Science Squad at the Central Library

Central Library Children’s Program Room
Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, beginning June 25


This series of programs will explore eight different scientific areas with engaging, hands-on activities tailored to school-aged children. Each program will include a brief discussion of scientific principles, getting hands-on by making models or examples, and “science in action,” where Science Squad members conduct experiments and work with their models. Ages 8-12. To register, please call the Children’s Room at 413-263-6828 ext 201.

    Week 1: Geyser Science – Get messy with the science of geysers, then show off what you’ve learned by building and testing your own geyser!

    Week 2: Slime Science: The Revenge – We will dig deep into the science of slime and substances that act like two different types of matter, and make an especially gross type of slime.


    Week 3: Balloon Science – Get carried up, up, and away with the science behind hot air balloons, and design your own flying balloon capable of carrying passengers.
    Week 4: Boat Race Science – Discover principles of buoyancy, aerodynamics, and boat design, and make your own boat to race against other Science Squad members!

    Week 5: Catapult Science – We will launch marshmallows through the air with our own simple catapults, having fun while learning about engineering.

    Week 6: Rocket Science – Learn about rocket design and flight, then create and fly your own awesome rocket creation!

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