Middle Earth Walking Challenge: May 1 – September 30

Now is your chance to help Bilbo cross Middle Earth! Can you walk 950 miles to complete the adventure? | All Ages

Middle Earth Walking Challenge

All Library Locations
May 1 – September 30 | Open Hours | All Ages

Now is your chance to help Bilbo cross Middle Earth by walking from The Shire to The Lonely Mountain to steal from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Bilbo went 950 miles – can your group do the same?

The goal is to get families moving and adventuring this summer! It’s also a chance to read The Hobbit as a group, if you want.

1 – The walking challenge starts May 1. Go to your favorite library location, pick up a group walking log (or print your own) and up to 2 pedometers per family/group while supplies last. Define your group however you like – friends, families, whatever!

2 – When your log reaches 250 miles, bring it to the library and pick up a couple water bottles for your group for walking hydration, while supplies last.

3 – Turn in your log when you’re done or by Sept 30 – we don’t expect most groups to finish! But it’s fun to try. Get a fancy personalized certificate with your mileage!

4 – Top 3 mileage groups will get a lovely gift illustrated edition of The Hobbit. Seven more copies of the book will be raffled off randomly to all other groups who turn in their log at the end of the challenge!

ALSO – join us on Wednesday, September 20th at East Forest Park Branch to watch the 1977 animated Hobbit movie!