Springfield librarians, elder affairs workers will help residents register online for COVID vaccines (MassLive)

The Springfield City Library is helping Springfield seniors make vaccine appointments.

SPRINGFIELD – After hearing constant complaints from older people who are eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine but cannot navigate the state’s website to make an appointment, city librarians and the Department of Elder Affairs are coming to the rescue.

This week the state announced the second phase of vaccinations will begin on Feb. 1 for people who are 75 and older but they required eligible residents to make appointments online. Those who do not have computer access or have limited computer skills are frustrated and angered with the process.

The city library and the Department of Elder Affairs will now be available by phone to assist people who are 65 and older to make appointments for vaccinations to prevent COVID-19 that are taking place at the Eastfield Mall, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno said.

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