Introduction to Microsoft Word & Excel

Free Microsoft Office computer classes covering both Microsoft Word and Excel | Central | Adults

These classes are not currently being offered. Check out our list of free online tutorials!
These classes are for adults. Skill with a keyboard and mouse is needed for success in these workshops.

Need a tutorial on using a keyboard and mouse? Getting Started on a Computer

Microsoft Word & Excel Class Series

Getting Started with Microsoft Word

Having good word processing skills is fundamental to achieving success at the computer. Come to this hands-on workshop for an introduction to the most popular word processing program, Microsoft Word, and sharpen your skills with common functions like selecting text and capitalization, spellcheck, saving, and printing.

Fabulous Formatting in Word

In this workshop, we will review of the basics from the “Getting Started Microsoft Word” session, and take a deep dive into the formatting options on the “home” tab in Word – including font, paragraph, and styles.

Budgeting with Excel

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, the world’s leading desktop spreadsheet. Excel is used both at home and in the office to help with a wide range of personal and business management services including basic bookkeeping and accounting, to maintaining mailing lists, and more. In this session, we will learn the basics and take you through a guided activity to build Bruce Wayne’s annual budget.