This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.

April 2014

Author Title Librarian’s Pick
Ahern, Cecelia One Hundred Names After her dying mentor leaves her a mysterious list of 100 names, journalist Kitty Logan tries to locate the people and uncover their connections in this new novel from the author of P.S. I Love You.
Allan, Barbara Antiques Con
Andrews, Mary Kay Save the Date
Bergstrom, Heather Brittain Steal the North Sent by her fundamentalist mother to help an estranged sister participate in a faith healing ceremony, sheltered 16-year-old Emmy feels instant ties to her sister’s eastern Washington home and falls in love with a Native American boy against the apprehensions of her family.
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda Bittersweet Winning a scholarship to a prestigious college where she befriends a beautiful girl of privilege, unassuming Mabel joins her friend during a lakeside summer surrounded by wealthy vacationers only to discover morally ambiguous truths about her friend’s family fortune.
Billingham, Mark The Bones Beneath
Bird, Sarah Above the East China Sea Growing up on Kadena Air Base with her no-nonsense sergeant mother, Luz suffers suicidal thoughts in the aftermath of her soldier sister’s death and investigates the story of her Okinawan grandmother, who also confronted her mortality after the World War II deaths of family members.
Bova, Ben Trans/Human
Brookmyre, Christopher Bred in the Bone Detective Superintendent Catherine McLeod investigates a dangerous case of a murdered Glaswegian gangster while private investigator Jasmine Sharpe tracks down the man who killed her father in the third novel of the mystery series following When the Devil Drives.
Burke, Alafair All Day and a Night
Burke, Marcus Team Seven A coming-of-age, semi-autobiographical tale on the realities of black inner-city life follows the experiences of young Andre Battel as he grows away from his Jamaican family, discovers basketball court talents, and turns drug dealer for a street gang.
Bussel, Rachel Kramer (EDT) Flying High
Butler, Nickolas Shotgun Lovesongs Sharing a childhood in small-town Wisconsin before going their separate ways with careers and families, Hank, Leland, Kip and Ronny are reunited during a visit marked by culture clashes, respective pursuits of meaning and a woman who inspires passion in each of them
Cannell, Dorothy Murder at Mullings
Card, Orson Scott Earth Awakens
Clarke, Richard A. Sting of the Drone When members of the Kill Committee drone program identify high-threat enemies in a mountain region on the other side of the world, their targets plot a retaliatory strike against American civilians on U.S. soil.
Cohen, Leah Hager No Book but the World A literary novel about adult siblings, a sister and her autistic brother, and what happens when the brother is accused of the murder of a local boy – who is truly responsible, and could it have been avoided if the brother had been treated differently by his parents, by his sister, by society?
Collins, Courtney The Untold On the run from two bounty hunters in the Australian outback of 1921, Jessie reflects on her past as a circus rider, horse thief, cattle rustler and convict while determinedly struggling to reunite with her child.
Coughlin, Jack On Scope
Davis, Lydia Can’t and Won’t A fifth collection by the author of the National Book Award finalist, Varieties of Disturbance, includes pithy one-liners, exploratory observations and letters of complaint, including “A Small Story About a Small Box of Chocolates,” in which a professor is stymied by her choices.
Delacourt, Gregoire My Wish List A family woman and fabric-shop owner contemplates the dreams of her youth after winning the lottery, a fortune she decides to keep a secret while she reevaluates her adult choices and makes a list of the things she might want to change.
Delany, Vicki Under Cold Stone
Edelman, Gwen The Train to Warsaw
Evanovich, Janet Top Secret Twenty-One
Frank, Dorothea Benton The Hurricane Sisters
Furst, Alan Midnight in Europe
Gabaldon, Diana Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
Glancy, Robert Terms & Conditions Suffering from memory loss after a serious car accident, Frank, a lawyer who specializes in contract fine-print that nobody reads, begins to doubt the honesty of people who tell him stories about a past that conflicts with his gradually recovering memory.
Goldenbaum, Sally Murder in Merino
Graedon, Alena The Word Exchange In a world where the "death of print" has become a near reality, Anana Johnson, an employee at the North American Dictionary of the English Language (NADEL), searches for her missing father and stumbles upon the spiritual home of the written world and a pandemic "word flu."
Grimes, Martha Vertigo 42
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Shiver of Light
Hannon, Irene One Perfect Spring
Hart, Carolyn Death at the Door
Jeffries, Roderic In Search of Murder
Johnson, Kij (EDT) Nebula Awards Showcase 2014 This year’s Nebula winners, and expected contributors, are Kim Stanley Robinson, Nancy Kress, Andy Duncan, and Aliette de Bodard, with E.C. Myers winning the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Book.
Jones, Darynda Sixth Grave on the Edge
Kerr, Philip Prayer
King, Stephen Mr. Mercedes
Kinnings, Max Baptism Blinded by a grenade blast early in his career, hostage crisis negotiator Ed Mallory uses his acute sense of hearing and penetrating insights into the criminal mind during a showdown with a religious psychopath in the subway tunnels beneath London.
Koryta, Michael Those Who Wish Me Dead
Kraft, Randy Colors of the Wheel
K’Wan Black Lotus
Lackberg, Camilla The Hidden Child
Lackey, Mercedes Blood Red
Leigh, Stephen Immortal Muse An immortal Muse visits the greatest artists of all time, including the fourteenth-century Parisian alchemists, Vivaldi in Venice in 1737, and William Blake in 1814, until a centuries-old feud comes to a head in modern-day New York.
Lindsey, Johanna Stormy Persuasion
Lozada, Evelyn The Wives Association
Lustbader, Eric Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Ascendancy
MacDonnell, Julia Mimi Malloy at Last Mimi Malloy confronts early retirement and dependency in the wake of an unfavorable brain scan before recovering painful childhood memories about a long-lost sister and a cruel stepmother.
MacInerney, Karen Death Runs Adrift
Magson, Adrian The Watchman
Marciano, Francesca The Other Language A lively collection by the author of Rules of the Wild explores how the capacity for change can lead to unexpected personal revelations and includes tales set in a Greek village during the summer holidays, Venice during film festival season and a classical dance community in southern India.
Marklund, Liza The Long Shadow
Mayle, Peter The Corsican Caper
McCammon, Robert The River of Souls
McDermid, Val Northanger Abbey Issued as part of a series designed to introduce Austen’s classics to a new generation of readers, a modern retelling finds bookish minister’s daughter Cat Morland joining her well-to-do friends in Edinburgh and falling for an up-and-coming lawyer who may harbor unsettling secrets. By the award-winning author of the Dr. Tony Hill and Carol Jordan mysteries.
McNear, Mary Up at Butternut Lake Returning with her young son to her childhood home in Minnesota after losing her husband in Afghanistan, Allie Beckett reconnects with old friends and engages in an unexpected relationship during a fateful summer. Fans of Susan Wiggs and Luanne Rice take note.
Miasha Swing
Milchman, Jenny Ruin Falls When their children mysteriously vanish while on the way to visit their paternal grandparents in western New York, Liz and Paul Daniels soon discover that it was no stranger who took their children and must unravel a twisted web of secrets to find them.
Mitchell, Siri Love Comes Calling
Monday, T. T. The Setup Man
Morgan, Jude The Secret Life of William Shakespeare A sumptuously detailed imagining of the private world of the master bard chronicles the transformation of an unwilling craftsman and resentful son into a husband, father and genius playwright in Renaissance London.
Norman, Howard Next Life Might Be Kinder
North, Claire The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Forced to relive his life over and over again, Harry August receives a message on his eleventh death bed, from a little girl who tells him that the world is about to end, and it is up to him to stop it.
Osborne, Lawrence The Ballad of a Small Player
O’sullivan, Kathryn Murder on the Hoof
Page, Katherine Hall Small Plates
Paull, Laline The Bees A member of the lowest caste in her orchard hive, Flora 717, due to her courage and strength, finds her way into the Queen’s inner sanctum where she discovers secrets about the hive that cause her to challenge authority and perform unthinkable acts.
Preston, Douglas The Kraken Project
Priest, Christopher The Adjacent
Putnam, David The Disposables
Putney, Mary Jo Not Quite a Wife
Quartey, Kwei Murder at Cape Three Points
Quirk, Matthew The Directive
Rahman, Zia Haider In the Light of What We Know
Raybourn, Deanna City of Jasmine Embarking on a world tour in the 1920s, famed aviatrix Evangeline Starke cuts her ambitious stunt short when she receives a recent photograph of her late husband Gabriel and tracks the photo to the ancient City of Jasmine, Damascus.
Rigolosi, Steven The Outsmarting of Criminals
Roberts, Nora Shadow Spell
Salvalaggio, Karin Bone Dust White
See, Lisa China Dolls
Sefton, Maggie Yarn Over Murder
Springfield, Rick Magnificent Vibration A debut novel by the Grammy Award-winning music artist chronicles a man’s unlikely spiritual quest in the aftermath of an unexpected cellphone conversation with a God who enjoys setting humorous challenges for him.
Steele, Allen V-S Day
Tafoya, Dennis The Poor Boy’s Game
Talty, Stephan Hangman
Thompson, Victoria Murder in Murray Hill
Turner, Nikki Always Unique
Ullmann, Linn The Cold Song The loving but difficult marriage between chef Siri and blocked writer Jon is challenged during a summer visit on the coast of Norway by the disappearance of their nanny and the wrenching feelings of guilt suffered by everyone associated with her.
Watson, Jan Elizabeth What Has Become of You
Williams, Niall History of the Rain The bed-ridden daughter of a dead poet struggles to find her father through the stories that are central to her world, an effort that takes her through family writings, oral traditions, her father’s library and her own writing.
Zouroudi, Anne The Lady of Sorrows