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A directory of educational resources for adults and out-of-school youth for Basic Literacy, Pre-GED, GED, English as a Second Language, Transition to College, MCAS help for out-of-school youth, & Family Literacy.

2012 ABE Directory


The Springfield Adult Basic Education (ABE) Partnership is made up of Springfield providers of educational services for adult learners and out-of-school youth and others invested in improving and coordinating these services. We have been working together for the past several years in a strategic planning process partially funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education, Adult & Community Learning Services. This Directory is a product of this working partnership. It was created for service providers to make referrals, for potential learners looking for the right program and for volunteer tutors looking for opportunities to help.

All partners share the conviction that adult basic education is the foundation for individual, community and economic development. Adults who can realize their own goals for literacy and further education are able to support their children’s learning in school and at home, improve their access to better work opportunities, and participate more fully in community and civic life.

This is the fifth edition of this Directory of ABE services in Springfield, which continues to be a work in progress. We know that programs change and services grow and shrink with changes in funding and priorities. This publication is a current snapshot of educational services for adults and out-of-school youth. Adult Basic Education includes a wide range of services including Basic Literacy, Basic Mathematics, Pre-GED, GED preparation and testing, Adult Diploma Program, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Computer Literacy, Family Literacy, MCAS help for youth who have completed high school credits but not passed the required MCAS tests, as well as job skills and work readiness training.

Mass 211 Help logoThere are many community organizations that offer support services for adult learners. We have not listed those organizations here. Massachusetts 211 is a great resource for the wide range of community services that many adult learners find critical to meet their needs as they pursue their educational goals. It is available 24 hours a day, is multilingual, and can be found online at

If you know of a program that offers ABE services that should be included in the next edition of the Directory, please print and fill out this blank form and fax it to the number below. Your feedback is crucial to making this a useful tool. Please feel free to send your comments, suggestions, and corrections as well.

Springfield Adult Basic Education Partnership
FAX: 413-263-6857

Massachusetts DOE sealSupported in part by grants from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, Adult & Community Learning Services

Adult Basic Education Services & Where You’ll Find Them in This Directory

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For information & referrals for adult learners:
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