Fiction On Order

This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month.

If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.

Books December 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Adams, TaylorNo ExitThriller
Akers, ZackLimetownMystery
Andrews, V. C.The Silhouette GirlThriller
Avon, JoyIn Peppermint PerilMystery
Barron, StephanieThat Churchill WomanA tale inspired by the life of Winston Churchill's scandal-marked American mother follows the experiences of a wealthy and fiercely independent New Yorker whose whirlwind romance with a duke's son sweeps her disruptively into British royalty and politics.
Barry, JessicaFreefallThriller
Barton, FionaThe SuspectThriller
Benedict, MarieThe Only Woman in the RoomHistorical
Block, LawrenceA Time to Scatter StonesMystery
Bolender, MirahCity of Broken MagicDefending humans from a centuries-old magical weapon that consumes enemies and allies alike, a member of an elite team of magic diffusers becomes her city's only surviving protector in the wake of a massive attack.
Bradley, AlanThe Golden Tresses of the DeadMystery
Brennert, AlanDaughter of Moloka'iHistorical
Cander, ChrisThe Weight of a PianoAn immigrant from the Soviet Union and an orphaned mechanic find their lives fatefully linked across half a century of history by a German Blüthner piano.
Chakraborty, S. A.The Kingdom of CopperA follow-up to the USA Today best-selling The City of Brass finds a trapped Nahri reluctantly embracing her power to safeguard her tribe, while an exiled Ali accepts help from water spirits who unearth a family secret. 
Chaney, JoannAs Long As We Both Shall LiveThriller
Chen, MikeHere and Now and ThenStranded for 18 years since the 1990s, time-traveling agent Kin Stewart, suffering from memory loss, has started a new life, but when rescuers from the year 2142 finally arrive, he must choose between his current family and the one he left behind in the future.
Clarke, NeilNot One of UsTold from the alien viewpoint, a short-fiction anthology, filled with stories that transcend location and time, tackle such controversial issues as race, religion, political ideology and nationalism.
Cole, BrianaThe Wives We PlayRomance
Conklin, TaraThe Last RomanticsLiterary
Connolly, SheilaThe Lost TravellerMystery
Corry, JaneThe Dead ExThriller
Daheim, MaryA Case of BierMystery
Dailey, JanetLetters from Peaceful LaneRomance
Delinsky, BarbaraFulfillmentRomance
Dodd, ChristinaWhat Doesn't Kill HerThriller
Dorsey, TimNo Sunscreen for the DeadMystery
Farah, NuruddinNorth of DawnA Somalian couple's tranquil life abroad in Oslo is irrevocably transformed by the arrival of their jihadist son's widow and children, who respectively retreat into strict religion and hunger for freedoms in a new homeland.
Faye, LyndsayThe Paragon HotelFleeing to 1921 Oregon, Alice takes refuge in the city's only black hotel and helps new friends search for a missing child, hide from KKK violence and navigate painful secrets.
Fforde, JasperEarly RiserFantasy
Finder, JosephJudgmentThriller
Forstchen, William R.48 HoursThriller
Fuller, KathleenThe Teacher's BrideAmish
Gardner, LisaNever TellThriller
Gillham, David R.AnneliesReimagines the life of Anne Frank as a Holocaust survivor trying to put her life back together and work through her trauma.
Goldberg, LeeKiller ThrillerThriller
Graves, SarahDeath by Chocolate Malted MilkshakeMystery
Grippando, JamesThe Girl in the Glass BoxThriller
Hadley, TessaLate in the DayWhen their close friend, Lydia, who is inconsolable after the death of her husband, Zach, moves in with them, Christine and Alex find love and sorrow giving way to anger and bitterness, warping their relationships as old entanglements and grievances risefrom the past.
Hammer, ChrisScrublandsThriller
Hardt, HelenUnhingedRomance
Harrison, CoraMurder at the Queen's Old CastleMystery
Harwood, ClarissaBear No MaliceHistorical
Hatcher, Robin LeeWho I Am With YouChristian
Heard, WendyHunting AnnabelleThriller
Hernandez, TreasureHoustonUrban
Hurwitz, GreggOut of the DarkThriller
Hyde, Catherine RyanJust After MidnightWomen
James, MarlonBlack Leopard, Red WolfThe first novel in Marlon James's Dark Star trilogy, an African Game of Thrones, from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of A Brief History of Seven Killings Myth, fantasy, and history come together to explore what happens when a mercenary is hired to find a missing child.
Jemisin, N. K.The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018Science Fiction
Johnston, TimThe CurrentSurviving the accident that killed her friend, a young woman delves into the case of another victim from a decade earlier to identify a killer among her neighbors.
Jonasson, RagnarRuptureMystery
Jones, DaryndaSummoned to Thirteenth GraveParanormal Romance
Jones, Stephen MackLives Laid AwayMystery
Kamal, SoniahUnmarriageableA retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in modern-day Pakistan finds a practical-minded teacher from a family of sisters evaluating her resolve never to marry after encountering a brusque but compelling man during a series of lavish wedding parties.
Katchur, KarenRiver BodiesMystery
Kellerman, JonathanThe Wedding GuestThriller
Kelly, JuliaThe Light over LondonHistorical
Klassen, JulieThe Bride of Ivy GreenChristian Historical
Knopf, ChrisYou're DeadThriller
Krentz, Jayne AnnUntouchableRomantic Suspense
Lee, ToscaThe Line BetweenThriller
Lescroart, John T.The Rule of LawThriller
Lipman, ElinorGood RiddanceOne woman's trash becomes another woman's treasure, with deliriously entertaining results.
Lodge, GythaShe Lies in WaitMystery
Loigman, Lynda CohenThe Wartime SistersHistorical
Luiselli, ValeriaLost Children ArchiveA family's summer road trip across America that probes the nature of justice and equality in America today.
Mackintosh, SophieThe Water CurePsychological
Martin, KatThe ConspiracyRomance
Masello, RobertThe Night CrossingFantasy
Maxwell, AlyssaA Murderous MarriageMystery
McCracken, ElizabethBowlawayThree generations of an unconventional New England family own and operate a candlepin bowling alley.
McCrosky, JudyMiss Bingley RequestsRomance
Molin, Meghan ScottThe Frame-UpMystery
Montgomery, JessThe WidowsVowing revenge against her sheriff husband's killers in 1924 Ohio, Lily offers help to a fellow widow and uncovers dangerous evidence revealing her husband's corrupt secret life and the complexities that triggered his death. A first novel.
Nemett, AdamWe Can Save Us AllAn epic, ribald novel about a group of alienated Princeton students who respond to escalating climate change by forming an endtimes cult inspired by superheroes
Newman, SandraThe HeavensLiterary
Patterson, JamesLiar LiarThriller
Peterson, TracieUnder the Midnight SunChristian
Petrie, NickTear It DownThriller
Pronzini, BillThe Flimflam AffairMystery
Quirk, MatthewThe Night AgentThriller
Rax, CydneyA Sister's SurvivalWomen
Robb, J. D.Connections in DeathMystery
Rose, HeatherThe Museum of Modern LoveA restless film score composer is mesmerized by a piece of performance art that he revisits over 75 days also shaped by new bonds and a growing awareness of what has been missing from his life.
Rowland, Laura JohThe Hangman's SecretMystery
Ruffin, Maurice CarlosWe Cast a Shadow In a near-future South where an increasing number of people with dark skin endure cosmetic procedures to pass as white, a father embarks on an obsessive quest to protect his son, who bears a dark, spreading birthmark.
Santopolo, JillMore Than WordsWomen
Schaffhausen, JoannaNo MercyMystery
Scharer, WhitneyThe Age of LightThe fictionalized life story of photographer Lee Miller, a successful Vogue model in New York who decided she would rather “take a picture than be one,” and moved to Paris in 1929 to learn what life looked like from behind the lens,
Schweblin, SamantaMouthful of Birds A first English-language collection of stories by the Man Booker International Prize-finalist author of Fever Dream incorporates themes of high suspense, psychological tension, unearthly restlessness and distortions in reality.
Selecky, SarahRadiant Shimmering LightSatire
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe ReckoningMystery
Simpson, RosemaryLet the Dead Keep Their SecretsMystery
Slimani, LeilaAdeleLiterary
Stabenow, DanaDeath of an EyeMystery
Stoner, Tammy LynneSugar LandThe southern story of Nana Dara, a prison cook at the Imperial State Prison Farm for men in 1923, who—with the help of the blues singer Lead Belly—discovers how to break out of her own physical and emotional prison to become the feisty, lesbian matriarch to a family of Texas misfits.
Tawada, YokoThe EmissaryLiterary
Taylor, BradDaughter of WarThriller
Veaux, FranklinBlack IronFantasy
Vijay, MadhuriThe Far FieldIn Pushcart Prize winner Vijay's debut novel, Shalini heads to a distant Kashmiri village, seeking a traveling salesman who no longer visits, a factor she links to her mother's recent death. When she arrives, she must instead confront village tension and Kashmir's political turmoil.
Vogel, MarciDeath and Other HolidaysWinner of the inaugural Miami Book Fair/ de Groot Prize, the only American literary award honoring the novella, explores overcoming sorrow.
Walker, Karen ThompsonThe DreamersA student in an isolated Southern California college town witnesses a strange sleeping illness that subjects patients to life-altering, heightened dreams.
Weber, TracyMurder Likes It HotMystery
Wright, ColleenThe White Christmas InnJeanne and Tim, the owners of a romantic but failing Vermont inn, children's book author Molly, widower Marcus and his two daughters, disappointed bride Hannah, and her friend Luke, must cope when a Christmas blizzard leaves them snowbound.
Books November 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Acker, CamilleTraining School for Negro GirlsWomen
Ahnhem, StefanEighteen BelowWhen a police chase in Helsingborg ends in the death of a tech entrepreneur, Fabian Risk and his team make a bizarre discovery about the victim's demise before the case is further complicated by other strange murders.
Allen, AmandaA Moment in CrimeMystery
Arden, KatherineThe Winter of the WitchFantasy
Bailey, SarahInto the NightThriller
Barbash, TomThe Dakota WintersReturning to his childhood home in 1979 New York's famed Dakota apartments, a former Peace Corps volunteer is swept up in a raucous celebrity effort to reignite his late-night host father's stalled career.ÿ
Bernhard, EmiliaDeath in ParisMystery
Bradford, Barbara TaylorMaster of His FateHistorical
Brown, Rita MaeHomeward HoundMystery
Brunet, RaymondThe Accident on the A35 In the small French town of Saint-Louis, Inspector Gorski investigates a suspicious car crash that left a respected solicitor dead.
Burke, James LeeThe New Iberia BluesThriller
Burns, AnnaMilkmanWinner of 2018 Man Booker Prize
Cameron, MarcTom Clancy: Oath of OfficeThriller
Carey, M. R.Someone Like MeThriller
Carr, RobynThe Best of UsRomance
Carrasco, KatrinaThe Best Bad ThingsMystery
Childs, LauraEggs on IceMystery
Cogman, GenevieveThe Mortal WordWhen a dragon is murdered at a peace conference, time-traveling librarian spy Irene must solve the case to keep the balance between order, chaos ? and the Library.
Cook, RobinPandemicMedical Thriller
Ellis, ShellyIn These StreetsAfter being released from the youth institute, three best friends try to maintain their relationship through diverging life choices, even though one becomes a deputy mayor and the other two run criminal enterprises.
Estleman, Loren D.Wild JusticeWestern
Fletcher, JessicaManuscript for MurderMystery
Fowler, ChristopherHall of MirrorsMystery
Fox, HesterThe Witch of Willow HallHistorical
George, MargaretThe Splendor Before the DarkWhen a fire engulfs ancient Rome, Nero Augustus is targeted with suspicion about his complicity, forcing him to navigate a web of false friends and spies to save the empire, in a follow-up toÿThe Confessions of a Young Nero.
Goodkind, TerrySiege of StoneFantasy
Griffin, W. E. B.The Enemy of My EnemyAction
Hagy, AlysonScribeA tale inspired by Appalachian folk culture follows the timely story of a generous farmsteader who supports herself with her letter-writing skills to survive in a barter-and-trade migrant world torn by civil war and pandemic illness.
Hallinan, TimothyNighttownMystery
Harper, BradleyA Knife in the FogAngry about the paltry sum earned by his first novel, Arthur Conan Doyle is summoned to London and hired as a consultant to help the police hunt for Jack the Ripper in the first novel of a new series.
Harper, KarenSilent ScreamRomantic Suspense
Harris, Joanne M.A Pocketful of CrowsFairy Tales
Harrison, Mette IvieNot of This FoldMystery
Hendricks, GreerAn Anonymous GirlThriller
Hoag, TamiThe BoyThriller
Hulse, CarolineThe AdultsAfter splitting up, a couple each bring their new significant other to Happy Forest Holiday Park in an attempt to give their daughter a "normal" family Christmas which turns into a powder keg fueled by drinking too much and oversharing.
Hunter, DeniseOn Magnolia LaneChristian Romance
Jemisin, N. K.How Long 'til Black Future Month?Three-time Hugo Award winner N. K. Jemisin's first collection of short fiction features stories of destruction, rebirth, and redemption.
Jenkins, Jerry B.Dead Sea RisingChristian Suspense
Jewell, LisaWatching YouThriller
Johnson, DaisyEverything UnderShortlisted for 2018 Man Booker Prize
Jones, SherryJosephine Baker's Last DanceHistorical
Kennedy, A. L.The Little SnakeA poignant fable about life's journeys depicts a disadvantaged girl in a city of beautiful rose gardens whose devoted snake friend watches the impact of war, love and his own destiny on her life and their friendship.
Kim, EugeniaThe Kinship of SecretsHistorical
Lamb, CathyThe Man She MarriedWomen
L'Amour, LouisNo Traveller ReturnsA faithful completion of L'Amour's long-lost first novel finds the crew of the SS Lichenfield navigating mysterious personal agendas during a perilous voyage across the Pacific at the dawn of World War II.
Lauren, ChristinaMy Favorite Half-night StandRomance
Lindsey, ErinMurder on Millionaires' RowA housemaid from Five Points who works in a ritzy Fifth Avenue brownstone during the Gilded Age of Manhattan takes it upon herself to investigate after her employer, who she is certain is in trouble, suddenly and mysteriously disappears.
Littlejohn, EmilyLost LakeMystery
Martin, George R. R.Fire & BloodThe first volume of a definitive two-part history of the Targaryens in Westeros is set centuries before the events of A Game of Thrones and answers key questions about the dynasty's origins, conflicts and relationships with dragons.
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Colors of All the CattleMystery
McDermid, ValBroken GroundMystery
Novak, BrendaBefore We Were StrangersWomen
Novey, IdraThose Who KnewWomen
Obioma, ChigozieAn Orchestra of MinoritiesA heart-breaking story about a Nigerian poultry farmer who sacrifices everything to win the woman he loves, by Man Booker Finalist and author ofÿThe Fishermen.
Patterson, JamesThe House Next DoorThriller
Perry, AnneA Christmas RevelationMystery
Perry, ThomasThe BurglarThriller
Potenza, CarolHearts of the MissingMystery
Poyer, DavidDeep WarIn the wake of a catastrophic nuclear attack on America, Admiral Dan Lenson leads an allied force in the Pacific only to be challenged by a powerful Chinese artificial intelligence system that seems to anticipate and counter every move.
Preston, DouglasVerses for the DeadMystery
Queen, ElleryThe Chinese Orange MysteryMystery
Quinn, JuliaThe Other Miss BridgertonHistorical Romance
Rankin, IanIn a House of LiesMystery
Reilly, MatthewThe Three Secret CitiesAction
Robb, Candace M.A Murdered PeaceMystery
Robertson, RobinThe Long TakeShortlisted for 2018 Man Booker Prize
Robson, JenniferThe GownHistorical
Rollins, JamesCrucibleThriller
Roy, AnuradhaAll the Lives We Never LivedA novel set from World War II India through the present day follows a son's quest to uncover the story of his freedom-craving, rebellious artist mother.
Saunders, GeorgeFox 8Literary
Schaler, KarenChristmas CampRomance
Schott, BenJeeves and the King of ClubsWhen his butlers and valets club is revealed to be an arm of the British intelligence service, Jeeves begins tracking a Fascist spy while navigating school-chum capers and affairs of the heart.
Schulman, HelenCome With MeA part-time employee of a tech company owned by her friend's 19-year-old son acts as his guinea pig to test an algorithm that allows people to access their "multiverses" and see their alternative life choices and paths.
Schwab, V. E.VengefulFantasy
Shaw, Andrew GrantMurder at the MillRenting a cottage in a picturesque Hampshire village to escape her crumbling marriage, Iris Grey is commissioned to paint the portrait of a celebrated crime writer before a tension-filled Christmas Eve party is thrown into turmoil by an untimely death.
Sinclair, ShaunStreet RapUrban
Snelling, LauraineA Season of GraceChristian Historical
Steel, DanielleTurning PointWomen
Suri, TashaEmpire of SandThe illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and exiled Amrithi, a race of outcast nomads descended from desert spirits, must fight against the Emperor and his terrifying mystics to resist their cruel plans.
Swinson, KikiThe Black MarketMystery
Thayne, RaeAnneSeason of WonderRomance
Thomson, E. S.The BloodMystery
Tidhar, LavieUnholy LandScience Fiction
Tilly, MegSolace IslandRomance
Truss, LynneA Shot in the DarkOn the verge of revealing the criminal mastermind behind a 1945 unsolved mystery, a famed theater critic is shot dead, leaving Sergeant Jim Brunswick and Constable Twitten to solve both the decades-old crime and the more recent murder.
Tursten, HeleneAn Elderly Lady Is Up to No GoodMystery
Vernon, P. J.When You Find MeThriller
Wagers, K. B.There Before the ChaosScience Fiction
White, Elle KatharineDragonshadowFantasy
Williams, RacquelCarl Weber's KingpinsUrban
Wilson, TeriThe Accidental Beauty QueenWomen
Wojtas, OlgaMiss Blaine's Prefect and the Golden SamovarShona McMonagle is the perfect recruit for a new and interesting project: Time-travel to Tzarist Russia, prevent a gross miscarriage of romance, and ? in any spare time ? see to it that only the right people get murdered.
Woods, StuartA Delicate TouchAction
Wright, JulieLies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany'sRomance
Yolen, JaneHow to Fracture a Fairy TaleFantasy
Yu, OvidiaThe Frangipani Tree MysteryMystery
Books October 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Abdul-Jabbar, KareemMycroft and SherlockMystery
Albert, Susan WittigThe Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Mystery
Alexander, TashaUneasy Lies the CrownMystery
Andrews, DonnaLark! The Herald Angels SingMystery
Archer, JeffreyHeads You WinA stand-alone epic by the best-selling author of Kane and Abel follows a 1968 Russian teen who escapes an oppressive life in Leningrad and is forced to choose between parallel lives in London and New York.
Arikawa, HiroThe Travelling Cat ChroniclesAn ode to kindness, sacrifice, and the power of small things traces the experiences of adventurous Nana the cat and his owner, Satoru, as they embark on a road trip across Japan to visit three old friends.
Austin, LynnLegacy of MercyChristian
Baldacci, DavidLong Road to MercyThriller
Berg, ElizabethNight of MiraclesWomen
Berlin, LuciaEvening in ParadiseA follow up to the award-winning A Manual for Cleaning Women features previously uncompiled selections from the late author's remaining story collection.
Blackstock, TerriCatching ChristmasChristian
Bohnhoff, Maya KaathrynThe Antiquities HunterTo flush out the person stalking her best friend Rose, an undercover agent about to testify in an upcoming case, PI Gina “Tinkerbell” Miyoko takes her place and is plunged into a world of murder and illegal antiquities trafficking and must fight to make it out alive.
Bonde, Golnaz HashemzadehWhat We OweA compressed, visceral novel about exile, dislocation, and the emotional minefields between mothers and daughters.
Bowen, LilaTreason of HawksFantasy
Boyd, WilliamLove Is BlindAccompanying a famed pianist on a tour from Paris to Saint Petersburg, a brilliant but haunted piano tuner risks everything to pursue a Russian soprano with ties to his employer.
Boyne, JohnA Ladder to the SkyAn aspiring writer meets a celebrated novelist in a hotel in 1988 and uses the man's long-held secret.
Brackston, PaulaThe Little Shop of Found ThingsFantasy
Braithwaite, OyinkanMy Sister, the Serial KillerRealizing that her beautiful, beloved younger sister has murdered yet another boyfriend, an embittered Nigerian woman works to direct suspicion away from the family, until a handsome doctor she fancies asks for her sister's number.
Brennan, AllisonToo Far GoneMystery
Brown, RosellenThe Lake on FireHistorical
Bruen, KenIn the Galway SilenceMystery
Canadeo, AnnePurls and PoisonMystery
Carey, EdwardLittleFollows the story of a Swiss orphan who is apprenticed to an eccentric wax sculptor in the seamy streets of Paris, learns her craft, and hones her art to become the famous Madame Tussaud.
Cato, BethRoar of SkyFantasy
Chance, MaiaNaughty on IceMystery
Chidgey, CatherineThe Wish ChildThis international bestselling historical novel follows two children and a mysterious narrator as they navigate the falsehoods and wreckage of WW II Germany.
Child, LeePast TenseThriller
Clare, AlysThe Angel in the GlassMystery
Clark, Mary HigginsYou Don't Own MeThriller
Colgan, JennyChristmas on the IslandWomen
Crosby, EllenHarvest of SecretsMystery
Cussler, CliveSea of GreedAction
Daly, PaulaOpen Your EyesA best-selling crime novelist navigates her tragic turn from fictional perpetrator to real-life victim in a tale of domestic suspense.
Datlow, EllenThe Best of the Best Horror of the YearHorror
Delany, VickiA Scandal in ScarletMystery
Donkor, MichaelHousegirlThree adolescentstwo Ghanaian "housegirls" and the daughter of wealthy immigrantsmust come to terms with themselves and the secrets they have kept from each other.
Duncan, DaveTrial by TreasonFantasy
Dunnett, KaitlynOverkiltMystery
Dyachenko, SergiyVita NostraA young girl falls under the spell of a strange, sinister man who asks her to perform odd tasks before convincing her to enroll in a strange and magical school called The Institute of Special Technologies.
Eisenberg, DeborahYour Duck Is My DuckA collection of stories features characters that are either swimming or drowning in a disintegrating environment, including some Hollywood actors and an entitled young man who falls in love with a human rights worker on a mysterious quest.
Ellicott, JessicaMurder Flies the CoopMystery
Eskens, AllenThe Shadows We HideMystery
Estep, JenniferKill the QueenWhen her mother the queen is assassinated by a usurping cousin, Evie, a magically resistant noblewoman in a realm where everyone is gauged by their magic, trains as a gladiator in a plot to exact justice.
Evanovich, JanetLook Alive Twenty-FiveMystery
Evans, Richard PaulThe Noel StrangerHolidays
Faulks, SebastianParis EchoAn American historical researcher in Paris and a Moroccan teen who risked his life to enter France find the realities of the city's past Nazi occupation transforming their ideas about sacrifice and happiness.
Fellowes, JessicaBright Young DeadMystery
Fink, JosephAlice Isn't DeadHorror
Fletcher, MartinPromised LandFollows two brothers as they, after the horrors of Nazi Germany are over, reunite in Israel where they lead very different lives as one builds the budding nation-state and the other protects it.
Flower, AmandaDeath and DaisiesMystery
Francis, FelixCrisisThriller
Frost, Jacqueline'twas the Knife Before ChristmasMystery
Golden, ChristopherHark! the Herald Angels ScreamAnthologies
Hardt, HelenUnchainedRomance
Harman, PatriciaOnce a MidwifeHistorical
Harris, Robert J.The Thirty-One KingsThriller
Harvey, SamanthaWestern WindIn 1491, when the wealthiest resident of the small village of Oakham is swept away by the river in the early hours of Shrove Saturday, the local priest, John Reve, attempts to discover the cause of the suspicious death, revealing some of the villager's darkest secrets.
Hayes-McCoy, FelicitySummer at the Garden CafeWomen
Higashino, KeigoNewcomerMystery
Hill, SusanThe Comforts of HomeMystery
Horowitz, AnthonyForever and a DayAn explosive prequel to Casino Royale follows the mysterious demise of Agent 007 in the French Riviera underworld and the emergence of new agent, James Bond.
Huang, S. L.Zero Sum GameCas Russell wields her math skills like a superpower, using vector calculus to dodge bullets and beat up armed men but is very surprised to find someone with a power more dangerous than her own, the ability to control minds.
Hunt, LairdIn the House in the Dark of the WoodsA Puritan woman goes missing deep in the woods of colonial New England, and soon must face the supernatural horrors that her people had only imagined up until then.
James WendyThe Golden ChildWomen
Johnson, LizA Sparkle of SilverChristian
Jonasson, RagnarThe DarknessFacing an unwanted early retirement, Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdottir of the Reykjavik Police is given two weeks to solve a cold case of her choosing and reopens the investigation into the murder of a Russian asylum seeker.
Lackey, MercedesThe Bartered BridesFantasy
Lethem, JonathanThe Feral DetectiveConvincing an enigmatic loner to help her search for a friend's missing daughter, Phoebe traverses the outskirts of California's stunning Inland Empire, where she discovers her companion's complicated relationship with warring tribes of outcasts.
Lin, Ed99 Ways to DieMystery
Lostetter, Marina J.Noumenon InfinityScience Fiction
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's Blood FeudMystery
Maberry, JonathanDeep SilenceThriller
Maher, KerriThe Kennedy DebutanteHistorical
Mallery, SusanNot Quite over YouRomance
McCarthy, KevinWolves of EdenWhile a post-Civil War military lieutenant and his long-suffering orderly navigate violence in their search for a band of killers, two war-weary Irish immigrants are swept into a coalition of Native American tribes fighting American expansion.
McCoy, SarahMarilla of Green GablesComing of Age
McKevett, G. A.Murder in Her StockingMystery
Mclean, PeterPriest of BonesFantasy
McNaught, JudithThe Sweetest ThingRomance
Meier, LeslieYule Log MurderMystery
Morgan, SarahThe Christmas SistersRomance
Moriarty, LianeNine Perfect StrangersWomen
Munier, PaulaA Borrowing of BonesIntroduces a retired MP and her bomb-sniffing dog, who become embroiled in an investigation involving an abandoned baby, a missing mother and a cold-case murder.
Nixon, RosieThe StylistAmber Green is thrown into the fast-paced world of fashion, where the treacherous undercurrents of Hollywood shape her prospects for a fairy-tale romance.
Noble, ShelleyAsk Me No QuestionsMystery
Oates, Joyce CarolHazards of Time TravelThe National Book Award-winning author of We Were the Mulvaneys presents the story of a recklessly idealistic girl who tests the limits of her oppressively controlled, dystopian world only to fall fatefully in love. 
Olshan, JosephBlack Diamond FallMystery
Osborn, John JayListen to the MarriageLiterary
Palmer, DianaWyoming LegendRomance
Parry, AmbroseThe Way of All FleshAn apprentice to a mid-19th-century anesthesia pioneer unexpectedly partners with a quick-witted housemaid in order to survive an investigation in the Edenburgh underworld to solve a string of grisly deaths.
Patterson, JamesTargetThriller
Penny, LouiseKingdom of the BlindMystery
Reid, IainFoeIn a novel set in the near future, farm dwellers Junior and Henrietta have their lives disrupted when Junior is called for a distant mission and Henrietta receives an unconventional replacement so he won't be missed.
Roberts, NoraOf Blood and BoneFantasy
Robotham, MichaelThe Other WifeThriller
Rossner, RenaThe Sisters of the Winter WoodA tale inspired by Jewish mythology is set in a woodland village on the border of Moldova and Ukraine and follows the experiences of two sheltered sisters who uncover a secret magical heritage.
Scalzi, JohnThe Consuming FireScience Fiction
Setterfield, DianeOnce Upon a RiverSuspenseful, richly atmospheric tapestry of a book that combines folklore and science, magic and myth.
Silver, JosieOne Day in DecemberWomen
Solomons, NatashaHouse of GoldThe outbreak of World War I forces headstrong Austrian heiress Greta Goldbaum to choose between the family she built in her new life in England and the family she left behind in Vienna.
St. Vincent, SarahWays to Hide in WinterA young widow living in the Pennsylvania mountains and flipping burgers for hunters and hikers befriends a stranger visiting from Uzbekistan and becomes embroiled in a manhunt after he confesses to committing a terrible crime in his home country.
Steel, DanielleBeauchamp HallWomen
Stone, JeanA Vineyard ChristmasHolidays
Taylor, PatrickAn Irish Country CottageMedical
Thompson, VictoriaCity of SecretsMystery
Trigiani, AdrianaTony's WifeHistorical
VanLiere, DonnaThe Christmas StarHolidays
Wang, KathyFamily TrustStruggling to fulfill a terminally ill father's final bequest, a privileged Chinese-American family in Silicon Valley is forced to contend with the realities of their ambitions and actual desires.
Warren, Tiffany L.The Outside ChildAfter her newborn son succumbs to a terrible heart ailment, Chenille Abrams is forced to pick up the pieces of her life and marriage.
Williams, KateInto the DarknessHistorical
Wilson, JosephineExtinctionsFunny, poignant, and galvanizing by turns, Josephine Wilson’s award-winning novel explores many kinds of extinction—natural, racial, national, and personal—and what we might do to prevent them.
Young, SamanthaFight or FlightRomance
Zeldis, KittyNot Our KindForced to hide her Jewish identity from her employer's post-World War II Park Avenue community, Vassar-educated tutor Eleanor Moskowitz forges unexpected bonds before a crossed line leads to life-changing decisions.
Books September 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Abbott, JeffThe Three Beths
Ackerman, ElliotWaiting for EdenA veteran enduring life trapped in his own mind begins to find a way to communicate before troubling realities about his marriage come to the surface.
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana KwameFriday BlackA piercingly raw debut story collection from a young writer with an explosive voice; a treacherously surreal, and, at times, heartbreakingly satirical look at what it’s like to be young and black in America.
Albom, MitchThe Next Person You Meet in Heaven
Aleman, GabrielaPoso WellsCelebrated Ecuadorian author Gabriela Alemán's first work to appear in English: a noir, feminist eco-thriller in which venally corrupt politicians and greedy land speculators finally get their just comeuppance.
Alexander, EllieThe Pint of No Return
Anthony, GretchenEvergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners
Axelrod, StevenNantucket Counterfeit
Balson, Ronald H.The Girl from Berlin
Barker, PatThe Silence of the GirlsReimagines "The Iliad" from the perspectives of the captured women living in the Greek camp in the final weeks of the Trojan War, as Briseis, conquered queen of one of Troy's neighboring kingdoms, becomes caught between the two most powerful Greek leaders.
Beaton, M. C.The Dead Ringer
Berney, LouNovember RoadFrank Guidry, a street lieutenant for a New Orleans mob boss, flees when his knowledge about JFK's assassination makes him a target, a situation that is dangerously complicated by his relationship with a fugitive housewife.
Bolton, SharonThe CraftsmanWhen eerily familiar child abductions and murders start recurring in a small Lancashire village, a local cop struggles to figure out if she sent the wrong person to jail decades earlier or if a copycat killer is responsible.
Brooks, TerryStreet Freaks
Callahan, PattiBecoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis
Carlson, MelodyA Christmas by the Sea
Chamberlain, DianeThe Dream Daughter
Childs, LauraGlitter Bomb
Coelho, PauloHippieA Brazilian man and a Dutch woman embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery as they travel by bus from Amsterdam to Kathmandu against a backdrop of the protests and sexual-liberation experiments of the Civil Rights era.
Connelly, MichaelDark Sacred Night
Copperman, E. J.Bird, Bath, and Beyond
Cornwell, BernardWar of the Wolf
Crawford, IsisA Catered Cat Wedding
Cussler, CliveShadow Tyrants
Dangarembga, TsitsiThis Mournable BodyThe protagonist of Nervous Conditions struggles to make a life for herself in Harare, Zimbabwe, eventually taking an ecotourism job that forces her to return to her parents' impoverished homestead, leading to an unforgivable betrayal.
Dekker, TedRise of the Mystics
Deveraux, JudeA Willing Murder
Dubus, Andre, IIIGone So LongA man living a solitary existence in seaside New England travels to a quaint Florida community in search of his traumatized, estranged daughter.
Early, BarbaraDeath of a Russian Doll
Edugyan, EsiWashington BlackUnexpectedly chosen to be a family manservant, an 11-year-old Barbados sugar-plantation slave is initiated into a world of technology and dignity before a devastating betrayal propels him throughout the world in search of his true self.
Enger, LeifVirgil WanderEmerging from an accident with damaged memories and compromised language skills, Virgil Wander, a movie-house owner from a small Midwestern town, pieces together his story and the story of his community with help from affable locals.
Evans, DianaOrdinary PeopleIn South London and the surrounding suburbs, two couples struggle through a year of marital crisis.
Fluke, JoanneChristmas Cake Murder
Flynn, VinceRed War
Forsyth, FrederickThe Fox
Fowler, Therese AnneA Well Behaved WomanMarrying into the newly rich but socially scorned Vanderbilt clan, Alva navigates society snubs and dark undercurrents in the lives of her in-laws and friends while testing the limits of her ambitious rule-breaking.
French, TanaThe Witch Elm
Frey, JamesKaterinaTwenty-five years after a passionate affair with a model, a successful writer is on the brink of suicide, until he receives an anonymous message that draws him back to the life, and possibly the love, he abandoned years prior.
Fuller, ClaireBitter Orange
Galbraith, RobertLethal White
Gowar, Imogen HermesThe Mermaid and Mrs. HancockWhen one of his trading vessels returns to 18th-century London with the remarkable body of a mermaid, Jonah gains entry into high society and falls in love with a highly accomplished courtesan, with unexpected consequences.
Green, HankAn Absolutely Remarkable ThingThe first to document the appearance of the Carls, giant robot-like statues popping up around the world, April May finds herself at the center of an intense international media spotlight that puts her relationships, identity and safety at risk.
Griffiths, EllyThe Vanishing Box
Grisham, JohnThe Reckoning
Guillory, JasmineThe Proposal
Haines, CarolynA Gift of Bones
Harkness, DeborahTime's ConvertA Revolutionary War-era doctor seizes a chance to become a vampire, only to find the ancient traditions governing his new life clashing with the deeply held beliefs of his former one.
Harris, CharlaineAn Easy DeathGuiding two wizards through the magic-wary country of Texoma, a gunslinger navigating the Great Depression in the wake of FDR's assassination searches for a low-level magician who may be able to save the tsar.
Harvey, MichaelPulse
Heley, VeronicaMurder by Suggestion
Hendrix, GradyWe Sold Our SoulsA has-been heavy metal artist discovers that her failed band's lead singer sold their souls in a Faustian exchange for his solo-career fame and fortune.
Hilderbrand, ElinWinter in Paradise
Hosseini, KhaledSea Prayer
Hunting, HelenaThe Good Luck Charm
Ide, JoeWrecked
James, VicBright Ruin
Johansen, IrisVendetta
Johnson, CraigDepth of WinterWhen Walt Longmire's daughter, Cady, is kidnapped by an international hit man and the head of a vicious drug cartel, Walt heads into the Northern Mexican desert to find her before they can auction her off to his enemies.
Jonasson, RagnarBlackout
Karrington, BlakeScheming for Love
King, StephenElevation
Kingsbury, KarenWhen We Were Young
Kingsolver, BarbaraUnshelteredThe award-winning author of The Poisonwood Bible traces the experiences of a woman whose efforts to protect her family from sudden unemployment are shaped by the story of an ostracized 19th-century science teacher.
Kirkpatrick, JaneEverything She Didn't SayTen years after writing a memoir about her life travelling throughout the American West with her railroad promoter and writer husband, Carrie Strahorn reflects on the truths of her pioneering life that she didn't tell.
Kowal, Mary RobinetteThe Fated Sky
Larison, JohnWhiskey When We're DryFacing starvation and worse when she is orphaned on her family's 1885 homestead, a 17-year-old sharpshooter cuts off her hair and disguises herself as a boy to journey across the mountains in search of her outlaw brother.
Lauren, ChristinaJosh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating
Lester, NatashaThe Paris Seamstress
Levine, LauraDeath of a Neighborhood Scrooge
Lewis, Marjorie HerreraWhen the Men Were Gone
Macmillan, GillyI Know You Know
Macomber, DebbieAlaskan Holiday
Mallery, SusanWhy Not Tonight
Markley, StephenOhioFour former classmates converge on their recession- and opioid-ravaged hometown on a fateful summer night that finds them pursuing respective goals based on haunting memories from their shared past.
Mason, DanielThe Winter SoldierA young doctor and nurse fall in love while navigating the brutal realities of World War I at an underequipped and understaffed field hospital in the Carpathian Mountains.
Mason, J. D.The Woman Trapped in the Dark
Mayor, ArcherBury the Lead
Mccaffrey, GigiDragon's Code
McGuire, SeananNight and Silence
McKinlay, JennHitting the BooksDragged into a hit-and-run investigation after a stack of library materials is found at the scene, library director Lindsey Norris must piece together the clues to crack the case--especially once someone is murdered.
McPherson, CatrionaGo to My Grave
Meier, LeslieSilver Anniversary Murder
Mejia, MindyLeave No TraceMaya Stark, a language therapist at a psychiatric facility, is challenged when a boy missing for 10 years refuses to speak about his father, the ransacked campsite they both disappeared from, or what has transpired over the last decade.
Mizushima, MargaretBurning Ridge
Monique, AijaLife of the Rich and Most Wanted
Monroe, MaryRemembrance
Moore, WayetuShe Would Be KingReimagines the dramatic story of Liberia’s early years through three unforgettable characters who share an uncommon bond.
Moretti, KateIn Her Bones
Morris, HeatherThe Tattooist of AuschwitzAn international best-seller based on the true story of an Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor traces the experiences of a Jewish Slovakian who uses his position as a concentration-camp tattooist to secure food for his fellow prisoners.
Morton, KateThe Clockmaker's Daughter
Murakami, HarukiKilling CommendatoreA portrait painter deals with the upcoming divorce from his wife by moving into an old house in rural Japan that used to belong to a famous artist.
Paretsky, SaraShell Game
Parker, MiriamThe Shortest Way Home
Parnell, SeanMan of WarEric Steele, an elite clandestine intelligence operative, draws on the skills he learned as a Special Forces soldier when an adversary from his past attacks a military convoy and steals a nuclear weapon.
Patterson, JamesAmbush
Perry, SarahMelmothHelen, an English translator working in Prague, disregards an obscure local monster legend before a friend's disappearance reveals that Helen is being watched.
Peterson, TracieIn Times Gone By
Picoult, JodiA Spark of Light
Pike, SigneThe Lost QueenA first novel of a debut trilogy reveals the untold story of Languoreth—a forgotten queen of sixth-century Scotland—twin sister of the man who inspired the legend of Merlin.
Rice, AnneBlood Communion
Robinson, Kim StanleyRed MoonTwenty-five years after China established the first colony on the moon--an American who witnesses a murder, a celebrity travel reporter, and the daughter of China's Minister of Finance--all find that it is a very deadly place.
Rosenfelt, DavidDeck the Hounds
Rosnay, Tatiana deThe Rain WatcherAs the Malegarde family gathers in Paris for their patriarch's seventieth birthday, a natural disaster causes the Seine to flood the city, revealing to young Linden Malegarde hidden fears and secrets that test the limits of family bonds.
Salvatore, R. A.Timeless
Sandford, JohnHoly Ghost
Sawyer, Kim VogelOurs for a Season
Serle, RebeccaThe Dinner ListIn a novel imbued with magical realism, Sabrina Nielsen arrives at her thirtieth birthday dinner in New York City to find at the table not just her best friend, but also her favorite professor from college; her father; her ex-fiance, Tobias; and Audrey Hepburn.
Shapiro, B. A.The Collector's Apprentice
Smith, Wilbur A.Courtney's War
Sparks, NicholasEvery Breath
Stoker, DacreDraculA prequel to Dracula, based on original author notes and co-written by a family descendant, reveals the iconic vampire's origin story, the early years of Bram Stoker and the tale of the enigmatic woman who connected them.
Swinson, KikiWifey's Next Sticky Situation
Taneja, PretiWe That Are YoungA modern-day "King Lear," set in contemporary India, traces the power struggles of a turbulent family that becomes painfully subject to the anti-corruption riots of 2011 and 2012, a father's advancing dementia, and an unwanted arranged marriage.
Thomas, SherryThe Hollow of Fear
Thompson, TadeRosewater
Todd, CharlesA Forgotten Place
Tokarczuk, OlgaFlightsA meditative collection explores themes of travel, movement, and existentialism in stories that feature protagonists who question their shifting perspectives in time and space as they tackle extreme agendas.
Tracy, P. J.The Guilty Dead
Turton, StuartThe 7 and a Half Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleDoomed to repeat the same day over and over, Aiden Bishop must solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle in order to escape the curse, in a world filled with enemies where nothing and no one are quite what they seem.
Unger, LisaUnder My Skin
Ward, J. R.Consumed
Weber, DavidUncompromising Honor
Williams, BeatrizThe Glass Ocean
Williams, DrewThe Stars Now UnclaimedRecruiting supernaturally gifted kids to help stop a cataclysmic force from decimating countless worlds, agent Jane Kamali teams up with a telekinetic teen to navigate the madcap schemes of a power-hungry fascist cult.
Wilson, KevinBaby, You're Gonna Be MineDraws on the author's signature quirky language to explore the emotional complexities between parents and children.
Woods, StuartDesperate Measures
Books August 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarian's Picks
Aaron, RachelGarrison Girl
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Washington DecreeDoggie, a dedicated advisor who has spent more than half her life supporting a remarkable Democratic candidate's path to the White House, is shattered when the President-elect's wife is assassinated on election night by Doggie's Republican father.
Afshar, TessaThief of Corinth
Aguinis, MarcosAgainst the Inquisition
Al-Shaykh, HananThe Occasional Virgin
Andrews, DonnaToucan Keep a Secret
Andrews, IlonaMagic Triumphs
Andrews, V. C.Echoes in the Walls
Arthurs, AlexiaHow to Love a Jamaican
Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the King's Ransom
Atkinson, KateTranscriptionA BBC radio producer finds herself targeted by dangerous individuals from her past as a World War II espionage monitor for MI5.
Bannister, JoKindred Spirits
Barclay, LinwoodA Noise Downstairs
Bennett, Robert JacksonFoundrysideA thief in a city controlled by industrialized magic joins forces with a rare honest police officer to stop an ancient evil ritual that endangers thousands of lives.
Berry, FlynnA Double Life
Bird, SarahDaughter of a Daughter of a QueenIn 1864 Missouri, newly freed slave Cathy Williams makes the difficult decision to fight in the Army disguised as a man with the Buffalo Soldiers.
Black, LisaSuffer the Children
Blauner, PeterSunrise HighwayA young Latina detective in the NYPD tracks a serial killer who has been operating for 40 years and who may have been enabled by the chief of police himself.
Bowen, RhysFour Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
Bracher, BeatrizI Didn't TalkA professor packing up for retirement in the countryside of Brazil is besieged by memories of being arrested and tortured alongside his brother-in-law, who was eventually killed, in 1970 during the country's totalitarian rule.
Brandman, MichaelOne on One
Brandreth, BenetThe Spy of VeniceSeeking his fortune in 16th-century London, a talented wordsmith joins a band of players before he is dispatched to Venice on an assignment that renders him the target of Catholic assassins and a shadowy killer.
Brennan, AllisonAbandoned
Brett, SimonA Deadly Habit
Brook, AllisonRead and Gone
Brown, SandraTailspin
Brunstetter, Wanda E.The Hope Jar
Burns, V. M.Travellin' Shoes
Buzzelli, Elizabeth KaneIn Want of a Knife
Candlish, LouiseOur House
Cannon, JoannaThree Things About ElsieA novel set in England about eighty-four-year-old Florence, a resident in a nursing home, who has fallen in her apartment, leading her to think about her childhood friend and the secrets of their past that are about to come to light.
Carlan, AudreyInternational Guy
Carpenter, LeaRed, White, BlueMourning the charismatic father who died suspiciously the day before her wedding, Anna becomes estranged from her new husband before meeting an enigmatic stranger who alludes to her father's secret past.
Carriger, GailCompetence
Chariandy, DavidBrotherComing of age during a sweltering summer in their Toronto housing complex, two boys, the sons of Trinidadian immigrants, dare to imagine better lives in the face of a violent shooting and the pulsing beats of 1990s hip-hop culture.
Clark, GeorgiaThe Bucket List
Cleeves, AnnWild Fire
Coes, BenBloody Sunday
Cole, DanielHangman
Coleman, Reed FarrelRobert B. Parker's Colorblind
Contreras, Ingrid RojasFruit of the Drunken TreeA novel set against the violence of 1990s Columbia follows a sheltered girl and a teen maid, who forge an unlikely friendship as the families of both struggle to maintain stability amidst Bogotâa's rapidly escalating violence.
Cotterill, ColinDon't Eat MeDr. Siri Paiboun, the ex-national coroner of Laos, must figure out how to use a high-tech movie camera so he can film a Lao adaptation of War and Peace while helping his friend Inspector Phosy with a murder investigation involving gnawed human remains.
Coulter, CatherineParadox
Dailey, JanetTexas Free
Dalcher, ChristinaVox
Davis, FionaThe MasterpieceA recently divorced information-booth worker stumbles on an abandoned art school within a crumbling Grand Central Terminal before learning the story of a talented woman artist who went missing 50 years earlier.
De Bernieres, LouisSo Much Life Left Over
Dearman, LaraDark Sky Island
Delaney, J. P.Believe Me
Deutermann, Peter T.The Iceman
Dewitt, PatrickFrench Exit
Diamond, De'neshaNo Loyalty
Drayden, NickyTemperAn underprivledged twin, marked by tattoos of his vices, worsens his strained relationship with his brother when he begins hearing voices and experiences an inexplicable craving for blood.
Eames, NicholasBloody Rose
Elkins, Aaron J.A Long Time Coming
Ellison, J. T.Tear Me Apart
Feehan, ChristineDark Sentinel
Florio, GwenSilent HeartsAn American aid worker and her local interpreter forge an unexpected friendship in spite of disparate life experiences and the increasing violence that surrounds them in 2001 Kabul.
Ford, JackChariot on the Mountain
Foster, Alan DeanRelic
Foster, LoriCooper's Charm
Franqui, LeahAmerica for BeginnersA widow from India travels to California to learn the truth about what happened to the son who was declared dead shortly after he revealed his sexual orientation to their traditional family.
Frear, CazSweet Little LiesA London policewoman from a troubled family is forced to investigate dark secrets in her estranged father's past to solve the murder of a young housewife and the disappearance of a teen girl years earlier.
French, NicciDay of the Dead
Gessen, KeithA Terrible CountryAfter Andrei Kaplan returns to Moscow to care for his ailing grandmother, he becomes entangled with a group of leftists and is forced to come to terms with the Russian society he was born into and the American one he has enjoyed since he was a kid.
Gordon, DavidThe BouncerA strip-club bouncer who was expelled from Harvard crosses paths with a beleaguered FBI agent over a terrorist plot that sends them to a high-stakes perfume heist.
Gould, Howard MichaelLast Looks
Graham, HeatherEchoes of Evil
Graham, HeatherPale As Death
Greenwood, T.Rust & StardustTraces the story of the eleven-year-old kidnapping victim whose 1948 abduction inspired Nabokov's "Lolita," recreating in detail Sally Horner's exploitation and assault by predatory former inmate Frank LaSalle.
Gross, AndrewButton Man
Hambly, BarbaraCold Bayou
Hamilton, Laurell K.Serpentine
Hamilton, SteveDead Man Running
Hannah, SophieThe Mystery of Three QuartersAccused by strangers of trying to set them up for murder, Hercule Poirot teams up with Scotland Yard policeman Edward Catchpool to investigate the drowning death of an elderly man.
Harbison, BethEvery Time You Go Away
Hart, ElsaCity of InkForced to return home to unravel the mystery surrounding his mentor's execution, Li Du confronts painful memories while investigating a double murder, the secrets of several Beijing residents, and threats against his safety.
Hartsuyker, LinneaThe Sea Queen
Headley, Maria DahvanaThe Mere WifeA modern retelling of "Beowulf" recasts classic themes from the perspectives of the attackers and finds a suburban housewife and a battle-hardened veteran navigating dark realities to protect the sons they love.
Healey, EmmaWhistle in the Dark
Higgins, KristanGood Luck With ThatWhen their best friend Emerson passes away unexpectedly, she leaves a final wish for Georgia and Marley to conquer the fears they still carry as adults, a task that leads them to love themselves just the way they are.
Hill, EdwinLittle Comfort
Hollis, LeePoppy Harmon Investigates
Holmes, J. M.How Are You Going to Save YourselfFour friends come of age in a Rhode Island postindustrial enclave and struggle to liberate themselves from the limitations imposed on African Americans while navigating the dynamics of sex, drugs, class and family.
Hooper, EmmaOur Homesick Songs
Hua, VanessaA River of Stars
Hurley, BlairThe DevotedSeeking solace in Buddhism to the chagrin of her Irish Catholic family, an enlightenment-seeking store clerk becomes dangerously entangled with her Zen Master and reinvents herself in New York City before the past catches up in disturbing ways.
Jance, Judith A.Field of Bones
Jefferies, DinahThe Sapphire Widow
Jones, SandieThe Other Woman
Joy, DavidThe Line That Held UsA deer hunter and his friend cover up the accidental shooting death of a man from a notoriously violent family that retaliates in nightmarish ways.
Karjel, RobertAfter the Monsoon
Kearsley, SusannaBellewetherAs war is raging, young French Canadian lieutenant Jean-Philippe de Sabran is captured and billeted with a Long Island family, becoming an unwilling and unwelcome guest who soon has feelings for the daughter of the house, Lydia Wilde.
Keller, JuliaBone on BoneAn investigation involving the suspicious deaths of a drug addict's parents is complicated by former deputy Jake Oakes' struggles to adjust to his physical challenges and Bell's grief over the loss of her sister.
Kellerman, FayeWalking Shadows
Kellerman, JonathanA Measure of Darkness
Kenyon, SherrilynStygian
Kim, Crystal HanaIf You Leave MeForced into the life of a refugee when the North Korean army invades her home, 16-year-old Haemi must choose between love and security in ways that resonate throughout generations of her family.
Koontz, Dean R.The Forbidden Door
Kowal, Mary RobinetteThe Calculating Stars
Krueger, William KentDesolation Mountain
Kubica, MaryWhen the Lights Go Out
Kumar, AmitavaImmigrant, Montana
Kwon, R. O.The IncendiariesA dark tale of violence, faith and loss follows the experiences of a young Korean-American woman at an elite university who is drawn into acts of domestic terrorism by a cult with ties to North Korea.
Lapena, ShariAn Unwanted Guest
Lewis, BeverlyThe First Love
Liu, CixinBall LightningAfter witnessing his parents' bizarre death by ball lightning, Chin uncovers a new frontier in particle physics that pits him against a weapons-obsessed army major and an unscrupulous physicist.
Logan, T. M.Lies
Ma, LingSeveranceA survivor of an apocalyptic plague maintains a blog about a decimated Manhattan before joining a motley group of survivors to search for a place to rebuild, a goal that is complicated by an unscrupulous group leader.
MacNeal, Susan EliaThe Prisoner in the Castle
Martin, AlexaIntercepted
Mason, ZacharyMetamorphicaPresents a reimagining of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" that artfully reconstructs and astrologically connects the stories of such classic figures as Narcissus, Pygmalion, and Midas.
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Quiet Side of Passion
McFadden, Bernice L.Praise Song for the Butterflies
McGregor, JonThe Reservoir TapesReturns readers to the territory of the award-winning author's Reservoir 13, tracing the efforts of an interviewer who collects stories throughout a secretive English village to piece together the fate of a missing girl.
McGuire, SeananThe Girl in the Green Silk Gown
Michaels, FernSafe and Sound
Montefiore, SantaThe Secret of the Irish Castle
Morrison, Mary B.Head Games
Mosley, WalterJohn WomanA young man reinvents himself as a professor to share his late father's wisdom at an unorthodox university, only to encounter fellow intellectuals who have insights into his father's hidden past.
Muller, MarciaThe Breakers
Neggers, CarlaImpostor's Lure
Neill, ChloeWild Hunger
O'Connor, NualaBecoming BelleThe charming eldest daughter of a 19th-century middle-class military family reinvents herself to gain entry into London's cultural and social circles before falling in love with a young aristocrat whose brutal father disapproves of the match.
O'Dell, ClaireA Study in Honor
Owens, DeliaWhere the Crawdads Sing
Parker, T. JeffersonSwift Vengeance
Patterson, JamesJuror 3
Patterson, JamesTexas Ranger
Peebles, Frances De PontesThe Air You BreatheAn orphaned kitchen maid and the reckless daughter of a sugar baron embark on a volatile friendship marked by their ambitions to escape, their changing fortunes and unexpected fame.
Pelecanos, George P.The Man Who Came UptownUnexpectedly released from jail, Michael Hudson confronts profound changes in his Washington, D.C. home while struggling between loyalties to the person responsible for his freedom and the prison librarian who helped him develop a love of reading.
Perry, AnneDark Tide Rising
Piazza, JoCharlotte Walsh Likes to Win
Pinborough, SarahCross Her HeartA devoted single parent hides the truth about her daughter's absent father and asks her best friend for help when challenges from her past threaten her teenage daughter.
Robb, J. D.Leverage in Death
Roby, Kimberla LawsonBetter Late Than Never
Rose, M. J.Tiffany BluesA candidate at Tiffany's Jazz Age artist colony navigates her attraction to her host's grandson and competes for a gallery spot before an unknown rival exposes her traumatic past.
Ruiz Zafon, CarlosThe Labyrinth of the Spirits
Ryan, Hank PhillippiTrust Me
Saunders, PaulaThe Distance HomeTwo siblings enduring a hardscrabble existence in 1960s rural South Dakota pursue separate but equally extreme measures to find creative outlets and escape the dark, secretive elements of their community.
Scottoline, LisaFeared
Shin, Kyung-SookThe Court DancerSet during the dramatic final years of the Korean Empire, the new novelfrom Man Asian Literary Prize winner Kyung-Sook Shin features amysterious dancer caught up in the dizzying sweep of history.
Shteyngart, GaryLake SuccessWhen his seemingly perfect life implodes, a self-made millionaire takes a cross country bus trip in search of his college sweetheart and the ideals of his youth.
Slaughter, KarinPieces of Her
Slouka, MarkAll That Is Left Is All That Matters
Steel, DanielleIn His Father's Footsteps
Steinhauer, OlenThe MiddlemanTraces the rise and fall of a terrorist group from the perspectives of an FBI agent, an undercover agent, a convert, and a writer.
Stewart, AmyMiss Kopp Just Won't QuitIn 1916, New Jersey’s first female deputy, Constance Kopp, while trying to investigate two cases involving the same asylum, finds her controversial career on the line.
Tolkien, J. R. R.The Fall of Gondolin
Van Den Berg, LauraThe Third Hotel
Walbert, KateHis Favorites
Walker, NicoCherryRashly marrying his college girlfriend to keep their relationship active during his tour of duty, a college dropout-turned-army soldier is overwhelmed by the realities of war, PTSD, and opioid addiction before forging a desperate plan.
Walsh, RosieGhostedAn idyllic romance between Sarah and her boyfriend, Eddie, is shattered when Eddie abruptly disappears, prompting Sarah to ignore her friends' advice and investigate what really happened.
Walters, MinetteThe Last HoursAssuming control of her despised late husband's people in the wake of the Black Death, a 14th-century noblewoman struggles to protect formerly oppressed people who have been rendered superstitious and fanatical by the plague.
Weaver, AshleyAn Act of Villainy
Weber, CarlInfluence
Weis, MargaretPrivateer
Willett, MarciaSummer on the River
Wilson, Sariah#Moonstruck
Winton, TimThe Shepherd's HutA brutalized rural youth flees his father's violent death to live in exile in Western Australia's harsh saltlands, where his life comes to depend on a ruined priest he is not sure he trusts.
Wolas, CheriseThe Family Tabor
Woods, StuartThe Money Shot
Woodsmall, CindyAs the Tide Comes In
Yang, J. Y.The Descent of Monsters
Youngson, AnneMeet Me at the Museum
Zahn, TimothyThrawn
Books July 2018
AuthorTitleLibrarians' Picks
Abbott, MeganGive Me Your HandDistancing herself from an intense best friend who inspired her scientific ambitions before divulging a life-changing secret, Kit competes for a dream research job and finds herself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
Anderson, Kevin J.Uncharted
Armstrong, KelleyRough Justice
Ashley, JenniferScandal Above Stairs
Atkins, AceThe Sinners
Bauer, BelindaSnapA taut, suspenseful new novel from award-winning thriller author Belinda Bauer in which a woman being menaced by a knife-wielding home invader is connected to a string of burglaries in a quaint bedroom community, and the brutal murder that left three children motherless three years before.
Bell, DavidSomebody's DaughterWhen Michael Frazier’s ex-wife, Erica, shows up on his doorstep, saying her 10-year-old daughter is missing—and Michael is the father—Michael, despite his skepticism about being the father, has no choice but to follow the elusive trail of the child he has always wanted.
Belle, KimberlyThree Days MissingA woman learns that her son has gone missing from a field trip and then receives a mysterious ransom call for another boy who is safe and at home.
Berenson, LaurienRuff Justice
Billingsley, Reshonda TateThe Book in Room 316Tells the stories of a wronged wife seeking revenge, a grieving widower, a mother bearing the consequences of a bad decision, and a young street hustler fighting to save his brother, as they all find their way to The Markham Hotel.
Borman, TracyThe King's WitchAttending the death of Elizabeth I and forced to navigate the decadence of James I's witch-hunting court, a talented herbalist becomes a pawn in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Cannon, NickKing of the Dancehall
Carlisle, KateBuried in Books
Castillo, LindaA Gathering of SecretsA deadly fire resulting in the death of an Amish teen exposes the dark side of the community to which Chief of Police Kate Burkholder once belonged.
Chamberlin, HollyThe Summer Nanny
Christensen, KateThe Last CruiseA final voyage for a 1950s vintage ocean liner is disrupted by strife and malfunctions above and below decks, unexpectedly testing a former journalist, a sous-chef and a violinist.
Coble, ColleenThe House at Saltwater Point
Connolly, SheilaMurder at the Mansion
Cooper, EllisonCaged
Davis, LindseyPandora's BoyWhen her new husband's hostile ex challenges her to investigate the poisoning of a naïve young girl, Albia uncovers both the victim's questionable associates and the activities of a local woman before a friend's murder exposes dangerous local corruption.
De Assis, MacHadoThe Collected Stories of Machado De Assis
Dimitri, FrancescoThe Book of Hidden ThingsWhen Art, the charismatic leader of their group, mysteriously disappears amidst bizarre and unbelievable rumors, three friends, while searching for the truth, discover a document that he left behind that promises to reveal dark secrets and wonders beyond anything previously known.
Doan, Amy MasonThe Summer ListReturning home after being away for 17 years, Laura is reunited with her former best friend, Casey, and as they embark on one last scavenger hunt, a devastating secret threatens to tear them apart once again.
Doiron, PaulStay HiddenWhen a woman is killed in an apparent hunting accident on an island off the coast of Maine, newly promoted Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch discovers that the victim, a controversial author writing about a local recluse, died of other causes.
Douglas, ClaireLast Seen Alive
Dunn, CarolaThe Corpse at the Crystal Palace
Fesperman, DanSafe HousesA CIA safe house inspector uncovers a nefarious secret at the heart of Agency operations in postwar Berlin, triggering a life on the run, her brutal murder and her daughter's search for answers.
Freeman, DianneA Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder
Gabhart, Ann H.River to Redemption
Gilbert, VictoriaShelved Under Murder
Goldman, MattBroken IceThe disappearance of two teens from a hockey community becomes more urgent when one of the girls is found dead, pitting Minneapolis private detective Nils Shapiro against dangerous small-town secrets.
Gortner, C. W.The Romanov EmpressMarrying the Romanov heir, 19-year-old Danish princess Minnie becomes empress of Russia and treads a perilous path of compromise in a beloved but resistance-torn country where her son becomes the last tsar.
Greenlaw, LindaBimini Twist
Harrison, CoraDeath of a Novice
Hearne, KevinKill the Farm Boy
Heng, RachelSuicide ClubPossessing genetic advantages that offer the potential for immortality in a near-future New York City, a high-achieving exchange trader dealing in human organs is forced to choose between her future and her estranged father's suicide-oriented circle.
Hoover, ColleenAll Your Perfects
Johansen, IrisDouble Blind
Kidd, CorneliaDeath and a Pot of Chowder
Klehfoth, ElizabethAll These Beautiful StrangersWhile attending Knollwood, 17-year-old Charlie—to become a member of an elite, secret society—must play The Game, a semester-long, diabolical high-stakes scavenger hunt that will jeopardize everything and reveal the terrible truth about her family, her school and her own life.
Laplante, AliceHalf Moon Bay
Lim, TheaAn Ocean of MinutesIn the vein of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Station Eleven, a sweeping literary love story about two people who are at once mere weeks and many years apart.
Lindsey, JohannaMarry Me by Sundown
Lustbader, EricFour Dominions
Macomber, DebbieCottage by the Sea
Mallery, SusanWhen We Found Home
Martin, WilliamBound for GoldArriving in San Francisco to track down a mining tycoon's stolen 19th-century journal tracing the myth of the "lost river of gold," Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington uncover a dangerous plot involving a hidden fortune and Peter's own son.
Mazur, Grace DaneThe Garden PartyTwo wary Massachusetts families—one no-nonsense attorneys, the other impractical intellectuals—meet before the wedding that is supposed to unite them and share a single day of complicated fiascoes, miracles and unexpected eccentricities.
McElwain, JulieCaught in Time
Miller, LouiseThe Late Bloomers' Club
Morgan, SarahHow to Keep a Secret
Moriarty, NicolaThose Other Women
Moshfegh, OttessaMy Year of Rest and RelaxationAfter losing her parents, a young college graduate in New York City spends a year alienating the world under the influence of a crazy combination of drugs.
Murray, James S.Awakened
Novik, NaomiSpinning SilverDeciding to collect on the outstanding debts owed her family of moneylenders, a young woman is overheard boasting about being able to turn silver into gold by the creatures who haunt the wood, in a reimagining of the Rumpelstiltskin story.
Page, LibbyThe LidoAn anxiety-riddled cub reporter for a small London paper is assigned to cover the closing of a local recreation center and bonds with an eighty-six-year-old widow who has swum in the community pool every day since childhood.
Patel, NeelIf You See Me, Don't Say Hi: StoriesA story collection by a first-generation Indian American gives voice to, and undermines, deeply held stereotypes through the subversive choices of protagonists who confront racism, discontinue hypocritical social mores, and navigate impossible secrets.
Patterson, JamesTriple Homicide
Pearce, A. J.Dear Mrs. BirdAn adventurous young woman takes a typist job to assist the war effort and lands in the employ of a renowned advice columnist before she begins secretly replying to heart-wrenching letters rejected as unsuitable.
Peterson, TracieIn Dreams Forgotten
Rawi, Shahad AlThe Baghdad ClockA heart-rending tale of two girls growing up in war-torn Baghdad.
Rindell, SuzanneEagle & CraneTwo young daredevil flyers confront ugly truths and family secrets during the U.S. internment of Japanese citizens during World War II.
Roanhorse, RebeccaTrail of Lightning
Rosenberg, JordyConfessions of the Fox Discovering a mysterious manuscript from the 18th century, a recently jilted academic uncovers the story of the London underworld's most notorious thief, escaped convict and lover, in a bold reimagining of Brecht's Threepenny Opera.
Sager, RileyThe Last Time I LiedWhen Emma Davis, a rising star in the New York art scene, returns to teach painting at the summer camp she attended, she uses the opportunity to look into the disappearance of her friends fifteen years earlier.
Sefton, MaggieDyeing Up Loose Ends
Shaw, WilliamSalt Lane
Silva, DanielThe Other Woman
Stage, ZojeBaby TeethAn ailing woman fights to protect her family from her mute daughter's psychologically manipulative schemes, which are complicated by her doting husband's denial about their daughter's true nature.
Steel, DanielleThe Good Fight
Tan, LucyWhat We Were Promised
Thor, BradSpymaster
Tremblay, PaulThe Cabin at the End of the WorldA twist on the home-invasion horror story follows the experiences of a 7-year-old girl whose family is taken hostage in a remote cabin by men who are either the world's defenders or deranged apocalypse fanatics.
Tyler, AnneClock DanceA lifetime of painful milestones and fading grandchild prospects compel a woman to help her son's ex, whose 9-year-old daughter needs protection from violent local dynamics.
Verdon, JohnWhite River Burning When racial tensions in the small community of White River escalate to the shooting of a police officer, Dave Gurney investigates suspiciously inconsistent evidence that is clouded by deceptive additional killings.
Vincenzi, PennyA Question of Trust
Watts, PeterThe Freeze-Frame Revolution
Williams, BeatrizThe Summer WivesDrawn into and then banished from exclusive Winthrop Island when a complex relationship between her stepsister and a working-class college youth ends in violence, a Shakespearean actress returns after 20 years to pursue justice.
Wiseman, BethAmish Celebrations
Younts, Elizabeth BylerThe Solace of WaterByler Younts tells the story of two women, one white and one black, in racially charged 1956, who fight personal battles of freedom and form a friendship that neither expected.