Digital Media Mini-camps for Teens

Teens! Spend two afternoons learning to create a video in iMovie or an audio recording in Audacity, and submit your finished project to be showcased at the Teen Digital Media Festival on August 20. You will earn credit toward Summer Reading Club prizes for attending the mini-camp (the equivalent of reading and reviewing 2 books) and for submitting a project to the Festival (the equivalent of 1 book).



iMovie at Library Express at Pine Point
July 7 and 9, (Monday and Wednesday), 2 – 4 pm
Sign up online

Audacity at the Central Library
July 14 and 16, (Monday and Wednesday), 2-4 pm
Sign up online

Audacity at Mason Square
July 22 and 23, (Tuesday and Wednesday), 2-4 pm
Sign up online

iMovie at Forest Park
July 28 and 29, (Monday and Tuesday), 2-4 pm
Sign up online


iMovie at Sixteen Acres
August 5 and 6, (Tuesday and Wednesday), 2-4 pm
Sign up online

iMovie at East Forest Park
August 14 and 15 (Thursday and Friday), 11:30 am – 1 pm
Sign up online

Teen Digital Media Festival
Central Library Community Room
Wednesday, August 20, 6 – 8 pm

Springfield teens will showcase videos and audio recordings that they’ve made during the Library’s Digital Media Mini-camps or on their own. Come celebrate our young people’s creativity and tech skills as they “Spark a Reaction” with their digital artworks!


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