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January 2017

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Appelfeld, Aharon The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping Follows the story of Erwin, a young Holocaust survivor, who travels from a refugee camp to a kibbutz in Haifa to begin a new life while still desperately clinging to his memories of the past.
Batuman, Elif The Idiot
Billingham, Mark Rush of Blood
Bishop, Anne Etched in Bone
Black, Lisa Unpunished
Box, C. J. Vicious Circle
Boyce, Trudy Nan Old Bones When a peaceful demonstration at a black women’s college is thrown into chaos by a racially motivated drive-by shooting, detective Sara Alt investigates a nearby murder only to discover that the victim is someone she arrested two years earlier.
Brekke, Jorgen The Fifth Element Imprisoned on an island off the coast of Norway, Police Inspector Odd Singsaker wakes up with a gun in his hand next to a dead body and tries to reconstruct what happened and how it may be related to his estranged wife, a corrupt Oslo cop, a drug-stealing college student and a hit man.
Briggs, Patricia Silence Fallen
Brody, Frances A Death in the Dales
Butler, Nickolas The Hearts of Men An epic novel of intertwining friendships and families set in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at a beloved Boy Scout summer camp –from the bestselling author of Shotgun Lovesongs.
Carey, Jacqueline Miranda and Caliban A fantastical retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest is told from the perspective of the daughter of a powerful magus, who grows up in protective isolation before finding solace and companionship with the bewitched feral youth who serves her father.
Carnoy, David Lucidity
Carse, James P. PhDeath After a series of atrocities are brought to light during the academic year, University faculty join forces with military intelligence and the Puzzle Master of the New York Times in order to do battle with the seemingly omniscient perpetrator, the Puzzler.
Carter, M. J. The Devil’s Feast London, 1842. Investigative team Blake and Avery find themselves entangled in a discreet murder investigation at a grand gentleman’s club shaped by political conflicts, personal vendettas and England’s first celebrity chef.
Chaon, Dan Ill Will A psychologist is unwittingly embroiled in two spectacular unsolved murders, three decades apart, when the foster brother convicted of killing their family years earlier is exonerated, making him question the testimony that led to the conviction. By the award-winning author of Among the Missing.
Childs, Laura Pekoe Most Poison
Clarke, Maxine Beneba Foreign Soil A prize-winning collection of stories set around the world includes the tales of a desperate man seeking asylum in Australia, a Sudanese boy who finds happiness in a bicycle and a Mississippi housewife who sacrifices everything for her son.
Cleeves, Ann The Crow Trap A first U.S. publication of the first book in the popular series that inspired the television mystery Vera finds the leader of an environmental survey struggling to manage the schemes of her rival team members before a friend’s suspicious suicide introduces her to unconventional detective inspector Vera Stanhope.
Cohen, Nancy J. Facials Can Be Fatal
Coughlin, Jack Long Shot
Coulter, Catherine The Devil’s Triangle
Cumming, Charles A Divided Spy
Cussler, Clive The Cutthroat
Cutter, Nick Little Heaven
Dellamonica, A. M. The Nature of a Pirate
Dolan-Leach, Caite Dead Letters Zelda Antipova–presumed dead–leaves a series of clues for her twin sister, Ava, which leads her on a scavenger-hunt-like quest to solve the mystery of Zelda’s disappearance.
Dorsey, Tim Clownfish Blues
Dunant, Sarah In the Name of the Family
Dyer, Thoraiya Crossroads of Canopy In a thirteen-kingdom city in a mythical rainforest, a destitute girl escapes her family’s plot to sell her into slavery in order to take work under a ruling goddess and gain sympathy for the plight of the city’s slaves.
Faye, Lyndsay The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes The Edgar Award-nominated author of the Timothy Wilde trilogy presents a collection of 15 Sherlock Holmes stories that features pieces previously published in literary journals and two new works, including “The Lowther Park Mystery” and “The Adventure of the Thames Tunnel.”
Flanders, Judith A Cast of Vultures A wild post-launch party culminates in an elaborate mystery involving missing neighbors, suspected arson, and an unidentified murder victim that pits editor Samantha Clair, Inspector Jake Field, and Sam’s goth assistant against dubious adversaries.
Frankel, Laurie This Is How It Always Is A family reshapes their ideas about family, love, and loyalty when youngest son Claude reveals increasingly determined preferences for girls’ clothing and accessories and refuses to stay silent.
Fredrickson, Jack Hidden Graves
Freeman, Brian The Night Bird Homicide detective Frost Easton doesn’t like coincidences, so when a series of bizarre deaths rock San Francisco – during which seemingly random women suffer violent psychotic breaks – Frost looks for a connection that leads him to controversial psychiatrist Francesca Stein.
George, Margaret The Confessions of Young Nero Best-selling historical novelist George moves from British kings and queens to ancient Rome in this fictionalized biography of one of its most notorious emperors.
Giolito, Malin Persson Quicksand An incisive courtroom thriller and a drama that raises questions about the nature of love, the disastrous side effects of guilt, and the function of justice.
Gladstone, Max Bookburners
Goodkind, Terry Death’s Mistress
Goodman, Carol The Widow’s House This chilling novel from the bestselling, award-winning author of The Lake of Dead Languages blends the gothic allure of Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca and the crazed undertones of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper with the twisty, contemporary edge of A.S.A. Harrison’s The Silent Wife—a harrowing tale of psychological suspense set in New York’s Hudson Valley.
Graham, Heather A Perfect Obsession
Greaney, Mark Gunmetal Gray
Hamid, Mohsin Exit West From the internationally bestselling author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, a love story that unfolds in a world being irrevocably transformed by migration.
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Old Bones When a young couple discover human remains buried in the garden of their new house, Detective Inspector Bill Slider is called upon to investigate. It appears that they have found the final resting place of fourteen-year-old Amanda Knight, who disappeared from that same garden two decades before. With a murder twenty years in the past, this is the coldest of cold cases. Most of the suspects and principal players are now dead, and all the passion is long spent … or is it?
Heller, Peter Celine From the best-selling author of The Dog Stars and The Painter comes the story of Celine, an elegant, aristocratic private eye who specializes in reuniting families, trying to make amends for a loss in her own past.
Hendee, Barb The Dead Seekers
Hepworth, Sally The Mother’s Promise A dying single mother reaches out to her oncology nurse and social worker for help protecting her troubled teen daughter, forging a unit that bonds the four women together and challenges them to confront their sharpest fears and secrets.
Herron, Mick Spook Street
Hoffman, Cara Running Fleeing a traumatic upbringing, Bridey Sullivan takes up with an unconventional British couple, and the three of them endure homelessness, addiction, and under-the-table jobs before the death of one links the others to an act of terrorism.
Hooper, Kay Wait for Dark
Hulin, Rachel Hey Harry, Hey Matilda
Hunt, Laird The Evening Road In the summer of 1920 in small-town Indiana, two extraordinary women – beautiful Ottie Lee Henshaw and Calla Destry, a young black woman – cross paths and they soon move through an America plagued by fear and hatred, determined to flee the secrets they have left behind.
Hurley, Kameron The Stars Are Legion Set within a system of decaying world-ships travelling through deep space, this novel of epic science fiction follows a pair of sisters who must wrest control of their war-torn legion of worlds — and may have to destroy everything they know in order to survive.
Iles, Greg Mississippi Blood
Jance, Judith A. Man Overboard
Jio, Sarah Always
Jones, Stephen Mack August Snow Murder, corruption, dirty money and racial politics come to a bloody head in the bankrupt city of Detroit.
Karst, Leslie A Measure of Murder
Kent, Christobel The Loving Husband
Kingsbury, Kate Dead and Breakfast
Kitamura, Katie A Separation
Kline, Christina Baker A Piece of the World Tells the story of Christina Olson, who served as the host and inspiration for artist Andrew Wyeth, despite an incapacitating illness.
Korelitz, Jean Hanff The Devil and Webster
Kunzru, Hari White Tears Two ambitious young musicians are drawn into the dark underworld of blues record collecting, haunted by the ghosts of a repressive past.
La Farge, Paul The Night Ocean After her H.P. Lovecraft-obsessed husband vanishes, psychiatrist Marina Willett refuses to believe that he committed suicide and follows his fading trail.
Lansdale, Joe R. Rusty Puppy
Laukkanen, Owen The Forgotten Girls Stumbling on the cold case of a murdered and forgotten runaway, Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere of the joint FBI-BCA violent crime force uncover the work of a serial killer who has been targeting young women drifters who were unlikely to be missed.
Lee, Ashton Queen of the Cookbooks
Lodato, Victor Edgar and Lucy After his father’s suicide, eight-year-old Edgar bonds with his grandmother, mother Lucy being preoccupied with the men in her life. Then his grandmother dies, and Lucy is just getting the hang of motherhood when the mysterious Conrad whisks Edgar away to create their own little home.
Mackintosh, Clare I See You Spotting her own picture in a classified ad referencing a mysterious website, Zoe discovers that other women who have appeared in the ad have become the victims of increasingly violent crimes.
Macomber, Debbie If Not for You
Macrae, Molly Plaid and Plagiarism
Marion, Isaac The Burning World
Masterman, Becky A Twist of the Knife
McCall Smith, Alexander The Bertie Project
Miller, Linda Lael Forever a Hero
Monroe, Mary Never Trust a Stranger
Moriarty, Nicola The Fifth Letter
Morris, Kevin All Joe Knight Follows the experiences of Joe Knight, a hardscrabble youth in 1960s Philadelphia who finds his salvation in a multiracial basketball team but, as an adult, engages in a dubious business deal involving the team that could be his undoing.
Murphy, Sara Flannery The Possessions A young woman who channels the dead for a living crosses a dangerous line when she falls in love with one of her clients, whose wife died under mysterious circumstances.
Neggers, Carla Red Clover Inn
Oakley, Colleen Close Enough to Touch A 28-year-old recluse with a unique allergy to physical contact with other people is forced to reenter the world after her mother’s death, finding friendship with a 10-year-old troubled boy and love with his adoptive father.
Oloixarac, Pola Savage Theories Two parallel stories take place on a college campus in Argentina, in one an attractive young woman tries to find herself while having risky sex with random strangers while another young woman attempts to seduce a professor to prove a theory on violence.
O’Neill, Heather The Lonely Hearts Hotel Two orphaned soul mates–one a piano prodigy, the other a dancing savant–dream up a plan for the most extraordinary circus show the world has ever seen against a backdrop of the Great Depression.
Page, Sharon The Worthington Wife
Parks, Brad Say Nothing When their children are abducted by a man who blackmails them to follow instructions at the risk of the children’s lives, a judge and his wife endure a terrorizing ordeal of no-holds-barred deceit and bond-breaking suspicions. By the award-winning author of The Player.
Patterson, James The Black Book
Peelle, Lydia The Midnight Cool In World War I-era Tennessee, two flawed yet endearing grifters pursue women, wealth, and the lucrative mule business for military clients in Europe.
Perry, Anne Murder on the Serpentine
Pronzini, Bill The Violated
Puchner, Eric Last Day on Earth The award-winning author of Model Home presents a collection of stories on the absurdities of domestic life, from a preadolescent who fears his mother might be robot to a psychotically depressed woman who takes her niece and nephew out trick-or-treating.
Raymond, Jon Freebird
Robinson, Kim Stanley New York 2140 When a New York City of the near future is submerged by rising waters, the residents rapidly adapt the thriving metropolis until it becomes a vibrant, though permanently changed, canal region of island skyscrapers and remarkable inhabitants.
Ruskovich, Emily Idaho A tale told from multiple perspectives traces the complicated relationship between Ann and Wade in a rugged landscape and how they came together in the aftermath of his first wife’s imprisonment for a violent murder.
Ryan, Jennifer The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir Letters and journals reveal the struggles, affairs, deceptions and triumphs of five members of a village choir during World War II as they band together to survive the upheavals of war and village intrigue on the English home front. A first novel.
Scalzi, John The Collapsing Empire
Schepp, Emelie Marked for Revenge
Schweblin, Samanta Fever Dream A first English translation by an award-winning Spanish author follows the nightmarish experiences of a dying woman and a boy beside her hospital bed, who explore the dynamics of broken souls, toxic relationships and the power and desperation of family.
See, Lisa The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane Explores the lives of a Chinese mother and her daughter, who has been adopted by an American couple, tracing the very different cultural factors that compel them to consume a rare native tea that has shaped their family’s destiny for generations.
Shepard, Jim The World to Come An anthology of ten stories reflects the personal and political challenges of protagonists ranging from English Arctic explorers during one of history’s most nightmarish expeditions to eighteenth-century French balloonists who would invent manned flight.
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa The Undesired
Silvis, Randall Two Days Gone When a woman and her children are brutally massacred, Sergeant Ryan DeMarco begins doubting the opinions that cast suspicion on the woman’s fugitive professor husband, who may have left important clues in a half-finished manuscript.
Smith, Ali Autumn A debut installment in a series about aging, time, love and the nature of stories examines the dynamics of pop culture, meditation and harvests in a world growing more bordered and exclusive.
Spencer, Sally The Shivering Turn Seventeen-year-old Linda Corbet is missing and Jennie is hired to investigate. The only clue Jennie has is a fragment of a 17th century poem she finds in Linda’s room. But from that one clue her investigations will lead her to a secret Oxford society – and a hidden world of violence, excess and desire which lies behind the city’s dreaming spires.
Steel, Danielle Dangerous Games
Stevens, Chevy Never Let You Go
Stross, Charles Empire Games A tale set in an alternate world of the immediate future follows the efforts of the head of a paratime espionage agency to prepare for an upcoming drone war at the same time her estranged spy daughter attempts to protect national security during an ominous succession crisis.
Tregillis, Ian The Rising
White, Elle Katharine Heartstone A debut historical fantasy that recasts Jane Austen’s beloved Pride & Prejudice in an imaginative world of wyverns, dragons, and the warriors who fight alongside them against the monsters that threaten the kingdom.
White, Randy Wayne Mangrove Lightning
Williams, Beatriz The Wicked City
Wilson, Susan Two Good Dogs
Winspear, Jacqueline In This Grave Hour
Wuertz, Yoojin Grace Everything Belongs to Us Attending the elite Seoul National University in 1970s South Korea during the final years of a repressive regime, a tycoon’s daughter and her impoverished best friend are drawn to a social-climbing boy seeking his place in a cutthroat world.
Young, Hester The Shimmering Road