This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.


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June 2017

Note: Our fiscal year begins on July 1, so there may be a delay in posting the July Fiction on Order list.

Author Title Librarians’ Picks
Andrews, Ilona White Hot
Baker, Angelica Our Little Racket
Banks, Maya Just One Touch
Bannister, Jo Other Countries
Barton, Fiona The Child When an infant’s skeleton is discovered in a demolished house, Kate Waters strives to uncover the baby’s identity and unearths links to a decades-old kidnapping, but she is torn between helping the police and revealing her sources.
Bates, Callie The Waking Land
Beck, Haylen Here and Gone
Belcher, R. S. The Queen of Swords
Bennis, Robyn The Guns Above A first woman airship captain of the elite Corps patrols the front lines while struggling with a crew that doubts her skills, an untested new airship and a foppish gambler who has been assigned to catalog her missteps.
Berenson, Laurien Murder at the Puppy Fest
Berman, Mandy Perennials A coming-of-age novel about the magic of a camp in the Berkshires and the enduring power of female friendship finds former campers Rachel and Fiona reunited as counselors after their first year of college and struggling to find common ground.
Bijan, Donia The Last Days of Cafe Leila Noor returns to Iran with her American daughter, Lily, and must face the changes that have occured in her country during her absence while she helps run her family’s restaurant, Cafe Leila.
Boling, Dave The Lost History of Stars
Bollen, Christopher The Destroyers Detained in a concentration camp during the second Boer War, fourteen-year-old Lettie, an Afrikaner settler, works to help her mother and brother survive while forging surprising friendships and dreaming of becoming a writer.
Bouman, Tom Fateful Mornings
Bradley, Eden Dangerously Bad
Brennan, Marie Lightning in the Blood
Brooks, Terry The Black Elfstone
Cameron, Stella Lies That Bind
Cantor, Jillian The Lost Letter A young apprentice stamp engraver works secretly for the Austrian resistance in World War II and resolves to save the fiery daughter of his Jewish mentor, a story that is found decades later by a descendant who investigates an unusual stamp on an old love letter.
Chance, Maia Bad Housekeeping
Clipston, Amy The Beloved Hope Chest
Coes, Ben Trap the Devil
Colgan, Jenny The Cafe by the Sea
Creech, Sarah The Whole Way Home
Dacey, Patrick The Outer Cape
Davidson, Andy In the Valley of the Sun
Dionne, Karen The Marsh King’s Daughter A woman whose birth occurred as a result of her teen mother’s abduction and imprisonment in an isolated marshland cabin risks the adult family that does not know her past when she uses survival skills honed in childhood to track down her murderous father.
Doiron, Paul Knife Creek Investigating the horrifying discovery of a baby’s body in a shallow woodland grave, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch uncovers links between the victim and a woman believed to have died years earlier.
Donlea, Charlie The Girl Who Was Taken
Eisler, Barry Zero Sum
Elsberg, Marc Blackout A former hacker and activist is wrongly implicated in an attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the world’s power grid, forcing him to go on the run with a young American reporter in an effort to restore power, prevent further attacks and clear his name, in a U.S. release of an internationally best-selling thriller.
Esden, Pat Reach for You
Everett, Percival L. So Much Blue
Fallon, Siobhan The Confusion of Languages
Farnsworth, Christopher Flashmob
Fenton, Liz The Good Widow
Fuller, Alexandra Quiet Until the Thaw A debut novel by the best-selling memoirist of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight follows the experiences of two Native American cousins who become estranged by their different approaches to fighting cultural injustice and whose lives are disrupted by prison, parenthood and violence.
Gabaldon, Diana Seven Stones to Stand or Fall A collection of seven short stories set in the Outlander universe stars beloved character Jamie Fraser and includes two previously unpublished stories, including "Besieged," a tale about Lord John Grey; and "A Fugitive Green," centering on John’s brother, Hal Grey.
Gardiner, Meg Unsub
Goldberg, Leonard The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes A highly skilled nurse with unique mental talents is recruited into the investigative team of the elderly Dr. John Watson and his handsome son before being swept up in a Holmesian mystery with ties to the Second Afghan War, a hidden treasure and a murder at the highest levels of British society. By the best-selling author of Fever Cell.
Greenlaw, Linda Shiver Hitch
Gregory, Daryl Spoonbenders A generations-spanning family of psychics, blessed and burdened by their abilities, is challenged to use their powers collectively to save themselves from the CIA, the local mafia, and a skeptic bent on discrediting them.
Habash, Gabe Stephen Florida
Harris, Charlaine Indigo
Healy, Sarah The Sisters Chase Left homeless after her mother’s death, eighteen-year-old Mary Chase takes her younger sister, Hannah, across the country in search of a better life, but Mary’s efforts to protect Hannah and herself are complicated by painful secrets.
Holt, Anne Odd Numbers
Kadish, Rachel The Weight of Ink An ailing historian with a fondness for Jewish history reviews 17th century documents discovered during a renovation in Amsterdam, and learns the story of an emigrant who worked as a scribe for a blind rabbi just before the onslaught of the plague.
Kadrey, Richard The Kill Society
Kroese, Robert The Last Iota Hired by a movie mogul to find rare coins lost somewhere in the Disincorporated Zone of LA, eccentric private investigator Erasmus Keane struggles to unravel the mystery while his partner, Blake, is framed for murder, which plunges them both into a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government.
Kubica, Mary Every Last Lie
Kwan, Kevin Rich People Problems
Lacey, Catherine The Answers A formerly paralyzed woman applies for a job on Craigslist to be the "Emotional Girlfriend" of an eccentric and narcissistic actor desperate to find the perfect relationship.
Lauren, Christina Dating You / Hating You
Lavalle, Victor The Changeling
Lee, Yoon Ha Raven Stratagem
Lepionka, Kristen The Last Place You Look Hired by the sister of a man on death row who swears he is innocent of the murders of his missing girlfriend and her parents, private investigator Roxane Weary, reeling from her police officer father’s death in the line of duty, links sightings of the missing girl to one of her late father’s cold cases.
Levine, Laura Death of a Bachelorette
Lustbader, Eric Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative
Macy, Meg Bearly Departed When Will Taylor, a sales rep who is trying to change her family’s teddy bear shop and factory, is found dead, 31-year-old Sasha Silverman, launching her own investigation, must patch together the clues to prove that her hot-tempered Uncle Ross is not a killer.
Maron, Margaret Take Out Following the heartwarming conclusion to her Deborah Knott series, New York Times bestselling author Margaret Maron returns with a thrilling new mystery featuring NYPD detective Sigrid Harald.
Maum, Courtney Touch A trend forecaster hired by a leading tech company suddenly finds herself in the position of wanting to overturn her own predictions when she senses the beginning of a movement against electronics in favor of compassion, empathy, and "in-personism."
McGuire, Seanan Down Among the Sticks and Bones
McNear, Mary The Light in Summer A summertime marked by loneliness, teen precociousness and a faithful dog turns hopeful for beautiful Billy Harper, who confronts painful realities about her father’s death while navigating relationships with a complicated newcomer and her son’s long-absent father.
Moggach, Deborah Final Demand
Monroe, Mary Alice Beach House for Rent When Cara Rutledge rents out her beach house to artist Heather Fordham, a sudden tragedy brings Cara back to the beach house, but Heather refuses to move from her newfound sanctuary.
Moore, Edward Kelsey The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues
Noble, Shelley The Beach at Painter’s Cove Four generations of estranged Whitaker women find themselves at the family’s Connecticut mansion to restore the building, catalog their enormous art collection and inadvertently begin healing their relationships.
Palmer, Diana Undaunted
Patterson, James Murder Games
Ponsor, Michael The One-Eyed Judge When FBI agents barge into Sidney Cranmer’s home accusing him of a heinous crime, the respected literature professor’s life becomes a nightmare. Sequel to The Hanging Judge.
Quinn, Kate The Alice Network In 1947, pregnant Charlie St. Clair, an American college girl banished from her family, arrives in London to find out what happened to her beloved cousin Rose, who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France during the war, and meets a former spy who, torn apart by betrayal, agrees to help her on her mission.
Quinn, Spencer The Right Side
Redel, Victoria Before Everything
Reid, Taylor Jenkins The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo When an aging and reclusive Hollywood icon selects an unknown magazine reporter to write her life story, the baffled journalist forges deep ties with the actress during a complicated interview process that exposes their tragic common history.
Reilly, Matthew The Four Legendary Kingdoms
Robertson, L. F. Two Lost Boys
Roby, Kimberla Lawson Sin of a Woman After a humiliating public divorce, Raven Black uses her ex-husband’s methods to repair her damaged reputation, but those methods have consequences on the lives of innocent people.
Roorbach, Bill The Girl of the Lake
Sefton, Maggie Only Skein Deep
Shalvis, Jill Lost and Found Sisters Feeling empty after the accidental death of her sister, a Los Angeles chef is shattered when a lawyer reveals a devastating family secret that prompts her to relocate to a different town, where she finds solace in simple pleasures and a kindhearted new friend.
Shaw, William The Birdwatcher When a fellow birdwatcher is found murdered in his remote home, Police Sergeant William South, who may have murdered a man when he was a child in Northern Ireland, finds his world turned upside down.
Singh, Nalini Silver Silence
Spufford, Francis Golden Hill When a mysterious man shows up at the countinghouse in 1746 New York with an order for a huge sum of money, the local colonial merchants can’t decide if they should trust him, befriend him, arrest him or seduce him.
Steel, Danielle The Duchess
Stern, Abby According to a Source
Taylor, Ann Kidd The Shark Club
Thor, Brad Use of Force When the body of a high-value terrorist washes ashore during a storm in the Mediterranean Sea, Scot Harvath is hired by the CIA to determine if the suspect was involved in planning a major attack they’ve been fearing all summer.
Walker, Martin The Templars’ Last Secret Investigating the death of a woman found at the foot of a cliff where the long-ago Knights Templar stronghold stands, Bruno, chief of police of the idyllic French town of St. Denis in the Dordogne, assisted by Haitian newcomer Amélie, learns that the victim was searching for a religious artifact of incredible importance. By the best-selling author of Fatal Pursuit.
Wang, Weike Chemistry
Westlake, Donald E. Forever and a Death
Williams, Beatriz Cocoa Beach Fleeing an oppressive home for the battlefields of World War I France, a Red Cross ambulance driver engages in a passionate affair with a dashing army surgeon before dark secrets separate them and eventually lead her on a quest for answers in seaside Virginia.
Williams, Tad The Witchwood Crown
Winslow, Don The Force When federal agents discover the corrupt activities that have allowed detective sergeant Denny Malone, and his partners, to skim millions in drugs and cash, he risks betraying his colleagues, his city, and the woman he loves.