This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.


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Notice: Because of the delay in issuing the July 2016 list, we are archiving it here until the end of August.

August 2016

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Anderson, Gillian The Sound of Seas
Beaton, M. C. Pushing Up Daisies
Benn, James R. Blue Madonna Court-martialed on spurious charges of black market dealings, World War II captain Billy Boyle is reduced in rank and sentenced to hard labor unless he agrees to go behind enemy lines to rescue a high-value Allied soldier, a mission that is complicated by the destruction of his safe house and two murders on the eve of the Normandy invasion.
Bennett, Claire-louise Pond Living a mostly solitary, fragmented existence on the outskirts of a small coastal village, a young woman reflects on an evocative, almost synesthetic daily routine and her memorable encounters as they shape her in painful, whimsical, and wistful ways.
Blackwell, Juliet Letters from Paris
Bolton, Sharon Daisy in Chains When a convicted serial killer maintains his innocence and begs her to uncover the truth and tell his story, Maggie Rose, a notorious defense attorney and writer, goes against her better judgment when the man’s persuasive charms prove irresistible.
Bradley, Alan Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d Excitedly sailing home to England after being ejected from her stuffy young ladies’ school, 12-year-old Flavia receives news of her father’s serious illness and is surrounded by annoying family members before stumbling onto a murder scene where the only witness is the cat.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Thunderlord
Brody, Frances Death of an Avid Reader The irrepressible Kate Shackleton assists a noblewoman who would find the daughter she gave up years earlier, participates in a ceremony to expel a library ghost and investigates a murder that is complicated by the presence of an ailing man found in the victim’s basement.
Brown, Dale Puppet Master
Bruen, Ken The Emerald Lie Vigilante antihero Jack Taylor, along with his lethal new sidekick, Emily, and a troublesomely lovable pup named Storm, take on a serial killer with a singular fixation: bad grammar.
Butler, Robert Olen Perfume River The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain presents the story of a single North Florida family shaped and overshadowed by the Vietnam War and the estrangements between the fathers, sons and brothers who supported or protested against it.
Carlino, Renee Swear on This Life
Carr, Robyn The Life She Wants
Cato, Beth Breath of Earth A tale set in a magical alternate early 20th century, where the U.S. and Japan have forged a powerful confederation, finds powerful geomancer Ingrid relying on her unique powers to protect the world from energy-exploiting masterminds in an earthquake-ravaged San Francisco.
Chiaverini, Jennifer Fates and Traitors A reimagining of the life of Lincoln’s assassin describes Booth’s tumultuous childhood on a Maryland farm and rise to the ballrooms of Washington, D.C., at the sides of four women, before he became obsessed with avenging the Confederacy.
Chu, Wesley Time Siege
Cobbs, Elizabeth The Hamilton Affair Relates the tumultuous true love story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler against the dramatic backdrop of the American Revolution.
Coben, Harlan Home When one of two boys kidnapped from their wealthy families resurfaces a decade later, the young survivor is observed by two peers who would discover the fate of the other missing boy. By the Edgar Award-winning author of The Stranger.
Coel, Margaret Winter’s Child Investigating the death of a lawyer hired by a Native American couple to help them adopt an abandoned child, Vicky and Father John unravel a connection between the child, the lawyer’s death, a missing Arapaho, and a Wind River secret.
Cogman, Genevieve The Masked City A follow-up to The Invisible Library finds librarian-spy Irene traveling to a strange alternate-world Venice to prevent a catastrophic war that has been triggered by the abduction of her royal dragon apprentice, Kai.
Coleman, Reed Farrel Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay
Coleman, Rowan We Are All Made of Stars Working as a hospice nurse while navigating the challenges of her Afghanistan veteran husband’s PTSD, Stella writes final letters from her patients to loved ones and is torn between respecting a dying woman’s wishes and reuniting her with the son she abandoned.
Colgan, Jenny The Bookshop on the Corner
Crawford, Isis A Catered Tea Party
Cussler, Clive Pirate
Davies, Peter Ho The Fortunes Inhabiting four lives – a railroad baron’s valet who unwittingly ignites an explosion in Chinese labor, Hollywood’s first Chinese movie star, a hate-crime victim whose death mobilizes Asian Americans and a biracial writer visiting China for an adoption – the author of The Welsh Girl captures and capsizes over a century of U.S. history.
Davis, Fiona The Dollhouse Arriving at the famed Barbizon Hotel in 1952 where she is instantly rendered a misfit, a plain, self-conscious secretarial school student is befriended and introduced by a hotel maid to the city’s jazz and drug counterculture and is involved in a deadly skirmish that reverberates half a century later in the life of an obsessed journalist. A first novel.
Deutermann, P. T. The Commodore
Dinh, Viet After Disasters
Dodd, Christina Because I’m Watching
Donoghue, Emma The Wonder Hired to care for a small Irish village girl said to have miraculously survived on nothing but "manna from heaven" for months, a journalist and nurse veteran of Florence Nightingale’s Crimean campaign quickly finds herself fighting to save the child’s life.
Donohoe, Kathleen Ashes of Fiery Weather A multigenerational tale about the passionate loves and losses of women in a family of firefighters traces their experiences spanning famine-era Ireland to Brooklyn a decade after the September 11 attacks.
Fluke, Joanne Christmas Caramel Murder
Flynn, Vince Order to Kill
Foer, Jonathan Safran Here I Am A tale told over four tumultuous weeks in Washington, D.C., traces the fracturing of a family in crisis when the three sons of Jacob and Julia confront the paradoxes between the lives they think they want and the lives they are living.
Foley, Lucy The Invitation
Ford, Jeffrey A Natural History of Hell A book of fantastic stories about the hell on earth that is living.
Fossum, Karin Hell Fire
Graham, Heather Darkest Journey
Grisham, John The Whistler
Groom, Winston El Paso Three decades after the first publication of Forrest Gump, Winston Groom returns to fiction with this sweeping American epic.
Hannah, Sophie Closed Casket A follow-up to the internationally best-selling The Monogram Murders continues the adventures of Agatha Christie’s beloved self-congratulatory sleuth.
Hart, Elsa The White Mirror A follow-up to Jade Dragon Mountain finds 18th-century imperial librarian and former exile Li Du journeying with a Llasa-bound trade caravan and seeking refuge from a lord before being swept up by the suspicious suicide of a demon-obsessed monk.
Hauck, Rachel The Wedding Shop
Herbert, Brian Navigators of Dune
Hicks, Robert The Orphan Mother Following the Civil War, Mariah Reddick, former slave to Carrie McGavock, the "Widow of the South," has quietly built a new life for herself as a midwife to the women of Franklin, Tennessee; but when her ambitious, politically-minded grown son, Theopolis, is murdered, Mariah – no stranger to loss – finds her world once more breaking apart.
Hobbs, Allison Sexual Healing
Holahan, Cate The Widower’s Wife
Holm, Chris Red Right Hand
Hoover, Colleen It Ends With Us Falling for a stubborn but sensitive neurosurgeon after a youth spent working hard to earn an education and start her own business, Lily is frustrated by his aversion to commitment before reconnecting with a first love from the past she left behind.
Jance, Judith A. Downfall
Jefferies, Dinah The Tea Planter’s Wife A U.S. release of an internationally best-selling novel by the author of The Silk Merchant’s Daughter is set in atmospheric 1920s Ceylon and follows the experiences of a young Englishwoman who confronts local hostilities before the discovery of her husband’s secrets forces her to make a devastating choice.
Johnson, Craig An Obvious Fact
Kava, Alex Reckless Creed
Keller, Julia Sorrow Road
Keyse-walker, John Sun, Sand, Murder Investigating the baffling murder of a visiting research biologist on the sun-drenched island of Anegada, Special Constable Teddy Creque is astonished to learn that no record of the man exists in a case that pits Teddy against his boss and upends his complicated family life. An award-winning first novel.
Koch, Herman Dear Mr. M A once-celebrated writer whose most famous novel was based on the real-life disappearance of a history teacher who had been having an affair with a student is stalked by an eccentric, seemingly timid neighbor with a mysterious agenda.
Kowal, Mary Robinette Ghost Talkers
Kristoff, Jay Nevernight
Krueger, William Kent Manitou Canyon
Lemaitre, Pierre Blood Wedding
Leo, Forrest The Gentleman
Levine, David D. Arabella of Mars A century after Captain Kidd’s first expedition to Mars, Arabella Ashby is set to leave her Martian plantation home for London to learn to be a lady, until her home is threatened and she joins the crew of a Mars Trading Company ship disguised as a boy.
Liu, Cixin Death’s End
Livesey, Margot Mercury The family life and security of a Boston optometrist is shattered by his wife’s growing obsession with a beautiful thoroughbred horse and her dreams of becoming a serious competitor.
Macmillan, Gilly The Perfect Girl Fighting to start over after serving time for her role in a fatal accident, teen musical prodigy Zoe is horrified when her mother is found dead after a career-launching recital, in a high-suspense tale told over the course of 24 hours.
Martin, George R. R. High Stakes
May, Peter Coffin Road In the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, homicide detective George Gunn investigates three mysterious, interconnected crimes.
Mayor, Archer Presumption of Guilt A skeleton found encased in a concrete slab at a recently decommissioned nuclear energy site solves a 40-year-old missing persons case but opens up a murder investigation that is complicated by mafia money, a shooting and an abduction.
McEwan, Ian Nutshell The nine-month-old inhabitant of Trudy’s womb bears witness to a murder plot devised by Trudy and Claude, the brother of Trudy’s ex-husband.
Mcinerney, Lisa The Glorious Heresies A first novel by an award-winning blogger explores salvation, shape and the legacy of Ireland’s 20th-century attitudes toward sex and family as it is reflected in the lives of a teen drug dealer, his alcoholic father, a prostitute who feigns a religious conversion, an exiled murderer, and her gangster son.
Meadows, Rae I Will Send Rain In 1934, as the earliest storms of the Dust Bowl descend on the Bell farm in Mulehead, Oklahoma, Annie Bell and her husband and children struggle against hardship as the wheat harvest dries out and people around them pack up to leave.
Meier, Leslie British Manor Murder
Miller, Linda Lael Always a Cowboy
Miller, Louise The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living A pastry chef for an exclusive Boston dinner club loses her job in the wake of a disastrous fire and escapes to her best friend’s Vermont hometown, where her mouthwatering desserts give way to a new job, a blue-ribbon competition, a potential relationship and new understandings about belonging.
Montefiore, Santa The Girl in the Castle A first installment in a planned trilogy follows the experiences of Kitty, who enjoys a life of privilege on Ireland’s wild countryside at the side of an increasingly resentful best friend and the vet’s son she loves, until the Irish revolt threatens her beloved home.
Moore, Alan Jerusalem A novel employing a kaleidoscope of literary forms and styles provides a rich cast of characters – including the living, the dead, the celestial and the infernal – in an intricately woven tapestry that presents a vision of an absolute and timeless human reality in all of its exquisite, comical and heartbreaking splendor.
Moore, Graham The Last Days of Night
Moyes, Jojo Paris for One and Other Stories
Mullen, Thomas Darktown Hired resentfully into the Atlanta Police Department of 1948, war veterans Lucious Boggs and Tommy Smith confront deep hostility from their white peers and are significantly limited in their ability to do their jobs before confronting a corrupt officer who complicates their investigation into the murder of a black woman.
Murphy, Tim Christodora An artistic couple, their adopted son and a once-celebrated AIDS activist connect in unexpected ways in their bohemian Manhattan East Village apartment over the course of decades marked by the Tompkins Square Riots, addiction, the hipster generation and the glass-ceiling wealth of the 2020s.
Neville, Stuart So Say the Fallen
Novak, Brenda The Secrets She Kept
Olsen, Rena The Girl Before After a home invasion by armed men tears her away from her family, Clara reflects on her complicated past and shattered present as she adjusts to life in an institution where she questions everything she thought she knew to be true.
Palmer, Diana Denim and Lace
Patterson, James Kill or Be Killed
Patterson, James Woman of God Scrutinized as the world’s first woman papal candidate, Brigid Fitzgerald, a doctor on the front lines in Sudan, reflects on her difficult childhood and a series of trials that have tested her faith before a high-stakes battle compels her to convert her enemies to her cause.
Perry, Anne Revenge in a Cold River
Picoult, Jodi Small Great Things
Pollock, Donald Ray The Heavenly Table In 1917, dispossessed farmer Pearl Jewett, on the sliver of border land that divides Georgia from Alabama, ekes out a hardscrabble existence with his three young sons until their lives violently collide in dark and horrific ways with those of Ohio farmer Ellsworth Fiddler.
Putnam, Jonathan F. These Honored Dead When an orphaned girl from a neighboring town is found murdered and suspicion falls on her aunt, Joshua Speed, the enterprising second son of a wealthy plantation owner, makes it his mission to clear her good name and calls upon his new friend, lawyer Abraham Lincoln, to help him crack this case.
Rash, Ron The Risen
Reid, Taylor Jenkins One True Loves
Reilly, Meg Little We Are Unprepared
Rimington, Stella Breaking Cover
Robb, J. D. Apprentice in Death
Ryan, Anthony The Waking Fire
Sandford, John Escape Clause
Saunders, Kate The Secrets of Wishtide A debut entry in a new series by the award-winning author of Five Children on the Western Front introduces archdeacon’s widow and private investigator Laetitia Rodd, who goes undercover to assist her barrister brother during a case involving the illicit affairs of a nobleman’s son.
Semple, Maria Today Will Be Different Initiating small changes that she hopes will reverse negative patterns in her life, Eleanor Flood is derailed by her family members’ unethical practices before an encounter with a former colleague triggers dramas that reveal a buried secret.
Sparks, Nicholas Two by Two
Stewart, Amy Lady Cop Makes Trouble Constance Kopp, one of the nation’s first female deputy sheriffs, fights back when her position is threatened by a German con man, in the second novel of the series following Girl Waits With Gun.
Swanwick, Michael Not So Much, Said the Cat A follow-up to The Dog Said Bow-Wow takes readers on a whirlwind journey across time and space, where convergences in magic and science shape the realities of murderous robots, a protective horse, a semi-repentant troll and Mesozoic time travelers.
Towles, Amor A Gentleman in Moscow Deemed unrepentant by a Bolshevik tribunal in 1922, Count Alexander Rostov is sentenced to house arrest in a hotel across the street from the Kremlin, where he lives in an attic room while some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history unfold.
Tremain, Rose The Gustav Sonata Growing up in a small town in Switzerland where he is sheltered from the echoes of World War II, only child Gustav forges an intense relationship with a mercurial Jewish boy, Anton, a talented pianist who introduces him to the harsh realities of racism, tolerance and cruelty during a friendship spanning more than half a century.
Trussoni, Danielle The Fortress
Vapnyar, Lara Still Here
Viets, Elaine Brain Storm
Way, Camilla Watching Edie Losing sight of her youthful dreams in the face of real-world disappointments, Edie, a single waitress, is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of her new baby before a person from her past begins stalking her with obsessive intentions.
Weber, Carl The Doctor Is In Turning for comfort to his seductive office manager, who would make him forget the missing-in-action love of his life, therapist Kasen Phillips is tangled in a web of lies before finding himself at the mercy of a reckless and vindictive woman.
Wolfe, Inger Ash The Night Bell After discovering children’s bones on the site of a former county foster home in Port Dundas, Ontario, Detective Hazel Micallef looks into a cold case from 1959.
Woods, Stuart Sex, Lies, and Serious Money
Young, Heather The Lost Girls