Indian Orchard LEGO Questers coming soon!

What is LEGO Quest?


LEGO Quest is a non-competitive, creative building challenge resource for LEGO loving kids that lasted for three years and resulted in 51 unique quests. These quests range from building a car, to building an ancient monument, to building a bird house…and everything in between!

There are 51 unique, fun LEGO building challenges you can take. That’s one a week and will last you a year! Read the challenge, design your solution, then have a look at what kids from all over the world created in response to the same challenge. LEGO Questers include over 800 kids in over 20 countries.

Join the LEGO Quester community at the LEGO Quester Club at the Indian Orchard Branch Tuesday afternoons from 4-5 pm, beginning on January 7. Space is limited to 10 Questers, ages 8-12. Call Meg at the branch at 413-263-6846 to register.

A big THANKS to Sam and the LEGO Quest Kids blog for the great Quests! And check out the great pics from other Questers!


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