
Thalassa, LauraPestilenceFantasy Romance - Four Horsemen #1
Thomas, James FrankieIdlewildFiction
Tidhar, LavieThe Circumference Of The WorldCaught between realities, a mathematician, a book dealer, and a mobster desperately seek a notorious book that disappears upon being read
Tshuma, Novuyo RosaDigging StarsFiction
Tuli, Nisha J.Rule Of The Aurora KingFantasy Romance - Artefacts of Ouranos #2
Tuli, Nisha J.Trial Of The Sun QueenFantasy Romance - Artefacts of Ouranos #1
Umrigar, Thrity N.The Museum Of FailuresAn immersive story about family secrets and the power of forgiveness.
Vara, VauhiniThis Is SalvagedShort Stories
Varon, JamieMain Character EnergyRomance
Vasquez Gilliland, RaquelWitch Of Wild ThingsLegend goes that long ago a Flores woman offended the old gods, and their family was cursed as a result. Now, every woman born to the family has a touch of magic.
Vasyakina, OksanaWoundFollows a young poet on a journey from Moscow to her hometown in Siberia, where she has promised to bury her mother's ashes.
Vo, NghiMammoths At The GatesFantasy - Singing Hills Cycle #4
Ward, JesmynLet Us DescendHistorical Fiction
Washington, BryanFamily MealA novel about two young men, once best friends, whose lives collide again after a loss.
Wendig, ChuckBlack River OrchardA small town is transformed when seven strange trees begin bearing magical apples.
Wiener, GabrielaUndiscoveredAn autobiographical novel that faces the legacy of colonialism through one woman's family ties to both the colonized and colonizer.
Wilsner, MerylCleat CuteTwo soccer teammates are at odds before falling in love as their team gears up for the World Cup.
Winstead, AshleyMidnight Is The Darkest HourA gothic Southern thriller about a killer haunting a small Louisiana town, where two outcasts--the preacher's daughter and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks--hold the key to uncovering the truth.
WjuanaeSoul Ties: A Ghetto Love StoryTrue love and loyalty are hard to come by.
Woods, StuartObsessionMystery - Teddy Fay #6
Zhang, C PamLand Of Milk And HoneyA Chinese American chef, lured to a decadent, enigmatic colony of the superrich in a near future in which food is disappearing, discovers the meaning of pleasure and the ethics of who gets to enjoy it, altering her life and, indirectly, the world.
Never Whistle At Night: An Indigenous Dark Fiction AnthologyAnthology
Out There Screaming: An Anthology Of New Black HorrorAnthology
August 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abreu, AndreaDogs Of SummerFiction
Alam, NigarUnder The Tamarind TreeOne night. Four friends. Countless secrets.
Andrews, DonnaBirder, She WroteCozy Mystery - Meg Langslow #33
Andrews, Mary KayBright Lights, Big ChristmasHoliday
Aoyama, MichikoWhat You Are Looking For Is In The LibraryThe perfect book recommendation can change a readers' life.
Archer, C. J.The Untitled BooksHistorical Mystery - Glass Library #3
Arias, John ManuelWhere There Was FireThree generations of a Costa Rican family wrestle with a deadly secret.
Armas, ElenaThe Long GameRomance
Basham, Brendan ShaySwim Home To The VanishedAfter the death of his brother, a grief-stricken young man seeks refuge and oblivion in a secluded fishing village dominated by a family of brujas.
Bear, Lauren J. A.Medusa's SistersReimagining of the myth of Medusa and the sisters who loved her.
Beck, HazelBig Little SpellsRomance - Witchlore #2
Benjamin, MelanieCalifornia GoldenTwo sisters navigate the thrilling, euphoric early days of California surf culture.
Bentley, DonTom Clancy: Weapons GradeThriller - Jack Ryan, Jr. #11
Bernstein, SarahStudy For ObedienceFiction
Beukes, LaurenBridgeA grieving daughter's search for her mother becomes a journey across alternate realities.
Binyam, MayaHangmanFiction
Blaché, Sin, and Helen MacDonaldProphetScience Fiction
Black, ReginaThe Art Of ScandalAfter discovering her husband has been unfaithful, a politician's wife revisits her life choices and everything she gave up for her husband's career.
Blake, OlivieMasters Of DeathFantasy
Bowen, RhysThe Paris AssignmentHistorical Fiction
Brennan, AllisonNorth Of NowhereMystery
Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries Aims To WinHistorical Mystery - Mrs. Jeffries #41
Brown, GrahamClive Cussler: Condor's FuryThriller - NUMA Files #20
Brunstetter, Wanda E.Letters Of ComfortChristian Fiction - Friendship Letters #2
Bryn, D. N.Stronger StillFantasy - No Man's Lander #2
Burke, AndieFly With MeA one-way ticket to love or a bumpy ride ahead?
Burrowes, GraceA Gentleman Fallen On Hard TimesHistorical Mystery
Burstein, Michael A.Jewish FuturesScience Fiction Short Stories
Byler, LindaTapestry Of LoveChristian Fiction - New Directions #2
Byrne, JamesDeadlockThriller - Dez Limerick #2
Cabot, MegEnchanted To Meet YouParanormal Romance
Cañas, IsabelVampires Of El NorteVampires, vaqueros, and star-crossed lovers face off on the Texas-Mexico border in this supernatural western.
Carter, AllyThe Blonde IdentityA road trip rom-com about a woman with amnesia who discovers she's the identical twin sister of a rogue spy who must team up with a rugged, grumpy operative to stay alive.
Cast, P. C.Out Of The DawnScience Fiction - Into the Mist #2
Chang, AlexandraTomb SweepingShort story collection about the histories, technologies, and generational divides that shape our relationships.
Chiaverini, JenniferCanary GirlsA story about the "munitionettes" who built bombs in Britain's arsenals during World War I, risking their lives for the war effort and discovering camaraderie and courage on the soccer pitch.
Chidgey, CatherinePetThriller
Childs, LauraHoney Drop DeadCozy Mystery - Tea Shop #26
Ciesielski, J'nellTo Free The StarsHistorical Romance - Jack and Ivy #2
Cleeves, AnnThe Raging StormMystery - Matthew Venn #3
Coleman Foote, KimColeman HillThe story of two American families whose fates become intertwined in the wake of the Great Migration
Coney, S. L.Wild SpacesHorror
Connor, CJBoard To DeathCozy Mystery - Board Game Shop #1
Cox, AmandaHe Should Have Told The BeesUncovering long-held family secrets may sting at first--but the result can be sweeter than honey.
Crooks, NoelleUnder The InfluenceA young woman who takes a job working for an enigmatic influencer quickly discovers there's an ugly side to being a #GirlBoss.
Cutter, NickThe Handyman MethodWhen a young family moves into an unfinished development community, cracks begin to emerge in both their new residence and their lives.
Dinan, NicolaBelliesFiction
Donoghue, EmmaLearned By HeartHistorical Fiction
Eason, LynetteCountdownChristian Suspense - Extreme Measures #4
Evans, JonExadelicScience Fiction
Feeney, AliceGood Bad GirlSometimes bad things happen to good people, so good people have to do bad things.
Follett, KenThe Armor Of LightHistorical Fiction - Kingsbridge #5
Force, MarieState Of DenialRomantic Suspense - First Family #5
Freeman, DianneA Newlywed's Guide To Fortune And MurderHistorical Mystery - Countess of Harleigh #6
Gallon, MichaelThe Murder Queens 4Urban Fiction
Garza, AmberIn A Quiet TownThriller
Goldberg, LeeMalibu BurningThriller - Sharpe & Walker #1
Goldin, MeganDark CornersThriller - Rachel Krall #2
Groff, LaurenThe Vaster WildsHistorical Fiction
Habeck, EmilyShark HeartFor Lewis and Wren, their first year of marriage is also their last. A few weeks after their wedding, Lewis receives a rare diagnosis. He will retain most of his consciousness, memories, and intellect, but his physical body will gradually turn into a great white shark.
Hall, Rachel HowzellWhat Never HappenedIt's murder in paradise as a woman uncovers a host of secrets off the rocky California coast.
Han, JiminThe ApologyA pampered and defiant South Korean matriarch is thrust into the afterlife from which she seeks a second chance to make amends and fights off a tragic curse that could devastate generations to come.
Hare, LouiseHarlem After MidnightA body falls from a town house window in Harlem, and it looks just like the newest singer at the Apollo.
Harper, LanaIn Charm's WayParanormal Romance - Witches of Thistle Grove #4
Hertz, Kyle DillonThe Lookback WindowFiction
Huang, ChristopherUnnatural EndsSir Lawrence Linwood is dead. More accurately, he was murdered, and his heirs discover that the estate shall go to the one who solves his murder.
Huang, S. L.The Water OutlawsInspired by a classic of martial arts literature, the water outlaws are bandits of devastating ruthlessness, unseemly femininity, dangerous philosophies, and ungovernable gender who are ready to make history--or tear it apart.
Huchu, T. L.The Mystery At Dunvegan CastleFantasy - Edinburgh Nights #3
Irvin, KellyThe Heart's BiddingAmish auctioneer Toby Miller and special education teacher Rachelle Lapp love their jobs so much, they're in danger of missing out on marriage and children of their own---until circumstances force them to face uncertain futures.
Janovsky, TimothyNew AdultRomance - Boy Meets Boy #3
Johnson, CraigThe Longmire DefenseMystery - Longmire #19
Johnson, LizSummer In The SpotlightChristian Fiction - Prince Edward Island Shores #3
Jones, Anita GailThe Peach SeedFiction
Jones, SandieThe Trade OffWould you tell a story, if you knew it was a lie? Or tell the truth and sleep at night?
Joy, DavidThose We Thought We KnewA novel about the cracks that form in a small North Carolina community and the evils that unfurl from its center.
Kakimoto, Megan KamaleiEvery Drop Is A Man's NightmareShort Stories
Kearse, StephenLiquid SnakesWhat if toxic pollutants traveled up the socioeconomic ladder rather than down it?
Khalīfah, KhālidNo One Prayed Over Their GravesThe story of two friends whose lives are altered by a flood that devastates their Syrian village.
Kim, AngieHappiness FallsWhen a father goes missing, his family's desperate search leads them to question everything they know about him and one another.
King, StephenHollyThriller
Kingfisher, T.ThornhedgeThe tale of a kind-hearted, toad-shaped heroine, a gentle knight, and a mission gone completely sideways.
Kraus, DanielWhalefallA scuba diver who's been swallowed by an eighty-foot, sixty-ton sperm whale has only one hour to escape before his oxygen runs out.
Krueger, William KentThe River We RememberHistorical Fiction
Leav, LangOthers Were EmeraldsWhat comes first, the photograph or the memory?
Lee, VictoriaA Shot In The DarkA romance featuring a transgender man and an ex-Orthodox woman who find each other through their devotion to art, and fall in love despite all odds.
Leichter, HilaryTerrace StoryFiction
Lepucki, EdanTime's MouthUrsa possesses a very special gift. She can travel through memory and revisit her past.
Levine, JennaMy Roommate Is A VampireParanormal Romance
Li, YiyunWednesday's ChildShort Stories
Lister, SherylA Perfect PairingFiction - Firefly Lake #2
Littlewood, FranAmazing Grace AdamsFiction
Lock, NicholasConfessions Of A Jackboy 3Urban Fiction
Lockhart, C. M.We Are Dying GodsFantasy
Lord, KarenThe Blue, Beautiful WorldAs first contact transforms Earth, a team of gifted visionaries race to create a new future.
Lyon, J. VanessaLush LivesArtist Glory Hopkins isn't thrilled about inheriting her Aunt Lucille's Harlem brownstone until she meets dynamic house appraiser Parkie de Groot.
Maehrer, Hannah NicoleAssistant To The VillainOnce Upon a Time meets The Office in this novel about the sunshine assistant to an Evil Villain...and their unexpected romance.
Malerman, JoshSpin A Black YarnHorror
Manning, KirstyThe Paris MysteryIntrepid reporter Charlotte "Charlie" James arrives in Paris in 1938 eager to make a fresh start, but little does she know the trouble that awaits her...
Martin, MadelineThe Keeper Of Hidden BooksHistorical Fiction
Maxwell, AlyssaMurder At The ElmsHistorical Mystery - Gilded Newport #11
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Discreet Charm Of The Big Bad WolfMystery - Detective Varg #3
McFarlane, MhairiBetween UsFiction
McGuire, SeananSleep No MoreUrban Fantasy - October Daye #17
McIntire, EmilyCrossedRomance - Never After #5
MeeshaBaby, I'm Wintertime Cold 3Urban Fiction
Meltzer, JeanKissing KosherStep 1: Get the secret recipe. Step 2: Don't fall in love...
Michaels, FernRock BottomRomantic Suspense - Sisterhood #35
Miller, VanessaThe Light On Halsey StreetTwo girls' lives are irrevocably intertwined the summer of 1985 in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, and neither will ever be the same.
Millhauser, StevenDisruptionsShort Stories
Millner, DeneneOne BloodA Black girl named Grace is separated from her beloved grandmother and sent north from 1960s Virginia to live with her high-aspiring aunt, then separated from the boy with whom she falls in love.
Mills, KyleCode RedThriller - Mitch Rapp #22
Mina, DeniseThe Second MurdererMystery - Philip Marlowe
Miyashita, RobinSilicon HeartsThe youngest and brightest of the tech world are invited to work for one of the most prestigious companies in Silicon Valley, but when they discover that only a precious few will be offered full-time jobs, reckless ambition and cut-throat competition eclipse their burgeoning friendships and romances.
Modesitt, L. E. Jr.ContrarianFantasy - Grand Illusion #3
Moehling, JoshuaWhere The Dead SleepMystery - Ben Packard #2
Moher, LauraCurves For DaysHow is Rose Barnes supposed to build the home (and life) of her dreams when her big, burly contractor keeps scowling at her?
MolottiLoyalty Is Everything 3Urban Fiction
MolottiCity Of SmokeUrban Fiction
Montgomery, SelenaThe Art Of DesireTrouble comes in threes, but true love comes only once.
Moore, TaylorRicochetThriller - Garrett Kohl #3
Morelli, LauraThe Last MasterpieceIn a race across Nazi-occupied Italy, two women--a German photographer and an American stenographer--hunt for priceless masterpieces looted from the Florentine art collections.
Murray, PaulThe Bee StingFiction
Nettel, GuadalupeStill BornFiction
Nix, GarthSir Hereward And Mister FitzFantasy Short Stories
North, ClaireHouse Of OdysseusHistorical Fiction - Songs of Penelope #2
Novak, BrendaTalulah's Back In TownSometimes the past we leave behind leads us right where we belong.
O'Connor, CarleneHalloween Cupcake MurderHoliday
Oh, TemiMore PerfectA reimagining of the Greek myth of Eurydice and Orpheus.
Okosun, EhigborForged By BloodA fantasy debut inspired by Nigerian mythology, in which a young woman fights to survive a tyrannical society.
Osman, RichardThe Last Devil To DieMystery - Thursday Murder Club #4
Parker, LucyCodename CharmingRomance - Palace Insiders #2
Parker-Chan, ShelleyHe Who Drowned The WorldHistorical Fantasy - Radiant Emperor #2
Patel, SheenaI'm A FanI stalk a woman on the internet who is sleeping with the same man as I am.
Patterson, James23 1/2 LiesMystery - Women's Murder Club #23.5
Patterson, James12 Months To LiveThriller
Payne, FumiyaThe Butterfly MafiaAsha, Lo-Lo, and Noni are three fearless females who make up a sisterhood like none other.
Payne, FumiyaSalute My Savagery 2Urban Fiction
Pearce, A. J.Mrs. Porter CallingHistorical Fiction - Emmy Lake #3
Pederson, David S.Murder At The OasisMystery - Mason Adler #3
Player, DelmontThe Birth Of A Gangster 3Urban Fiction
Power, Mona SusanA Council Of DollsThree generations of Dakhóta women grapple with a legacy of mistreatment by the U.S. government.
Preston, Douglas J.Dead MountainMystery - Nora Kelly #4
Purkert, BenThe Men Can't Be SavedWhat do our jobs do to our souls?
PyrpleFantasy Island: Carl Weber PresentsFour women. One friendship. Can a trip to a magical place heal their open wounds, or will they succumb to their deepest desires?
Quita, CTurned Out By Dublin's FinestUrban Fiction
Quita, CTurned Out By Dublin's Finest 2Urban Fiction
Ragnar JónassonReykjavíkThriller
Rambo, CatDevil's GunScience Fiction - Disco Space Opera #2
Ray, ShamaraThe Referral ProgramA group of single women come up with a plan to try and meet Mr. Right.
Ridley, EricaChasing the BrideForbidden love blooms between a runaway bride and the man sent to find her.
Ridley, EricaUndressing the DukeHistorical Romance
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 10Urban Fiction
Rio, KingSuper Gremlin 2Urban Fiction
Ro, HazelThe Tangled WebUrban Fiction
Robb, J. D.Payback In DeathMystery - In Death #57
Robert, KateeCruel SeductionRomance - Dark Olympus #5
Rock, FlyHere Today, Gone Tomorrow 2Urban Fiction
Rollins, JamesTides Of FireThriller - Sigma Force #17
Rooney, KathleenFrom Dust To StardustHistorical Fiction
Rosson, KeithFever HouseA small-time criminal. A has-been rock star. A shadowy government agency. And a severed hand whose dark powers threaten to destroy them all.
Rum, EtafEvil EyeAn exploration of the expectations of a Palestinian-American woman, the meaning of a fulfilling life, and the ways our unresolved pasts affect our presents.
Ryan, KennedyLong ShotRomance
Saintcrow, LilithThe Salt-Black TreeFantasy - Dead God's Heart #2
Salvatore, R. A.Lolth's WarriorFantasy - Way of the Drow #3
Sandford, JohnJudgment PreyMystery - Prey #33
Santiago, EsmeraldaLas MadresIn 2017, Luz returns home to Puerto Rico with family and friends, hoping to recover memories lost in a 1975 accident that took the lives of her accomplished scientist parents.
Score, LucyThings We Left BehindRomance - Knockemout #3
Sim, TaraThe Midnight KingdomFantasy - Dark Gods #2
Smirnoff, KarinThe Girl In The Eagle's TalonsMystery - Millennium #7
Smith, ZadieThe FraudHistorical Fiction
Steel, DanielleSecond ActFiction
Sutanto, Jesse Q.I'm Not Done With You YetSome friends--and friendships--are worth killing for.
Swann, LeonieThe Sunset Years Of Agnes SharpA quirky group of seniors attempts to solve one murder while covering up another.
Talabi, WoleShigidi And The Brass Head Of ObalufonA mythic tale of disgruntled gods, revenge, and a heist across two worlds.
Tauhid, Prince A.Bloodline Of A SavageTrevon Dietrich-Savage has a lot of promise and potential, but he has dreams that go against his upbringing, and the streets must beware.
Thompson, AliciaWith Love, From Cold WorldShe has a to-do list a mile long and falling for her coworker isn't on it--yet somehow he's become her top priority.
Todd, AnnaThe BurningRomance - Brightest Stars #2
Valdes, ValerieWhere Peace Is LostA refugee with a secret, a dangerous foe, and a road trip that could either save a planet or start a war.
Vance, AniseHush HarborA resistance group takes America's racial reckoning into its own hands.
Verma, AparnaThe Phoenix KingThe fate of a futuristic desert kingdom rests in the hands of a princess desperate for power and an assassin with a dark secret.
Waddell, MarkThe Body In The Back GardenLuke Tremblay is about to discover that Crescent Cove has more than its fair share of secrets...and some might be deadlier than others.
Ward, CatrionaLooking Glass SoundIn a lonely cottage overlooking the windswept Maine coast, Wilder Harlow begins the last book he will ever write.
Watkins, LaToyaHoller, ChildShort Stories
Weiner, JenniferThe BreakawayFiction
White, KierstenMister MagicFormer child stars reunite to uncover the tragedy that ended their show--and discover the secret of its enigmatic host.
Williams, SynithiaThe Secret To A Southern WeddingWhen her mom announces she's marrying a man she only just met on a dating app, Dr. Imani Kemp is determined to stop the wedding but met with resistance from her potential stepfather's handsome son.
Yarros, RebeccaIn The Likely EventRomance
Zeineddine, GhassanDearborn: StoriesA sharp, tender, and uproariously funny portrait of the lives of Arab American community members in Dearborn, Michigan.
The Book of WitchesAnthology
July 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abraham, DanielBlade Of DreamFantasy - Kithamar #2
Acevedo, ElizabethFamily Lore The story of one Dominican American family told through the voices of its women as they await a gathering that will forever change their lives.
Adeleke, RemiChameleonThriller - Black Box #1
Aguirre, AnnThe Only Purple House in TownParanormal Romance
Ahmed, JamilaEvery Rising Sun In this take on One Thousand and One Nights, Shaherazade, at the center of her own story, uses wit and political mastery to navigate opulent palaces brimming with treachery and the perils of the Third Crusade as her Persian homeland teeters on the brink of destruction.
Alicia, KristenYou've Been ServedRomance
Alkemade, Kim vanCounting Lost Stars An unmarried college student who's given up her baby for adoption helps a Dutch Holocaust survivor search for his lost mother.
Armentrout, Jennifer L.A Soul Of Ash And BloodParanormal Romance - Blood and Ash #5
Ashing-Giwa, KemiThe Splinter in The SkyA young tea expert is taken as a political prisoner and recruited to spy on government officials--a role that may empower her to win back her nation's independence.
Ashley, KristenPerfect TogetherRomance
Bailey, SarahThe HousemateMystery
Baker, ChandlerCutting TeethIs there anything a mother won't do for her children?
Balogh, MaryRemember MeHistorical Romance - Ravenswood #2
Barker, LucyThe Other Side Of Mrs. Wood Historical Fiction
Barnard, MeganJezebelA reimagining of the story of a fierce princess from Tyre and her infamous legacy.
Bartz, AndreaThe Spare Room Thriller
Berenson, LaurienPeg And Rose Stir Up TroubleCozy Mystery - Peg and Rose #2
Berry, SteveThe 9th ManA historical adventure that sends Luke Daniels on an international manhunt for the truth about the assassination of President John Kennedy.
Betancourt, RoseMacarons Can Be MurderParis Kentucky Bakery #1
Bilal, AaliyahTemple FolkA debut collection portraying the lived experiences of Black Muslims grappling with faith, family, and freedom in America.
Billingham, MarkThe Last DanceMystery - Detective Miller #1
Blanchard, AliceThe Shadow GirlsMystery - Natalie Lockhart #4
Blum, HilaHow To Love Your DaughterThe seemingly inexplicable estrangement between a woman and her grown daughter opens up a troubling question: What damage do we do in the blindness of love?
Borgos, BruceThe Bitter PastIn the tradition of Craig Johnson and C. J. Box, a new series set in the high desert of Nevada featuring Sheriff Porter Beck.
Boucher, ChrisThe Original Bucky LewBucky Lew burst through pro basketball's color barrier to become the first Black player in an otherwise white league--and playing was just a start.
Brayden, MelissaMarigoldMarigold Lavender vows to take down Alexis Wakefield, the harsh food critic who blasts her younger sister's restaurant. If only she wasn't as sexy as she is mean.
Brodeur, AdrienneLittle Monsters Fiction
Brown, PierceLight BringerScience Fiction - Red Rising #6
Brown, SandraOut Of NowhereRomantic Suspense
Buoro, StephenThe Five Sorrowful Mysteries Of Andy Africa The story of an exceptional teenager coming of age in the shadow of colonialism and communal violence in Nigeria.
Burke, James LeeFlags On The Bayou Historical Fiction
Burns, ValerieMurder Is A Piece Of CakeCozy Mystery - Baker Street #2
Candon, Emma MiekoThe Archive UndyingScience Fiction - Downworld Sequence #1
Cantor, RachelHalf-Life Of A Stolen SisterReimagines the lives of the Brontë siblings--Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and brother Branwell--from their precocious childhoods, to the writing of their great novels, to their early deaths.
Carey, JacquelineCassiel's ServantFantasy Romance - Kushiel's Legacy #4
Castellano, ElizabethSave What's LeftA woman moves to a small beach town looking for peace, only to find herself in an all-out war with her neighbors.
Castillo, LindaAn Evil HeartMystery - Kate Burkholder #15
Center, KatherineHello StrangerRomance
Chandrasekera, VajraThe Saint Of Bright DoorsFantasy
Chau, C. K.Good FortuneA reimagination of Pride and Prejudice, set in contemporary Chinatown, exploring contemporary issues of class divides, family ties, cultural identity, and the pleasures and frustrations that come with falling in love.
Chavez, HeatherBefore She Finds Me Two unlikely mothers race to uncover the truth behind a horrific attack--even after it becomes clear that the truth will destroy one of their families.
Chin-Tanner, WendyKing Of The ArmadillosHistorical Fiction
Clarke, Amy SuiterLay Your Body DownA young woman returns to her rural Minnesota hometown, where a radical evangelical pastor has poisoned everyone's minds--and may be covering up a murder.
Cobb, MayA Likeable WomanThriller
Coble, ColleenBreak Of DayChristian Suspense - Annie Pederson #3
Coleman, Reed FarrelSleepless CityMystery - Nick Ryan #1
Colgan, JennyThe Summer Skies Fiction
Collins, MeganThicker Than Water Thriller
Connealy, MaryThe Laws Of AttractionChristian Historical - Wyoming Sunrise #2
Córdova, ZoraidaKiss The GirlRomance - Meant to Be #3
Coxton, R.New OrleansUrban Fiction - Carl Weber's Kingpins
Cravens, ClaudiaLucky Red A debut set in the American West about a scrappy orphan bent on making her own luck--and finding friendship, romance, and her true calling along the way.
Cross-Smith, LeesaGoodbye EarlFour women take fate into their own hands in this big-hearted story of friendship, resilience, and revenge on monstrous men.
Crown, ZaireSilenceUrban Fiction
Da Costa, DeniseAnd The Walls Came DownBack in the low-income neighbourhood where she was raised, a young woman rediscovers the importance of community, home, and finding one's voice.
Dailey, JanetThe Sound Of SleighbellsRomance - Christmas Tree Ranch #6
Dane, ClemenceRegiment Of WomenClassic Fiction
Dawson, Delilah S.Star Wars: Inquisitor: Rise Of The Red BladeWhen the Jedi Order falls, an Inquisitor Rises.
Dawson, JunoThe Shadow Cabinet Fantasy - HMRC #2
Day, JamieThe Block Party Thriller
Delany, VickiSteeped in MaliceCozy Mystery - Tea by the Sea #4
Deng, AshleyDehiscentHorror
Desai, SaraTo Have And To HeistTo exonerate her best friend, one woman must mastermind a jewelry heist during the wedding of the season.
deWitt, PatrickThe Librarianist Fiction
Dixon, Phyllis RIntermissionThe Diamonds, a 1990s girl band who broke up on the cusp of stardom, attempts a reunion years later as the women grapple with secrets, unspoken betrayals, and mid-life crises.
Doiron, PaulDead Man's WakeMystery - Mike Bowditch #14
Douglas, PenelopeCredenceFiction
Downing, SamanthaA Twisted Love StoryThriller
Dramis, KateThe Curse Of SaintsRomantic Fantasy
Estep, JenniferOnly Good EnemiesScience Fiction - Galactic Bonds #2
Etter, Sarah RoseRipe A woman in Silicon Valley must decide how much she's willing to give up for success.
Everlee, JessA Rulebook For Restless RoguesHistorical Romance - Lucky Lovers of London #2
Fergesen, HannahThe Infinite MilesScience Fiction
Fluke, JoannePink Lemonade Cake MurderCozy Mystery - Hannan Swensen #29
Frank, AlliThe Better Half Fiction
Freeman, BrianRobert Ludlum's The Bourne DefianceThriller - Jason Bourne #18
Fuller, KathleenTwo To TangoRomance - Maple Falls #4
García, CristinaVanishing MapsFollows three generations of a divided family against the tumultuous backdrops of Cuba, America, Germany, and Russia in the new millennium.
George, NinaThe Little Village Of Book Lovers A young woman with the extraordinary power to bring soulmates together searches for her own true love.
Gibbs, AmieeThe Carnivale Of CuriositiesHistorical Fantasy
Gilbert, VictoriaA Cryptic ClueA retired librarian gets back to the books--and into a devilish murder case--in this new mystery series.
Gill, Amber RoseUntil I Met YouWill a tropical escape lead to a perfect romance?
Gong, ChloeImmortal LongingsInspired by Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, Immortal Longings is a fiery collision of power plays, spilled blood, and romance amidst a set of deadly games.
Goosby, NicolePretty Girls Do Nasty ThingsUrban Fiction
Gornichec, GenevieveThe Weaver And The Witch QueenThe lives of two women--one desperate only to save her missing sister, the other a witch destined to become queen of Norway--intertwine in this novel of Viking Age history and myth.
Griffiths, Rachel ElizaPromise Two Black sisters growing up in small-town New England fight to protect their home, their bodies, and their dreams as the Civil Rights Movement sweeps the nation.
Harris, Terah SheltonOne Summer in Savannah Two people discover what it means to truly forgive.
Harvey, Kristy WoodsonThe Summer Of Songbirds Fiction
Hasan, AnjumHistory's AngelA middle-aged man in contemporary India discovers that neither his life nor his country are as stable as he thought.
Hashem, SaraThe Jasad HeirA fugitive queen strikes a bargain with her greatest enemy that could resurrect her scorched kingdom or leave it in ashes forever in this Egyptian-inspired epic fantasy debut.
Hay, AlexThe Housekeepers The night of London's grandest ball, a bold group of women downstairs plot a daring revenge heist against Mayfair society.
Heaberlin, JuliaNight Will Find YouA brilliant young astrophysicist with an uncanny gift is asked to find a girl who vanished.
Heller, PeterThe Last Ranger Mystery
Hirahara, NaomiEvergreenHistorical Mystery - Japantown #2
Hoffman, AliceThe Invisible Hour Fiction
Howard, Catherine RyanThe TrapThriller
Hunt, Angela ElwellThe Woman From LydiaChristian Historical
Hunter, TravisA Damaged GirlA woman struggles to overcome a horrible past and take control of her life. With the help of her brother, they settle all past scores--but will her quest for revenge jeopardize her future?
Irwin, SophieA Lady's Guide to Scandal Historical Romance
Jackson, LisaThe Last SinnerMystery - Bentz & Montoya #9
James, KelseyThe Woman in the CastelloSet in 1960s Italy, an ambitious American actress snags the starring role in a mysterious horror movie shooting on location in a crumbling medieval castle outside Rome.
Jaworowski, KenSmall Town Sins Thriller
Jewell, LisaNone of This is True A woman finds herself the subject of her own popular true crime podcast.
Juliano, JimmyDead Eleven On a creepy island where everyone has a strange obsession with the year 1994, a newcomer arrives, hoping to learn the truth about her son's death--but finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into the bizarrely insular community and their complicated rules.
Kae, CourtneyIn The Case Of HeartbreakRomance - Fern Falls #2
Karrington, BlakeDeeper Than LoveUrban Fiction
Kennedy, ElleThe Summer GirlRomance - Avalon Bay #3
Kepler, LarsThe SpiderMystery - Detective Inspector Joona Linna #9
Kerin, LizNight's EdgeHorror
Khabushani, Khashayar J.I Will Greet The Sun Again Fiction
Kishko-Lut͡syshyna, OksanaIvan & PhoebeHistorical Fiction
Kitasei, YumeThe Deep SkyThey left Earth to save humanity. They'll have to save themselves first.
Klune, TJRavensongParanormal Romance - Green Creek #2
Klune, TJWolfsongParanormal Romance - Green Creek #1
Kobayashi, ErikaSunriseShort Stories
Koontz, DeanAfter DeathScience Fiction
Koryta, MichaelAn Honest ManAfter discovering seven men murdered aboard their yacht--including two Senate rivals--Israel Pike is regarded as a prime suspect.
Lackey, MercedesGryphon in LightFantasy - Valdemar: Gryphon #1
Ladd, Sarah E.In The Shelter Of Hollythorne HouseChristian Historical
Lange, TraceyThe Connellys Of County DownFiction
Lapena, ShariEveryone Here Is LyingThriller
Lark, SophieBrutal PrinceThey're a match made in Hell.
LaRocca, EricEverything The Darkness EatsAn insidious darkness threatens to devastate a rural New England village when occult forces are conjured and when bigotry is left unrestrained.
Lee, SharonSalvage RightScience Fiction - Liaden Universe #25
Legrand, ClaireA Crown Of Ivy And GlassFantasy Romance - Middlemist #1
Lippman, LauraProm Mom Amber Glass is desperately trying to get away from her tabloid past but compulsively drawn back to the city of her youth and the prom date who destroyed everything she was reaching for.
Livesay, TraceyThe Duchess Effect Romance - American Royalty #2
Lockhart, ZeldaTrinity Three generations of a family try to overcome trials and trauma and free themselves from the darkness of the past.
Long, H. M.Dark Water DaughterFantasy
Lynch, LindsayDo Tell Historical Fiction
Lyons, AnnieThe Air Raid Book Club A story of found family, love, and making connections through books set against the bombing of London during WWII.
Mackler, CarolynThe Wife AppThree women create the Wife App to monetize the things wives do for free.
Macomber, DebbieMust Love Flowers Romance
Madievsky, RuthAll-Night Pharmacy Fiction
Mallery, SusanThe Happiness PlanRomance
Manazir Siddiqi, AyeshaThe CentreA London-based Pakistani translator furthers her stalled career by attending a mysterious language school that boasts near-instant fluency--but at a secret, sinister cost.
Marts, JennieTake The Honey And RunThe town is all abuzz when a murder occurs in this debut cozy mystery, for fans of Jenn McKinlay and Amanda Flower.
Massey, SujataThe Mistress Of Bhatia HouseHistorical Mystery - Perveen Mistry #4
McAllister, GillianJust Another Missing PersonMystery
McBride, JamesThe Heaven & Earth Grocery StoreA novel about small-town secrets and the people who keep them.
McFadden, FreidaThe Housemaid's SecretMystery - Housemaid #2
McKenzie, CatherineHave You Seen Her Thriller
Mejia, Tehlor KaySammy Espinoza's Last Review A music critic stuck in a spiral of epic proportions targets her teenage crush for a career comeback and a chance at revenge. What could possibly go wrong?
Mendelson, CharlotteThe ExhibitionistFiction
Menéndez, AnaThe Apartment A novel about the search for freedom and the power of community that spans decades of residents in one Florida apartment.
Milas, JohnThe Militia House Horror
Miller, Sandra A.Wednesdays At OneIf you don't confront your might confront you first.
Mohamed, PremeeNo One Will Come Back For UsShort Stories
Moondi, Romi24 Hours in ItalyRomance - 24 Hours #2
Moore, MichelOn A MissionUrban Fiction
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaSilver NitrateA dark thriller about the curse that haunts a legendary lost film--and awakens one woman's hidden powers.
Morgan, ShannonHer Little FlowersA solitary women's quiet life spent in her crumbling ancestral manor house with the company of a child's ghost is dramatically interrupted when her estranged sister returns to share a horrific story of cruelty and desperation from decades earlier.
Murphy, DwyerThe Stolen CoastMystery
Myers, KateExcavations On a remote archeological site in Greece, the mythic home of the first Olympics, four women discover an unusual artifact.
Nelson, Caleb AzumahSmall WorldsFiction
Nguyen, MaiSunshine Nails A Vietnamese Canadian family in Toronto will do whatever it takes to protect their no-frills nail salon after a new high end salon opens up--even if it tears the family apart.
O'Donoghue, CarolineThe Rachel IncidentFiction
Ogden, AimeeEmergent PropertiesScience Fiction
Ogundimu, AlexandrineThe Longest SummerBeing queer in a small town? Bad. Your employer believing you stole ten thousand dollars? Worse.
Ogundiran, TobiJackal, Jackal: Tales Of The Dark And FantasticShort Stories
Owusu, DerekThat Reminds MeFiction
Patchett, AnnTom Lake Fiction
Patterson, JamesCircle Of DeathMystery - Shadow #2
Patterson, JamesLion & LambMystery
Patterson, JamesObsessedThriller - Michael Bennett #15
Pekkanen, SarahGone TonightThriller
Penelope, L.Beastly KingdomParanormal Romance - Bliss Wars #2
Peterson, TracieFinding UsChristian Historical - Pictures of the Heart #2
Piñeiro, ClaudiaA Little Luck20 years after a shocking accident, Mary Lohan returns to the Buenos Aires suburb she escaped in a fugue of guilt and isolation.
Powell, JasonNo Man's GhostIt's a FDNY firefighter's first-and possibly last--week on the job.
Quinn, SpencerMrs. Plansky's RevengeMystery - Mrs. Plansky #1
Quintana Albertson, AlanaKiss Me, Mi AmorRomance - Love & Tacos #2
Rachman, TomThe Imposters Fiction
Raman, R. V.Praying MantisMystery - Harith Athreya #3
Reichs, KathyThe Bone HackerMystery - Temperance Brennan #22
Riley, VanessaQueen Of Exiles A novel based on the life of Haiti's Queen Marie-Louise Coidavid, who escaped a coup to set up her own royal court in Italy during the Regency era.
Rimmer, KellyThe Paris AgentHistorical Fiction
Robards, KateThe Three Deaths Of Willa StannardThriller
Rogers, HaroldTropicália In the heady days before a New Year's Eve party on the bustling sands of Brazil's Copacabana Beach, a family reckons with a matriarch's long-awaited return.
Romero Lacruz, GabrielaThe Sun And The VoidTwo women embark on a quest into a world of dark gods and ancient magic in this fantasy debut inspired by the history and folklore of colonial South America.
Rosenberg, ZacharyHungers As Old As This LandHorror
Rosenfelt, DavidFlop Dead GorgeousMystery - Andy Carpenter #27
Russo, RichardSomebody's FoolFiction - North Bath #3
Ryan, JenniferSummer's Gift Romance
Sage, LylaDone And DustedShe's off-limits, but he's never been good at following the rules.
Sanders, JoshundaWomen of the PostInspired by true events, this book brings to life the heroines who proudly served in the all-Black battalion of the Women's Army Corps in WWII.
Saxey, EstherUnquietAn intrepid young woman journeys across Victorian London and beyond in search of the truth behind the presumed death, and reappearance one icy evening, of her brother-in-law.
Schorr, MeredithSomeone Just Like YouTwo childhood rivals are forced to work together to plan their parents' anniversary party.
Scott, AnikaSinners of Starlight CityA historical drama about a woman determined to avenge the crimes against her family, set at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.
Seales, JuliaA Most Agreeable Murder When a wealthy bachelor drops dead at a ball, a young lady takes on the decidedly improper role of detective in this debut comedy of manners and murder.
Sennefelder, DebraHow the Murder CrumblesA Connecticut cookie shop owner with unreliable employees and a cheating boyfriend is suspected of murder after a blogger who accused her of stealing a recipe turns up dead.
Sharma, NishaTastes Like Shakkar Romance - If Shakespeare Were an Auntie #2
Sheridan, MiaGrayson's VowRomance
Sheridan, MiaStingerRomance
Shiloh, ToniThe Love ScriptRomance
Sibhat, MihretThe History of a Difficult ChildA debut novel about the indomitable child of a scorned, formerly land-owning family who must grow up in the wake of Ethiopia's socialist revolution.
Siegel, KatieCharlotte Illes is Not a DetectiveA twentysomething former kid detective is coaxed out of retirement for one last case.
Silva, DanielThe Collector Thriller - Gabriel Allon #23
Sims, LauraHow Can I Help YouNo one knows Margo's real name.
Singh, NaliniResonance SurgeParanormal Romance - Psy-Changeling Trinity #7
Skyhorse, BrandoMy Name is Iris A novel set in a near-future America where mandatory identification wristbands make second-generation immigrants into second-class citizens.
Slaughter, JodiePlay To Win Romance
Slaughter, KarinAfter That NightMystery - Will Trent #11
Smith, Wilbur A.NemesisHistorical Fiction - Courtney #22
Solomon, Rachel LynnBusiness Or PleasureRomance
Soria, DestinyThief Liar Lady "Happily Ever After" is a total scam, but at least this time the princess is the one controlling the grift--until her true love arrives and threatens to ruin the whole scheme.
Soto, JulieForget Me NotA wedding planner with commitment issues lands the event of the season--if only she didn't have to deal with her grumpy ex...
St. Clair. ScarlettA Game Of GodsFantasy Romance - Hades X Persephone #6
Steel, DanielleHappiness Fiction
Stoker, SusanFinding JodelleRomance - Seal Team Hawaii #7
Tapper, JakeAll The Demons Are Here Thriller
Taylor, Sarah StewartA Stolen ChildMystery - Maggie d'Arcy #4
Thompson, MarielleWhere Ivy Dares To GrowA woman struggling with her mental health spends the winter with her cruel in-laws in their eerie, haunting manor that sweeps her back through time and into the arms of her fiancé's mysterious, alluring 19th century ancestor.
Thor, BradDead FallThriller - Scot Harvath #22
Tingle, ChuckCamp DamascusA horror debut about the demons the queer community faces in America, the price of keeping secrets, and finding the courage to burn it all down.
Torre, A. R.A Fatal AffairThriller
Tremblay, PaulThe Beast You AreShort Stories
TyunaCounterweightA tale of corporate intrigue, political unrest, unsolved mysteries, and the havoc wreaked by one company's monomaniacal endeavor to build the world's first space elevator.
Valentine, DanielleDelicate ConditionA woman is convinced a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens--while the men in her life refuse to believe a word she says.
Vee, JuliaEbony GateA female John Wick story with dragon magic set in contemporary San Francisco's Chinatown.
Vine, LucySeven Exes A woman decides to revisit each of her seven exes, convinced that one of them is "the one who got away."
Ward, JessicaThe St. Ambrose School for GirlsA coming-of-age novel set in a boarding school where the secrets are devastating--and deadly.
Weir, KeziahThe Mythmakers A journalist searches for answers after discovering herself in an enigmatic author's final, unpublished manuscript.
Weis, Margaret, and Tracy HickmanDragons of FateFantasy - Dragonlance Destinies #2
Wesley, Valerie WilsonA Shimmer of RedMystery - Odessa Jones #3
Whitehead, ColsonCrook Manifesto Historical Fiction - Ray Carney #2
Wiggs, SusanWelcome to Beach Town Fiction
Wilder, AvaWill They or Won't They Romance
Williams, BeatrizThe Beach at Summerly Historical Fiction
Williams, PipThe Bookbinder A young British woman working in a book bindery gets a chance to pursue knowledge and love when World War I upends her life.
Williams, RacquelThe Faithful Side ChickAn unsuspecting wife finds herself in a love triangle that threatens her safety when her husband's side chick decides she wants her out of the way.
Williams, ShanoraThe Other MistressA novel of seduction, betrayal, and obsession about the increasingly dangerous alliance between a betrayed wife and the Other Mistress.
Willis, ConnieThe Road To Roswell A novel about alien invasions, conspiracies, and the incredibly silly things people are willing to believe--some of which may actually be true.
Wilson, Emily H.Inanna Historical Fantasy
Winning, JoshuaBurn The NegativeHorror
Wolff, TracyStar BringerFirefly meets The Breakfast Club in this snarky, new adult romance.
Yagisawa, SatoshiDays At The Morisaki Bookshop Fiction
Yan, GeElsewhereShort Stories
Yokomizo, SeishiThe Devil's Flute MurdersMystery - Detective Kosuke Kindaichi
Zapata, MarianaThe Wall Of Winnipeg And Me Romance
Fit for the Gods: Greek Mythology ReimaginedShort Stories
June 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adelman, Melissa A.What The Neighbors SawThriller
Alexander, KiannaCan't Let Her GoFriends to lovers? There's a lot to consider, a lot to hope for, and a lot at risk.
Andrews, IlonaMagic TidesUrban Fantasy - Kate Daniels Wilmington Years #1
Andrews, IlonaMagic ClaimsUrban Fantasy - Kate Daniels Wilmington Years #2
Apostol, GinaLa TerceraPhilippine history from the 19th century to present day in the fragmented story of the Delgados, a family surviving across generations of colonization, catastrophe, and war.
Bazterrica, Agustina MaríaNineteen Claws And A Black BirdShort Stories
Benedict, Marie, and Victoria Christopher MurrayThe First LadiesHistorical Fiction
Beutner, KatharineKillinglyBased on the unsolved real-life disappearance of a Mount Holyoke student in 1897.
Bishop, KatieThe Girls Of SummerThriller
Boland, ShaliniThe Silent BrideIt's the wedding day of Alice's dreams. Until it becomes a nightmare...
Brazier, Eliza JaneGirls And Their HorsesSet in the glamorous, competitive world of showjumping, a novel about the girls who ride, their cutthroat mothers, and a suspicious death at a horse show.
Carr, John DicksonThe Seat Of The ScornfulMystery - Dr. Gideon Fell #14
Cate, SaraEyes On MeRomance - Salacious Players' Club #2
Cate, SaraPraiseRomance - Salacious Players' Club #1
Chang, ElyshaA Quitter's ParadiseA young woman does everything she can to ignore her mother's death, even as unearthed family secrets become increasingly inextricable from her own.
Cochran, RachelThe GulfA debut thriller, set on the gulf coast of Texas in the 1970s at the height of the women's liberation movement, in which a closeted young woman attempts to solve her surrogate mother's murder in a tight-knit, religious small town.
Darwin, AlexanderThe Combat CodesScience Fiction
Dawson, J. R. The First Bright ThingIf you knew how dark tomorrow would be, what would you do with today?
Evans, Mary AnnaThe Traitor Beside HerHistorical Mystery
Fine, JuliaMaddalena And The DarkHistorical Fiction
Ford, RichardBe MineFiction - Frank Bascombe #5
Fuentes, JavierCountries Of OriginFiction
Galang, M. EvelinaWhen The Hibiscus FallsSeventeen stories traverse borderlines, mythic and real, in the lives of Filipino and Filipino American women and their ancestors.
Gaynor, HazelThe Last LifeboatInspired by a remarkable true story, a young teacher evacuates children to safety across perilous waters
Gilbert, SianShe Started ItThriller
Go, NathanForgiving Imelda MarcosFiction
Goingback, OwlEvil WhispersHorror
Goldberg, PaulThe DissidentA Cold War mystery about a ragtag group of Jewish refuseniks in Moscow.
Gray, Shelley ShepardHer Only WishInspirational - A Season in Pinecraft #2
Green, ChrisThe Plug Of Lil Mexico 2Urban Fiction
Griffin, AdeleThe FavorTwo very different women make an unexpected connection when one decides to carry a baby for the other.
Hanks, TomThe Making Of Another Major Motion Picture MasterpieceHistorical Fiction
Harrison, KimDemons Of Good And EvilUrban Fantasy - Hollows #17
Haven, JoshThe Siberia JobA Texas businessman travels to the furthest reaches of post-Soviet Russia in search of the country's new wealth -- and finds new dangers as well.
Hazelwood, AliLove, TheoreticallyRival physicists collide in a vortex of academic feuds and fake dating shenanigans.
Hoke, HenryOpen ThroatA novel narrated by a queer and hungry mountain lion living in the drought-devastated land beneath the Hollywood sign.
Holborn, StarkTen LowFirefly meets Dune in a breakneck race to escape across an alien moon thriving with aliens and criminals.
Hostin, SunnySummer On Sag HarborFiction - Summer Beach #2
Jalaluddin, UzmaMuch Ado About NadaA second-chance romance inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion...
James, E. L.The MissusWhat happens once the glass slipper fits...?
James, TaniaLootA historical novel set in the eighteenth century: a hero's quest, a love story, the story of a young artist coming of age, and an exuberant heist adventure that traces the bloody legacy of colonialism across two continents and fifty years.
Jane, EmilyOn Earth As It Is On TelevisionWhen spaceships arrive and then depart suddenly without a word, the certainty that we are not alone in the universe turns to intense uncertainty as to our place within it.
Knight, ElizaStarring Adele AstaireHistorical Fiction
Lee, Mirinae8 Lives Of A Century-Old TricksterLife near the North Korean border is a zero-sum game, an ongoing battle in which you either win or you lose.
Leede, CJMaeve FlyHorror
Lenhardt, MelissaRun Baby RunA mother, a daughter and a road trip that's about to take a hard left turn in this story about the sacrifices we make for love.
Lin, KatherineYou Can't Stay Here ForeverDesperate to obliterate her past, a young widow flees California for the French Riviera.
Lowe, T. I.Indigo IsleChristian Fiction
MacMillan, LindsayDouble-Decker DreamsAmerican consultant Kat is staffed on a six-month project in London and has two very small, very reasonable ambitions before returning home: get promoted to partner and fall in love with a handsome English aristocrat.
Maldonado, IsabellaA Killer's GameAfter witnessing the murder of the chief of staff for a powerful New York senator, FBI agent and former military codebreaker Daniela Vega goes deep undercover to unravel a bizarre conspiracy where she must play a killer's game alongside an assassin-turned-informant.
Martineau, Maxym M.Shadows Of The LostOnce I was a Charmer, and the magical beasts of this world loved me. Now I'm something else. Something darker.
McCombs, TheodoreUraniansShort Stories
McCown, MarjorieFinal CutWhen Hollywood costumer Joey Jessop stumbles across a dead body near the set of a big budget movie, she must find ways to protect her career--and herself--before it's too late.
McNamara, LunaPsyche And ErosThe god of desire is cursed to fall for a spirited young mortal woman, but if she looks upon his face they will be parted forever.
Medie, Peace A.NightbloomWhen Selasi and Akorfa were young girls, they were more than just cousins; they were inseparable confidantes. Then Selasi begins to change, becoming hostile and quiet and losing interest in everything.
Michallon, ClémenceThe Quiet TenantA thriller about a serial killer narrated by those closest to him: his 13-year-old daughter, his girlfriend--and the one victim he has spared.
Mihalik, JessieCapture The SunScience Fiction - Starlight's Shadow #3
Miles, TiyaThe Cherokee Rose Of Gardens And GhostsThree women uncover the secrets of a Georgia plantation that embodies the intertwined histories of Indigenous and enslaved Black communities.
Mitchell, JamelFor The Love Of Blood 3Urban Fiction
Monaghan, AnnabelSame Time Next SummerRomance
Montgomery, ErikaOur Place On The IslandThree generations of women reunite at their family's beach house.
Moore, LorrieI Am Homeless If This Is Not My HomeFiction
Mulford, A. K.Evergreen HeirFantasy - Five Crowns of Okrith #4
Offutt, ChrisCode Of The HillsMystery - Mick Hardin #3
Ōmae, AoPeople Who Talk To Stuffed Animals Are NiceShort Stories
Patel, NamrataScent Of A GardenA perfumer in Paris is forced to return to her California roots.
Patterson, Richard NorthTrialThriller
Pride, ChristineYou Were Always MineA book about "two women, one Black and one white, and the baby who will send them on a collision course to confront their past and their future.
Rabess, CeciliaEverything's FineWhen Jess Lands a job as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, she's less than thrilled to learn she'll be on the same team as Josh, her old sparring partner from college.
RadclyffeFinders KeepersRomance - Rivers Community #8
Rao, Kritika H.The Surviving SkyHigh above a jungle-planet float the last refuges of humanity--plant-made civilizations held together by tradition, technology, and arcane science.
Rao, NilimaA Disappearance In FijiA debut mystery featuring a 25-year-old Indian police sergeant investigating a missing persons case in colonial Fiji.
Reay, KatherineA Shadow In MoscowIn the thick of the Cold War, a betrayal at the highest level risks the lives of two courageous female spies: MI6's best Soviet agent and the CIA's newest Moscow recruit.
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 9Urban Fiction
Rosche, JanineWith Every MemoryIs the life she can't remember one she'd rather forget?
Sager, RileyThe Only One LeftThriller
Sanderson, BrandonThe Frugal Wizard's Handbook For Surviving Medieval EnglandAn amnesiac wizard must endure time travel shenanigans--where his only hope of survival lies in recovering his missing memories.
SaynomoreThe Black Diamond CartelMalachi Williams is an upcoming kingpin in brooklyn, new york who thrives while living a nefarious lifestyle full of danger and crime.
Shalvis, JillThe Sweetheart ListRomance - Sunrise Cove #4
Shipman, ViolaFamous In A Small TownFiction
Slimani, LeïlaWatch Us DanceThe rebellions within an interracial family play out against the countercultural rebellions of the 1960s.
Smale, HollyCassandra In ReverseIf you had the power to change the past...where would you start?
Steel, DaniellePalazzoFiction
Sterling, SienaThe Game She PlaysThriller
Stewart, PollyThe Good OnesThriller
Thai, ThaoBanyan MoonA debut novel following three generations of Vietnamese American women reeling from the death of their matriarch, revealing the family's inherited burdens, buried secrets, and unlikely love stories.
Trussoni, DanielleThe Puzzle MasterAn expert puzzle maker is thrust into an ancient mystery--one with explosive consequences for the fate of humanity.
Tsukiyama, GailThe Brightest StarA historical novel based on the life of the actress Anna May Wong--the first and only Asian American woman to gain movie stardom in the early days of Hollywood.
Turnbull, CadwellMany Worlds: Or, The SimulacraScience Fiction Short Stories
Walker, TanaiRise Of The GorgonRomance
Walsh, CourtneyThe Happy Life Of Isadora BentleyWhat happens when a desperately lonely woman stumbles upon a magazine article outlining the "31 Ways to Be Happy" and decides to use it as a last-ditch attempt to turn her life around?
Ware, RuthZero DaysThriller
Wash, C.King DomOn the dark streets of Washington DC at fifteen years old, Felicio King's journey begins.
Watson, Ruth P.A Right Worthy WomanA novel based on the remarkable true story of Maggie Lena Walker, the daughter of a formerly enslaved woman who became the first Black woman to establish and preside over a bank in the United States.
Westerson, JeriThe Isolated SéanceMystery - Irregular Detective #1
Whittall, ZoeThe FakeFiction
Wilding, RoseSpeak Of The DevilNew Year's Eve, 1999. Seven women are gathered in a hotel room at midnight; a man's head sits in the center of the floor. They all had a motive to kill Jamie Spellman. They all swear they didn't.
Willberg, T. A.Marion Lane And The Raven's RevengeMystery - Marion Lane #3
Williams, KatieMy MurderWhat if the murder you had to solve was your own?
Willis, DeborahGirlfriend On MarsAmber Kivinen is moving to Mars. Or at least, she will be if she wins a chance to join MarsNow.
Woods, StuartNear MissMystery - Stone Barrington #64
Xie, JennyHolding PatternAt 28, Kathleen Cheng returns home to live with her single mother, Marissa, an immigrant from China.
Xie, XiaohongOwlishA professor falls in love with a mechanical ballerina in a mordant and uncanny fable of contemporary Hong Kong.
XtasySanctified And HornyUrban Fiction
May 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abbott, MeganBeware The WomanThriller
Abdel Gawad, AishaBetween Two MoonsSet in the Arab immigrant enclave of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, this debut follows three siblings coming of age over the course of one Ramadan.
Ackerman, ElliotHalcyonAlternative History
Adler, SarahMrs. Nash's AshesA starry-eyed romantic, a cynical writer, and (the ashes of) an elderly woman take the road trip of a lifetime that just might upend everything they believe about true love.
Agbaje-Williams, OreThe Three Of UsWhat if your two favorite people hated each other with a passion?
Ah'millionIt's Just Me And You 2Urban Fiction
Alexander, T. J.Chef's ChoiceRomance - Chef's Kiss #2
Anderson, Justin LeeThe Lost WarA tale of magic, mayhem, and a ragtag group of adventurers who just might be the key to saving their kingdom.
Armstrong, KelleyThe Poisoner's RingHistorical Mystery - Rip Through Time #2
Audrain, AshleyThe WhispersFour families' lives are changed when the unthinkable happens.
Bailey, TessaUnfortunately YoursRomance - Vine Mess #2
Bannalec, Jean-LucThe King Arthur CaseMystery - Brittany #7
Bannalec, Jean-LucThe Body By The SeaMystery - Brittany #8
Banville, JohnThe Lock-UpMystery - St. John Strafford #2
Barclay, LinwoodThe Lie MakerThriller
Beharrie, ThereseSingle Dads ClubOpposites attract when an ex-heiress and a single dad cross paths, only to find that their separate roads may lead them to the same destination.
Bell, CeliaThe DisenchantmentThis debut follows a passionate love affair between two noblewomen who wish to free themselves from their repressive society, whatever the cost.
Bellezza, Audrey, and Emily HardingEmma Of 83rd StreetIn this retelling of Jane Austen's Emma, a beautiful, clever, and rich Upper East Sider with a passion for matchmaking quickly discovers that the best match of all might just be the one she never saw coming.
Berest, AnneThe PostcardMysterious mail initiates a family's search for their buried truths.
Bessette, AliciaMurder On Mustang BeachCozy Mystery - Outer Banks Bookshop #2
Blackgoose, MoniquillTo Shape A Dragon's BreathThe remote island of Masquapaug has not seen a dragon in many generations--until fifteen-year-old Anequs finds a dragon's egg and bonds with its hatchling.
Blair, MelissaA Shadow CrownFantasy - Halfling Saga #2
Bostwick, MarieEsme Cahill Fails SpectacularlyFiction
Boullosa, CarmenThe Book Of EveWhat if everything they've told us about the Garden of Eden was wrong?
Brady, AliThe Comeback SummerTwo sisters have one summer to crush their comfort zones and save their grandmother's legacy.
Brammer, MikkiThe Collected Regrets Of CloverA debut about a death doula who, in caring for others at the end of their life, has forgotten how to live her own.
Brown, DaleWeapons Of OpportunityThriller - Nick Flynn #3
Burke, SueDual MemoryScience Fiction
Callaway, JoyAll The Pretty PlacesHistorical Fiction
Cameron, LindsayNo One Needs To KnowWhen an anonymous neighborhood forum gets hacked, the darkest secrets of New York's wealthiest residents come to light--including some worth killing for.
Carr, JackOnly The DeadThriller - Terminal List #6
Castillo, AnaDoña Cleanwell Leaves HomeShort Stories
Cervantes, J. C.The Enchanted HaciendaThe Estrada family farm in Mexico houses an abundance of charmed flowers cultivated by Harlow's mother, sisters, aunt, and cousins. By harnessing the magic in these flowers, they can heal hearts, erase memories, interpret dreams--but not Harlow.
Chang-Eppig, RitaDeep As The Sky, Red As The SeaA historical novel about a legendary Chinese pirate queen, her fight to save her fleet from the forces allied against them, and the dangerous price of power.
Chenault-Kilgore, MonicaLong Gone, Come HomeA story of perseverance, family, and ambition set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and the racial intolerances of the early 20th century.
Ch'ŏn, Myŏng-gwanWhaleA sweeping, multi-generational tale blending fable, farce, and fantasy--a masterpiece of modern fiction for fans of One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Christie, AgathaMidsummer Mysteries : Tales From The Queen Of MysteryMystery Short Stories
Chu, LilyThe ComebackA straitlaced woman's life is turned upside down when she unknowingly falls for one of the most famous men in the world.
Clark, Mary HigginsWhere Are The Children Now?Mystery - Where are the Children #2
Cogman, GenevieveScarletRevolution is a bloodthirsty business . . . especially when vampires are involved.
Comey, James B. Jr.Central Park WestThriller
Constantine, LivThe Senator's WifeA D.C. philanthropist suspects that her seemingly perfect employee is secretly plotting to steal her husband, her reputation--even her life.
Cosby, S. A.All The Sinners BleedThe first Black sheriff in a small Southern town faces a questionable shooting, a Confederate pride march, and a serial killer.
Cuffy, NicoleDancesA ballerina at the height of her powers becomes consumed with finding her missing brother.
Davin, FeliciaThe Scandalous Letters Of V And JHistorical Fiction
Davis, FionaThe SpectacularHistorical Fiction
Davis, Jenny FranDyketteA young woman embarks on a ten-day getaway with her partner and two other queer couples.
De los Santos, MarisaWatch Us ShineFiction
Deb, SiddharthaThe Light At The End Of The WorldA sweeping tale of rebellion, courage, and brutality that connects India's tumultuous 19th and 20th centuries to its distant past and its potentially apocalyptic future.
DiDomizio, NicolasThe Gay Best FriendRomance
Dila, DilmanWhere Rivers Go To DieScience Fiction Short Stories
Dream, KingBlood And GamesUrban Fiction
Dubus, Andre IIISuch KindnessFiction
Dugan, JenniferLove At First SetA gym employee accidentally ruins her bosses' daughter's wedding, then even more accidentally falls for the runaway bride...
Earling, Debra MagpieThe Lost Journals Of SacajeweaHistorical Fiction
El-Arifi, SaaraThe Battle DrumFantasy - Final Strife #2
Ferguson, MelissaFamous For A LivingThe world's most beloved social media star is about to get a rude awakening . . . she's going from Park Avenue to the Parks Department.
Fischer, BronwynThe AdultFiction
Foster, LoriThe Little Flower ShopRomance
Fournier, JamesieThe Other OnesHorror Short Stories
Frank, Victoria BentonMy Magnolia SummerEscape to the South Carolina Lowcountry, where family bonds and hidden secrets run deep.
Gabhart, Ann H.In The Shadow Of The RiverChristian Historical
Gagnon, MichelleKilling MeShe escaped a serial killer. Then things got weird.
Gallon, MichaelThe Murder Queens 3Urban Fiction
Gates, EvaDeath Knells And Wedding BellsCozy Mystery - Lighthouse Library #10
Gayle, MikeThe Museum Of Ordinary PeopleAn old set of encyclopedias leads a young woman to a curious museum and one profoundly moving lesson: that every life is an extraordinary life.
Gaylin, AlisonRobert B. Parker's Bad InfluenceMystery - Sunny Randall #11
Gigl, RobynRemain SilentMystery - Erin McCabe #3
Goldis, JaclynThe ChateauA girls trip to a luxurious French chateau turns from dream vacation to nightmare.
Goodman, AlisonThe Benevolent Society Of Ill-Mannered LadiesA high society amateur detective at the heart of Regency London uses her wits and invisibility as an 'old maid' to protect other women.
Gray, ClaudiaThe Late Mrs. WilloughbyHistorical Mystery - Murder of Mr. Wickham #2
Greco, StephenSuch Good FriendsThis star-studded, evocative novel revels in the glamor, gossip, and casual betrayal of 1960s and '70s high society New York and the socialite "swans" that ruled this scandalous world.
Grissom, KathleenCrow MaryHistorical Fiction
Hall, Alexis J.Mortal FolliesA young noblewoman must pair up with an alleged witch to ward off a curse.
Hanrahan, GarethThe Sword DefiantFantasy
Harkaway, NickTitanium NoirThe story of a detective investigating the murder of a Titan, one of society's most powerful, medically-enhanced elites.
Harmel, KristinThe Paris DaughterHistorical Fiction
Hart, LivyPlanes, Trains, And All The FeelsA series of mishaps unite two unlikely travel companions.
Hedva, JohannaYour Love Is Not GoodFiction
Heron, FarahJana Goes WildA woman trying to shed her perfect image at a destination wedding with hilarious -- and moving -- results.
Herrera, AdrianaAn Island Princess Starts A ScandalHistorical Romance - Las Leonas #2
Higgins, KristanA Little Ray Of SunshineFiction
Hilderbrand, ElinThe Five-Star WeekendFiction
Hill, DonnaI Am Ayah: The Way HomeShielding herself from the world behind the safety of her camera lens, photographer Ayah Fleming is pulled into the past when she returns home and uncovers the truth about her descendants with the help of a man who makes her long for a brighter future.
Horan, NancyThe House Of LincolnHistorical Fiction
Huang, AnaKing Of PrideRomance - Kings of Sin #2
Hyde, Catherine RyanJust A Regular BoyAn orphaned boy raised by a survivalist wends his way into the real world.
Ide, JoeFixitMystery - IQ #6
Isaacs, SusanBad, Bad Seymour BrownMystery - Corie Gellar #2
Islington, JamesThe Will Of The ManyAt the elite Catenan Academy, a young fugitive uncovers layered mysteries and world-changing secrets.
Kay, LauraWild ThingsWhat happens when a group of friends are actually brave enough to live the dream and give up their dreary city apartments to buy a house in the country together.
Kelly, LeeThe Antiquity AffairTwo estranged sisters must band together to solve a puzzle three millennia in the making in this female-heroine take on Indiana Jones.
Khavari, KateA Botanist's Guide To Flowers And FatalityHistorical Mystery - Saffron Everleigh #2
Lam, LauraDragonfallLong-banished dragons, revered as gods, return to the mortal realm.
Lane, ByronBig Gay WeddingTwo grooms. One mother of a problem.
Larsen, SamanthaA Novel DisguiseWhen Miss Tiffany Woodall assumes the identity of her half-brother after his death, she realizes she isn't the only one with a secret to hide in this historical series debut.
Lawrence, MarkThe Book That Wouldn't BurnTwo strangers find themselves connected by a mysterious and vast library, which contains many wonders and even more secrets.
Leckie, AnnTranslation StateThe mystery of a missing translator sets three lives on a collision course that will have a ripple effect across the stars.
Lee, Thomas D.Perilous TimesAn immortal Knight of the Round Table faces his greatest challenge yet--saving the politically polarized, rapidly warming world from itself.
Leitch, WillThe Time Has ComeSeven strangers and one very intense evening at a small-town Georgia pharmacy.
Liljestrand, JensEven If Everything EndsFiction
Lim, DominicAll The Right NotesSparks fly when a piano genius and a Hollywood heartthrob are thrown together for a charity performance of solos, heartfelt duets, and a big, showstopping finale.
Maden, MikeFire StrikeThriller - Oregon Files #17
Makhene, Magogodi oaMphelaInnardsShort Stories
Mc Ivor, BreanneThe God Of Good LooksFiction
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Private Life Of Spies And The Exquisite Art Of Getting EvenShort Stories
McGill, C. E.Our Hideous ProgenyIt is not the monster you must fear, but the monster it makes of men. . .
McKinlay, JennSummer ReadingRomance
McKnight, RhondaThe Thing About HomeA disgraced social media star flees to South Carolina's Lowcountry in search of refuge and connection to the family she's never known.
Meyer, GabrielleIn This MomentChristian Romance
Michaels, FernLiar!Thriller
Milligan, A. RoyGirls Fall Like DominoesUrban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyWomen Lie Men LieUrban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyNaive To The StreetsUrban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyStack Before You SplurgeUrban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyWomen Lie Men Lie 3Urban Fiction
Milligan, A. RoyWomen Lie Men Lie 2Urban Fiction
Moore, Meg MitchellSummer StageFiction
Morrissey, BridgetThat Summer FeelingTurns out you're never too old for a summer camp romance. Or a change of heart.
Muchemi-Ndiritu, IreneLucky GirlLonging for independence, a young sheltered Kenyan woman flees the expectations of her mother for a life in New York City that challenges all her beliefs about race, love, and family.
Murphy, NoraThe New MotherIsolated. Lonely. Tired. It's hard being The New Mother. Sometimes it's murder.
Murray, AmitaUnladylike Lessons In LoveHistorical Mystery - Marleigh Sisters #1
Neal, JenniferNotes On Her ColorFiction
Nesbø, JoKilling MoonMystery - Harry Hole #13
Newman, T. J. Drowning : The Rescue Of Flight 1421Thriller
Noble, ShelleyThe Tiffany GirlsHistorical Fiction
Nworah, AdorahHouse WomanThriller
O'Keefe, Megan E.The Blighted StarsStranded on a dead planet with her mortal enemy, a spy must survive and uncover a conspiracy.
Omar, Idman NurThe Private ApartmentsShort Stories
Page, Katherine HallThe Body In The WebMystery - Faith Fairchild #26
Paolini, ChristopherFractal NoiseScience Fiction - Fractalverse #2
Parker, T. JeffersonThe RescueThriller
Patrick, PhaedraThe Little Italian HotelWhen a relationship expert's own marriage falls apart, she invites four strangers to Italy for a vacation of healing and second chances.
Patterson, James, and Adam HandyPrivate MoscowThriller - Private #15
Payne, FumiyaSalute My SavageryAfter being imprisoned for the assault of an arch rival, Kavoni has reentered society with a scheme that'll require spilled blood, boldness and no compassion for the opp.
Peterson, TracieThe Heart's ChoiceThey must uncover the truth before it's buried forever.
Pochoda, IvySing Her DownNo Country for Old Men meets Killing Eve in this gritty, feminist Western thriller.
Polito, Frank AnthonyRehearsed To DeathCozy Mystery - Domestic Partners in Crime #2
Powers, KevinA Line In The SandThriller
Reid, CharishMickey Chambers Shakes It UpTotal opposites. Totally irresistible.
Renee, RaevynHood Defined LoveGrowing up in difficult circumstances in the hood, Mikayla meets Jeremiah, who has also led a troubled life, and the pair discover that love can blossom anywhere.
RentaSki Mask Money 2Urban Fiction
RentaHeaven Got A Ghetto 2Urban Fiction
Rich, SentaHotel 21Fiction
Riley, LucindaAtlas: The Story Of Pa SaltHistorical Romance - Seven Sisters #8
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 8Urban Fiction
Rio, KingSuper GremlinUrban Fiction
Ritchie, Krista and BeccaKiss The SkyRomance - Calloway Sisters #1
Robinson, CoreyProtege Of A Legend 3Urban Fiction
Rosenberg, Joel C.The Libyan DiversionThriller - Marcus Ryker #5
Rosenblum, EmmaBad Summer PeopleA propulsive debut about infidelity, backstabbing, and murderous intrigue, set against an exclusive summer haven on Fire Island.
Rovin, JeffFalloutThriller - Tom Clancy's Op-Center #22
Rowley, StevenThe CelebrantsReuniting to honor a decades-old pact to throw each other living "funerals," five friends find their pact upended when one of them reveals a shocking secret.
Rudnick, PaulFarrell Covington and the Limits of StyleFiction
Ryan, KennedyThe Grip TrilogyRomance
Saint, JenniferAtalantaPrincess, Warrior, Lover, Hero
SaynomoreGorillaz In The Trenches 3Urban Fiction
SaynomoreSoul Of A Hustler, Heart Of A Killer 3Urban Fiction
SaynomoreGorillaz In The Trenches 2Urban Fiction
Schellman, KatharineThe Last Drop Of HemlockHistorical Mystery - Last Call at the Nightingale #2
Sebastian, CatWe Could Be So GoodCasey McQuiston meets The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo in this mid-century rom-dram about a scrappy reporter and a newspaper mogul's son.
See, LisaLady Tan's Circle Of WomenAn immersive tale about an elite woman who becomes a physician in spite of societal restrictions during China's Ming Dynasty.
Shaara, JeffThe Old LionHistorical Fiction
Shade, AnneThree WishesA magic lamp, a beautiful Jinni, and a cursed princess make for one unbelievable story.
Shaffer, MegThe Wishing GameMake a wish, but be careful what you wish for: you might just get it.
Sims, JonathanFamily BusinessDeath. It's a dirty business.
Sinclair, ShaunBeats And BlowUrban Fiction - Crescent Crew #5
Sloan, Holly GoldbergPieces Of BlueA family tries to restore a ramshackle beachside motel--and their own lives.
Smith, Ian K.The OvernightsMystery - Ashe Cayne #3
Smith, Martin CruzIndependence SquareMystery - Arkady Renko #10
Somtochukwu, Ani KayodeAnd Then He Sang A LullabyFiction
Sönmez, BurhanStone And ShadowThis gorgeous, haunting saga tells the story of modern Turkey and its diverse communities through the life of a gravestone maker.
Spencer, MinervaThe Dueling DuchessHistorical Romance - Wicked Women of Whitechapel #2
Stevette, JaylonnaAlmost Happy: The Chronicles of TabbyTabby's tale looks into love, sex, and conflict with the "bad boy" as she struggles to finally be happy.
Styles, T.An Ugly Girl's Diary 2Urban Fiction
Sussman, ElissaOnce More With FeelingRomance
Tay, Self MadeBorn In The Grave 3Urban Fiction
Taylor, BrandonThe Late AmericansA loose circle of lovers and friends encounter, confront, and provoke one another in a volatile year of self-discovery.
Tchaikovsky, AdrianCity Of Last ChancesFantasy
Thomas, JuliaThe Radcliffe Ladies' Reading ClubHistorical Fiction
Thorogood, RobertDeath Comes To MarlowMystery - Marlow Murder Club #2
Törzs, EmmaInk Blood Sister ScribeTwo estranged half-sisters tasked with guarding their family's library of magical books must work together to unravel a deadly secret at the heart of their collection.
Tukes, RomellSosa Gang 3Urban Fiction
Tukes, RomellSosa Gang 2Urban Fiction
Urrea, Luis AlbertoGood Night, IreneWhat if a friendship forged on the front lines of war defines a life forever?
Varadarajan, DeepaLate BloomersAn Indian American family is turned upside down when the parents split up thirty-six years into their arranged marriage.
Vásquez, Juan GabrielRetrospectiveFiction
Wangtechawat, PimThe Moon Represents My HeartFollows a Chinese British family of time travelers as they seek connections over borders--both national borders and those created by time.
Weaver, AshleyPlaying It SafeHistorical Mystery - Electra McDonnell #3
Weir, AlisonThe King's PleasureHistorical Fiction
Wells, MarthaWitch KingFrom the breakout SFF superstar author of Murderbot comes a remarkable story of power and friendship, of trust and betrayal, and of the families we choose.
White, KarenThe House On PrytaniaMystery - Royal Street #2
White, KateBetween Two StrangersThriller
Whitlow, RobertDouble IndemnityChristian Suspense
Winstead, AshleyThe Boyfriend CandidateRomance
Wolfgang-Smith, OliviaGlassworksFollows one family across four generations to explore legacy and identity in all its forms.
Yehoshua, Abraham B.The Only DaughterFiction
ZariPenthouse ViewSelling weed and then running her own robbing crew that targeted drug dealers was how Tori Phillips gained her entry into the Atlanta drug market. Their motto was, "Why buy drugs when you can steal them?"
Even if the Sky is FallingRomance Short Stories
April 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abé, ShanaAn American BeautyHistorical fiction inspired by the true rags-to-riches story of Arabella Huntington, who defied the constraints of her era to become the wealthiest self-made woman in America.
Abrams, StaceyRogue JusticeThriller - Avery Keene #2
Adams, ElleryPaper CutsCozy Mystery - Secret, Book, & Scone #6
Adams, SarahPractice Makes PerfectRomantic Comedy
Adams, TaylorThe Last WordAfter posting a negative review of a horror novel, a woman staying at an isolated beach house begins to wonder if the author is a little touchy--or very, very dangerous.
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana KwameChain-Gang All-StarsTwo top women gladiators fight for their freedom within a depraved private prison system not so far-removed from America's own.
Alexander, Neely TubatiLove BuzzA chance romantic encounter during a wild night at a Mardi Gras bachelorette party sends strait-laced Serena Khan's carefully constructed life into chaos
Allen, JayneBlack Girls Must Have It AllFiction - Black Girls Must Die Exhausted #3
Allen, Samantha JayneHard RainMystery - Annie McIntyre #2
Allende, IsabelThe Wind Knows My NameHistorical Fiction
Apostol, GinaLa TerceraThe fragmented story of the Delgados, a family surviving across generations of colonization, catastrophe, and war.
Argento, JoyGin And Bear ItRomance
Argy, JuliaThe OneFiction
Arnaldur IndriðasonThe Girl By The BridgeMystery - Detective Konrad #2
Ausubel, RamonaThe Last AnimalA single mother and her two teen daughters engage in a wild scientific experiment and discover themselves in the process.
Baker, JoThe Midnight NewsHistorical Fiction
Barker, Joanna L.A Heart Worth StealingHistorical Romance
Barry, DaveSwamp StoryFiction
Battis, JesThe Winter KnightArthurian legends are reborn in this upbeat queer urban fantasy with a mystery at its heart.
Bauermeister, EricaNo Two PersonsOne book. Nine readers. Ten changed lives.
Beagle, Peter S.The Way Home : Two Novellas From The World Of The Last UnicornFantasy
Beers, GeorgiaDance With MeRomance
Bellefleur, AlexandriaThe Fiancée FarceA quiet bookseller and a romance novel cover model agree to a modern-day marriage of convenience.
Bentley, DonTom Clancy Flash PointThriller - Jack Ryan, Jr. #10
Berman, EllaBefore We Were InnocentA summer in Greece for three best friends ends in the unthinkable when only two return home.
Binge, NicholasAscensionThe sudden appearance of a mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean leads a group of scientists to a series of revelations that challenge the notion of what it means to be human.
Birchall, KatyThe Last WordRomance
Boyd, JeffThe WeightA powerful coming-of-age novel about a twenty-something Black musician living in predominantly white Portland, Oregon.
Bradley, MarciaThe Home For Wayward GirlsGrowing up in the 1990s, a young girl escapes her abusive parents-and the "ranch" they ran for "bad" girls--and becomes an advocate for teen runaways.
Brennan, AllisonSeven Girls GoneMystery - Quinn & Costa #4
Brotherton, Marcus, and Tosca LeeThe Long March HomeHistorical Fiction
Brown, NessThe Scourge Between StarsA tense, claustrophobic sci-fi/horror blend set aboard a doomed generation ship harboring something terrible within its walls.
Brussig, ThomasThe Short End Of The SonnenalleeFiction
Bryant, NiobiaMadam XUrban Fiction - Madam #2
Bunn, T. DavisShell BeachChristian Fiction - Miramar Bay #7
Buoro, StephenThe Five Sorrowful Mysteries Of Andy AfricaThe story of an exceptional teenager coming of age in the shadow of colonialism and communal violence in Nigeria.
Byler, LindaThe Weaving Of LifeAmish Romance - New Directions #1
Callahan Henry, PattiThe Secret Book Of Flora LeaWhen a woman stumbles across a mysterious children's book, long-held secrets about her missing sister and their childhood spent in the English countryside during World War II are revealed
Cambridge, ColleenMastering The Art Of French MurderA new mystery set in Paris and starring Julia Child's (fictional) best friend, confidant, and fellow American.
Cameron, MarcBreakneckThriller - Arliss Cutter #5
Campbell, NanThe No Kiss ContractWorkaholic Davy believes she can get the top spot at her firm if the senior partners think she's settling down and about to start a family, but she needs the delightful yet dubious Anna's help by pretending to be her fiancée.
Carcaterra, LorenzoNonna Maria And The Case Of The Stolen NecklaceCozy Mystery - Nonna Maria #2
Carey, M. R.Infinity GateScience Fiction - Pandominion #1
Carlton, H. D.Haunting AdelineFiction - Cat and Mouse Duet #1
Carlton, H. D.Hunting AdelineFiction - Cat and Mouse Duet #2
Castro, V.The Haunting Of AlejandraA woman is haunted by the Mexican folk demon La Llorona as she unravels the dark secrets of her family history.
Celeste, B.Dare You To Hate MeRomance - Lindon U #1
Celeste, B.Beg You To Trust MeRomance - Lindon U #2
Chalsen, BeckyKismetA sun-soaked debut about love, sisterhood, and destiny, set in the glorious beach town of Kismet, Fire Island . . . Can Amy's marriage survive Jo's wedding?
Charry, BrindaThe East IndianA debut novel about the first native of the Indian subcontinent to arrive in Colonial America.
Chong, CorinnaThe Whole AnimalShort Stories
Chong, KevinThe Double Life Of Benson YuFollows Benson Yu, a writer, who loses control of his own narrative when he attempts to write the story of his fraught upbringing in 1980s Chinatown.
Clare, JessicaWhat The HexRomance
Clawson, MeganFalling Hard For The Royal GuardDespite living in an actual castle, happily ever after is evading Margaret 'Maggie' Moore.
Cleeton, ChanelThe Cuban HeiressIn 1934, a luxury cruise becomes a fight for survival as two women's pasts collide on a round-trip voyage from New York to Havana.
Cline, EmmaThe GuestA young woman pretends to be someone she isn't.
Clipston, AmyBreaking New GroundChristian Fiction - Amish Legacy #3
Connelly, LucyAn American In ScotlandThe small idyllic town of Sea Isle, Scotland, harbors some dark secrets, and Dr. Emilia McRoy is determined to uncover all of them--no matter what the diagnosis.
Connolly, RebeccaUnder The Cover Of MercyCan one nurse on a mission of mercy and rebellion turn the tide of WWI?
Cooney, Caroline B.The Wrong Good DeedShe thought she had left that life behind forever. She was wrong.
Cronin, JustinThe FerrymanA standalone novel about a group of survivors on a hidden island utopia--where the truth isn't what it seems.
Crooks, JacquelineFire RushSet amid the Jamaican diaspora in London at the dawn of 1980s, a story of love, loss, and self-discovery that vibrates with the liberating power of music.
Cypher, SarahThe Skin And Its GirlA young, queer Palestinian American woman pieces together her great-aunt's secrets.
Dalembert, Louis-PhilippeMilwaukee BluesAn eloquent fictionalized account of the events surrounding the death of George Floyd in 2020.
Dallas, SandraWhere Coyotes HowlHistorical Fiction
Darke, MinnieWith Love From Wish & Co.Two boxes, both alike in size and shape . . .
Davenport, N. E.The Blood GiftScience Fiction - Blood Gift #2
Dekane, TrinityDeceitful VowsA wife has had enough of her husband's cheating ways, but he isn't willing to let her go without a fight.
Denton-Hurst, TembeHomebodiesA debut novel about a young Black writer whose world is turned upside down when she loses her coveted job in media and pens a searing manifesto about racism in the industry.
Deveraux, JudeMy Heart Will Find YouTheir love refused to stay quiet, echoing across time...
Devi, MahaswetaTruth/UntruthFiction
Dimon, HelenKayMoorewood Family RulesA woman returns home from prison to her dysfunctional con artist family and tries to get them to go legit.
Doctorow, CoryRed Team BluesThriller
Drake, Piper J.Wings Once Cursed & BoundRomantic Fantasy - Mythwoven #1
Due, TananariveThe Wishing Pool And Other StoriesHorror Short Stories
Edwards, Emily J.Viviana Valentine Goes Up The RiverHistorical Mystery - Girl Friday #2
Elliott, KateFurious HeavenScience Fiction - Sun Chronicles #2
Ellis, PhilipLove & Other ScamsRomance
Faraday, ChrisTrineScience Fiction
Fay, JulietteThe Half Of ItOne perfect night. Forty years of buried hurt. One chance to make it right. Can the past ever be fixed?
Fein-Zachary, JacquelineHarvest DreamsRomance
Ferguson, LanaThe NannyA woman discovers the father of the child she is nannying may be her biggest (Only)Fan.
Fisher, Suzanne WoodsThe Secret To HappinessFisher - Cape Cod Creamery #2
Ford, Daniel M.The WardenA young woman must leave behind the relative luxury of her upbringing and recently graduated collegiate life to serve as a Warden, a wizardly protector, of a rural community at the rough edge of her kingdom.
Fortune, CarleyMeet Me At The LakeRomance
Frazier, CharlesThe TrackersHistorical Fiction
Gamboa, SantiagoColombian PsychoThriller
Geary, KarlJuno Loves LegsFiction
Graham, HeatherShadow Of DeathRomantic Suspense
Graver, ElizabethKantikaA multigenerational saga that moves from Istanbul to Barcelona, Havana, and New York, exploring displacement, endurance, and family as home.
Graves, SarahDeath By Chocolate Marshmallow PieCozy Mystery - Death By Chocolate #6
Gray, AnissaLife And Other Love SongsA father's sudden disappearance exposes the private fears, dreams, longings, and joys of a Black American family in the late decades of the twentieth century.
Greenwald, CarlynSizzle ReelFiction
Griffiths, EllyThe Last RemainsMystery - Ruth Galloway #15
Grillo, ChristineHestia Strikes A MatchSet amid the devastation of a new American civil war, Hestia Strikes a Match is the story of a woman looking for love and friendship, even as the world collapses.
Hackett, NicoleThe Perfect OnesTwo days after arriving in Iceland for a promotional trip, Instagram influencer Alabama Wood goes missing.
Hakes, Jasmin 'IolaniHulaSet in Hilo, Hawai'i, a sweeping saga of tradition, culture, family, history, and connection that unfolds through the lives of three generations of women--a tale of mothers and daughters, dance and destiny.
Hall, Alexis J.Something SpectacularHistorical Romance - Something Fabulous #2
Halperin, HannaI Could Live Here ForeverFiction
Hamburger, AaronHotel CubaHistorical Fiction
Han, KangGreek LessonsA woman finds herself without language at the same time that her instructor slowly loses his eyesight.
Hankin, LauraThe DaydreamsA novel about the stars of a popular teen show from the early 2000s--and the reunion special, thirteen years after their scandalous flameout, that will either be their last chance at redemption, or destroy them all for good.
Hanks, TomThe Making Of Another Major Motion Picture MasterpieceFiction
Harding, LisaCloud GirlsThrown together by a harrowing twist of fate, two girls will find hope and redemption in friendship.
Harris, C. S.Who Cries For The LostHistorical Mystery - Sebastian St. Cyr #18
Harrison, Tiffany ClarkeBlue HourWhat is motherhood in the midst of uncertainty, buried trauma, and an unraveling America? What it's always been--a love song.
Heiny, KatherineGames And RitualsShort Stories
Helfer, MonikaLast House Before The MountainHistorical Fiction
Hendricks, T. R.The InstructorAction
Herchenroether, SaraThe Night FlowersThriller
Hillerman, AnneThe Way Of The BearMystery - Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito #8
Holland, SamThe TwentyMystery - Major Crimes #2
Holton, IndiaThe Secret Service Of Tea And TreasonHistorical Romance - Dangerous Damsels #3
Hostin, SunnySummer On Sag HarborFiction - Summer Beach #2
Howard, KatA Sleight Of ShadowsFantasy - Unseen World #2
Huang, AnaKing Of WrathRomance - Kings of Sin #1
Huang, Ling LingNatural BeautyFollows a young musician into an elite, beauty-obsessed world where perfection comes at a staggering cost.
Hyder, LizThe GiftsIn England in 1840, at the crossroads of belief in religion and science, when society has very strict requirements on gender roles, the lives of five people unravel.
Jackson, BuzzyTo Die BeautifulHistorical Fiction
Jackson, JoshilynWith My Little EyeThriller
Jackson, Sarah K.Not AloneThe harrowing journey of a mother and son fighting for survival and a future in a world ravaged by environmental disaster.
Janowitz, BrendaThe Audrey Hepburn EstateWhen Emma Jansen learns the Long Island estate where she grew up will be demolished, she returns for a last visit. But Emma finds she can't ignore the complicated memories of living over the garage, a child of the help
Jennett, MeaganYou Know HerKilling Eve meets Sharp Objects in this thriller about two women: a fledgling murderer and the cop hell-bent on catching her.
Jimenez, AbbyYours TrulyRomance - Part of Your World #2
Johansen, IrisThe SurvivorMystery - Eve Duncan #30
Johnson, CliffordTurned UpUrban Fiction - Hot Shot #3
Jones, GaylButter : Novellas, Stories, And FragmentsShort Stories
Joseph, PatersonThe Secret Diaries Of Charles Ignatius SanchoThis debut novel comprises the rollicking fictionalized memoirs of a real-life Black British trailblazer who associated with David Garrick and Dr. Johnson, played Othello, served as a valet at Windsor Castle, was painted by Thomas Gainsborough, and voted for abolition.
Karger, SidneyBest MenWhen two best men in a wedding party fall for each other, they realize love isn't a piece of cake.
Keane, Mary BethThe Half MoonA couple in a small town must navigate the complexities of marriage, family, and longing.
Keith, EllenThe Dutch OrphanHistorical Fiction
Kellogg, CamilleJust As You AreThe only thing worse than hating your boss? Being attracted to her.
Kepnes, CarolineFor You And Only YouMystery - Joe Goldberg #4
Keyes, J. GregoryThe Basilisk ThroneFantasy
Khaw, CassandraThe Salt Grows HeavyYou may think you know how the fairytale goes: a mermaid comes to shore and weds the prince. But what the fables forget is that mermaids have teeth. And now, her daughters have devoured the kingdom and burned it to ashes.
Kitt, SandraThe Time Of Your LifeRomance - Millionaires Club #2
Kuang, R. F.YellowfaceWhat happens when a midlist author steals a manuscript and publishes it as her own?
La Salle, EriqLaws Of WrathThriller - Martyr Maker #2
Lacey, CatherineBiography Of XWhen convention-smashing artist X unexpectedly drops dead, her grieving widow, CM, commits herself to writing X's biography and discovers well-kept secrets and destructive patches in X's life that she never knew.
Lalli, SonyaJasmine And Jake Rock The BoatRomance
Larkin, MichelleThe Value Of Sylver And GoldRomantic Suspense - Sylver and Gold #2
Lauren, ChristinaThe True Love ExperimentRomance
Lee, Helen ElainePomegranateFiction
Leicht, StinaLoki's RingGita Chithra embarks on a mission through space to save the robot she loves as a daughter--or risk losing her.
Lin-Greenberg, KarinYou Are HereAs a once-bustling mall prepares to shut its doors for the final time, the residents of an upstate New York town must reckon with a shocking act that forces them to reevaluate who they are.
Little, LivRosewaterRomance
Luo, SusiePaper NamesAn unexpected act of violence brings together a Chinese-American family and a wealthy white lawyer.
Malpas, Jodi EllenOne Night With The DukeHistorical Romance - Belmore Square #1
McAvoy, J. J.Verity And The Forbidden SuitorHistorical Romance - DuBells #2
McCammon, Robert R.Swan SongScience Fiction
McCoy, TajZora Books Her Happy Ever AfterA heart-pounding, curvy romance about an indie bookstore owner who finds herself in a love triangle when she meets the author she's had a crush on for years...and his best friend.
McKenna, Juliet E.The CleavingFour women, four destinies - the future of King Arthur's court...
McKinnon, Hannah RobertsThe DarlingsFiction
Medina, NickSisters Of The Lost NationA young Native girl's hunt for answers about the women mysteriously disappearing from her tribe's reservation leads her to delve into the myths and stories of her people, all while being haunted herself.
Meier, LeslieMother Of The Bride MurderCozy Mystery - Lucy Stone #29
Meissner, SusanOnly The BeautifulHistorical Fiction
Melchor, FernandaThis Is Not MiamiShort Stories
Mellors, CocoCleopatra & FrankensteinA debut novel about the shock waves caused by one couple's impulsive marriage.
Mensah, Elvin JamesSmall JoysAn unexpected friendship saves a young man's life.
Metcalfe, AnnaChrysalisThe story of a mysterious young woman transforming first her body and then her digital presence, told by three distinct people, each differently mesmerized by her.
Milan, Joe Jr.The All-AmericanFiction
Miller, RowennaThe Fairy Bargains Of Prospect HillIn the early 1900s, two sisters must navigate the magic and the dangers of the Fae in this enchanting and cozy historical fantasy about sisterhood and self-discovery.
Moore, SusannaThe Lost WifeHistorical Fiction
Moulton, Rachel EveThe Insatiable Volt SistersTwo sisters must reckon with family history on the mysterious island that is their ancestral home.
Murray, Victoria ChristopherPrideFiction - 7 Deadly Sins #5
Nakamura, FuminoriThe Rope ArtistMystery
Neuvel, SylvainFor The First Time, AgainScience Fiction - Take Them to the Stars #3
Novak, BrendaThe Seaside LibraryFiction
Oza, JanikaA History Of BurningIn 1898, Pirbhai, a teenage boy looking for work, is taken from his village in India to labor for the British on the East African Railway. Far from home, Pirbhai commits a brutal act in the name of survival that will haunt him and his family for years to come.
Palmer, DianaThe LonerRomance - Long, Tall Texans #53
Patterson, JamesCross DownThriller - Alex Cross and John Sampson #1
Paul, Crystal SmithDid You Hear About Kitty Karr?When white silver screen icon Kitty Karr Tate dies and bequeaths her multimillion-dollar estate to the three Black St. John sisters, it prompts questions.
Perry, AnneThe Fourth EnemyHistorical Mystery - Daniel Pitt #6
Pinsker, SarahLost PlacesSpeculative Short Stories
Porter, ChanaThe Thick And The LeanIn the quaint religious town of Seagate, abstaining from food brings one closer to God. But Beatrice Bolano is hungry
Power, RoryIn An Orchard Grown From AshFantasy - Wind-Up Garden #2
Prentiss, MollyOld FlameFiction
Quick, AmandaThe Bride Wore WhiteHistorical Mystery - Burning Cove, California #7
Quinn, Julia, and Shonda RhimesQueen CharlotteA novel of Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte and King George III's great love story.
Quinn, MeghanVacation WarsRomantic Comedy
Raheem, ZaraThe RetreatFiction
Ramisetti, KirthanaAdvika And The Hollywood WivesA down-on-her luck young woman meets and quickly marries a famed Hollywood producer even though he's 41 years her senior.
Reimann, BrigitteSiblingsA story of sibling love ruptured by the Iron Curtain.
Roberts, NoraIdentityRomantic Suspense
Robinson, PeterStanding In The ShadowsMystery - Inspector Banks #28
Rose, JenevaYou Shouldn't Have Come HereThriller
Rose, KatiaThe Devil Wears TartanRomance
Rosen, RenéeFifth Avenue Glamour GirlIt's 1938, and a young woman selling face cream out of a New York City beauty parlor is determined to prove she can have it all. Her name is Estée Lauder, and she's about to take the world by storm.
Saintcrow, LilithSpring's ArcanaFantasy
Sawyer, Kim VogelThe Tapestry Of GraceA Mennonite widower struggling to raise his mischievous boys becomes the unwilling target of the well-intentioned women's benevolent society.
Schuler, AlexRogueWhen an estranged father and son find themselves on a terrifying journey through space, they must figure out what is wiping out advanced civilizations before earth becomes its next victim.
Sharma, AnnikaSugar, Spice, And Can't Play NiceRomance - Chai Masala Club #2
Shepard, KatieBear With Me NowLove makes life a little wilder in this debut romantic comedy.
Sheridan, MiaKylandRomance
Sherwood, KimDouble Or NothingThriller - Double 0 (James Bond) #1
Sin, Kyŏng-sukI Went To See My FatherIn the wake of a personal tragedy, a novelist goes back home in the Korean countryside to take care of her gentle father.
Sky, MelissaOutside The LinesRomantic Suspense
Skye, EvelynDamselA damsel in distress takes on the dragon herself.
Slater, AliceDeath Of A BooksellerIn this debut, a disaffected, true crime-obsessed bookseller develops a dangerous obsession with a colleague.
Smith, Michael F. Salvage This WorldFiction
Sochil Washington, SharonThe Blue Is Where God LivesAn intergenerational examination of trauma, legacy, magic, and memory in the Black American experience.
Sommers, RachaelIn Too DeepRomance
Stabenow, DanaNot The Ones DeadMystery - Kate Shugak #23
Sternbergh, AdamThe Eden TestA thriller about a couple looking to save their marriage by retreating to a cabin upstate. What could possibly go wrong?
Stewart, AndreaThe Bone Shard WarFantasy - Drowning Empire #3
Stradal, J. RyanSaturday Night At The Lakeside Supper ClubFiction
Strohmeyer, SarahWe Love To EntertainThriller
Sullivan, Andrew F.The MarigoldIn a near-future Toronto buffeted by environmental chaos and unfettered development, an unsettling new lifeform begins to grow beneath the surface, feeding off the past.
Sullivan, JulieThe World Is Full Of ChampionsHistorical Fiction
Swinson, KikiBurning SeasonEverything is on the line as a female firefighter desperate for money gets caught up in a man-made disaster . . .
Sze-Lorrain, FionaDear ChrysanthemumsFiction
Tchaikovsky, AdrianLords Of UncreationScience Fiction - Final Architecture #3
Tesh, EmilySome Desperate GloryScience Fiction
Thalassa, LauraBewitchedFantasy Romance
Thayer, NancyAll The Days Of SummerFiction
Thompson, VictoriaMurder On Bedford StreetHistorical Mystery - Gaslight #26
Tina MarieMy Heart Still Beats For YouWhile Inaya, pregnant and newly independent, struggles to let Phantom go, Shahai is held hostage by someone out for serious revenge and rescued by Lox, who realizes the consequences of turning his back for even a moment.
Toon, PaigeOnly Love Can Hurt Like ThisAn earth-shattering secret. A life-changing love story.
Unigwe, ChikaThe Middle DaughterUdodi's death was the beginning of the raging storm but at that moment, we thought that the worst had already happened, and that life would treat us with more kindness.
Valdes, AlisaHollow BeastsA wilderness thriller featuring Jodi Luna, a rookie game warden who takes on a terrorist group in rugged New Mexico.
Varela, AlejandroThe People Who Report More StressShort Stories
Verghese, AbrahamThe Covenant Of WaterFiction
Walker, TanaiCurse Of The GorgonRomantic Suspense - The Gorgon #2
Walters, VanessaThe NigerwifeWhite Lotus meets Big Little Lies in this riveting domestic drama about a young woman who goes missing in Lagos, Nigeria, and her estranged auntie who will stop at nothing to find her.
Waters, MarthaTo Swoon And To SparHistorical Romance - Regency Vows #4
Weeks, BrentNight Angel NemesisFantasy - Kylar Chronicles #1
Welsh-Huggins, AndrewThe End Of The RoadA bank robber tries to leave behind his life of crime after serving his time. But getting out isn't so easy.
Wharton, WizGhost Girl, BananaSet between the last years of the "Chinese Windrush" in 1966 and Hong Kong's Handover to China in 1997, a mysterious inheritance sees a young woman from London uncovering buried secrets in her late mother's homeland.
Whishaw, IonaTo Track A TraitorHistorical Mystery - Lane Winslow #10
White, EdmundThe Humble LoverA rich older man falls in love with a young ballerino.
White, TyriekWe Are A HauntingFollows three generations of a working class family and their inherited ghosts in 1980s Brooklyn.
Winter, LeeShatteredSpeculative Romance
Wiseman, BethHopefully Ever AfterChristian Romance - Amish Bookstore #3
Woods, StuartNear MissMystery - Stone Barrington #64
Worrall, PatrickThe PartisanThriller
Wray, JohnGone To The WolvesA story of young friendship, musical obsession, and a missing person, set in the metal scene of the late eighties and early nineties.
Yarros, RebeccaFourth WingEnter the brutal and elite world of a war college for dragon riders.
Twice CursedFantasy Anthology
MultiversesScience Fiction Anthology
March 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, LuciNot That Kind Of Ever AfterRomance
d'Amérique, JeanA Sun To Be SewnA creative young Haitian girl struggles against seemingly impossible odds to escape the cruel reality of her Port-au-Prince slum.
Appiah, Krystle ZaraRootlessCan you ever be rooted in a home that's on the brink of collapse?
Ashton, EdwardAntimatter BluesScience Fiction - Mickey7 #2
Baird, GinnyRight Girl, Wrong SideRomance
Baldacci, DavidSimply LiesMystery
Beanland, RachelThe House Is On FireHistorical Fiction
Bell, DarceyWoman Of The YearA thriller about the dark side of female friendship and a revenge plot that gets a little out of hand.
Berg, ElizabethEarth's The Right Place For LoveThe story of two young people growing up in Mason, Missouri, and how Arthur Moses, a shy young man, becomes the wise and compassionate person readers loved in The Story of Arthur Truluv.
Biller, DianaHotel Of SecretsHistorical Romance
Bird, KristenI Love It When You LieThriller
Blake, OlivieOne For My EnemyAn intricate web of love, magic, and rival witch families in New York City.
Bose, DishaDirty LaundryShe was the perfect wife, with the perfect life. You would kill to have it.
Bowen, RhysAll That Is HiddenHistorical Mystery - Molly Murphy #19
Brashears, MonicaHouse Of CottonA young woman in Tennessee receives an odd yet intriguing business proposal in this Southern Gothic debut novel.
Brayden, MelissaLucky In LaceRomance
Briscoe, ConnieYou Never KnowAlexis Roberts can give few details about the intruder who broke into her home and tried to assault her; it was night, and without her cochlear implants she couldn't hear much. But her husband, Marcus, vanished after she learned that his first wife was missing and presumed dead, and she's terrified that he's come back.
Brody, FrancesA Mansion For MurderHistorical Mystery - Kate Shackleton #13
Brouette, Goddess A.Writings On The Wall: Arlissa's StoryA young woman chases a life worthy of a primetime drama and realizes the consequences of her actions a little too late.
Brown, Rita MaeHiss & TellCozy Mystery - Mrs. Murphy #31
Callanan, LiamWhen In RomeThe story of an opportunity to start over at midlife, a chance to save a struggling convent in the Eternal City, and the dramatic re-emergence of an old flame.
Chavez Macias, AnnetteToo Soon For AdiósA novel about a woman who embarks on an emotional journey when she meets her biological father on the day of her mother's funeral.
Chern, LinaPlay The FoolA cynical tarot card reader seeks to uncover the truth about her friend's mysterious death.
Chong, JinwooFluxA young man's reality unravels when he suspects his mysterious employers have inadvertently discovered time travel--and are using it to cover up a string of violent crimes.
Chung, GinaSea ChangeRo, a woman tossed overboard by heartbreak and loss, has to find her way back to stable shores with the help of a giant Pacific octopus at the mall aquarium where she works.
Collins, MandaA Spinster's Guide To Danger And DukesHistorical Romance - Ladies Most Scandalous #3
Conklin, TaraCommunity BoardA timely novel of unplanned isolation and newly forged community.
Coss Aquino, MelissaCarmen And GraceA coming-of-age drama about two cousins lured into the underground drug trade at a young age and the inextricable ties that bind them, as one woman seeks power and the other seeks a way out.
Couto, MiaThe Drinker Of HorizonsFiction - Sands of the Emperor #3
Cranor, EliOzark DogsIn this Southern thriller, two families grapple with the aftermath of a murder in their small Arkansas town.
Croucher, LexInfamousHistorical Romance
Cruz, MichelleEven When You LieThriller
Davis, BarbaraThe Echo Of Old BooksHistorical Fiction
Day, SylviaSo CloseA twisty tale of obsession and rage, as a trinity of women protect what they covet at any cost.
De la Rosa, LianaAna María And The FoxA forbidden love between a Mexican heiress and a shrewd British politician makes for a tantalizing Victorian season.
DeStefano, RenHow I'll Kill YouA novel about three identical sisters who have a nasty habit of killing their boyfriends, and what happens when the youngest commits their worst crime yet: falling in love with her mark.
Dewes, J. S.RubiconLive. Die. Reboot.
Di Grado, ViolaBlue HungerFiction
Di͡achenko, MarinaAssassin Of RealityFantasy - Vita Nostra #2
Dugoni, Robert.Her Deadly GameA defense attorney is prepared to play. But is she a pawn in a master's deadly match?
Eddings, MazeyThe Plus OneRomance
Eding, StephanieSaid No One EverTwo handsome men with competing agendas cause mix-ups and betrayal.
Estleman, Loren D.City WallsMystery - Amos Walker #31
FlameA Gangsta's KarmaUrban Fiction
FlameA Gangsta's Karma 2Urban Fiction
FlameA Gangsta's Karma 3Urban Fiction
Fox, HesterThe Last Heir To Blackwood LibraryIn post-World War I England, a young woman inherits a mysterious library and must untangle its powerful secrets.
Fulton, VictoriaEllie Is Cool NowMeet the girl who's "Most Likely to Make Everything Worse."
Garmus, BonnieLessons In ChemistryMeet Elizabeth Zott, a gifted research chemist in 1960s California whose career takes a detour when she becomes the unlikely star of a beloved TV cooking show.
Gerstenblatt, JulieDaughters Of NantucketSet against Nantucket's Great Fire of 1846, this sweeping, emotional novel brings together three courageous women battling to save everything they hold dear.
Gilmore, LucyThe Lonely Hearts Book ClubA young librarian and an old curmudgeon forge the unlikeliest of friendships.
Gómez-Jurado, JuanRed QueenBrilliant detective Antonia Scott refuses to work or even leave her apartment after personal trauma. Disgraced Bilbao police officer Jon Gutierrez is tasked with coaxing her back to solve a gruesome murder that seems to be spawning other crimes.
Gould, LeslieA Brighter DawnChristian Fiction
Gout, LeopoldoPiñataThey were worshiped by our ancestors. Now they are forgotten. Soon, they will make us remember.
Gray, Shelley ShepardOnce Upon A BuggyInspirational - Amish of Apple Creek #2
Green, DekkerThe ScripturesA debut about the end of the world following a nuclear attack on New York.
Guertin, ChantelGigi, ListeningRomance
Hammad, IsabellaEnter GhostFiction
Hannon, IreneWindswept WayInspirational - Hope Harbor #9
Hardt, HelenChanceRomance - Steel Brothers Saga #25
Haydock, SophieThe FlamesSet in the extravagant, Bohemian art world of early 20th century Vienna, the electrifying untold story of the four women who posed for and inspired the groundbreaking erotic art of controversial painter Egon Schiele.
Heng, RachelThe Great ReclamationSet against a changing Singapore, a sweeping novel about one boy's unique gifts and the childhood love that will complicate the fate of his community and country.
Henry, EmilyHappy PlaceA couple who broke up months ago pretend to still be together for their annual weeklong vacation with their best friends.
Hepworth, SallyThe SoulmateThriller
Heron, FarahHow To Win A BreakupAn "it" couple's breakup becomes a sporting event.
Hess, AlWorld Running DownScience Fiction
Hoffs, SusannaThis Bird Has FlownA semiforgotten singer seeks love and a new hit song in this debut from Hoffs, the co-founder of the Bangles.
Hood, JoshuaRobert Ludlum's The Treadstone RenditionThriller - Treadstone #4
Hunt, MargotLovely GirlsA mother and daughter try to start over in an idyllic town only to get caught up in cliques, mind games...and murder.
Hunter, DeniseA Novel ProposalChristian Romance
Jaffe, RonaThe Best Of EverythingA novel about New York City women in the workplace originally published in 1958.
Jain, VibhutiOur Best IntentionsAn immigrant family gets caught in the middle of a criminal investigation.
Jennett, MeaganYou Know HerKilling Eve meets Sharp Objects in this lush, savage Southern Gothic about two women: a fledgling murderer and the cop hell-bent on catching her.
Jones, Lisa ReneeThe Party Is OverThriller - Lilah Love #8
Joshi, AlkaThe Perfumist Of ParisHistorical Fiction - Jaipur #3
Kang, LydiaCataclysmScience Fiction - Star Wars: The High Republic
Katsu, AlmaRed LondonMystery - Red Widow #2
Kelly, Martha HallThe Golden DovesTwo former female spies, bound together by their past, risk everything to hunt down an infamous Nazi doctor in the aftermath of World War II.
Kingfisher, T.A House With Good BonesA haunting Southern Gothic that explores the dark, twisted roots lurking just beneath the veneer of a perfect home and family.
Klune, TJIn The Lives Of PuppetsA novel that invites readers deep into the heart of a peculiar forest and on the extraordinary journey of a family assembled from spare parts.
Langbein, JuliaAmerican MermaidA debut novel that follows a writer lured to Los Angeles to adapt her feminist mermaid novel into a big-budget action film, who believes her heroine has come to life to take revenge for Hollywood's violations.
Lansdale, Joe R.The Donut LegionMystery
LaRocca, EricThe Trees Grew Because I Bled ThereHorror Short Stories
Lehane, DennisSmall MerciesAn all-consuming tale of revenge, family love, festering hate, and insidious power, set against one of the most tumultuous episodes in Boston's history.
Leigh, LoraIn Isabeau's EyesRomance - Kentucky Nights #1
Leon, DonnaSo Shall You ReapMystery - Commissario Brunetti #32
Link, KellyWhite Cat, Black DogShort Stories
Lobe, Max39 Berne StreetMy mother says that there are things in life that she can't forgive . . .
Loesch, KristenThe Last Russian DollA debut novel about betrayal, revenge, and redemption that follows three generations of Russian women, from the 1917 revolution to the last days of the Soviet Union.
Lyon, AnnetteJust One MoreA librarian investigates her husband's dark past and winds up dead. Now it's up to her best friend to uncover the truth.
Malladi, AmulyaA Death In DenmarkMeet Gabriel Præst, an ex-Copenhagen cop, jazz aficionado, and relentless pursuer of truth as he explores Denmark's Nazi-collaborator past and anti-Muslim present.
Mandelo, LeeFeed Them SilenceA near-future novella about the minds of wolves.
McCaulsky, MarlonIf I Was Your GirlfriendFour lifelong friends find their bonds tested when personality differences and relationship issues threaten to pull them apart.
McLaughlin, James A.Panther GapTwo siblings on the verge of inheriting millions discover dark secrets in their family's past.
Michaels, FernOn The LineThriller
Min, DolkiWalking PracticeAn alien's hunt for food transforms into an existential crisis about what it means to be human.
Mirabella, RichardBrother & Sister Enter The ForestThis queer coming-of-age novel follows a young man's relationship with a violent older boyfriend--and how he and his sister survive a terrible crime.
Miranda, MeganThe Only SurvivorsThriller
Monroe, MaryLove, Honor, BetrayHistorical Fiction - Lexington, Alabama #3
Moore, IanDeath And CroissantsMystery - Follet Valley #1
Moreau, LisaPicture PerfectFalling in love wasn't supposed to be part of the stakes for Olive and Gabby, rival photographers in the competition of a lifetime.
Morton, KateHomecomingHistorical Mystery
Mullen, ThomasBlind SpotsThriller
Murray, SabinaMuckross AbbeyGhost Stories
Nagendra, HariniMurder Under A Red MoonCozy Mystery - Kaveri and Ramu #2
Napolitano, AnnHello Beautiful
Neubauer, Erica RuthIntrigue In Istanbul
Novey, IdraTake What You Need
Oakley, ColleenThe Mostly True Story Of Tanner & Louise
Oates, Joyce Carol48 Clues Into The Disappearance Of My Sister
Oates, NathanA Flaw In The Design
Otoo, Sharon DoduaAda's Room
Pagán, CamilleGood For You
Painter, LynnThe Love Wager
Palmer, SorayaThe Human Origins Of Beatrice Porter And Other Essential Ghosts
Pandian, GigiThe Raven Thief
Park, SuzanneThe Do-Over
Patterson, JamesThe 23rd MidnightMystery - Women's Murder Club #23
Patterson, SueThings I Wish I Told My Mother
Pelayo, CynthiaLotería
Pelayo, CynthiaThe Shoemaker's Magician
Phillips, C. N.QueensUrban Fiction - Carl Weber's Five Families of New York #4
Pin, CecileWandering Souls
Quintana, PilarAbyss
Read, ShelleyGo As A River
Ritchie, KristaAddicted For Now
Robson, JenniferCoronation Year
Roper, JaneThe Society Of Shame
Rosenfelt, DavidGood Dog, Bad Cop
Rosner, JenniferOnce We Were Home
Row, JessThe New Earth
Ryan, DonalThe Queen Of Dirt Island
Salman, NaomiNothing But The Rain
Sanderson, BrandonTress Of The Emerald SeaThe only life Tress has known on her island home in an emerald-green ocean has been a simple one, with the simple pleasures of collecting cups brought by sailors from faraway lands and listening to stories told by her friend Charlie. But when his father takes him on a voyage to find a bride and disaster strikes, Tress must stow away on a ship and seek the Sorceress of the deadly Midnight Sea.
Sandford, JohnDark AngelMystery - Letty Davenport #2
Schine, CathleenKünstlers In Paradise
Shelton, PaigeFateful Words
Shockley, EvieSuddenly We
Siegel, NatashaSolomon's Crown
Simmons, Julia PressStrawberry MansionA dramatic tale of three young friends who must rely on their connection to each other to weather tragic storms.
Simpson, MonaCommitment
Sittenfeld, CurtisRomantic ComedyFiction
Slocumb, BrendanSymphony Of SecretsMusic professor Bern Hendricks discovers a shocking secret about the most famous American composer of all time--his music may have been stolen from a Black Jazz Age prodigy named Josephine Reed.
Song, JadeChlorineFiction
Spence-Ash, LauraBeyond That, The Sea
Steel, DanielleThe Wedding PlannerFiction
Sterling, Michelle MinCamp ZeroIn a near-future northern settlement, the fates of a young woman, a professor, and a mysterious collective of researchers collide.
Stoker, SusanThe Protector
Stratton, L. S.Not So Perfect Strangers
Stuart, AmyA Death At The Party
Sullivan, JustineHe Said He Would Be Late
Sylvester, Cynthia J.The Half-White Album
Therin, AllieLiar City
Thoman, LaurenI'll Stop The WorldThe end and the beginning become one in a coming-of-age mystery about the power of friendship, fate, and inexplicable second chances.
Thomas, SherryA Tempest At Sea
Tsai, MiaBitter Medicine
Utomi, Moses OseThe Lies Of The Ajungo
Varghese, AnujaChrysalis
Webb, BettyLost In Paris
Weitzel, WilNights From This Galaxy
Wellington, DavidParadise-1
Williams, DeniseLove And Other Flight Delays
Williams, Frances MensahStrictly FriendsShe's travelled halfway round the world to paradise. But has it been on her doorstep all along?
Willig, LaurenTwo Wars And A WeddingA coming of age story with a dual timeline and a single heroine--a bold and adventuring young woman who finds herself caught up in two very different wars on both sides of the Atlantic.
Winn, AliceIn Memoriam
Winslow, DonCity Of Dreams
Winspear, JacquelineThe White Lady
Winters, MaryMurder In Postscript
Ximba, UvileDreaming In Color
Yi, EstherY/N
The Year's Best African Speculative FictionShort Stories
Garricks, ChimekaA Broken People's PlaylistShort Stories
February 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Aboulela, LeilaRiver SpiritAn embattled young woman comes of age during the Mahdist War in 19th century Sudan.
Aira, CesarFulgentiusNovel about an aging Roman general on what may be his last campaign into the provinces.
Alpert Florin, DaisyMy Last Innocent YearFiction
Andrews, V. C.Little PaulaMystery - Eden #2
Angel-Ajani, AsaleA Country You Can LeaveA debut novel following the turbulent relationship of a Black biracial teen and her ferocious Russian mother, struggling to survive in the California desert.
Archer, C. J.The Medici ManuscriptHistorical Mystery - The Glass Library #2
Armstrong, KelleyMurder At Haven's RockFirst volume in a spinoff series that sees Casey Duncan and Eric Dalton starting a new town deep in the Yukon.
Atwood, MargaretOld Babes In The WoodShort Stories
Baker, RaymondEntanglementUrban Fiction
Baptiste, RobertThe Streets Never Let Go 3Urban Fiction
Barnhill, KellyThe Crane HusbandTaking care of her small Midwestern family while her mother, a talented artist, weaves beautiful tapestries, a 15-year-old girl must protect them all from an invasive creature whose demands could destroy everything - unless she changes the story.
Bartz, JuliaThe Writing RetreatWhile attending a month-long writing retreat, Alex, determined to win a seemingly impossible contest, ignores the strange happenings around her until the disappearance of a fellow writer leads her on a desperate search for the truth.
Beagin, JenBig SwissA novel about a sex therapist's transcriptionist who falls in love with a client while listening to her sessions.
Bilow, RochelleRuby Spencer's Whisky YearWhen a thirtysomething American food writer moves to a Scottish village for one year to fulfill her dream of writing a cookbook, she finds more than inspiration--she meets a handsome Scotsman she can't resist.
Black, CaraNight Flight To ParisThriller - Kate Rees WWII #2
Bledsoe, Lucy JaneTell The RestTwo estranged childhood friends find themselves on parallel paths to return to the site of the conversion therapy camp that tore them apart.
Bond, GwendaMr. & Mrs. WitchA couple discovers at the altar the surprising secret identities they've kept from each other.
Brown, Adrienne MareeMaroonsFantasy - Black Dawn #2
Brown, CarolynThe Devine Doughnut ShopFiction
Brown, Diane MarieBlack Candle WomenA family drama with a magical twist about four generations of Black women, a family curse, and one very complicated year of heartache, miscommunication, and learning to let go.
Brunstetter, Wanda E.Letters Of TrustWhere is hope when Eleanor Lapp's life starts to fall apart as extreme grief drives her husband to drink to numb his pain?
Campbell, Theresa A.Marked At BirthChristian Fiction
Carlson, MelodySecond Time AroundChristian Romance
Carr, LakieshaAn Autobiography Of SkinInterconnected generations of Southern black women demonstrate how their experiences are carried inside the body when a new mother experiences a devastating postpartum depression and a daughter returns home to fight the ghosts of her past.
Casati, CostanzaClytemnestraFor fans of Madeline Miller, a debut following Clytemnestra, the most notorious villainess of the ancient world and the events that forged her into the legendary queen.
Catton, EleanorBirnam Wood The founder of a guerilla gardening group that plants crops on roadsides, parks, and neglected yards fights an enigmatic billionaire over a parcel of land.
Chakraborty, ShannonThe Adventures Of Amina Al-SirafiFirst in a new trilogy of magic and mayhem on the high seas: pirates and sorcerers, forbidden artifacts and ancient mysteries, and one woman's determined quest to seize a final chance at glory--and write her own legend.
Chang, JanieThe Porcelain MoonA novel set in WWI France about two young women--one Chinese, one French--whose lives intersect with unexpected, potentially dangerous consequences.
Charles, KJThe Secret Lives Of Country GentlemenGothic scandal meets Bridgerton intrigue in this swashbuckling Regency romance.
Childs, LauraLemon Curd KillerCozy Mystery - Tea Shop #25
Chokshi, RoshaniThe Last Tale Of The Flower BrideA gothic-infused story about a marriage that is unraveled by dark secrets, a friendship cursed to end in tragedy, and the danger of believing in fairy tales.
Chukwu, J. K.The UnfortunatesA queer, half-Nigerian college sophomore who, enraged and exhausted by the racism at her elite college, sets out to find truth about The Unfortunates--the unlucky subset of Black undergrads who have been mysteriously dying.
Church, ClayAll Good A Week Ago: In My Lifetime SeriesAn ex-undercover cop turned P.I., Vegas Wolfchild, picks up two cases that seem to be a walk in the park, "easy money." But both quickly turn life threatening.
Church, MeaganThe Last Carolina GirlA novel for fans of Where the Crawdad's Sing and The Girls in the Stilt House following one girl fighting for her family, her body, and her right to create a future all her own.
Clark, C. L.The FaithlessFantasy - Magic of the Lost #2
Clifford, StephanieThe Farewell TourA novel that tells the story of one unforgettable woman's rise in country and western music.
Coben, HarlanI Will Find YouMystery
Colgan, JennyLessons At The School By The SeaFiction - School by the Sea #3
Conde, MaryseThe Gospel According To The New WorldFiction
Connealy, MaryForged In LoveChristian Historical
Cullen, LynnThe Woman With The CureA riveting novel based on the true story of the woman who stopped a pandemic.
Dailey, JanetA Calder At HeartRomance - Calder Brand #3
Dalton, Julie CarrickThe Last BeekeeperFiction
Daria, AlexisTake The LeadWhen a star dancer and a reluctant celebrity are teamed up on a reality dancing competition, their mutual dislike soon turns into a secret romance that could threaten everything they've worked for.
Dazai, OsamuThe Flowers Of BuffooneryFor the first time in English, Osamu Dazai's hilariously comic and deeply moving prequel to No Longer Human.
Deibel, JenniferThe Maid Of BallymacoolThe only home Brianna Kelly has ever known is Ballymacool Boarding School, but when the son of local gentry arrives at the school to deal with his unruly niece, an unexpected discovery uncovers the truth about her past--and the key to her future.
Diesel, VonReal G's Move In SilenceUrban Fiction
Dimaline, CherieVencoAfter finding a tarnished silver spoon humming with otherworldly energy, Métis millennial Lucky St. James, familiar with the magic of her Indigenous ancestors, and her cantankerous grandmother Stella are welcomed into the fold of VenCo - a network of witches working to return women to their rightful power.
Dodd, ChristinaForget What You KnowThriller
Doller, TrishOff The MapA road trip romance through the Irish countryside where two new friends wonder at something more.
Douaihy, MargotScorched GraceSister Holiday, a chain-smoking, heavily tattooed, queer nun, puts her amateur sleuthing skills to the test in this debut crime novel.
Elliot, AmandaBest Served HotTwo restaurant critics learn their opposing tastes might make for a five-star relationship.
Ellison, J. T.It's One Of UsEverybody lies. Even the ones you think you know best of all . . .
Engberg, KatrineThe SanctuaryMystery - Korner and Werner #4
Estep, JenniferConquer The KingdomFantasy - Gargoyle Queen #3
Farmer, BernardDeath Of A BooksellerA British Library Crime Classic originally published in 1956.
Fedor, EmmaAt SeaWhat happens when the man you love most in the world--who may be lying about everything--unexpectedly disappears and takes your small child with him?
Ferguson, Sarah Duchess of YorkA Most Intriguing LadyA historical saga about a Duke's daughter--the perfect Victorian lady--who secretly moonlights as an amateur sleuth for high society's inner circle.
Fields, AnthonyIf You Cross Me OnceUrban Fiction
Fields, AnthonyIf You Cross Me Once 2Urban Fiction
Finlay, AlexWhat Have We DoneA stay-at-home mom with a past. A has-been rock star with a habit. A reality TV producer with a debt. Three disparate lives. One deadly secret.
Forest, KristinaThe Neighbor FavorA shy bookworm enlists her charming neighbor to help her score a date, not knowing he's the obscure author she's been corresponding with.
Foster, LoriThe Dangerous OneBeing alone is what he wanted... All he needed was her.
Frumkin, RafaelConfidenceThriller
George, EmilyA Half-Baked MurderAfter a scathing food review and a messy breakup, a formally trained pastry chef returns home to California to launch a cannabis bakery with her quirky Aunt Dawn.
Gilmartin, SarahDinner PartyFiction
Gladstone, MaxDead CountryFantasy - Craft Wars #1
Goldsworthy, VesnaIron Curtain: A Love StoryHistorical Fiction
Grace, HannahIcebreakerSparks fly when a competitive figure skater and hockey team captain are forced to share a rink.
Gray, Erick S.Queens 2: The KingdomUrban Fiction
Greaney, MarkBurnerThriller - Gray Man #12
Guns, PriyaYour Driver Is WaitingA ride share driver is barely holding it together on the hunt for love, dignity, and financial security...until she decides she's done waiting.
Hambly, BarbaraOne Extra CorpseHistorical Mystery - Silver Screen #2
Hart, EmiliaWeywardA debut that explores witchcraft and female intuitive powers, told over five centuries through three connected women, for fans of Kate Morton, Diane Setterfield, and Sarah Perry.
Hawkins, S.Pillow PrincessUrban Fiction
Hawley, SarahA Witch's Guide To Fake Dating A DemonMariel Spark knows not to trust a demon, especially one that wants her soul, but what's a witch to do when he won't leave her side--and she kind of doesn't want him to?
Head, Cheryl A.Time's UndoingA searing and tender novel about a young Black journalist's search for answers in the unsolved murder of her great-grandfather in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, decades ago--inspired by the author's own family history.
Hedlund, JodyLast Chance CowboyChristian Romance
Holland, JacquelineThe God Of EndingsThis debut spans history, weaving a story of love, family, history, and myth as seen through the eyes of one immortal woman.
Holmes, RupertMurder Your Employer : The Mcmasters Guide To HomicideThe McMasters Conservatory for the Applied Arts is a luxurious, clandestine college dedicated to the fine art of murder where earnest students study how best to "delete" their most deserving victim.
Hurwitz, GreggThe Last OrphanThriller - Orphan X #8
Jackson, JennyPineapple StreetFiction
Jama-Everett, AyizeHeroes Of An Unknown WorldScience Fiction - Liminal People #4
Jance, J. A.Collateral DamageMystery - Ali Reynolds #17
Jaswal, Balli KaurNow You See UsThe story of three women who work in the homes of Singapore's elite and band together to solve a murder mystery involving one of their own.
Jimenez, ClaireWhat Happened To Ruthy RamirezA Puerto Rican family in Staten Island discovers their long-missing sister is potentially alive and cast on a reality TV show, and they set out to bring her home.
Johnson, Joshua PhillipThe Endless SongFantasy - Tales of the Forever Sea #2
Kelly, AnitaSomething Wild & WonderfulA sparkling grumpy-meets-sunshine romance featuring two men's sweeping journey across the Western wilderness.
Kelly, JuliaThe Lost English GirlHistorical Fiction
Kennedy, ElleRogueRomance - Prep #2
Kent, KathleenBlack WolfA story about a female CIA agent whose extraordinary facial recognition powers lead her into the dangerous heart of the Soviet Union--and the path of a killer who shouldn't exist.
King, OwenThe CuratorA Dickensian fantasy of illusion and charm where cats are revered as religious figures, thieves are noble, scholars are revolutionaries, and conjurers are the most wonderful criminals you can imagine.
Klapecki, S. J.Station SixScience Fiction - Black Dawn #3
Koller Croft, RachelStone Cold FoxA debut novel about an ambitious woman who, after a lifetime of conning alongside her mother, wants to leave her dark past behind and marry the heir to one of the country's wealthiest families.
Labuskes, BriannaThe Librarian Of Burned BooksHistorical Fiction
Lam, Thien-KimFull ExposureCan a Big Easy fling become the real thing?
Landay, WilliamAll That Is Mine I Carry With MeA mother vanished. A father presumed guilty. There is no proof. There are no witnesses. For the children, there is only doubt.
Landsem, StephanieCode Name EdelweissAdolf Hitler is still a distant rumble on the horizon, but a Jewish spymaster and his courageous spies uncover a storm of Nazi terror in their own backyard.
Lanza, R. P.ObserverA neurosurgeon gets involved with a scientific research team's mind-bending project.
Lavalle, VictorLone WomenA woman with a past, a mysterious trunk, a town on the edge of nowhere, and a bracing new vision of the American West.
Lindsay, RachelReal LoveReality-TV love may look tempting, but real love could change everything in the debut novel from the Bachelorette star and author of Miss Me with That.
Lorac, E. C. R.Post After Post-MortemClassic British Mystery originally published in 1936.
Lostetter, MarinaThe Cage Of Dark HoursFantasy - Five Penalties #2
Lowell, JoannaArtfully YoursSparks fly between a lordly art critic and a lady forger in this Victorian historical romance.
Lumsden, KatieThe Secrets Of Hartwood HallHistorical Mystery
Major, CescaMaybe Next TimeOne Day meets Groundhog Day, in this heartwarming and emotionally poignant novel about a stressed woman who must relive the same day over and over, keeping her family and work life from imploding as she attempts to spare her husband from an unfortunate fate.
Makkai, RebeccaI Have Some Questions For YouWhen film professor and podcaster, Bodie Kane is invited back to the New Hampshire boarding school she attended as a teenager, she finds herself drawn to investigate the murder of a classmate in 1995.
Mallery, SusanThe Sister EffectFiction
Matthews, OwenWhite FoxA thriller about two competing KGB operatives on a race across Russia and against time to uncover the devastating truth behind the assassination of JFK.
Mattia, AuroraThe Fifth WoundFiction
Maxwell, JessaThe Golden SpoonA locked-room mystery where someone turns up dead on the set of TV's hottest baking competition--for fans of Nita Prose, Richard Osman, and Anthony Horowitz.
May, StephenSell Us The RopeHistorical Fiction
McCauley, Jennifer MaritzaWhen Trying To Return Home : StoriesA short story collection spanning a century of Black American and Afro-Latino life in Puerto Rico, Pittsburgh, Louisiana, Miami, and beyond-and an evocative meditation on belonging, the meaning of home, and how we secure freedom on our own terms.
McDaniel, TiffanyOn The Savage SideSix women--mothers, daughters, sisters--gone missing. Inspired by the unsolved murders of the Chillicothe Six, this harrowing novel tells the story of two sisters, both of whom could be the next victims.
McFarlane, FionaThe Sun Walks DownHistorical Fiction
McGuire, SeananBackpacking Through BedlamUrban Fantasy - InCryptid #12
MeeshaBaby, I'm Wintertime Cold 2Urban Fiction
Mills Newman, AlisonFranciscoFirst published in 1974, actor-turned-minister Newman's only novel is a lush narrative of a young Black woman's love affair with a filmmaker.
Mizushima, MargaretStanding DeadMystery - Timber Creek K-9 #8
Moeng, GothataoneCall And Response : StoriesRichly drawn stories about the lives of ordinary families in contemporary Botswana as they navigate relationships, tradition and caretaking in a rapidly changing world.
MolottiLoyalty Is EverythingCordale and Willis are best friends who came up together from the mud on their way to hood stardom. What starts as a nickel and dime hustle grows into a big-time drug operation, and then jealousy and grudges threaten to destroy everything they've built.
Moore, CelesteTerms & Conditions Of Creepin With A Rich BossUrban Fiction
Moorman, JenniferThe Baker's ManIn the Southern town of Mystic Water, magic is always in the wind--and in the ovens.
Moustakis, Melinda 1982-HomesteadA debut novel, set in Alaska, about the turbulent marriage of two unlikely homesteaders.
Ndala, BlaiseIn The Belly Of The CongoA gripping multigenerational novel that explores the history and human cost of colonialism in the Congo.
Nguyễn Phan Quế MaiDust ChildA richly poetic and suspenseful saga about two Vietnamese sisters, an American veteran, and an Amerasian man whose lives intersect in surprising ways, set during and after the war in Việt Nam.
Nickson, ChrisThe Dead Will RiseHistorical Mystery - Simon Westow #5
Nnuro, DKWhat Napoleon Could Not DoEnvious of his sister, who achieved, as their father put it, "what Napoleon could not do," by graduating law school in the U.S. and marrying a wealthy black businessman from Texas, Jacob, fighting for a visa to join his wife in Virginia, must learn from his dashed hopes to fulfill his own dreams.
North, AlexThe Angel MakerThriller
Okri, BenThe Last Gift Of The Master ArtistsFiction
Older, MalkaThe Mimicking Of Known SuccessesA cozy Holmesian murder mystery and sapphic romance, set on Jupiter.
Pardo, PazThe Shamshine BlindThis debut imagines a world where emotions have been weaponized, and a small-town law enforcement agent uncovers a conspiracy to take down what's left of American democracy.
Parry, H. G.The Magician's DaughterFantasy
Patel, SajniIsha, UnscriptedUnwilling to yield to familial expectations, an aspiring screenwriter attempts to pursue her dreams during an unforgettable night of chaos.
Patterson, JamesCountdownThriller
Penner, SarahThe London Séance SocietyFrom the author of the sensational bestseller The Lost Apothecary comes a spellbinding tale about two daring women who hunt for truth and justice in the perilous art of conjuring the dead.
Peterson, TracieRemember MeFrom the Yukon to Seattle, the hope of a new beginning waits just around the corner.
Raybourn, DeannaA Sinister RevengeHistorical Mystery - Veronica Speedwell #8
Read, SaraJohanna Porter Is Not SorryFiction
Riddle, A. G.Quantum RadioAt CERN, a scientist has just made an incredible discovery - a breakthrough that may answer the deepest questions about human existence. But what he's found is far more dangerous than he ever imagined.
Rio, KingThe Brick Man 5Urban Fiction
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 6Urban Fiction
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 7Urban Fiction
Robinson, CoreyLove In The TrenchesUrban Fiction
Robinson, CoreyProtege Of A Legend 2Urban Fiction
Robotham, MichaelLying Beside YouThriller - Cyrus Haven #3
Roemer, AstridOn A Woman's MadnessA classic of queer literature originally published in 1982.
Rose, KarenCold-Blooded LiarMystery - San Diego Case Files #1
Roth, VeronicaArch-ConspiratorA gripping and atmospheric reimagining of Antigone.
Ruff, MattThe Destroyer Of WorldsHorror - Lovecraft Country #2
Samano Cordova, GerardoMonstrilioHorror
Santopolo, JillStars In An Italian SkyA sweeping story of two star-crossed lovers in post-World War II Italy, and a blossoming relationship generations later that will reveal a long-buried family secret.
SaynomoreSoul Of A Hustler, Heart Of A Killer 2Urban Fiction
Schuyler, George S.Black EmpireA pioneering work of Afrofuturism and antiracist fiction by the author of Black No More, about a Black scientist who masterminds a worldwide conspiracy to take back the African continent from imperial powers.
Score, LucyThings We Hide From The LightRomance - Knockemout #2
Scott, KylieEnd Of StoryRomance
Scott, SophfroniaWild, Beautiful, And FreeThe story of one young woman's bold journey to reclaim her birthright and carve out her own place in a world that tells her she doesn't belong.
Scottoline, LisaLoyaltyAn emotional, action-packed epic of love and justice, set during the rise of the Mafia in Sicily.
Shannon, SamanthaA Day Of Fallen NightThe standalone prequel to the bestselling The Priory of the Orange Tree.
Sharma, NishaThe Karma MapA youth group's temple road trip through India is a liberating escape for former mean girl Tara Bajaj and aspiring photojournalist Silas D'Souza-Gupta to explore their past and their feelings for each other.
Shea, Susan C.Murder Visits A French VillageWhen Ariel Shepherd inherits a rundown French château and with finances tight, she swaps her Manhattan lifestyle for a peaceful French village. But life becomes more complicated when a historian is found dead in the moat!
Shipman, James D.Beyond The WireHistorical Fiction
Sloan, Elissa R.Hayley Aldridge Is Still HereA forgotten child star and former Hollywood "It" Girl fights back against the conservatorship that has controlled her life for the past decade.
Snyder, Lucy A.Sister, Maiden, MonsterA visceral story set in the aftermath of our planet's disastrous transformation and told through the eyes of three women trying to survive the nightmare.
Spalding, AmyFor Her ConsiderationWhen an aspiring L.A. scriptwriter falls head-over-heels for a bossy and beautiful movie star after a devastating break-up, the two take a risk on love and cast themselves as the leading ladies of their own star-struck romance.
Stage, ZojeMotheredA claustrophobic psychological thriller about one woman's nightmarish spiral while quarantined with her mother.
Stoker, SusanFinding AshlynRomance - Seal Team Hawaii #6
Sutanto, Jesse Q.Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice For MurderersA lonely shopkeeper takes it upon herself to solve a murder in the most peculiar way.
Swan, RichardThe Tyranny Of FaithFantasy - Empire of the Wolf #2
Swanson, PeterThe Kind Worth SavingWhen a private eye starts to follow a possibly adulterous husband, little does he know that the twisted trail will lead back to the woman who hired him.
Tay, Self MadeBorn In The Grave 2Urban Fiction
Todd, CharlesThe Cliff's EdgeHistorical Mystery - Bess Crawford #13
Topp, BlaccTaintedUrban Fiction
Tukes, RomellBodymore KingpinsUrban Fiction
Tukes, RomellBronx SavagesUrban Fiction
Tukes, RomellSosa GangUrban Fiction
Turano, JenMatch In The MakingChristian Historical
Variyar, RajasreeThe Daughters Of MaduraiBoth a heartrending family story and a page-turning mystery about the secrets we must keep to protect those we love.
Walls, EoghanThe Gospel Of OrlaThe coming-of-age story of a young girl, Orla, and the man she meets who has an astonishing and unique ability.
Walls, JeannetteHang The MoonHistorical Fiction
Walters, Monica and LaJill HuntFull Figured 18Urban Fiction
Whitten, HannahThe Foxglove KingA young woman's secret power to raise the dead plunges her into the dangerous and glamorous world of the Sainted King's royal court.
Williams, Janelle M.Gone Like YesterdayZahra, a young black woman who can hear the voices of her ancestors singing to her through moths, teams up with Sammie, an outspoken Trini-American teenager who can also hear them, as the pair search for Zahra's missing brother.
Williams, JibrilMoney Mafia 2Urban Fiction
Winnette, ColinUsersDystopian Fiction
Winter, LeeChaos AgentRomance - Villains #2
Winter, LeeThe FixerRomance - Villains #1
Woolridge, AddieAnatomy Of A Meet CuteRomance
Yolen, JaneThe Scarlet CircusShort Stories
January 2023
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abbas, FatinGhost SeasonA mysterious burnt corpse appears one morning in Saraaya, a remote border town between northern and southern Sudan. For five strangers on an NGO compound, the discovery foreshadows trouble to come.
Adebayo, AyobamiA Spell Of Good ThingsA story of modern Nigeria and two people caught in the riptides of wealth, power, poverty, and corruption.
Adjapon, BisiDaughter In ExileFiction
Alsterdal, ToveYou Will Never Be FoundMystery - High Coast #2
Amidon, StephenLocust LaneCan anyone be trusted in this small town?
Arend, NicoleVamps: Fresh BloodAt an elite vampire academy, a half vampire, half human struggles to hone his bloodthirsty side.
Asher, AprilNot Your Ex's HexesRomance - Supernatural Singles #2
Asher, LaurenFinal OfferRomance - Dreamland Billionaires #3
Bailey, TessaSecretly YoursRomance
Ballard, FalonJust My TypeTo win the job of her dreams, a relationship-prone journalist needs to learn how to stay single.
Beaton, M. C.Death Of A TraitorMystery - Hamish Macbeth #35
Bennett, MichaelBetter The BloodA debut thriller that speaks to the longstanding injustices faced by New Zealand's indigenous peoples, by an acclaimed Māori screenwriter and director.
Berne, SuzanneThe Blue WindowA therapist whose attempts to unlock the most difficult cases of her life reveal that the bigger the secret you're concealing, the more it conceals you.
Berry, SteveThe Last KingdomThriller - Cotton Malone #17
Black, AnnaWho Do I Run To Now?Urban Fiction
Blue, EllyBicycles & Broomsticks: Fantastical Feminist Stories About Witches On BikesScience Fiction
Box, C. J.Storm WatchMystery - Joe Pickett #23
Brannigan, EllieMurder At An Irish CastleBrannigan debuts a new mystery series coupling the beauties of Ireland with murder.
Brennan, AllisonDon't Open The DoorMystery - Regan Merritt #2
Butler, Lyn LiaoSomeone Else's LifeA new life in paradise should have healed her wounds. But for a woman struggling to hold on to her family and her sanity, one stormy night could change everything.
Cai, DeliaCentral PlacesA young woman's past and present collide when she brings her white fiancé home to meet her Chinese immigrant parents.
Carroll, JonathanMr. BreakfastFiction
Cauley, KashanaThe SurvivalistsA single Black lawyer puts her career and personal moral code at risk when she moves in with her coffee entrepreneur boyfriend and his doomsday-prepping roommates.
Chase, Kristen M.A Thousand Miles To GracelandThe journey of a thousand miles begins with sequins and a beehive wig in this debut novel about mothers, daughters, and the surprising power of Elvis.
Chen, MikeVampire WeekendBeing a vampire is far from glamorous...but it can be pretty punk rock.
Clayborn, KateGeorgie, All AlongRomance
Coates, DarcyThe Twisted DeadHorror - Gravekeeper #3
Coble, ColleenDark Of NightRomantic Suspense - Annie Pederson #2
Colt, PeterThe AmbassadorMystery - Andy Roark #4
Comfort, JenMidnight DuetA romance about two musicians who collide on the stage of a Nevada opera house.
Compton, JohnnyThe Spite HouseA debut horror tale that puts a modern spin on the haunted house story.
Cosimano, ElleFinlay Donovan Jumps The GunMystery - Finlay Donovan #3
Cotterill, ColinThe Motion Picture TellerMystery
Craig, CharmaineMy NemesisFiction
Crane, MarisaI Keep My Exoskeletons To MyselfScience Fiction
Crewe, TomThe New LifeTwo marriages, two forbidden love affairs, and the passionate search for social and sexual freedom in late 19th-century London.
Crombie, DeborahA Killing Of InnocentsMystery - Kincaid/James #19
Crownover, JayRuleOpposites in every way . . . except the one that matters.
Darwent, HeatherThe Things We Do To Our FriendsThriller
De Cadenet, GiaNot The PlanAn ambitious chief of staff risks her career and her heart when she falls hard for her new colleague.
De Céspedes, AlbaForbidden NotebookA classic first published in Italy in 1952.
Delany, VickiThe Game Is A FootnoteCozy Mystery - Sherlock Holmes Bookshop #8
DiLouie, CraigEpisode ThirteenHorror
Divakaruni, Chitra BanerjeeIndependenceSet during the partition of British India in 1947, the sweeping story of three sisters caught up in events beyond their control, their unbreakable bond, and their incredible struggle against powerful odds.
Divya, S. B.MeruOne woman and her pilot are about to change the future of the species in an epic space opera about aspiration, compassion, and redemption.
Dong, MariaLiar, Dreamer, ThiefThriller
Douglas, ClaireThe Girls Who DisappearedA journalist's life is threatened when she investigates the truth about a mysterious car crash that happened twenty years earlier.
Echevarre, SarahWhat We RememberFiction
Elliott, KateThe Keeper's SixFantasy
Elsbai, HadeerThe Daughters Of IzdiharA debut set in a mix of modern Egypt and a timeless fantasy world.
Enriquez, MarianaOur Share Of NightA woman's mysterious death puts her husband and son on a collision course with her demonic family.
Everett, ElizabethA Love By DesignHistorical Romance - Secret Scientists of London #3
Fawcett, HeatherEmily Wilde's Encyclopaedia Of FaeriesA curmudgeonly professor journeys to a small town in the far north to study faerie folklore and discovers dark fae magic, friendship, and love.
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford SecretHistorical Mystery - Mitford Murders #6
Fenkl, Heinz InsuSkull WaterAn intergenerational coming-of-age novel set in South Korea--about friendship, belonging, and displacement.
Fuller, KathleenThe Courtship PlanRomance - Amish of Marigold #1
Gītāñjali ŚrīTomb Of SandAn epic set in contemporary northern India, about a family and the inimitable octogenarian matriarch at its heart.
Godoy, ArianaThrough YouRomance - Hidalgo Brothers #2
Golden, ChristopherAll HallowsHorror
Gray, Shelley ShepardSycamore CircleRomance - Rumors in Ross County #2
Gray, Shelley ShepardHer Heart's DesireRomance - Season in Pinecraft #1
Hall, Alexis J.GlitterlandRomance - Spires #1
Hallett, JaniceThe Twyford CodeThe mysterious connection between a teacher's disappearance and an unsolved code in a children's book is explored in this mystery.
Harding, PaulThis Other EdenHistorical Fiction
Hardt, HelenBlushWhat he wants from you will make you blush.
Harper, JordanEverybody KnowsA publicist, who makes sure that everybody doesn't know about the shady dealings of the lawyers and private security firms for which she works, tries to discover the secret her boss took to his death.
Harris, AnsteyWhen I First Held YouSilence tore them apart. Can the truth bring them back together?
Hastings, AnastasiaOf Manners And MurderFirst in a new historical mystery series.
Haynes, DavidRight By My Side30th anniversary edition of a classic novel.
Haynes, NatalieStone BlindThe only mortal in a family of gods, Medusa is the youngest of the Gorgon sisters.
Heisey, MonicaReally Good, ActuallyOne woman's messy search for joy and meaning in the wake of an unexpected breakup.
Hemon, AleksandarThe World And All That It HoldsHistorical Fiction
Hernandez, Treasure, and LaJill HuntAround The Way Girls 12Urban Fiction
Herrera, JenniferThe HunterHow can we uncover the truth when we are lying to ourselves?
Hoover, Colleen, and Tarryn FisherNever NeverRomantic Suspense
Hosein, Kevin JaredHungry GhostsThe story of two families colliding in 1940s Trinidad--and a chilling mystery that shows how interconnected their lives truly are.
Hunter, StephenThe Bullet GardenThriller - Earl Swagger #4
Jenoff, PamCode Name SapphireA woman must rescue her cousin's family from a train bound for Auschwitz.
Jessen, Lauren KungLunar LoveA debut enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy.
Johansen, Iris, and Roy JohansenMore Than Meets The EyeMystery - Kendra Michaels #10
Johns, JessicaBad CreeA young Cree woman's dreams lead her on a perilous journey of self-discovery that forces her to confront the toll of a legacy of violence on her family, her community, and the land they call home.
Johnson, SadeqaThe House Of EveA story set in 1950s Philadelphia and Washington, DC, that explores what it means to be a woman and a mother, and how much one is willing to sacrifice to achieve her greatest goal.
Jones, Stephen GrahamDon't Fear The ReaperHorror - Indian Lake #2
Jones, ValonaSnuffed OutTwin sisters Tabby and Sage co-own a candle shop, but will it all go up in flames?
Joyce, RachelMaureenFiction - Harold Fry #3
Kellerman, JonathanUnnatural HistoryMystery - Alex Delaware #38
Kelly, Jennifer SavranEndpapersA queer book conservator finds a mysterious old love letter, setting off a search for the author who wrote it and for a meaningful life beyond the binary in early-2000s New York City.
Kois, DanVintage ContemporariesPulled back into her past when a posthumous work needs a publisher, reconnecting her with an old friend, successful book editor and new mom Emily is forced to reckon with her decisions, her failures, and what kind of creative life she wants to lead.
Laestadius, Ann-HelénStolenLouise Erdrich meets Jo Nesbø in this Swedish novel that follows a young indigenous woman as she struggles to defend her family's reindeer herd and culture.
Lea, AmyExes And O'sA romance novel-obsessed social media influencer revisits her exes on her hunt for true love.
Lester, NatashaThe Three Lives Of Alix St. PierreHistorical Fiction
Lewis, Susannah B.Della And Darby Of SistersIn this small Mississippi town, everyone has long memories and loud opinions.
Lichtarowicz, PaulaThe Snow HareA woman dreams of becoming a doctor until World War II leads her instead into an astonishing love--and a fateful choice.
Long, H. M.Barrow Of WinterFantasy - Hall of Smoke #3
Ma, KathrynThe Chinese GrooveA story about a blithely optimistic immigrant with big dreams, dire prospects, and a fractured extended family in need of his help--even if they don't know it yet.
Maberry, JonathanSon Of The Poison RoseFantasy - Kagen the Damned #2
Malliet, G. M.Invitation To A KillerMystery - Augusta Hawke #2
Markert, JamesThe Nightmare ManA chilling horror novel that illustrates the fine line between humanity and monstrosity.
Markley, StephenThe DelugeA sprawling epic of climate apocalypse.
Maroo, ChetnaWestern LaneA debut novel about grief, sisterhood, and a young athlete's struggle to transcend herself.
Marshall, HeatherLooking For JaneIn this debut novel inspired by true stories, three women's lives are bound together by a long-lost letter, a mother's love, and a secret network of people fighting for the right to choose.
Marshall, Kate AliceWhat Lies In The WoodsThriller
Maxwell, AlyssaA Fashionable FatalityHistorical Mystery - Lady and Lady's Maid #8
May, PeterA Winter GraveThriller
McGuire, SeananLost In The Moment And FoundFantasy - Wayward Children #8
Meier, Leslie, Lee Hollis, and Barbara RossIrish Coffee MurderCozy Mystery novellas
Minnicks, JamilaMoonrise Over New JessupHistorical Fiction
Moore, ScottoWild MassiveScience Fiction
Mosley, WalterEvery Man A KingMystery - King Oliver #2
Moyes, JojoSomeone Else's ShoesWho are you when you are forced to walk in someone else's shoes?
Mukherjee, OindrilaThe Dream BuildersAfter living in the US for years, Maneka Roy returns home to India to mourn the loss of her mother and finds herself in a new world.
Mulford, A. K.The High Mountain CourtFantasy - Five Crowns of Okrith #1
Mulford, A. K.The Witches' BladeFantasy - Five Crowns of Okrith #2
Newitz, AnnaleeThe TerraformersScience Fiction
Nkrumah, NyanebaWade In The WaterA debut novel that explores the unlikely friendship between a precocious black girl and a mysterious white woman in a small Mississippi town in the early 1980s.
O'Connor, JosephMy Father's HouseHistorical Fiction
Olson, KaylaThe ReunionWhen two former teen stars reconnect at the 20th reunion for their hit TV show, they discover their ... feelings for each other are real--and mutual!--and not just what was scripted out for them all those years ago.
Page, SallyThe Keeper Of StoriesFiction
Patterson, James3 Days To LiveThriller
Poeppel, AmyThe Sweet SpotFiction
Pylväinen, HannaThe End Of Drum-TimeHistorical Fiction
Quartey, KweiLast Seen In LapazMystery - Emma Djan #3
Raybon, PatriciaDouble The LiesHistorical Mystery - Annalee Spain #2
Riedel, JoshPlease Report Your Bug HereA dating app employee who discovers a glitch that transports him to other worlds.
Riker, MartinThe Guest LectureA newly jobless academic rehearses a speech on John Maynard Keynes for a surprising audience.
Robb, J. D.Encore In DeathMystery - In Death #56
Robert, KateeRadiant SinRomance - Dark Olympus #4
Rollins, JamesThe Cradle Of IceFantasy - Moonfall #2
Rumfitt, AlisonTell Me I'm WorthlessA dark, unflinching haunted house story that confronts both supernatural and real-world horrors through the lens of the modern-day trans experience.
Rushdie, SalmanVictory CityHistorical Fiction
Ryan, AnastasiaYou Should Smile MoreWhen Vanessa Blair is fired because of her "resting bitch face," her friends help her get revenge...
Saab, GabriellaDaughters Of VictoryDecades after defying her aristocratic family to join the Russian revolution, Svetlana Petrova opens her home to her eighteen-year-old granddaughter, Mila, who falls under the spell of the resistance when their remote village is overrun by Nazi invaders.
Salesses, MatthewThe Sense Of WonderWhen Won Lee, the first Asian American in the NBA, stuns the world in a seven-game winning streak, the global media audience dubs it "The Wonder"--much to Won's chagrin.
Sandgren, LydiaCollected WorksA family saga following unsuccessful book publisher Martin Berg, who must confront life's banality in the aftermath of his wife's disappearance.
Schwartz, Selby WynnAfter SapphoHistorical Fiction
Scott, KieranRegrets OnlyA single mom goes undercover to investigate a host of disturbing secrets held by the leaders of a local suburban parent-school association, including embezzlement, bribery, adultery, and murder.
Seeck, MaxThe Last GrudgeMystery - Ghosts of the Past #3
Shah, MansiThe Direction Of The WindA heartfelt story that spans continents and generations, about a young woman who searches for answers about a mother she barely remembers.
Shalvis, JillThe Backup PlanRomance - Sunrise Cove #3
Shane, LizzieSweeter Than ChocolateRomance
Shearer, EleanorRiver Sing Me HomeThe story of a mother's gripping journey across the Caribbean to find her stolen children in the aftermath of slavery.
Shepperson, LauraPhaedraPhaedra has been cast to the side all her life: daughter of an adulteress, sister of a monster, and now unwilling bride to the much-older, power-hungry Theseus.
Sinclair, ShaunBeats And BlowHis empire is worth a billion thanks to the drug-fueled wealth of his infamous Dirty South crew. But with unanticipated enemies gathering for a final devastating hit, will there be anyone left to rule?
Smith, Tom RobCold PeopleA mysterious force captures Earth and gives humanity thirty days to move to Antarctica, where they will be allowed to exist and survive in the planet's most extreme environment.
Steel, DanielleWorthy OpponentsFiction
Stetz-Waters, KareliaBehind The ScenesRomance
Stokes-Chapman, SusanPandoraA historical novel set in Georgian London where the discovery of a mysterious ancient Greek vase sets in motion conspiracies, revelations, and romance.
Suarez, DanielCritical MassA group of pioneering astropreneurs must overcome never-before-attempted engineering challenges to rescue colleagues stranded at a distant asteroid.
Sullivan, SophieA Guide To Being Just FriendsRomance
Sundin, SarahThe Sound Of LightChristian Historical
Tanamachi, CaraThe Second You're SingleRomance
Tchaikovsky, AdrianChildren Of MemoryScience Fiction - Children of Time #3
Thomas, KaiIn The Upper CountryThe fates of two unforgettable women--one just beginning a journey of reckoning and self-discovery and the other completing her life's last vital act--intertwine in this sweeping, powerful novel set at the terminus of the Underground Railroad.
Torday, DanielThe 12th CommandmentFiction
Tudor, C. J.The DriftThree ordinary people risk everything for a chance at redemption.
Verble, MargaretStealingA novel about a Cherokee child removed from her family and sent to a Christian boarding school in the 1950s.
Voskuni, TaleenSorry, BroAn Armenian-American woman rediscovers her roots and embraces who she really is in this heartfelt queer rom-com.
Wachtel, Shirley RussakA Castle In BrooklynHistorical Fiction
Waidner, IsabelSterling Karat GoldFiction
Walters, MonicaStuck On YouUrban Fiction
Weber, CarlThe Family Business 6Urban Fiction
Winslow, De'shawn CharlesDecent PeopleA sweeping novel of a Black community reeling from a triple homicide, and the secrets the killings reveal.
Yamashita, IrisCity Under One RoofA stranded detective tries to solve a murder in a tiny Alaskan town where everyone winters in the same high-rise building.
Young, LouisaTwelve Months And A DayRomance
Yu, AnGhost MusicA former concert pianist searches for the truth about a vanished musician.
Zhao, KylaThe Fraud SquadA working-class woman who infiltrates Singapore's high society to fulfill her dreams risks losing everything in the process--including herself.
Zigman, LauraSmall WorldTwo offbeat and newly divorced sisters move in together as adults--and finally reckon with their childhood.
December 2022
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, SeanThe Thing in the SnowA psychological thriller set at an all-but-abandoned research institute in an unspecified chilly north.
Aiken, G. A.The Heretic RoyalFantasy Romance - Scarred Earth Saga #3
Andrews, V. C.Eden's ChildrenMystery - Eden #1
B, KnowledgeTha KhroniclesUrban Fiction
Bardugo, LeighHell BentFantasy - Alex Stern #2
Beers, GeorgiaCamp Lost and FoundRomance
Bell, MarcellaThe Rodeo QueenThe rules of being a rodeo queen: no creases, no boyfriends, no mistakes.
Benedict, MarieThe Mitford AffairHistorical Fiction
Berenson, LaurienKiller CupidCozy Mystery - Melanie Travis #29
Berg, SibylleGrimeThis novel in translation addresses the question currently being debated around the world: where will climate change, artificial intelligence, the rise of right-wing populism, and the inexorable expansion of surveillance lead?
Bhagat, VinayaThe Girl in the MistIt lurks in the shadows. It lives in your worst nightmares. It feeds on your deepest fears. And it's coming to get you.
Biswas, DamyantiThe Blue BarOn the dark streets of Mumbai, the paths of a missing dancer, a serial killer, and an inspector with a haunted past converge.
Blake, DenaA Spark in the AirRomance
Blaque, EricaAmong WolvesThriller
Blauner, PeterPicture in the SandAn intergenerational saga told through a grandfather's passionate letters to his grandson, passing on the story of his political rebellion in 1950s Egypt in order to save his grandson's life in a post-9/11 world.
Breslin, KateIn Love's TimeChristian Historical
Brown, AmberSomeone Had to Do ItA fashion intern overhears a shocking secret about her employer, with disastrous consequences for all.
Bujold, Lois McMasterPenric's LaborsFantasy - Penric & Desdemona
Bunn, T. DavisForbiddenFantasy
Buonaguro, GinaThe Virgins of VeniceHistorical Fiction
Butler, Octavia E.Bloodchild and Other StoriesScience Fiction
Cameron, W. BruceLove, Clancy: Diary Of a Good DogFiction
Carew, LeoThe CuckooFantasy - Under the Northern Sky #3
Carlsson, ChristofferBlaze Me a SunA Swedish police officer obsessed with a serial killer that became active in 1986, on the same night the prime minister was assassinated, fails to solve the case, until a novelist returns to Halland and begins interviewing him decades later.
Church, DanielHollowsFolk horror meets ancient gods in a remote snowbound Peak District town where several murders take place.
Clark, TracyHideA mystery featuring hard-boiled Chicago detective Harriet Foster, who's on the hunt for a serial killer with a deadly affinity for redheads.
Clipston, AmySomething Old, Something NewSometimes treasure can be found where you least expect it.
Collins, FloraA Small AffairA young woman's life is torn apart when her wealthy ex-lover is found dead -- along with his wife.
Coltrane, KitAll the Way HappyTheir differences made them enemies. One summer tied them together forever.
Cooper, Sharon C.In It to Win ItTwo entrepreneurs compete for a property but secure the biggest win of all--each other--in this second chance romantic comedy.
Correa, Armando LucasThe Night TravelersFour generations of women experience love, loss, war, and hope from the rise of Nazism to the Cuban Revolution and finally, the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Crouch, BlakeAbandonThriller
Crutcher, PaigeThe Lost WitchParanormal Romance
Dailey, JanetBlue Moon HavenRomance - New Americana #7
Datlow, EllenThe Best Horror Of The Year, Volume FourteenHorror Anthology
de Leon, AyaThat Dangerous EnergyMarrying a billionaire will fulfill this struggling artist's dreams--and enable her to make a difference. But exposing the truth will put all her convictions on one dangerous line . . .
Dykes, AmandaAll the Lost PlacesDiscovered floating in a basket along the canals of Venice, Sebastien Trovato wrestles with questions of his origins.
Eason, LynetteCritical ThreatChristian Suspense - Extreme Measures #3
Fletcher, JessicaDeath On The Emerald IsleCozy Mystery - Murder, She Wrote #56
Force, MarieState Of ShockRomantic Suspense - First Family #4
Fowler, ChristopherPeculiar LondonThinking of a jaunt to England? Let Arthur Bryant and John May, London's oldest police detectives, show you the oddities behind the city's façades in this tongue-in-cheek travel guide.
Gable, MichelleThe Lipstick BureauHistorical Fiction
Ganeshananthan, V. V.Brotherless NightA courageous young Sri Lankan woman tries to protect her dream of becoming a doctor.
Garza, AmberA Mother Would KnowA mother questions everything she knows about her son when a local woman is found dead.
George, JessicaMaameA debut about a young British Ghanaian woman as she navigates her twenties and finds her place in the world, for readers of Queenie and The Other Black Girl.
Glenn, RoyCold BloodedUrban Fiction - Mike Black #39
Goodman, AllegraSamFiction
Greene, CharlottePicture-Perfect ChristmasTwo former rivals compete to capture the essence of their small mountain town at Christmas, all the while fighting old and new feelings.
Halston, SidneyThe Valentine's HateAn enemy to lovers/fake engagement rom-com themed around Valentine's Day.
Hardt, HelenFlareRomance - Steel Brothers Saga #23
Hardt, HelenScorchRomance - Steel Brothers Saga #24
Harper, JaneExilesMystery - Aaron Falk #3
Harper, LanaBack In A SpellParanormal Romance - Witches of Thistle Grove #3
Hatcher, Robin LeeAll She Ever DreamedChristian Romance - Boulder Creek #2
Hatcher, Robin LeeEven ForeverChristian Romance - Boulder Creek #1
Hawkins, RachelThe VillaWhile on a girls trip to Italy with her best friend, Chess, Emily discovers their high-end villa was once the scene of a brutal murder, and, digging into the past, finds the truth seeping into the present as dangerous betrayals emerge.
Hazelwood, AliLoathe To Love YouRomance
Hedlund, JodyStay With MeHistorical Romance - Waters of Time #3
Hendrix, GradyHow to Sell a Haunted HouseForced to return to the small Southern town where she grew up to sell her late parents' house, Louise discovers that her and her brother's old grudges pale in comparison to the terror that still lurks within its walls.
Higashino, KeigoA Death In TokyoMystery - Kyochichro Kaga #3
Hoover, ColleenHeart BonesTwo young adults from completely different backgrounds embark on a tentative romance, unaware of what the future holds.
Ichijo, MisakiEven if This Love Disappears TonightFantasy Romance
Itō, HiromiThe Thorn PullerIn this first novel to appear in English by an award-winning Japanese author, the narrator, who cares for her husband and daughters in California and her aging parents in Japan, creates a powerful and entertaining narrative as she shuttles back and forth between two different cultures.
Jennings, ReginaEngaging DeceptionChristian Historical - Joplin Chronicles #3
Johnstone, CaroleThe BlackhouseThriller
Joseph, Lauren JohnAt Certain Points We TouchFrom a new voice in fiction comes a novel of queer friendship, first love, and unbridled youth.
Kapoor, DeeptiAge Of ViceThis is the age of vice, where money, pleasure, and power are everything, and the family ties that bind can also kill.
Kendall, BeverleyTokenFounding Token, a boutique PR agency that helps "diversity-challenged" companies and celebrities, Kennedy Mitchell, with business booming, discovers that some messes are not so easily fixed when she is drawn into a PR scandal of her own.
Kennedy, ElleMisfitNew Adult Romance
Konen, LeahYou Should Have Told MeA new mother chases the secrets her partner left behind after his sudden disappearance.
Koontz, DeanThe House at the End of the WorldSuspense
Kubica, MaryJust The Nicest CoupleWhen her husband Jack vanishes without a trace, Nina Hayes will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, which, unbeknownst to her, is inextricably linked to their close friends, who may have been the last to see Jake before he went missing.
Lackey, MercedesInto The WestFantasy - Founding of Valdemar #2
Lau, Jamie MarinaGunk BabyA black comedy workplace thriller set in a sprawling indoor shopping mall about a cabal of low-wage workers who plot violent acts of "resistance" against their managers.
Lehane, CorneliusMurder by DefinitionMystery - 42nd Street Library #4
Lipman, ElinorMs. DemeanorFiction
Littles, T. C.Starving for LoveA spoiled rich girl falls for one of the most notorious thugs in Detroit. Will she give up everything, including the successful future her parents had planned for her?
Mactague, LiseWinter's MoonsUrban Fantasy
Malhotra, AanchalThe Book of Everlasting ThingsWhen their beloved city is ravaged by Partition, Hindu perfumer Samir Vij and Muslim calligrapher Firdaus Khan, now on opposite sides, their love forbidden, make a series of fateful decisions that will change the course of their lives forever.
Manenzhe, RešoketšweScatterlingsTells the story of a multiracial family when the Immorality Act is passed in South Africa, revealing one family's scattered souls in the wake of history.
Marsh, BeezyQueen of ThievesA historical adventure about a ring of bold and resourceful women thieves in post-World War II London.
Masters, PriscillaUndue InfluenceMystery - Florence Shaw #1
McGill, JerryThe Color of FamilyParalyzed for life after a car accident, Devon Payne, over the course of a decade, visits his seven siblings now scattered across the globe, confronting the guilt and heartbreaking betrayals that followed in the wake of the tragedy and discovering to power of forgiveness to live free in the present.
Miller, CarolDeath Rides a PonyCozy Mystery - Fortune Telling #2
Murphy, KittyDeath in HeelsWhen Fi went to support her best friend's drag debut, she didn't imagine a killer would be going to watch it too. And they're waiting for their grand finale...
Noyes, E. J.SchussThey're best friends who're secretly in love with each other, but what if admitting that ruins the best friendship either of them have had?
O'Shea, TJTo be With YouRomance
Parks, AdeleOne Last SecretEveryone has secrets, don't they?
Parlato, TerriAll the Dark PlacesA savage murder rocks a quiet Massachusetts suburb, revealing the dark secrets at the center of a group of friends and setting two women - one with a traumatic past, the other a Boston police detective - on a hunt for truth.
Parrott, ThomasCompromisedScience Fiction - Tom Clancy's The Division
Patterson, JamesThe House Of WolvesThriller
Payne, MelissaA Light in the ForestAn emotional and suspenseful novel about the weight of secrets and the healing power of friends and family.
Pellegrino, AmandaThe Social ClimberWhen you ' re on top, you can get away with anything...
Perry, ThomasMurder BookAn ex-cop takes on a widespread criminal organization targeting midwestern towns.
Peyton, Tracey RoseNight Wherever We GoA debut novel about a group of enslaved women staging a covert rebellion against their owners.
Preston, DouglasThe Cabinet Of Dr. LengThriller - Agent Pendergast #21
RadclyffeOnly This SummerRomance
Reyes, AnaThe House in the PinesArmed with only hazy memories, a woman who long ago witnessed her friend's sudden, mysterious death, and has since spent her life trying to forget, sets out to track down answers.
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe AlbumClassic Mystery
Rosenfield, KatYou Must Remember ThisA Knives Out-style whodunnit featuring a long-ago love affair, icy death, and a rich family gone bad.
Rouda, Kaira SturdivantThe WidowThriller
Ryan, ReneeThe Secret Society Of SalzburgInspired by true events, a story of two very different women united to bring light to the darkest days of World War II.
Sagara, MichelleCast In EternityFantasy - Chronicles of Elantra #18
Shroff, PariniThe Bandit QueensA young Indian woman finds the false rumors that she killed her husband surprisingly useful--until other women in the village start asking for her help getting rid of their own husbands.
SkyyDumbDetermined to win the one she thinks is for her, Paige finds herself making one foolish decision after another.
Spotswood, StephenSecrets Typed In BloodHistorical Mystery - Pentecost And Parker #3
St Clair, ScarlettQueen Of Myth And MonstersParanormal Romance - Adrian X Isolde #2
Stevenson, BenjaminEveryone In My Family Has Killed SomeoneA fiendishly clever blend of classic and modern murder mystery.
Stoker, SusanDeserving HenleyRomance - Refuge #2
Taylor, BradThe Devil's RansomThriller - Pike Logan #17
Tracy, P. J.The Devil You KnowMystery - Detective Margaret Nolan #3
Tuomala, A. M.The Map And The TerritoryFantasy
Van Stry, JohnSummer's EndSometimes a dark past can haunt you. Other times, it just may be the only thing keeping you alive.
Vernon, LeahThe UnionA dystopian novel that explores the power of friendship in a future society built on violence and division.
Wegert, TessaThe Kind To KillMystery - Shana Merchant #4
Westerson, JeriCourting DragonsIntroducing Will Somers, the king's jester but nobody's fool in this mystery set in Tudor England, the first in a new series.
Wilde, DarcieThe Secret Of The Lost PearlsCozy Mystery - Rosalind Thorne #6
Willingham, StacyAll The Dangerous ThingsA mother desperately hopes to mobilize the true-crime community's armchair detectives to find her son, Mason, who was abducted from his bedroom a year earlier.
Shenanigans: All-New Tales Of ValdemarFantasy Anthology
November 2022
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abbott, CordyDead Men Don't DecorateArt, murder, and a secret dating back centuries collide in this cozy mystery series debut.
Afshar, TessaThe Hidden PrinceChristian Historical
Andersson, LivLittle Red HouseThriller
Armentrout, Jennifer L.A Light in the FlameParanormal Romance - Flesh and Fire #2
Armstrong, KelleyChristmas at Thorne ManorFantasy Romance
Baldree, TravisLegends & LattesAfter a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword. The battle-weary orc aims to start fresh, opening the first ever coffee shop in the city of Thune. But old and new rivals stand in the way of success -- not to mention the fact that no one has the faintest idea what coffee actually is.
Banks, RussellThe Magic KingdomHistorical Fiction
Baron, MelissaTwice in a LifetimeRomance
Basham, PepperAuthentically, IzzyChristian Romance
Beaton, M. C.Devil's DelightCozy Mystery - Agatha Raisin #33
Belle, KimberlyThe Personal AssistantThriller
Berkeley, AnthonyMurder in the BasementClassic Mystery
Blake, OlivieAlone With You in the EtherFantasy Romance
Bolden, Martell TroublesomeRich Savage 3Urban Fiction
Bowen, RhysPeril in ParisHistorical Mystery - Royal Spyness #16
Brayden, MelissaThe Forever FactorRomance
Brooks-Dalton, LilyThe Light PirateFiction
brown, adrienne mareeFables and SpellsSpeculative Stories and Poetry
Brown, CarolynThe Sandcastle HurricaneRomance
Brown, WesleyBlue in GreenHistorical Fiction
Bruce, CamillaAll The Blood We ShareA sinister novel based on the real Bloody Benders, a family of serial killers in the old West bound by butchery and obscured by the shadows of American history.
Buckhanon, KalishaRunning to FallTragedy Powell tries to feel she has it all- until her and her husband's perfect life online becomes a whirlwind of spilled secrets about Tragedy's drinking, a missing woman and their all-white town.
Calderón, GabeMàgòdizScience Fiction
Cameron, MarcTom Clancy Red WinterThriller - Jack Ryan #22
Carter, ShmelTaking Down a BossUrban Fiction
Caruso, MelissaThe Ivory TombFantasy - Rooks and Ruin #3
Castro, V.Out Of AztlanHorror Short Stories
Christie, WilliamThe Double AgentA Russian/German double agent loyal only to himself again becomes a double agent in a desperate bid to protect himself, this time for the English.
Chronister, KayDesert CreaturesIn a world grown desiccated and treacherous, one young woman will find salvation or become just another rot-lonely skull in the sand.
Chung, BoraCursed Bunny: StoriesSurreal, chilling fables that take on the patriarchy, capitalism, and the reign of big tech with absurdist humor and a (sometimes literal) bite.
Claire, AnnDead and GondolaIn this series debut, a mysterious bookshop visitor dies under murderous circumstances, compelling the Christie sisters and their cat, Agatha, to call on all they've learned about solving mysteries from their favorite novelist.
Clark, Aaron PhilipBlue Like MeMystery - Trevor Finnegan #2
Cook, RobinNight ShiftThriller - Stapleton/Montgomery #13
Córdova, ZoraidaStar Wars: ConvergenceScience Fiction - The High Republic
Cosby, S. A.My Darkest PrayerMystery
Crittendon, DeniseWhere it Rains in ColorLileala has just been named the Rare Indigo - beauty among beauties - and is about to embrace her stardom, until something threatens to change her whole lifestyle and turn the planet of Swazembi upside down.
Cross, TracyRootworkSet in a small Louisiana parish, deep in the segregated South, Rootwork follows school-age sisters, Betty, Ann, and Pee Wee during one life-changing summer.
Cumming, CharlesJudas 62Thriller - Box 88 #2
Czerneda, JulieTo Each This WorldScience Fiction
Dade, OliviaShip WreckedRomance - Spoiler Alert #3
Davis, AmbriaI Need a Bad Boy in My LifeUrban Fiction
DeLuca, JenWell TraveledRomance - Well Met #4
DeuxMoiAnon Pls.A debut novel about a stylist assistant whose drunken decision to turn her Instagram into a celeb gossip account turns her life completely upside down.
Dev, SonaliThe Vibrant YearsThree generations of the Desai women navigate bad dates, reemerging exes and secrets that refuse to remain hidden as they embark on a daring shared journey of self-discovery to live their most authentic lives.
Dewberry, John GaryHang All the MistletoeHoliday
Du Brul, Jack B.Clive Cussler The Sea WolvesAdventure - Isaac Bell #13
Dumas, LukeA History of FearA University of Edinburgh student taking on a ghostwriting job for a mysterious stranger begins to suspect he is working for the devil himself.
Edwards, Emily J.Viviana Valentine Gets Her ManLife as a secretary in New York gets tougher when Viviana Valentine's boss goes M.I.A in this debut historical mystery.
Eisler, BarryAmokWhen the government offers a twenty-six-year-old former Marine a five-figure payday, there's only one question: Who does he have to kill?
Elliott, LaurenSteeped in SecretsThe first installment in a new series featuring amateur detective Shay Myers, intuitive gemologist and owner of a New Age tea and crystals shop.
Evans, Erin M.Empire of ExilesMagic, mystery, and revolution collide in this fantasy epic where an unlikely team of mages, scribes, and archivists must band together to unearth a conspiracy that might topple their empire.
Everlee, JessThe Gentleman's Book of VicesIs their real-life love story doomed to be a tragedy, or can they rewrite the ending?
Fader, MollyThe Sunshine GirlsTwo friends. A lifetime of secrets. One sparkling story.
Ferrada, Maria JoseHow to Turn into a BirdFiction
Fields, KerikaWith Your Bad SelfHistorical Fiction
Flower, AmandaFrozen DetectiveMystery - Piper and Porter #2
Flynn, AveryWitcha Gonna Do?Paranormal Romance
Francis, FelixHands DownMystery - Dick Francis #11
Fre$hBetrayal of a Thug 2Urban Fiction
Fredericks, MariahThe Lindbergh NannyAmerica's most notorious kidnapping through the eyes of the woman who found herself at the heart of this deadly crime.
Friedman, ElyseThe OpportunistWhen her wealthy 76-year-old father announces he is marrying his 28-year-old nurse, hardworking single mother Alana Shropshire, ordered by her brothers to make the gold digger go away, is faced with a formidable foe who refuses to go down without a fight.
Gallen, MichelleFactory GirlsHistorical Fiction
Gilbert, VictoriaDeath in the MarginsCozy Mystery - Blue Ridge Library #7
Graham, Heather, and John LandBlood MoonScience Fiction - Rising #2
Gray, Shelley ShepardChristmas at the Amish MarketHoliday
Green, Amy LynnThe Blackout Book ClubHistorical Fiction
Gregory, PhilippaDawnlandsHistorical Fiction - Fairmile #3
Griffiths, EllyBleeding Heart YardMystery - Harbinder Kaur #3
Grippando, JamesCode 6At what price do we open our lives to Big Data?
Harris, CharlaineThe Serpent in HeavenHistorical Fantasy - Gunnie Rose #4
Hatcher, Robin LeeLike the WindChristian Fiction
Haven, JoshFake Money, Blue SmokeA skilled counterfeiter hires a crew of career criminals to steal an artwork from a speeding train.
Heath, VirginiaNever Rescue a RogueHistorical Romance - Merriwell Sisters #2
Henderson, AliceA Ghost of CaribouMystery - Alex Carter #3
Henderson, CraigWelcome To The GameNearly bankrupt and losing control of the cocktail of drugs and alcohol that gets him through the day, widower and ex-rally driver Spencer Burnham gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to be the getaway driver for a lethal gangster who wants to pull off one last heist.
Henry, ChristinaInto The Forest: Tales of the Baba YagaFantasy Short Stories
Herbert, Brian, and Kevin J. AndersonThe Heir of CaladanScience Fiction - Dune Caladan #3
Herring Blake, AshleyAstrid Parker Doesn't FailAn interior designer who is never without the perfect plan learns to renovate her love life without one.
Holloway, WarrenMurder and DeceptionUrban Fiction
Howrey, MegThey're Going to Love YouFiction
Hunt, TaranThe Immortality ThiefScience Fiction
Hyde, Catherine RyanSo Long, Chester WheelerFiction
Jackson, KosokoA Dash of Salt and PepperSometimes two cooks in the kitchen are better than one in this romantic comedy.
Jackson, Lisa, and Nancy BushWicked DreamsThriller - Wicked #5
Jefferies, DinahThe Hidden PalaceHistorical Fiction - Daughters of War #2
Joella, EthanA Quiet LifeThree people's lives intersect in unforeseen ways.
Johnson, Damian L.Break the Chain: Part 1: Hustle Game Too HardUrban Fiction
Jones, DaryndaA Hard Day for a HangoverMystery - Sunshine Vicram #3
Kane, DarbyThe Last InvitationThey meet the second Tuesday of every month and vote...and then someone dies.
Kapelke-Dale, RachelThe IngenueWhen the family estate is bequeathed to a man she shares a complicated history with, former piano prodigy Saskia Kreis is forced to reexamine her own past.
Karp, MarshallNYPD Red 7: The Murder SororityThriller - NYPD Red #7
Khaw, CassandraBreakable ThingsHorror Short Stories
Kingsbury, KarenA Thousand TomorrowsChristian Fiction
Kirsanow, PeterW. E. B. Griffin The Devil's WeaponsThriller - Men at War #8
Klassen, JulieThe Sisters of Sea ViewSome guests have come for a holiday, others for hidden reasons of their own . . .
Krasznahorkai, LászlóA Mountain to the North, a Lake to the South, Paths to the West, a River to the EastFiction
Krentz, Jayne AnnSleep No MoreFirst in a new romantic suspense trilogy about a night that changed three women forever--but that none of them can remember.
Landvik, LornaLast Circle of LoveFiction
Laurent, CarolineAn Impossible ReturnHistorical Fiction
Lemberg, R. B.Geometries of BelongingSpeculative Stories and Poetry
Lemberg, R. B.The UnbalancingNew love blossoms between an impatient starkeeper and a reclusive poet as they try together to save their island home.
Levine, LauraDeath By SmoothieCozy Mystery - Jaine Austen #19
Lewis, Linden A.The Last HeroScience Fiction - First Sister #3
Liese, ChloeTwo Wrongs Make a RightOpposites become allies to fool their matchmaking friends in this reimagining of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.
Lindsay, JeffThree-Edged SwordThriller - Riley Wolfe #3
Lipsyte, SamNo One Left to Come Looking for YouFiction
London, StefaniePets of Park AvenueRomance - Paws in the City #2
Louis, LiaThe Key to My HeartRomance
Lovesey, PeterShowstopperMystery - Peter Diamond #21
Mackintosh, ClareThe Last PartyAt midnight, one of them is dead. By morning, all of them are suspects.
Malpas, Jodi EllenThis WomanRomance - This Man #5
Margolin, PhillipMurder at Black OaksMystery - Robin Lockwood #6
Martin, AlexaBetter Than FictionA romantic comedy about a bookseller discovering how to be the main character in her story.
Martin, KatOne Last ChanceMystery - Blood Ties #3
McCarthy, CormacStella MarisFiction - Passenger #2
Meadows, RaeWinterlandA young girl is tapped to be a part of the Soviet Union's gymnastics system.
MestannaThe Devil's BedroomUrban Fiction
Mikhail, DunyaThe Bird TattooA powerful and sweeping novel set over two tumultuous decades in Iraq.
Miller, MadelineGalatea: A Short StoryBoldly reimagines the myth of Galatea and Pygmalion.
Miller, VanessaWhat We Found in HallelujahChristian Fiction
Mitchell, JamelFor the Love of Blood 2Urban Fiction
Moorcock, MichaelThe Citadel of Forgotten MythsFantasy - Elric Saga #1
Morimi, TomihikoThe Tatami GalaxyAn unfulfilled college student hurtles through four parallel realities to explore the what-might've-been and the what-should-never-be in this Groundhog's Day-esque campus chronicle.
Morrison, EwanHow to Survive EverythingKidnapped by their doomsday-prepper father to keep them safe from a supposedly new pandemic, Haley and Ben are confined to his compound with no outside contact and no idea if the threat is even real.
Morrissey, HannahThe WidowmakerThriller - Black Harbor #1
Muñoz, ManuelThe ConsequencesShort Stories
Murray, AmitaArya Winters and the Cupcakes Of DoomCozy Mystery - Arya Winters #2
Newman, CatherineWe All Want Impossible ThingsFiction
Nossett, LaurenThe ResemblanceOn a chilly November morning, a fraternity brother steps off a busy crosswalk and is struck dead by an oncoming car. More than a dozen witnesses all agree on two things: the driver looked identical to the victim, and he was smiling.
Palmer, DianaWyoming HomecomingRomance - Wyoming Men #11
Palmer, RodThe Things We Bring to the TableFiction
Parikh, AmitaThe Circus TrainA World War II debut about a magnificent travelling circus, a star-crossed romance, and one girl's coming-of-age during the darkest of times.
Payne, NikkiPride and ProtestA woman goes head-to-head with the CEO of a corporation threatening to destroy her neighborhood in this retelling of Pride and Prejudice.
Pederson, David S.Murder at Union StationMystery - Mason Adler #2
Perrin, KaylaWe'll Never TellA night of revenge turns deadly.
Perrin, KaylaWhat's Done in DarknessJealousy is a strong motive. People kill for love every day...
Perry, AnneA Christmas DeliveranceHistorical Mystery - Christmas #20
Phillips, GaryWitnesses for the DeadShort Stories
Pitzorno, BiancaThe Seamstress of SardiniaIn 1900 Sardinia, an intelligent and ambitious young woman with an impossible dream is drawn into a world far different than her own.
Pokwatka, AimeeSelf-Portrait With NothingAfter discovering her birth mother is Ula Frost, a reclusive artist who claims her portraits summon their subjects' doppelgängers from parallel universes, Pepper Rafferty wonders if there is a universe, in which she is better able to accept love, and in which Ula decided she was worth keeping.
Polk, C. L.Even Though I Knew the EndAn exiled augur who sold her soul to save her brother's life is offered one last job before serving an eternity in hell. When she turns it down, her client sweetens the pot by offering up the one payment she can't resist: the chance to have a future...
Priest, CherieFlight RiskParanormal Mystery - Booking Agents #2
Prusa, CarolynNone of This Would Have Happened if Prince Were AliveFiction
Ray, PlayaCrime BossUrban Fiction
Rehman, BushraRoses, in the Mouth of a LionWhile attending a prestigious high school in Manhattan, Razia Mirza, from a tight-knit Muslim-American community, falls in love with Angela, a fellow student, and must choose between her family and her own future when their relationship is discovered.
Reid, MaryannThe Professional WifeA beautiful woman is hired to be "professional wife" to celebrities. But what happens when she falls in love with the wrong one?
Rickloff, AlixThe Girls in Navy BlueHistorical Fiction
Rio, KingThe Cocaine Princess 5Urban Fiction
Roanhorse, RebeccaTread of AngelsIn the 1883 mining town of Goetia ruled by the Virtues, a card sharp with a need for justice takes on the role of devil's advocate to defend her sister, accused of murdering a Virtue.
Roberts, BethanMy PolicemanHistorical Fiction
Robin, EmeryThe Stars UndyingScience Fiction Romance
Ross, RebeccaA Fire EndlessFantasy - Elements of Cadence #2
Rowell, Donna M.Never Name the DeadIn this debut, old grudges, tribal traditions, and outside influences collide for a Kiowa woman as forces threaten her family, her tribe, and the land of her ancestors.
Ryan, KennedyBefore I Let GoAfter a devastating tragedy, a married couple discover that love isn't enough to save their marriage, but it eventually might be enough to bring them back together for a second time around.
Salazar, NoelleAngels of the ResistanceHistorical Fiction
Samuel, AmberThe Many Dates of indigoHair done. Nails too. Make-up flawless. Indigo Clark is an accomplished, independent woman. Now she wants a partner to share her fabulous life.
Sanderson, BrandonThe Lost MetalFantasy - Mistborn #7
SaundraLong Live the QueenA good girl-turned Cali drug Queenpin goes nationwide, where the success is explosive, the new conspiracies brutal--and the betrayals could finally take her down for the count...
Sebastian, CatDaniel Cabot Puts Down RootsHistorical Romance - Cabots #3
Shelton, PaigeWinter's EndMystery - Alaska Wild #4
Shinkai, Makoto, and Naruki NagakawaShe and Her Cat: StoriesA collection of four interrelated, stream-of-consciousness short stories follows women and their cat companions as they explore the frailty of life, the pain of isolation, and the limits of communication.
Shipman, ViolaA Wish For WinterHoliday Romance
Simpson, RosemaryDeath at the FallsHistorical Mystery - Gilded Age #7
Simsion, Graeme, and Anne BuistTwo Steps OnwardFiction - Two Steps #2
Smiley, JaneA Dangerous Business In 1850s Gold Rush California, two young prostitutes--best friends Eliza and Jean--follow a trail of missing girls.
Soop, AlexMidnight Storm Moonless Sky: Indigenous Horror StoriesShort Stories
Spencer, MinervaThe Boxing BaronessAgreeing to help the Duke of Staunton rescue his brother, Marianne Simpson, a boxer in her uncle's circus, braces for the fight of her life - and of her heart.
St. James, DorothyA Book Club to Die ForCozy Mystery - Beloved Bookroom #3
Steel, DanielleWithout a TraceFiction
Sten, VivecaHidden in SnowThe splendor of the Swedish mountains becomes the backdrop for a bone-chilling crime.
Strong, Lynn StegerFlightThree siblings gather with their spouses and children for a fraught Christmas.
Szeker, Brandi EliseThe Puppeteer and the Poisoned PawnHorror
Tan, Sue LynnHeart of the Sun WarriorFantasy - Celestial Kingdom #2
Tavares, NathanA Fractured InfinityA thrilling race across the multiverse to save the infinite Earths - and the love of your life - from total destruction.
Tchaikovsky, AdrianDogs of WarA bio-engineered dog fights for its life and its right to life.
Thompson, VictoriaCity of FortuneHistorical Mystery - Counterfeit Lady #6
Tolkien, J. R. R.The Fall of Númenor: And Other Tales From the Second Age of Middle-EarthFantasy
Tudor, C. J.A Sliver of DarknessSuspense Stories
Turonek, E. RayeUnrequited LoveUrban Fiction - Rural Route 8 #2
Unger, LisaSecluded Cabin Sleeps SixThree couples rent a luxury cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway to die for in this chilling locked-room thriller.
Usami, RinIdol, BurningFiction
Wang, Michael X.Lost in the Long MarchAn epic historical novel, set against the tense backdrop of the Long March and Mao's rise to power, that tells a powerful and moving story of two ordinary people.
Wendig, ChuckWaywardScience Fiction - Wanderers #2
Williams, PreslaysaA Sweet Lowcountry ProposalRomance
Wilson, KevinNow is Not the Time to PanicTwo teenage misfits collide one fateful summer, and the art they make changes their lives forever.
Zeldis, KittyThe Dressmakers of Prospect HeightsHistorical Fiction
Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative FictionShort Stories
October 2022
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abdullah, KiaNext Of KinWhen Leila Syed accidentally leaves her toddler nephew in her car, leading to tragedy, the tense, subsequent trial tears her family apart, but as the case progresses, it becomes clear there is more to the incident than meets the eye.
Adams, Lyssa KayA Very Merry BromanceRomance - Bromance Book Club #5
AdrianneLife At The ClubUrban Fiction
Alexander, ClaireMeredith, AloneMeredith, after spending three years inside her house, figures out how to rejoin the world one step at a time.
Amadou Amal, DjaïliThe ImpatientFiction
Anderson, Gerald C., Sr.Fatal Misperceptions: Red Flags Rise Everywhere, But Will She Notice?Urban Fiction
Andrews, DonnaDashing Through The SnowbirdsCozy Mystery - Meg Langslow #32
Anie, SussieTo Fill A Yellow HouseFiction
Asghar, FatimahWhen We Were Sisters After the death of their parents, three Muslim American sisters are left to raise one another.
Bailey, TessaToo Beautiful To BreakRomance - Romancing the Clarksons #4
Bailey, TessaToo Hard To ForgetRomance - Romancing the Clarksons #3
Bailey, TessaToo Wild To TameRomance - Romancing the Clarksons #2
Bailey, TessaToo Hot To HandleRomance - Romancing the Clarksons #1
Banville, JohnThe SingularitiesReleased from prison, a man with a borrowed name arrives at the estate of his youth where he must vie with the idiosyncratic Godley family while dealing with a wealthy and beautiful woman from his past.
Benedict, AlexandraThe Christmas Murder GameTwelve clues. Twelve keys. Twelve days of Christmas. But how many will die before Twelfth Night?
Blake, OlivieThe Atlas ParadoxFantasy - Atlas #2
Block, LawrenceThe Burglar Who Met Fredric BrownMystery - Bernie Rhodenbarr #13
Bouchet, AmandaA Curse Of QueensFantasy Romance - Kingmaker Chronicles #4
Boum, HemleyDays Come And GoChronicling the beauty and turmoil of a rapidly changing Cameroon, Days Come and Go is the remarkable story of three generations of women both within and beyond its borders.
Braverman, BlairSmall Game A survival reality show gone wrong leaves a group of strangers stranded in the northern wilds.
Brecher, ChristinPhoto FinishedA Manhattan photographer finds murder at a high-society ball in t his mystery series debut.
Brown, TracyHold You DownHistorical Fiction
Bruce, CamillaThe Witch In The WellThriller
Bublitz, JacquelineBefore You Knew My NameTwo women--one alive, one dead--are brought together in the dark underbelly of New York City to solve a tragic murder.
Bunn, T. DavisThe Christmas HummingbirdHoliday
Burnet, Graeme MacraeCase StudyBlurs the lines between patient and therapist, fiction and documentation, and reality and dark imagination.
Butcher, James J.Dead Man's HandA young man must throw out the magical rule book to solve the murder of his former mentor in this debut.
Chakraborty, S. A.The River Of SilverFantasy Short Stories - Daevabad #4
Chambers, ChristopherStandaloneMystery - Dickie Cornish #2
Chen, KevinGhost TownFleeing the oppression of his village in Berlin to find acceptance as a gay man, Chen Tien-Hong, the only son of a traditional Taiwanese family, returns home after 10 years and a prison sentence to find his family gone.
Church, WendyMurder On The Spanish SeasMystery
Ciesielski, J'NellThe Brilliance Of StarsAmid the chaos of the Great War, two elite assassins learn precisely how dangerous it is to have something--or someone--worth losing.
Coburn, JenniferCradles Of The Reich At Heim Hochland, a Nazi sanctioned maternity home in Bavaria, three women's fates are irrevocably intertwined.
Cochrun, AlisonKiss Her Once For Me A romantic comedy about a woman who fakes an engagement with her landlord...only to fall for his sister.
Cohen, LeonardA Ballet Of LepersFiction
Cole, BrianaBehind Her LivesA story of secrets, sibling rivalry, and a woman searching for a missing sister who may not want to be found.
Constantinou, MarissaWomen Of The Harlem RenaissanceCollection
Cousens, SophieBefore I DoWhat would you do if the one that got away turned up the night before your wedding?
Crais, RobertRacing The Light Mystery - Elvis Cole and Joe Pike #19
Davidson, AndyThe Hollow KindAn epic horror novel about the spectacular decline of the Redfern family, haunted by an ancient evil.
Deaver, JefferyHunting TimeMystery - Colter Shaw #4
Delaney, Edward J.The Acrobat"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant," mused the world's most famous leading man. Even I want to be Cary Grant."
Denton, Lauren K.A Place To LandA hidden past isn't past at all.
Deveraux, JudeThief Of FateParanormal Romance - Providence Falls #3
Dillon, AlenaEyes Turned SkywardAn empty nester and primary caretaker for her elderly, ailing mother inadvertently discovers that her mom was a Women Airforce Service Pilot who is now filled with regrets as she confronts the end of her life.
Dunn, KatherineToadThe reflections of a deeply scarred and reclusive woman.
Ernaux, AnnieDo What They Say Or ElseThe story of a fifteen-year-old girl named Anne who lives with her working-class parents in a small town in Normandy, France.
Evans, Richard PaulA Christmas MemoryHoliday
Everett, PercivalDr. NoA sly, madcap novel about supervillains.
Feehan, ChristineDark WhisperParanormal Romance - Carpathian #36
Fisher, Suzanne WoodsAnything But PlainChristian Fiction
Frank, Alli, and Asha YoumansNever Meant To Meet You While dealing with a new class of kindergarteners, her son's puberty, and her annoying ex-husband, Marjette navigates a ritual of loss with the help of her neighbor, and together they find the strength to remake their lives.
French, NicciThe Favor A young woman agrees to do a favor for her first love, but when things go horribly wrong, one small task turns into a murder investigation that completely upends her life, ensnaring her in a deadly web of secrets and lies.
Friday, T.Carl Weber's Kingpins: The Ultimate HustleThis pastor's daughter has some choices to make. Does she return to the flock, or fully enter the world of these kingpins?
Gervais, SimonRobert Ludlum's The Blackbriar GenesisThe assassination of a Treadstone agent leads two Blackbriar operatives down a rabbit hole of deceit and betrayal in this new series from the world of Jason Bourne.
Geum-yi, LeeThe Picture BrideIn 1918, Willow, a young Korean picture bride, arrives in Hawaii to start a new life but her dreams are soon shattered by a husband who doesn't want her and by the escalation of the Korean independence movements, which threaten to divide her family and friends.
Gibson, S. T.A Dowry Of BloodThe tale of Dracula's first bride, Constanta.
Gilman, Laura AnneUncanny TimesMonster hunting siblings set out to solve a series of murders.
Givhan, JenniferRiver Woman, River Demon When Eva's husband is arrested for the murder of a friend, she must confront her murky past and embrace her magick to find out what really happened that night on the river.
Gomez, AnnaWhere The Sun Rises: Volume 2Romance - From Kona With Love #2
Gomez, AnnaMoments Like This: From Kona With LoveRomance
Graham, HeatherVoice Of FearParanormal Romance - Krewe of Hunters #38
Gray, Shelley ShepardHappily Ever AmishIn this first in a new series, welcome to Apple Creek, Ohio--a small, vibrant Amish community where everyone seems to know everyone else.
Greer, HelenaSeason Of LoveWhen she inherits half of her great-aunt's Jewish-run Christmas tree farm, Miriam Blum must save the business from going under with the help of the farm's grumpy manager, Noelle.
Griffis, GigiThe Empress Historical Fiction
Hairston, AndreaWill Do Magic For Small ChangeA tale of alien science and earthbound magic and the secrets families keep from each other.
Halfon, EduardoCanciónFiction
Hall, AlexisParis Daillencourt Is About To CrumbleRomance - Winner Bakes it All #2
Hannah, SophieThe Couple At The Table Mystery - Culver Valley Crime #11
Hannon, IreneBody Of EvidenceChristian Suspense - Triple Threat #3
Hawker, OliviaThe Fire And The OreThree spirited wives in nineteenth-century Utah. One husband.
Hays, KatyThe Cloisters A circle of researchers uncover a mysterious deck of tarot cards and shocking secrets in New York's famed Met Cloisters.
Hedlund, JodyFalling For The CowgirlChristian Historical - Colorado Cowboys #4
Herrera, AdrianaOn The HustleRomance - Dating in Dallas #2
Herron, MickStanding By The Wall: The Collected Slough House NovellasMystery - Slough House
Hogle, SarahJust Like Magic The holidays were never her thing, until she accidentally conjures the Holiday Spirit...before her very eyes.
Holiday, Jenny So This Is Christmas Holiday Romance
Hood, Christopher M.The Revivalists A debut novel about a couple's harrowing journey across a ravaged America to save their daughter.
Hornby, GillGodmersham ParkA novel inspired by the true story of Anne Sharp, a governess who became very close with Jane Austen and her family.
Horowitz, AnthonyThe Twist Of A KnifeMystery - Hawthorne and Horowitz #4
Howey, HughAcross The SandScience Fiction - Sand Chronicles #2
Ifedigbo, Sylva NzeBelievers And HustlersMystery
Irving, DionneThe Islands: StoriesThe Islands follows the lives of Jamaican women--immigrants or the descendants of immigrants--who have relocated all over the world to escape the ghosts of colonialism.
Isaka, KōtarōThree Assassins Set in Tokyo's criminal underworld, this thriller pits an ordinary man against a group of talented and very unusual assassins.
J-BluntTorn Between A Gangster And A GentlemanUrban Fiction
Jemisin, N. K.The World We MakeFantasy - Great Cities #2
Johnson, Toni AnnLight Skin Gone To WasteShort Stories
Karunatilaka, ShehanThe Seven Moons Of Maali AlmeidaWinner of the 2022 Booker Prize, this novel is a searing satire set amid the mayhem of the Sri Lankan civil war.
Keegan, ClaireFosterAn Irish child taken by her father to live with relatives on a farm finds the love and affection she never knew before and begins to thrive.
KeeseHood Consigliere 2Urban Fiction
Kennedy, LouiseTrespassesSet in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, a debut novel about a young woman caught between allegiance to community and unsanctioned love.
Khan, Ausma ZehanatBlackwater Falls: A ThrillerThe first in a new mystery series featuring Detective Inaya Rahman.
Khan, VaseemThe Perfect CrimeMystery Short Stories
King, Stephen, Stuart O'Nan, and Richard ChizmarA Face In The Crowd And The Longest DecemberHorror
Kowal, Mary RobinetteThe Spare ManTesla Crane, a brilliant inventor and heiress, finds her honeymoon interrupted by murder, and with her husband accused of the crime, she, armed with witty banter, martinis, and her small service dog, must solve this mystery and stop the real killer from striking again.
La Salle, EriqLaws Of DepravityThriller
Larocca, EricThey Were Here Before UsHorror
Lau, JackieThe Stand-Up GroomsmanA bridesmaid and groomsman put their differences aside to get their best friends down the aisle in this opposites-attract romantic comedy.
Lawhon, Ariel, Kristina McMorris, and Susan MeissnerWhen We Had WingsHistorical Fiction
Lico Albanese, LaurieHester Who is the real Hester Prynne? An origin story for The Scarlet Letter.
Lorac, E. C. R.These Names Make CluesAn invitation to a treasure hunt open to thriller writers and lesser mortals confronts Scotland Yard's Chief Inspector Macdonald with two baffling deaths.
Lux, ClaudiaSign HereA debut novel about a guy who works in Hell (literally) and is on the cusp of a big promotion if only he can get one more member of the wealthy Harrison family to sell their soul.
Ly, DavidQueer Little NightmaresHorror Anthology
Maguire, GregoryThe Oracle Of MaracoorFantasy - Another Day #2
Manning, KateGilded MountainSet in early 1900s Colorado, the tale of a young woman who bravely faces the consequences of speaking out against injustice.
Marske, FreyaA Restless TruthHistorical Fantasy - Last Binding #2
Mathews, FrancineDeath On A Winter StrollMystery - Merry Folger #7
Matthews, MimiThe Belle Of Belgrave SquareHistorical Romance - Belles of London #2
Maxwell, EverinaOcean's EchoScience Fiction
McCracken, ElizabethThe Hero Of This Book Fiction
McDermid, Val1989Mystery - Allie Burns #2
McGee, Stephenia H.The Secrets Of EmberwildChristian Historical
McKinlay, JennThe Plot And The PendulumCozy Mystery - Library Lover's #13
MeeshaBaby, I'm Wintertime ColdUrban Fiction
Michelle, NikoDear DiaryUrban Fiction
Miller, SarahMarmee A retelling of Louisa May Alcott's beloved Little Women, from the perspective of Margaret "Marmee" March.
Millet, LydiaDinosaurs Fiction
Moalem, SharonWrathIn a future much nearer than you think, where scientific experimentation is exploited for commercial profit, unwisely under-supervised cutting-edge technology creates a menace that threatens the very fabric of human existence.
Moore, AlanIlluminationsSpeculative Short Stories
Morris, Wanda M.Anywhere You Run After the murder of a white man in Jim Crow Mississippi, two Black sisters run away to different parts of the country...But can they escape the secrets they left behind? 
Mujica, Barbara LouiseMiss Del Río A historical novel that traces the life of a trailblazing woman whose legacy in Hollywood and in Mexico still shines bright today.
Nam-Joo, ChoSahaA chilling dystopian fable for fans of Netflix's Squid Game.
Nwabineli, OnyiSomeday, MaybeAfter her husband commits suicide, a young woman finds the strength to move on with the help of her tight-knit Nigerian family and happy memories of the man she'll never forget.
Oliveras, PriscillaKiss Me, CatalinaRomance
O'Malley, DanielBlitz Fantasy - Rook Files #3
Oyamada, HirokoWeasels In The AtticA novel that explores fertility, masculinity, and marriage in contemporary Japan.
Oyebanji, AdamA Quiet TeacherA teacher trying to hide in the shadows finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation.
Pariat, JaniceEverything The Light Touches Historical Fiction
Paris, B. A.The PrisonerA woman marries in to a family with deadly intentions.
Patterson, James, and Brian SittsThe Perfect AssassinProf. Brandt Savage, grandson of the legendary action hero, is forced into a top-secret training program where he discovers his true the perfect assassin.
Penny, LouiseA World Of CuriositiesMystery - Chief Inspector Gamache #18
Power-Greene, Ousmane K.The Confessions Of Matthew StrongThriller
Quick, MatthewWe Are The LightA novel about a widower who takes in a grieving teenager and inspires a magical revival in their small town.
Rai, AlishaPartners In CrimeWhile settling her aunt's affairs with the help of a man she rejected, Mira finds herself in a mad dash through Las Vegas, following clues to untangle the mess her family left behind, which puts both their lives in danger.
Rankin, IanA Heart Full Of HeadstonesMystery - Inspector Rebus #24
Rendon, Marcie R.Sinister GravesMystery - Cash Blackbear #3
Reyes, Raquel V.Calypso, Corpses, And CookingCozy Mystery - Caribbean Kitchen #2
Robert, KateeThe Demon's BargainParanormal Romance
Robert, KateeThe Kraken's SacrificeParanormal Romance - Deal with a Demon #2
Robert, KateeThe Dragon's BrideParanormal Romance - Deal with a Demon #1
Roberts, NoraThe ChoiceParanormal Romance - Dragon Heart Legacy #3
Robinson, ShaunaThe Banned Bookshop Of Maggie BanksI, Maggie Banks, solemnly swear to uphold the rules of Cobblestone Books. If only, I, Maggie Banks, believed in following the rules.
Rosen, Lev ACLavender HouseKnives Out with a queer historical twist.
Rosenfelt, DavidSanta's Little YelpersCozy Mystery - Andy Carpenter #26
Roth, VeronicaPoster GirlThe story of a woman's desperate search for a missing girl after the collapse of an oppressive dystopian regime...and the dark secrets about her family and community she uncovers along the way.
Santos, Yaffa S.A Touch Of Moonlight A young woman must navigate her family's expectations, the demands of her job, a new love, and a secret about her magical identity.
Saunders, GeorgeLiberation Day: StoriesShort Stories
Schweblin, SamantaSeven Empty HousesShort Stories
Scodellaro, GiadaSome Of Them Will Carry MeShort Stories
Scotch, Allison WinnThe RewindTwo exes wake up together with wedding bands on their fingers--and no idea how they got there. They have just one New Year's Eve at the end of 1999 to figure it out.
Scott, OmarLoyal To A FaultLoyalty is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but is rarely put to the test. For Dez, a promising DEA agent that managed to work his way off the streets of Brooklyn, it just got real.
Shapiro, DaniSignal FiresOn a summer night in 1985, three teenagers have been drinking. One of them gets behind the wheel of a car, and, in an instant, everything changes.
Shawl, NisiOur Fruiting Bodies: Short FictionShort Stories
Shepherd, MeganMalice HouseHorror
Slayton, David R.Deadbeat DruidFantasy - Adam Binder #3
Smith, Wilbur A.Titans Of WarHistorical Fiction - Ancient Egyptian #8
Soto, AdamConcerning Those Who Have Fallen AsleepGhost Stories
Spector, Elijah KinchKalyna The SoothsayerA woman born without the Gift of future sight that has been her family's legacy for generations must pretend to tell fortunes for a prince who holds her family hostage--and navigate the potential collapse of the kingdom.
Stabenow, DanaTheft Of An IdolHistorical Mystery - Eye of Isis #3
Steadman, CatherineThe Family Game THE RULES: 1. Listen carefully. 2. Do your research. 3. Trust no one. 4. Run for your life.
Steel, DanielleThe WhittiersFiction
Stoker, SusanFinding CarlyRomance - SEAL Team Hawaii #5
Stone, EmilyOne Last Gift When a young woman finds herself lost and at a crossroads, one last gift from her brother just might give her another chance at life and at love.
Takamura, KaoruLady Joker v. 2Thriller
Thomas, Sheree R.Black Panther: Panther's RageSuperhero
Tran, E. M.Daughters Of The New Year In present day New Orleans, three sisters begin to encounter glimpses of long-buried secrets from their ancestors.
Tsujimura, MizukiLonely Castle In The MirrorSeven students find unusual common ground in this warm, puzzle-like Japanese bestseller laced with gentle fantasy and compassionate insight.
Turton, TanyaJade Is A Twisted GreenA coming-of-age story about queer Black identity, love, passion, chosen family, and rediscovering life's pleasures after loss.
Vo, NghiInto The RiverlandsFantasy - Singing Hills Cycle #3
Wagenstein, AngelIsaac's TorahHistorical Fiction
Ward, CatrionaLittle EveHorror
Warren, Susan MaySundownChristian Romance - Sky King Ranch #3
Wells, ChristineOne Woman's WarThe story of WWII British Naval Intelligence officer Victoire Bennett, the real-life inspiration for the James Bond character Miss Moneypenny.
Wilsner, MerylMistakes Were Made A rom-com about a college senior who accidentally hooks up with her best friend's mom.
Wiseman, BethThe Story Of LoveRomance - Amish Bookstore #2
Wurth, Erika T.White HorseAn Indigenous woman must face her past when she discovers a bracelet haunted by her mother's spirit.
Yakovleva, YuliaPunishment Of A Hunter: A Leningrad ConfidentialThe debut of a noir detective series set in Stalinist Russia.
September 2022
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, Erin E.JackalA young Black girl goes missing in the woods outside her white rust belt town. But she's not the first--and she may not be the last.
Adams, SarahWhen In RomeOpposites attract for a stranded pop star and small-town baker in this slice of romance adapted from Roman Holiday
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Shadow MurdersMystery - Department Q #9
Aguirre, AnnExtra WitchyRomance - Fix-It Witches #3
Alexander, TashaSecrets Of The NileHistorical Mystery - Lady Emily #16
Angoe, YasminThey Come At KnightThriller - Nena Knight #2
Archer, C. J.The Librarian Of Crooked LaneA librarian with a mysterious past, a war hero with a secret, and the heist of a magic painting.
Archer, JeffreyNext In LineMystery - William Warwick #5
Armas, ElenaThe American Roommate ExperimentIn this follow up to The Spanish Love Deception, Rosie Graham and Lucas Martín are forced to share a New York apartment.
Atkinson, KateShrines Of GaietyA tale of seduction and betrayal set in Jazz Age London.
Baldacci, DavidLong ShadowsMystery - Memory Man/Amos Decker #7
Balson, Ronald H.An Affair Of SpiesHistorical Fiction
Bannen, MeganThe Undertaking Of Hart And MercyFantasy Romance
Baxter, StephenGalaxiasWhat would happen to the world if the sun went out?
Beers, GeorgiaCherry On TopRomance
Beharrie, ThereseA Ghost In Shining ArmorA woman with a supernatural talent is haunted by one persistent spirit--and a seductive, impossible love . . .
Benn, James R.From The ShadowsHistorical Mystery - Billy Boyle #17
Brooks, TerryDaughter Of DarknessFantasy - Child of Light #2
Burgis, StephanieScales And SensibilityA frothy Regency rom-com full of pet dragons and magical misadventures.
Cardinal, Ann Dávila