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March 2017

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Albert, Susan Wittig The Last Chance Olive Ranch
Alexander, Tamera A Note Yet Unsung
Allan, Barbara Antiques Frame
Allyn, Doug The Jukebox Kings A new novel that combines a history of the Detroit r&b music scene with a tense Mafia thriller.
Andrew, Sally The Satanic Mechanic
Armstrong, Kelley Lost Souls
Asher, Neal Infinity Engine
Aslam, Nadeem The Golden Legend Hiding her past, Nargis feels her life crumbling around her when someone begins broadcasting local people’s secrets from the minaret of a local mosque.
Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies
Atogun, Odafe Taduno’s Song A first novel by a rising Nigerian author, lightly informed by the life of music superstar Fela Kuti, follows the experiences of musician Taduno, who returns from exile to his homeland only to discover that he has been forgotten and his girlfriend has been abducted by government agents.
Backman, Fredrik Beartown In the tiny forest community of Beartown, the possibility that the amateur hockey team might win a junior championship, bringing the hope of revitalization to the fading town, is shattered by the aftermath of a violent act that leaves a young girl traumatized.
Bandi The Accusation A first work of dissident fiction from North Korea, written by an anonymous author and smuggled out of the country, depicts a powerful portrait of life under the North Korean regime as it impacts a diverse range of people, from a disillusioned war hero to a family man who travels without a permit to visit his critically ill mother.
Bell, Darcey A Simple Favor A single mother’s life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes, an inexplicable event that prompts her to reach out to her blog readers and the missing woman’s handsome husband before nightmarish realities come to light.
Bennett, Vanora The White Russian An enchanting, suspenseful novel of love, art, music, and family secrets set among the Russian émigré community of Paris in 1937.
Betley, Matthew Oath of Honor
Boylan, Jennifer Finney Long Black Veil
Bujold, Lois McMaster Penric and the Shaman
Caputo, Philip Some Rise by Sin The Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Longest Road presents the tale of an American missionary priest who arrives in a Mexican village under the thumb of a brutal drug cartel, where he bonds with locals beside a physical fellow expatriate before an overstep forces him to reevaluate his priorities.
Carr, Robyn Any Day Now
Charyn, Jerome Jerzy In a novel told through multiple narrators — including a homicidal actor, a dominatrix and Joseph Stalin’s daughter — the author traces the rise and fall of Jerzy Kosinski, a great enigma of post-WWII literature who, after winning major literary awards, is exposed as a ruthless social climber, sexual libertine and chronic liar who may have plagiarized his own works.
Cherryh, C. J. Convergence
Christie, William A Single Spy A World War II Russian spy with divided loyalties goes deep undercover in Nazi Germany and uncovers an assassination plot with the potential to change history.
Cleeves, Ann Cold Earth
Cole, Alyssa An Extraordinary Union During the Civil War two undercover agents, Elle Burns, a former slave, and Malcolm McCall, a detective in Pinkerton’s Secret Service, uncover a plot that could lead to a Confederate victory and vow to preserve the Union at any cost.
Connolly, Sheila Cruel Winter
Cooper, Marla Dying on the Vine
Dahl, Julia Conviction Investigating when a Jewish man convicted 22 years earlier for the brutal murders of a Crown Heights black family writes to her, pleading his innocence, journalist Rebekah Roberts is challenged to infiltrate Brooklyn’s insular Hasidic community, where she is targeted by a determined killer.
De Muriel, Oscar A Fever of the Blood Tracking a psychopath who escaped from Edinburgh’s asylum, leaving a nurse mortally injured, two renowned investigators venture through the worst blizzard in memory while examining links between the suspect, a mute patient and rumors about black magic. By the author of The Strings of Murder.
Delany, Vicki Elementary, She Read When Gemma Doyle, owner of Cape Cod’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, finds a rare and potentially valuable magazine containing the first Sherlock Homes story hidden in her shop, she and her friend, Jayne, set off to find the owner, only to stumble upon a dead body.
Dickey, Eric Jerome Finding Gideon Contract killer Gideon plots to take down his adversary, Midnight, for good, but Midnight and his ruthless second-in-command have launched their own plan that targets both Gideon and his loved ones.
Donohue, Meg Every Wild Heart
Downing, David Lenin’s Roller Coaster Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, a latest Jack McColl British spy thriller finds him accepting a sabotage mission in German-influenced central Asia, while his suffragette journalist girlfriend risks her life to cover the revolution from a first-person perspective.
Doyle, Brian The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Murder Is for Keeps
Dymott, Elanor Silver and Salt
Eames, Nicholas Kings of the Wyld
Eberlen, Kate Miss You
El Akkad, Omar American War Depicts a second American Civil War and devastating plague in the late twenty-first century that forces a family into a camp for displaced people, where a young woman is befriended by a mysterious functionary who transforms her into a living weapon.
Evans, Lissa Their Finest Copywriter Catrin Cole is drafted into the Ministry of Information to help write propaganda films, but her patriotism wavers when she must tell a false tale of sisters who help rescue British soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk. Motion picture in the works.
Evans, Richard Paul The Broken Road
Frank, Dorothea Benton Same Beach, Next Year
Friedman, C. S. Dreamweaver
Golden, Marita The Wide Circumference of Love
Gordon, Mary There Your Heart Lies
Greenwood, T. The Golden Hour
Gundar-goshen, Ayelet Waking Lions After neurosurgeon Eitan Green hits and kills an African migrant while driving on a deserted road late at night, the victim’s wife tracks him down and confronts him the next day, and her price for silence shatters his safe existence.
Hannon, Irene Sandpiper Cove
Harper, Karen Falling Darkness
Hatcher, Robin Lee You’ll Think of Me
Hatvany, Amy It Happens All the Time
Hawkins, Paula Into the Water When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history involving human instincts and the damage they can inflict. By the best-selling author of The Girl on the Train.
Hepinstall, Kathy The Book of Polly
Holleman, Emily The Drowning King
Hunt, David Without Mercy An illicit acquisition of nuclear weapons by ISIS triggers panic and two devastating attacks on strategic American targets, including Manhattan, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths before Islamabad CIA Station Chief Bill Gorman unearths evidence of a third bomb.
Jackson, Lisa Ominous
James, Julie The Thing About Love
Jewell, Lisa I Found You A lonely single mom who offers shelter to an amnesiac man and a young bride who is told that her missing husband never existed struggle to make sense of their transforming worlds and their connection to two teenagers whose lives were shattered by secrets two decades earlier.
Kadrey, Richard The Wrong Dead Guy
Kalfar, Jaroslav Spaceman of Bohemia Hoping to become a national hero, Czech astronaut Jakub Procha accepts a dangerous solo mission to Venus and faces unknown dangers, wavering sanity, Russian rivals, and a giant alien spider who engages him in philosophical conversations.
Kerr, Philip Prussian Blue Hiding on the French Riviera when his cover is blown, Bernie Gunther finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with an old and dangerous enemy before fleeing to Berlin, where he places his survival in the hands of dubious former allies. By the best-selling author of A Man Without Breath.
Khan, Ausma Zehanat Among the Ruins Investigating the murder of a filmmaker in Iran at a notorious prison, detective Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty become embroiled in the country’s tumultuous politics and a conspiracy linked to the Shah and the decades-old murders of famous dissidents.
Kidd, Jess Himself When he discovers that his mother may not have given him up, but that foul play may have led to her disappearance, lovable car thief and Dublin charmer Mahony returns to the rural Irish Village where he was born to find out what really happened 26 years ago and, setting the town on its ear, enlists the help of a brash anarchist and retired theater actress to solve this mystery.
King, Crystal Feast of Sorrow
Kovac, Christina The Cutaway A young television producer lands in a deadly, tangled web of corruption and cover-up in Washington, D.C., when she investigates the disappearance of a beautiful Georgetown lawyer.
Lehane, Dennis Since We Fell Retreating from the world in the aftermath of a traumatizing reporting assignment, Rachel finds happiness with a raffish businessman before witnessing activities surrounding a conspiracy that tests the limits of her fragile psyche.
Lewis, Beverly The Ebb Tide
Liggett, Cathy The Sisters of Sugarcreek
Magariel, Daniel One of the Boys Leaving Kansas with their father after a bitter custody dispute, a 12-year-old boy and his older brother start over in Albuquerque, only to be dismayed by the odd and sinister characters that make up their father’s new social circle.
Malliet, G. M. Devil’s Breath When the body of a glamorous film star washes ashore from a luxury yacht, spy-turned-cleric Max Tudor agrees to help former colleague Patrice Logan sift through numerous suspects to identify the killer. By the Agatha Award-winning author of Death of a Cozy Writer.
Mason, Zachary Void Star In a near-future world, a woman with an artificial eidetic memory works as a medium between her wealthy employers and AIs while a refugee and the disabled son of a Brazilian political clan struggle for survival on the outskirts of San Francisco.
McAllister, Tom The Young Widower’s Handbook
McCall Smith, Alexander My Italian Bulldozer A hilarious new stand-alone novel about one man’s misadventures in travel and romance in the Italian countryside.
McDonald, Ian Wolf Moon
Mcelwain, Julie A Twist in Time
McKay, Claude Amiable with Big Teeth A newly discovered novel by the Harlem Renaissance writer behind the best-selling Home to Harlem describes an effort made by the Harlem intelligentsia to generate and organize support to free Ethiopia from the control of Mussolini.
McKevett, G. A. Every Body on Deck
McKinty, Adrian Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly In 1988 Belfast, a man is killed with a crossbow in front of his own house, and uncovering who is responsible for the murder will take Detective Sean Duffy down his most dangerous road yet, a road that leads to a lonely clearing on a high bog where three masked gunmen will force Duffy to dig his own grave.
Meyers, Randy Susan The Widow of Wall Street
Miller, Emily Jeanne The News from the End of the World Taking refuge in his twin’s Cape Cod house after a series of misfortunes, Vance lands in the middle of a crisis that tests the bond of his dysfunctional family over the course of four psychologically tense days.
Miranda, Megan The Perfect Stranger
Moyes, Jojo The Horse Dancer
Nicorvo, Jay Baron The Standard Grand A homeless AWOL female soldier is embroiled in a violent land dispute involving a Vietnam veteran’s halfway house on property coveted by a multinational company, a conflict that involves a host of diverse characters in sinister attacks and a decades-old murder.
Norman, Howard My Darling Detective When her future mother-in-law shocks the art world by destroying a masterwork of photography, police detective Martha Crauchet conducts the ensuing interrogation against a backdrop of her fiance’s shocking discovery about his father.
Ould, Chris The Killing Bay
Pachico, Julianne The Lucky Ones Sharing an intersecting life in Columbia during the ongoing civil war, a prismatic group of characters forge unexpected common ground, providing a lens on the intensity of life in Columbia during the violent years of guerrilla insurgencies and corruption.
Padura, Leonardo Heretics A sweeping novel of art theft, anti-Semitism, contemporary Cuba, and crime from a renowned Cuban author.
Patterson, James 16th Seduction
Patterson, James Two from the Heart
Pattison, Eliot Skeleton God Shan Tao Yun, the constable of a remote Tibetan town, investigates when a nun has seemingly been brutally attacked by ghosts in an ancient tomb that also contains the body of a recently murdered American man.
Peterson, Tracie In the Shadow of Denali
Ratner, Vaddey Music of the Ghosts Returning to the Cambodian homeland she fled as a child refugee decades earlier, Teera finds herself in a country of survivors and perpetrators of the Khmer Rouge holocaust before bonding with a mysterious musician who claims to have known her late father.
Richler, Emma Be My Wolff Falling scandalously in love after an inseparable shared childhood, the daughter of Russian-English parents and her adopted brother invent a fictitious backstory in the face of growing troubles in their real lives.
Rosenberg, Joel C. Without Warning
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Weathers the Storm
Sanders, Ben Marshall’s Law
Shattuck, Jessica The Women in the Castle At the end of World War II, Marianne von Lingenfels offers shelter to two widows of fallen resistance fighters and their children in a formerly majestic Bavarian castle that was once host to German aristocrats.
Sheehan, Jacqueleine The Tiger in the House While trying to find the family of an abandoned 5-year-old girl, child services worker Delia Lamont uncovers a shadowy trail of danger that comes closer to her own family than she ever could have thought.
Shelton, Paige Of Books and Bagpipes
Shepard, Sam The One Inside
Simsion, Graeme The Best of Adam Sharp The best-selling author of The Rosie Project presents the story of a 50-year-old man who reflects on his safe life choices and his long-ago, blazing affair with a strong-willed actress who contacts him unexpectedly and entices him to pursue a riskier life.
Smith, Wilbur A. War Cry
Steel, Danielle Against All Odds
Suarez, Daniel Change Agent Drugged and abducted while standing on a crowded train platform, Kenneth Durand, an Interpol agent working against black-market labs that perform illegal embryo augmentation, awakens to discover he has been genetically transformed into his most wanted suspect.
Sullivan, J. Courtney Saints for All Occasions
Trollope, Joanna City of Friends
Turow, Scott Testimony Assigned to investigate the unsolved disappearance of an entire Gypsy refugee camp during the Bosnian War, a disillusioned American prosecutor navigates a host of suspects while uncovering disturbing alliances and betrayals. By the best-selling author of Presumed Innocent.
Unger, Lisa The Red Hunter
Van Reet, Brian Spoils A tale told from the rotating viewpoints of three characters on both sides of the fighting lines during the war in Iraq explores the motivations of military and religious soldiers whose fates are profoundly impacted by a decision that spins out of control.
Vandermeer, Jeff Borne In a ruined, nameless city of the future, a scavenger named Rachel finds a creature named Borne, a leftover from a biotech firm called The Company, and she takes it back to her underground lair, where she must shield it from her drug-dealer boyfriend, Wick.
Ward, J. R. The Chosen
Warren, Susan May Rescue Me
Welsh, Kaite The Wages of Sin Despite numerous barriers, Sarah Gilchrist is determined to become a doctor in 1882, the first year the University of Edinburgh admitted women, but is drawn into a murder mystery when a former acquaintance turns up as a corpse in the dissecting room.
White, Karen The Night the Lights Went Out
Williams, Tad The Heart of What Was Lost
Wilson, Rohan To Name Those Lost Thomas Toosey, an outlaw in 1874, heads to Launceston, Tasmania, to find his 12-year-old son, but he has to watch out for Fitheal Flynn, a vengeful Irishman to whom Toosey owes a terrible debt.
Yocum, Robin A Welcome Murder
Yuknavitch, Lidia The Book of Joan
Zahn, Timothy Thrawn A stand-alone novel in the Star Wars Legends series traces the origin story of fan-favorite character Grand Admiral Thrawn and the events that established him as one of the franchise’s most iconic villains.