Virtual Gardening Workshops on Zoom

An online series of classes on basic gardening practices designed to help novice and experienced gardeners alike. | Adults

Virtual Gardening Workshops

ONLINE via Zoom
April – September

Anna Muhammad of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association leads this online series on basic gardening practices designed to help novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Zoom link for all classes:

April 22nd
Soil Testing – how it helps soil health and safety
This session explains the UMASS soil test and how gardeners can use it to determine soil safety, and how to add basic amendments. Participants will look at a Logan Labs test, compare the differences and learn how to make basic adjustments to add soil amendments.

May 13th
Healthy Transplants and Healthy Produce – How to Maintain Their Health
This session covers how to work with transplants, and how to keep them healthy as well as some aspects of seed starting including in-home incubation.

July 28th
Basic Gardening Techniques and Introduction to Integrated Pest Management
During this session, participants will work with basic gardening techniques that include weeding without harming the soil, pruning vegetable plants, some companion planting techniques and planting to deter certain pests.

August 12th
How to recognize plant nutrient deficiencies in plants and soil
During the growing season, plants can act as a good indicator of how healthy the soil is. This session will cover detecting mineral deficiencies in plants, how to make corrections in soil mineral deficiencies using household products.

August 26th
Introducing Cover Crops to Small Gardens
Cover crops are a great way to add minerals to the soil year- round. It can be sown under adult summer crops to promote growth and to replace nutrients. This session will cover the best cover crops to use, and when to plant a cover crops. Some cover crop seeds will be made available to gardeners.

September 16th
Fall Soil Health and Preparing the Garden for Winter
Preparing a garden bed for winter is as important as at the start of the season. This session will guide gardeners on soil health and fertility in the fall months and will look at soil testing in the later part of the fall.