Local Authors

Local Authors: A Measurement of Accomplishment, A Source of Pride

The Springfield City Library features local authors in a range of useful and exciting public programs. The Author Fair, Meet the Authors, and Author Talks bring attention to the literary talent and achievement found in western Massachusetts, and make available a diverse selection of books to local community members.

The Author Fair

The Central Library assembles a dozen, recently published book authors for an afternoon meet-and-greet. Authors are available to mix-and-mingle with the public, sell-and-sign copies of their book, and discuss their work with interested community members. The media is always invited, and invariably new connections are made that increase awareness of the author’s accomplishments, and satisfy the interest of inquisitive readers.

Meet the Authors

A shared reading by local authors where participating authors read from their works and/or discuss their writing in fifteen minute spots. The program targets specific audiences by grouping book genres together so readers can enjoy hearing from a range of authors that appeal to them. Look for a Meet the Authors program each season, with at least one for children, teens, and adult readers each year.

Author Talks

Some authors secure a wide readership, and whenever practical, the library features such authors in programs dedicated to their work, books, and expertise. Typically, authors are available for questions and answers as well as selling and signing copies of their book(s) in these solo features of singular talent and success.

Local author books are highlighted in the library catalog to make it easy to discover which locally authored books are owned by the library. Keyword searches for “local author” will generate a list of dozens of western Massachusetts book authors. Qualify that search with a town’s name, for example “local author Springfield”, to give your list geographic focus.

The library is proud of its author partners, and staff are excited about the valuable programs we offer with them. With talent and skill, local authors offer much to readers and the community, and look forward to meeting them at these events as well as in the pages of their books.