The Springfield City Library celebrates local Western Massachusetts authors.

Local authors Maria Luisa Arroyo (Springfield) and Kaolin (Northampton) participate in the September 2011 Author Fair.
Local authors Maria Luisa Arroyo (Springfield) and Kaolin (Northampton) participate in the September 2011 Author Fair.

Author Fairs at the Central Library

The Library’s biannual Author Fairs provide occasions for writers to connect with interested readers and new audiences. In addition book collectors in pursuit of signed books or small press books have an opportunity to add to their collections. You won’t be disappointed, and we really do look forward to seeing you at the Library! Please call the Central Library at 413-263-6828, ext. 221 if you have any questions.

Author Talks


Suzanne Strempek Shea
Tuesday, October 13, 6:30 – 7:45 p.m.
Sixteen Acres Branch

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Join us for a talk and book signing with gifted local author Suzanne Strempek Shea. Suzanne will give fans of her splendid novels the latest news about her numerous writing projects and will also sign copies of her books that will be available to purchase.

After taking a break from authoring novels, she recently released her new, splendid ninth novel Make a Wish But Not for Money that does not disappoint. The heartwarming book tells of “Rosie Pilch, whose lifelong job as a bank teller is lost in the recession, and her subsequent depression ends only when a friend elopes, moves and leaves Rosie her palm-reading business at Orchard Mall, once a groundbreaking shopping experience touted as ‘Main Street Recreated,’ now a sluggish ‘dead mall’ in its last months of existence before the wrecking ball arrives.”–Jacket. You won’t believe what happens next in this fantastic and heartwarming story.

Don’t miss this special afternoon with Suzanne Strempek Shea.


Author Talk: The Books of Andrew Lam
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 1:30 p.m., Sixteen Acres Branch Library (Community Room)

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Join us for an engaging talk by writer and physician Andrew Lam. Dr. Lam is the author of the 2013 book Saving Sight, a fascinating work of non-fiction about pioneering practices in eye health and corrective surgery. His latest book, Two Sons of China, is a powerful novel based on a real life event from the close of World War II. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this accomplished local author! For more information on Dr. Andrew Lam, visit his website.

Display Cases

The Springfield City Library maintains a public display of books written by local authors in an effort to highlight local talent and achievement. The display is currently housed on the lowest level of the Central Library in three glass cases near the Lower Circulation Desk. In most cases circulating copies are available of all titles on display so please ask a librarian if you see anything you would like to read or review.

List of Local Authors

Western Massachusetts has long been home to dozens of famous and influential writers including historical figures like Herman Melville and Emily Dickinson, contemporary novelist Anita Shreve (Longmeadow), and also Springfield natives Robert B. Parker and Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss). The list below includes some of the many local authors that have participated in programming at the Springfield City Library.

Dr. Oliver Osita Akamnonu
Sparkie Allison
Clayton Arline
Maria Luisa Arroyo
Tim Baer
Michele P. Barker
Eric Bascom
Catherine Black
Calvin Bland
B.D. Bossidy
Latoya Bosworth
Tyler E. Boudreau
Crystal Senter Brown
Joanna Lillian Brown
Domingo Burgos
Durham Caldwell
Amy Caruso
Luze Casanova
Gineen Cooper
Catherine D’Agostino
Rico Daniele
Everett Decker
Cyndie Degnan
Lori Desrosiers
Michael Dialessi
G. Michael Dobbs
Marty Dobrow
Keshawn Dodds
Wayne Dusza
David Ewen
Laura Fedelia
Paula Finch
Gerry Fitzgerald
Saloma Miller Furlong
Nadine Gallo
Albert Garner
Gerry Garner
Carolyn Gibbs
Tzivia Gover
Susan Green
Donalyn Gross
Andrea Hairston
John Hamilton
Randy Haskins
Jack Y. Hess
Charlie Holmes
Sandra J. Howell
Blanche Jackson-Hill
Jacqueline Jock
Martha Johnson
Phil Johnson
Terry Johnson
Scotti Jones
Umm Juwayriyah
Loretta Kapinos
Judith Kappenman
Andrew Lam
Wayne LaPointe
David LaPorte
Pat Leuchtman
Joy Ellen Levine
Lucie Lewis
Jacqueline Lynch
Michael Maloni
Jose Martinez
Ellen Meeropol
Jolene Mercadante
Dawn Metcalf
Melva Michaelian
Lorene Morin
Husein Muhammad
Sister Maria Joseph Nace
Dean Nimmer
Gerry O’Brien
Dr Raymond Ogums
Stephen Louis Patrick
Amy Patt
Jeanne Probst
David Proctor
Randy Purinton
Price Van Ray
Joan Morris Reilly
Bobby Richardson
Martina Dianne Robinson
Mae Ronan
Phyllis St. George
Charlene St. Onge
Jane Schneeloch
John Sheirer
Elizabeth Slade
Suzanne Strempek Shea
Barbara Spear
Susan Stinson
Joanne Sullivan
Lori Szepelak
Narelle Thomas
Jean Thompson
Art Tipaldi
Courtney Vail
Eric Watts
Nick Wedlake
Tom Weiner
Yvonne Williams
Jacqueline Williams-Hines
Elaine Wolf
Jane Yolen


Follow the links listed below to find descriptions for many of the books written by local authors from Western Massachusetts.