This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.

August 2014

Author Title Librarian’s Picks
Adler-olsen, Jussi The Marco Effect
Adrian, Lara Crave the Night
Airth, Rennie The Reckoning Investigating two murders linked by a common weapon, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Billy Styles and local detective Vic Chivers trace one of the victims to retired legend John Madden, who joins them in a race against time to prevent further killings.
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush
Amis, Martin The Zone of Interest A portrait of life and unexpected love in a concentration camp explores the depths and contradictions of the human soul as well as the capacity of individuals who are tested to acknowledge their true selves.
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor Stone Mattress Presents a collection of short stories featuring a widowed writer who is guided by her late husband’s voice and a woman whose genetic abnormality causes her to be mistaken for a vampire.
Bausch, Richard Before, During, After
Beaton, M. C. The Blood of an Englishman
Benn, James R. The Rest Is Silence A novel inspired by the controversial Operation Tiger tragedy follows Billy Boyle’s investigation into an unidentified body that has washed up on the beach near a secret training site for the approaching D-Day invasion of Normandy.
Berenson, Laurien Death of a Dog Whisperer
Bertino, Marie-helene 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas Traces the unlikely bond between a precocious nine-year-old jazz singer, a divorcee teacher hoping to reunite with her high-school sweetheart, and a club owner facing the imminent loss of his Philadelphia business.
Brett, Simon The Cinderella Killer
Briggs, Patricia Shifting Shadows
Burton, Jessie The Miniaturist Engaging the services of a miniaturist to furnish a cabinet-sized replica of her new home, Nella Oortman, the wife of a merchant in seventeenth-century Amsterdam, discovers that the artist’s tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in eerie and unexpected ways.
Castle, Richard Raging Heat
Chamberlain, Diane The Silent Sister
Coel, Margaret Night of the White Buffalo Attorney Vicky Holden discovers the body of rancher Dennis Carey shot dead in his truck, shortly after a white buffalo calf–the most sacred animal in Native American mythology–was born on his ranch, and investigates along with Father John O’Malley.
Coelho, Paulo Adultery
Coleman, Reed Farrel Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot
Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust
Cooney, Ellen The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances A woman with little experience with animals signs up to be a volunteer trainer at The Sanctuary, a home for strays and unwanted dogs, and learns more than she bargained for about forgiveness, rehabilitation, and being rescued.
Coulter, Catherine The Lost Key
Crombie, Deborah To Dwell in Darkness
Cronenberg, David Consumed The exhilarating debut novel by iconic filmmaker David Cronenberg: the story of two journalists whose entanglement in a French philosopher’s death becomes a surreal journey into global conspiracy.
Daheim, Mary Clam Wake
Dodd, Christina Virtue Falls
Ellroy, James Perfidia A debut entry in a second L.A. Quartet by the award-winning author of L.A. Confidential follows a post-Pearl Harbor murder of a Japanese family that entangles a brilliant Japanese-American forensic chemist, an adventurous woman, a future police chief and an arch villain.
Ewan, Chris Dead Line
Feehan, Christine Dark Blood
Flanagan, Richard The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Follett, Ken Edge of Eternity A conclusion to the epic trilogy by the best-selling author of Winter of the World continues the experiences of five intertwined international families as they confront the social, political and economic turmoil of the second half of the 20th century.
Gaffney, Elizabeth When the World Was Young
Gautier, Amina Now We Will Be Happy A prize-winning collection of stories about Afro-Puerto Ricans, U.S.-mainland-born Puerto Ricans, and displaced native Puerto Ricans who are living between spaces.
Grisham, John Gray Mountain
Haddam, Jane Fighting Chance
Hannah, Sophie The Monogram Murders A brand-new mystery featuring Agatha Christie’s legendary hero follows Hercule Poirot as he tries to solve a diabolically clever puzzle in 1920s London that will put his keen skills of detection to the test.
Harrison, Kim The Witch With No Name
Harvey, John Darkness, Darkness The discovery of the body of a young woman who disappeared thirty years prior during the British miners’ strike brings Charlie Resnick out of virtual retirement to assist in the murder investigation, forcing him to confront his past.
Heley, Veronica Murder in Time
Hobb, Robin Fool’s Assassin Illegitimate royal and former assassin FitzChivalry Farseer masquerades as a country squire with his beloved wife, but finds himself drawn back to his former life by old allegiances.
Hood, Ann An Italian Wife
Hooper, Kay Haunted
House, Richard The Kills
Jackson, Lisa Wicked Ways
Johansen, Iris The Perfect Witness A stand-alone thriller by the best-selling author of the Eve Duncan series follows the experiences of a woman with an eidetic memory who has spent her life in the Witness Protection Program and who is forced to run for her life when her cover is exposed.
Kellerman, Jonathan The Golem of Hollywood Waking up beside a beautiful woman he has no memory of meeting, Detective Jacob Lev investigates a Hollywood Division murder case involving a severed head, an ominous message in Hebrew and the legend of the Golem of Prague. Co-written by the Edgar Award-winning author of Guilt.
Kingsbury, Karen Angels Walking After suffering a career-ending injury, Tyler Ames finds a maintenance job at a retirement home where he meets Virginia Hutcheson, a patient with Alzheimer’s who seems to have the answers he is seeking.
Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic to the Stars
Krueger, William Kent Windigo Island
Kunstler, James Howard A History of the Future
Larsson, Asa The Second Deadly Sin
Lashner, William Bagmen
Lehane, Dennis The Drop While rescuing an abused puppy from a trash can, a lonely bartender meets a damaged woman, and as their relationship grows, they encounter the Chechen mafia, stick-up artists, a relentless cop, and the original owner of the puppy, who now wants it back.
Lovesey, Peter The Stone Wife When a competitive-bidding war for a rare carved stone is interrupted by three masked men who kill the highest bidder, Peter Diamond and his team investigate the carving’s mystical origins while Ingeborg goes undercover to learn about the murder weapon. By the award-winning author of The Tooth Tattoo.
Mandel, Emily St. John Station Eleven The sudden death of a Hollywood actor during a production of "King Lear" marks the beginning of the world’s dissolution in a story told at various past and future times from the perspectives of the actor and four of his associates.
Mantel, Hilary The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories One of Britain’s most accomplished, acclaimed, and garlanded writers, Hilary Mantel delivers a brilliant collection of contemporary short stories that demonstrate what modern England has become.
May, Peter The Lewis Man A follow-up to the award-winning The Blackhouse follows Fin Macleod’s return to the outer Hebridean island of his youth to make amends and restore his parents’ cottage before investigating a death involving family secrets and a sinister adversary.
Mayor, Archer Proof Positive Investigating the death of a Vietnam veteran whose PTSD culminated in a hoarding disorder, Joe Gunther learns that the victim’s collection of combat photos contains information that a sinister adversary desperately wants to keep hidden. By the best-selling author of Three Can Keep a Secret.
McCullough, Colleen Bittersweet
McEwan, Ian The Children Act A highly respected London judge hides her decision to separate from a husband who wants an open marriage, a loss that challenges her beliefs throughout a case involving parents whose faith forbids a life-saving transfusion for their son.
Meier, Leslie French Pastry Murder
Meyers, Randy Susan Accidents of Marriage A social worker struggling to keep the peace with her increasingly volatile husband for the sake of their children finds herself fighting for her life in the hospital after his temper gets the best of him one rainy day.
Mezrich, Ben Seven Wonders
Michaels, Fern Eyes Only
Mitchell, David The Bone Clocks Interweaves six narratives spanning the period between 1984 and the 2030s to chronicle a secret war between a cult of soul-decanters and a small group of vigilantes who would take them down.
Morton, Brian Florence Gordon An elderly woman, content to sit down and write her memoir, is besieged by her family members, who involve her in a variety of dramas and follies.
Mosley, Walter Rose Gold
Moyes, Jojo Silver Bay
Nethercott, Michael The Haunting Ballad In the spring of 1957, mystery lovers Mr. O’Nelligan and Lee Plunkett are summoned to New York to investigate the death of a controversial folk song collector—a case that leads them to a diverse group of suspects, including an eccentric Beat coffee house owner and a self-proclaimed “ghost chanter.”
Oliver, Lauren Rooms After Richard Walker dies, leaving behind a vast country estate, his estranged family arrives for their inheritance, while long-dead former residents bound to the house observe the family and reminisce about their past lives–until both the human and spirit worlds collide.
O’Neill, Joseph The Dog
Patterson, James Burn
Patterson, James Private Down Under
Perry, Anne Blood on the Water Shut out of the investigation of a massive bombing he witnessed, William Monk takes over when evidence surfaces that the person executed for the crime was innocent, a situation that places him in the center of a violent power struggle for control of the Suez Canal.
Picoult, Jodi Leaving Time
Pitre, Michael Fives and Twenty-Fives A debut novel by an Iraq War veteran presents the stories of platoon leader Lieutenant Donovan, who feels isolated by his rank; medic Doc Pleasant, who is unraveled by the deaths of friends; and Iraqi interpreter Dodge, who both loves and hates what America represents.
Reichs, Kathy Bones Never Lie
Robb, J. D. Festive in Death
Robinson, Marilynne Lila Triggering a romance and debate by seeking shelter in a church and becoming a minister’s wife, homeless Lila reflects on her hardscrabble life on the run with a canny young drifter and her efforts to reconcile her painful past with her husband’s gentle Christian worldview.
Rollins, James The 6th Extinction
Ross, Ann B. Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day
Row, Jess Your Face in Mine Shocked by a childhood friend’s decision to dramatically change his appearance after immersing himself for twenty years in black culture, widower Kelly Thorndike confronts morally ambiguous choices about race, identity, and belonging.
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Truth Be Told
Sandford, John Deadline
Scalzi, John Lock in When a new virus causes one percent of the population to become completely paralyzed in body but not in mind, the United States pursues a scientific initiative to develop a virtual-reality world for victims, with unexpected consequences.
Smiley, Jane Some Luck The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Thousand Acres follows the triumphs and tragedies of a farm family from post-World War I America through the early 1950s.
Stein, Garth A Sudden Light A 14-year-old boy’s efforts to save his parents’ troubled marriage and uphold his dementia-afflicted grandfather’s final wishes are shaped by a ghost who cannot rest until past debts are paid.
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Fatal Conceit
Theroux, Paul Mr. Bones A collection of short stories includes tales about a family whose father is becoming a joke-telling, old-fashioned minstrel and two sons who watch their father’s obsessive battle with some raccoons.
Thomas, Matthew We Are Not Ourselves Raised by her Irish immigrant parents in a 1940s Queens apartment where alcohol and company combine in mercurial ways, Eileen marries an unambitious scientist with whom she endures an increasingly psychologically dark family life.
Thompson, Jean The Witch The National Book Award-finalist author of Who Do You Love presents a collection of stories that put a modern twist on classic fairy tales, depicting characters ranging from lost children who try to find their way home to adults who confront their past misdeeds.
Timmer, Julie Lawson Five Days Left A terminally ill career woman, wife and mother, and a middle-school foster parent whose 8-year-old boy is about to return to his former inmate mother, traverse the last five days they have to say goodbye to their loved ones.
Umrigar, Thrity The Story Hour Befriending a young Indian woman named Lakshmi–who is suicidal, lonely, and trapped in a loveless marriage–psychologist Maggie finds their relationship warped by conflicting expectations and threatened by the revelation of long-buried secrets.
Vreeland, Susan Lisette’s List Exiled young Parisian Lisette Roux cares for her husband’s ailing grandfather in Provence during the Vichy regime and rediscovers love through the master works of Cezanne, Pissarro, Chagall, and Picasso.
Waters, Sarah The Paying Guests
Weber, Carl The Choir Director 2 With his revitalized choir at his mentor’s ministry receiving national attention and a potential recording contract, Aaron Mackie proposes to the church secretary, who jilts him at the altar.
Weeks, Brent The Broken Eye
Weis, Margaret The Seventh Sigil
Wells, Jaye Cursed Moon
Willett, Marcia The Sea Garden
Woods, Stuart Paris Match