This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.


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September 2017

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Abraham, Robert B. Magicians Impossible Discovering that he is descended from a line of magical spies, a twenty-something slacker, reeling from his estranged father’s suicide, is thrust into the middle of a centuries-old war involving a shadowy cabal of witches and warlocks.
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Scarred Woman
Alarcon, Daniel The King Is Always Above the People A collection of short stories features tales about people forging into new lands, a man dealing with the mysterious deaths of his blind relatives, and a gang member who discovers a way to redemption.
Alderman, Naomi The Power
Alexander, Tasha Death in St. Petersburg
Allende, Isabel In the Midst of Winter A minor traffic accident becomes a catalyst for an unexpected bond among a human rights scholar in Brooklyn, his Chilean tenant, and an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, who explore the difficulties of immigrants and refugees.
Andrews, Donna How the Finch Stole Christmas!
Armstrong, Kelley Rituals
Babst, C. Morgan The Floating World Refusing to evacuate when Hurricane Katrina approaches the Louisiana Coast, Cora, the fragile eldest daughter of the Boisdorâes family, inadvertently triggers a chain of events that strains her parents’ marriage and subjects her to a mysterious act of violence.
Barber, Kathleen Are you Sleeping
Bear, Elizabeth The Stone in the Skull
Beaton, M. C. The Witches’ Tree
Berenson, Laurien Wagging Through the Snow
Bolton, Sharon Dead Woman Walking
Boyd, Natasha The Indigo Girl
Boyle, T. Coraghessan The Relive Box and Other Stories A dozen short stories by the best-selling author of The Terranauts includes the title piece, in which a “relive box” allows users to re-experience almost any moment from their past.
Brady, A. F. The Blind
Brandman, Michael Missing Persons
Brennan, Allison Shattered
Brown, Dan Origin Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon navigates a dangerous intersection of humanity’s two most enduring questions, interweaving codes, science, religion and other disciplines before making a paradigm-shifting discovery.
Brown, Karma In This Moment
Canadeo, Anne Knit to Kill
Cantero, Edgar Meddling Kids The surviving members of a forgotten teen detective club and their dog reunite as broken adults to embark on an effort to solve a terrifying cold case that ruined them all and sent the wrong man to prison.
Cash, Wiley The Last Ballad
Chamberlain, Diane The Stolen Marriage
Chance, Maia Gin and Panic
Cleeves, Ann The Seagull
Colgan, Jenny Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery
Connelly, Michael Two Kinds of Truth
Constantine, Liv The Last Mrs. Parrish A coolly manipulative woman worms her way into the lives of a wealthy golden couple from Connecticut as part of her plot to achieve a privileged life, unveiling dark secrets along the way.
Dare, Tessa The Duchess Deal
Doyle, Roddy Smile
Dozois, Gardner R. The Book of Swords An anthology of original fantasy tales by some of today’s leading genre masters includes contributions by George R. R. Martin, Scott Lynch, Garth Nix, Cecelia Holland, and Elizabeth Bear.
Dugoni, Robert Close to Home
Dunmore, Helen Birdcage Walk
Early, Barbara Murder on the Toy Town Express
Egan, Jennifer Manhattan Beach Years after accompanying her father to a meeting with Dexter Styles, nineteen-year-old Anna, who now works at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, encounters Dexter and begins to understand her father’s complex life and why he disappeared.
Ellison, J.T. Lie to Me
Eugenides, Jeffrey Fresh Complaint A first collection of short stories by the Pulitzer Prize winner includes the tales of a failed poet-turned-embezzeler, a young traveler seeking enlightenment, and a high schooler whose drastic decision upends a British physicist’s life.
Fergus, Jim The Vengeance of Mothers Follows the journal of an embittered woman who participated in the government’s “Brides for Indians” program in 1873, only to become fully absorbed into Cheyenne culture in the face of white society’s rejection.
Fink, Joseph It Devours!
Gray, Juliana A Strange Scottish Shore
Greg, Wioletta Swallowing Mercury
Grisham, John The Rooster Bar
Groen, Hendrik The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen The journal of an octogenarian who is far from reaching the end of his life traces a year in his care home in Amsterdam, revealing the ups and downs of his misadventures with the anarchic “Old-But-Not-Dead Club” and a longtime crush whom he courted to devastating effect.
Hanks, Tom Uncommon Type
Hardt, Helen Shattered
Hart, Carolyn Ghost on the Case
Helprin, Mark Paris in the Present Tense
Henderson, Eleanor The Twelve-Mile Straight
Hill, Joe Strange Weather : Four Short Novels
Hoffman, Alice The Rules of Magic
Holahan, Cate Lies She Told
Hooper, Elise The Other Alcott .
Hoover, Colleen Without Merit
Ide, Joe Righteous Isaiah Quintabe and his volatile sidekick, Dodson, confront Chinese gangsters and a formidable loan shark in Las Vegas, where they follow leads to uncover the truth about the death of Isaiah’s brother a decade earlier.
Johansen, Iris Mind Game
Kellerman, Faye Killing Season
Keneally, Thomas Crimes of the Father
Kent, Hannah The Good People
Keyse-Walker, John Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed
Khan, Vaseem The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star
Klein, Tal M. The Punch Escrow When he’s accidentally duplicated while teleporting, Joel Byram must outrun the most powerful corporation on the planet and find a way back to his wife in a world that now has two of him.
Lawton, John Friends and Traitors Chief Superintendant Fredrick Troy of Scotland Yard reluctantly accompanies his older brother on a birthday tour of Europe, only to be approached by an old friend, a Soviet spy who is desperate to come back home.
Leckie, Ann Provenance
Lewis, Beverly The Proving
Maguire, Gregory Hiddensee The author of Wicked presents a tale rooted in early 19th-century German Romanticism that explores parallels between the origin legend of the famous Nutcracker with the life of Drosselmeier, the toymaker who carves him.
Mallery, Susan Second Chance Girl A final novel by the late award-winning author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries traces the experiences of an aging man whose quiet, solitary life on an isolated island off the coast of Sweden is turned upside-down when his house catches fire.
Mankell, Henning After the Fire
May, Peter Cast Iron Forensic expert Enzo Macleod investigates after a murder victim’s remains are exposed in a lake during a summer heat wave and inadvertently discovers a mistake that could endanger his family.
Mayor, Archer Trace
McCormack, Mike Solar Bones A man’s spirit ruminates on his life and all the entwined events and circumstances in the vast systems of time and history that lead him to that exact moment.
McGuire, Seanan The Brightest Fell
Meades, Christopher Hanna Who Fell from the Sky
Meier, Leslie Turkey Trot Murder
Meyer, Deon Fever Expert boy marksman Nico Storm and his wise-leader father, Willem, must forge a new community in South Africa from the few survivors of a deadly virus.
Michaels, Fern Holly and Ivy
Miller, Linda Lael A Snow Country Christmas
Miller, Sarah Caroline Authorized by the Little House estate, a retelling of the early pioneering journeys of the Ingalls family is told from the perspective of a pregnant Caroline, who in the frigid winter of 1870 leaves the safety of Wisconsin for a life of hazards and promise in unsettled Kansas Indian Territory.
Moretti, Kate The Blackbird Season
Morrow, Bradford The Prague Sonata Coming into the possession of a mysterious eighteenth-century sonata manuscript, a young musicologist is astonished by the mastery of the music and embarks on a search for the identities of the composer and the manuscript’s true owner.
Newitz, Annalee Autonomous A debut by the founder of the website io9 features a rakish pharmaceutical pirate who travels the world in a sub to bring cheap medicine to the poor and a jaded military agent and robot who fall in love while attempting to stop the spread of a dangerous addictive drug.
Older, Malka Null States
Ostby, Anne Pieces of Happiness
Pendziwol, Jean E. The Lightkeeper’s Daughters
Penney, Stef Under a Pole Star In the final decade of the nineteenth century, rival expeditions to northern Greenland led by whaler’s daughter Flora Mackie and the ruthlessly ambitious Lester Armitage cross paths, setting in motion a chain of events with tragic outcomes.
Percy, Benjamin The Dark Net
Quartey, Kwei Death by His Grace Chief Inspector Darko Dawson of the Ghanaian federal police investigates the murder of a woman who was accused of being a witch after she proves to be infertile in her marriage.
Ribchester, Lucy The Amber Shadows
Robinson, Peter Sleeping in the Ground
Rouda, Kaira Best Day Ever
Sandford, John Deep Freeze
Seiffert, Rachel A Boy in Winter The lives of Jews in a small Ukrainian town become intertwined in the wake of the Nazis’ arrival, including Ephraim, an engineer under the threat of deportation, Yasia, who has come to town to sell produce and search for her lover, and a young boy determined to survive.
Smith, Wilbur A. The Tiger’s Prey
Solomon, Rivers An Unkindness of Ghosts A breathtaking science fiction debut from a worthy successor to Octavia Butler.
Spindler, Erica The Other Girl
St. Aubyn, Edward Dunbar A modern reimagining of Shakespeare’s King Lear follows the experiences of a man who in the wake of an orchestrated public mental breakdown is sent to a Switzerland sanatorium by the daughters who would seize his fortune, a plot he resolves to foil with the assistance of a colorful sidekick.
Steel, Danielle Fairytale
Todd, Charles A Casualty of War
Wang, Daren The Hidden Light of Northern Fires
Weil, Josh The Age of Perpetual Light A collection of eight short stories features tales spanning over 100 years of human progress, from a couple who falls in love over an Edison Lamp to a Serbian immigrant who is desperate to glimpse an experimental satellite.
Wiseman, Beth An Amish Christmas Love
Wolas, Cherise The Resurrection of Joan Ashby A once-dedicated literary prodigy and career woman struggles with the sacrifices required by her marriage and motherhood before an unthinkable betrayal confirms her deepest fears two decades later.
Woods, Stuart Quick & Dirty
Zane Three-Piece Meal