Policy on Posting and Distribution of Non-Library Materials

A limited number of bulletin board and distribution areas are available within the library system for the posting and passive distribution of materials from other organizations. In each facility the branch or department manager may designate specific areas as available for these purposes. A branch or department manager must authorize all posting and distribution before it occurs. Authorization will be based on the provisions of this policy and will not be based upon the viewpoint, or beliefs expressed in the materials. Posting or distribution of any materials in the library does not indicate library endorsement of the ideas, issues, or events promoted by those materials.

The following items may not be posted on bulletin boards or left in material distribution areas:

  • Materials that support or oppose any political candidate or ballot measure. However, election information, such as that provided by the Secretary of State or the League of Women Voters will be made available. Information provided by the Springfield Election Commission regarding local ballot measures will also be made available.
  • Materials that support or oppose a specific religious conviction.
  • Because it is not consistent with passive distribution, materials asking for library visitors to sign a petition or letter are not permitted.

Since the amount of bulletin board and distribution area space is limited, the following rules apply:

  • Bulletin Boards – Event announcements may be posted for dated events whose principal sponsors are non-profit organizations. Individual branch libraries may give priority to announcements for events scheduled to take place in the geographic area near the library.
  • Distribution Areas – Non-profit organizations may provide dated materials related to their agency for passive distribution in areas designated for that purpose. Free newspapers of local interest, such as the Reminder and the Valley Advocate will also be distributed, if appropriate display receptacles are provided to the library by the organization.
  • Materials left for posting or distribution without authorization from the library will be discarded.

Approved by the Springfield Board of Library Commissioners on June 15, 2004