Naming Recognition Policy

The Springfield Board of Library Commissioners has the final and exclusive authority for the naming of library buildings, gardens, areas, rooms, spaces, and all other library facilities.

Proposals for naming must be in writing, coming from a Library Commissioner, the Library Foundation, City Administration, community groups or individuals, for consideration by the Board of Library Commissioners.

Policy and Procedure:

  1. The main library and any of its branches shall be named Springfield City Library, followed by the name of the geographic area or neighborhood in which the library is located.
  2. Rooms, gardens or wings of libraries may be named for the function of the area; e.g., the “Children’s Room,” the “Adult Learning Center,” or the “Quiet Room,” or similar designation, preceded or followed by the name of an individual, family, corporation, etc. approved by the Library Commission for an extraordinary monetary contribution, in-kind support or service to the library.
  3. A collection may be named by the Board of Library Commissioners in recognition of a donor when the funding is sufficient to create and maintain the collection, and it meets the library’s needs and other criteria.
  4. Service Program donors who sponsor an entire program period may be recognized by placing signage in the service area within the facility, acknowledging their sponsorship, for the life of the service provided. If a sign is not desired by the donor, another form of recognition may be implemented, by mutual agreement.
  5. The Board of Library Commissioners reserves the right to terminate or alter a naming designation under unusual or extraordinary circumstances.
  6. If a distinctively named library facility is relocated, substantially remodeled, or converted to use other than its original use, the facility may be renamed to reflect the association of new donors or community interests related to the changing facility. In such instances, the original name shall be honored in an appropriate manner, to be determined by the Board of Library Commissioners.

Approved by the Springfield Library Commission October 2011