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October 2016

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Andrews, Ilona Magic Binds
Antoinette, Ashley A Lala Land Addiction Addicted to crack cocaine and heading toward self-destruction, Bleu must decide if she will let her best friend save her, or if she will she stick with the kingpin she’s fallen in love with in the sequel to Lux.
Armstrong, Kelley Otherworld Chills A collection of short stories from the #1 best-selling author of the Women of the Otherworld series features some of her favorite characters, including Nick, Hope, Karl and Cassandra having new adventures and conflicts.
Austin, Lynn Waves of Mercy
Benedict, Laura The Abandoned Heart
Blades, Nicole The Thunder Beneath Us
Blake, Robin Skin and Bone Cragg and Fidelis investigate after the site of an inquest regarding the death of a newborn found in a local tanning pit in 1743 mysteriously burns to the ground, in the latest addition to the series following The Hidden Man.
Bonesteel, Elizabeth Remnants of Trust
Brennan, Marie Cold-Forged Flame
Bunn, T. Davis The Domino Effect
Camilleri, Andrea A Voice in the Night Two deaths lead Inspector Montalbano into investigations of corruption and power in the twentieth installment of the New York Times bestselling series.
Casey, Anne-marie The Real Liddy James The successful life of a middle-aged, top divorce attorney is thrown into chaos by unexpected family and work challenges, including her ex’s new wife’s pregnancy, the abandonment of a nanny, a high-cost home repair and an impossibly demanding new client.
Childs, Laura Egg Drop Dead
Chung, Sonya The Loved Ones
Clark, Marcia Moral Defense
Cleland, Jane K. Glow of Death
Coelho, Paulo The Spy A tale inspired by the life and death of Mata Hari is presented as a series of letters written from prison on the eve of her death and includes her reflections on her childhood in a small Dutch town, her unhappy years as the wife of an alcoholic diplomat, her rise to celebrity in Europe and the choices that led to her execution for espionage.
Colin, Beatrice To Capture What We Cannot Keep A tale set against the backdrop of the construction of the Eiffel Tower follows the romantic relationship between a widow in a precarious financial situation and a bourgeois family businessman who must marry a suitable wife.
Corey, James S. A. Babylon’s Ashes
Cornwell, Bernard The Flame Bearer
Cox, Greg The Librarians and the Lost Lamp The protectors of the world’s dangerous magical relics spring into action when criminal organization The Forty steals the oldest known copy of The Arabian Nights, in the first novel of a trilogy based on the television show The Librarians.
Crosby, Ellen The Champagne Conspiracy
Crownover, Jay Honor
Dailey, Janet Sunrise Canyon
Dermansky, Marcy The Red Car
Early, Barbara Death of a Toy Soldier
Eddings, Lexi The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club
Eriksson, Kjell Stone Coffin Detective Ann Lindell investigates after a man goes missing on the same day his wife and daughter are run over by a car near Uppsala.
Evans, Richard Paul The Mistletoe Secret
Finch, Charles The Inheritance Receiving a cryptic plea from a former schoolmate who has subsequently disappeared, Charles Lenox confronts East End gangs and Royal Society denizens to discover the identity of a mysterious benefactor from his friend’s past who may have had a sinister ulterior motive.
Flagg, Fannie The Whole Town’s Talking The late citizens of a small Missouri community wake up underground after death and reconnect with loved ones over the course of 150 years before some of them begin to actually disappear, prompting a town-wide investigation.
Francis, Richard Crane Pond A thrilling new telling of a significant part of U.S. history, which marries rigorous research and an astute understanding of a deeply complex character, follows Samuel Sewall, father, anti-slavery advocate, defender of Native American rights and presiding judge at the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692, where he sentenced 20 innocent women to death.
Fuller, Kathleen A Love Made New
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Sun Born
Greaney, Mark Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance
Gregson, J. M. Final Act Sam Jackson, a successful British television producer, makes enemies easily. So it’s no great surprise when he meets a violent death. Detectives Lambert and Hook deduce the killer must be one of the actors. But can they uncover the truth when faced with a cast of practiced deceivers?
Griep, Michelle The Captive Heart
Griffin, W. E. B. Curtain of Death
Gunning, Sally Cabot Monticello A tale inspired by the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his eldest daughter, Martha, finds her returning after five years abroad to the family’s Virginia plantation, where heartbreak and political challenges are complicated by her father’s absence.
Hallinan, Timothy Fields Where They Lay
Harbison, Beth A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
Harris, Robert Conclave After the demise of the Pope, 118 cardinals converge on the Sistine Chapel to cast their votes in the world’s most secretive election, where ambition and rivalry play out over the course of 72 hours.
Heley, Veronica Murder in Style
Hickman, Tracy Unhonored
Higashino, Keigo Under the Midnight Sun Two Japanese teenagers, Ryo and Yukiho, are irrevocably linked together as suspects during the search for the person who killed Ryo’s father despite the case going cold twenty years ago.
Higgins, Jack The Midnight Bell
Hoagland, Edward In the Country of the Blind
Hoffman, Patrick Every Man a Menace
Hore, Rachel A Week in Paris Arriving in a strangely familiar Paris, a talented young violinist discovers an old canvas bag among her mother’s possessions that takes her back to the City of Lights in 1937, where she discovers a dark secret about who she really is.
Hughes, Anita Christmas in Paris
Hunt, Andrew Desolation Flats
James, Peter Love You Dead
Johansen, Erika The Fate of the Tearling
Johnson, Suzanne Belle Chasse
Just, Ward The Eastern Shore Pursuing journalism and rising to the position of city editor in spite of his judge father’s disapproval, Ned exposes the criminal past of a town haberdasher with ramifications that haunt him throughout the rest of his career. By the National Book Award-winning author of Echo House.
King, Laurie R. Mary Russell’s War In nine previously published short stories and one brand new, never-before-seen Sherlock Holmes mystery—available together for the first time—Laurie R. King blends her long-running brand of crime fiction with historical treats and narrative sleight of hand. At the heart of the collection is a prequel novella that begins with England’s declaration of war in 1914.
Koreto, R. J. Death Among Rubies
Krentz, Jayne Ann When All the Girls Have Gone
K’Wan Diamonds and Pearl The privileged daughter of a drug baron falls for a young hustler from New Orleans who fled to New York City after his involvement in a robbery went horribly wrong.
Lamb, Cathy The Language of Sisters Sharing a deep connection with her sisters that helps them know when they need each other, crime reporter Toni is haunted by difficult memories of her adopted brother and their family’s dangerous escape, while her sisters navigate the perilous challenges of their shared heritage.
Land, Jon Strong Cold Dead
Larsen, K. J. There Was a Crooked Man
Laurens, Stephanie Lord of the Privateers
Lin, Ed Incensed When his gangster uncle asks him to bring his 16-year-old daughter, Mei-ling, to Taipei, away from bad influences, 25-year-old Jing-nan must deal with a spoiled rotten, rebellious teenage girl who refuses to take no for an answer, but who is hiding a dark secret that puts her in harm’ way, forcing him to figure out the truth, even if it tears his family apart again.
Littell, Robert The Mayakovsky Tapes A tale inspired by the life of twentieth-century Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky is told from the perspectives of four women who loved him and share with each other memories of pivotal moments in his life.
Littlejohn, Emily Inherit the Bones
Liu, Ken Invisible Planets
Liu, Ken The Wall of Storms
Marchetta, Melina Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil In the wake of the devastating bombing of a bus his daughter was on, suspended cop Bish Ortley risks everything to find out who was responsible.
Marillier, Juliet Den of Wolves
Mcbride, Eimear The Lesser Bohemians A young Irish drama student in 1990s London makes new friends, establishes a place for herself, and seeks to shed her plain-girl identity before entering a whirlwind affair with an older man who changes her in unexpected ways.
McDermid, Val Out of Bounds When a teenage joyrider crashes a stolen car and ends up in a coma, a routine DNA test reveals a connection to an unsolved murder from twenty-two years before. Finding the answer to the cold case should be straightforward. But it’s as twisted as the DNA helix itself. A riveting cold case novel featuring detective Karen Pirie.
Meacham, Leila Aly’s House
Meier, Leslie Eggnog Murder
Meyer, Stephenie The Chemist An ex-agent on the run from her former employers must take one more case to clear her name and save her life.
Moore, Beth The Undoing of Saint Silvanus Jillian Slater hadn’t seen her father or his mother in almost 20 years until, on the news that her father had finally drunk himself to death, Adella Atwater, the manager of her grandmother’s apartment house, calls and says Jillian’s expenses would be paid if she’d fly in to New Orleans for the burial. What Adella didn’t tell her was that the apartment house bears the dead weight of a long and painful history. As an investigation into her father’s death unfolds, Jillian is drawn into the lives of the colorful collection of saints and sinners who pass through Saint Silvanus. Is her family actually cursed, or is it just this crazy old house that holds them all under its spell?
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia Certain Dark Things In Mexico City, where the creatures of the night are kept at bay, trash-picking street kid Domingo helps Atl, the descendant of Aztec blood drinkers, escape the city when two vampires come to find her and start to raise the body count, attracting the attention of police officers, local crime bosses and the vampire community.
Morrell, David Ruler of the Night
Noblin, Annie England Just Fine With Caroline Returning to her small, intrusive Ozark Mountain community, Caroline O’Conner cares for her Alzheimer’s patient mother while navigating the challenges of her doctor father’s frustrations, her brazen cousin’s marital disasters, her deaf dog, a moonshining relative and a troubled ex-veteran.
Oke, Janette Where Hope Prevails
Oz, Amos Judas A biblical scholar finds himself falling for the daughter of a deceased Zionist leader after accepting a job as a caregiver for an irritable old man in 1959 Jerusalem.
Parsons, Tony The Hanging Club
Penzler, Otto (EDT) The Big Book of Jack the Ripper A new anthology from Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler, centered around the historical enigma whose name has become synonymous with fear: Jack the Ripper. Collected here, for the first time ever, are forty-one tales featuring the infamous slasher, from classics by Marie Belloc-Lowndes, Robert Bloch, and Ellery Queen to never-before-seen stories by contemporary masters Jeffery Deaver, Loren D. Estleman, Lyndsay Faye, and many more.
Perry, Anne A Christmas Message
Pipkin, John The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter In late-eighteenth-century Ireland, Caroline Ainsworth, grief-stricken after her astronomer father’s suicide, reluctantly takes up his search for a mythological planet and reconnects with the man she loves before her home is plunged into a violent rebellion.
Poole, Daaimah S. His Last Name Five women try to balance success with the men in their lives, from Monique’s affair with her son’s NBA teammate to Zakiya trying to get rid of her husband’s mistress in order to impress her church community with her perfect marriage.
Price, Steven By Gaslight Determined to track down a notorious con man who his famous detective father never brought to justice, William Pinkerton forges an unlikely bond with Adam Foole, a man with a secret past whose lost love is tied to the criminal Pinkerton seeks.
Priest, Cherie The Family Plot When a potentially lucrative historic property is offered to her father’s salvaging company, Dahlia is alarmed when graves are found on the property and the estate’s owner goes missing just as a series of bizarre events reveal that the crew is being targeted by hostile forces.
Rax, Cydney My Married Boyfriend
Reed, Terri A Family Under the Christmas Tree
Rice, Anne Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
Rollins, James The Seventh Plague
Rosenfelt, David The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Say No More
Schofield, Douglas Storm Rising
Smith, Zadie Swing Time Two dark-skinned dancers with very different talents share a complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in early adulthood in a story that transitions from northwest London to West Africa.
Sneed, Christine The Virginity of Famous Men This intimate, psychologically astute story collection from the winner of the Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction asks the question, what compels two people to fall in love?
Snelling, Lauraine From This Day Forward
Spillane, Mickey A Long Time Dead
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Infamy
Thomson, E. S. Beloved Poison After the discovery of six tiny coffins filled with dried flowers and rags in the old chapel of a crumbling 1850s London infirmary, apothecary Jem Flockhart begins a quest to understand their meaning and is forced to make impossible choices.
Vanliere, Donna The Christmas Town
Ward, J. R. The Angels’ Share
Weber, David Shadow of Victory
Weinstein, Alexander Children of the New World A collection of short stories explores the near-future world of social-media implants, immersive virtual reality games, and frighteningly intuitive robots.
Winterson, Jeanette Christmas Days From the New York Times bestselling author of Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? comes an enchanting collection of stories for the holiday season.