This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.

March 2015

Author Title Librarian’s Picks
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Summer King
Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker’s Kickback
Atkinson, Kate A God in Ruins Ursula Todd’s beloved younger brother Teddy – would-be poet, RAF bomber pilot, husband, and father – navigates the perils and progress of the 20th century. For all Teddy endures in battle, his greatest challenge is facing the difficulties of living in a future he never expected to have.
Balogh, Mary Beyond the Sunrise
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons
Brackston, P. J. Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints
Brackston, Paula The Silver Witch
Brennan, Allison Compulsion Investigating a theory that a serial killer preparing for trial is responsible for other murders and was working with an accomplice, investigative reporter Maxine Revere engages in a deadly game of cat and mouse in her determination to uncover the truth.
Brooks, Jayde Daughter of Gods and Shadows
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The Decision
Buckingham, Royce Scott Impasse
Calkins, Susanna The Masque of a Murderer Attending the death of a Quaker on a freezing winter afternoon in 1667, printer’s apprentice Lucy Campion is shocked to hear that he was deliberately injured because of a recently uncovered secret. By the author of A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate.
Cambron, Kristy A Sparrow in Terezin Two women separated in time by some sixty years struggle in the face of adversity, the first facing a potentially devastating legal challenge to her fiance, the second in the Nazi work camp of Terezin.
Cameron, Graeme Normal
Camilleri, Andrea Game of Mirrors Stumped by the bombing of two empty warehouses, one of which is linked to a cocaine kingpin, Inspector Montalbano, while dealing with relentless reporters and amorous advances, becomes the prime suspect in an unspeakably brutal crime.
Carriger, Gail Prudence
Child, Lincoln The Forgotten Room A riveting new thriller featuring the charismatic and quirky Professor Jeremy Logan, renowned investigator of the strange and the inexplicable, as he uncovers a long-lost secret experiment only rumored to have existed.
Conrad, Hy Toured to Death When the writer they hired to pen their Monte Carlo murder-mystery excursion is found dead in New York, Amy and Fanny Abel find that they have a real homicide to contend with.
Copeland, Lori My Heart Stood Still
Costello, Mary Academy Street Following a quiet single mother and nurse who has tumultuous emotions and few people to share them with, the author paints a vibrant, emotional and hypnotic portrait of a whole life, tracing her childhood in western Ireland through her relocation to America.
Crawford, Isis A Catered Mother’s Day
Crawford, Susan The Pocket Wife
Crosby, Ellen Ghost Image
DeAngelis, Camille Bones & All
Deaver, Jeffery Solitude Creek
DeSilva, Bruce A Scourge of Vipers
Diamond, De’nesha King Divas
Dilloway, Margaret Sisters of Heart and Snow
Duffy, Brendan House of Echoes Frustrating career setbacks and a heartbreaking diagnosis challenge the lives of Ben and Caroline, who after starting over in a nostalgic new hometown encounter disconcerting secrets that threaten their survival.
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Slated for Death
Fields, Tricia Firebreak
Fishbane, Joel The Thunder of Giants In 1937, Andorra Kelsey, 7’11 and just over 320 pounds, agrees to star in a movie about the life of Anna Swan, the Nova Scotia giantess who toured the world in the 19th century, in this stunning, larger-than-life narrative that tells the story of two exceptional women who try to survive in a world too small to contain them.
Fuller , Claire Our Endless Numbered Days Peggy Hillcoat is eight years old when her survivalist father, James, takes her from their home in London to a remote hut in the woods and tells her that the rest of the world has been destroyed. Deep in the wilderness, Peggy and James make a life for themselves.When Peggy finds a pair of boots in the forest and begins a search for their owner, she unwittingly unravels the series of events that brought her to the woods.
Gaus, P. L. Whiskers of the Lion
George, Nelson The Lost Treasures of R&B D Hunter, bodyguard-turned-PI, is back, investigating a murder that lures him into the heart of rhythm-and-blues history.
Gibbon, Maureen Paris Red For readers of Girl with a Pearl Earring, a luminous and evocative novel of Édouard Manet’s muse.
Grace, Margaret Manhattan in Miniature
Gregory, Daryl Harrison Squared
Hamilton, Glen Erik Past Crimes When his estranged grandfather is shot and left for dead, an Army Ranger plunges into the criminal underworld of his youth to find a murderer and uncover a shocking family secret. A first novel.
Harris, Charlaine Day Shift
Havill, Steven F. Blood Sweep
Haynes, Elizabeth Behind Closed Doors Detective Inspector Louisa Smith, while investigating the murders of a 19-year-old boy and one of the town’s entrepreneurs, must reopen a cold case when a girl who mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago is found in a Briarstone brothel alive and well.
Hearne, Kevin Heir to the Jedi
Herbert, A. L. Murder With Fried Chicken and Waffles
Hess, Joan Pride v. Prejudice
Holsinger, Bruce The Invention of Fire Investigating a mass murder in London, medieval poet and fixer John Gower discovers clues that the victims were test subjects for a fearsome new war weapon. By the award-winning author of A Burnable Book .
Hunter, Stephen I, Ripper A vivid reimagining of Jack the Ripper’s personal story entwined with that of an Irish journalist who covered the case, knew the principals, charted the investigation, and at last, stymied, went off in a bold new direction.
Imrie, Celia Not Quite Nice A woman fed up with her job and forced into an early retirement moves to a seaside town outside Nice, France where she becomes part of an eclectic group of expatriates, including a British TV star and an Australian poet.
James, Miranda Arsenic and Old Books
Johnson, T. Geronimo Welcome to Braggsville
Kelly, Stephen The Language of the Dead As the shadow of World War II descends over Europe, Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb hunts for an elusive killer behind the veil of a seemingly charming English village.
Kendrick, Beth New Uses for Old Boyfriends Newly single, Lila Alders returns to Black Dog Bay to open a vintage clothing boutique and sort out her family’s denial about their depleted fortune.
Kerr, Philip The Lady from Zagreb Former Berlin homicide bull Bernie Gunther and a rising star in Germany’s most prominent film company become pawns in the ambitious agendas of Hitler’s dangerous Propaganda Minister.
Kilpack, Josi S. A Heart Revealed
Kingsbury, Karen Chasing Sunsets
Klaber, William The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell In 1855, Lucy Lobdell – on a personal quest to work and earn men’s wages, to wear what she wants and to love whomever she cares to – discovers that to gain the freedoms she desires, she must endure public scorn and wrestle with a sexual identity whose vocabulary has yet to be invented.
Kramer, Larry Search for My Heart
Lent, Jeffrey A Slant of Light At the close of the Civil War, veteran Malcolm Hopeton, returning home to western New York State, commits a horrific crime that leaves the people around him struggling to make sense of his actions, including a judge who bows to the wisdom of a more human truth within the vision of a nation on the cusp of the modern era.
Lescroart, John T. The Fall
Locke, Attica Pleasantville
Lucado, Max Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe Just when newly single Chelsea Chambers’ best efforts fail to produce the success she needs at her coffee shop, a curious stranger brings new customers to her shop in the hopes of getting a direct line to the divine.
Lutz, Lisa How to Start a Fire
MacDonald, Ann-Marie Adult Onset
Mahin, Shanna Oh! You Pretty Things A third-generation Hollywood resident becomes a reluctant personal assistant and chef to a famous recluse before catching the attentions of a rising star, with unexpected consequences.
Mansell, Jill The Unexpected Consequences of Love
Mars, Emma Elle
Marshall, Alex A Crown for Cold Silver
Martini, Steve The Enemy Inside
McCall Smith, Alexander Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers
McCall Smith, Alexander Emma The best-selling author of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency presents a modern rendering of Jane Austen’s classic that follows the experiences of a college graduate who returns to the side of her health-nut father and interferes in the personal lives of her friends.
McKinty, Adrian Gun Street Girl Belfast, 1985, amidst the “Troubles”: Detective Sean Duffy, a Catholic working in a Protestant Constabulary, investigates a double murder suicide which may point to an even darker situation.
Meeropol, Ellen On Hurricane Island
Michaels, Fern Perfect Match
Montefiore, Santa The Beekeeper’s Daughter A first U.S. release by an internationally best-selling author traces the parallel stories of a beekeeper’s daughter whose security is challenged by her father’s death; and her daughter, who remains steadfast to an unworthy lover.
Moss, Barbara Klein The Language of Paradise After 19th-century New Englander, Sophy Hedge, marries a passionate, intelligent man who was assisting her minister father, she finds herself pregnant and forced to live in a greenhouse version of Eden as her husband becomes immersed in mystical and delusional theories.
Nguyen, Viet Thanh The Sympathizer Follows a Viet Cong agent as he spies on a South Vietnamese army general and his compatriots as they start a new life in 1975 Los Angeles.
North, Claire Touch Dying after being viciously beaten by a vagrant in a dark alley, Kepler discovers he can jump into another person’s body with just a touch and ultimately sets out on a mission of vengeance when one of his bodies is brutally assassinated.
Palmer, Michael Trauma
Pataki, Allison The Accidental Empress A fictionalized account of the little-known and tumultuous love story of "Sisi," the Austro-Hungarian Empress and captivating wife of Emperor Franz Joseph, offers a glimpse into the intriguing royal family, shedding new light on the Hapsburg Empire.
Patterson, James 14th Deadly Sin
Pearl, Matthew The Last Bookaneer A tale inspired by the century-long legal loophole that allowed books to be published without the permission or compensation of authors traces the battle over a dying Robert Louis Stevenson’s final manuscript.
Percy, Benjamin The Dead Lands
Petterson, Per I Refuse A U.S. release of a best-seller from Norway follows a chance encounter between two childhood friends, including one who escaped an abusive father, that reveals how their fortunes have reversed.
Phillips, Louise The Doll’s House
Putney, Mary Jo Not Always a Saint
Quade, Kirstin Valdez Night at the Fiestas
Renehan, John The Valley Summoned to a formidable region in Afghanistan to help defend one of the country’s most dangerous outposts, a young Army lieutenant confronts the realities of a traumatized platoon overwhelmed by regional violence and dark secrets.
Riordan, Kate Fiercombe Manor In this haunting and richly imagined dual-narrative tale that echoes the eerie mystery of Rebecca and The Little Stranger, two women of very different eras are united by the secrets hidden within the walls of an English manor house.
Rollins, James War Hawk
Roquelaure, A. N. Beauty’s Kingdom
Rose, M. J. The Witch of Painted Sorrows Fleeing her abusive husband for her grandmother’s mansion in Belle Epoque Paris, Sandrine ignores warnings that the house is not safe and explores the occult underground with her architect lover before becoming possessed by a witch courtesan’s spirit.
Rubin, Jacob The Poser
Schultz, Emily The Blondes Discovering that she is pregnant by her married professor, grad student Hazel struggles through a pregnancy against a backdrop of an apocalyptic illness that is transforming blondes from all walks of life into rabid killers.
Sendker, Jan-Philipp Whispering Shadows The first in a suspenseful new trilogy by the internationally bestselling author of The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, this gripping story follows a retired expat journalist in contemporary China who tries to crack a murder case as he battles his own personal demons.
Smith, Jill Eileen The Crimson Cord Forced into prostitution to cover her gambling husband’s debts, Rahab siezes the opportunity to regain her self respect by offering shelter to Israelite spies in her Jericho home
Smith, Lachlan Fox Is Framed
Snyder, Maria V. Shadow Study
Spillane, Mickey Kill Me, Darling
Swanson, Cynthia The Bookseller Loving her unconventional single life in 1962 Denver, a bookshop owner begins experiencing powerful, reality-challenging dreams of an alternate life where she is a wife and mother.
Taylor, Alex The Marble Orchard
Taylor, David Night Life
Temple, Peter Dead Point
Thayer, Nancy The Guest Cottage
Thomas, Diane In Wilderness A terminally ill woman and a traumatized Vietnam veteran unexpectedly meet in a wilderness cabin where both were seeking solitude and where they find passion, healing and danger.
Thurlo, Aimee Grave Consequences
Tierney, Kathleen Cherry Bomb
Trow, M. J. The Blue and the Grey April, 1865. Matthew Grand, a former Yankee captain who witnessed the assassination of President Lincoln, and ambitious young journalist James Batchelor team up to track down the notorious Haymarket Strangler, who is garrotting young women in London’s Soho district. Their investigations uncover a disturbing link to the death of Abraham Lincoln.
Truss, Lynne Cat Out of Hell Alec Charlesworth, a librarian suddenly facing the loss of his job, the death of his wife, and his sister’s disappearance, hears a shocking tale of dark forces from his sister’s cat, Roger, who is the only witness to what happened to her.
Turano, Jen After a Fashion When a shop girl with big dreams and a businessman on the rise strike an unusual bargain, neither is prepared for the drama that unfolds.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt The Devil’s Detective
Urrea, Luis Alberto The Water Museum A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and author of The Hummingbird’s Daughter presents a new collection of literary stories.
Wellington, David Positive After testing positive for the zombie virus, Finnegan must wait out the incubation period in a special facility for people who are "positives," but ends up in world where the zombies may be less dangerous than the humans.
Wells, Jaye Deadly Spells
Wilde, James End of Days
Young-Stone, Michele Above Us Only Sky Seeking her place in the world, fifteen-year-old Prudence Eleanor Vilkas, who was born with a pair of wings molded to her back, which were surgically removed, discovers a miraculous lineage of women who were all connected by the gift of wings.