Science Squad for Kids Coming Soon

Science Squad

Two Girls (10-12) Looking at a Rack of Test Tubes

Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m., January 22 – March 12, ages 8-12, Central Library Children’s Program Room

We’ll explore eight different scientific areas with engaging, hands-on activities. Each program will include a brief discussion of scientific principles and “science in action,” where kids create and conduct experiments with their models. Space is limited, and registration is recommended. To register, please call the Children’s Room at 413.263.6828 x201.

  • Week 1, January 22: Food Science – Explore the science of taste and cooking! We’ll make our own ice cream!
  • Week 2, January 29: “Speed Racer” Science – Learn the science of speeding vehicles. Build your own speed racer!
  • Week 3, February 5: Slime Science – Make your own slime! Is it solid or liquid?
  • Week 4, February 12: Airplane Science – Dig into the science of flight–with paper airplanes!
  • Week 5, February 19: Bridge Science – Examine the science of bridges, and apply what you’ve learned by building the strongest bridge possible using top-secret materials.
  • Week 6, February 26: Parachute Science – Build and experiment with your own parachute design!
  • Week 7, March 5: Volcano Science – Get messy with the science of volcanoes, and show off what you’ve learned by building your own volcano!
  • Week 8, March 12: Egg Drop Science – Explore the world of gravity, engineering, and more, and design your own container to see how far you can drop an egg without it smashing!

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