Free Online Springfield History Resources

Our librarians have compiled a list of digitized resources available for free online to learn about the history of Springfield.

Books and Articles:

Summary – 1774 Letter on the Rebellion in Springfield 
By: Anonymous
Published: 1774

Public Spirit and Mobs: Two sermons delivered in Springfield, Mass., on Sunday, February 23, 1851, after the Thompson Riot
By George F. Simmons
Published: 1851 

Atlas of Springfield city, Massachusetts
By Geo. H. Walker & Co.
Published: 1882

King’s Handbook of Springfield
By Moses King
Published: 1884

History of the “Old High School” on School Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, from 1828 to 1840: With a Personal History of the Teachers : Also, the Names of 265 Pupils, with Their History in Part : with Portraits and a Sketch of the Building
By Charles Wells Chapin
Published: 1890

Elementary Color
By Milton Bradley
Published: 1895

A modern house of learning dedicated to the public interests
By City of Springfield 
Published: 1898

Springfield in the Spanish-American War
By Walter Ward
Published: 1899

Annual Report of the City Forester, Springfield, Massachusetts
By City Forester
Published: 1899

The Puritan in England and New England (Pynchon and Breck of Springfield)
By Ezra Hoyt Byington
Published: 1900

Warwick : automobiles, motor cycles, bicycles, 1903
By Warwick Cycle & Automobile Company
Published: 1903

Insects galls of Springfield, Massachusetts, and vicinity
By Fannie Adelle Stebbins
Published: 1909

Atlas of the city of Springfield and the town of Longmeadow, Massachusetts
By L.J. Richards & Co.
Published: 1910

View book of Springfield, Massachusetts
By City of Springfield. MA
Published: 1910

Picturesque Springfield and West Springfield, Massachusetts
By The Hotel Worthy (Springfield, MA)
Published: 1912 

Connecticut Valley Historical Society, Springfield, Massachusetts: a maintenance fund of one hundred thousand dollars to be established by members and friends of the Society
By Connecticut Valley Historical Society
Published: 1912

Progressive Springfield, Massachusetts
By G.S. Graves
Published: 1913

Traffic and Operation: Springfield Street Railway Company, Springfield, Massachusetts
By Albert Sutton Richey
Published: 1917

Report of the School Board of the City of Springfield, Massachusetts
By: Springfield (MA) School Board
Published: 1919

The history of Springfield in Massachusetts, for the young: being also in some part the history of other towns and cities in the county of Hampden
By Charles H. Barrows
Published: 1921

Springfield, 1636-1936
By Springfield’s Three Hundredth Anniversary Committee
Published: 1936

The genesis of Springfield : the development of the town
By Harry Andrew Wright
Published: 1936

An Autobiography: The Epic of Springfield College (1995-1970)
By Hal Lynch
Published: 1970

“Will You Marry Me?”: Springfield Day Nursery System, Springfield, Massachusetts
By Patricia Cook
Published: 1971

The Six-district Plan: Integration of the Springfield, Massachusetts Elementary Schools : a Report
By U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Massachusetts Advisory Committee
Published: 1976

Black Springfield: A Historical Study 
By: Imani Kazini
Published: 1977

Building on History – Springfield, Massachusetts
by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Published: 2006

United States Courthouse, Springfield, Massachusetts
By U.S. General Services Public Buildings Service, Office of the Chief Architect
Published: 2008

Black Families of Hampden County, Massachusetts: 1650-1865
By Joseph Carvalho iii
Published: 2011 

The Puerto Rican Community of Western Massachusetts, 1898–1960 
By Joseph Carvalho iii
Published: 2015

Forgotten: Springfield’s Black History is Nowhere In Sight
by Chance Viles and Kristin Palpini (in the Valley Advocate)
Published: 2017

John Brown’s Transformation: The Springfield Years, 1846-1849.
By Joseph Carvalho iii
Published: 2020 

Partial books:

Peculiarities of American Cities (Chapter 35, Springfield)
By Capt. Willard Glazier
Published: 1886

Life and times of Henry Burt of Springfield and some of his descendants (about 80% of book is included)
By Henry Burt, Silas Burt
Published: 1893

Lost Springfield (about 90% of book included)
By Derek Strahan
Published: 2017,+ma%22&printsec=frontcover

Compilation of Search Results from various online depositories and archives

Af-Am Point of View Archive (Springfield’s current Black paper with issues going back to 2008)

Historical maps of Springfield:–Maps&q=springfield&search_field=all_fields

Baypath College Photographic History

Baypath College digitized yearbook collection

UMass Amherst,%20massachusetts%22&page=1&facets=

Western New England University Digital Collections

Springfield College Archives Digital Collections

Springfield Armory History & Culture

University of Pennsylvania comprehensive list of free online historical books and records about Springfield, MA

Hathi Trust Digital Library (“Springfield, Massachusetts”) (“Springfield, Mass”) (“Springfield, MA”)

ERIC (Institute of Education Sciences)

Library of Congress 
By Various Authors
Published: various dates

Internet Archive – historical books and maps
Publication dates range from 1802-2021